DARE PARTY - Chapter 3

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 3 - The Invitation

"Girls Only," the note read. Over the next two days eleven girls each received a nice but simple note with an RSVP for either Joy or Emily to be notified of the girls' potential interest. Reading further they saw the following: A "DARE" party. We DARE you to come. We DARE you to be your sexiest. We DARE you to be discreet about the festivities. We DARE you to let us know of your further interest. We commit to having a good time and to giving further information and dares upon acceptance of this invitation. Both Joy and Emily signed the invitation. All the girls had been sought out and had the invitation hand delivered by one of the two. The place and time were given so the girls could make plans.

By Thursday they had received all RSVPs. They hadn't expected all of their sexy friends to accept. Some they thought might be too shy. Some might have had other commitments that forbade them from attending. They were happy to get positive responses from 5 of the 11 girls. As the phone calls came in Joy and Emily added further instructions and another brief DARE list.

The party would be held at Emily's house on Saturday. Emily's parents, unknowingly, were being very cooperative as they had another engagement out of town for the weekend. They wouldn't be home until Sunday morning. Arrival time was set for 1:00 P.M. sharp. The invitees were to bring a daring snack, a bold and daring sexy attitude, and two daring outfits. One outfit was to be the most daring outfit they would wear to the mall, and the other the most daring for the beach. Prizes and consequences would be in order for the best and worst in the judgment of the attendees.

Joy and Emily met again late Thursday evening to go over the list and make further plans. They were having great fun together, enjoying each other's company as they collaborated over the possibilities. Knowing which girls were coming gave them ideas that they tailored specifically to their perception of the daring (or not) qualities they perceived in each girl. With the five girls accepting (Alicia, Racine, Carmen, Lori, and Maria), plus themselves, they would total seven. All but Maria had attended Emily's birthday party back in May and they displayed various levels of delight at the thought of attending the party on Saturday. As Joy and Emily discussed the possibilities, the odd number of girls bothered them a little. They wished for an even number and that was when Emily remembered Angelica. She was the hot-bodied waitress she worked with, the one she had fantasized over many a time. After discussing it with Joy, it was agreed that Emily would make small talk mention of her party to Angelica the next day at work. If Angelica seemed interested, Emily would invite her over. Angelica was five or six years older than all of the others, but Emily felt she would fit right in. Besides, she assured Joy, her body was incredible, she had a to-die-for shape, a saucy attitude, and a fiery temper. If she came that would bring the group to eight.

The girls ironed out the rest of the details and Joy left late for home, but not after a stirring kiss passed between them, both giving nice tongue, but restraining themselves from the temptation to go further. A genuine friendly smile from Emily sent Joy on her way home.

When the phone rang at Joy's house she raced to pick it up. It was half an hour past Emily's shift at the restaurant and Joy was dying to know about Angelica. Breathlessly whispering into the phone, Emily said, "She'll come!"

"Great. How did you do it? What did she say?"

"It was easy. Just a few words about the party, an interesting glance, a quick invite, and a very quick YES! She seemed quite excited; in fact she looked at me and licked her lips about ten times during the next shift. I can't wait to lick HER lips."

"Oooohh you devil! There better be some of that tongue action left for me."

"Don't worry, you know I've got lots of energy. You'll get yours, don't you worry about that sweety!"