Chapter 16 - Kill Two Birds

Requests like that don't come my way with much regularity (never, actually) that it took a while for her suggestion/demand to sink in. Her face told me she was serious. I had to switch gears from thinking I would be the one in bondage to the fact that now I had to be the one in charge. I could do it. I knew I could. I just needed a few moments to collect my thoughts. I stepped over to her, leaned down, kissed her on the temple, and whispered in her ear, "I'll do it, I'm nervous that I won't be as wonderful as your own fantasies, but I'll do it for sure."

"You don't have to worry. My body is YOURS! Use it all for your own pleasure and that WILL be my pleasure too."

I suggested she take few minutes in private to prepare herself by using the bathroom and 'whatever' and I would 'practice my knots.'

While she went into the bathroom and closed the door, my mind was racing 100 miles per hour. I grabbed the phone and quietly dialed the front desk of the hotel. I had an idea that I hoped I could keep secret and surprise her later. I asked the clerk if the neighborhood Wal-Mart was open and if someone could make a run over there for me and bring back a purchase that I would pay for with my credit card that I used for my room (I gave my 'other' room number). "Please, get up to my room NOW. And Hurry," I added. The clerk said she would send a runner right away. "Good," I thought.

I was back at the table, toying with one of the 12-foot ropes, when Sally came out. She had spent some time on her hair and it looked great. I had heard the water running so I was quite sure she hadn't heard anything. She sauntered up to me with an exaggerated wiggle. Her big round proud breasts pointed at me imperiously, her blonde muff inspiring me, her eyes beguiling me, and her face begging me. She stopped short of touching me. Her liquid eyes said a lot, but she managed some words. "Kill two birds with one stone, Hal. When you make your fantasies come true, mine will come true too." Those were the last words she spoke for the next several hours.

"I'm ready. Sally I have some instructions that you must follow. Just nod your head if you understand. You will not speak." She nodded. "Noises of passion are acceptable." She nodded. "I will be soft and hard, kinky and normal, dirty and clean, painful and not, and raunchy and nice. I will please you." She nodded. "I will blindfold you." She nodded. "Turn around." She did as she was told and I tied a spare pillowcase around her head to cover her eyes. Now she was blindfolded.

While still standing there I took the blue rope and hung it over her shoulders so that it draped down across her breasts. The soft blue fabric tickled her nipples and they stood up in response. I wiggled the rope so that it gently stimulated her nipples more and more. They became harder and bigger with each tense tickle. As both ends of the rope dangled to the ground I stepped behind her and pulled both ends between her legs. I gently waved both ends of the rope to tickle her pussy with the softness, while exciting her with the unknown dimensions of my libido.

Her legs were apart just enough to let the rope snuggle intimately into her crotch. I pulled alternately with the two ends of the rope. It scissored back and forth, pulling gently on her labia, heating up her expectations. She stood very still and motionless. Teasing her for a few minutes with the rope brought my own horny libido into a higher state. The problem was trying to explore all my own ideas, against the most urgent of all my desires. I really, really wanted to fuck her and fuck her some more. But, I was fully aware of my own physical limitations in that department. Multi hour fuck sessions were out of the question.

I guided her to the bed and lay her down on her back. I instructed her to spread eagle her arms and legs, after which I went to work with the ropes. I gently tied tight knots around her wrists and ankles and attached the other end of each to the legs of the bed. I stretched the rope enough so that her movement of arms and legs was quite restricted, but not quite zero.

A knock came at the door and I quietly answered the door, whispering to the courier. He handed me a bag through the door as I kept him in the hallway. I thanked him and gave him a tip. I'm sure Sally wondered about the knock at the door, but she was sworn to silence and she didn't question anything.

She lay still on the bed as I went over the secret delivery and removed the contents and arranged the items on the dresser nearby. I also went into the bathroom for a couple of items that joined the items on the dresser. Sally lay still, her breathing shallow. Her breasts jutted magnificently up, her nipples gloriously capping her delectable pair. Her pussy was spread apart enough that her inner lips and clit were distinctly visible. Her small blonde patch of fuzz seemed quite prominent in this position, her mound arching upward, beckoning me it seemed.

First I decided some sounds would be appropriate. Sounds that were incongruous with what I was about to do. I found a classical radio station on the hotel radio and tuned it in at a moderate volume. Then I walked around the bed several times, letting her hear my footsteps as I let my gaze soak up the willing beauty in bondage. It was time to use the camera. One of the items I had requested from the department store was a digital camera with lots of memory. Since Sally had actually relished the idea of photography in her battle with Gwen, I thought that the excitement might be intensified if she knew she was being photographed in bondage as well. It was too late for her to complain now. I quickly read the directions and they seemed an easy read. I stepped up onto the bed and walked up to stand astride her chest. Pointing the camera down at her face I zoomed in for a blindfolded close-up. It was then that I let her know a camera was in use. "Smile for a picture." She smiled and I clicked the shutter. I was sure it clicked loud enough for her to hear. Backing off the bed I took two more shots of her in her predicament. From this point on I used the camera during or after each little game I played with her. I thought my ownership of these pictures would probably be arousing for her as I took them, and for me for later.

My cock was raging hard, but my will power to wait was strong. I took off my clothes and knelt on the bed between her legs. I did not touch her at all. I began masturbating to her sight, playing with my cock for at least ten minutes, making sure she could hear the sound of my hand slapping up and down on my cock. Before I went too far with my dick-play, I backed off and went over to the counter. Retrieving a bottle of baby oil I knelt on the bed beside her. I poured out a large pool into my hand and proceeded to watch it dribble through my fingers onto her tits and tummy. My hands ached for the feel of her soft tan skin, moistened by the oil. Letting the last drops fall from my hand, I nervously lowered them to her stomach. There was plenty of oil and I began to rub it in, using small circles. Her body responded to my touch, shifting and twisting within its constraints. In moments my hands wandered to her lovely, desirable breasts. Every square inch deserved to be caressed. Every square inch met my fingers, transmitting back to me the heat from her body, the desire lurking inside her, the wanton lust she was consumed by, and the faith and trust of her soul. Realizing the extent of her trust in me, I quivered with a combination of my own desire and the fear that I might exceed some unspoken boundary. I desperately wanted this experience to be one that we both would cherish. Finally I quit debating my fears and just plunged ahead.

With her tits glistening with the oil, I mounted her chest and slowly let my cock tickle and toy with her boobs. First one and then the other felt its hot prodding. I gingerly let my cock enjoy the touch of her nipples. Almost-too-sensitive, the skin on the head of my cock felt her delicate, tempting, lovely, sweet nipples. I marveled at their tight erect stature, pointing to the sky and pleasing my cock so gently. It was an effort, but I stretched out each episode to where it was almost torture for me. My balls did a dance across her tits and I eventually arranged my cock deftly between her juicy orbs and squeezed them together with my hands. With slowness like that of molasses leaking from a jar, I began to thrust between her tits. My first stroke probably took at least a minute to make one cycle. Later strokes picked up the pace, but never did I bang away at her tits with the urgency my loins were telling me to use.

Sally was keeping her bargain quite well, so far. Only the slightest of accented breathing noises escaped. I couldn't help but marvel at her mute acceptance.

Before I fucked her tits to the point that I might risk an ejaculation, I rose from her and went to the bar. There was champagne in the refrigerator and I popped the top and poured myself a glass. The classical music played on while I sipped the bubbly, making sure Sally heard what was going on. In my mind the erotic uncertainty that must be playing out in her head would be just as stimulating as anything I might actually do. I tinkled the glass, sipped and swallowed a bit noisily, consuming just half a glass of sweet champagne.

I carried my glass to her and told her to raise her head. Obediently she lifted her head. I told her to open her mouth and when she did I brought the glass to her lips. She sipped a few sips before I took the glass away. The remaining bubbly 'accidentally' spilled on her breasts. Being a stickler for cleanliness (everybody needs some excuse) I began a tongue bath to clean up the spill. Many enjoyable minutes were spent making sure that not a drop of champagne remained. It seemed that I had to work an exceedingly long time on those puckered pointy nipples before I was sure they didn't remain contaminated by the sexy alcohol. This was the first moment that she actually began to act constrained. Her body pulled and twisted against the tightness of the ropes. Her chest arched upward to my mouth, forcing a nipple between my teeth. Obligingly I bit the distended flesh. Gathering data on her nipples hardness and chewability, I munched away, biting softly into the delicate brown skin. With a consistency similar to that of old Jello, but with a tougher skin, I devoured her nipples again and again.

Quickly and without warning for her I got off the bed. I returned with a box of matches and one of the long tapir candles from my quickly ordered stash of goodies. First order of candle business was using the wick to gently tickle my lady confined. "Would she know what it is?" I wondered. "Probably not."

I started in her hair and carefully traced soft paths across her facial skin, neck, shoulders, and arms and back to her neck. Lifting the candle I went to the foot of the bed and tickled her feet. She involuntarily bucked against the tickly torture, but did not suffer any noise. Progressing upwards to her knees (equally sensitive), I traversed her body quite thoroughly with the soft wick. No portion of the wax ever touched her skin. Before I lit the candle I wanted to give her one slight clue as to what might be coming. Sally's splayed legs, while tempting me always, offered me the opportunity I wanted. Using just the very butt end of the candle I probed her beautiful clit. Twirling her maneuverable clitoris this way and that with the candle butt gave me much pleasure. I marveled at the pliable sexy texture and the invitingly pink color. Only twenty seconds went by and I pulled the candle away. "Would she have guessed?" I wondered.

I stood staring at her for a full minute, absorbing once again her beauty. Then I struck a match. It sounded almost like a gunshot in the room. She jumped at the noise, startled by its suddenness, I guess. The smoke drifted as I lit the wick. I held it over a piece of cardboard on the dresser to watch how the wax melted and flowed. Having learned its behavior, I walked to the bed. I sat on the bed, at her right side, my right hand holding the candle aloft. "What will her reaction be?" I wondered to myself as the first drop of hot wax slid towards the point of no return. In an instant it was on its way, pulled by gravity towards her belly.

Plop, sizzle! Instinctively her tummy jumped at the burning touch. "Ahhh!" A small cry gave away the surprise and pain from the sizzling hot wax. I held the candle high above her, hoping that the extra 'fall time' might cool the wax enough that she wouldn't suffer the potential of real burns on her lovely skin. By the time her tummy came back to rest on the bed, the second and then the third drops were on their way. Plop, plop. They hit and spattered little droplets of wax across her tummy. This time she didn't make a noise, but weathered the hot wax like a real Spartan. I aimed the next drops at the juncture of her neck and shoulder, where that small indentation of sensitive skin resides. Plop, plop, plop. Three bull's-eyes and I shifted to the other side for the same treatment. By now she was used to the timing of the drops and I could tell she tightened her muscles in anticipation of the next bomb. After three more direct hits on the opposite shoulder she let a wind of air escape from her lungs. "Whoooooosh," is how it sounded. I didn't know what emotion it revealed. A second 'whoosh' escaped again as I let a few drops land on each breast. The candle had a long way to burn but I only wanted to see her reaction as I let the drops edge closer and closer to her blonde bush and pussy. Drop by drop, inch by inch, I let the bomblets descend until they were right on the doorway to her pussy. I sensed a sort of eagerness on her part. Could I really interpret her body language, constrained as she was, to indicate a desire for more? I tilted the candle a bit so that a larger volume of melted wax would hang on before dropping. I let it go, the largest yet, it landed squarely at the juncture of her upper slit and her blonde triangle of pubies. I blew out the candle as she let out another "Ahhhhhhh!" With the candle out I returned the butt end to its earlier position, diddling her clitoris. I never tire of clitty play. I prodded her labia and parted the 'sea' with my wand. Like Moses and the Israelites, the sea parted. The wand entered and plunged deep. The narrow dimension of the candle slid easily into her soaking pussy. It nearly shot in so fast that I let it slip away. Somehow I managed to keep two fingers on the tip and after re-gripping I began to fuck Sally's pussy with that candle. In less than a minute her hips were writhing, bouncing, and humping against the firm waxy surface of my candle. Luckily for her, her ass wasn't bound tight. Her freedom of movement in her hips was generating lots of good use. She fucked that candle with a wild abandon that I had always thought should be reserved for a cock (mine in particular), but she went after that candle with gusto of unexpected power. It only took two minutes for her to orgasm under the candle's power. I think some of the heat from the hot wax must have surged directly into her libido and the candle fuck gave it release.

Even though I couldn't 'know' her thoughts I suspected maybe I was on the right track. Even though I had always wondered about these things, her extraordinarily brief direct stimulation leading to an orgasm, meant to me that she enjoyed what had transpired.

I stepped back to the counter and sipped another glass of champagne. I continued to use noises purposely to excite or tantalize Sally with hints of what I might have planned next. I stirred the glass with my cock, covering it with the reddish bubbly. Then I purposely let some champagne spill to the floor. I exclaimed, "Damn. I spilled some fizzy on my dick. I'm afraid that it needs to be cleaned. I wonder how I can get my cock cleaned?" My voice gave away the intentions lurking inside my head. That was Ok. I was sure she didn't mind.

I went to the bed and straddled Sally's chest. Her mouth remained closed until she felt my cock punch up against her lips. "Open!" I demanded. I leaned forward, my weight pushing against her lips, which opened at just the right moment for my cock to go sliding perfectly inside. Her wet saliva and tightening lips and swirling tongue gave proof to the remarkably proficient woman who had taken me for her prize. But now it was I, surely, who was getting the royal treatment. I'd been hard and rigid long enough that I needed a release. She remained still with her head, letting my hips provide the fucking friction. Gently at first, my hips pushed my cock half-way deep in her mouth. The sensations shot through me like a razor through paper. I closed my eyes and raised my head towards the heavens and felt a sizzle ripple up my spine and blast into my brain. "OOOOhhhhhhhhhh!" Her mouth never wavered. Her tongue deliciously toyed with my cock on the in-stroke and the out. I halted occasionally with my dick-head just between her lips and I felt her teeth scrape along my shaft as her tongue twirled memorable circles on the very tip of my cock. In and out I went. Faster and faster my hips took charge. They hit third gear and my strokes banged deep. Fourth gear and I hit bottom on every thrust. Still she kept her lips tightly constricted around my cock, even as I plunged into her throat roughly. She never whimpered or moaned, she just sucked and sucked and sucked. The immensity of my pleasure was building and I went into overdrive. My hips wickedly pumped as fast and as deep as my dick would go. I felt her lips touch my fuzzy groin at the very base of my dick. Heaven, Oh God, heaven. With a rapidity of motion I hadn't used in perhaps 20 years I fucked her face on and on until my balls unleashed their load. I maintained my piston-like motion right on through the emptying of my jizz into her throat. She gagged a bit, but maintained her tight grip on my cock as it poled in and out of her mouth through my waning orgasm. I'm not sure all the words and sounds I must have made, but I hadn't felt so much like screaming in a long, long time. Maybe I did. I'm not sure.

I pulled off and watched the juice oozing out of the corner of her mouth, followed by a sly smile. "Uh-huh, she likes it hard and deep," I thought.