DARE PARTY - Chapter 6

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 6 - Dares Begin

Joy and Emily glanced at each other with a pair of tempting smiles. Each felt that the initial round of their contests had gone quite smoothly. The subtle signals of tension between some of the other girls had been noted. This pleased Joy. She felt that some jealous tension between girls might make for the stakes and the dares to become quite juicy or challenging. As for her part, she didn't really need anything extra to motivate her, especially when it came to Emily. As lustful and horny as she felt, the competitive drive deep inside her remained strong. Whatever she might be able to do to make Emily squirm would be nice.

"Ok, Alicia, you can get things started. Give any girl a dare and we'll start to find out who is really daring or not." Emily gave Alicia the go ahead and Alicia was ready. She stood up in her #1 sexy outfit and strutted slowly around, looking at each girl as she went. Her hand cupped around her chin with her index finger curled up at the corner of her mouth as she made it look like she was in deep thought regarding who or what to dare. Actually this was all for show. She had already made up her mind about her dare. Eventually her eyes settled on her hostess. Alicia stared at Emily and Emily began to squirm expectantly. But Alicia had other plans. "My dare is for Angelica." Her eyes turned towards her and she continued, "I DARE you to flash your tits and give them a big shake. I want to see just how firm they are."

Angel: "Oohh, you sneaky girl. I thought for sure you had something up your sleeve for Emily. But not to worry, I'll take your dare." She stood up and grabbed the top of her tube and pulled it down around her waist, exposing a lovely tan pair of breasts. Angel's 23 year-old tits were without flaw. She was tanned completely with only a slight difference in darkness visible where her favorite bikini top was occasionally present. Her globular orbs protruded with very little sag a few inches from her ribcage. Her slightly outward-pointing nipples were not erect at this point, but just barely bumped out from the light brown areolas that spanned about two inches across each tit. Fourteen eyes were glued to her chest as she dropped her tube and began to shake her tits like a seasoned stripper. They bounced from side to side with plenty of delicious vigor. She used her upper arms to squeeze them together and magnify the cleavage she was so proud of. As the older girl among them she felt it mandatory that she not hold anything back and she didn't. She was proud of her body anyway, and in the current circumstances, she wasn't about to be bashful with her adornments. She moved slowly around the circle. Giving each girl a few moments in which to savor her hooters. If there had been a Hooter's restaurant anywhere near she would have been an obvious choice among male patrons to be a waitress. Sadly there wasn't a Hooter's anywhere within 60 miles. Oh well!

The seven girls made no pretense of not looking at Angel as she passed in front of them. Each girl ogled to her hearts content, making mental comparisons between Angel's mature but youthful tits and her own. The smile on her face made it clear that Angel enjoyed the dare. The others had liked it also.

Now it was Angel's turn to give a dare. The pattern was that each girl who successfully completed a dare would get to go next. So before Angel sat down she pulled her tube back up to cover her lovely breasts and mimicked the pose Alicia had used moments before. Angel's target was Carmen. She hoped to make Carmen squirm a bit after what Carmen had done to her just a bit earlier.

"Carmen, since you seem to like toying with other girls' feet so well, why don't you suck Emily's toes?" She waited a moment for the dare to sink in and she followed up with, "Or are you scared?"

Carmen responded with quite a bit of sarcasm in her voice. "Yeah, I'm scared... NOT!" She immediately got up and went over to Emily who couldn't hide the grin on her face. Carmen knelt down and carefully slipped off the high heel from Emily's right foot and slowly brought it up towards her waiting mouth. Turning towards Angelica she muttered, "Ain't no way you can out-dare me." Those words too were clearly spoken in a challenging way.

Turning back towards Emily she didn't hesitate to pull Emily's foot right up to her lips. She kissed the top of her foot. Her eyes wandered up to Emily's face to see the reaction. Obviously it was one of pleasure and surprise. "I guess our hostess deserves some sort of thanks for inviting us all over here today. I hope this will tide you over for a little while." Then she pulled first her little toe into her mouth and sucked for a few seconds before moving along to accommodate each toe, ending with Emily's big toe. Emily shivered a bit at the ticklish but pleasant sensations Carmen's tongue managed to elicit. It felt really nice. Before Carmen left, she even took off Emily's other shoe and repeated the maneuver. It took three or four minutes for her to finish sucking all ten of Emily's pretty toes. She had succeeded in her dare.

Now it was Carmen's turn. Her impulse was to dare Angel right back, but she figured she would have time for that later so she chose Lori. "Lori, I dare you to tell us about losing your virginity. I suppose you aren't a virgin anymore, right?" She spoke with just enough sarcasm in her voice to make the dare a little bit taunting.

Several of the others chimed in with encouragement for Lori, begging to hear of her first escapade into intercourse. Lori was blushing and tentative, but she slowly began to talk. "This will be short." She paused as she mulled over the words she wanted. "It was embarrassing. I'll admit that for sure. It was with a boy just last summer while my family was on vacation in Florida. We stayed near the beach for a week and I met this boy from Boston. We got along real well and by the fourth day we were practically inseparable. One afternoon, his family, which was also on vacation, wanted to go visit some relatives and he asked if he could stay and continue the beach scene. They let him stay and so his condo was empty for a whole day and it was only a couple of blocks from the beach where he and I spent most of the time. So we went back to his condo and we had sex." She stopped talking, hoping that would suffice.

It didn't work. The others hooted for more information. They weren't about to let her get off without details. Joy spoke for several of the girls when she said, "Come on Lori, we know you can tell us more than that. We want to know what he was like in bed, what his cock looked like and felt like, and we want to know what it was like for you. Come on tell us the juicy details."

A few Amens from the 'choir' echoed in Lori's ears and she blushed again. She sat silently for another short moment before she continued. "Ok. Ok. I'll tell you some more, but I will NOT tell you everything."

Carmen interrupted, "Well if you don't tell us everything then you don't win the dare and get your turn!"

Lori piped up again in response to Carmen, "Well, I'll tell you what I want to tell you and then you can decide if it's enough."

So she continued, this time without interruption. "We had been lying on the beach close together when I asked him to rub some more lotion on my back. I was hoping he would say yes. But since he was kind of shy I wasn't sure he would do it. Up to that point we had only been very polite and tentative with each other. We had nice conversation but he wasn't taking any initiative even though I could tell he liked me. So I thought it was up to me to get things going. Anyway, he said he would and soon I could feel his hands rubbing my back with the lotion. His hands were shaking and I could tell he was nervous, but so was I. Somehow I got up the courage to ask him to untie my top and he awkwardly managed to get my string undone and tossed to the side. I kept lying on my stomach as he worked the lotion into my skin. It felt really good and I didn't want him to stop. I think I moaned a bit when he stopped. In a short moment I begged him to rub my legs with lotion too. I was wearing a pretty high-cut bikini bottom, that blue one some of you may remember from last year, and that meant that my legs were bare but so were most of my ass cheeks. I could tell Chad was a little scared, but I encouraged him and he continued. As soon as his hands started rubbing the back of my legs, I could feel myself getting horny. His brown eyes were so pretty and his face so cute that I knew I wanted to fuck him. I hoped he wanted to fuck me, but I wasn't sure up to then. But when his hand began to glide along my thighs and approached my ass, the fidgeting gone, and his fingers kneaded the lotion into my soft cheeks, I felt sure he was getting horny. There were quite a few people on the beach, as usual, and I wished that we were alone."

"When he finished covering my bare skin I waited for him to lie back down and then I thanked him for doing such a good job. He smiled at me as I looked over at him smiling right back. I carefully twisted my body a bit, enough to insure that my uncovered left tit would be off the towel enough for him to see, yet not so much that the entire beach would notice. He couldn't take his eyes off my tit. He just stared, not the least bit apologetic. That was just what I had wanted, and so I made sure I mentioned the fact that he was staring, and he admitted he couldn't help himself. Now that made me even hornier and I broached the subject of sex. Well... sort of. I mentioned how much I liked the beach, but that sometimes a girl just wanted some privacy where she didn't have to worry about so many eyes."

"He took the bait quite nicely. Reminding me that his parents were gone for the whole day, the condo was empty and if I liked we could go spend some time there. That sounded really good to me, but I didn't want to just hop up and leave. I didn't think a girl should be too forward. So I suggested that we soak up a bit more sun and then head over there in a 'while.' I could see the disappointment on his face when I lay back down and my titty disappeared from view. I was now beginning to have fun teasing him. I asked him to tie me back up and then I would put lotion on him, 'if he liked.' Well you can be sure he wanted that. Although I think he would have preferred me to forget about my top he was willing to go along."

"I rubbed his legs and back with lotion, making sure that my hand brushed up under his baggy suit. I didn't linger too long there, but made sure he noticed. He must have been ticklish, because he groaned when my hand slid a few inches up between his baggy suit and one of his legs. When I finished and went to lay back down he knelt up and before I could lie down he kissed me. I don't know where he got the boldness from, but it was sweet. I can't say it was a perfect kiss, but the feeling that swept over me was like a hot wind from a brush fire had just roared by. My whole body felt hot and excited. I tried to kiss him back with some open mouth, but he backed off for a moment and acted like he had broken some sort of rule or something. So I just smiled at him and we lay back down. We didn't have much to say to each other for the next several minutes; the awkwardness apparent to both of us, but the flush of excitement I was feeling, as he lay so close beside me was great. I had certainly felt real horny for a boy before, but this was the first time that any possibility of following through had existed, and so I was feeling really nervous and horny at the same time."

"We had lain there quietly for a while when I felt his hand on my back again. This time he just rubbed and massaged in small circles, the position of the circles wandering over my bare skin. It felt really nice. His hand approached my bikini panties and gently rubbed its way over the top of the fabric and down towards my ass. Several sexy swirls later I felt his fingers grasp the fabric gently and pull upwards. He wasn't really trying to rip them off or anything, just trying to make an impression I think. It worked. As the fabric pulled upward and pressed into my pussy, another wave of heat blasted through me. I began to ache for his body more and more."

"I rolled sideways towards him and he rolled up a little bit to face me. His hand was still resting on my ass and I let my hand sneak between us to his suit. He trembled as I found the front of his suit. I rested my hand on his crotch and felt his hard cock. He was hard enough to poke the front of his suit out a few inches and my hand grabbed right on through his suit. I squeezed it a few times and he grabbed my ass with his free hand, clenching my skin between his fingers."

Lori paused for a moment and the other girls stirred a bit, hoping for more details. So far none of them had a complaint about her story. It was quite intriguing and exciting. Emily wiggled in her seat. Alicia gulped a bit of the water she had on the table beside her chair. Racine begged her to continue while Lori took a drink of her own. She had been nervous when she started, and it wasn't totally gone, but she discovered the thrill that came from her story telling. She noted the girls rapt attention when she spoke, and the uneasiness whenever she paused in her story. Those made her feel good, so she took another drink and continued.

"He whispered to me: 'Lori, you've got me too excited. Please stop.' I could sense the commitment in his voice as he pleaded with me to stop. But I liked what I was doing so I didn't quit. I rubbed his dick up and down right through his shorts. I squeezed it hard and felt it lurch in my grip. His hand quit rubbing my ass and just rested comfortably as my left hand continued to play with his hardness. I loved it and I thought he did too. Then after only about a minute he shuddered, closed his eyes, and jerked his hips towards me. I'm sure he would have moved a lot more and been a little louder if we had been alone, but we were on the beach and trying to be discreet, if that was possible. Anyway, it turns out that he had come right there after just a few jerks of his cock. Instantly a wet stain appeared on the front of his suit. I felt the stickiness and pulled my hand back. 'Oh,' I cooed, 'did I make you come?' I asked him with as much innocence in my voice as I could muster. At that time I think he was far too embarrassed to say anything, so he just nodded. I asked him if maybe now wasn't a good time to go back to his condo. I offered that 'we' could clean him up. He gave me another cute embarrassed smile as he said, 'yes'."

Lori took another drink and went on. "I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. 'Lets Go!'"

"I got up and quickly stuffed my things in the bag and watched as he tried to get up and somehow hide the obvious stain on the front of his yellow trunks. It was an irregular oval shape nearly 6 inches up and down and almost as much across. It almost looked like he had pissed his pants. He hadn't brought much stuff to the beach so he asked if he could carry my bag and he looked so silly as he carried that bag in front of him, obviously embarrassed about hiding the big wet spot on his suit. He blushed crimson and I giggled most of the way to his condo, but as funny as it was I began to get those hot flashes wafting through me again and again as we approached the his family's condo. I think a few people that we walked past noticed his predicament and stared. That made it even more difficult for him. But somehow he managed to make it all the way home."

"When we finally got inside his apartment it was cool with the air conditioning on and I thought the embarrassment would be over for him, but I was wrong. It seemed he became even more bashful than before. I wondered if he was a virgin too, but I didn't ask. I knew I wanted him and I could tell he wanted me, but it was very awkward now. He had turned away from me, embarrassed even in private by his cum-stained trunks. I tried to make him feel better by saying, 'I don't think too many people saw the stain.' Well that didn't help. He said how humiliated he was."

"He went on to say, 'how would you like it if you had peed your pants and had to walk three blocks along a crowded street?' I said yes, it would be tough, and then I apologized for making him come. But then I added, 'Didn't you like what I was doing?' 'Of course I did, I just didn't want to come so fast. I was dreaming of having sex with you, not getting embarrassed in public by you.' I knew I had some fences to mend and so I said, 'You haven't quit having that dream have you?' 'No,' he responded. 'Good,' I said, 'because I want to have sex with you too.'"

"He finally smiled and turned back towards me. After the long walk his cock had lost its erection, but now I could see the stain on his trunks pushing forward from the pressure underneath. His cock was beginning to get hard again and my horniness surged back through me at the sight. I stepped closer as he came to me. We threw our arms around each other and kissed. In an instant we were groping everywhere at once. Our hands scratched and pulled at each other's clothes as quickly as they could and we almost tripped and fell, as there was no coordination or patience in our actions. I ached so badly to see him naked and get his body to mine and he apparently felt the same. I think he got me naked even before I could get his trunks down off his legs. We fell on the couch together and we fumbled with each other. I grabbed his cock in my hands, feeling the still somewhat sticky remains along its length. His hand went between my legs and his mouth snagged onto one of my nipples and began sucking violently. It hurt, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings and tell him to stop, so I just let him go on. His fingers played with my pussy, diving between my fuzzy lips and trying to stick them inside me. He pushed and prodded for a while before he found my entrance and I gasped as he finally shoved a finger into my wet hole."

"He made like a piston and rammed his finger in and out of me as though his life depended on it. His mouth sucked my titties so hard they became sore in just a couple of minutes. I loved it, even with the pain. I knew I just had to fuck him. I was jerking on his cock with my hands, feeling the hard smooth skin sticking six inches out from his crotch. I grabbed his balls with my other hand and toyed with them while he continued to fuck me with his finger. I knew we had to fuck real soon and sure enough, he pushed my back into position on the couch and I spread my legs wide for him. He slid on top of me and tried to push his cock inside, but it took at least six or seven attempts before he managed to get the angle and position just right. We were both extremely horny, but I could tell he was frustrated at how long it took him to find my cunt. I felt his purple head poised against my opening and he thrust towards me without much happening. I must have been apprehensive but eventually he wormed inside me with much slower squirming motions. After he got himself inside me about half way things started to go better. It had hurt as he pushed past the outer part of my cunt, and the hurt didn't go away instantly, but it didn't matter. I just wanted to fuck him. His body shivered again and again as his cock slid deeper into me until I could tell he was fully inside. I could feel his hairy balls bouncing against my butt when he started to ram into me. His instincts took over and he thrust in and out of me and before I knew it he was done. He ground his cock against me and he jerked. I didn't feel him coming, but he pulled out and left a huge sticky mess inside me. He told me how good it felt and I told him how much I liked it and then we cleaned up. He rinsed out his trunks and put on another pair and I put my suit back on and we went back to the beach. We never had another chance to fuck again and I've never seen him since that vacation was over."

Angel was the first to respond, "Did you come?"

"No, I don't think so."

"What do you mean you don't think so?" It was Racine who asked.

"Hey, it felt really good except for the pain, and that was my first fuck. I told you the story. Isn't that enough?" She turned towards Carmen who quickly answered.

"Yeah, that was good enough for me. I enjoyed your precious little story. Who are you going to dare?"