(By HGHunt)

Tuesday Sue v Lynn

Halfway through round 3 now, the girls realized how late it had become. For the second night in a row they had been 'engaged' well past midnight. It was decided to sleep, eat a good breakfast, shower and resume tomorrow with the fourth oral sexfight: Sue v Lynn.

Small talk (not much) and a quick nightcap sent them to bed very tired. All slept soundly and awoke refreshed and with more healing from Sunday's titfights. Their breasts weren't as bruised. They didn't ache. They did take a mutual Jacuzzi for further relaxation and recuperation, but without the extracurricular activities of Monday. They were all trying to focus on their upcoming matches. All had seemed to lose interest in the psychological warfare of earlier. Not that they didn't make comments to each other, but just that it wasn't so focused as before.

Breakfast was prepared and eaten in near silence. Each had worn just a flimsy nightie, showing plenty of their lovely bodies off to the others. No pretense of 'covering up' was made. If a tit or pussy was flashed it was accepted. After cleanup they adjourned again to the living room. Hovering in the air was the leftover odor of woman-sex. The rich, thick perfumes of four horny bodies all mixed together to remind them of why they were here. As all four stood briefly in the middle of the room they disrobed quickly. Eyes darted back and forth among the women. Jenny and Rose stepped aside and left naked Lynn and naked Sue facing each other, deciding on what tactics they might use and what feelings they would share before another winner would emerge.

Rose had been thinking that maybe she made a tactical mistake in accepting Jenny's 'lets get right into the cunt-munching' challenge in her last match. Maybe she needed to be more defensive to protect her large and sensitive clit from being mouthed too early. She wasn't about to make the same challenge to Lynn. Lynn for her part had not counted on her anus being tongued to force her so precipitously over the edge. So in their minds both women knew they had areas to protect if they could from their adversaries' attack.

Lynn began moving closer at an angle towards Sue. Sensing the aggressive motion, Sue responded in kind. Counter-clockwise they went until arms lashed out to try to grip opponents' arms. Several grab attempts were made unsuccessfully. Then, quick as a panther, Lynn leaped in close, grabbing Sue's right arm, and setting her hip up against Sue's tried a judo throw. It wasn't pretty but she did get Sue to fall to the ground. Instead of diving after her she let her jump right back up. Again they circled. Again Lynn leaped in close and threw Sue to the floor. Again she let her up. Lynn felt her athleticism might be able to wear down Sue. So far, so good. Sue meanwhile was steaming inside. She had no intention of letting Lynn succeed again. Lynn, confidence brimming, tried the exact move again. But this time Sue was ready. She jumped sideways, slapping Lynn's arm out of the way and leaning around Lynn reached her right arm through Lynn's legs from the back and locked it onto her left arm that had shot down there in front. Then lifting with all her might, she lifted Lynn and threw her to the ground, landing in a tangle of arms and legs. They wrestled viciously for several minutes. Heads were put in locks, legs squeezed around stomachs and legs and even heads. Arms fought for dominance. Sweat poured off the women. The advantage shifted back and forth many times, but no woman could find the position to begin her sexual attack orally. Occasional nipples got sucked or bitten, but even though the intense physical contact was full of sexual overtones, they both were intent on obtaining a strategic position or advantage that would allow them to have full access to the other's sex organs. After one quick rolling maneuver they ended up apart and both jumped up to their feet, breathing heavily. Both women were tired, but Lynn felt she was the stronger. Sue, thought that if she could just get Lynn underneath her, that her slight weight advantage would take its toll on Lynn.

Lynn leaped in close and put a bear hug on Sue, both arms underneath Sue's arms. Sue countered with a hug of her own, but she had the outside path and did not have nearly as much leverage as Lynn. With their sweaty bodies plastered together, tits squashed, furry mounds pressing together, Lynn tried to lower her grip. It wasn't easy with Sue squeezing her tight. But she managed to lower her grip a few inches. Now with both women staring into the other's face, both turning redder from lack of breath, Lynn did a throw-roll landing directly on top of Sue. The wind was knocked out of her and Lynn immediately contorted her body to put a leg lock around Sue's right shoulder. With Sue breathless, Lynn managed to pull Sue's left arm around partly behind her head and lock it into place between her legs. Now she used her arms to prop open Sue's legs and she began her pussy attack. Sue could only squirm, having not yet regained her breath. Before Sue's breath returned she found her pussy in liquid heaven. Lynn showed similar focus on Sue's clit as Jenny had before her. Lynn was far more aggressive than Jenny, due to the intense aftereffects of the wrestling. Her tongue went wild, licking, probing, swirling around. Her lips pinched and pulled labia, hair, and especially that impressive clit. It reminded Lynn of the pretty flowers her grandmother had grown years before. As intensely as she was trying to win this battle she couldn't help but be turned on even more by the pungent pussy in her face. Meanwhile Sue had regained her breath but was in a dire predicament. She was able to remove her left arm from the leg hold and she used it to try to grab Lynn by the hair and pull her head away from her pussy. In retaliation Lynn bit hard onto Sue's thick hair of her mound, causing Sue's head jerking to transfer right back down into her own body. Sue wanted to win badly, but she wasn't about to suffer all that pain down in her groin and so she quit pulling Lynn's hair. Lynn returned voraciously to her task. "Cunt licking, ummm good," thought Lynn. Sue in her weakened and helpless state began to respond. As she felt her clit, once again, being twirled around inside the mouth of her opponent, she jackknifed her legs outward, as if begging Lynn to go deeper. Lynn obliged, plunging her nose as deeply into Sue's vagina as it would go, and then sucking that gorgeous big clit into her mouth over and over. Sue pushed back with her pussy. She wiggled it side to side, her vagina muscles started to twitch and squeeze, sending Lynn into her own feelings of lust. Throwing caution to the wind, Lynn removed her constricting hold on Sue with her legs and quickly swung her pussy up over Sue's face. Sue wasn't reciprocating though. Even with her pleasure center sliding down the slippery slope towards orgasm, she had no intention of helping Lynn reach her own. This irritated Lynn but she kept up her aggressive mouthing of Sue's eager pussy. Again, like Jenny had done, Lynn profited from Sue's prominent and sensitive clit to send her over the edge. Sue hated losing but loved orgasms. She received another dandy from Lynn. It was like jumping over a cliff and floating ecstatically down to earth which seemed miles away. Slowly she approached earth, her senses returning from their heavenly fall. And there it was. Lynn's cunt was pushing all over her face, trying to get an orgasm of her own. "Nothing doing," thought Sue. "This time I'm not helping the bitch to her own cum." Lynn was pissed that Sue's tongue wasn't put to good use in her pussy, but since she hadn't reached the impending climax yet she just rolled off. She was the victor, but she wasn't very happy, since she didn't have an orgasm like she wanted. Her horniness and lust hung over her like a shroud. Sue had lost again, this time more convincingly than to Jenny. She couldn't think of anything she liked losing better than at orgasms though. Losing isn't half bad when you get powerful orgasms.