Chapter 15 - Sunday with Sally

I slowly awakened, gathering awareness of our tryst, and remembering the cause of my bedding Sally. A touch of guilt flashed through me as I wondered what Gwen might be doing or thinking now. The woman sleeping right next to me was real. I wasn't dreaming, and I had to deal with her. Remembering my own thinking of why I should be there, I let my guilt slowly pass as I lay beside Sally, watching her in her sleep. It was nearly noon by the alarm clock on the bedside stand. Sally looked peaceful and wholesome as she lay facing me. Quite the contrast from the wildcat I'd witnessed in the night. I stirred in bed as little as possible since I wished for her the most restful sleep, sleep I knew she needed. I watched her for nearly 35 minutes before she began to stir. Her muscles stretched a bit, and she licked her lips with her moist tongue. I wanted to see her face at the moment of recognition. I wondered if my presence in her bed would be startling. It wasn't that way at all. Her initial expression upon opening her eyes was one of contentment and happiness. She smiled softly and reached out her hand to my face. I needed a shave and her caress of my cheek made her giggle. "I think you should take care of that bristle. Stubble like that isn't a girl's best friend you know."

I asked her if she would like some room service and she said definitely, she was famished. She offered to order while I shaved and cleaned up just a bit. She took a turn in the bathroom after me and we tossed on a bit of clothing to wait for the room service. We sat chatting until the food came. The delivery boy brought in steak and eggs for both of us along with an entire pitcher of pineapple juice. I tipped him and he left. I recognized the benefits of the breakfast she had ordered, but I wondered about the huge pitcher of pineapple juice. When I asked her about it she sort of raised her eyebrow and with a chuckle said, "Oh, haven't you heard. Pineapple juice is said to make the secretions of bodily glands taste better. I don't see any reason to pass up on that, do you?"

"I'd never heard that. But considering the possibilities of the next 24 hours, I'm willing to refresh myself with some pineapple juice."

As we talked over breakfast, we did manage to share how long we'd each been married and how many kids we had. But we weren't focusing on that. Instead we talked about why we each had come to this hotel in the first place. I told in more detail of my longing for excitement in my sex life, even though I had not been all that disappointed with our relationship. I told her that I loved my wife dearly and that she was my 'partner for life.'

She relayed some of her circumstances to me. She and James had two kids, both in college back in California. James was a wonderful husband and she expected they'd always be together. Similar to us, they came to the hotel for a getaway romantic time. She hadn't at all been prepared for what happened. I didn't ask her to explain that, and she didn't venture to tell me either.

But mostly we talked about the sex. She admitted she had never even once had a lesbian experience and that hooking up with Gwen had been a first for her. I assured her that Gwen was a virgin in that regard as well. We each managed a smile as we both admitted the intensity of their lusting fight had been pretty extraordinaire. We also talked about our own episodes. She admitted to having been stimulated visually when she watched James and me touch cocks above her, even as she and Gwen were pussy fucking. It had been that image that prompted her to demand we fuck her at the same time. She admitted that most of what we shared was totally out of character for her sexually, but that raunchy sex held a certain magnetism for her and that she hoped I was ready for some more of that same raunch.

I admitted that I had never done anything so raunchy either, particularly the episode on the stairs. I let her know that, even with the knowledge that I was eating James and my cum together, that her pussy was so inviting that I actually ached to do what I did. So I told her, "Yes. I'll be up for whatever raunchy fun you might like to try." I said it with a big old grin on my face. Then I added, "But I hope we have time for some more of what we shared at 5:00 this morning, too."

"Oh, Hal. You know I will. That moment was extremely special for me. In fact I'm not sure I'll ever be able to duplicate it. But I sure will try."

I actually offered a suggestion. "Why don't you let me give you a back rub and massage?"

"Hal, you really are a sweet man, you know that? That would be wonderful. Just be careful of my bruises."


We finished our breakfast, which included two big glasses of juice. Sally guided me this way, "While you brush your teeth, I'll put the tray back outside, and I want to call room service to order some treats for later." She gave a little wink. I didn't hear what she told room service. We brushed our teeth and returned to the bed. Sally lay out on the bed after removing her sweatshirt and pants. I left my clothes on for the moment, since I expected room service at any time. She told me there was some baby oil on the counter in the bathroom so I retrieved it.

I positioned one pillow under Sally's head and another under my knees. I knelt beside the bed, next to Sally. I squirted the oil on my palm, warmed it up and then molded my hands to her skin. I massaged her back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, scalp, arms, and hands. I love giving my wife a back rub, and Sally also seemed to enjoy my abilities. She had remained on her stomach throughout the first 15 minutes. That is when the knock came on the door, "Room Service."

Quickly tossing a towel over Sally I opened the door for the delivery boy to bring in his tray. He wheeled it in, trying not to be too conspicuous as he glanced at Sally's prone figure on the bed. I tipped him and he was off. There were a number of packaged items on the cart. I almost ignored them, but I thought that maybe some should go into the refrigerator, so I lifted the cover off the biggest plate on the center of the tray. I couldn't believe my eyes. Below the cover was a plate of vegetables and fruit; very interesting items. Situated on top of them was a little note from room service. It read, "We always strive to be of service to our guests. Use these as you see fit. Shhhhhhhh, make it a surprise." I've been to lots of hotels and never received such a note. The hidden meaning became clear as I noted what was on the tray; two bananas, two zucchini squash, one of them of quite impressive proportions, two bowls of strawberries and a container of whipped cream, two cucumbers, slices of pineapple soaking in juice, a ladle of honey, and a nice honey rock melon. I felt like I'd been had, in a very good way.

Sally had played a wonderful trick on me, just so I could surprise her. When she knew I would be giving her a back massage, she had called room service and told them to bring these food items, along with other more normal snacks, like cheese and crackers, grapes, etc., so that I could use them to stimulate and probe her body. I raced around quickly to put the perishable items in the refrigerator before taking a good long look at the items on the tray. I suspect Sally was at that moment getting all worked up in anticipation of what I might do. I certainly gave her credit. She had a keen knack for putting an erotic focus on everything. I picked out two items and headed back to the bed. Sally lay very still, breathing softly. I tossed the covering towel aside, stepped back and just looked at her naked body for a moment. I was totally transfixed by her. My only desire was to give her pleasure. I hope I made the right choice. But, hell, I thought. How could I go wrong? She picked everything out!

Our room had been dark, with the drapes pulled tight, but I decided to look outside through the drapes. It was bright and sunny and our window faced a small woodlot. With the snow depths approaching two feet, it didn't appear as if a soul had ventured out there in quite a while. I opened the drapes to let the brightness in. The sun shone over nearly to the side of the bed, being low in the sky in a New England winter. Sally never stirred. Her skin glowed wonderfully in the new light. Once again I was mesmerized. I quietly took off my sweats and dropped them on a nearby chair.

Finally I knelt back on the floor, on the side of the bed nearest the sun. I poured more oil on Sally's back and slowly resumed where I had left off a few minutes before the interruption. Now, however, I had a much more delightful task in front of me. The 'toys' lay on the floor beside me. For a few minutes I focused on a slow easy massage, soothing her muscles, pleasuring her skin, and relishing for myself the fortune I had found. That fortune being Sally's body and mind. I was practically drowning in erotic thoughts as I began spending more and more time with my hands stroking her ass. I kneaded her tight behind, feeling the muscles and the soft flesh give way to my touch. Ever so gradually I allowed my fingers to intimately explore the crack in her ass. After a few moments of this I noted her legs shift an inch or two apart. The path down between her legs became marginally more accessible. I let my fingers wander to her upper thighs, where I broke new ground on the inside junction of her thighs and her crotch. Her legs moved another inch or two apart. This was the best job I ever had. My sense of touch was in heaven as I explored her body slowly, carefully, and erotically. My middle finger followed the hollow contour of her ass, inching its way south. The tip found an inviting target. I examined the puckered skin that radiated out from her anal opening. Her legs moved farther apart again. I lingered there, using just a single fingertip to gently adore her hole. A sigh escaped her lips, confirming the enjoyment I hoped was hers. My other hand scooped from the floor beside me a dollop of whipped cream. With as little large body movement as possible I brought it onto the 'field of play' and replaced my middle finger with a pretty white gob of sweet whipped cream. I returned to the field of play in just a moment with a delicate strawberry. With as much tedious motion as I could stand I pushed it through the mound of whiteness to the bottom. I knew my target and I aimed quite well. The small end of the hard berry found its target and I pushed it in, not far, just about half an inch. A few little wiggles identified the dimensions of my toy. I pulled it out, covered in cream, and tossed it into my mouth. I made loud smacking sounds as I chewed the sweet morsel. I've always loved strawberries and whipped cream, but none ever gave me so much pleasure as that berry. A second and a third berry followed the same path. The fourth and fifth were used to clean up some of the remaining cream from the lovely plate of my dining desire. But there was still some cream that hadn't yet been chosen by a berry. What should I do? Ahhh! Lick the platter clean.

The next to take a trip to Sally's anus was my tongue. I found the remnants of cream and licked as much as I could from the exterior of my lady's delicate hole. I suspected that some cream must have been forced into hiding by those vicious berries, so I was forced to seek it out. I planted my lips like a doughnut circling a target and then plunged my tongue firmly into Sally. Sure enough, I found what I was looking for. Indeed there were little streams of cream inside her chute, but my tongue found them all. It took many minutes to find every drop but I was relentless. I wouldn't dare leave any debris on my lady. The hard part of my task was preventing my lip lock on her ass to be tossed off. It seems that Sally suddenly became quite a vigorous, writhing mass. Her ass jumped up off the bed as her knees came up underneath her, allowing even more direct access to my desire. Moaning and more moaning echoed across the sunlit room. I was afraid something awful might happen. In order to hold her still I decided I needed a handle. My hand found a cucumber next to my knee. With my mouth maintaining what control it could, I found a place to plug in the cucumber. Sally's pussy was soaking wet and the cuke eased in like a hot knife through butter. Grabbing the cucumber gave me the control I needed. I held it firm in my fist as my tongue continued it's clean up chores just north. But I couldn't hold back the dynamo for long. It seemed the cucumber had the same sort of effect on my lady as the strawberries and cream. Soon her hips were writhing in an ancient pattern that was uncontrollable. I had to try something. My left hand snaked under her tummy and came towards her crotch from underneath. I tested the blonde hairs for strength. I thought by grabbing hold I might contain the lady's wildness. That too was effective for only a moment. Soon it wasn't enough to hold her back. Again I sought a place to soothe the lady's distress. It seemed that everything I did was wrong. Whatever I tried, her only response was to buck harder and harder, losing all semblance of control. My last choice was to bring my left hand even deeper. I found the juncture of cucumber and labia, noting the way it plunged in and out of her, stretching her lips this way and that with every stroke. I latched on to the little nub that wasn't so little anymore. Her clit was big enough to pinch between my fingers. I didn't hurt it but I made sure to grip it good and roll it around between my fingers. I guess that maybe my control of Sally wasn't meant to be. That seemed to make her even more violent. It was all I could do to keep my mouth, my fingers, and the cucumber all situated in their proper place. Moments later I heard a wild scream. I guess she had given up trying to hold back the tide. She exploded in rapture, sending sparks of passion into the air. Her hips shook like a 9.5 earthquake, causing me to lose my place. Her orgasm lasted more than a minute. Her hips plopped down on the bed. She breathed big long breaths trying to regain the oxygen she had burned up. I moved closer to her head. I knelt low and whispered in her ear, "Room Service is here."

She rolled part way over and looked at me. Silent for a moment she transformed her face until it sported a grin a mile wide. Through that big wide grin she managed to say, "Hal, you are bad!"

Of course her comment, coupled with the smile that stretched from ear to ear, made me feel pretty good. I admitted to her, "and you are very good." I licked my lips, which made her smile radiate even more.

"After a treat like that, a girl should reward her man, don't you think? What would you like?"

"How about a return treat. A backrub and massage would be very nice. I suspect your fingers are quite adept."

I rolled onto the bed on my stomach and Sally knelt where I had knelt before. She gave me a wonderful massage, complete with gentle kneading of my muscles. It was very relaxing and erotic. She played with my toes, the backs of my knees (which are ticklish), my thighs and, no surprise, my ass. Throughout her massage it seemed that my ass was ground zero. She always returned, feeling my buns, gripping them with soft squeezes. Now I must say that anal stimulation had never really been something high on my list of sexual desires, but today it seemed like I should accept new things. Sally made sure I had the experience. She returned every favor I gave to her. As her hands caressed my balls and cock, she ate the rest of a bowl of strawberries out of my ass after coating it with a large pile of whipped cream. While it didn't send me in to an orgasm, I have to admit that it was very pleasurable and stimulating. When she finished I rolled over and she said it was time for a 'front rub.'

I rolled over and she climbed onto the bed. Leaving the food on the floor, she began to rub my chest, shoulders, stomach, the front of my legs and my face. She avoided my cock for quite a while, instead focusing on the rest of my body. My cock had modestly hardened into a semi-turgid state, half erect and obvious to Sally. She went the longest time without even touching it. She was teasing. She enjoyed watching me twist or shift my body position each time her hand ventured near my cock. As I perceived her hand(s) close by I would arch my body in that direction, hoping that at least an accidental touch would occur. But Sally was aware of my desire for her hand to caress me, and she wasn't having any part of it. She avoided it for at least half an hour, even as the rest of my body received joyous pleasure. She had been moving around on the bed into various locations as she focused on one part of me, or another. Finally after nearly 45 minutes of her loving touch she knelt at the foot of the bed between my legs.

I was anxious for what lay ahead. I thought she was going to give me head, and she did.

The surprise was what kind of 'head.' She took a moment to look at me and then, to my unfathoming eyes, she turned over and lay on her back between my legs. Her head was high up between my thighs. The top of her head snuggled against my balls. My cock, still semi-erect, bounced off the top of her head. She lifted her head briefly and gave her hair a toss as she returned her head to the bed. This caused her blonde hair to fall in thick strands and piles around my cock. She reached up with her hands to a position above her head where she could grab her hair and play with it. That is when it struck me. She wanted to give me a 'hair job.' In moments her fingers had closed slowly around my cock with her hair snuggled in between my cock and her fingers and between her fingers. She slowly played with the combination, twirling her hair, squeezing it around my cock and balls. She guided my cock into and out of her yellow mane, caressing my cock with her hand just enough to keep it growing and experiencing the soft luxurious feel of her pretty hair. She was patient and not in a hurry. It felt wonderful. The gentle eroticism of it played with my mind. My cock loved what she was doing. On and on she went, feeling my hardness reach its extreme, noting my hips as they pushed and shoved towards her grasping hair. She would take long strands and wrap them around my cock and then pull tight, constricting the blood inside. I got hornier and hornier with every touch. As she noted my increasing pulse she began to grip just a little harder, pull just a little tighter, rub a little more firmly. The touch was exquisite and she pulled it off, literally. It felt kinky, weird, and odd to be brought to a climax the way she did it to me. But I liked it. My sperm shot out in an arc, landing on her chin, with the later bursts of jizz flowing out into her hair and fingers. She rubbed it all over her hair and face, glorifying in the texture and feel of my cum. When she was sure I had oozed the last drops out of my dick she sat up and climbed atop of me, resting her body on mine. Her cum-laden hair and face hung down above me, beautiful in its message. I loved her for her total acceptance of me and my body. Our eyes met, as they were becoming so clearly motivated to do, and I thanked her without saying a word.

I reached up and pulled her to me. We kissed a long slow kiss. Not full of aggressive passion, but gloriously tender and sharing. Our tongues played gently with each other and our lips and teeth digested each other's taste and aroma. I ran my fingers through her hair, rejoicing in the natural acceptance that covered her hair. My still sticky semen clung to many strands of hair and more was beginning to dry on her face. It didn't matter. We just lay together sharing ourselves with each other.

I accidentally blurted out, "I love you."

I didn't even have time to regret saying it when she responded, "I love you."

Our eyes met again and shared the spiritual question. "Is what we're doing right?"

We both asked the question simultaneously with our eyes, and we each saw the inevitable answer in the other's gaze. "It can't be helped. It is what it is and so be it."

The awesome responsibility for honesty and truth and compassion overpowered me. A tear began to trickle from my eye. I saw Sally's eyes water and mist over. Her head fell to my shoulder and we held each other tightly as we both cried from the totality of our emotions and from the predicament we were in.

I cried because I knew she loved me. I cried because I shouldn't love her. I cried because my wife trusted me and I wasn't strong. I cried because I knew James was fair and honest and undeserving of lost love. She cried for the same reasons.

We both knew that something had to be done. I ached for an answer to appear before me. I'm sure Sally struggled with similar thoughts.

We dozed off for a while, clinging together on the bed. Our tears dried up as we slept. Maybe it was our dreams. Maybe it was divine intervention, but when I awakened I wasn't sad. Sally had stirred a bit which woke me up. When I opened my eyes I was greeted by her smile. It was big and wide and happy. I couldn't help but smile back. I just had to ask, "What got into you?"

She sat up and climbed off the bed. "Why don't we sit and talk for a few minutes?"

I sat up and said, "Sure."

She headed over to the food cache and brought back to the small table beside our window some crackers, cheese, and (oh, yes) pineapple juice. I joined her at the table.

I waited for her to lead the conversation. She looked at me and smiled again as we snacked. "Hal, I DO love you. I know you were being truthful when you said you loved me. But we love each other in the here and now. We both know that there can never be anything more. You have your lovely wife (even though I hate her) and I have a wonderful husband. When I took you as my prize I took you out of spite for your wife, even though I certainly found you attractive enough to desire in your own right. I know you went along out of a sense of honor and duty also. Sometimes people are placed in situations that seem out of their control. Maybe this is one of them. It proves that we are resilient and capable of many things, but we can't let OUR moment together define the rest of our lives."

I mulled over her words. They all made sense. Maybe I was realizing the same things, but without the words? "Sally, if it's alright with you then, can I still love you in the here and now? I agree there is no way we could turn those three words we spoke into any sort of long term reality, but it feels so good, it feels so right, that I don't WANT to give it up. I realize we must, but please don't look down on me for being weak. I just can't rationalize my feelings away, even though I know our love is predicated on the wispiest of threads. Hell, we don't even know what kind of movies the other likes, or the kind of restaurant we like, or our idiosyncrasies around the house that might drive us nuts. Obviously you are right, but my feelings are very real." I paused a moment and added, "And I think yours are too."

"They are. It IS real. Do you think we can continue on our chosen path until tomorrow without any hurt feelings?"

"Nothing is certain, but I know I sure want to. We could choose the 'safe' path and just call it quits right now, but I suspect we would both regret it for a long, long time. If we don't live life to the fullest when we have the opportunity to expand our horizons, we are letting opportunity slip from between our fingers."

"Hal," Sally's big smile returned. "Let's tear into each other with as much gusto and life as we can. I want to experience you in as many ways possible. We only have about 21 hours left. How about we get a move on?"

"I'm getting a hard on already just thinking about it." I wasn't lying either. My mood was lifted and I tossed out a remark that Sally thought was funny. "Besides, I can't wait to provide you with more ammo for your face and hair conditioner."

"What, do you like my look?" She grinned at me through a face that was still streaked with my cum. "I have an idea, let/s get back in the tub....without the water."

I must have looked dumb, because she just grinned and said, "Well, didn't we want to experience as much as we could? Just get in."

Not knowing the path she had in mind I stepped into the tub as did Sally. She instructed me to stay standing. She lay down. "Neither of us has been to the bathroom for quite a while, right?" I didn't even get to respond. She just went on, "I want to feel your hot piss all over my body. Let it flow. Don't forget my face either." Her last sentence had a demanding edge to it.

I wasn't about to back out now, after all what harm would it be? I just asked meekly, "Are you sure?"

"Get going big boy. Give me a river."

My cock was still half-hard and it took a moment for me to develop a flow. But I got it rolling, shooting a long arc of clear piss. I aimed at her belly button for the first drops and managed a decent hit. Then I began a whirlwind tour of her body as my bladder forced out its contents. Her arms and legs writhed as she sought to catch as much of the liquid as possible. Her tits took a real soaking. Her pussy fur got soaked. I heard her moaning in delight at the warm shower. I stepped closer and took dead aim at her face. She closed her eyes but seemed to relish the forbidden. My stream was diminishing and she opened her mouth to capture the last several seconds of my stream. When I finished she smiled up at me, drops of liquid puddling everywhere on her radiant skin.

"I don't recall your bladder getting emptied anytime lately. Let's see what you can do?" I lay down as she stood up and hunkered over me. She leaned back and let loose. What a jolt! The power of the stream was unexpected. It blasted against my skin, starting with my chest. She quickly traversed my body, making sure to give my cock a good soaking. The warm, almost hot, piss prickled my skin. I lay my head almost flat in the corner of the tub and Sally took the hint. Quickly stepping over me she directed her powerful multi-stream blast towards my head and face. My hair was soaked in seconds and my face captured a large concentration of her flow. Then she squatted lower and directed her pussy to aim directly at my mouth. I felt the blast hit my tongue and then my tonsils. It boiled inside my mouth as it was forced in with a still heavy pressure. This lady had quite a bladder full. I'm sure she diverted nearly 10 or 12 oz into my mouth. I'm judging by the amount of beer in a 12 oz bottle. I had to close my gullet. I couldn't make myself swallow it, but I did keep my mouth open the whole time, letting her fill my oral cavity up to the brim. It spilled over as she slowly finished.

The eroticism of piss-play was new to me. I hadn't ever considered that it might be pleasurable. But now that I'd experienced it I can say that it was the 'sharing' aspect of what we did that made it so stimulating. I discovered that when I said I wanted to share everything with Sally, I meant it, even to the point of things that I would usually have considered off-limits.

"Let's clean up." Sally smiled as she turned on the water. We grabbed the bath supplies and readied ourselves for another round in the Jacuzzi. We sat hugging as the water rose, bubbles building. We bathed quickly, ridding ourselves of the remnants of our dalliance. Then with the jets blasting away we found ourselves becoming aroused again. I suggested that I would really like to try sucking tit and eating pussy underwater. Sally thought it sounded really good. So I tested my skill at holding my breath and using my tongue without choking on a mouthful of water. It was possible but not terrifically easy. I managed to get her nipples aroused and ready for action and I dove down to her pussy for some wet munching below the border. I had to come up for air quite often, but I was having a good time when Sally offered that she might like to try a quick underwater '69.' I said that it might be good for a laugh but I didn't think we'd make much progress. She said let's do it and see.

Well, we arranged ourselves in 'the position' as quickly as we could after each taking a few big breaths first. It felt good when she slid her mouth over my cock under the pulsing water. She only managed a few strokes before she needed to come up for air. I was panting for air also. We decided that our intentions were good and we had managed it briefly, but maybe another game might work better.

We shampooed and washed each other again. Clean and dry we went to the refrigerator and had a quick small snack again.

It was while we crunched a few crackers and nibbled the pineapples at the small table that she sprung her next surprise on me.

"Remember all we've talked about? Remember you said you wanted to please me in the worst possible way? I'm going to give you a chance. Remember how you said you liked soft sensual sex and yet you loved the raunchy stuff for the way it made you feel? Well, I have something for you." She walked over to her small bag that James had brought for her. She reached in and pushed aside a few items at the bottom of the bag. It took her a moment of searching but she slowly started to remove her hand as I watched. A sly wicked smile started to cross her face. I'd seen that smile enough already in the last 18 hours to know that she was up to one of her tricks. As her hand came out of the bag, I saw she was pulling a rope. It was a blue rope of moderate dimensions, spun of some soft material. She didn't speak, nor did I. She walked over to me as the rope slowly played out of the bag behind her. The rope looked like a snake as it fell to the floor behind her. My mind was spinning with the possibilities. It appeared that I would earn more 'virgin experiences' in just a few hours than I'd had in the last 20 years. As much as I would normally have been a bit frightened, at that moment I only felt nervous sexy anticipation. If Sally would get pleasure from tying me up and having her way with me, I would take it, in whatever form she might divine.

She stood in front of me as I sat naked at the table. She looped the rope around my head and pulled it into her breasts. For as much as her wondrous breasts were one of her best endowments, I had actually spent only a small amount of time loving them. So it was a real pleasure to be forced to suck her nipples as she pulled my head to her with the rope. The moment was short and then the rope reached around the chair, came under my arms, down between my legs and lay against my cock on either side. She used gentle pressure to run the soft rope across my skin. I could feel that it wasn't rough at all, actually quite pleasant. My cock was beginning to grow and she wrapped a few loops around my cock and squeezed without pulling too tight. She un-looped it and wrapped a length around my scrotum, forcing my balls out into the confined space of my shrunken sack. She gave it a jerk, not too harsh, and I jumped a bit from the little pain. Actually I jumped more from the anticipation of pain than from the amount of pain itself. It was not severe because she was careful. She soon proceeded to tie one of my legs to the chair. She actually tied it really tight. It hurt a little, but unless I moved or struggled against it I could bear the pain. I had been watching her with eyes wide open and she had been watching me for my reaction. With my foot tied to the chair she knelt on the floor in front of me so she was looking up into my eyes. She leaned close, to within 6 inches of my face and whispered. "So.... Are you ready to let a girl get what she wants? She really wants more you know. Are you ready for that?"

I looked deep in her eyes and whispered, "You know I am."

Sally smiled a bit. She reached down and untied my foot. "Well then big boy, I hope you know some knots." She spoke as she turned and walked back towards the bag from which she had retrieved the rope. I couldn't see her face to gauge her intent. I was baffled. What did she mean?

She reached into the bag and pulled out 3 more ropes just like the first. They had been hidden beneath the bottom of her bag. She held up two in each hand and said to me, "Get over here big boy and tie me up."

"What?" I exclaimed. "I thought you wanted to have your way with me?"

"Sort of. What I actually asked you was if you were ready to give a girl what she wants. You said yes. Well, I WANT YOU to have your way with ME. I want you to tie me up to the bed and spend the next several hours doing whatever your little heart desires with my body. It can be soft or hard, kinky or normal, dirty or clean, painful or not, raunchy or nice, or any combination. It can be WHATEVER you want: whatever fantasies or curiosities you have lurking deep, deep inside; use whatever time you want. I ache so badly to be taken by you and used by you and devoured by you. I will not be fulfilled until YOU have had everything you want from me."