Chapter 22 - Husband and Wife

I returned to the warmth of our hotel room. Gwen was waiting for me, already in bed. The hour was late and we would be returning to our home in the morning. It was the first time we could talk quietly and in private since before the ball had begun back on Saturday night. So much had transpired since that time, so many thoughts buffeted my brain, and I was pretty confused by it all, that I didn't know just how to start up a 'regular' conversation with my wife. She obviously felt the same way, but somehow I thought she might have a better handle on all the events than me and I let her take the lead in our conversation. After I had brushed my teeth and crawled under the covers and wrapped my body around hers in our customary hug, Gwen began to talk.

"Hal, do you think we can talk about what just happened?"

"Of course dear, yes."

"Do you still love me?"

"Of course I do. I love you as much, no, make that more than ever. I won't lie to you. My time with Sally was extraordinarily exciting and lusty sex. But it is you that I love and will always love. Now, my question for you is: can you still love me?"

"Absolutely! I have trusted you for all these years and what happened between you and Sally is entirely my fault. If I had beaten her like I should have then you wouldn't have been put in the predicament. Its not your fault."

"I remember you nodding your head as I was about to leave with Sally. What were you thinking at that moment?"

Gwen paused just a moment. "You know what I meant. It meant that I trusted you, loved you, and you had my permission to go with Sally. After all I had already witnessed you having sex with her. I figured if I could live through that then I could live through whatever you and she did alone."

I pondered momentarily and asked another question. "Doesn't that mean that since the two of you had each promised to 'take your reward' after winning that you would have done the same thing as she did? Wouldn't you have taken James for your own plaything if you had beaten Sally?"

"Absolutely! You bet I would have. There is no way I would have promised her something and then not followed through. I wanted to beat her skanky ass so bad! I hate her! I hate that fucking bitch!" I could feel the fire burning inside my wife. Bringing Sally back into the conversation certainly stoked Gwen's fire!

I changed the topic towards the role of Julia. "Ok. Ok. I understand that you hate Sally. You made that very clear even before we left the ballroom. But what about Julia; you seemed so at ease with her sexually? You always told me that you never had a lesbian experience and yet the two of you were quite an item, based on what I heard from underneath the bag." I chuckled at the reminder of my predicament and that brought a little giggle from Gwen also. "What made the two of you get so intimate?"

Gwen sighed a bit and hugged me closer. "It just happened. I had already been pretty intimate with Sally, even though it wasn't in a loving way. I had really powerful orgasms with Sally and Julia just exploited my weakness." She paused and reconsidered her statement. "No. I don't mean she exploited me. Its just that she felt sorry for me, she comforted me, I accepted her emotional support and with the intense physicality of what we had already shared, it just seemed natural to share with her that way too. It was really great. I never dreamed that I could love a woman physically before, but after fucking and eating and sharing with Julia, I have definitely changed my outlook on that. You know Hal, for years you have told me about your fantasies of having two women at once or of watching me with another woman. So now that you've been involved with both, how does reality measure up to your fantasies?"

"Oh God! It doesn't even deserve to be compared. The reality of watching you with Sally and then with Julia was so overwhelmingly erotic I can't even begin to describe it. And then when Julia and you decided to 'make me pay' for my transgressions it was wonderful beyond belief. I know you weren't trying to hurt me, but the sliver of fear that runs through your mind when you are constricted like I was just adds a whole additional coating on top of the already fabulous eroticism. I'll admit, some of what you did hurt me, but not enough to counter the wonderful sexuality of having you and Julia use me as you saw fit. It was just, well,.... SMASHING!"

"I knew you'd like it. We had a lot of fun getting ready. We went out and found a shop with plenty of lingerie and an adult novelty shop too. That's where we got those crops. Do you think you could ever give me a taste of my own medicine sometime?"

"Oh, hell yes! I'd love to play with you that way. I'd love to have you do me some more too." We lay quietly for a few moments. I went on with another question. "Does this mean that our humdrum sex life is about to take a more adventurous turn?"

Gwen answered right away. "You better believe it. Maybe we will have 'ordinary' sex sometimes, but I'll sure make it a point to push you to your limits from now on. I had so much fucking fun this weekend that I want to do it all over again."

Her last comment sent shivers up my spine. "Does that mean you want to fight Sally again?"

"You're damn right. I can't wait to tangle with her again. No offense to you or Julia, but honestly, that was by far the most excitement I felt in my whole God Damned Life!" Now Gwen doesn't usually swear like that, but when she really wanted to emphasize herself she occasionally resorted to such language. So with her firm comment I knew she really meant it.

"Well that brings up a couple of questions. First, just exactly how did your feud with her start? Second, how will we ever find them? We don't even know their last name."

"I already told you how our feud started. I told you when we were still in the ball. She started bumping me, staring at me, running her eyes up and down my body and scowling at me whenever our eyes met. She was just an evil bitch and there was no way I could feel like a real woman and not confront her with her obnoxiousness. I HAD to fight with her! If you hadn't arranged something I think I would have attacked her right there during the dance. It was inevitable."

She took a deep breath, seeming to calm herself down from the frothy mood she was in just from discussing her sexy confrontation with Sally. Finally she answered my second question as I continued to hug her close. She put her lips to my ear and whispered ever so quietly, as if to emphasize what she was saying, "Before James left our room he handed Julia his business card. On the back he had written a short note. It said, "If Gwen might ever consider a renewal of tonight's festivities please contact me." He signed it 'James' and his email address was written below. So if you are wondering about that you don't have to wonder any more."

"Wow!" I exclaimed in a soft voice. "Would you really consider a rematch with Sally? It could be pretty intense don't you think?"

"Exactly. Like I said before. I was more alive and more excited fighting her with my sex and my body than anything else EVER!!! I would only change one thing. I WOULD WIN!!!"

I gave my quick answer before thinking a bit more deeply. "Of course you would my dear." I didn't want to dampen her longing for another fight with Sally, but deep inside I felt it was my duty to protect my wife. "Honey, are you really sure you would challenge Sally again if you had the opportunity? You nearly did beat her. You proved your pussy superior to hers and when you started catfighting you were in control for much of the fight, but she eventually wore you down. After all, she is six years younger than you and probably in better shape. A second fight would probably be at least as strenuous as the first. Is it really worth it?"

"Are you doubting me?" Gwen didn't take my concern as a put-down, but she still wanted to know if I thought she could win. "She got lucky you know when she managed to tie me up with my own stockings. That would never happen again. I will be more than ready for that bitch anytime, anyplace."

"No I don't doubt you. I just want to make sure you aren't looking at another confrontation through rose-colored glasses. The reality of another fight is that it could be quite brutal. Even the winner isn't likely to be in real good shape. I'm not sure I want you to be put through all of that."

"Are you my husband or not?"

I answered, "Of course I am. I will support you in whatever decision you make." I almost went on to add more cautionary thoughts but I held my tongue.

"Good. Then it's set, you will contact James within a month and announce my intention to put Sally in her place, BOTH sexually and physically." She spoke with an air of authority and matter-of-factness that made it seem fait accompli. "We can come right back to this hotel or we can meet somewhere else. I would be happy to meet her alone, but if the husbands want to be with us to watch that is fine as well. All I want is the chance to go up against her one more time."

I sighed a resigned sigh, letting her know that I would follow her wishes and support her 100%. She sensed my support (not necessarily approval) and my horniness. "That does excite you doesn't it Hal?"

"I can't deny it. Watching you two lovely ladies battle each other in all those intimate ways was intoxicating to me. It was like I had goose bumps on every surface and interior part of my body. As 'alive' as you say you felt, I felt the same just watching you go at each other. So for the sake of my libido I only have one thought: 'I can't wait'."

She hugged me hard again and threw her leg over my body. "Happy Valentines Day," she said. We made love sweetly together one last time before we drifted off to sleep.

Morning came too soon. But we made it out of bed and through our cleanup chores and checked out before the deadline. We headed home through peaceful light snowflakes drifting down from a gray February sky.

The End