Chapter 21 - Final Phase

As the girls untied me I contemplated the events of the past two and a half days. I had come here with expectations of increased romance and some sexually exciting times with my wife. Never even in my dreams had I imagined as much sexual heat could happen for me. I had some sort of sex with three other people, one of them male (minor stuff), a sexual rival of my wife, and the 'innocent' photographer. All had been incredible and exciting. Since it was now evening on Monday and I knew we had to return to our home tomorrow, I wondered about the future. I wondered about the immediate future. Were the two ladies done with me? Would they let me have some input into the play? I wondered about the long -term future. Would I ever have any experiences like this again? Would the lovemaking between my wife and myself devolve back to the same humdrum sex of the past, or would this Valentine Special generate a new, more imaginative phase in Gwen and my relationship?

All these questions zipped through my mind as Gwen and Julia loosed my bonds. I rubbed my arms and wondered if they would be offended if I spoke. I decided to risk it. "So girls, if I might ask, how did the two of you come to the situation I now find myself in? What happened after I left?"

The women looked at each other, shared a giggle, and then they told me the story. After I had left with Sally, James had cleaned up, got dressed and with a quick goodbye left them. Gwen had quickly made CDs of the fight and sex action from all her photos and given it to James before he left. Julia comforted Gwen and they slept together. Upon waking they felt the heat and excitement associated with each other's bodies and from there they progressed to repeat sessions of lesbian lovemaking. A series of conversations led them to prepare my welcome back from the 'evil' Sally. Both women professed to be novices at bondage, but I wondered if Julia was telling the truth. Her ease and comfort at dominance made me think she wasn't telling all. They didn't ask anymore about my time with Sally and I thought it best that I keep quiet. What happened between Sally and me would reside only in my brain (until I decided to write it down).

Our stomachs were empty and we ordered room service, eating lightly our Monday evening meal. After dinner Julia regretfully mentioned that she had to work the next morning and she would have to leave soon. Together we decided that a three-way bath would be an appropriate finale to our menage-a-trois.

We filled the Jacuzzi with hot water and bubbles, turned on the jets and climbed in together. I sat between the women and within moments a wet groping session was underway. Six hands roamed. Lips shared their liquid kiss with the others. Breasts were fondled. Asses were grabbed. Pussies and a cock were plundered. We spent about an hour in the water, hooking up numerous times in many different ways. I buried my tongue inside each woman. They shared an underwater 69. I fucked them both, purging my soiled soul of its demons. While I fucked Julia, Gwen sucked my balls into her mouth and then they swapped positions and I luxuriated in the total sensual experience. Gwen and Julia ground cunts together again and again under the water as I played with their lovely tits. Julia knelt doggie style at the side of the tub and offered her behind to me. I eagerly plunged my cock into her wet cove. A few hard thrusts later she turned sweetly to me and suggested I try the 'other' hole. Gwen sucked my balls into her mouth as I repositioned my cock at the entrance of her poop chute and with the oral encouragement from Gwen's talented mouth I worked it into Julia. Julia got pretty loud with her endorsement of what I was doing. "Yeah, fuck my ass. Fuck me good Hal."

I obliged as best I could, plunging in and out of her puckered opening. The tight squeeze she put on my cock was another delightful benefit for me. I fucked her ass for at least five minutes with Gwen inhaling my balls as best she could. Tiring of her predicament she decided that she wanted a little hiney action too. She stood up and knelt beside Julia and told me to give it to her in the ass. This would be her first time! Evidently she had told Julia that her ass was virgin territory to a cock because Julia offered her encouragement this way, "Go girl. Give him your ass. Show him a good time inside you back there. You'll like it too, once you get used to it."

I certainly didn't need any more encouragement and I moved 18 inches to my right and found her tight doorway. We were all quite wet from the water and I had to push repeatedly before the tip of my cock wedged half an inch into her asshole. Julia offered more encouragement. "Just push like you need to eliminate and when he pushes towards you it'll slide right in."

On Gwen's second try following her instructions my cock found itself 3 inches deep. In just a few more wiggles and pushes my shaft was fully buried inside her dark cave. Gwen had grunted and let out a few bear-like sounds as I entered. We wiggled our bodies to begin some sort of rhythm. I didn't want to hurt her by going all out right away. Slowly we built up a tempo and my cock began to have an easier time of it. Her hips started humping back at me and I watched as my cock stretched her hole and pulled the skin outward and then pushed it back inward on my alternating strokes. Her fucking action became more and more vigorous as she became accustomed to the size, feel, and motion. Eventually we were banging each other with the same sort of vitality as a cunt-cock copulation. I reached under by leaning over and grabbed her hanging udders. I latched onto my wife with both hands, gripping her massive tits, kneading them, pinching them, shaking them, and all the while I banged her ass with a kind of violent jamming I would never have dreamed of with Gwen before. But Gwen was really getting into the hard stuff. She whacked her ass back against me and grunted and groaned for more. "Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass." Over and over she begged for me to ram my boner home. So I did: repeatedly. Julia wedged herself between Gwen and the edge of the tub and began eating her pussy as best she could. I think I forced her head into the side of the tub a few too many times though and she got herself back out of there in a hurry. Something must have given her an inspiration because she hopped out of the tub quickly and retrieved the long dong toy that she quickly strapped onto her groin in place. She positioned herself behind me and began working to wedge it into my ass for a second go round. But I wasn't about to stop and let her have an easy time of it. I kept ramming into Gwen for all I was worth and it took Julia two or three minutes of trying before she hit the right angle and timing to plunge it into my backside. There I was, a good old 'Lucky Pierre,' my ass getting reamed by Julia and her strap-on toy as I gave Gwen her first anal sex. For some reason my hard-on remained rigid for a long time, even though I was not ready to orgasm. My ejaculations had nearly drained my seminal resources, but my arousal could be maintained for a lot longer than I was used to.

We rolled along as a threesome this way for several more minutes. I was enjoying my predicament immensely when Julia mentioned that I was the lucky one and she would like to take my spot. Ever the gentleman, I pulled out of Gwen who maintained her ready position as Julia swapped into the middle position. We were both so anxious to get fucking that we began poking our cocks at the hole in front of us. She jammed her toy into Gwen's ass while I pushed my real dick into Julia from behind. We hit a pace immediately that was just as joyful as the pace of before. I have to admit that I really loved fucking Julia in the ass. Her tight behind constricted my cock wonderfully, giving every square millimeter of my shaft a delightful sensation as it passed through her python constrictor sphincter. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," I just murmured my pleasure at the sensation. My hands were now reaching around Julia, grabbing and playing with her D size tits. I relished her hard nipples as they bent to my fingers. Her firm globes didn't give way as much as Gwen's did when I squeezed her. Indeed, being younger than 30, her tits were considerably firmer than Sally's also. I loved playing with them. My wife was feeling Julia's hands groping her own tits unmercifully. With so much going on it was sensual overload. I could smell the joyous fragrance of womanly arousal. It mixed with the bubble bath and my own masculine sweat-smell, creating a very heady mix that worked its wonders slowly but deliberately. Gwen began to shout and pant and lose her breath as she accepted Julia's ass fucking. Her own hands worked her pussy to a frenzy and she shot into an orgasm, which in turn set Julia off, which worked its way back to me. I finished last this time. As the other two humped back at their intruder, their blissful orgasm waning, I shot my load into Julia's ass. I slumped back onto the floor of the tub as did the other two. We smiled and basked in the wonderful afterglow of our three-way coupling.

A final cleanup followed and we dried off. I was amazed that a few tears were actually shed. Julia was preparing to leave and she admitted that she didn't want to leave. She wished that the excitement and strong feelings she shared with us, especially with Gwen, could continue. She made it well known that if we ever wanted to have another getaway she would love an invitation to 'dinner.' She had prepared the disks with all the 'Sally' pictures and gave them to me. She also gave me her business card. She was one of three photographers who worked for a small local company. Whenever she worked weekends she was given the Monday next off and that was what had happened this weekend. Her card had written on the back her personal e-mail address. I smiled as I noted that it was there and she gave me a coy smile in return. Gwen and Julia hugged, drying each other's tears. Gwen thanked Julia for being there after the fight and also for the eye-opening experiences she had shared. She didn't have to say so, but what she was referring to was the expanded sexuality associated with lesbian lovemaking and the erotic possibilities of bondage as part of love play. I also thanked her for the expert photography (a sneak peak at a handful of the photos as she burned the CD made it plain that they were of very high quality - close-ups of some of Sally and Gwen's tangling allowed perception of individual hair follicles with their growth sprouting out and encircling each other), also for being there for Gwen in my absence, and for the exquisite sharing of her body with me also. I looked at Gwen as I noted my pleasure from my couplings with Julia and was pleased to see that she didn't seem the least bit jealous.

Julia gathered her photography equipment and I helped her carry them to her car. I kissed her a soft kiss on the cheek that she returned in kind. We said goodbye and I watched her drive off into the snowy night air.