Chapter 13 - Prize Party

I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the physical punishment and humiliation was over. I wasn't sure how much better the rest would be, especially for my wife, but I felt honor bound to accept the outcome. After all, I hadn't risen to stop the fight upon hearing the promises made during the strip off. Even though I didn't really know James, I felt supremely confident that his honor would have bound him in the same way. In fact, I believed my wife would have wanted it that way, as painful as it might be.

For the first time in a long time there was a break in the erotic tension in the room. Julia had stopped snapping pictures. How she did it I'll never know. She was sure a trooper, getting all those shots. I wasn't sure I'd want to see them all but that wasn't foremost in my mind right now. I noted the clock on the wall. It was nearly 3:00 A.M. Usually by this time I would have been long gone in a deep sleep, even allowing for a late night interlude of sex with my wife, but right now my eyelids were not drooping. On the contrary, the horny tension of the night, combined with the adrenalin ravishing my system, kept me wide-awake. My moment of inner reflection was broken.

"Oh Hal......" Sally spoke to me in a sort of singsong tone, beckoning me. "I need another cold beer. Heineken." She spoke matter-of-factly, not the least bit concerned that I might not kowtow to her wishes. I got up, aware for the first time in a while that my cock had never lost its erection. I wondered who had slipped the extra dose of Viagra in my beer. Not really, it just surprised me to see the extent of my erection. I got up and retrieved the beer for Sally.

"Thanks Hal."

"You're welcome, Sally." I tried not to look at my wife. It would have killed me if she were crying. But I couldn't help myself. I glanced in her direction to see her in a sitting position, propped up on a pillow. James, kind gentleman, had actually on his own headed to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. He handed it to Julia who took it over for Gwen. I stood beside Sally as she drank her beer. We stood there close together. My totally naked body and she still covered in shredded stockings and ripped garter devices. I looked over towards Gwen just as she took the glass from Julia. Her eyes caught mine, as I looked questioningly her way. She lowered her glass and gave me two distinct but small nods of her head. It was her way of saying that yes, she too, felt honor-bound to let the winner's promise become fulfilled. In some ways it was doubly sad for me, since her acquiescence indicated had it been she that was the winner, she would be doing the same thing with James.

Sally drank about half the bottle in a hurry. I can't say that the beer lowered her inhibitions any, as alcohol is known to do, because I don't think she had any inhibitions left. I continued to stand near her. She seemed quite happy to down the beer. "Well, Hal. Are you ready?"

I meekly shrugged my shoulders in mute acceptance. I didn't know what she had planned, but even with the guilt and awkward feeling I felt, I could not eliminate the lust that seemed to rule inside me. At this moment Sally was not a thing of beauty like I'd noticed on the ballroom floor. Her hair was a mess. She had some red welts, albeit small ones, on her face, breasts and torso. Her mascara had run terribly, merging with all the sweat, spit, and tears of the last several hours. Her groin and inner legs had not been cleaned up after James and my treatment as a shooting gallery. Our cum stuck to her in dried globs, especially in her pubic hair region. Basically she was a total mess. Notwithstanding all that, my cock stood rigidly pointing toward her, ready for action, as I faced her from close range. She had seen my playful cock-duel with James earlier and I suspected that she wanted a duel of her own with my tool as the toy. But I can't say I really knew what to expect. Just that I was pretty sure that she was deeply motivated by lust to affirm why she had devoted so much of herself to conquering Gwen. In other words, without the spoils of war, why fight? I was her spoils.

She eyed me between swallows. I guess she was mulling over for herself just how to take advantage of the situation and me. She smiled at me, sometimes actually grinning. She inched ever closer until she stood directly in front of me. She looked up into my eyes. I tried not to look too enthralled by her, but I couldn't help but look back with the thrill of tasting forbidden fruit blasting through my mind. I sensed after three or four minutes of this tense, quiet standoff that she had finally reached some sort of decision in her mind. The other three were sitting quietly watching the tentative beginning of the prize party. I can't imagine what all must have been going through their minds. Julia had for the moment at least stopped taking photos. I think she reloaded memory into her camera at least half a dozen times so far. I couldn't seem to care about that, only what Sally had in store.

So close I could smell Sally's heady aroma; a fusion of sweat, cum, fading perfume, and rich pungent pussy juices. She swirled the last two inches of beer around in the green bottle and tipped it high for a final flourish.

"I need a chaser................a cock chaser." She giggled at her own cleverness with words.

Down she went. Kneeling on the floor she grabbed my hardness and began to massage it slowly and gently with her fingers. Her eyes were glued to my cock. She examined it closely with her fingers and eyes. She cupped my balls in her hand, weighing them with a brief up and down motion. She looked up at me and nodded her affirmation of whatever quality she was measuring. Evidently my balls, one load shy of full, still carried the heft she wanted.

Then I felt her mouth slide over the tip of my cock. Her soft wet tongue tickled the underside as her wet lips encircled the raging hardness of my penis. "Ummmmmmmmm." She pulled her mouth away just long enough to look over at Gwen. "Too bad a cock like this is wasted on a whore like you!"

I knew not to look over at Gwen. It wouldn't have been pretty. Sally's mouth dove over my cock again. This time she slowly worked it into her mouth, keeping plenty of wet pressure on as many square inches of my sensitive skin as possible. I had always loved having my cock sucked. What man didn't? Sally sure knew how to accommodate a man. Her lips made it down halfway (about 3 inches - I'm very average). She began to move up and down on my cock, varying the pace from quite slow and deliberate to very fast and furious. The feeling was intense. The wicked pleasure was a pure joy as she hungrily sucked my manhood. After three or four minutes of this she slowed down. Twisting her head around and bending low she sucked first one of my balls into her mouth and then the other. Opening very wide she literally power sucked them both in, first the right and then the left. I groaned as she twirled her tongue over the wrinkled but tightly wound surface of my scrotum. I nearly fainted, but she sensed the weakness in my knees and pulled back. Back to my cock she went. Looking up into my eyes she licked my entire shaft along the bottom side, letting her tongue spend extra time just under the glans at the front of my cock. She sure knew my hot spot. Swinging her head over to the top side she opened her mouth and with her lips forcing downward as she held my cock firmly up with her hands, she ran her mouth from tip to base and back again. The wonderful pressure forced more groans from my throat. She looked over at my wife. My eyes didn't follow her gaze. "I think he likes it." It was true, I did. I couldn't help it. It was wonderful. But why did she have to rub it in. Wasn't it bad enough that Gwen was forced to witness, at least audibly my lusty groans, topped off by Sally's humiliating taunts?

Aiming her head back for a direct frontal attack on my cock, she took an inch. Her hands were both at work rubbing the further reaches of my dick. Her tongue ran swirly circles all around the head of my cock. My groans became almost continuous as she expertly gave pleasure to her enemy's husband. The tonguing stopped. I watched another inch disappear inside her wet plump lips. Her blue eyes searched upward to see me staring back with eyes wide open. She moved her lips in a sort of wiggling progression. They were literally worming their way down my cock. Never losing contact with my ultra sensitive skin, I saw another inch disappear. Her eyes were burning with passion as she forced her lips to worm further down my cock. I felt her tongue caressing the underside of my cock, further down than ever. Gwen was never a contender for deep throat action. It had never really bothered me, since her 'ordinary' blow jobs were always pretty damn well appreciated. I felt the tip of my cock reach the back of her mouth. Then without delay she wormed her lips down as now more than two-thirds of my cock had disappeared from sight. The head of my cock had now entered new territory. I felt the wonderful wetness of her throat. It inched inside a fraction at a time until it was buried full length inside her head. I felt her tongue snake out and actually lick the edge of my scrotum where it meets my cock. Some of my pubic hairs had disappeared inside her lips. "God, Oh God" I thought as I felt her lips constrict around the very base of my cock. Somehow she used her wet, succulent lips like a bungee cord and squeezed tightly. It was the most incredible sensation I had ever felt. As slowly as she had worked her way down she now withdrew. The tightness of her lips followed the withdrawal so that every single square millimeter of my dick had been pleasured by her tight wet mouth.

She glanced over at my wife but her gaze then returned to me. "Did SHE ever do THAT?" The answer inside my head was a resounding NO, but I couldn't force myself to say so. She turned my silence against me. "Sometimes silence speaks volumes." She was still rubbing it in to Gwen. I glanced over at Gwen now and could see that she was still in the same posture, but it looked like her eyes were closed. She still held the glass of water in her hand. Julia had left Gwen's side. She had been dutifully capturing Sally's fellatio, and I'm sure she got a few of my face and its reaction as well. My body shuddered in delight at the totally forbidden pleasure. Before I could gather coherent thoughts my consciousness was reawakened because Sally wasn't done with me.

As though leading a dog, she grabbed my cock with one hand and led me over to the big couch, turned me around and had me sit down. "Time for a champion's fuck," She didn't look at Gwen as she spoke, but clearly it was a message for her. I leaned back with my hips resting on the edge of the couch. Before she climbed aboard she knelt briefly on the floor and placed her tits on either side of my erection. Her hands squeezed my cock between the soft, wonderful flesh. Leaning slowly forward and then back she watched my cock appear and disappear from between her massive globes. My cock still had a bit of moisture left from her oral episode just a minute before, but she spit several gobs of saliva into the territory between her tits, coating my cock and providing delectable slippery friction between her milk organs and my sperm shooter. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, just savoring the pleasure. I felt guilty to be so greedy, but the fact is that I desperately wanted every moment of sexual play that Sally might give me. After guiding my cock in and out of her wet confines, and after relishing the nearly pussy-like tightness as she pressed her breasts very firmly together, she got up.

My organ pointed to the ceiling and she knew how to deal with that. With a brief look over at Gwen to confirm that she was watching (she was), Sally knelt across my torso and lowered her hips toward me. Reaching between our sweating bodies to find her toy, she guided my cock into her pussy. In one easy plunge I was totally embedded. I could hardly believe the wetness. It was as if I had just dipped my cock in warm melted butter with about 50 pounds of pressure squeezing every millimeter of its sensitive skin. At first I lay still, giving Sally the presumption of control and initiative. After the first plunge, impaled completely by my cock, Sally simply wiggled her ass around on me. I could feel the pressure of her cunt lips tightly gripping the very base of my cock. Her wiggling made me shiver again from the wonderful sensations transmitted by her warm, wet, pussy to my hard, stiff, smooth cock. She leaned forward. I watched as her nipples, hanging low beneath her plump breasts, grazed my chest. She allowed only the slightest trace of skin-to-skin contact. Watching and feeling her impressive endowments trace little circles on my chest was an added erotic bonus. I have always loved for Gwen to tickle me with her nipples and Sally had instantly and instinctively discovered my appreciation, as I clearly conveyed my pleasure with a series of breath-catching gasps. I wasn't really trying to give away what I really liked. I just couldn't help it. My sensual physiology was in charge, not me.

After nearly a whole minute of this, and still remaining totally impaled by my penis, she began to rock; up and back, up and back. By the third rocking motion my hips involuntarily got into the act. Our organs mated in wonderful harmony. It felt so natural and easy. Her liquid lubrication was very, very nice. My hardness rammed into her body, becoming more and more involuntary. I felt like if this moment lasted forever I would be in heaven.

As focused as I was on my own pleasure with the woman who had just beaten my wife, I still maintained some awareness of my surroundings. Gwen sat several feet away, still on the floor, tears beginning to dry up. She still showed the physical signs of the fight, but strangely I thought I saw a glimmer of peace in her face. I couldn't comprehend her actual feelings, but it seemed that she was resigned to the situation. No, it was more than that. She seemed to actually be gleaning a bit of satisfaction for herself, evidently from seeing me enjoy the libidinous pleasures that she knows are at the heart of every man's soul, especially her husband's.

Julia became a frequent visitor in the space close to me. I think she must have taken two-dozen pictures of my face in just the past few moments. She also crouched down behind Sally and I heard the clicking that represented extreme close-ups of our greedy fornication. James sat on the same chair as before, rigidly erect as he watched his wife plunging down onto my cock. I wondered what sort of feelings he was struggling with. One feeling was very obvious. His erection spoke volumes about the horniness he felt. His hand was softly toying with his cock, gently pleasuring himself as I fucked his wife before his very eyes.

Sally seemed quite focused on our coital intercourse. Her sighs and groans were evidence of the pleasure she was receiving. But she also seemed perceptive of the actions around her. All of a sudden she slowed her humping hips. Then she stopped. Looking over at my wife she said, "He's mine now. Too bad for you."

She spoke to Julia who was at our side pointing her lens at our crotch junction. "I sure hope you're getting all of this. I can't wait to share these photos with all of Gwen's friends." Her threat didn't hold much weight, but she had certainly taken the opportunity to make another dig at Gwen's predicament.

Next she turned towards James. "Hey husband. Don't just sit there with that stiff thing. Get over here and fuck me."

James looked a little surprised. He didn't say or do anything until Sally demanded again, "I SAID get over here and stick your cock in my pussy. I can handle two cocks and from what I saw before, I think Hal might really like some companionship." Her sense of humor was intact, even though it had a biting edge to it.

Shit, I thought, this woman is sure some twisted lady. My surprise and initial dismay lasted only a moment as I saw James obey his wife and walk towards us with his hard pole in his hand. My expectation of what was about to happen was that of sizzling, forbidden pleasures. I could only imagine the physical and psychological impact of what we were about to do. I didn't have to imagine for very long.

In five seconds James was behind Sally, bending low to align his erection with our already conjoined organs. Whether by accident or design, I'll never know but I first felt his cock on my balls. The entire length of my shaft was buried in Sally's cunt and I wasn't moving to allow him access in my place. So my balls were tight up against the intersection of our bodies. But once that first touch was felt I'm convinced that James was teasing my balls with his cock on purpose. The head of his cock pushed my scrotum, one way, the then the other. It kept up a gentle pressure as it moved slowly around, exploring the underside of my taut sac and then poking at each testacle before sliding upwards toward the junction of my balls and my cock. I'd never in my wildest curious fantasies ever envisioned something like this. Sally and I kept still as James dickhead found the crevice where my cock already filled her. His rigid manhood pressed against the very base and underside of my cock as he squirmed a bit, trying to wiggle his way into a hole that surely didn't seem accommodating. Sally squirmed a little herself as she obviously felt the probing organ. It seemed that his cock was only half an inch further up my shaft when Sally wiggled some more and James gave a mighty push. He was in!

The speed of his entry was surprising and glorious. The feeling of his cock head ramming inside Sally's cunt as it scraped its way up the length of my own cock was a feeling for which there are no words. He hit bottom and I now felt his balls swat against mine. Sally gasped at the intrusion, but it didn't take long for her to start wiggling her body. "Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hell yes!" She let us know the pleasure she was feeling. James and I both grunted as we began to fuck her hole together. For just a moment after settling in James remained still, savoring the exquisitely tight confinement we shared. Then he began to rock his hips, pushing in and out of his wife's pussy. I did the same.

Lord, Lord, Lord! It was fucking incredible! The increased tightness was glorious! The soothing lubrication was magnificent! The feel of James smooth hard cock riding alongside inside Sally's womb tunnel was kinky and powerfully exciting. My cock had never experienced the combination of such delights. Not only was the pure physiology of it perfect, but the wicked awareness that I was fucking another man's wife even while he fucked her too, as my wife and a stranger lady looked on had my head spinning. My hips began to pump wildly. My breathing became ragged. Sally lowered her chest to me, her breasts plastered on my chest. Her mouth found mine and we kissed violently with lips, tongues, and teeth devouring each other. My hands grabbed her head and forced her face into mine. I felt my passion rule over every other concern in my life. I had to have her. I had to fuck her hard, long, and deep. I had to experience the plunging friction of James manhood imperatively seeking his personal pleasure demons. Our bodies writhed in a humping frenzy. Like a two-cylinder engine we plunged into her on opposite cycles. This kept her at least half full of cock at every moment and as our cocks hit bottom and we rocked her body forward with every thrust she was wracked by the rapidity of the cycle.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh.............." Sally let out soft rapid sounds with every thrust we banged her way. She loved it. She wanted it. She earned it. She deserved it. She was getting it. If she was anything like me she wanted to cum and yet wanted it to last. My pleasure center was so sensitized and so overwhelmed with electric joy that I didn't ever want it to end. I felt my cock's tingly pre-orgasmic feeling settle in. Typically for me, being a quick shooter, that would mean release was imminent, but this time, somehow, the orgasm got hung up. It didn't happen. I was riding a wave crest of immense proportions, like a surfer who caught a tsunami and mastered its power for mile after mile after mile.

On and on we went. Occasionally one or the other of us would shift gears and fuck with different rhythms or directions. Once as I was pulling out and James was plunging in, my cock popped out of her hole. My anxiousness to return inside her was so great that I just prayed my aim was good and I jabbed with every ounce of power my loins could generate, demanding by force my right to be there. As luck would have it James cock had inadvertently fallen out on his very next outstroke and so we found ourselves both seeking entrance to her hole at the same time. My first powerful thrust actually hit James cock and diverted it off to one side. But I missed my target. I resumed my insistent probing and poking as I felt James devote himself equally to the same goal. Our cocks and balls banged each other in defiance of the other's need to return to our perfect nest. I came close to penetrating on about the fifth stroke, but James cock pressured mine out of the way. Sally was anxious to resume her dual pounding, but she didn't seem to be playing favorites at all. She kept her pussy ready but still as we blasted our dicks at her in the frenzied attempt to work inside. James hands were on Sally's back, so he wasn't 'cheating' and using his hand to guide himself into Sally. Thank God James was a 'fair man.' We just banged our cocks repeatedly towards the target. I was at a disadvantage since I couldn't see the target. James, from his position in behind, could look down and see the object of his desire. But my instincts were very good. I used my hard erection time after time to thwart James' entry. Then it happened, finally. Judging only by feel where her entrance was I put my cock in reverse for just a fraction of a second and then rammed it forcefully at Sally. Instantly I sunk balls deep back where I belonged. Oh, the satisfaction was immense. Now James was forced to probe for a second time to squirm inside. It didn't matter to me now that he made it in. I had proved something to James and myself that I was better. I had managed to plunge myself inside his very own wife, even as his cock worked diligently to get there first and to prevent me from my invasion.

Now that James and I were both inside again we built up a rhythm of simultaneous thrusts. We pulled back at the same time and thrust together into her wet tight hole. This gave Sally some seriously intense feelings. The mass and volume of two manhoods stretching her tissues and plunging cervix deep into her vagina must have given her a powerful 'full-up' satisfaction and joy. She cried a little cry of pain on our first dual plunge, but then each cry thereafter seemed to be one of pleasure that kept growing and growing. I eventually sensed in James movements urgency I had not noticed before. Somehow their urgency became my own. I began to follow my own bodies instinct, ramming my cock home, feeling Sally clench her pussy tight around both our shafts, relishing the tingly touch of James as he slid by going one way or the other.

The pre-orgasmic tingle saturated my cock, my balls, my groin, and eventually I felt the numb-tingly pleasure all through my body. I started making noises of passion and I heard James and Sally do the same. We created a harmony of sound that blended with the environment and with our locked bodies to both soothe and strengthen the intensity of our pleasure. I felt my hips take total control of my body. They pumped my cock into Sally with machine gun tenacity. James matched my propulsive power and Sally humped back at us with a most vengeful intensity. My balls tightened up and I felt James balls bang into mine, feeling like marbles they were so hard. We pushed and plundered Sally for another two or three minutes until she yelled out, "Do it now! Now! Fuck me now! Come, come, come, come."

And we did. The three of us shattered the veneer of normalcy as we ground our groins together with the most ferocious intensity yet, screaming, cursing, moaning, and glorifying the moment as we came. I sure don't know how much either James or I came, but I felt the sperm-spewing ejection mechanism inside my equipment cycle at least 25 times as I pressed deeply into Sally, towards her womb. James must have squirted nearly as many times. I could feel the spasms course through his cock even as my own were blasting through the length of my own. We saturated Sally's innards with our juices, matching I'm sure the amounts we spattered over Gwen and Sally earlier. As Sally filled up inside with our fluids, the additional lubrication, at least double anything I had ever experienced before, was the frosting on the cake.

I glorified in the warm, sticky, yet slippery, ejaculate as it engulfed our cocks inside the tight container of Sally's vagina. We rocked together in slower and slower motion, our ragged breathing trying to return to normal. We remained joined like that, the three of us, for almost another five minutes. Our erections eventually did disappear, yet we found it difficult to disengage. I wiggled my cock a few times, a sort of 'thank you' touch for the couple. I began to notice my surroundings again. Sally wiggled her ass a little and both our penises plopped out of her well-fucked hole. James stepped back and Sally climbed off of me. I sat up on the couch and closed my eyes for a moment.

My brain had not yet painted a picture of what all that meant. I hadn't considered the broader post-fight environment as we performed our three-way fuck. I had been lost in the moment and it took Sally to bring me back to square one (if that existed anymore).

She had obviously been totally stimulated by what we did, but she spoke now in a very cool voice, "That was very nice gentlemen. Thank you Hal. Thank you James. Now I have something to say to Gwen." She turned her well-used body towards her enemy. A few steps separated the women. Sally split the distance in half before she addressed Gwen. "Your husband has proven himself quite worthy of my affections. I will now take him as my prize. Not forever, mind you. Just for a while. You'll have him back soon enough." She spoke with an almost regal power. No consideration of anything other than what she said would be entertained. I watched for Gwen's reaction, but she remained silent and stoic.

Sally turned to James. "Get dressed and get down to the lobby. I want another room. It's early Sunday morning now (4:00 A.M.) and I want the room until checkout tomorrow, Monday. Hal and I will be together until then, at which time I will return him to his wife unharmed but a whole lot more used up. Bring me the key and bring my toiletries and bag. Get going." James didn't quite know hat to make of all this, judging by the look on his face, but he began to get dressed as per her request.

She turned to me. "You can gather a few things for cleanliness, but you won't be needing many clothes." I guess she didn't need to tell me more, since I had heard her speak to both Gwen and James already.

Surprisingly Sally didn't head for the bathroom to clean up. As erotically beautiful as she was to me at that point, she really needed a shower. But she coolly stood there, almost flaunting her appearance, never mentioning it at all.

James headed for the door and I went to the other room to collect my toothbrush, shampoo, etc. I found some boxers, t-shirt and sweat pants, threw some on and tossed some extras in a bag and returned to the room to see Sally seated across from Gwen. I don't think she had spoken at all, but just her presence, gloating over the gathering made a powerful statement of its own.

James actually returned rather quickly, less then 10 minutes I believe, and brought the things Sally wanted. He set them beside her. He had a card/key for the room and her bag with sundries in it. "The room is down on the second floor. You'll see the room number on the envelope. It's all paid for, including as much room service as you wish." James actually had exceeded her expectations. "Good for him," I thought.

Sally now turned to Julia. "I want to dearly thank you for your efforts this evening. It has made much more enjoyable my activities, knowing that you've recorded for posterity my superiority over that witch," referring to Gwen. I trust you will provide the entire photo documentation to both couples within a short time. I won't need you anymore. I'm going to get to know Hal a whole lot better in private. I would ask now that James take the responsibility of fulfilling any financial remuneration that might have been agreed to between you and Hal. Hal will be unavailable until tomorrow noon. James, can you handle that?"

"Yes dear, I'd be glad to."

Julia said just about the only words she had spoken the entire evening. "Thanks for that. I'll be happy to get you both a full set of discs with every hi-res image I took. I can assure you that you'll love the quality of my work. Besides I would like to mention the distinct pleasure I took in working for such wonderful couples. It has been a very stimulating experience. If I can ever be of service in the future, just let me know." She ended with a little sales pitch that was tinged with just a hint of hope for the future.

Sally turned back to James. "Dear husband, you might also want to call housecleaning and offer to pay for the extra cleaning that might be necessary in here. We wouldn't want them to refuse to let the Grudins return because they trashed the room now would we?"

"No problem. I can handle that." James was willing at every request.

"Now James, I want you to know something. What I'm about to do with Hal is purely my due. I'm collecting what the slut Gwen owes me. You are the love of my life and I'll come back tomorrow after noon and this party can be put behind us. Amuse yourself around town with whatever pleases you in my absence. Do so in the full knowledge that you married a woman who can take care of herself and who is worthy of your affection." She walked over to him and kissed him gently on the lips. With a quick touch to his cheek she turned to me. Without even pausing to throw on a robe, she marched majestically towards the door, bag and key in hand. I quickly grabbed my gear, and glanced at Gwen. Julia stood beside Gwen, her hand on her shoulder for comfort. My questioning look was met by the same small nod of Gwen's head that I'd seen before. I headed out the door behind Sally.

Totally unfazed by walking into the hotel hallway in her naked condition (after all, who would be out at past 4 A.M. anyway) headed toward the nearby stairs. No one was around. All was quiet save for the buzz of the somewhat harsh fluorescent lighting in the stairwell. We made it to the half-landing when she turned to me with a gleam in her eye. She plopped down on the 3rd step, opened her legs, and pointed to her pussy. I didn't even hesitate. Her well-worn cunt had become my focus. I dove right in and began to eat her pussy. The taste was severe, but yet womanly. The aroma was very strong in my nostrils, but as uninviting as one might expect, I took considerable erotic pleasure from providing my wife's victress with her treat, right there in the stairwell of the hotel at 4:30 in the morning, not 75 feet away from my wife back in our room. One thing for sure, Sally meant to take advantage of me. One more thing for sure, so far that was fine by me.

I savored the dining in her crotch. I examined as much territory as my tongue and lips would reach. I slurped up whatever liquid I could find, including the remnants of four male ejaculations, two of them mine. While never a priority for me, under the spell of Sally, who knows how much I might do? I tasted the same hole and clit that my wife had been forced to eat as part of her humiliation, and now I was contributing my share. The thing about it for me though, was that I didn't feel the least bit humiliated. I felt LUCKY!

Sally was very quick. I don't think I spent even five minutes twirling my tongue inside her before she began to rock and buck against me. Her rise towards orgasm was exponential, gaining momentum faster and faster. I licked her clit with my tongue, pressuring it in long swooping circles again and again and again. When she came she grabbed my head and jammed it into her really hard. She pushed and wiggled my head firmly into her cunt until her orgasm had subsided. She looked at me as she lifted my head by my hair and said just two words, "Good boy."