DARE PARTY - Chapter 7

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 7 - More Dares

Lori glanced around, recollecting who had already been 'dared' and who had not, and meshing that with her own desire to see someone squirm. Lori had wondered about the fact that this party was coordinated and co-hosted by Joy and Emily. "Had they ever fooled around?" she wondered. "Could they be gay? Just what caused them to spring the invitations on the rest of the girls? Did they expect something sexy to happen?" All these questions were unanswered in her head and she sought some way to get them answered. No one had mentioned whether or not they were playing 'Truth or Dare', but since she had just told her 'truthful story' she figured that others could be forced to do the same.

So with a little more thought she asked Emily, "Do you ever fantasize about sex with girls? If so, tell us what that fantasy is."

Emily was ready for this one. She hadn't expected this so soon, but she was prepared to answer. "Why yes, I do believe I have. Is that your dare? Is that all?"

Lori: "Yes, just tell us about your fantasy of having sex with a girl."

"Well that isn't as easy as it sounds, because I have many, many different fantasies along that line. We'd be here till next week if I told you all of them. But I'm willing to tell you about one. Is that alright?"


"Well, to begin with I have this dream girl I fantasize about all the time. I do have other girls, some real and some imaginary, that I dream about also, but most of my fantasies center around one girl. She is very pretty of course, feminine, but athletic at the same time. I fancy meeting her in a nice restaurant where we discuss all sorts of intimate things before and during dinner. Our legs meet under the table and I feel her rub her calf up against mine in long slow-motion glides of her pantyhose over mine. I gather my boldness and play footsy with her, our toes tangling together as best they can inside the slippery hose. Eventually her foot creeps up my leg and explores between my thighs, probing towards my pussy. I am so excited beforehand that just the slightest touch of her toe in my crotch sends me into an orgasm right then and there in the restaurant. I lose control and jerk, shake, and everything but shout. I notice a few of the other customers glancing at me and I am very embarrassed. But the orgasm is very intense, powerful, and lovely. Is that good enough?" She addressed Lori who looked pleased.

Even though the short fantasy didn't go into nearly as much detail as Lori's recollections of her deflowering, it struck a chord of genuineness that she liked. Of course Lori still had more questions, but she figured that more would likely come out as the afternoon progressed.

Of course Emily was actually thrilled to have been able to admit, in front of the others, that she harbored sexual fantasies about other girls. She would have even been willing to be more specific if the dare had required it. In fact her fantasy was very real and it usually involved her cohort in crime. Luckily she didn't have to say out loud that at least three other girls currently present were also occasional partners in her restaurant fantasy.

Emily's libido was kicking up a bit as she relayed her fantasy to the other seven girls. She had noted that some of them glanced about, gauging the reactions of each other during the tale. She wondered if any of them were aware of their own 'special place' within her other fantasies. Well, it was time to see how Alicia reacted to a dare sent her way. Emily, ever since her multiple encounters with Joy (and her lovely large tits), had been drawn to Alicia by the magnetic attraction of her chesty body. What would Alicia think about baring those tits in front of all her friends? Emily contemplated all this before she came up with her dare. Of course Alicia was already showing tons of gorgeous skin, so Emily needed to add a little something to make the dare none-too-easy for Alicia. Just 'baring' her tits wouldn't be enough.

"Hey, Alicia. Are you proud of your tits?"

Alicia blushed for only a second before composing herself and admitting that she was indeed proud of her tits. "Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" She managed to sound a little bit haughty. In all honesty she was aware that her boobs weren't in the same ballpark as either Joy or Emily's but she was sufficiently large and firm for her to be quite truthful in admitting her pride.

"Well then, prove it. Prove it by giving us a bit of a show. Bare them and play with them as though you were teasing a lover. Do you dare?"

Now Alicia had the option of passing on the dare if she wanted to, due to her top finish in the earlier voting, but this wasn't beyond her at all.

She stood up and walked directly in front of her dare-maker. Emily smiled as Alicia quickly pulled the tube top that was already quite revealing, over her head. Her C-cup endowments burst forth in all their glory, soaking up the sun's rays and the stares of the seven girls. She leaned over, positioning her chest in front of Emily's stare. "I love my tits. They're perfect. I know you think your tits are something special, but I think mine are just as nice as yours. Here, see these." She pointed to her nice round areolas. She let her index fingers wander symmetrically around the tip of her breasts, tracing the outline of each areola, emphasizing their smooth, flawless texture, and the crisp perfectly circular edge separating her creamy skin from the dark pink color. Her nipples weren't particularly extended at first, but she began to tweak each one with her fingers and then pulled on them a bit. In moments they had grown outward, extending deliciously beyond the now diminished areolas. The rose pink nipples blossomed into quite lengthy protrusions, standing out like pink tootsie rolls. Emily's mind had a flashback to an earlier encounter with Joy. Alicia's nipples reminded her of her very first titfight with Joy back in the spring. Emily shivered at the exciting recollection.

All the while Alicia continued to play with her nipples she was cooing and using advanced body language techniques that would have sent the hormone level skyrocketing in any men that might have been fortunate enough to have spied her show. Her tongue followed the contours of her lips provocatively. Her eyelashes fluttered invitingly. Her hips swayed gently. Her shoulders wove a delicate pattern of advance and retreat towards Emily. Assured in her own mind that she had fulfilled the requirements of the dare, she gave every other girl an abbreviated version of the show that she had given Emily.

Throughout much of the show the other girls were making comments and whistling their appreciation for her efforts. Alicia felt a heated rush of excitement as the girls applauded at the conclusion. It was quite a new sensation for her, to feel the pride in her body as she showed it off for the others, and to accept the adulation that went with it. "I could get used to this," she thought to herself.

Emily had been grinning and watching intently, of course, as Alicia worked her breasts into erotic bubbles. When it was clear that Alicia was finishing, Emily commented, "You certainly completed the dare, but I don't really think you ought to be comparing your breasts to mine. As nice as it was to watch you toy with your little titties, mine are in a whole different league from yours." She paused a moment and then added, "Thanks anyway for the show. I guess you now can make another dare." Emily had been hoping for a reciprocal challenge immediately from Alicia. She wanted to show off her own tits, to prove their superiority. After all, part of the fun she had anticipated in the planning of the party was to massage the sexy ego she had become so aware of. But it was not to be.

Alicia contemplated her next dare, but it wasn't Emily that would be put on the spot. It was Racine. Alicia recalled Racine's contemptuous comments after Alicia had sliced up her Daisy May outfit to be more spectacularly revealing than her own. Her ire was up and she wanted to make Racine squirm.

She turned towards Racine. Her voice became a little edgy, with a tinge of malice. "Ok, little blondie." Racine was 5' 3", only 3" shorter than Alicia, but Alicia took this opportunity to make a dig at Racine's diminutive stature. "I want you to beg for a fuck. Pretend one of us is the hottest sexiest boy you've ever seen and you have him all alone to yourself. There's one problem though, he doesn't really think he wants to fuck you. You've got to convince him to fuck you. Now make it convincing girl!"

Racine fumed inside at the blatant insinuation in Alicia's challenge. How humiliating already, and she hadn't even started yet. "Fuck you!" Racine hadn't really vowed NOT to perform the dare, but she wasn't about to let Alicia's haughty challenge go uncontested. Her anger just boiled over and she lashed out verbally. "I may be short but I don't need to beg anybody to fuck me!" It was literally true. Racine was very pretty and her petite sexy body was a definite attraction for the boys. While she would never have been considered slutty, she had a handful of male sexual partners by this summer. None of them needed to be begged. In fact it was distinctly the other way around. If she had a mind to she could have fucked probably a dozen more from the begging that came her way. So it was with sincerest offense that she responded to Alicia. "I could probably out-fuck you without even working up a sweat!"

She was about to continue, but some of the other girls butted in and urged her not to forfeit her turn. "Come on, Racine. This is all just for fun." "Just do the dare." "Don't let Alicia upset you." "You can do it. Let's see how much realism you can put into your act." Those comments and others did seem to lower her anger a bit. As she considered NOT doing the dare, she recognized that it would mean, in effect, that Alicia had won, that she had forced her to renege. She didn't want that to happen, so she eventually relented and said that she would 'act' it out. She put emphasis on the word act, to make clear to all of them that she wouldn't really have to beg for a stud fuck.

One thing for sure, she sure wouldn't use Alicia as her prospective stud. She looked around the pool trying to decide which sexy girl would have to stand in for her fantasy stud. Taking a deep breath she settled on Angelica.

She strolled over to Angelica's chair, calling her name, "Andrew."

"Oh Andy, what are we waiting for? Isn't it time to play?"

Angelica was pleased that sexy little Racine had picked her out. Her lesbian sensibilities would make it easy to pretend to be the reluctant guy in Racine's fantasy. "Oh no, I don't know you well enough yet. Shouldn't we have a few more dates before we take the plunge?"

"We don't need anymore time. I can feel the connection between us. We really care for each other and don't deny it, you feel hot for me just as much as I feel for you." As she cautiously stood next to Angelica, she began running her hands through her hair. She massaged her scalp gently and twisted her butt around and sat on her lap. Calling her 'Andy' she suggestively pressed her torso up against Angel. Her hips wiggled against Angel's leg and her arms wound around her neck, pulling her face close.

Angel responded with tentative acceptance, but obviously playing to the theme of unwillingness. She smiled as she tried to remove Racine's arms from around her neck. But Racine was relentless. She planted a real kiss on Angel's thick red lips. She made it a hard kiss, full of passion, but without much tenderness. Angel squirmed some more and Racine rolled her body a bit, found the lever that controlled the reclining back to the chair and gently lowered it as Angel rode the back downward to a reclining position. Racine had manipulated her body to lie atop Angel now. She began to rotate her hips slowly as Angel's legs parted just enough for Racine's hips to wedge betwixt them a bit. Angel maintained frequent comments, demanding Racine stop. But Racine kissed again. This time Angel kissed back, also hard and with definitive emotion.

"I think you are ready now." Racine whispered loud enough for all to hear.

"No, not now. Not yet." Angel felt the sizzling heat of Racine's body as they slowly writhed on the chair. But she still maintained as much reluctance to go all the way as she could. Except for the fact that Angel was supposed to be the male and it was Racine who was riding between Angel's legs, they were quite realistic in their portrayal of such an encounter. So far Angel had only responded to Racine, and Racine knew she needed to get some aggression from her partner. "Time for some tease," she thought. While she wasn't really a lesbian, or necessarily attracted to Angelica particularly, she was assuredly feeling the libido enhancing effect of the tightness of their bodies, and the feel of her skin on Angel's. If she were going to get her (him) to fuck her she would have to up the ante.

After another quick kiss, she sat back up and leaned backwards on the chair's leg support and spread her legs across Angelica's legs and hung them over the side at the knee. With a gleeful look of mischievousness she reached down to her crotch and pulled aside her frayed cut-offs. Wiggling her ass as she spoke and opening a viewing window on her pussy she begged Andy to meet her needs. "I need you Andy. I really want you Andy. I can't stand it to have you so hot and horny right here with me and not get you inside of me. COME ON! Fuck me!" Her hips were writhing across the lower portion of the chair and Angel had a superb view of Racine's shaved cunt. It was all she could do to not make a nose dive deep into her snatch right then and there. The desire she felt inside had turned definitely real, but somehow she managed to stay in character for a bit longer.

"Oh, gosh, Racine. I don't want us to think that our relationship is only about sex. There is so much more that we can share."

"Yes, of course there is. But right now is the time for the sex part to get started. I want you and you want me. What are you waiting for?" With that she untied the knot in her shirt and flipped the panels aside, baring her breasts for Angel (Andy).

"I don't know." Angel sort of stammered with her words, but her body rose up to a sitting position. Her bright red shorts, tightly sticking to her hips and crotch wormed their way towards Racine, who lifted her ass a bit to allow Angel to work underneath. Angel reached the point that her crotch was just beneath Racine's crotch, still partly exposed. Angel leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Racine, pulling her chest close to her own. Then with slow upward thrusts she began to rock her hips up into Racine's wide-splayed legs. The two girls sat there staring at each other while the other girls watched.

"Come on Andy, don't just fool around. Fuck me good!" Racine was responding now out of desire to make the dare as realistic as possible and at the same time from actual lust that had unexpectedly found a refuge in her heart. She felt Angel's strong hands pulling her back towards her. She felt the sizzling touch of Angel's glossy-shorts-covered pussy, bouncing upward into her own partially covered crotch. The skin-to-skin contact of their rubbing legs was an aphrodisiac also. "I SAID FUCK ME HARD AND FUCK ME GOOD!"

"Okay, little girl, you asked for it." Angel quickly lifted Racine up off the chair and lay her back down on her back. She parted her legs and lay back down on her and immediately began to ram-thrust her hips down into Racine's waiting crotch. The piston action looked very realistic and their pussies actually banged together with only scant microns' thickness of fabric separating their horny labia, and twitching clits. The other girls could see the rising lust (at least it appeared to be real). Alicia sensed the now real rutting action might lead to a climax for one or the other or both if they continued, and she saw another opportunity to exert a little dominance over pipsqueak Racine.

"Good show. Nice job. I wasn't sure you could do it, but I guess if you were in a pinch you might barely be able to seduce a guy someday." Her matter-of-fact words indicated that Racine had met the dare and caused Angel to stop her missionary pseudo-fuck."

Both Angel and Racine felt obligated to stop, but it was with much reluctance that they let their bodies part. They kept their eyes boring into each other as they parted and listened to the other girls cheer and applaud. Several comments were heard and all were positive. Angel offered her own two bits worth as she sat at the foot of the chair. "Yeah, you did a nice job. You could try to seduce me for a fuck anytime." She laughed, as though to make her comments seem to be in jest and part of the act. But both she and Racine knew it was for real. The spectators felt the same way, but Racine and Angelica hadn't realized how much of the realism had been apparent. They thought it was just their little secret.

Now though, Racine had another reason to despise that bitch Alicia. Just as she was beginning to feel the power and wonderful heat from another girl, Alicia had interrupted the feeling. The rage inside was hard to contain. But since it was now her turn she figured she could get back at her in an instant.

"Ok, smartass Alicia, you earlier said you thought you had better tits than Emily. I don't think you do. I think you are just a pretender. I dare you to convince Emily to compare her tits with yours and we all get to vote to see whose are better. Put up or shut up." She wanted to say more, but thought against it as soon as she said "put up or shut up." She knew the others would like to see that match up and that surely Alicia would get put in her place by Emily's massive breasts.

"Oh, you'd love that wouldn't you. Now, I meant what I said earlier, but I think a more interesting spectacle for the rest of us girls would be to see how Joy and Emily match up. I wonder who has bigger better tits between them. Since I have a pass privilege I choose to use it now for the benefit of all of us, except you little girl." She nodded spitefully at Racine. One thing though that Racine had forgotten about was that Alicia had won the wardrobe contest that she had the free pass available. Hearing Alicia use it now just made her fume even more inside. The other girls sensed the tension between them, but in fact, they thought it would be fun to see a tit match up between Joy and Emily.

As for Joy and Emily they had been pleasantly surprised by the relative swiftness that a confrontation between them had been arranged. Both girls were thrilled to begin their contest/courtship at this early stage of the day. Joy got up and told the girls that she would be glad to compare her tits against Emily.

The girls smiled at each other as Joy strutted towards the arising Emily. "Now," she thought, "I can show these girls that Emily isn't the only one with big perfect tits. This will be fun!"

Emily was hardly out of her chair when Joy ripped off her top, exposing her bra. She immediately went after the clasp to unfurl her large beauties.

Emily snidely commented, "Why so anxious? You're only gonna lose, you know."

Joy couldn't let an opportunity for some trash talk pass idly by, so she bounced right back. "Ha, ha. That's funny. Your flabbies already know they're second best to my pair." She finished the sentence just as her bra came flying off. Her boobs attracted 14 eyes instantly and they were, of course, very full and flattering. Even Emily kept her eyes on Joy's tits as she tossed off her blouse and went to work on her own bra.

"Not a snowball's chance. Mine are superior in every way to your little puberty bumps."

"OOOOOOooooooooohhhhh. Losing touch with reality, huh? You know you can't compare to these." Joy lifted her tits in her hands, kneading them just a little to confirm their soft, yet firm texture to herself. Emily laughed now, just as her tits came into view from behind the veil of her bra. She laid her bra on a chair and stepped up close to Joy. The other girls jumped up and ran to the sides of either girl, wanting a better look.

Emily took a deep breath and thrust out her chest, emphasizing her heavenly protrusions. Joy followed with a breath and thrust of her own. Alicia was enjoying the comparison, having already confirmed that her own pair was just a bit lower on the scale than these two, at least for size. Trying to distinguish the larger tits by eyes alone was neigh impossible. The dimensions were so closely matched that only a tape measure had discerned any differences back on the Fourth of July. But that was in private between the girls and both knew the results. But today was today and there would be no measuring. It was strictly up to the other girls to vote for the better pair. Alicia admitted out loud that it was hard for her to tell just from viewing. "I think I might have a better idea who to vote for if I could feel them for myself."

Neither Joy nor Emily even flinched at the idea, and when Lori chimed in wishing for the same chance it wasn't long before Joy and Emily were taking turns offering their tits to each girl in turn. Fingers and hands lingered over the soft skin, squeezed gently to feel the relative firmness and heft. Lori pinched both sets of nipples in her fingers one at a time, savoring the firm texture and plump arousal that both were exhibiting. Several "Hmmms" and "Aaahhhs" punctuated most of the probing, massaging touches.

Both Emily and Joy felt swells of pride as the others admired their assets. Of course they also felt the sure arousal that such touch produces. After each girl had concluded her touches, it was apparent that some had chosen to use only a moment for a quick comparison, while others had lingered and maintained long sensuous contact with Joy and Emily's hefty mammaries.

Alicia, who had passed this challenge over to Joy, after Racine had proposed it, finished off the exam. She juggled their orbs in turn, even going back for a second comparison before she felt satisfied. "I think we should make a secret vote. I'll put my vote on a slip of paper and drop it into that bowl over there on the table." She gestured towards the snack table where one of the potato chip bowls was empty. The rest of you do the same. A piece of paper was found, ripped, distributed, and then a few marks were made and the slips dropped into the bowl. Joy and Emily had remained topless, but had returned to their seats. Each was confident in her chances of winning the 'best tits' title.

Racine took it on herself to read off the results. "First vote goes to... drum roll... Joy." She opened each folded piece of paper in turn and continued, "Joy, Emily, Joy, Emily, Emily. It's a tie." So after all that there was not a consensus at all. The four massive tits had been fondled and ogled by twelve sets of hands and eyes without a clear winner.

A few comments were made as the girls admitted the tough choice and the apparent equality of the size and appearance and feel of the breasts in question. Joy turned to Emily and said, "Well, well, I guess we'll have to find 'some other way' to figure out whose tits are best." Her comment was of course well understood by Emily who answered, "Yes, I guess we will." The others just wondered at the exchange, unsure of the meaning. Now, since Joy had fulfilled the challenge passed along so adroitly to her by Alicia, she could make the next challenge.

After the fun of the past few minutes, Joy was feeling significant arousal dripping into her veins. She noted that Maria had not yet been dared with a challenge. "How can I give her a dare that will test her limits without causing her to forfeit?" She still imagined Maria as quite shy and she didn't want to overdo the dare. But her own sexy thoughts were so dominant in her head she couldn't resist.

"Maria, I dare you to..."

She hesitated for several seconds, before she articulated her challenge. Again she started up, "Maria, I dare you to use that lovely long cleavage on that 'J-Lo' dress to massage the backs of our necks. I feel some tension in the back of my neck that I'm sure a little soft massaging from your cleavage would do wonders for." Joy raised her eyebrows as she waited for Maria's response.

Maybe Maria was normally shy and a bit reticent, but the atmosphere today, heightened by the pleasing reception she got with her daring dress, gave her enough of a boost to take the dare. She blushed for sure, but she managed to rise and move over behind Joy, who was seated again. She needed to lean over just a bit to achieve the desired level. She pressed forward, nestling Joy's neck between her breasts. The soft skin snuggled around Joy's perspiration-covered neck. Maria's own flesh was beginning to glisten from the heat also, and the two moist bodies tingled as they discovered the lovely texture of each other's skin. Joy grinned while Maria rotated her B-cup breasts back and forth across the back of her neck and top of her shoulders. This was Joy's first chance to feel another girl's breasts with her own body. Maria's dress was still in place, however the wide cleavage gave plenty of tit-flesh exposure to rub across Joy.

"Mmmmmm. Keep that up. That is really nice." Joy urged Maria to continue the pleasant sensation, but she only stayed with Joy for a minute or so before she stepped over to Emily. She followed Emily with the rest of the girls so that each felt the erotic tingle of Maria's tits massaging their necks.

Maria still was flushed from the embarrassment, but she glowed an even darker color now as her libido succumbed to the unexpected surge of hormones. Maria finished her rounds on the back of Carmen. At first she softly toyed with her neck. She squeezed her breasts together with her arms and pinched them in to engulf a fair amount of her neck. She wiggled back and forth, changing pressure from right to left and back again. She slid up and down, letting her boobs ride up higher to feel her neck glide piston-like between them. It was as if she was giving a tittie-fuck to Carmen's neck and head. Her breathing had become a bit staccato and broken. She felt Carmen lean her head to the side, pressing firmly against her right tit. Maria ground her tit back at the side of Carmen's head, compressing her tit firmly between her own chest and Carmen's skull. All this time she had somehow managed to keep the daringly open front of her dress from parting further. But now she ground to the left with such force that the dress couldn't maintain position and it pulled away. Her right nipple was no longer encumbered by the dress and she instantly felt the added jolt of eroticism as it pushed towards the side of Carmen's head.

The others watched and noted the distinct advancement in Maria's level of involvement in her 'task'. With one nipple freed and feeling the sexy tingle it caused, Maria ventured to pull her left tit free from its green covering. With two on the loose she proceeded to repeat much of what she had done just moments before, but now there was a much spicier erotic overtone in her movements and sounds. As pleasant as it all had been up to that point, it could have been viewed as nothing more than a massage with her chest, but now it was without reservation an erotic act. She used her hands once again to guide her titties around and over Carmen's head, neck, and upper back.

The other girls watched the smile on Carmen's face ebb and flow, but never leave. It ranged from soft whimsical curling lips, to wide ebullient grins. Plainly Carmen enjoyed the sexy attention from her counterpart. Her hands, steady and quiet at first, had become wanderers. They unashamedly moved across the front of her own torso, cupping her own breasts while she felt Maria work wonders across her back. Her eyes were shut to avoid the stares of the others, but somehow the fact that she knew they were watching didn't seem to faze her. Her dreamy state came to an abrupt end just as her hands had wound their way south towards her crotch. But just as they both arrived at the juncture of her thighs, Maria pulled away. "Hey! Don't stop!"

A couple of the others laughed for a moment, sensing the lack of fulfillment in Carmen's voice as Maria pulled away. It was a bit humorous, unless you were Carmen. Of course the others had each felt the same sense of sadness when Maria left them, only to a lesser degree. Angelica spoke for several of them when she asked, "Hey girl. Why don't you give me the same kind of treat you just gave her. I think that would be very ladylike of you to share your skills with my sore neck." She rubbed her neck to emphasize the (untrue) stiffness.

Joy clapped her hands and interrupted to anoint Maria as having been successful in completing the dare. "I didn't know you had it in you girl. I thought you would be too bashful for that, but hell, you went even farther than was necessary. I hope that is a good sign for the future." She let her words linger in the air for a moment, their import sinking into the minds of all. "Great job ladies." She complimented the group as each girl had been challenged to a dare that she successfully met. Now it was time for some food.

Emily gave short instructions for the food event. Each would bring out her 'dish' and then the others would get a chance to look and taste whatever they wanted among them and then a ranking of their merits would be made using a 0-10 scale, just like the mall outfit from before.