Chapter 17 - Not Done with Sally Yet

"She deserves a drink, after that," I considered. I stepped over to the counter and poured some champagne in the glass and took it to her. I allowed her a few sips, which she accepted with a smile. I brought a warm washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned up the drizzle on her chin. I also removed all the wax blobs from the various areas of her skin. She looked good as new.

Feather time! I retrieved two feathers from the dresser and sat on the bed. I had already noticed a significant degree of ticklishness. What would this do? Before I let the feather's trace her skin, I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. It was very nice to see her smile again.

Then I let the first long feather trace across her forehead. A little 'oooh,' accidentally escaped her lips. Over the next several minutes Sally writhed in conflicting emotions. The soft pleasure and the too-soft ticklishness merged into a wicked dilemma, I'm sure. Did she love it or hate it? Her especially ticklish spots were her feet, knees, under arms, and breasts. It seemed her pussy and clit, though responding, didn't have the ticklish nerve. She giggled occasionally, but never spoke a word or indicated I should quit. I loved to see her squirm! Her arms pulled on the rope but she couldn't escape. Her legs bucked to try to keep my sly touches from her skin, but to no avail. She was in my power and it was great.

While not every little kernel of a sexy idea would be indulged, I still had a few more purchases with which to while away the late afternoon and evening. I finished with the feathers, having used two at a time quite a bit. I worked the bottle of champagne a little lower, sharing a few sips with my Sally. I spent a few minutes in the kitchenette making noises of preparation and cleaning, giddy with the thought of continuing my sexy onslaught of Sally's body. I picked up a tiny squash that came from the delivery. I traced a brief path across her skin, allowing her to feel its shape and texture. It had a short curved 'handle' that merged gracefully with a larger yellow bulb. I plied her pussy with the narrow protrusion, moving her labia to my own designs. Intricately I traced a path around her entire pussy, making sure her clit felt the hard smoothness. I inserted the narrow portion inside her quivering quim, allowing her juices to cover it thoroughly. I took this opportunity to snap a nice close-up picture. Giving her some time to get adjusted to the motion, I fucked her pussy for a real long time. I wanted to see if she could come just from getting fucked, without clitoral stimulation. Her rocking hips provided a clue as to her motivation. I was forced to adjust my plunging direction and timing to accommodate her increasing tempo of pelvic arches. She speeded up and I speeded up. Pretty soon I was ramming that little squash in and out of her cunt to the time of her moans and groans. Just before I thought she was going to actually come, I pulled out the cute little veggie and with so much lubrication already present; I lowered my aim and stuck it in her ass.

Sally's whimper and anxious hip movements gave away her desperation in wanting to be climaxed. She was real cute with that little yellow item protruding from her asshole. Her whimper died away soon enough and by then I was back to the bed with a couple more toys from the grocery aisle. I gave her mouth a cucumber and a great long zucchini squash found its way into her pussy. A vegetable now plundered all three holes, and she was real cute this way. I took a few more photos before returning to the bed between her legs. The zucchini was almost two and a half inches in diameter and was nearly 18 inches long. I worked it in a little farther in small increments until it was buried almost two-thirds of the way inside her vagina. My hand went to work fucking her cunt with the big green monster. It was the perfect size and texture for forcing Sally's lips to grip and try to hold the zucchini on the way out and to reach back inside her depths to her cervix on the way in. It gave a good grip for my hand and I used it again and again to plunge firm and deep.

She had obviously been disappointed moments earlier when I had pulled the little one out of her pussy, but now I think she was joyous to have the monstrosity banging into her with the kind of wild abandon I gave it. Her moaning returned to the fever pitch of earlier and her hips began rocking and bucking in big arcs, accommodating the long strokes I needed to gain full depth of penetration in her juicy cunt-hole. Her moans were a little hard to hear, with the cucumber half buried in her mouth, but plainly she was enjoying the fact that every hole was filled to the brim. To add a little 'fire' to the 'ice' I leaned low and planted my mouth just above the juncture of her hole with the big 'toy.' As soon as my lips tasted her clit, a larger and longer moan was heard, even through the cucumber. Her hips rotated in small circles, allowing my tongue to sweetly lick her clitoris in many directions. I kept banging her twat with the zucchini and before long she plunged into another orgasm. She couldn't scream but her moans and ragged contortions made clear that Sally felt the fiery discharge of neurons in her loins. I continued fucking her with the big zucchini right on through her throes of orgasm.

Finally I pulled out the three garden grown vegetables. I watched for her reaction and was delighted to hear a soft sigh as soon as I pulled the cucumber from her mouth. Her three holes had been continuously plugged for at least half an hour. She deserved a little refresher. So I poured the last remnants of the bottle into a glass and offered it to her lips. She unquestioningly took a few sips. I grabbed some towels from the bathroom and brought them to the bed. There remained about half a glass of the bubbly after I took a swallow. I drizzled a small stream of champagne into her pussy fuzz and cunt. I had always wanted to drink champagne from the best-designed drinking vessel. Now was my opportunity. With the towels absorbing the spilled liquid and holding her ass up off the bed somewhat, I had a perfect angle to munch Sally's lovely pussy. Her orgasm had only been behind her about three minutes when I began to mingle my mouth with her pussy. Oh, what a delight! As before, my head spun with the intoxicating feeling burning inside (maybe the champagne had something to do with that). I lapped with my tongue in slow lingering traverses from south to north. I made sure to taste fully her left lip and then her right. I slid my tongue into the lowest crevice and plunged it as deep as my tongue ligaments would allow. I loved to rotate my tongue inside her hole, relishing the soft, moist, warm texture, slippery with her own juices and my contribution of saliva. Certainly no match for the zucchini in depth of penetration, I hoped that the delicate wet texture of my tongue would arouse Sally once again. I needn't have worried.

Over the next 45 minutes I delved deep, stroked gently all around, teased her clit in delicate touches, plastered my mouth as fully in contact with as much pussy flesh as I could, and loved every minute of it. After half an hour my mouth tired somewhat, but I forged on, enjoying my ability to give Sally as much of my oral loving as I could. She came at least five times during that stretch, two of them back to back within 30 seconds. I loved the sexual power to give my lady pleasure. Sally responded magnificently, resting when she had to, but always bringing her hips back into action, seeking the utmost in desirable contact between my willing mouth and her wanting pussy.

The champagne bottle was nearby and I brought in a relief pitcher (baseball lingo). The long neck of the bottle fit nicely into her lush hole. I planned on making sure her pussy got the most royal fucking. I wanted her to be sore for days afterward, a constant reminder of our 30 hours together. The bottle got about three inches wide about halfway down. "What the hell," I figured. If she could handle both James and myself at once she probably could handle the big bottle. Slowly I let my hand controlled stroke lengthen, adding just a centimeter to the penetration each time or two. Slowly the larger diameter of the bottle was disappearing inside her cunt. Her moans took on a new tone, sort of edgy with either excitement or pain. Other than that she was a very good girl. After a few minutes I was being forced to grasp the bottom of the bottle with only a couple of inches protruding outside her body. She was almost taking the whole fucking bottle inside her fuck hole. Fuck her I did. In and out, twisting, turning, aiming high and then low, left and then right. I made sure as much bottle/vagina contact was made as possible, including fast plunges and slow grinding pushes. Her moans regained their urgency again. All this time I wasn't touching her body at all except through the gyrations of the bottle. I was beginning to ache for the feel of her skin against mine, but I waited. I think she reached some sort of plateau, where she was very close to falling over the edge, but seemingly always an inch away. I hit a rhythm that she matched. Or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway, together we kept her fucking her hips against the big bottle for another 30-40 minutes, moaning and groaning, occasional simple words slipping out of her mouth. I didn't chastise her for breaking the rules. Only short simple words like "yes," "fuck," "Oh," "God," "Mmmm." I worried that her juices might dry up, but no letup was apparent so far and so I continued. My own horniness had been maintained at a high level all along and now I was beginning to want a piece of me to replace the bottle. Out came the bottle and in a flash I shoved my hand into her gaping hole. It practically sucked inside her with the contracting power of her slimy vagina. My fist was beyond wrist deep inside her, exploring the textures deeper than my hand had ever been. It was spectacularly delicious. Warm juices flooded my hand, and my arm now replaced the bottle in fucking Sally good. Her hips went delirious. Bucking, snorting, rocking, humping, crying, and losing all control, Sally flashed into another orgasm, riding my arm inside her. She screamed my name over and over, mixing in a few other words of passion. Her breasts bounced crazily on her chest to the degree that her constraints would allow. Sweat poured out of her pores, adding sheen to her lovely skin on top of the oil that remained on her. Amazing, I thought.

What more could a man want in a woman than one so wanton that she accepted any and all methods of my puny brain's libido? I pulled my hand out and let her rest. By now she had been strapped to the bed for nearly 4 hours and she was still accepting all I had to give. I knew I wanted to have even more. But she needed rest. I gave her a drink of pineapple juice and told her to rest for ten minutes. "I will just sit here staring at your body, devouring it with my eyes. Rest if you can, knowing that when my eyes have feasted enough that I will have your body again, until my own body runs out of energy. Rest if you can. I hope to run a marathon next!" Of course I knew I wasn't going to be able to run a marathon, but I hoped maybe I could do a good 10,000 meters.

I stared and feasted with my eyes as the sun set outside our room. I closed the curtains and turned on the soft lights. The classical music continued. I snapped a few more pictures. I readied myself emotionally; hoping the combination of all the elements present would allow me to perform at my peak.

To add a little 'prep' I crawled up the bed and straddled her face, demanding that she suck my balls. Perfectly punctual she obliged. Just a moment was all I wanted. Pulling back a bit I forced my hard cock between her lips and she graciously liquefied my skin. I moved south, grabbing a pillow from nearby, and slid the pillow under her hips for a higher angle. Leaning over her and holding myself up with one arm, I positioned my cock-head at the entrance to her ass. I pushed, nothing yet. I pushed again and I felt her push back against me. Still no penetration. I reached over and grabbed the oil and squirted a large amount on her ass and on my cock. Next push, success. I felt her anus give way, opening before my pressure. Gradually I guided my cock deeper and deeper until I was fully inside. I wiggled my hips and she wiggled hers back at me. Me wiggle, her wiggle. Me wiggle, her wiggle. Oh, what wonderful tightness. Her sphincter muscles contracting around the base of my cock was like a miracle. She seemed to be squeezing in waves, one after the other. What a woman! I began to pump her ass and the lusty hormones raging in me had me soon banging her ass with wild abandon. I fucked her and she fucked me back, squeezing all the while, and imparting that deliciously wonderful tightness around my rigid cock. "Uuummmmmpppppphhhhhhhh!" I plunged in for about the 50th time when I felt my seed beginning to churn deep inside my balls. I kept plunging, trying to fuck her ass as many times as I could during the last glorious flooding moments. As fast as my hips would move I buried my cock insider her ass and pulled it nearly out, before jamming it all the way home again. In 20 seconds I had spewed my cum inside her chute, a few drops drizzling out her hole and coating my dick. I almost collapsed forward onto Sally. My knees were weak. I just remained still for a few moments, steadying myself so that I could stand. Eventually my head was clear and my muscles steady, allowing me to climb off the bed and go clean myself.

After cleaning I returned to the bed with another drink for us both. I sat and recuperated some more as Sally rested. My last few hours had been extraordinary. I now ached for a final coupling with Sally, pure and simple. I planned to fuck her one more time before releasing her bonds. My body needed awhile to recover, so as I let time do the work of regenerating my manhood, I got the oil back out and gave Sally a long slow luxurious massage. While I certainly kept my attention on her sexual endowments, I made sure to give all her muscles a thorough massage. Her flesh felt warm and soft under my fingers. It glowed with its healthy tone and the shiny oil. Half an hour went by before I retrieved another drink for us both. I wondered if the pineapple juice really worked to make our secretions taste any better? For my part all I knew was that I sure loved to eat Sally's pussy. I didn't recognize any superiority of taste. I wondered what she thought of my seed's taste?

She smiled as I let her sip again. I wondered if she knew what was coming? I knelt low and kissed her bush. I took some of her thatch between my teeth and gave a pull before nestling my face back down into the crevice so lovingly allowed to be my toy. Lick, lick, lick, I tongued her pussy for several minutes, feeling my cock grow in anticipation of reward. I licked her as soft and lovingly as I could, making tender advances inside her juicy orifice, followed by long gentle kneading of her clitoris with the top surface of my tongue. The tell tale signs of Sally's arousal soon followed.

When her hips began their more insistent jockeying for position, grinding forcefully against my mouth, I sucked her clitoris into my mouth for a serious suck, and then quickly mounted my lady. My horn of pleasure glided into her cave of delight. Even with the intensive use, her pussy remained, tight, sweet, warm, and wet. So smoothly did my pole dive into her cave that I let out a moan of pleasure on the very first push. Sally let a small sigh reach my ears. I let my body fall to hers. My weight bore down on her as my hips slowly revolved in small 3-dimensional loops. The pressure of her pussy on my cock felt wonderful. I whispered in her ear. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Sally let the words out and I didn't care. We repeated the interchange of earlier, but this time it was less startling, and more a statement of fact, an acceptance of our mutual emotional bond.

I began to play with the knot on her left hand, slowly releasing the pressure. I followed with the right. I wanted her to have her freedom now. Realizing I had forgotten her ankles, I asked, "Wait just a moment, Ok?"

I pulled out and untied her ankles and moved up to untie her blindfold. As her mask came off her eyes met mine with the most sensuous, loving look imaginable. "I love you." She told me again. I smiled enough to light a lighthouse, I was so gloriously happy at that moment.

I slipped back into position as her arms came around me and her legs climbed high to accept my cock again. Her muscles must have been sore from hours of no movement, but she didn't show it. Her legs wrapped around me and her arms held me tight. Our eyes shared feelings from deep inside and my cock gloried in its position deep inside Sally's womanly home. We fucked and fucked and fucked. My penis had never ventured much beyond 20 minutes in one session before, but tonight I found the right mix of passion, sensitivity, partnership, and hormones to keep going long beyond what I thought I was capable of. I lost track of time. I lost track of my place. I did not lose track of Sally. We hung together blissfully connected, seemingly for all time. Our movements together were varied; occasionally we rammed into each other hot and heavy, while at other times we swayed gently like a willow in the wind. We traded places with Sally riding me both high and low. She swapped ends and snuggled her pussy down on my face while her tender mouth loved my cock with endless fortitude. Our boundless love was shared so splendidly and for so long we became trancelike. We may have shifted position two or three times, or maybe it was twenty? I don't have the recollection. But either way, our bodies found each other, coupling together in a special way. We were deliriously happy without being delirious. We were peaceful even when we rutted like animals in heavy, hot, action. We angrily mashed our organs together even as we felt the joy of sharing. And then there were her eyes. Oh, the eyes! They melted me. They devoured me. They saw right through me. They tasted me. They felt me. I was in their power. I loved it. Finally, we came together in a long sweet rolling orgasm after what seemed an eternity of linked bodies. I plunged my cock, the hardest it may have ever been, into a pussy that squeezed every last ounce of energy into pulling my semen into her. Her body must have absorbed every drop of creamy white liquid, since none leaked from her crevice. We were done.

I lay spent atop her form. The hour was late. We fell asleep in each other's arms.