DARE PARTY - Chapter 11

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 11 - Libidos Energized

Emily's grin was proof to the other six that she wasn't mortified from the experience at all. Plainly her response was positive and enjoyable. She confirmed their thinking. "Gee, sometimes I think it is better to lose." Of course Joy knew for sure that it had been intentional. Emily continued, "That was fun. I think a little more sharing is in order. How about a double dare? I think I ought to have the right of the next dare, and as the hostess, I wish to see two dares at once. Any problems with that?"

After witnessing the sexy interlude between Alicia and Emily, the others were edging closer and closer to acceptance of the sort of action just witnessed. None of them raised an eyebrow and after the mute acceptance of Emily's idea, she continued. With a sly grin aimed at Alicia, Emily ventured further, "You know, if I wasn't mistaken, I almost think you didn't want me to quit. A couple more of you deserve the same treatment I think. Joy and Lori, I dare you to get up there on the diving board, sit facing each other and pleasure each other's breasts for the next ten minutes."

Her plan was to edge the interplay further along in a small increment. She knew of course that Joy would be willing, but Lori was the question mark. Clearly she had already shown evidence of diminishing inhibitions, but this would be mutual sex play with another girl. Hopefully the fact that she had come to the party and the ever-more-clearly developing atmosphere of girlish sex play would allow committal from Lori. She knew Lori might opt-out with her free pass, but she hoped desperately that wouldn't happen.

Lori contemplated without answering, but Joy was already on the move. She slowly walked through the water towards Lori, noticing the cautious consideration etched on her face. Joy reached for and grabbed Lori's hand and began to lead her towards the far southwest corner of the pool where the steps lead out. Lori was silent, but she appeared acquiescent and the two stepped up and out of the pool as the rest of the girls edged a bit closer to the board.

Lori, being a smaller girl (both in height and weight) gingerly stepped out onto the board about halfway, and turned around to face west and the approaching Joy. Squatting down on the board she at first let her legs hang over the side towards the water, but as Joy situated herself, the unwieldy angle of their legs forced them to bring their legs up, spread Indian Style, and then wrap around each other. Lori's legs were underneath Joy's and Joy positioned herself very close to Lori, her legs atop and around Lori.

Just as Joy finished situating herself Lori's hands arced across the narrow space between them and cupped underneath Joy's massive missiles. Lori, herself endowed with a much less Hooterific chest, explored the heft, size, firmness, and overall shape of Joy's prodigious breasts. There was definitely a study in contrast between the chesty Joy and the flatter Lori. Considering the A-cup status of Lori's tits, they still were real breasts. They were shapely and pleasantly defined. Positioned high on her chest and very firm they resembled small torpedoes, with their somewhat pointy nipples. The color of her areolas and nipples was light tan, only a shade darker than her summer-tanned skin. Her trim waist and slender legs gave her a flattering shape, even without bountiful breasts. Her body still represented a bit of a contrast with the larger Joy. Joy was a bit thicker all throughout her body, even with the much trimmer waist that came from the rigorous exercise routine that began last May. Joy was three inches taller and enjoyed much fuller breasts, firmly into D-cups, since their latest small growth spurt that occurred during the past four months.

Each girl toyed with her partner's chest, exploring delicately and carefully. Whatever inhibitions Lori supposedly held, she was sure shedding them now. Her hands deftly toyed with Joy's healthy boobs, enjoying the texture, softness, and plump fat nipples. She wondered what they would taste like, having been excited by Emily's gorging a few minutes before. She shivered as she felt Joy's fingers exquisitely touch her own nipples. The delight she felt wonderful, but it wasn't enough. She wanted more and after only a couple of minutes her head leaned forward and she suckled Joy's fat nipples. The first moments of gentle, tender licking and lip sucking, were soon replaced by greedy full-mouth inhalation. Opening her mouth wide she sucked the last few inches of Joy's big left tit inside her mouth and she continued sucking with a vacuum-vigor that was bound to leave a mark. Her head pressed forward as she pulled Joy close, aching to devour as much of Joy's tit as possible. Joy tilted back from the pressure and Lori edged her hips closer and closer to Joy. Needing a breath she finally pulled away from Joy's right tit, leaving a distinct dark ring surrounding her pinkish areola.

Joy gasped at the power of Lori's sucking, but didn't intervene. After a quick breath Lori attacked the right breast with equal vacuum force. Her tongue slid under the lower side of Joy's breast and she sucked the hard long nipple until it pressed hard against the roof of her mouth. Her sucking and forceful pushing caused Joy to slip a bit farther backwards on the diving board, and once again Lori edged her ass closer to Joy so she could maintain the sucking action without causing too much back pain. Joy, fully aware of the coordination of their legs pretzel-like tangling, felt Lori shift closer, closer, and closer. Aware that their pussies couldn't be more than a couple of inches apart, she induced a new entanglement in their tit-pleasing play. Joy awkwardly (because of the angle her body was in) lurched forward with her own hips.

Wham! Sizzle! Jolting shock! So powerful was the electricity that sparked between their still-wet pussies that Lori needed air and let go of Joy's right tit, gasping. Ignoring the girls standing in the water right beside her she instinctively thrust her hips forward against the juicy girl-slit she had just encountered for the very first time. Their hairless labia bumped together, driving a second surge of electricity outward in radiating rings from each girls' groin. The bumps had started the diving board into little rhythmic bounces. Fortunately they were only about halfway out or it would have been much worse. To keep her balance Lori leaned back a bit, angling her crotch a small amount upward, more inline with the slightly downward angled pussy that was dancing with her own.

She felt Joy's torso thrust forward again, and Lori met the thrust with one of her own. The clash of wet soft pussy lips and velvety smooth clits wasn't as surprisingly delicious as the first meeting, but Lori ached for more. She ached for harder. She ached for deeper. She ached for wetter. She ached for slipperier. She ached for EVERYTHING Joy's pussy could give her. Thoughts of breast loving had in seconds been replaced by an even deeper longing and lusting. Lori went with the flow, ignoring the other girl's comments, giggles, urgings, and various lusty words.

Lori's board partner, Joy, was of course enjoying and participating with much the same feelings, but with some that were hidden and less obvious. Her escalation beyond Emily's original dare was sure to provoke some degree of jealousy. But at the same time she knew that with every escalation in sex play, her own coupling was getting closer and closer. She found herself momentarily imagining that it was Emily's pussy that was pounding away at hers, rubbing around hers, sliding this way and that all over hers, but that was brief. She knew Lori deserved her full attention and with the lush feelings that rippled ecstatically outward from her nerve-overloaded pussy, she tossed aside the ulterior motives and bent to her task with as much fun and energy as Lori was giving her. She heard herself snarl a bit after Lori banged into her with a particularly vicious thump. Her catlike sound echoed back to her when Lori both purred and growled right back.

The ten minutes had now passed, and Emily's dare had surely been fulfilled, even though the focus of the pleasuring had taken a new course about halfway through the event. Occasionally one or the other would reach across the intervening space and tweak, pinch, pull, or toy with the other girl's nipples, but mostly they focused all their attention on each other's eyes and pussies. Their stares never left each other. The wanton lust they shared boiled over in their eyes and passed across the space to reinforce the already burgeoning desires. Lori felt Joy's sticky-wet cunt slop up against hers for the hundredth time and it was just as exciting as the first. She glared daggers of angry lust at Joy when Joy re-oriented the angle of her hips and plunged her clit between Lori's splayed wide labia. Joy sneered at Lori as she relished the penetration of her clit inside Lori's so-soft, so-wet, so-smooth, so-sweet pussy.

Beside the girls, only a couple of feet away were the other six girls, all anxiously watching the building intensity as the two went at each other, bent on orgasm. Clearly the only outcome of such a heated exchange would be one or both bursting through. Whispers began to go back and forth among them. It was unclear just who started the whispers (maybe some of you could guess), eventually Lori and Joy could even here them. "Who do you think will come first?" "Who's winning?" "I think Joy will come first." "I think it will be Lori." The comments whispered around the board with the girls bouncing into each other and up and down on the board. Joy and Lori heard them and their snarls, growls, and otherwise earthy noises became even more intense, somehow heightened by the implication that there was a contest going on. Joy of course was eminently used to this sort of thing and one might have thought she would have an advantage, but Lori adapted beautifully to the slight skewing of intent. Her desire for release was now shared by desire to be the 'winner', whatever that may be. She wasn't totally sure, but with the anger (mock or not) boring into her eyes from Joy's wicked stares, she knew that she needed to summon up as much intensity for banging and grinding back at her 'tormentor' as she could.

A scientist might have noticed (well, probably not), the 8 girls hadn't noticed, but the progress of the girls towards orgasmic release could be measured by the more and more vigorous bouncing of the diving board. Slowly but surely the position of the two pussies bumping and grinding had shifted east. Joy, with her slightly heavier weight had been bumping Lori ever so slightly backwards with many of her vigorous thrusts. Occasionally a powerful bump from Lori would send Joy's ass scooting backwards an inch or so, but more often than not the progress was forward for Joy and backward for Lori. This pushed them farther and farther towards the end of the board. Being farther from the fulcrum this cause the board to get springier and springier as the minutes ticked by.

Lori did manage to wiggle her clit inside Joy's juicy hole several times, greatly enjoying the tight, wet, slipperiness that enveloped her tender clitoris. Sometimes the soft bristles of their tiny pubic patches would bump and grind together, each girl gauging the relative thickness and plushness of the bikini-cut patches that grew just north of both girls clits. Joy's pubic bush was thickly grown, but trimmed to a neat triangle of brown tendrils of considerable length. She trimmed for bikini and thong wear, but not to eliminate her womanly mark. Since she had been shaved clean back on the fifth of July, she had let her hair down there grow long, except for the trimming all around her pussy and the sides of her natural bush. Lori matched Joy in color almost identically. It might have been just a shade darker, and it was also trimmed for the bare wear of summer. The occasional rough-textured contact between their bushes was erotic and nice, they always returned to more intimate battle.

Joy was the first to speak since they had walked out of the pool twenty minutes earlier. Her words sparked even more intensity from both girls and it amplified the whisperings they had both heard from the others. Joy was angling the situation perfectly. "Come for me, bitch. Come for me now. You know you will. I'm going to make you come so hard, you'll probably faint."

Her words ignited a burning fire inside Lori that found an outlet with words and with action. "No way BITCH! I'm the one making you all hot and bothered. My pussy will make you squirm and beg for more after I've already made you come. Bet on it, BITCH!" Her haughty tone and trash talking words reverberated across the water as she brought even more energy to her humping and thrusting. Joy felt the increased tempo and severity of Lori's pushes, heard her grunts and growls, and she shivered with delight at the wonderful effect, but she wasn't ready to come just yet and she violently banged her pussy hard into Lori's receptive cunt only to realize too late that her timing didn't match too well with the already vigorously bouncing diving board. Out too far they were. Bouncing too much they were. Their muscles were bent on banging and not balance and the inevitable happened.

They lost their balance and tumbled off the board into the water. Lori went to the south and Joy to the north. Each landed partially on one of the other girls as she splashed into the water.