(By HGHunt)

Round 3-6 Jenny v Lynn

Lynn had mostly recovered from the physical effort she expended in her win over Sue, but she was still irritated that Jenny now had two fights without any real physical exertion. Obviously Jenny had two good wins, but both had happened without any defensive maneuvering or wrestling. Lynn, even in her tiredness, felt that Jenny would be vulnerable to a real physical fight. After all, Lynn had pretty much dominated Sue, a larger woman than herself, but much the same size as Jenny. This round was now down to one final battle. Lynn versus Jenny. Lynn had one win and one loss in this round already while Jenny had managed two wins. One thing against Lynn would be that Jenny had a powerful orgasm just within minutes of when their match would begin, while Lynn hadn't even managed one in her last match against Sue. Lynn's physiological sensitivity might well be higher than Jenny's. This point was not lost on Lynn, and for that reason she had no intention of jumping into a total offensive battle of 69. She felt her chance to win depended on finding a strategic advantage, blocking Jenny's access to her pussy, while finding a way to attack Jenny's. This would be her goal. Exactly like Sue, she thought.

Jenny for her part, after recovering from her orgasm and cleaning up a bit in the bathroom had begun to think about those very same issues. In fact she knew that Lynn would be very unlikely to accept a proposition like the one she had given the other two, with success. But she did however, think that Lynn would be expecting such a challenge. Jenny's strategy had therefore developed even as she was still breathing heavily from her tongue win over Rose. She would attack first and hard, hoping to take Lynn by surprise. It worked. Lynn had sauntered into the center of the room awaiting Jenny's return from the bathroom cleanup and was preparing her verbal put-downs for Jenny when Jenny, arriving at a distance of five feet at a walk, never stopped and leaped at Lynn. She grabbed Lynn's hair and pulled hard, and in a swift move put Lynn in a strong headlock. She twisted for all she was worth as Lynn grabbed Jenny's arms and tried to pry them away from her head. She had no success there, and as the women wobbled naked around the room, Lynn reached up and grabbed for Jenny's hair. Her hair was not very long, however, and Lynn couldn't get a good grip and it kept pulling through her fingers. Jenny kept squeezing Lynn's head as Lynn cried out in pain. The pain was intense but after a couple of minutes Lynn knew it wasn't going to stop unless she herself could put a stop to it. With her right hand she grabbed Jenny's thick pussy fur and yanked, hard. Jenny yelped in pain of her own but continued her headlock. Lynn grabbed again and pulled again and again. Thick brown pussy fur came out in handfuls leaving Jenny with much less forest than before. With her left hand Lynn reached around Jenny's waist and tried to throw her down, but Jenny had good balance and her feet were in position to prevent the fall. So around the room they went. Jenny twisting Lynn's head and Lynn pulling on Jenny's furry snatch for all she was worth. They careened around the room like this for about three minutes, even causing Rose and Sue to have to lift their feet up off the floor to avoid being run over. As they staggered away from Sue's position in the chair, Jenny's leg banged into the couch and at that moment Lynn pushed backwards and the two of them landed on the empty couch. As Jenny's elbow hit the arm of the couch it forced her to lose her grip on Lynn's head. In an instant Lynn grabbed for Jenny's hair, and now with more freedom of movement, was able to get a good grip. She began pulling and yanking for all she was worth. Jenny returned the favor. Now in a sitting position on the couch the two wildcats were pulling each other's hair for all they were worth. Tufts of hair came out of scalps and landed on the floor and the hair-pulling battle resumed. Sensing together that this stage of the battle wasn't gaining any tactical advantage, they each grabbed one wrist of the other to keep it from pulling more hair. Now in a bit of a stalemate they both stepped up to the floor and renewed their jousting for position while standing and jerking each other around. Both women were tiring very quickly from their exertion. Jenny knew her headlock had taken a toll on Lynn, but she was very much in pain wherever she had hair, both on her head and her precious pussy mound. She couldn't look or see it but she knew that Lynn had removed much of her prized bush. It made her angry.

She spread her legs apart for leverage and leaned hard in towards Lynn, each with one arm grappling with her opponents arm. As she leaned as far as she could, Jenny let go with her left arm and dropped low to grab Lynn behind the knee. It was just such a move that she had seen Lynn use earlier against Sue. This time the tables were turned and it was Lynn who was taken down. Landing hard on her ass and banging her back against the couch, Jenny was able to use her strength to toss the briefly dazed Lynn sideways up against the couch. Lynn couldn't roll out of the way because of the couch and Jenny still had her leg. Lynn tried kicking out but she couldn't get any leverage and Jenny was now pushing her up against the couch with all her might. Lynn grabbed for Jenny's hair again and pulled hard but Lynn's strength had diminished from the fall to the floor and the pain in her back. Jenny screamed at the pain but kept on putting the pressure on Lynn. Jenny now pulled on Lynn's leg and grabbing her shoulder with her other arm pulled her out away from the couch just enough for Jenny to swing her leg over and straddle Lynn's stomach. Using her arms she kept Lynn's arms away from her and she started bouncing up and down hard on Lynn's stomach. Lynn tightened her stomach muscles for the first few bounces, but as Jenny kept it up over and over again, Lynn couldn't keep her stomach tight in preparation for the blows from Jenny's bouncing ass. She went "ooof," with each new bounce. Little groans escaped from her mouth and Jenny could feel the strength seeping out of Lynn. For another two minutes Jenny continued to bounce on Lynn's stomach until Lynn's stomach muscles had turned to mush and she was losing her breath. Jenny meanwhile was recovering a bit of her own wind and she now thought it was time for a sex offensive. Bringing her legs back and wide she slid down Lynn's body. She kept her hands gripping Lynn's barely active wrists. When she slid low enough she began tonguing Lynn's pert and pretty pink nipples. Lynn wasn't yet recovered from the beating her tummy had taken and she wasn't really enjoying this, but instinct is instinct, and after four or five minutes of genuine tit-sucking from Jenny Lynn began to feel arousal. The nipples had hardened into full erection, puckering the areolas tightly. Lynn's breathing had been very ragged before, but even as the effects of her loss of wind wore away, her breathing didn't change.

Jenny, knowing of Lynn's competitiveness, wasn't counting on acquiescence, and so after giving Lynn's tits a good licking decided to show some domination. Sexual domination. She slid her body upwards until her knees were on either side of Lynn's head and her calves were holding down Lynn's shoulders. Then, inching up further, she said to Lynn in a saccharin-sweet voice, "Here's my pussy that you want. What do you think you can do with it girl? Think you can make me cum? Huh? Well here's your chance. Eat it. Eat it real good."

Lynn in her weakness complied. Lynn shot her tongue out with whatever energy she could muster and used it to probe in Jenny's sweaty slit. It tasted very salty from the sweat that had poured off her body. Jenny pushed down against Lynn's mouth and enjoyed the domination. When she felt that the first signs of arousal were coursing through her body she swapped ends. Believe it or not, she felt that with her domination of Lynn that she was in such control that she could extricate herself anytime she wanted. She was remembering the powerful orgasm she had taken from Rose in victory less than an hour before, and she wanted another one just like it. Presuming she could bring the diminished capacity Lynn to orgasm at her own speed, then she would be able to duplicate her own orgasm. So down she went. Jenny went for the gusto in Lynn's pussy. Lynn realizing her predicament, and not yet having the wind or the strength to fight back, continued her own pussy licking exercise. This time it had more determination and vigor than when Jenny had sat on her face.

Jenny relished the power she felt and she now began focusing that power into her mouth. She licked the full length of Lynn's shaved slit over and over. The juices began to flow. The lips began to part. The clit poked up, shining in wetness. The blonde pussy hair was matted down with sweat, but Jenny even took time to grope through that forest with her tongue. She licked way off to one side of Lynn's pussy, tickling her. Lynn quit her own licking long enough to say, 'stop.' But Jenny just did it some more. Lynn tried to pull her pussy back but to no avail. Jenny decided that was enough teasing and she began once again to dive face first into Lynn's wonderful cunt. Sex and power, Jenny loved them both. Right now at least she was getting both too. Her own pussy was getting expert, if not rabidly energetic attention from Lynn, and she knew she was bringing Lynn right along towards an orgasm. Like a locomotive in the desert, it just kept rolling along, building up steam, mile after mile (minute after minute?). Lynn tried to twist away a few times, but with half-hearted effort. Jenny began twitching her own pussy in response to Lynn's tongue finding its mark on Jenny's clit. She could feel her clit being swirled around inside Lynn's pretty lips and she knew that her juice was leaking all over Lynn's face. So now she stoked the fires inside that locomotive and began a higher intensity barrage of tongue activity all over Lynn's clit. As Lynn started her short staccato humping motions, Jenny delivered the coup de grace (in her mind at least). With her own orgasm approaching (slowly) she knew that Lynn wouldn't be able to stand her next move. Pulling her right index finger up to her mouth and giving it a coating of her saliva/pussy juice mixture she followed up with an accurate insertion into Lynn's ass. Even when she probed knuckle deep, Lynn bounced harder than ever before. When Jenny wiggled it in as far as the second knuckle, licking clit all the while, Lynn exploded into orgasm. She quit eating Jenny and yelled for her to "stick it in my ass. Yes! Stick it in my ass! Do it! Do it!" Jenny was more than happy to oblige as she continued to lick the nectar from Lynn's 27 year-old pussy. She had done it! Jenny had won. In fact she had swept the competition in the event that had been proposed by Sue. Wins over all three women and her first win over Lynn in any of the fights made Jenny extremely joyous. But she wasn't done yet. Just like with Rose she thought. She proceeded to fuck Lynn's face with her wet pussy. It took a couple of minutes, but sure as gravity keeps on pulling, her orgasm kept right on coming and shot through her body. The pleasure was intensified by the knowledge that she had taken the lead in their sexfighting round robin.

Rolling off of Lynn, Jenny lay on the floor with a gigantic grin. Sue and Rose had watched it all and were now stirring and talking. "Well ladies," Rose spoke up, "it looks like we've finished round three. Tomorrow seems like the right time to begin round four. Why don't we go out to eat again this evening. Maybe see a movie or do some shopping. Come back and relax. Maybe even play a round of golf tomorrow. What a strange thought that is. Then tomorrow afternoon we will all be ready for another go at each other." Sue spoke up next, "with the way those two look lying on the floor I think they will need at least a day to recover. Your idea sounds good to me. I'm heading for the shower now."

And so with that the plan for Wednesday was in place. Rose went over to the paper on the counter and wrote in the results of the last round and tallied up the points. They were: Jenny = 6, Rose = 5, Lynn = 4, and Sue = 3. There were 12 fights to come and no one was taking anything for granted. Lynn and Sue hadn't tallied as many wins, but their contests were very competitive and both felt they were the equal of Jenny and Rose sexually. They had two more rounds to prove it. What would they be? Jenny and Rose were yet to pick an event. With the lead she held, would Jenny be able to devise a contest that would play to her advantage. Similarly could Rose invent a sex-contest that was to her advantage. So far, both Lynn and Sue had managed only one win out of three contests in the events they chose. What would the next two rounds bring?