Chapter 14 - Private Party

We made it directly to the room without anyone seeing us, thank God. She gave me the key to open the door and we went in. I flipped on the lights and tossed my bag on the first table inside the main room. She followed and we saw the Jacuzzi tub beside the king size bed. The room was nice, although not as large as my suite.

I dared ask a question, "Aren't you tired? Don't you want some sleep?"

"Soon enough," she ventured. "But look at me. Don't you think I could use a little cleaning up?" She actually laughed as she contemplated her looks. She hadn't seen herself in a mirror, but I'm sure she knew that her perfect beauty of 8 hours before was long gone.

"Yes, I guess that might be a good idea."

"Well then, what are you waiting for? Start the hot water and get out the bubble bath."

She returned to the door, hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside, closed and locked the door.

We were now alone. It was just the two of us and I became nervous, sort of like a schoolboy on his first date. I shouldn't have been nervous, considering what had already happened with and in front of each other, but it was a fact. I had to admit the idea of a bath sounded pretty good. So I went ahead and drew the water, hot, but not too hot. I added a quarter bottle of bubble bath and went to the fridge where I found some juice. I asked Sally if she'd like some and she said she would. I poured small glasses for us both and then I returned to sit in the edge of the filling tub. Sally had three badly damaged articles of clothing on. She removed her stockings first and then her sexy garter belt. Now for the first time I saw her completely naked.

She saw my gaze upon her and asked, "Well, what do you think Hal? Do you like what you see?" She was actually half mocking her own looks, fully recognizing that her appearance was currently very bedraggled.

She had begun to put me at ease somewhat, "Well, considering our unusual circumstances, I think I can be honest and tell you that I find you a very attractive woman. I don't think I'd make a very convincing liar after some of the things I did during the last half hour."

"Even with the way I look now?" She was referring to her post fight appearance, which even she knew was somewhat less than pinup model quality.

"I think a man of perception can see through those kind of appearances. I hope I can still be a fair judge of beauty and sexiness on a woman's 'bad hair day.' I politely referred to her looks.

"Well I thank you for that. Maybe the bath will help. Is it ready yet?"

I tested the water as it approached the high mark on the tub. "It's kind of hot. Will that be ok?"

Sally stepped over and ran her hand through the bubbly water. "Ooooh. Yes, it's kind of hot. Let's wait a minute."

She sat down on the edge of the bed and I sat beside her. We sipped our juice and talked. "So tell me Hal. Why did you come up to this hotel with your wife?"

"Well, I guess it's simple enough. Now that our kids are all out of the house, we thought it was time to try to put some romance back in our lives. We were hoping that something like this would have jump started our sex lives."

"Sooo. How well do you think you have accomplished that so far?" Sally smiled as she waited for my answer.

"At this moment I can't speak for my wife, but I'd have to admit, with qualifications, that so far MY expectations have been exceeded."

"What qualifications might you be referring to?"

"Sally, I hope you won't be offended, but I can't in any honesty say that I was rooting for you to beat my wife. I badly wanted Gwen to beat your ass."

Sally let out a really happy sounding laugh. "Of course, of course. I wouldn't have supposed any different. I know James was rooting for me. So why are you so willing to come here with me?"

" I don't know if I have the REAL answer to that question. I guess probably because I remember both promises you ladies made early on in the fight. You promised to have me for a prize and Gwen promised to take James. Since neither James nor I spoke up in opposition at that moment I guess I feel compelled to let the winner have her way. It hurts me to think about it but I fully suspect that Gwen would probably be taking advantage of James right now if she had won."

"So what you are saying, if I have it right, is that your sense of honor sort of forces you to accept the consequences of my victory?"

"Yeah, that's pretty much it."

"So what about the 'other' reality? You let me suck your cock. Yummy. You fucked me and shared me with my husband. You ate my cum-dripping pussy on a stairway in a hotel." She paused for a few seconds. "What about that? Isn't another reason you came with me that you have a burning desire for me? I can see desire in your eyes, you know?"

I had to think about my response a moment. "I guess you are partly right. I look at you and have sexual desire. My hormones evidently are doing their job. But that's not WHY I'm here. I've had sexual desire and feelings for literally hundreds of women during the course of my marriage, but that didn't turn into any sort of dalliance or tryst. It was just that: desire. I've been very happy with Gwen, even though I sometimes wish for a more exciting sex life, but I never cheated on her. So it isn't my DESIRE for you that brought me here. It's the fact that you beat Gwen in a fair fight and the consequences had been clearly spoken beforehand. So you are partly right."

"Well that's good to know. I like the fact that you are honest with me. But make no mistake about my intentions. You and I are going to have as much hot sex over the next day as I can possibly get. I understand your feelings for your wife, but you are now a lucky man. You get to have as much extramarital sex as you want with a woman you desire, and you even are doing it with your wife's permission. How good is that?"

"If you don't mind my saying so. I fully intend to take every opportunity. I'll let my desire run wild with you, seeking every conceivable manner of fulfilling my desires, within the physical reality of my 53-year-old body. In fact, I guess since it's kind of an honor thing for me to be doing this, it wouldn't be honorable unless I invested myself fully in the effort. A half-hearted dishrag partner isn't a partner at all. In a sense I'll just be trying to keep up with my wife. I know she laid it all on the line, giving it everything she had in her battles with you. I would be dishonoring HER, if I didn't give you everything I have, as she did."

"Hal, I do believe you are truly a noble man. I know you're not here to win my heart. But I'm very glad to hear that you want to win my body. I do believe we'll have a smashing good time."

She finished her juice and I downed mine. I tested the water again. It was fine. I told her it was ready.

"Get those clothes off. I'm not the only one that needs a bath." Sally looked at me with a wink.

She was right about that of course. I hadn't mentioned it but I was glad she wanted me in the large tub with her. She went right in. Sinking in to her chin, I could see the relief in her face as the warm bubbly waters soothed her. I stepped over to the wall and threw the Jacuzzi switch for the maximum time. The water began bubbling and pulsing from the jets. I pulled off my sweats and underwear and slid down chin deep also. I went in at the opposite end from Sally. Our legs met in the middle of the tub.

So far I had kept most of our interaction in Sally's realm. I let her start the conversation and dictate its flow. In the relaxing waters and considering my own promise from moments before, I offered, "Would you like me to shampoo your hair?"

"Why, Hal. How sweet. Would you?"

I dunked my head under the hot bubbling water and bobbed back up to grab the nearby bottle of shampoo. Sliding around the tub I watched as Sally dunked herself under the water. She shook her head to loosen the strands of hair, running her hand through her blonde tresses beneath the surface for several seconds. She swung her head out of the water and moved to sit in front of me. I sat up on the edge of the tub so she could lean back on the wall of the tub. She sat where one of the powerful jets was shooting into her back. For the next several minutes I gave her a long slow shampoo and scalp massage. I let my fingers enjoy the softening texture. I relished the contentment that seemed to be soaking into Sally's being. It was satisfying to be at peace. I was living in the moment, absorbing the gentle rhythm of her head as it moved gently under my fingers' massage. Her head weaved from side to side as I worked the shampoo into her hair. Through the mirror on the opposite wall I could see she had closed her eyes, absorbed in the release of tension and soothing waters and massage. For nearly ten minutes I massaged her scalp.

Feeling the need to move on, I started to massage her shoulders, which must have been quite tense and sore from her exertions. Sally opened her eyes and smiled at me in the mirror. "That was nice, really nice." She let her body slip down under the water and she used her hands to massage the shampoo from her hair. In a moment she came up, but instead of returning to sit between my legs she offered to shampoo my hair for me. Well, I don't have very long hair, so the task would be easy. But since she offered I naturally accepted. We traded places and I felt the lovely relaxing pleasure as her fingers massaged my scalp. My eyes were also closed most of the time, but I occasionally opened them for a glimpse of Sally in the mirror. She seemed to be enjoying herself also. We were together in a sort of dreamy, peaceful place. Our cares were gone. No troubles intruded. The outside world didn't exist. It was just the two of us sharing. The fact that I hadn't ever even seen this woman nine hours before never even crept into my mind. It seemed totally natural and right that we were together in this moment. She massaged my temples, the back of my neck, my ears, my forehead, and my entire scalp. The lovely tranquility eased my mind and the warm jets of water soothed my body. Sally gave me about ten wonderful minutes of this before her hands wandered down across my chest. With her hands flat and smooth, they dove under the water as she leaned over me. I felt her breasts caressing my neck while her hands played with my nipples.

She whispered soft and sweetly in my ear, "Let me wash your body."

Well, I'm a sucker for invitations like that so I offered a very quiet, "All right."

I slipped under the water that was nearly to the rim, rinsing my hair of the shampoo. Fifteen seconds was enough. When I popped up, Sally stood before me looking like a goddess. Granted, a few flaws, courtesy of my wife, were plainly evident. Her face had two small bruises, on the corner of her chin and another just to the outside of her left eyebrow, high on her cheek. Apparently a couple of Gwen's hard slaps had done the damage. She also had red marks on her breasts and tummy, but even with these blemishes, my consciousness absorbed her as a 'whole woman' and I found her attractive as hell. Her mascara had already washed away. No makeup remained. Her hair was wet and hanging string like, but shiny. Her slightly protruding tummy was in no way a turn off. Indeed, I think it just affirmed the fact that she was a mature woman, with a mature woman's confident sexuality that didn't depend on mimicking a centerfold's thinness.

In her hand were a washcloth and a bar of soap. The jets of the Jacuzzi chose this moment to time out. The waters stilled. The room was quiet. "Just stand there Hal, just like that." She looked at me with a soft look of tenderness, approaching me with her equipment. She began to rub the cloth with the bar of soap as she spoke to me again in a soft whisper, "You look so good standing there. It makes me feel so good inside knowing that you want me as badly as I want you. Stand still and I'll wash you all over."

She did. With soft touches, using both her hands and the cloth, she lathered my body from head to toe. She had me spread my legs so she could reach every inch. Not a millimeter went uncleaned. She soaped the cloth and washed my ass, lingering just a moment longer than she really needed to. My cock did receive special attention. No doubt about it. It seemed to take forever for her to conclude that I was clean. Of course during that time, we both began to notice the swelling. At first it wasn't much, but she noticed. Her hands replaced the cloth and she gently toyed with it. The pleasure wasn't hedonistic, but gentle, caring, sharing, and exquisitely tender. I felt remarkably lucky. Sally was everything to me at that moment.

She never got overly aggressive with my penis; just giving it the sort of cleaning that affirmed her interest in and satisfaction with my equipment. She had been absorbed visually with her task, but when she looked up into my eyes I knew it was time for the next stage. "Shall I wash you?" I asked.

"Yes, darling. That would be lovely." Her use of the word darling didn't even strike me as odd or wrong. It carried with it the clear feeling of affection she had for me. That was all. That was enough.

She also stood in the water that was about half way up our thighs. Some of the bubbly had dissipated by now, but the water was still warm enough for comfort. I took a new cloth and gave Sally as thorough and sensuous cleaning as I thought I had received. I wanted it to be special. I was all along hoping that I was succeeding. With my hands free to roam all over her body, the sexual appetite within me couldn't be denied. I managed to concentrate on the soft sensual cleaning of her entire body, including the waterlogged portion of her legs and feet. I actually went under water to clean her feet and toes. All the sweat, beer stains, man-cum, spit, perfume, pussy juice, and good old dirt came off under my caring hands. It took great patience for me to avoid her private areas until last. I first re-lathered the cloth and using as much gentleness as possible washed her breasts. Even with the cloth between my fingers and her skin, I thrilled at the touch. Re-lathering again I headed south to her pussy. Her wet pubic hairs got a thorough cleansing before I went deeper. Out of her own desire for thoroughness, she sat back on the edge of the tub, so she could spread her legs for me. The cloth found its mark. I gently washed each area, first with the palm of my hand rubbing over the entire area, but then following up with just a single finger swab cleaning the intricacies as far as I could reach. She pulled her knee up and out of the water, stretching her pussy wide. Then with her hand she assisted me by pulling her delicate pink lips even further aside. Her hole was open and ready. My cloth covered finger, went inside, twirled around and gently massaged as much area as I could reach by using just one finger. I dropped the cloth and looked up into her eyes. Sally's gorgeous blue eyes spoke to me. I didn't need any from her mouth. They said simply, "Please!"

My face was only inches away from her anxious hole. Our soft gentle caressing massage and wash had ended as I hoped, with desire for each other building to a point where we had to fulfill the thirst of our loins. My face leaned in. The intricate design of her womanly organ became etched in my mind. I suspect I'll be able to picture that scene in my mind forever; pink soft folds of her skin parted to the inner soft skin, crested by her magnificent clitoris. It stood at attention like a sentinel guarding a cave. I started with my nose. I edged closer to sniff her cleanliness and the fresh aroma emanating from inside her vagina. All remnants of earlier excursions there were now washed away. A gentle musk prevailed, augmented by the bubble bath sweetness and a hint of Irish Spring.

I sucked as much intimate aroma into my nostrils as my lungs would allow. I savored it longingly as I looked up at Sally, staring into her eyes. Slowly I let the air escape, blowing a short stream from my mouth towards her crotch. I sucked in a second, equally long languorous scent laden volume of air. The mixture of her aroma combined with her melting eyes, gave me a sense of pure adoring affection. I think scientists are right when they tell us that attraction is based on pheromones. I knew that I was a victim.

Upon releasing the second lungful of air, my mouth merged with her pussy. It wasn't as if I was just eating her out, although the physical events would be easy to describe with movements of teeth, tongue, lips, clit, and hips. But it seemed to me it was unification. Sally felt it also. I don't know how long it lasted, except to say that it lasted long enough. I looked up at Sally as much as my ministrations would allow. Every time I was met with those strikingly beautiful sexy eyes. Her tranquility of spirit gave me peace. Her orgasm built slowly, maintained itself for what seemed an inordinate length of time, eons maybe? Then it slowly faded away, like a ripple on a pond that is there and then it is not. I kept my mouth glued to her loins until she shifted her weight to indicate that I had done enough.

I backed away as she slipped into the water. Going to her knees, as I already was, she moved to me. Our eyes did all the talking. She put her arms around my neck and mine encircled her chest. Our bodies pulled together and we kissed. Pure bliss. Our sharing was soft, tender, and very sweet. Her hips began to move gently under the water, teasing my cock that was planted firmly between us. I felt my cock brushed by her small pubic mound. She scrubbed the head of my dick for several moments. She removed her mouth from mine and pushed me backwards in the tub. I lay back at an angle as she climbed over me. Her eyes, Oh God, her eyes. I was purely melting inside as she lowered her body until I was inside her completely. With exquisite delicacy she began to rock her pelvis in perfectly coordinated rhythms, matching my thrusts as though we were a single entity. We were. We were one. The lofty peaceful bliss I felt was enchanting. We moved synchronously until she did for me what I had done for her. My discharge volume was small, but the feeling was large and long. The lukewarm water, the clean freshness of our bodies, the wonderful sexy swinging of her breasts above me, sometimes crushed to my chest, the perfectly lovely soft kisses, her fingers playing in my hair all came together for me. I came in her and for her. The look in her eyes told me that her only desire in that moment was my pleasure. She was infinitely successful in giving me that pleasure. We clung together through my orgasm and beyond. The blissful beauty of our coupling had to end, but we did our best to stretch it out to its fullest. Finally we both began to stir. The water was barely lukewarm anyway. She slowly pulled off, cleaned herself briefly, and then suggested we get some sleep. After all it was now past 5 A.M.

We got out of the water and toweled off, feeling refreshed but very tired. Her hair was still wet and she spent a few minutes in the bathroom with the blow dryer. I was waiting for her in the bed when she came out. What a vision of loveliness. I was awestruck to think that this beauty was actually going to climb into bed WITH ME! I kept thinking I might be in a dream and wake up to my ordinary existence, but it was real. Sally was real. She joined me under the covers. We snuggled and slept - together.