DARE PARTY - Chapter 9

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 9 - Beachwear Extreme

Joy took over the speaker's podium (Actually there was no podium, she just started talking). "All right girls. That was lots of fun. After the first round of dares and now the food, which was delicious by the way, we can have our next fashion show. It's time to see what daring items can be worn at the beach. As you can tell," she glanced down at her own bare tits, "some of us may have to put more clothes ON to get ready for the beach. But we'll assemble back here in ten minutes and we'll all get a chance to judge each other on the sexiness and daring of the outfits chosen. See you back here in a few." That sent the girls inside to change. There wasn't enough rooms for all the girls to change in private, but they scattered about the house and didn't need to be more than three to any room. Angelica and Carmen made sure they didn't share a room, as did Racine and Alicia. Those girls were finding the mere sight of the other to be distasteful.

Soon they began to reassemble in their best getup for a sexy day at the beach. Of course, with the modern style of thong bikinis, even an ordinary suit would be quite revealing, so it was definitely a chore to choose the right cloth for today's competitive event.

Emily was the last to come out to find the other seven already parading around, putting themselves on display and ogling each other in turn. It was definitely a sight to behold: eight young, fit, beautiful girls barely covered at all, parading around with flamboyantly sexy strolls and movements. Wiggling hips, jiggling breasts, subtle hand gestures, glistening skin. The wickedly sexy sight of those girls could have sent a dormant volcano spewing forth its hot lava. As soon as Emily joined them for the mutual parade of beachwear she told them that they would have five minutes in which to form their opinions and then they would vote. "Please use this time productively. Take good long looks, up close and personal, at all the outfits, formulate your thoughts and then get ready to play some more 'dare' games."

The girls took her words to heart and before long girls could be seen kneeling over to get a good close-up look at tiny swatches of fabric that barely covered one or another girl's mound and tunnel. Emily wore a pale pink bikini that was skimpier than any she had actually ever worn to the beach. Its narrow cut in front gave plenty of evidence that her patch of bush was well shorn, since there wasn't a hair visible anywhere. The thong straps converged into a tiny triangle of material at the northern juncture of her ass cheeks, with the thin strap diving invisibly into the crevice of forbidden pleasure. Her matching top struggled to contain her massive mountains, clearly a size too small for such hefty breasts. The tight strap caused much to bulge out from all sides of the triangular cloth. "Delicious," thought many of the girls as they ogled Emily's endowments.

Joy wore the same skimpy, thin suit that she had worn back on Emily's birthday party: plain but sheer and small. She had wetted the material before coming outside, so the clingy fabric gave transparent views of her womanly cleft, small patch of fuzzies, and her blatantly protruding nipples.

Alicia displayed her fine body in a wet t-shirt top, clearly showing her large healthy tits and nipples. The underside of her tits was visible below the lower edge of the ripped cotton. Surprisingly she wore the same jean cutoffs as before over her hips. The thin crotch material had been narrowed even more with a pair of scissors, and a few additional strategic cuts had been made to show even more skin than earlier.

Racine (the tiny one) came out with a bikini that was nearly microscopic. It was lime green in color and carried the WW logo on a tiny tag. While no one ventured to bring out a tape measure but certainly there wasn't many square centimeters of material involved.

Lori grinned at the others and grinned just as much from the stares she received with her daring attire. She had fashioned a homemade covering for her mound and pussy from a seashell she had collected at the ocean as a child. Small holes had been drilled to provide a place for some thread to hold the calcified crustacean in place. There was nothing at all on her backside except for the invisible thread winding down between her lovely round buttocks. Another, smaller pair of shells jiggled in place over her nipples.

Carmen sported a very shiny gold bikini. It was a high-waisted bottom, but contained a bit more material than could legitimately make it a thong bikini. The bra portion snuggled her breasts a bit together emphasizing her cleavage just a bit, but is wasn't as revealing as most of the other girls. It was very pretty though, with the glittering gold color that truly caused her red hair to seem to shine and glow more vibrant than usual.

Maria found a black bikini, very tiny, but she came out with a covering wrap that was very sheer. Depending on the angle of the sun and the viewer, the wrap would be transparent or not. When the angle was right, or when Maria swished the wrap up and away, the bikini bottom was nearly as tiny as Racine's. It's black color made a distinct contrast to her well-tanned Mexican skin. The bra was equally black and tiny, barely covering more than her nipples and a few square inches besides.

Angelica, the oldest, was ogling the other girls with an eye towards the future. She greatly appreciated the fine fleshy specimens on display. Of course she was immensely proud of her own femininity and sexiness. Her show-off attitude had the perfect forum today. She pranced around among the others in nothing more than string, literally string, nothing else. Her big bouncy boobs did have a small covering in front, not even enough to hide her warm brown areolas. The string had been braided into patches not much larger than a postage stamp. The same string material ran downward towards the 'V' of her crotch to connect with another very tiny braided patch that covered only her clit. A small patch of blonde fuzz patrolled the mound above her cleft, through which the two strings descended. There was no string connection between her breasts, but another pair of strings rose from the top of each braided patch on her nipples to her shoulders, looping over them, and then descended steeply towards her ass. Just above the crack of her ass, the two strands merged together as a single woven braid, barely 3 mm wide. It dove snugly between her cheeks and connected to the tiny 'clit umbrella' in the front. Her pussy lips were clearly visible around both sides of the string and the overall effect was quite stunning. The white string contrasted enough with her tan to avoid invisibility, but it was so thin and tiny that she might just as well have been naked.

Most of the girls' minds had been made up quite soon. As delightfully sinful and sexy as they all were, two of them really made the boldest statement: Lori and Angelica. When it came time to score the beachwear (which only a few might actually have ever dared wear to a REAL beach) it was Angelica that came out with the most points. She totaled a remarkable score of 68 (out of 70). Right behind was Lori (66) with her shell bikini. The novelty of her dress was very much appreciated, as well as the generous show of skin, but Angelica just edged her out as the most daring of all. Other scores followed with Racine several points lower at 59, Joy at 56, Maria with 52, Alicia with 51, Emily with 50, and last was Carmen in her gold creation with 47 points.

One certain outcome of this little parade of flesh was the fact that the young ladies could ogle each other to their hearts content, on the pretense that they were 'checking out the swimwear', when in fact what was being checked out was far more often the skin that was revealed by the skimpy choices of clothing. The clothes were so skimpy that the entire wardrobe for all eight would have fit in a one-gallon zip-loc baggie with room to spare. (Wouldn't it have been nice to be a sneaky thief and make off with THAT bag?)

The girls complimented the winner (except Alicia - who couldn't bring herself to do that), making Angel feel quite at home and appreciated by the younger girls. She was feeling very glad about having received the invitation from Emily, never having dreamt that Emily was the kind of girl who appreciated 'kink' like this. How much kink remained hidden wasn't even on Angel's mind. She accepted the accolades for her strings and pranced around in front of them one more time as Joy assumed the emcee duties for a moment. "Angel, congratulations. You have won the last event of the day. From here on out we just see who can dare someone to do something outrageous or sexy. Be reminded, all of you, that Angel and Lori each have one pass coming. All the rest of us are doomed to pass or fail with whatever comes our way. Since Maria was the last to fulfill a dare from before our meal, she has the next chance to make a dare. Are we ready?"