DARE PARTY - Chapter 5

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 5 - Arrival

Joy showed up at Emily's door early, around eleven. Her parents were gone and Emily rushed to greet Joy. Both were casually dressed in ordinary shorts, shoes, and pullover t-shirt tops. As Joy heard Emily walking hurriedly toward the door she shouted, "I dare you to open this door!" The party hadn't officially begun and the challenges had begun.

As the door opened wide Emily tossed out her own challenge. "I dare you to step inside and kiss your hostess."

Joy couldn't hide the grin as she practically jumped through the doorway and wrapped her arms around Emily. Emily reciprocated as Joy thrust her head forward to meet Emily's waiting mouth. The lustful kiss soon found them wriggling their bodies in heated exchange. Emily felt her face flush red and her heart start to pound. Not wanting to risk getting caught in such a blatantly lesbian embrace if another girl should arrive (not yet anyway), she pulled away and suggested that they hold off on fulfilling what was obviously a mutual desire they shared.

"Sure, we can wait. If we play our cards just right, we might just have an audience the next time we kiss." Joy wryly smiled as she pulled slowly away from Emily's soft embrace.

"Oh, yeah! It might be a few hours away, but it will be worth the wait, especially if the other girls care to dare as much as we hope."

Inside the girls busied themselves with last minute preparations. There wasn't much to do. A few "props" were brought out of hiding and placed strategically (but hidden) out in the back yard near the pool. A salad was prepared. The girls didn't want to have a heavy meal, but they did want to make sure that no one went hungry. Coolers were filled with ice to keep the liquid refreshments cold. They were done with their preparation before 12:30. They conversed about the other girls, trying to gauge which of them might be the most daring, and if in fact one or more of them might even turn out to be more daring than them. Both girls sensed that they were the two who would set the standard, but until you hear the other dares, and see what others might be willing to do, it's only conjecture they agreed.

Emily tried to get Joy to tell her or show her what her outfits would be for the fashion show, but with no luck. "Surprises are what this is all about, don't you think? I'll wait to see what you picked out, you can wait to see what I'm going to model."

They sat and talked for only a few minutes when they heard the first car pull up. It was Lori. The hostesses ventured out to the car to meet her, not willing to wait inside for Lori to come to the door. She grabbed her bag and greeted Joy and Emily. Her lithe, graceful 5' 6" body exited her car and headed towards the girls. They were striding towards her purposefully and she met them a few feet from her car. Both girls gave her a quick peck on the cheek and told her how happy they were she had come. Questions flew quickly. "Did you bring something daring to eat? To wear?"

"Yes, of course. Your instructions were perfectly clear. I can hardly wait to see what you have in your daring wardrobe." Lori was speaking to both girls as the next car pulled up. Inside were both Maria and Racine. Emily took Lori inside while Joy remained outside to greet the next two guests. A similar round of greetings and questions followed. Before long Alicia, Angelica, and Carmen had arrived. None were even a minute late. Emily did a few quick introductions since Angelica didn't know every one of the others. A few items in boxes were stored in the kitchen. The girls had all remembered to bring something "hot" to eat. Heading out the back door, Joy and Emily brought the salad and told the girls to serve themselves. "Just leave some room for the "daring" food that may be on your palate before too long."

The octet of young ladies ate their light lunch, surrounded by casual conversation, most of which was innocuous and not focused on the nervous tension hidden beneath the outer veneer of calm. As they finished, Joy got up and addressed the ladies, who were seated now in a near circular layout of comfortable reclining deck chairs. Each girl had brought a bag with her and sly grins now crept onto their faces like a fresh breeze blowing in off the ocean. Who would go first they wondered? What would be the game? More questions than answers filled all their heads.

"As you know ladies, we thought we might have some fun and entertainment today. Emily had graciously agreed to host our party and we should give her a round of applause in appreciation right now before we begin." The girls cheered and clapped for a moment, as Emily blushed a bit. Going on Joy added, "We had a discussion a while ago about who was more daring between ourselves and some of our friends. You have all agreed to help us answer those questions. We all know that we have complete privacy here and that nobody can force any one of us to do anything we don't want to do. If anyone ever reaches the point that they feel too uncomfortable with the dares that transpire, she is free to leave. But I presume that by your attendance that that won't be likely too soon. All of us have limits. Surely we will find out today just where some of those limits really are. Any questions?"

After just a few seconds of silence, Alicia ventured a question. "When do I get to model my outfit?"

Emily answered, "Very soon, dear, very soon. Just to add a bit to what Joy mentioned we would actually like to begin with our first entertainment now. You were all asked to bring the most daring outfit you would be willing to wear to a mall. We'd like to make this a little contest. We will each get a chance to go change and then model for the rest of us. We will all have little slips of paper where we can write a score. We'll use numbers from one to ten, with ten representing the most daring. When it comes time for the dares a little later the girl with the highest overall score will get to start the dares. Any further questions?"

"Yes! Can I go first?" It was Maria. It was somewhat surprising for the seemingly shyest girl in the group to want to go first, but maybe that was just her way of trying to get rid of the butterflies as soon as possible.

"Well, we'll try to be fair. We have a deck of cards here and the order will be from high card to low. We can each draw a card and if there are any ties, then the ties will be broken by a second draw. Isn't that fair enough?" Joy looked around and didn't see any further questions, so she offered the deck to the girls one at a time. They all showed their cards at once and noted the results. Only one tie occurred and it was broken quite quickly. All the girls were anxious to start, albeit with a bit of nervousness. The order had been determined thus: Racine, Emily, Angelica, Maria, Joy, Lori, Alicia, and Carmen. Maria hadn't gotten her wish of going first, but she accepted the fairness of the draw. The 7 girls chatted while Racine went to change. Their talk was of course about Racine, trying to guess what she might display. It took only 4 or 5 minutes and Racine came out.

She pranced out onto the pool deck to the applause of the other girls. She was wearing a "Daisy May" style of very short cutoff jeans, frayed at the bottom, tightly gripping her feminine shape and cinched tight at the low waist by a leather belt. Her midriff was bare and she had a yellow and blue plaid shirt tied between her breasts with no buttons in use. The neck swept wide across her shoulders, showing lots of bare skin across her upper chest. Her blonde hair was allowed to hang low and loose. Her feet were adorned though in a definitely "NOT Daisy May" pair of high heel shoes. They were bright yellow to match the yellow of her casual top. She was definitely very sexy, and enjoyed the stares from the other girls. She relished the complete attention of the hen party. She walked with a haughty wiggle and made sure to let each of the others get a good look at her wares. Her tanned legs were bare and smooth, the extra height from the 5" heels making her look much taller than her rather short 5' 3" actual height.

The girls had been given a paper with which to write their score. The final scores wouldn't be turned in until after the entire party had finished. After Racine had her chance to display herself, the other girls took their turns. They were all having fun ogling each other, occasionally making a little jest or two at each other's expense, but it was all in fun and they were having a great time.

Emily had paraded around in a very short white mini dress, pantyhose, high heels, white sheer see-through blouse that made very visible her also-sheer white bra. Her massive tits stretched the thin fabric of the blouse, her endowments achingly obvious and gorgeous, even inside two layers of fabric. The all white outfit offset her darker tan. While usually a quite pale girl, this summer had seen her spend an inordinate amount of time in the sun and she had developed a quite dark hue. The other girls gave her undivided attention, their eyes capturing every stunning detail of her sexy outfit.

Angelica had followed in an outfit of incredible tightness. She wore brilliant red shorts that looked sprayed on. They cut into her crotch tightly and followed the curvy contours of her ass deeply into her crack. She walked with an exaggerated sway to her hips, eyes drawn into her groin where they could see the distinct outline of her pussy lips through the stretchy fabric. Above she wore a red tube top that also hugged her tits tightly, but constraining them at the same time. While not as full-breasted as Emily she certainly had enough up top to draw attention. She wore ordinary jogging shoes on her feet, but the "workout" outfit was certainly a great attraction.

Maria went next and the "shy one" gave a hint that she might not turn out to be as shy as everyone might have predicted. She came out in a dress that looked sort of like the one that J-Lo had worn on the red carpet the year before. It probably didn't cost multi-thousands of dollars like Jennifer's designer gown, but it sure as hell made Maria look great. In fact, with the obvious similarities between Maria's dress and J-Lo's, the other girls made an instant comparison and noted, for the first time, how much Maria actually looked like J-Lo. Her ass had that perfect full, round shape that slid deliciously under the clingy dress. The brilliant green was low (no - make that no) cut in the back. It barely covered the crack of her ass. While the front was two long narrowing strips of fabric that left the entire inner half of her breasts bare to the breezes and the sun. The inner edge of those strips were achingly close to letting her nipples show as they stretched up to her shoulders and slipped around her neck. The dress hung to the floor, but a single long slit up the left side allowed her the freedom to walk and to show off her stunning legs. Maria was a full 5' 7", nearly as tall as Emily and Joy. Her green high heels accentuated the elegance of the outfit. Wow! While probably not something she would ever REALLY wear to the mall, it was a dress that made a definite statement: Maria was serious about her sexiness. The girls all made comments of appreciation and discussed the striking similarity to Jennifer Lopez. All the comments made Maria proud.

Joy was next. Her appearance generated a bit of a buzz as soon as she came out of the house. Her outfit was (coincidental or not) practically identical to the one that Emily was wearing. The only real difference was the color. Instead of white she was thoroughly soft pink. The heels, hose, skirt, and blouse were otherwise practically carbon copies of what Emily had shown off just a couple of girls earlier. A few comments were made among the girls as they admired the huge breasts bulging outward as though trying to split the fabric of bra and blouse apart. Her long legs, more toned than ever before, strode powerfully around the deck. She strutted and stretched for all to admire. She especially made a point to give Emily some "extra" teasing.

Emily, for all the cooperation and shared spirit, she had been sharing with Joy in the planning of the party, found herself envious and jealous of the attention Joy was receiving. She wondered if Joy's outfit was just like hers on purpose (although she didn't know how Joy could have known what she would be wearing) or just remarkable coincidence. Either way, it bothered her. As Joy finished her display, and the girls made remarks comparing the two of them, it sparked that anger within her that she was so familiar with. "How dare she try to out-do me!" she thought to herself as Joy sat down and Lori headed to the house to change. She glanced over at Joy to see a bit of a smirk on her face. Joy, without the others seeing the quick move, blew a kiss across the space between them. Emily felt her face flush and a hot flash surge through her body. "Damn that bitch! Now I REALLY have a reason to get back at that bitch again," Emily fumed inside, even as her heart raced a bit.

Soon it was Lori who dashed outside. Lori's small (A-cup) tits could never draw the same stares as some of the other girls, but she had a very shapely ass, a trim waist, slender legs and a very pretty face. Her wardrobe choice was a good one to accentuate her assets and to be very daring. She chose a one-piece dress in a pale blue color. Its most visible feature though was how invisible it really was. It was of the utmost sheerness, allowing almost totally transparent visibility through to what was hidden underneath. The dress itself extended down to below her knees ala - peasant girl length, but no one really noticed the length. They stared right through to see her thong underwear. The white thong was very tiny, barely covering her pubic mound in front and the string descending in back to disappear between her lovely ass cheeks. If she was facing away it was practically impossible to tell that she even had anything at all on underneath. Her glorious spherical cheeks bulged out against the fabric, making the fabric disappear to one's sight.

And then there was above the waist. She wore no bra. The same sheer fabric did almost nothing to conceal her tits. Being small they certainly didn't need any support, so there was no need for a bra for that reason. Her dark areolas pressed against the fabric and were totally visible from even 25 feet away. What she lacked in tit size, she had made up for in daring visibility. It almost seemed as if she was naked. She had come out a bit embarrassed, but by the time the compliments on her looks had bounced around she was smiling and enjoying the kudos from the other very sexy girls. She almost didn't want to sit down, but eventually she found her seat as Alicia anxiously got up to go change.

Six of the eight girls were now in "costume" so to speak as they lounged around waiting for Alicia. The girls chatted, amiably most of the time, catty on occasion. Each girl had felt the simmering heat caused by the undertone of competitiveness in the air, not to mention the effects of the muggy August afternoon. The scorecards were filling up with some numbers. The glances back and forth generated a tinge of tension to the proceedings. Obviously they were sizing each other up, each hoping that her provocative outfit would be considered the best. Whatever thoughts they had about relative scoring, however, they kept them to themselves. No one wanted to tip her hand.

Alicia had made a decision after seeing Racine regarding an alteration to her own outfit. It seems that she had chosen denim cutoffs also, but considering the scanty, tight shorts that Racine had worn, she didn't want to be considered "just as good" as Racine. She wanted to make sure that she could be more daring. So it was that while in the bathroom she found a pair of scissors and managed a quick alteration.

Her arrival outside brought the usual stares and comments, a mixture of catty and complimentary. She was certainly a showoff in her recently altered attire. She wore sandals on her feet, showcasing the pretty platinum toenails. She bounced around the deck, literally. Her large C-cup breasts blasted forward and jiggled enticingly as she walked. They were encased inside a tube top that bore the results of some strategically placed cuts. The shears had been used to place numerous slits in the stretchy fabric. With the tight weave of the fabric, only a small cut had been necessary to open up a considerable elliptical hole. Placed three to a boob, they nestled up close to her nipples, dangerously close! Several square inches of tit flesh could be seen through the gaps and since the tube top wasn't any extra large to begin with a very significant show of cleavage glowed out for all to admire.

Her shorts, sans underwear were well ventilated also. Besides their tight, tiny, dimensions, she had managed to slit and fray several calculated holes. She had narrowed the crotch to where it was now only about an inch wide. But as she walked the fabric naturally found a way to nestle up into her girl-gash. For all practical purposes she had given herself a wedgie. A close-up look would have revealed the soft brown fuzzies curling around and beside her narrow strip of denim. Just 3 inches higher, another tiny hole gave perfect proof that she wasn't wearing even the tiniest of thongs. Another shock of her wispy light brown patch was clearly visible. Other alterations gave significant views of bare skin all around her delicate ass. Some of the girls held their breath in response to the daring outfit. Whether or not she would really wear it to a mall or not wasn't the point. She had certainly dared to show her friends a dazzling amount of "private" skin.

This show prompted a particularly resentful response in Racine. Of course all the girls were jealous of any of the others they thought might have nudged past them in the "daring" game. But like Emily and Joy, the similarities of Racine and Alicia's outfits generated an extra degree of competitive instinct within Racine. She even went so far as to claim out loud that Alicia had just altered the clothes to unfair advantage. Alicia laughed of course, hardly commenting on what Racine had said, but inwardly taking pleasure in the type of response she had achieved. The other girls laughed also, which didn't do much for Racine. She began a slow simmer inside, nasty thoughts of Alicia overpowering her.

Now it was time for Carmen, the last girl by draw of the cards. The sexy redhead jauntily exited the yard, swinging her ass provocatively as she entered the house. She didn't take long to change and her swift arrival surprised the girls who were continuing their banter. Carmen's 5'5" body, B-cup tits and sexy green eyes were ready for the show. When she first appeared, from a distance, the other girls thought she was dressed quite conservatively. Her skirt was bouncy and pleated down to her knees. Her blouse was wrapped around her top, hiding all her curves. Her sexy white shoes looked nice but didn't make a "daring" impression. But as she approached them they could see the somewhat transparent nature of her skirt. It wasn't as sheer as Lori's but when the light was just right it allowed for plenty of see-through ogling. It was dark blue, but with the bright sun, the outline of her shapely legs and the shadow of her white thong panties were plainly visible.

But as she flounced around the pool deck, showing off her outfit, she went a little further. It was more her attitude and her actions than the outfit itself that was daring. She made a point of approaching each girl and giving each one a peep or two. Her wraparound blouse had a small Velcro flap that allowed her to pull the front of her top away, allowing a clear shot at her steaming breasts. Her light pink areola, topped by a delicious looking nub of a nipple on each breast was flashed for just an instant for every girl's benefit. If one hadn't been watching so intently it might have gone unnoticed. After a whirlwind of tit flashing, she made a second loop. This time her dancing body caused her dress to spin and swirl. The breeze caught it and lifted it gently upwards. With a little helping hand (literally) she moved in close to Alicia and with a quick twirl she swung the skirt up and out of the way. Alicia caught a quick glimpse of Carmen's bare ass. Only the thin line of her thong interrupted a fine view of her butt. Yes! Moving around the irregular circle of girls she gave each girl a show of something more hidden beneath her skirt. She tried to charm them a little with some sexy words, talking to them as though they were complete strangers. "Hey there big guy (faking the gender of the listener), I bet you've never seen anything as sexy as this." Then she would flaunt her dress quickly up and away, giving the viewer a clear, but quick look at her thong covered crotch. She finished with Angelica, the one among them who actually was a stranger to her.

Angelica was sitting relaxed and enjoying the show, her legs crossed in front of her. The left leg and her pretty foot were bouncing a bit as Carmen approached. Seeing an opportunity to make a firm impression on Angel(ica), she found a nice way to use Angel's foot as a prop. Swinging her skirt up and out of the way, she straddled Angel's leg and lowered her torso until her crotch rested on Angel's foot (Angel had kicked off her shoes earlier). Simulating sex by riding her foot for a few seconds and making fake orgasmic noises gave all the other girls a big laugh, all except for Angel that is. Angel didn't really appreciate the way that Carmen used her for her own performance and enjoyment, even if it was just a simulation. Obviously it wasn't a real orgasm, but the fact that she had so brazenly chosen to use her, a stranger, to get a rise out of the other girls didn't set too well with Angelica. Now, let it be known that Angel liked other girls' pussies, and she had used her foot more than once to probe the pleasure coves of some of her lesbian partners, but this was different. She tried to smile but it wasn't very genuine. She stared at Carmen and the grin looked fake. She recognized the return glance as one of haughty superiority. "Damn that bitch!" thought Angel. "How dare she think she can use me that way?" When Carmen licked her lips and tossed her head back with a big laugh, it was all Angel could do not to kick her in the cunt.

Carmen caught the barely hidden anger in Angel's face. "Good!" she thought. "I don't like that old bitch much anyway. I bet I can piss her off some more before this afternoon is over." It is sometimes hard to tell what kernel grew to cause the dislike between these two, but it certainly happened. Maybe it was genetic. Maybe they were preprogrammed to dislike each other. Whatever it was they both felt it. It was quite real. Angel didn't like Carmen and Carmen couldn't stand Angel. The fact that there was 6 years age difference didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was their mutual dislike.

As Carmen finally pulled away and waltzed back to her own lounge chair, Emily rose to discuss the next stage. The girls would need to finish their vote recording and then they would have to be tallied. With a few instructions the girls wrote their final opinions on the little slips of paper provided, one number for each other girl, and dropped them into a small bowl. After all were collected Joy and Emily asked Lori to help and the three of them tallied the results.

All the girls were expectantly waiting. They quieted down when it was apparent that the tally was complete. Emily had their rapt attention. "Well, it seems that we all succeeded to a great degree. Since a perfect score would have been a 70, scores up close to that are very good. I hate to admit it, but I had the lowest score of all." She blushed a bit, but it was more for show. Emily wasn't really trying to "win" this contest. Her motivation for the afternoon was only beginning. "But, not by much. I had a score of 48. Working up from there we have the following scores: Racine = 50, Joy = 50, Maria = 53, Carmen = 54, Angelica = 55, Lori = 58, and finally the highest score went to Alicia and her much-modified cutoffs with a score of 60."

Each girl clapped for the winner, but several found some reason to be dissatisfied with the outcome. Of course all were here for a good time, but the perfume of competition was wafting through the air and each mulled over their feelings as Emily went into a short little dissertation.

Racine was disappointed to have scored so low, but she certainly could see why some of the other girls ended up with higher scores in a relative sense. The thing that incensed her was the fact that Alicia had won the whole damn event. After all, her outfit was practically identical to her own, except for the last minute alterations she had performed. She felt cheated because she had the misfortune to be selected first, and that Alicia was given an unfair advantage as a result. "Fuck the arrogant bitch," she thought. "I hope I get a chance to give her a dare. I'll get her good."

Joy was happy that she came out on top of Emily and wasn't worried about her relative placement compared to the others. She and Emily were of course in their own personal competition, but apart from that, she was focused on the upcoming events, as was Emily.

Maria wasn't feeling as much bitterness as the others, in fact, she was happy to not have been in last place. Her shyness had been something she had dealt with for a long time, and she felt like she had just cleared a major hurdle. Ranking 5th out of 8 wasn't exactly stunning, but it seemed respectable to her.

Carmen was pissed! She had ended up one point behind Angel! The stares they had shared and the dislike she felt for her made it hard to stomach. She was angered that the other girls hadn't given more weight to her actions. They had all laughed at Carmen's expense hadn't they, after all? When she glanced at Angel and saw the haughty "I beat you" look, she fumed even more. She hardly heard the words that Emily was speaking.

Angel for her part relished the fact that she had nudged out a slightly higher score than the uppity Carmen. She had no problem with Alicia winning the whole thing, since she herself voted her a "10."

Lori and Alicia just glowed with pride at their high standing.

Emily let them know that Alicia would indeed be the first to dare another girl, but there were a couple of additional consequences of the outcome from the modeling to consider. As the afternoon wore on, Alicia would be given two "passes" that could be used to extend a dare that had been given her to any other girl of her choosing. If she chose therefore she could defer up to two times. Lori, because she was in second place would be given one such pass for her use. She could pass on any dare that came her way just once, as long as it wasn't passed up to Alicia. She could only use it to pass down the score chain. That gave the 1st round winners some power and flexibility that the others didn't have. Joy then added that the other two pre-planned events would be the same. The top scoring girl would get 1st dare along with two "passes", and the second place girl would get 1 pass, as long as it was to a girl who scored lower than herself in that event. In case of ties, additional passes would be given.

Emily now gave an outline of the rest of the agenda: next would be a single round of dares for while they were dressed in their "mall outfits." After that would come the daring food share with points awarded just as for the modeling. A second round of dares would follow and that would be followed by the beachwear modeling contest. From that point on the dares would commence in earnest with an unscripted flow. All the girls understood and were anxious to begin.