Ever since the beginning of time men and women have assumed very different roles during sex. Regardless of who initiated intimacy when one or both reached an orgasm it was a man who ejaculated sperm. The woman contributed her love juices to make the intercourse easier, and more exciting. As we now know there are exceptions to the general rule. A few women upon reaching an orgasm ejaculate or squirt fluid of their own. The practice has become well-known as the adult film industry highlighted a few women who are capable of their own money shot as it is known. There are never more than two or three female porn stars in any given era who are capable of doing this. This is a story of two such women.

A well-known adult film director, Jimmy Z., had the idea that if he put two well-known porn actresses who had the ability to squirt in the same movie it would be a smash hit. He chose Becky Blare and Susie Morningstar to be the lead actresses in his production. Both actresses were in their early 30s, and had been part of the adult film industry for many years. Becky, a stunning redhead was one of the industry's leading actresses, and was known as a porn queen. Susie, with long black hair, was one of the few Native American women to be found in the industry. On a popularity basis she had reached the same level as Becky, and although the two women knew each other slightly in a social context they had never worked together. They were both tall with beautiful features, and as is the custom with most female porn stars they had very large breasts with prominent nipples.

The first day of shooting had come to an end, and except for a brief kiss while they were having sex with men on the same bed the two women had not shot any scenes together. After most of the cast had dinner together Becky and Susie found themselves together in the elevator going up to their rooms. Becky said, "I noticed we have adjoining rooms with a connecting door. Why don't you change into something relaxing, come to my room, and we can share a few bottles of wine while we get better acquainted."

Susie replied, "I'd love to. I know we've seen each other socially a few times, but I'd like to get to know you better."

The two got off at their floor, and went to their respective rooms. A few minutes later Susie knocked on the adjoining door. Becky opened the door, and for a few seconds the two women looked each other over. Neither was wearing much. Susie was wearing a red lounging jacket which barely came to her waist. She hadn't even bothered to tie the belt, and was wearing nothing underneath. Becky was wearing a black wrap which was also very short. She hadn't bothered to fasten hers either. The women were so used to being naked or close to it they were sexually secure about themselves no matter how they looked.

Becky poured both of them some wine, and the two of them sat down on the couch. They started comparing notes describing both the men and women who they had worked with over the years. Naturally their descriptions included opinions of who was good or bad sexually. This went back and forth for couple of hours until Becky decided to look at the following day’s shooting schedule. She showed it to Susie, and the two noticed they had a number of scenes together. It wasn't a surprise to either one because they both knew the reason they were together was to have their combined star power sell the movie.

Then they both noticed something on the schedule. Each scene had a short description of what was to happen. One scene near the end was highlighted, labeled a key scene, and had a description which basically said the two women were going to compete sexually with one another to see which one could get the other to squirt first. Both women knew this couldn't be faked like normal sex scenes involving a woman. In normal scenes women could fake a screaming orgasm. But this type of scene had to be authentic so viewers could see the women reaching an orgasm and squirting.

In a brief moment two hours of friendly conversation took a 180 degree turn. Both women were wondering how the scene would play out, and who would win. Becky broke the silence, and said, "I guess we're both wondering the same thing. Who's going to win when we do it for real?"

Whether it was their competitive nature, the effect of two bottles of wine, or a combination of both, the two women began to eye one another with a much different look then they had earlier. Women in the adult film business have a love-hate relationship with one another. On one hand there is always a sense of competition for starring roles, and each actress wants to be the sexiest. On the other hand because there is not a general tone of acceptance of porn actresses on the part of the public the women tended to band together. However, at this particular moment there was no question what each of them was thinking. Finally Susie said, "I don't think I want to wait until tomorrow to find out how this turns out. How about you? Are you up for a little challenge?

Becky, with a smile on her face, quickly answered, "I'd love to test you tonight. Without cameras there would be nothing to inhibit or interrupt us. Have you ever competed sexually with another woman with our unique ability?”

Susie shook her head, and stood up. Becky stood up with her, and they walked toward the bed. As they reached a point close to the bed they removed what little they were wearing, and turned to face each other completely naked.

Each woman knew her chance of dominating lay in her ability to get the other aroused as quickly as possible. They closed the distance toward each other until they were almost touching. Becky said, "You look really hot, but I don't think you can beat me."

Susie replied, "You look pretty hot yourself, but let’s be honest about it. If both of us weren’t hot and sexy we wouldn’t be stars in this business. We'll never find out who gets the other to go off first by talking about it, and I’m really curious. Let's do it."

They moved into each other, and the first thing they felt were their large breasts coming together. Susie immediately pushed her thigh between Becky's legs, and pressed against her pussy. They locked their arms
around each other, and Becky matched Susie's move. They started to rock back and forth, and were grinding their thighs into each other's pussy. It was as if they were dancing together except this was an erotic sex dance. As they did this they stared into each other's eyes looking for a change of expression. They grabbed each other's ass with both hands, and started to pull.

After a few short minutes of this rhythmic motion both women were starting to gasp, and they were starting to get to one another. They stopped grinding into one another, and started to passionately kiss. Susie hissed at Becky, "Tongue fight me slut."

Becky accepted that challenge, and the two of them toyed with each other's tongue. They took turns licking each other's lips, and sucking each other's tongue. Then they ground their open mouths together in an almost animal-like fashion. When they broke their kiss, and looked at each other they both smiled. They loved what they were doing to one another, and tongue kissed again. They pulled each other as close as possible, and again started grinding their bodies together.

Then Susie pulled Becky over to the bed. They got on their knees facing one another. Each woman thrust her breasts toward the other in a challenge of what was to be the next part of their sex fight. Becky grabbed Susie's breasts, and started to squeeze and pull on them asking, "How firm are these lover?"

Susie took hold of Becky's breasts, and did a little jiggling of her own answering, "A little better than yours bitch."

While still holding each other's breasts the two women started grinding them together. Then they pulled each other's nipples until both women started to moan. They did some nipple banging, and then put their arms around each other mashing together in a mutual bear hug. At the same time this was going on each woman pressed a thigh firmly against her rival’s pussy, and they began grinding again.

They were cheek to cheek, and Susie whispered into Becky's ear, "I can feel how wet you are honey. When I lock my pussy into yours you are going to squirt for me."

Becky replied, "You’re the one who is nice and wet. I'm going to love it when you squirt."

The two moved their heads so they could look into each other's eyes, and both knew what was next. They let go of one another, and sat back on the bed. In a split-second each woman spread her legs, and slid her right leg over her rival’s left. They quickly achieved the scissors position they wanted. They gasped as their pussies came together.

Both women wanted the same thing. Pussy to pussy grinding was going to decide which of the two was going to squirt first. Susie spoke first, "Baby, go off first and squirt for me. I want your love juice all over me."

Becky answered, "I am really good at this. You're the one who's going to squirt first. I want to feel your pussy juice go deep into my pussy."

Both women started to talk dirty thinking they could get one another even more aroused. Each promised the other what she would do if she won. Even though they were moaning and gasping both were very good at controlling themselves. They moved to an upright position, put their arms around each other, and started to passionately kiss. Becky said, "Lover, if you gush for me I'll suck your nipples."

Susie replied, "When I get through with you my nipples aren't all you're going to suck.”

Becky answered by taking her right breast, and grinding it into Susie's left one. She murmured in Susie's ear, "If you squirt first for me I'll do anything you want to do."

Susie whispered back, "You can't bribe me. I can feel how wet you are. I know you're close to going off. Gush for me baby."

Becky smiled and gave her answer, "You are the one who is sooooo wet. Open that pussy wider and give me your love juice."

As much as they tried to hold it in each woman was getting very close to losing control, and going off into her rival. Their open mouth kissing became more frenzied. Between kisses they were begging one another to go
off because each woman knew she couldn’t hold back any longer. The room was filled with sounds of moaning and squealing as both women erupted at the same time. Realizing they were going off together both women put their hands behind them, and pushed as hard as they could. It was as though each could drive her love juices into the other one’s pussy through sheer force. Sensations ran through their bodies as their orgasms lasted much longer than usual. Each woman was very wet from their combined love juices.

After all of the sensations subsided both of them collapsed on their backs, and lay still for some time. Susie finally pulled away from Becky, crawled up, and lay beside her. The two women propped themselves up on one elbow, and looked at one another. Becky broke the silence, "I guess neither of us won."

Susie answered, "It was fantastic. The problem is I wanted to win and so did you. I'm not satisfied with a tie. Are you?"

Becky shook her head no, and for a short time two of them stared intently at one another. Then Becky moved closer to Susie, and their breasts lightly touched. They both smiled, and Susie said, "Shall we try again?"

Becky replied by reaching over with her free hand, and pulled Susie closer so their breasts were in full contact. Then Susie moved her head downward, and positioned her mouth so she could attack one of Becky's breasts. She licked and sucked, and then clamped lightly on Becky’s nipple pulling on it with her teeth. Becky moaned, and after a few moments pushed Susie away so she could do the same thing to Susie's breast. Then they reached down with their thumb and forefinger, grabbed each other's nipple and pulled. They rubbed their extended nipples together. This went on for a few minutes, and then they moved closer so they could rub their breasts together.

Laying side-by-side they put their arms around each other, and started to kiss. Each one was telling the other that this time it wouldn't be a tie. Both were sure of winning. Becky bragged, "I will get you first this time you slut."

Susie's reply was just as confident, "Lover, let's face it. We’re both sluts or we wouldn't be in this business. But you're right. This time will be different except you won't win. I will."

This time they were trying to arouse each other with kisses all over each other's neck and face, and nibbling on each other's ear. They started to tongue-fight, and with their legs entwined were grinding their pussies into each other. Susie then slid her hand down, and started to stroke Becky’s pussy with her fingers. Becky did the same thing, and soon both women had two fingers deep inside each other's pussy.

The two women stopped talking and concentrated on getting each other off. They again started to passionately kiss while they were fondling and stroking each other. They were feeling so aroused they were starting to hump each other's fingers. Susie moaned and said, “Go deeper! I can take anything you can do to me.”

Becky took the challenge, and gasped, “I’ll go as deep you do.”

Both women slid their fingers deeper into each other’s pussy, and stroked faster. After almost five minutes of stroking Becky started to lose it, but Susie was just as close to going off. However, Becky could no longer resist, and gave in to the intensely erotic feelings which engulfed her body. She could feel her pussy pulsating as she began to release her love juices. As she moaned and cried out Becky did the only thing she could do. She stroked Susie deeper and faster trying to get her off. She succeeded, but it was a little too late. Susie spread her legs and thrust hard into Becky’s hand. She squealed, and her whole body seemed to vibrate as she cried out in ecstasy. Her love juices flowed to meet Becky’s.

The two of them continued to kiss while they were going off. As the sensations started to lessen they weren’t finished. The hand they each used to fondle and stroke one another with was wet with their squirting love juices. They seemed to be on the same wave length as they brought their wet hand to each other’s mouth. The two of them looked deeply into one another's eyes as they started to lick and suck each other's fingers and hands. They were turning each other on all over again.

There was just one problem as they came together, entwined their legs, and started to kiss. Their minds said yes, but their bodies said no. They had been going at one another intensely and passionately for well over an hour. Both women were exhausted. After they kissed they pushed slightly apart, and looks of resignation came over their faces. Becky sighed, and said, "I guess we've had it for tonight haven't we?"

Susie agreed, and replied, "I think you know I won."

Becky nodded her head saying, “I know, but it was only by a few seconds. We're pretty evenly matched, but I know the loser is supposed to please the winner. What would you like to me to do?"

Susie smiled, and gave a surprising answer, "Nothing for two reasons. First we are both wiped out, and at least tonight I don't think either one of us would be much fun. I'm happy I won, but with only a couple of seconds separating us I know you could have just as easily been the winner. So your penalty is this – I don’t care how it goes in front of the cameras tomorrow. They’re probably going to take the fun out of it and stop us 3 or 4 times anyhow. They always do. You have to fight me again tomorrow night."

Becky smiled and vigorously nodded her head. For a few minutes the two told one another how much they enjoyed the competition and the hot sex it produced. They shared one last kiss, pulled up the blanket, and went to sleep knowing they were just beginning to explore their possibilities together.

The End?