DARE PARTY - Chapter 4

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 4 - RSVP

Alicia, a bouncy girl of five feet six inches wondered about the party and its implications. As a friend of Emily since elementary school she thought she knew Emily as well as anyone. Her "straight" smart girl image didn't seem to be reflected in the theme of the upcoming party. Alicia certainly had noticed the subtle differences in Emily's demeanor over the past few weeks, but she hadn't really mulled over the implications until the invitation. Now she perceived an even more ebullient radiance from Emily. What could be the cause, she wondered. Could it be some secret liaison? Was it just her turning 18 last May? Whatever it was, it sure seemed to make her happy. Even though Emily was never a sour or pouty person, the special glow made her even more attractive than before.

Alicia absorbed the invitation and her impressions of Emily, combined with the somewhat surprising dual-hostess situation, to conclude there must be a connection. The possibilities were intriguing. She hoped to delve more into the situation Saturday. She would be ready with her dares. It would be FUN.

Racine, Lori, Carmen, and Maria were a little bit dubious of the invitation at first, but after thinking for a while, they each reached similar conclusions. Why not? Each was a fine sexy specimen of a young lady. Maria was the most shy of the bunch and her acceptance probably the most surprising to Joy and Emily. Her soft dark eyes, framed by long black hair and super long dark eyelashes were definitely a pretty sight. Racine, Lori, and Carmen were a little more daring in their clothing and behavior and so it wasn't much of a shock when they expressed their desire to come. Racine was the only other blonde among the high school students coming. Lori sported short light-brown hair that bleached out towards blonde in the summer sun. Carmen was Irish with reddish hair and a fiery spirit to match. While never one to seek confrontation, she could work up her ire in an instant when perturbed.

Each one of them, after some further explanation from Joy or Emily, had vowed to herself that she would not be "out-dared" by the others. Maybe it was the flowering of their womanhood. Maybe it was the remembrance of Joy's very daring bikini last May. Maybe it was the need to venture "outside" the boundaries that they knew their parents would accept. In any case these five girls who accepted the invitation were ready to have a fun sexy time with their friends.

Angelica was the wild card here. While she was older than the others, she hadn't really "grown up." She still hung out with younger friends, attended high school events and even dated boys still younger than 20. Her friendly waitress smile and large bouncy boobs made certain that she received plenty of attention from men, boys, and girls. She considered herself bisexual, after having a relationship with another girl when she was still in high school, she had flings, affairs, and one-night stands with just as many women as men over the past three years. Emily had never been aware of this, but her boldness was rewarded upon mentioning the party to Angelica. In fact, Angelica, hearing the scenario, felt as though she was just about to go to heaven. The thought of seven other delectable young ladies all together at once had her loins stirring just seconds after Emily's pronouncement of the invitation. Those looks she threw Emily's way were sincere evidence of her horny intentions.

Saturday came and eight young ladies awoke to the expectant trembling of anticipation for the unknown and dangerous. Each wondered if they were capable of accepting the dares bound to come her way. Each tingled with excitement at the thought of putting herself on parade for the viewing pleasure of the others. None of them knew where it all would lead, but all were anxious to find out.