(by Piers Knight)

"So!" Hattie said in an attractive Jamaican accent as she swung her swivel chair away from her computer console. "Are you going for that promotion?" At the next desk in the smart company legal department Fran swung her chair to face Hattie. "Yeah. I think I will!" she said brightly tossing her long thick mane of soft permed, red tinted brunette hair cascading down her shoulders. "You realize only one of us can go for it?" Hattie said, her surprisingly big almond shaped eyes flashing. "The office can't spare both of us." Fran looked Hattie slowly up and down, from her shapely calves and shimmering shins encased in nylon, her black skirt above her crossed legs, revealing thick muscular thighs and a glimpse of her stocking top, her stylish leather belt, and above that, her pristine white blouse, amply filled out by her 38GG breasts, her black jacket on the back of her chair, her stunning face and flawless complexion with a generously wide mouth made up with scarlet lipstick. "Well, whatever you think I'm having it" Fran said. Hattie's dark brown face framed with shoulder-length, soft curled jet black hair changed it's cheery demeanor and she gazed sullenly at Fran, dropping her eyes from Fran's to her 38H bust straining at the buttons of her shimmering dark red blouse, then fleetingly over her shapely hips in her black office skirt over her black stockings. Sensible flat black shoes completed the tour de force. "Piers likes busty women!” Fran felt the need to explain in self justification. “And my big tits will win this job for me,” she finished. “Piers will choose the best candidate for the job, so don't flatter yourself your boobs thrust out for his benefit will work!" Hattie contested hotly sliding off her chair and, turning around went to post her application form in the box placed by the window.

“Mine are better than yours anyway!” she said as she paused and parted the Venetian blind with her fingers. "The sun's moved round now. not so dazzling." she observed. "Heh! Piers bald pate shines like a mirror" she added as she watched her boss walk to his car. Their boss, Piers, put the two women, who he cruelly termed 'the two cows' - on account of the size of their breasts - in a box-room office together, which he'd labeled on the door as 'The Milker's Parlour' . This amused him and he thought they might get on as they had apparently so much in common. Both big breasted, both in their early thirties - Fran turned 30 in early July while Hattie was two years older. On the whole they did get on, but they also held a bitter rivalry and animosity against each other. Each woman was affronted by the appearance and large bust of the other. "Sticking YOUR boobs out for Piers won’t work either!" Fran replied. “Well, they’re about the same size as yours, - and they’re shapelier!” Hattie bitched. Fran slid off her chair and opening her desk drawer took out her application. "You realize one of our applications will be discounted completely, so only one of us can apply?" Hattie turned around and still holding the wad of paper placed her fists on her hips. She smiled and cocked her beautiful head on one side: "You've got to get to the box first!" she challenged as she blocked the narrow passageway.

"What are you saying?" Fran asked suspiciously. “That only the best pair of tits will win this job,” Hattie smiled. "Well, me - and my boobs are going for that job!" Fran said determinedly, half humorously. "Got to get past me first!" Hattie said playfully, carefully placing her application on a side table. "Look" Fran began: "I really need that job. You've no idea ...." Fran stopped mid sentence as Hattie cut her short. "I mean YOU'RE not going for it!" she said emphatically. "Only one of us in this office can apply" she concluded - matter of fact. They stood and faced each other in the narrow space between the desks laden with computer equipment. "Well, throw yours away then" Fran said nodding at Hattie's precious application. "Humpf" Hattie grunted. "I mean you have to get past me first!" Hattie said inflating her impressive chest, thrusting her huge boobs out in front of her. Fran laid down her application forms. "You want me to push you outta my way?" she asked caustically. "Well, the box is behind me" Hattie said simply. "If your pathetic tits can defeat mine you're in with a chance!" Fran smiled and puffed her 38H breasts out, which now resembled two missile warheads. "I wouldn't try it if I were you though" Hattie continued. "You expect me to back down don’t you?" Fran said, incredulous. “Well. The cleaners aren’t due for at least an hour yet”, she added.

Hattie took two steps forwards. "Don't start a fight. Neither of us can afford to get our faces marked." Fran smiled as she too walked forwards. "Don't worry" she said "I won't leave a SINGLE mark on you, " then strode determinedly up to Hattie and rammed her thrust out tits head on into Hattie's, as though meaning to walk right through her. "Ooooohhh! - You bitch!" Hattie growled as their almost pointed boobs gouged into each other held firmly in their robust bras, and as their boobs squashed together Hattie found herself being involuntarily forced backwards. Hattie halted her backwards progress and pushed back. Both women groaned as the massive amount of flesh squashed into their chests, effectively compressing their lungs. Neither woman would give an inch as their breast flesh squeezed out in all directions stressing the stitching in the seams of their blouses and popping their top buttons undone. They grunted and hissed in each other's face as they pushed for a full minute and a half, then separated to catch their breath. Fran gasped in the air and advanced to push Hattie further back, but Hattie strode forwards with her hands either side of her breasts to keep them forwards and met Fran, who had copied the move on supporting the sides of her breasts with her hands, her boobs thrust out like a pair of missiles. "OOOOHHHAARRGGHH!!!" both women groaned as their boobs, held firm in their strong bras, ploughed into each other. Their hands dropped to their sides: "UUUGGNNH! -- Get outta my face you fat COW!" Fran grunted as she pushed.

Both women's faces were inches apart as they snarled into each other's attractive face. Hattie bumped and thumped her tits against Fran's as hard as she could, but Fran would not withdraw. "I'll pulp your udders if you don't PISS OFF!!" Hattie blurted out, losing her temper. "Huh! my - 'UDDERS' - are firmer than yours. You flabby titted OLD cow!" Fran snarled, now red in the face. Hattie's, dark complexion had a red coloration to it too, - she judged the moment and took a step backwards and rammed Fran's breasts with hers as hard as she could. Fran gasped and looked surprised, then copied the move. Their breasts were becoming tender from this battering and gasps and grunts exploded from the two women as they rammed and pushed against each others huge boobs for a full two minutes, until Hattie took the opportunity of a mistake by Fran and took a longer than usual step backwards, catching Fran off balance. Fran fell forwards and her arms shot out to save herself on the tables either side of her. "Nearly had you there!" Hattie observed as the rest of Fran's buttons burst undone down to her waistband revealing her magnificent cleavage. "No!" Fran said indignantly. "Mine are heavy and they almost pulled me over!" She said tucking the tails back into her waistband, then snorted indignantly. Hattie laughed. "Not as heavy as mine!" she said, proudly pushing them out until her buttons were in imminent danger of tearing from her blouse as she tucked it into her waistband more securely. "Mine almost pull me down the stairs!" she indicated shaking the obviously heavy mammaries from side to side. Fran laughed. "Come on then. -- We'll see!!!" and stepped forwards twisting her torso and smacked her breasts across Hattie’s'. A loud dull slap indicated that even through all the material they had connected with some force.

Hattie glared at Fran with growing fury on her face, then stepped forwards. Smiling broadly, she twisted her torso, whacking the full weight of her substantial boobs across Fran's. The women winced as their large breasts contorted uncomfortably. Fran twisted back as Hattie took another sweep and their boobs clashed and wrestled heavily, twisting left, then right, popping Hattie's blouse buttons open. They fought for a further full three minutes, tearing buttons from their blouses and pulling their shirt tails from their waistbands. Still their bra clad breasts dragged and twisted each other all around their chests, their voluminous breast flesh contorting, wrinkling and twisting, their shirt tails flapping. They stood back from each other breathing heavily and sweating hard in the hot office. Each woman's chest and bellies were exposed by their open blouses and observed the other's breasts bulging over her bra and the sweat running down the shining skin and down their cleavages. Each woman noted her adversaries nipples had grown pert from the stimulation. Neither had given an inch. "Look!" Fran breathlessly began: "Do you REALLY want this job so badly?" Hattie took a long breath. "Uh hu!" she grunted, then licked the sweat running across her lips. Fran peeled off her sweat soaked blouse and tossed it aside. Hattie did the same. They gazed at each others enormous boobs held up and thrust forwards in their white bras like shelves. Despite their tingling Fran was confident her breasts were firmer, and said so. Hattie disputed this and made sure Fran knew, in no uncertain terms that hers were firmer and heavier. Fran flew at Hattie and their bra covered sweating boobs met with a 'WHAP!' Both women jumped back. "AAARRGGHH!" they both howled simultaneously. "That hurt you BITCH!" Hattie shouted and rubbed her boobs with her fingers along where the edges of her cups had cut into the shining ebony flesh. "GOOD!" Fran shouted back and, despite the pain from her injured boobs ran with them at Hattie. Hattie instantly ran at Fran and the two big women met with the combined force of their 360 lbs body weight, slamming their huge tits together, followed an instant later by their bellies slamming together. With a shout of pain the women rebounded off each other and Hattie landed on her generous ass on the pastel blue office carpet.

Fran fell backwards heavily against the tables bearing the expensive computer equipment either side of her causing them to slide and skew on the floor. But she prevented herself from going down. Seconds later both women were back on their feet and faced each other squarely. Hattie reached behind her back, not taking her eyes off Fran's for a second, and wrestled to undo the clasp. "I'll show you whose tits are the toughest" she boasted. Fran needed no second bidding and began to undo hers. Hattie's 38GG's tumbled out of their cups as she eased them off her huge boobs and they flopped onto her ribs, hanging down almost to her waist. She lifted them up and began to rub the sweat off. "Try these for size bitch!" Fran said, stooping forward as she eased her huge bra off and wriggling as she did so, so that her long breasts swung heavily. Fran straightened up and tossed her sweat soaked bra to join her blouse. "NOW we'll see whose are the firmest and heaviest!" she added, the tension and strain in her voice showing. "Too right!" Hattie said. "Better get ready to tear up your form!" she added menacingly. The two women walked towards each other until their boobs were within touching distance, then Hattie lifted hers on her hands and indicated for Fran to do the same. They then lined up their now erect nipples and pushed them together. An 'electric shock' ran through both of them and as they pulled their hands out their boobs squashed together. Fran felt Hattie's hard nipples gouge into her swollen areolas - which made her bite her lip. Fran wriggled her torso to try to grind her still erect nipples into Hattie's flesh. Hattie placed her hands on Fran's shoulder blades and Fran, taken aback at first, gripped Hattie's elbows.

Fran felt empowered now she had a physical grip on Hattie and she began to push harder with her chest. Hattie began to grunt as she resisted, then, to her surprise she found herself taking steps backwards. "Oh ho no you don't!" she said to Fran and began to push back harder. Fran groaned, heartfelt groans wracking her body as she felt the resistance of her opponent’s firm mass of milk glands deep inside Hattie's breasts. Surprised at the size and firmness of them, she hoped hers were up to the challenge. Fran bit her lip as she concentrated. She smiled into Hattie's eyes. "Huh? - Huh?" she questioned as she felt her own substantial mass challenge Hattie's. Hattie was not amused, or prepared to give in and gripped Fran harder and tried to pulp her breasts with her own. Fran sweated as she began to struggle for breath. The compression of her thick boobs was compressing her lungs. She noted that Hattie was going purple in the face. The women began to twist their torsos, their naked breasts contorting grotesquely as they gulped in more air. I'll beat you if I have to knock you out of the way!" Fran declared and demonstrated her intention by taking a step back and twisting her torso wildly from side to side so that her huge boobs, shaped like melon filled sacks, swung through the air smacking across Hattie's, making her nipples sting. Then back the other way, separating widely and smacking heavily into the meat of her breasts one at a time. Hattie grasped her wrists behind her back "Come on then, if you think yours are heavier!" she said and advanced on Fran swinging her tits at Fran's. They met with a stinging double slap as Fran's right tit met Hattie's left, then twisting hard whacked their other breasts together.

Hattie leaned back slightly so that Fran's next shot missed, then got back into the rhythm as her right breast whacked the inside of Fran's right. Fran completed her twist and met Hattie's Right breast swinging back with a square-on slap with her left breast. Several times they missed their targets and, they were swinging their breasts so hard now that they slapped their own side ribs. Occasionally their shoulders clashed. A loud "SLAP!" followed as Fran's right breast a” Fran’s red raw boobs flopped up and down and although as sore as Hattie’s, she was so overcome by her victory she hardly noticed. “You might as well tear up your form!” she added unkindly. Hattie felt unreasonable emotions welling up but didn’t want to give Fran the satisfaction of seeing her break down. As hard as she tried to resist it - “PISS OFF!!” Hattie shouted, surprising herself, then the floods of tears came. Fran gathered up her belongings and headed for the ladies room. “I’ll get you back for that!” Hattie sobbed. “Don’t think you’ve won!”. Fran smirked at her: “Oh, but I have!” she said picking up Hattie’s form and ripping it in half, then in half again. As Hattie stared in disbelief, Fran let the pieces flutter to the floor, then she flounced out through the spring-closing door.

Piers Knight.

I originally wrote this story about nine years ago. At that time Fran was 30 and Hattie was based on a person of my acquaintance.