Chapter 20 - Julia Isn't a Spectator Anymore

I must have looked dazed. "Julia?" I thought. "What is she doing here?" She walked through the door from the adjacent suite. I was stunned. It was the same woman but she definitely was very, very different than the one that so professionally snapped all those photos. She was dressed to the max in black. She wore a black leather collar with silver studs all around. Long black gloves adorned her arms. A black corset, cinched tight at the waist bracketed her torso. A black half bra, tits spilling out, emphasized breasts that I had imagined were at least a D-cup. I was right, judging by the appearance now. A black garter belt, panties, stockings, and knee high boots with long spiked heels rounded out her adornment. Whack, whack, whack. A leather riding crop held in her right hand smacked repeatedly into her left hand as she glared at me.

In a sneering voice she chided me, "You have been a very bad boy. Yes, a very, very bad boy. You were not supposed to enjoy that woman. You were not supposed to have fun with that bitch. You were supposed to stay here with us. YOU left us. We had no recourse but to keep each other happy in your absence. But now that you are back, you need to be taught some manners." She whacked her crop against one of her boots, creating a loud smack. My eyes must have looked as big as saucers.

"Oh don't worry dear, we won't kill you. Hehe." Gwen giggled. The gleam in her eye gave away much, even though I certainly was in the dark about exactly what had gone on in my absence. But one thing was clear. Gwen had NOT been alone for the last 30 hours.

Right at that moment I was reminded of the phrase 'be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it.' I came up to this hotel with Gwen, hoping to 'spice up our sex life.' Up to this point it had exceeded my wildest imaginings and apparently it wasn't over yet. I never really considered not complying with their wishes, but it was scary. I didn't really know Julia all that well, even considering that I had stuck my finger in her ass (through her panties, anyway).

Gwen went on, "Do you have to go to the bathroom? Because now is the time to take care of your body functions. You aren't going to have much freedom for a while. GOT IT?"

I suspected that my fate was inevitable and that my best recourse of action was to comply and comply meekly. That was basically a trend I had fallen into ever since my wife had begun her conflict with Sally. "Yes, ma'am." I went to the bathroom and made ready. I came out to see my wife wearing an outfit that was almost a match for Julia's wardrobe. The basic difference was that it was mostly purple, but with black accents. She evidently had the outfit on under her casual clothes and just by lifting her shirt and stepping out of her jeans she was raring to go, so to speak. She too had a frayed little whip in her hand. She looked stunning and sexy in her tall purple boots and crotchless panties.

"Take your clothes off." It was Julia demanding my compliance.

"Right away mistress." I thought it might be cool to play the submissive role. I hurried to get out of my clothes, but it wasn't fast enough.

Gwen grabbed my hair and yanked my head towards her face. "Don't waste our time!" She practically spit the words out of her mouth.

Julia demanded again, "Go stand behind that wing chair over in the corner. Face the corner."

I stepped quickly to the corner.

I heard rustling behind me and waited. One of the ladies switches flew through the air and landed on my shoulder. I winced in pain. Just a second later I felt the other bite into my other shoulder. "You will do exactly as we demand. When we demand it." Julia again was talking. It sounded as if she must have had some practice with this stuff. Her voice was pretty scary.

"Put your hands behind your back." This time it was Gwen. Quickly I complied. "Good," was all she said in response.

Julia tied my hands tightly and threw a cloth bag of some sort over my head. While Julia tied my hands, Gwen busied herself with my feet. I was totally constrained. They left my cock alone.

I could hear their voices and other noises quite well, but I couldn't see anything. They stepped back away and I heard their conversation.

Gwen: "You don't think he'll cause us any trouble do you?"

Julia: "No, he'll be a good boy now."

Gwen: "Oh Julia, this is so exciting. I can hardly wait to make Hal pay for being such a bad boy. I really appreciate the way you helped me get over the other night. The way you comforted me was so special. After everyone had left but you, I was feeling really alone. But you were there for me. You stroked my hair."

Julia: "Like this?"

Gwen: "Yes, just like this. I was practically naked and you were so turned on by watching Sally and me go at it that you took off some of your own clothes. But before that didn't you discover something about my husband? What was it again?"

Julia: "While I was taking pictures of you and Sally, with Hal looking over my shoulder, he humped my ass."

Gwen: "You mean like this?" I heard the smack/thud sound of one body bumping another.

Julia: "Yeah, like that. While I was bent over he pushed his hard cock right at my ass. As horny as you were making me, I pushed right back too. Like this." I heard another thump of what was evidently Julia mimicking what went on before between us. What she wasn't saying though was that it was SHE who humped ME first. I figured in my predicament I'd better keep my mouth shut.

Gwen: "You mentioned something else my sneaky bastard husband did a little later. What was that?"

Julia: "He stuck his finger in my ass, right under my dress and through my panties which were quite wet thanks to you and Sally."

Gwen: "Like this?" There was silence for a moment. I couldn't hear, but my imagination was certainly working.

Julia: "Yes. Yes. Just like that. I could feel his finger probing my ass and then he pushed my panties right inside my tight bum. Wiggle your finger. Yes. Like that. Oh, what a tease you are. Why did you take your finger out?"

Gwen: "What's your hurry Julia, we've got lots of time for exploration. Lets have a little fun and make Hal listen."

For the next hour or more I stood in the corner listening to what sounded like a replay of some of what transpired after I had left with Sally so early Sunday morning. I heard the sounds of them kissing, fondling, rubbing breasts, fingers inserted inside wet pussies, mouths sucking clitty, and even crotch rubbing. I couldn't always tell whose voice I was hearing or whose pussy was making those sloshing sounds of love. But it was obvious that the two ladies had spent considerable time making love to each other during the time I spent with Sally. Evidently they had made a shopping trip somewhere to find the outfits and toys they had. The sounds of lesbian love were all I could hear, but it was enough to bring my cock back to attention. Slowly it grew, eventually pointing straight out at the corner of the room. The girls were obviously having fun behind me.

Gwen: "Get out of those panties! I want to feel your pussy against mine."

Julia: "Are you sure your pussy is ready for my juicy cunt? Last time my pussy practically twisted yours into a pretzel if I recall."

Gwen: "That's ancient history. My pussy will dominate your puny twat. Just bring it on!"

I heard the rustling of bedding as the two ladies lined up.

Gwen: "Ooohh. I feel your pussy. You are all wet for me aren't you?"

Julia: "You're the juicy one; all running out on the bed, anxious to feel my clit."

Gwen: "Can't you rub any better than that? Rub me!" she demanded.

Julia: "Your little clit better start moving. I don't like wasting my time pummeling your puny clit unless it fights back. Come on girl, wiggle."

The two ladies went back and forth, each downgrading the cunt-humping prowess of the other, even as the sounds of their coupling reached my ears, interspersed with low moans that gave away their real pleasure. Eventually they were shouting at each other to grind harder, pump faster, and push their clits together more. I could hear their wet flesh splashing together and sooner than expected I heard them screaming their mutual orgasms. As the sounds of their orgasms faded their conversation returned to focus on me.

Gwen: "Well, do you think he got a boner from listening to us?"

Julia: "Oh, I'll bet he did. But there's only one way to find out."

I heard them get off the bed and approach.

Gwen: "TURN AROUND!" I was fearful of doing so, but even more fearful of not.

Julia: "See, I told you he'd be hard. Hey, Hal. We didn't tell you to get a hard-on. You weren't supposed to do that without our permission. You need to be punished for that."

Snap! I felt the sting of something smack my rigid cock. It felt like little stingy nettles. Snap! I felt another blow to my cock, harder, and made by a more rod-like device. Snap! Whack! Snap! Whack! At least twenty stinging blows landed on my cock before they quit. It seemed that they were taking turns with their slightly different riding crops. The blows hurt like hell, but the pain did not cause me to lose my erection. I winced at each blow or expected blow, and even when they were done I cringed at the thought of feeling their sting again.

Julia: "Oh, poor baby. All hard and hot and nowhere to put it." She spoke in a voice that was syrupy with its mock empathy for me. Even with Julia making fun of my predicament I couldn't help but be excited.

Gwen: "Maybe we should try on those big strap-ons we found? I think a little bum fucking might be in order."

Julia: "Step over here." She was pulling on my elbow to the left. I followed her while Gwen moved some furniture a little bit. Julia led me back to where I had been and pushed my back downwards to where I felt my chest push against the back of the chair. The ladies busied themselves in tying my feet to the back legs of the chair and then my hands were released from behind my back and brought over the front of the chair, stretched out far and tied with a length of rope to the front legs of the chair. My legs were apart about two feet and I could feel cool air tickling my ass. I was afraid that might not be all that tickled me before long. I turned out to be right.

Gwen: "I've never worn one of these before. Help my put it on." She was asking Julia for help.

Julia: "Sure." I could hear faint sounds of devices being attached, followed by: "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it in no time. Why don't you find a good place to put a little of this K-Y?" I knew what she was referring to.

Gwen: "Oh, I know just the spot." With that I felt Gwen's fingers rub a large moist glob of jelly on my ass. She rubbed it around the area real good and then I felt her finger plunge inside my ass, rubbing the jelly inside real good. I sucked in a breath at the intrusion.

Julia: "What's the matter big boy? What's good for the goose is good for the gander you know?" She laughed a sadistic little laugh that caused Gwen to join in. Both ladies chuckled at my predicament, knowing full well that I wouldn't be inclined to enjoy what they were about to do.

Gwen: "I get to go first!" She sounded gleeful as she stood behind me. Her hands squeezed my ass. I thought it felt pretty good actually, but in an instant I felt the sting of one of those crops. "You are not going to enjoy this!"

Now my ass began to get a blistering. The crops went wild with whipping action; sharp stings, solid whacks, vicious growls came to my ears as the two women made my ass burn with the pain of dozens of whip marks. I don't think they were trying to turn me into hamburger, but it sure as hell hurt! I knew that was only the warm-up!

As quickly as the blows started they stopped. I was breathing rather raggedly at that time but what came next practically took my breath completely away. I felt a hard object probing my asshole. As soon as it was lined up I felt a thrust and the dildo plunged into my ass. I guess the K-Y did the job since it glided in deeply the first thrust.

Julia: "Go girl! Fuck him in the ass. Show him what it feels like. Yeah, that's it. Move those hips."

I could feel Gwen banging me from behind with a solid rhythm that was as if she was a natural. I couldn't really judge the size of the device that was plundering my hole, but it definitely gave me a feeling of fullness. She fucked my for several minutes alone. But then I heard more. It made me cringe.

Gwen: "Since we know Hal likes to share when he's fucking a woman, maybe we should show him what it's like on the receiving end of a double fuck?"

Julia: "Great idea girl. Move over a little bit."

I felt Gwen slide a little to the right, but she kept her dildo planted in my butt. I sensed Julia moving in behind me and next to Gwen. Another dildo probed my anus. I could feel it's head gently prodding Gwen's dildo and gaining slight entrance to me. Then, like Gwen, she rammed into me, stretching my hole double. My ass hurt from the stretching but the girls didn't seem to care about that. I must have whimpered through my predicament continuously, even though it could have been much worse. I found out later that the two dildos were each quite long to accommodate the side-by-side angle of their fucking, but they were both slender in girth. At the time it seemed to me that they were monstrous, however.

Gwen: "How do you like it Hal? Getting fucked by two dicks at the same time must feel pretty good, huh? It sure is fun to share your hole with Julia, I'll say that much."

Julia: "Come on Hal, tell us how good it feels to get double butt fucked. We want to know how much you like it."

I contemplated whether I should answer and finally I concluded it best that I do. So while their two long plastic cocks were alternately ramming deep into my butt I managed to squeak out my answer. "Yes. Oh yes, that feels good. So good to have those cocks banging my ass. Can't you please fuck me harder?" I don't know what made me say it. I should have shut up.

Bang, bang, bang. Their strokes instantly became longer, deeper, and harder. I could feel the power of Gwen's hips as she blasted her strap-on into me from behind. Julia matched Gwen stroke for stroke. They made a hell of a team actually. I returned to whimpering and I noticed how hard my cock was, pointing out at the chair, scraping the back of the chair with every thrust. Soon the friction from the back of the cloth chair riding against the underside of my cock, as it pointed out and up from my groin, began to elevate my horniness. I started groaning as the sensation of the chair pleasured my cock. I knew I would come shortly if they kept this up. The girls heard my moans before I could come on the back of the chair.

Gwen: "I do believe my dear hubby is going to come. We can't have him wasting his seed now can we? That would be BAD."

I felt her dildo pull out of my ass. She reached around to grab my cock. She sensed its hardness and imminent release. Quickly she sat on the floor between my legs, forced her head between my groin and the chair and sucked my cock into her mouth. Julia slowed her fucking long enough for Gwen to get in position and then the two went to work. Julia returned to fucking my ass, which caused my cock to ram into Gwen's waiting mouth. Gwen sucked with a vengeance I'd never felt from her before. I had been so close before that my orgasm came in less than ten strokes of Julia's dildo up my ass. The feeling was incredible again, as my ass took a pummeling from Julia and my cock felt liquefied inside Gwen's waiting mouth. I shot my sperm inside her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Swallowing was not formerly one of the activities in Gwen's bedroom repertoire. Evidently circumstances like these can cause changes in behavior. This was one instance where I wasn't complaining.

Julia's thrusts slowed to a modest pace, forcing my cock in and out of Gwen's mouth slowly for the next minute or so. Finally Gwen recognized my fading erection and the last drops of semen had been scavenged from the tip of my dick. She pulled away and stood up behind me again. Julia pulled the toy from my ass. Evidently the two shared some silent joke as they both giggled while I remained tied over the back of the chair.

I could hear them moving about the room without talking. I heard water running in the bathroom. They returned and stood near me once again. Whispered comments not quite loud enough for me to make out were all I could hear. I felt their hands undo the knots on my feet and then my arms. The bag was still over my head. They led me to the bed, lay me on my back and proceeded to re-tie my hands and feet, this time to the legs of the bed at all four corners. I was spread-eagled and still at their mercy.

Finally they took the bag from my head. I needed only a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light, after all the drapes were pulled and it wasn't very bright. Instantly my eyes focused in on the two women. Both still wore their dark undergarments except for panties. Neither woman had panties on. I now got my first good look at Julia's pussy. She had a small dark patch of bush, similar in size to my wife's, and shaved lips also. Even with 20+ years separating them in age their bush grooming was just about the same. Gwen caught me staring. "Are you looking at Julia's pussy? Normally I might punish you for that, but since Julia has been such a dear to me, and since I want you to forget that bitch Sally, I think maybe you might get a little taste of Julia before long. Wouldn't you like that Julia?"

Julia: "As long as he has enough tongue left for his wife, I won't mind if his mouth latches on to my cunt."

Gwen: "Before that I think he should be reminded of how much love two women can share. Let's give him a show."

Prospects were certainly getting better all the time, even though I was captive. They were still wearing their dildos (evidently the water running in the bathroom was to clean them up) when they climbed on the bed next to mine. Their long (10 inches I think) rods bounced in front of them. They must have discussed what they were going to do because they immediately crouched on the bed facing each other, their dildos bouncing towards each other's crotch. The dildo strap design gave access to their pussies underneath the base of the dildos. So by angling carefully they maneuvered towards each other, guided the rods into their waiting pussies and they inch by inch slid closer together. The dildos weren't very flexible so their motions weren't natural, but they somehow got a fucking rhythm going. Back and forth they pushed, causing the dildo they were wearing to glide inside the other girl while they were themselves impaled by the other toy. I could hear their pussy's liquid lining suction, pop, and squish as the toys wiggled in and out. The plastic toys banged into each other with occasional clicks and the women grunted and groaned as they fucked each other with their long strap-ons.

Julia: "Fuck me Gwen. Fuck me with that long cock. Poke me into next week and I'll poke you right back."

Gwen: "That's right. Do it bitch! Fuck ME with your cock."

Back and forth went their banter as their fuck rhythm picked up. Even with the awkward angle they managed to get at least half a cock into each other and they rammed home time and time again as their dirty talk and moaning and whimpering grew more ragged, disjointed, and most assuredly louder.

Gwen: "Come for me bitch. Come on baby, come on my cock!"

Julia: "Be my guest. You first. Come on old bitch. Squeeze my cock and come all over it!"

While their comments didn't have the viciousness associated with Gwen vs Sally, the motivation here was real. Each wanted to prove they could make the other girl come first. They used trash talk as motivation. Apparently it was working because in a few minutes they were panting, crying, and begging for more. Their powerful hip thrusts were becoming more poorly timed, but still effective. Gwen actually came first, a few moments before Julia who followed Gwen in short order. Gwen cried out her 'fuck-me's' over and over again as Julia's toy plunged into her again and again. Julia soon followed with her own round of 'fuck-me's.' I lay spellbound at the sight of the women banging each other like that. My cock had returned to partial erection at the sight and sounds of their coupling. As the two pulled apart they glanced over to see my state. A smile appeared on Julia's mouth, quickly followed by a broad grin on Gwen's face as well.

Julia: "Look at Mr. Hal over there. It seems he must have liked the entertainment. I see his cock is already on the move."

Gwen: "Poor guy. It seems all he can do the past couple of days is be forced to watch sex and have sex with beautiful women. You'd think he'd be all petered out?"

Julia: "Yeah, but he must have some reserves that haven't yet been tapped. I suggest we keep tapping them until he can't raise even a millimeter anymore."

Gwen: "Lets see if we can bring that tool of his 'up to par.' Maybe two tongues at once might do the trick?"

The two ladies unstrapped their dildos and moved over to the bed I was on. Without any delay they went for my cock with their lovely mouths. Two tongues, two sets of lips, and two mouthfuls of teeth began to tease and pleasure my cock. First one then the other would suck it into her mouth, liquefy my rising rod, and then give way for the other to repeat the pleasure. Occasionally they would mutually press their lips on one side of my cock, their lips meeting half way around. Their tongues would dance delightfully on opposing sides of my dick as they worked their way from tip to base and back to the tip again. Oh God, how wonderful that felt. Sometimes I would feel their teeth biting gently, scraping along its length, which by four or five minutes into their fellatio-fest was fully erect again.

Because of the multitude of seminal discharges I had over the past 48 hours, I was not in imminent danger of coming, so the girls played and played with my cock for nearly half an hour. The women were quite a sight for my eyes as they pleasured me. I wished for my hands to be free so that I could grab some of the fine flesh: so close but yet so far.

Gwen: "Julia, I think maybe Hal has a tongue that could be put to good use. Why don't you see if he can find his way around inside your pussy?"

Julia: "Mmmmm. I'll bet he can. He BETTER!"

She immediately left my cock in the good mouth of my wife while she swapped position and plopped her pussy directly on my face. Before I could even slide my tongue out she began to grind her pussy on my nose. I was overwhelmed by the woman-scent. Julia was drenching my face with her juicy perfume. I swooned at the powerful womanly odor. It was strong but light, sweeter than either Sally or Gwen, but still musky with hormones. Julia had sat facing Gwen and in a moment she had let her weight press down on my face. She had settled in with my nose buried fully inside her twat with her clit pressing down onto my mouth. My tongue flicked and wiggled between her lips and found her hardened nub of a clit. Raising her butt off my face just often enough to allow me a quick breath, she would immediately grind back down, suffocating me for a moment, only to repeat herself. I loved her clitty, refusing to be bothered by the weight of her body pressing down on my face. I attacked her clit and forward areas of her shaved lips, savoring every drop of liquid and every nuance of texture. Her clit moved side to side under the pressure of my tongue. Often I would suck her protrusion into my mouth and chew on it with my front teeth. Mindful of its sensitivity I never went overboard with pressure, instead focusing on giving her clit the best I could give. She evidently liked it enough. Her crotch continued to push and swivel against me, never resting for more than a second.

I heard Julia, sounding quite distant to my ears, "Gwen, you were right. He DOES have a talented tongue. You are a lucky woman. Too bad he had to waste the last day and a half with Sally. She got more than she deserved when she took Hal."

Gwen interjected, "Don't worry about that now. We've got him right where we want him." She stopped sucking my cock long enough to speak. "I think his cock would feel real good up my pussy right about now." A quick cock-mount followed her comment. The Lone Ranger would have been proud of the way she threw her leg over me and rode off in an instant. My cock glided slickly into her wet, sopping cunt. Gwen faced Julia and she began a grind on my cock that rivaled Julia's facial grinding. They each had their own rhythm, but I didn't care if they were not synchronized. The rocking rhythm on my face and the hard pushing and plunging on my cock had me spiraling upwards towards some extra heavenly bliss. Even with my hands and feet bound I was absorbing more feminine sexuality than at any time previously. My wife slid up and back, squeezing her pussy around my cock on every stroke. The delicious textures of her cunt melted my cock's resistance. For several minutes she fucked me with long strokes, but eventually she chose short little grinding wiggles, much like Julia. I think she leaned forward enough to press her clit against my hairy groin, generating electrical jolts in her that needed quenching. I surmised from some of the sounds that the two hot-blooded women were not idle above me. I heard distinct sounds of kissing as their bodies leaned towards each other. My view was blocked by Julia's fine ass crushing down on me, but I was sure the ladies were now pleasuring each other above the waist with as much enthusiasm as I was trying to give them below the waist. My hips rocked upward and plunged into Gwen as my tongue buried itself in Julia's pink cave. We went on like this for what seemed forever. I don't know how long it was, but I know I was certainly getting tired as the ladies pleasured their pussies on my prone body. Gwen's ass became more and more insistent. Her thrusts banged into me harder and harder. Her grinding, twisting, and rotating was met by my equally insistent upward and forward thrusts. I have always loved Gwen's hot pussy, and now fucking her hot cunt, while lovely young Julia plastered her pussy all over my face, my breathing interrupted and defined by Julia's occasional generous moment, sent my orgasmic spiral into overdrive. I didn't know if I had any semen left, but the physiology of sex worked its miracle and I came again in my wife. This time Gwen's pussy got a solid shot of my manly discharge. I moaned because that was all I could do. My mouth and nose was still busy giving Julia her due. Gwen didn't stop. Her cunt gripped my dick, draining all it could from my innards. Her hips regained their momentum soon after ejaculate jerked its way into her. Apparently she wasn't content just to let me have my own orgasm. Gwen wanted hers and she was bound and determined to get it at my cock's expense. My hardness slowly began to fade, but Gwen rode me even harder than before. Even as my cock slipped out on one of her violent thrusts she continued riding me, rodeo style. My cock was forced between my own hairy groin and Gwen's slickety clit. Bending her torso forward even more she plastered her clit onto my diminished cock. We shared such an amount of juicy fluids that the gliding easy friction between us kept her arousal on pace. Even though my cock was soft and beyond release, it felt remarkable to have her clit riding the underside of my cock. I could hear her breathing become more ragged. Her sloppy kisses shared with Julia ended and I heard her say, "Oh, yes. Pinch my nipples. PINCH THEM!"

Julia: "Pinch mine right back!"

They both started squealing and wailing and groaning as they rode me and pulled each other's titties. I had never felt so USED as a sex object before, by one woman, let alone two. I must say that like the old song says, "You can use me up." Their hot grinding hit a crescendo together, my body totally used by the two women. Their orgasms were experienced together, vibrating through each other and me with a lovely wicked ecstasy. For a moment I thought I might pass out as Julia fucked my face so long and hard, my tongue in her twat, that she almost forgot to give me air. When she finally gave me some air I gulped as much as I could before she lowered her ass and buried my face again for a long slow grind to finish herself off in a deliciously smooth fade.

Gwen wiggled her clit on my soggy softening dick one last time and dismounted me. Before Julia removed herself she leaned low and sucked my limp but very wet cock into her mouth. Her tongue lapped up while her lungs sucked and before I knew it my cock was clean as a whistle. She made sure that none of Gwen's and my liquid discharge went uneaten. Her ass wasn't resting on my face anymore, but it was conveniently located just an inch away, so I resumed my tonguing after a minutes rest. Julia pulled her mouth from my cock long enough to say to Gwen, "Gee, I think Hal still has a spark inside him. His tongue just doesn't want to quit."

Gwen: "Well if that's the case, then I think it ought to be my pussy this time. Get off of him."

Julia: "Not so fast girl. He's doing just fine by my pussy at the moment."

I listened to them as my tongue twiddled around Julia's parted labia. "I SAID GET OFF OF HIM!" Gwen's voice carried a menacing tone.

Julia: "Fuck off, bitch! My pussy is right where I want it."

Gwen: "Well, we'll see just how long it stays there." Gwen quickly climbed up to the head of the bed, threw her left leg across my head and squatted above me. Her arms grabbed the headboard of the bed and with a push she thrust her ass backwards, knocking Julia's torso forward and away from my face. Gwen's pussy quickly replaced Julia's atop my mouth. Just as soon as I slithered my tongue up inside her cum-soaked twat a return jolt from Julia blasted it back away. The duel was on. The two still-horny ladies each wanted my tongue inside their yummy cave and they were ass fighting for the right to have it there. Back and forth went the duel. My tongue sought out whichever lush twat was currently the closest. It seemed that my wife was winning, probably due to the leverage she got from pushing off against the headboard, while Julia could only push against the bedding or my legs, which didn't offer as much resistance.

I didn't have time to grin, but I was in heaven. The two juicy, fragrant, soft, wet, cunts were fighting for my mouth. Back and forth they went. Gwen would hold her position while my tongue licked her groove, only to lose ground and I'd find Julia's cunt pressing on my face. Often though the jousting asses would stalemate directly over my face, with neither pussy quite close enough for my tethered body to reach. My eyes drank in the sight of the two fine feminine specimens pushed against each other. The air was filled with grunts, and groans of exertion, and occasional threats. But mostly they just pushed towards their desired reward. Julia managed to secure a spot on my mouth for a few moments and my tongue danced excitedly inside her before Gwen regained her position with some powerful ass thrusts.

Julia, however, had something else that Gwen didn't have, my cock. Their little ass-war lasted about five or six minutes, I think, and during that time, my cock had begun to reassert itself. Julia had managed quite a few licks and sucks, even as her ass war with Gwen was being waged. As she noticed it regaining its vigor, she began remarking about it aloud, probably intending to annoy Gwen.

Julia: "Mmmmm. Hal, I love your cock. It tastes so good. I love the way you get harder and harder when I SUCK you. You have the prettiest cock and I want it. I've got it and I'm going to keep it."

Well, if it was annoyance that she wanted from Gwen then she sure got it. Gwen had let Julia talk for a while as their asses continued the fight over my mouth. But when Julia calmly gave up her fight for my mouth and swung around to mount my cock, Gwen wasn't about to let that happen unchallenged. Evidently it had been ok to share me with Julia for quite a while. Their punishment of me had obviously sparked some excitement inside Gwen as had the lez play she shared with Julia. But as time went on, it seemed that she was becoming more and more possessive and jealous. Whatever Julia was after of mine, Gwen wanted it for herself. She had managed to garner more of my pussy munching talent than Julia, but wasn't content to stay there if Julia was aiming to sit on my cock. Now, I must admit, from my perspective, I was anxious as hell to fuck Julia. I hadn't yet felt my cock inside her cunt and I badly wanted to feel her cove slide down my dick for some more 'strange' pussy. But Gwen wasn't in much of a sharing mood right now.

She twirled around just as Julia arranged my cock into alignment with her hole, ready to sink down on me. I had felt her lips begin to part as the wiggled the head of my dick between them. But just at that moment Gwen pushed Julia back demanding, "GET OFF HIS COCK! If anyone is going to fuck Hal IT'S ME!"

Gwen tried to mount me quickly, but she didn't even get as far as Julia had when she was knocked back. The two girls lay askew atop me on the bed. I could see the fuming anger in their eyes. Each felt they were the one who should be mounting my now fully erect fuck-muscle. Julia managed to speak out her angry words first, "OK Bitch! Do you want to fuck-fight me for his cock?"

"You bet your stinky hole I do; right here, your pussy against mine. Hal's cock is right there and that's where my pussy is going to be." Gwen slid her pussy up against my cock.

Julia: "Just a second." She jumped off the bed and grabbed all the pillows from the other bed and tossed half to Gwen and put the other half under her own body as she repositioned herself on the opposite side of my body from Gwen. The two pillows raised their torsos up a bit, allowing them to position themselves across my body, pussy-to-pussy. Well, not quite pussy-to-pussy. My cock was between their wet lips. I had no choice in the matter and I kept my mouth shut. The women were in control and I didn't want to interfere in any way. After all, why should I? It seemed as if I was about to get fucked by two women at once.

Gwen was on my right and Julia my left as their bodies angled across the bed, joining their crotches at mine. Julia raised her right leg, allowing Gwen to slid her left leg underneath. Gwen returned the favor and they glared at each other as their pussies pressed up against my cock from either side.

The fight began. As if on cue, the two wildcats began to thrust and parry and slide their pussies at each other. My lucky cock, caught in the middle was engulfed from both sides by the slippery parted lips of both girls' labia. Gwen tried to raise her hips up and capture the head of my dick between her folds, but Julia followed Gwen's upward path and prevented her from sliding down on my cock. Gwen had to raise her body up for a chance to plunge down on my cock and Julia had done the same. With their bodies now partially upright, they grabbed each other's backs for support. They were now facing each other and grinding their pussies together, making my cock like the baloney in a sandwich. I must say the feeling was absolutely scrumptious. The wet juicy lips from both women were leaving a slimy coating up and down my cock as they rode up and down, each seeking to funnel my cock into their own tunnel. The pressure they exerted on each other was a lot and my cock was squeezed between their powerful thrusts. Since my cock was pointing straight up and they were upright as well, I often felt my cock constricted between their bushes of pubic hair. The bristly dark hairs, scrubbing the sides of my dick added exotic texture to the war.

Especially enjoyable from my perspective were those moments when they raised their bodies up about six inches and pushed against the foe, attempting to guide my cock inside their vagina, and their two clits would nestle down on the tip of my dick, one on either side, melting together. At those moments I could feel the sexual heat practically explode between Julia and Gwen. After all they both had pleasured each other with their clits before and the added dimension of my cock tickling their clits as they went after each other must have been overpowering. They wiggled and thrust against each other and my cock all at the same time. Moans of pleasure punctuated the air. Dancing clits dueled atop my cock, sending shivers of delight up my spine. Neither woman seemed ever quite able to push her opponent far enough away for a clear shot at descending down onto my cock. The battle was a little bit back and forth, with minor advantages for one woman or the other, but mostly it was a stalemate; a wonderful, heavenly stalemate for me.

As minutes wore on the two put their arms around each other for more support. Now hugging they squeezed their bodies together from groin to chest. Up and down they went in unison. My cock, sandwiched between them felt their wet slits and clits ride up both sides of my shaft and then back down together. The outer regions of their pussies were deliciously pressing against my cock, giving it the feeling of fucking. I was literally fucking two women at the same time. One of them was my wife of nearly 30 years and the other was the woman photographer who wasn't even 30 years old yet. At that moment I wasn't contemplating how all this came to be. Hell, I was just so fucking enthralled to be in this predicament that I was only focusing on my own pure pleasure.

Would one of them eventually gain an advantage? I wondered as they kept up their up and down fucking rhythm. Their moans and groans grew more intense. My cock started bucking up and down as my hips moved to increase the friction in any way I could. Gwen and Julia, as one, speeded up their fuck-tempo, smashing their pussies down against my groin and then riding quickly up the sides of my cock and the tip position. Finally they even quit pushing against each other at the top of their strokes. Their clits didn't duel with each other across the tip of my dick, but instead they seemed intent on forcing me to come. But through some miracle of male physiology, I wasn't ready to come. I just hung there in a tantric sort of pre-orgasmic bliss while my two ladies rode me together.

After many minutes of this the breathing of the women grew more sporadic. They were panting from both exertion and horniness. To relieve the tension I noted they slowed, stopped the fuck motion at the top of a stroke and began grinding their clits together with the same kind of vicious intent that I had seen between Sally and Gwen earlier. It only took moments of their cock-riding, clit-banging action to bring an orgasm. Gwen shouted out her epithets and flew off to her orgasm just before Julia reached her peak. With the opportunity she thrust her pussy against Gwen, knocking her back and immediately she sank down onto my cock. Gwen's orgasm was causing her whole body to shake as she plastered her cunt up against Julia's mound while Julia fucked me sweetly. With her own orgasm so close it didn't take many mutual thrusts of our organs for Julia to lose control herself. By this time, my cock had been forced over the brink also. Julia and I came together, her juices coating my cock as my semen oozed out inside her tunnel, adding a thick sticky layer of whiteness to our already generously coated intercourse.

I was extremely happy to finally have been able to plunge my cock inside Julia. Her texture was magnificent, tight, wet, and she moved over me with remarkable agility and grace, fucking my pole in perfect synchronicity with my own thrusts and gyrations. I guess it didn't even bother me that my fucking Julia had to come at the expense of my wife, who had desperately wanted to be the one plunging up and down on my cock, but it sure did bother Gwen.

As soon as her orgasm subsided and Julia and I were blasting off together, she let loose a barrage of foul comments directed at Julia. Her anger only seemed to make Julia fuck me harder and better. My own hips rocketed up to meet Julia so hard that I felt the tip of my cock scrape the depths of her cave, pushing against her cervix. I didn't usually 'bottom out' on women. My cock wasn't long enough for that. Maybe all this fucking had actually made my cock bigger, if that was possible. Or maybe Julia didn't have the same vagina depth as some other women I seemed to know. I don't know what it might have sounded like to a passerby in the hallway outside our room. It must have been crazy. Julia was howling and crying and I was letting loose a lot of "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhsssssssss" and Gwen was screaming foul invectives at Julia. Of course I don't know why she was mad at Julia. She had entered the pussy fight for my cock with full knowledge that the winner would be fucking me. It just happened to be Julia that won. "So what was the problem?" I thought.

When Julia and I finally ground our last coital thrust at each other and she untangled herself from me and slid off, reclining on the bed. Gwen, finally tired of yelling at Julia, lay back to rest her own tired bones.

We lay on the bed together, spent. My arms and legs were still constrained. But I was definitely tired, particularly my tongue. I hadn't eaten as much pussy at one (meal)time ever before. As the ladies stirred a bit after a few minutes, I saw Gwen actually smile at Julia. Must be that some of her anger had subsided. Truthfully, I believe that Gwen had a pretty powerful orgasm herself and the fact that Julia managed to have hers while riding my cock wasn't bothering her as much now as before.

Gwen: "Do you think its time to let my husband out of his predicament?"

Julia: "I don't know. Do you think he has been tortured enough yet?" She bitingly emphasized the word tortured, and then giggled at the idea that what I had been going through could be called 'torture.'

Gwen: "Look at that big grin on Hal's face. I think he's been tortured enough. Let's untie him."