(By HGHunt)

Jenny v Rose

Jenny, realizing that she had two battles in a row was definitely hoping to win both, but knowing that both Rose and Lynn already had victories in oral fights, was hoping to save energy for her second fight with Lynn. She thought that Rose's pride could be used against her so she challenged her similarly to what she had challenged Sue earlier, "You saw me whip Sue with my mouth, and I saw you eke out your win over Lynn, but I bet you aren't up to the same challenge I gave Sue. Are you? She was brave and put up a good fight but she just couldn't handle my sexy body and mouth. I don't think you can either. If you're brave enough, put it all on the line with your pussy against my mouth and my pussy against your mouth. Are you woman enough?"

Rose herself wasn't anxious for a violent physical battle after two hard fought matches and she definitely was proud and Jenny's bravado irked her. "So you think you can handle my sex? No way that you are a match for me. My tits beat you and my mouth will beat you too. No way it could be any different. You are going down, if for no other reason than your insane trashy challenge. I accept your challenge. Put your girl cunt right in my face and see what it feels like to have your insides churning like a mixer. I'll teach you to be so damn cocky!" With that Rose surprised Jenny by plopping down on the floor on her back and opened her legs wide, pointing at her beautiful auburn embellished snatch and said to Jenny, "Right this way to heaven on earth."

While Jenny had expected Rose to accept she wasn't quite prepared for Rose's verbal bravado comeback. Oh, well. She got what she wanted. So down she went, on the way mentioning quietly, "You are going to LOVE my pussy. I think you might even come just from the taste." And with that she plopped her pussy directly onto Rose's face as she dove into the inviting cleft beneath her. Sixty-nine it was. Jenny was on top, Rose on the bottom. Away they went. No time like the present for fun and war, Jenny thought. Sue and Lynn watched as these two got directly into the sex without any preliminary effort. Their breathing was now returning to normal after their physical match just ended.

Rose was hoping that her wide open, literally, acceptance of Jenny's challenge would somehow unnerve her and give her a psychological advantage. Obviously she knew it wouldn't give her any tactical advantage in the she-heat battle they were now beginning. In fact, hoping for even more psychological advantage, Rose began a little bit of acting. Spreading her legs as wide and far apart as she could, she made it very evident that she was letting Jenny have total access to her womanhood. She even started moaning within one minute. Little wiggles followed. Yes, it sure did feel good what Jenny was doing to her, but if she could focus on 'faking it' she thought her mind would be preoccupied and not degenerate into the carnal lust as quickly as if she had been trying to fight it.

Jenny for her part surely noticed Rose's quick and pronounced actions. She didn't know quite what to make of them. She was pretty sure that her tonguing hadn't really generated such intense physiological responses that soon, but she wasn't going to play Freud and overanalyze it, she just went about her 'business' and continued eating Rose's pussy like there was no tomorrow. And what a pussy it was. It had thick lips, thick hair, slippery labia, a cute clitoris with just enough size to be suckable, feathering gently into her inner folds. Her cunt offered Jenny a multitude of avenues for mouth attack. She used them all, seemingly in random fashion. Spending a minute or two on a single labia, then using her chin to rub circles across Rose's now slippery clit. She poked her nose deeply into the deepest crevice and shook it back and forth. She lowered her head far down and gave Rose's tiny puckered anus a few circular licks with her tongue. Back up to the top she came, gliding her very wet tongue along the boundary of her pussy, and then darted quickly and in jab-like fashion her tongue at Rose's freely offered clit. Jenny knew that Sue had somehow generated a powerful climax in Rose the night before and since Jenny had beaten Sue, she thought she had an edge in the control department. What she hadn't counted on was the acting that Rose kept up. She responded to Jenny's mouth in over-exaggerated fashion, continuing to moan loudly at every little thing Jenny did. She would wiggle and hump against Jenny's mouth. Two things were working in Rose's favor here: 1) she really was concentrating on her acting and so the expected instinctive sexual responses were actually muted, the opposite of what Jenny was hearing, and 2) Jenny was receiving body language and noise from Rose that was always just like what could normally be expected in the last moments before orgasm. Consequently, Jenny knew that she would probably have a rough time gauging Rose's actual progression. By now it was clear to Jenny that all of Rose's exaggerated responses were not legitimate.

Compounding Jenny's problem was the obvious. Through all of this, Rose was doing an exceptional job of her own on Jenny's pussy. Her arms free, she was giving Jenny a very loving, almost professional massage on her back. Now, anyone who has had a professional massage knows how good it feels. Jenny had had her share of such massages in the past and she was discovering that Rose really had the knack, with a BIG difference. None of the professional masseurs Jenny had used were EVER doing the lovely things to her pussy that Rose was doing right along with her massage. This had been part of Rose's plan. She had heard Jenny expound the virtues of a good massage during some of their conversations in the past year, and by lying on the floor with her arms free she was able to reach much of Jenny's back and ass and legs. She only hoped that she could focus on three things all at once. It wasn't easy. Massage, pussy eating, acting. Could she keep it all up? As her hands roamed expertly over Jenny's body her mouth was on a mission of exploration of its own. Loving the musky, fruity odor, just as Sue had noticed when her mouth was in the same position, Rose lapped up the juices, licked the lips, pulled on fine little curly hair with her teeth, nosed her way around inside Jenny's now gaping hole, raised her head up high, with effort, and tongued Jenny's lovely pink anus in direct response to Jenny's invasion of her own hole. Each woman now found themselves in a kind of pussy eating tit-for-tat. Whatever one would do, the other would do either harder or longer. When Rose sucked Jenny's clit deeply into her mouth, Rose felt her own clit being devoured by Jenny's lips. When Jenny wiggled her nose in a drill-like fashion into the depths of Rose's vagina, Jenny discovered a nose invading deeply into her own. Slowly their feelings of power and control over the other were being replace by pure animal lust. Not in an instant, but gradually. Rose caught herself forgetting to act! Shame on me she thought. Just as I'm getting turned on I stopped moaning. Jenny noticed too, and with a not too subtle sense of timing began moaning very loudly, punctuated by deep grunts. While Rose heard this she too knew that it was just a little acting coming back at her from the woman above her. Rose brought her hands down from their expert back rubbing and grabbed forcefully each of Jenny's ass cheeks. Kneading them and using the leverage to pull Jenny's pussy closer, Rose began her stretch assault on Jenny's clit. Tonguing, lip pulling, sucking and gentle biting were used in a never ending random fashion. Jenny's moans now began to have a ring of truth to them. Her responsive wiggles became just a little more jerky. But it was no different for Rose. In fact the acting lesson was over. Every moan, every pelvic thrust, every wiggle, every vaginal spasm was real. Jenny knew that like the Indy 500 the real racing was in the last five laps and that's where they were. Jenny prided herself on her sexual endurance but she also felt like a sprinter and she began a stretch run of powerful proportions. Her tongue was diving madly into every nook and cranny of Rose's pussy, sending shivers of delight into Rose's body. Rose could tell that she was close to coming and she felt very strongly that Jenny was near the edge as well. Her hands gripped tightly on Jenny's ass and pulled with all her might down into her mouth, hoping the contact surge would shoot Jenny off. Jenny kept wiggling, kept moaning, kept licking in Rose's cunt when Jenny reached her right hand slowly up underneath her body and, raising her abdomen just enough, against the pressure from Rose's grip, to slide her hand onto Rose's right tit. She grabbed that large, totally engorged nipple in between her thumb and forefinger and pulled, gently at first, then twirling it around and around, and pulling on it even harder as her clit licking on Rose's proud pleasure center intensified in a last gasp surge of speed, sent Rose spasm after spasm after spasm. Ripples of sinful pleasure shot through Rose, bouncing off every corner of her body and ricocheting back again. The ripples continued for a minute and a half, with Rose breaking free of Jenny's cunt long enough to cry out, "Fuck! Fuck! Oh Yes! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh, God! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" With that last 'fuck' Jenny forced her pussy back onto Rose's quivering lips and ground away with wild abandon. Rose didn't even have to use her tongue. Jenny had been only seconds away herself and the power of Rose's orgasm now leaped into the other woman and Jenny responded even more to the throes of her womanly orgasm. She shook her body from head to toe. She kept grinding her cunt hard down onto Rose's face. She even kept eating Rose's cunt in wild forbidden lust. Knowing she had won allowed her to hold nothing back and she constricted her vagina muscles on a phantom cock, in a total involuntary instinctive response. She reached back with her other hand and pulled now on both nipples that topped Rose's massive tits. Then she sat up and using her fingers pulled and twisted her own nipples as she finished her pelvis grinding into Rose. Both women had succeeded in sex. Both had been given powerful orgasms by the other. Rose had come moments sooner and so Jenny had won but both felt like winners. Jenny turned around and lay full on top of the shallow breathing Rose and gave her a big kiss on the lips. "Ummmm. Ummmm. That was goooood!" said Jenny. Then she kissed her again and rolled off. Technically Jenny had 'cheated' by using her hands on Rose's nipples, but no one even noticed, not even Rose. And so it was done. Jenny over Rose in oral fight number 5.