(By HGHunt)

Round 3-3 Sue v Jenny

Next up were the two spectators from last match: Jenny and Sue. Jenny had been watching in her casual clothes since she hadn't been involved yet in either 'skirmish.' After a brief rest and cleanup by Lynn and Rose, Jenny began her verbal bashing of Sue, "You may think you're hot shit after beating Rose, but believe me, you've never felt what a mouth can really do until you've felt my hot lips. You won't be able to handle the tongue fucking I'm about to give you. Just to prove I'm better than you with my tongue I propose that we dispense with the wrestling and get right to the real action. I'll put my mouth over yours anytime when it comes to eating pussy. What do you say, cunt?"

"Challenge accepted but you have no idea, Jenny. I'll have you coming in such a fast and furious frenzy that you'll think you've been hit by a freight train. My body is better than yours. My mouth is better than yours. My tongue is better than yours. AND, you are MINE!"

"Tough talk for such a pussy," retorted Jenny. She speedily got her clothes off and stood in a stare-down with Sue. Lynn and Rose found their places off to the side and settled in to watch. "Side by side we'll start. Each of us on our own left side."

Sue, "Fine by me, but I'll end up on top of you, bitch!" With that they started towards each other, standing straight and tall. Once again the physical similarities of the two women were evident. Both were 5'6" while Jenny was three pounds heavier. Both were 38C cups with nipples almost exactly the same size. Jenny's were very light in color, while Sue's were a much darker brown. They strode up to each other, lining up their nipples once again as if to begin anew their horrible titfight, but this time they silently slithered down onto the floor, and in an unprecedented show of cooperation, pressed their bodies against the other in reverse. Each raised her right leg to allow access to her womanhood. With their left legs out straight and their right cocked up each woman moved her face closer to the other's pussy. At first only breathing found its way to either crotch, but then Sue spoke up, "I'm looking at what is supposed to be a woman's pussy, but it sure doesn't look like much to me. I think its like a little girls pussy." Without missing a beat Jenny put her two cents worth in, "My pussy can handle itself. Don't you worry about that, Its this black forested cunt in front of me that is about to find out what a real woman can do, courtesy of me!"

With that they eased their mouths directly into the bushy snatches of the other. Jenny's pretty face nuzzled its way into Sue's thick fur and rotated around and around. She used her teeth to grab and pull on Sue's dark cunt hair. She literally chewed her way down that thick forest to find Sue's pussy lips already parting slightly. Also already, due to its size, her clit was protruding from between those lips. Jenny knew she would have to utilize the size of that clit productively if she wanted to beat Sue. Of course Jenny knew her own clit was highly sensitive and she hoped Sue hadn't noticed exactly how that boy had been able to get Jenny's rocks off so quickly. She was adjusting her position to accommodate Sue, swiveling her hips a little forward so Sue could have complete freedom to use her mouth wherever down there she wished. Sue responded with an accommodating swivel of her own.

Sue began by licking with just the tip of her tongue. She began at the very top of Jenny's cleft and circumnavigated her labia, down the left and up the right. She followed this elliptical labia licking pattern for fifteen loops, soaking Jenny's labia with her saliva. The short brown hairs growing along the side of her lips were all matted down. Sue then used her lips to squeeze on the left side of Jenny's labia, collecting some of those hairs into her mouth. She pulled up and away gently, the lip parting from its mate ever so slightly. Then she used those lips in symmetric fashion on Jenny's right labia. Pulling with her lips on those short hairs parted Jenny's labia even more. She had a perfect view of Jenny's pussy. It was shiny pink, the inner labia visible as they merged upward into Jenny's lovely bright pink clitoris. Sue knew the size of her own clit and in comparison, Jenny's was definitely smaller, but it was pronounced and ready for action. It looked real sweet. But for now, Sue avoided the clit of her rival. She moved her mouth away from the clit, grazing her tongue along her right labia. She breathed in deeply the heady aroma of Jenny's cunt. It was musky for sure, but sweet, with a touch of fruity smell. She then began gentle tonguing of the tight puckered skin between Jenny's pussy and her anus. Sue was trying to gauge the reaction of Jenny through body language. Surely their bodies were in total intimate contact and she was sure she could pick up on the 'vibes' from Jenny regarding her technique. It was small, but Sue thought she felt a shudder from Jenny when her tongue found that little patch of skin between ass hole and pussy. There were a few little straggly hairs growing there and once again she took them into her mouth with her lips and pulled gently, then a little harder, hoping to garner a response from Jenny. Sure enough, she thought she felt another shudder. She stored that in the back of her head and resumed her tonguing of Jenny's labia. Jenny's juices had begun flowing a little more prodigiously. Sue took that as a good sign, since she hadn't even used her tongue deeply or on Jenny's clitoris yet.

Meanwhile Jenny, thinking much the same as Sue, had begun her own tongue exploration of Sue's dark pussy. She rolled her tongue around and just away from Sue's clit as it poked through her labia. She avoided a direct frontal assault on the menacingly long clitoris. Then she too began parting Sue's labia lips ever so gently. She didn't use the hairs growing so 'up close and personal' to those lovely lips, but used her tongue to plow them aside, much like a plow out on a farm would furrow new ground. Starting at the top she would insert the tip of her tongue about half an inch and then run it down the side, pressing outward as she went. Three or four times down each labia and she had Sue's lips splayed outward invitingly. If she had had a cock right now she knew Sue would be aching for it, so she used the next best thing. She dove in with her tongue. She stretched it out to its full length, almost painfully, to stick it deep into Sue's waiting hole. She swirled it around inside, relishing in the juicy smooth texture and the intricate folds of Sue's inner walls. While it certainly wasn't in the same ball park size-wise as a man's dick, Sue was definitely feeling like she was getting fucked. Maybe better than cock. Jenny darted her tongue in and out, in and out, in and out, slightly changing directions each time. First she probed towards the top, then each side, then the bottom. She didn't want any single part of Sue's pussy anatomy to go un-probed. Except for total depth she succeeded. She kept up this probe-fucking for a few minutes. The texture, the smell, the slipperiness, the taste were all pushing Jenny's lust higher and higher. Never a bi-sexual she now found ecstasy in the intimacy in Sue's pussy. As much as she loved it she also knew that Sue was intent on beating her and she didn't at all feel like losing this munch match to her. She just hoped the control she had shown over Sue in their kiss-fight and tit-fight would continue here.

While Sue had discovered, through Jenny's shudders, some intimate knowledge of her response, Sue was aware that Jenny was making considerable progress within her own cunt. Wanting whatever advantage she might obtain, Sue chose now to try to roll their bodies together so that she could be in the top, superior position. It worked. Catching Jenny unaware, Sue now found herself with more freedom of movement. Loving the feeling Jenny provided between her own legs, Sue now upped the ante with her own pussy eating technique. Spreading her tongue out wide and long she made long laps up the middle of Jenny's slit, pressing flesh out to both sides, and inserting deeply into her crevice and then upon reaching the little crown at the top, Jenny's clit, pressing it smoothly and gently. She repeated this long slow maneuver many times. Each time she gathered more of Jenny's juices on her tongue and in her own lust, swallowed as much as she could. She noticed Jenny's hips wiggling as she used her tongue this way.

Jenny pulled her tongue out of the depths of Sue's pussy and rested her mouth for just a few quick moments. Then she let loose with a full load of saliva that had been building in her mouth and spit all over Sue's already juicy cunt. Being underneath, much of it dripped back down onto her face, but she did it again, hoping that the nastiness would excite Sue even more. While Sue didn't let out any moans or shudders, she had all she could do to hide her unexpected pleasure. Sue was getting into this kinky stuff. Now for the first time, Jenny slowly ran her tongue up to and around Sue's clit, which now was even more pronounced. It was firm and fleshy, protruding from its sheath in proud decoration at the apex of Sue's precious pussy. Jenny now took the measure of that large clit for the first time with her tongue. She pushed it to the left, then the right, back and forth she explored the firmness and resilience of this little mountain of womanly excitement. Instantly Sue pushed back with her hips against Jenny's tongue. Jenny continued to test and tease. Sue's clitoris felt like a big pencils eraser mounted on shock absorbers. It would get rolled to the left and spring right back up. When she pushed it to the right it would spring back up. When she pulled it down with her lips towards the vagina it would slowly return to form, erect and proud. Jenny was amazed and in love with that perfect majestic clit. The fleshy extensions of Sue's clit melted smoothly into her inner lips to form a perfect little axe-head shape. Parted at the bottom invitingly for probing and rising to a marvelous apex above. Jenny now focused intently on making love to that clit in the best way she could. She tried to imagine that her clit was like that one and that it too was getting licked magnificently by a wondrous mouth and tongue. "Wait," she thought, "I am getting licked like that. Its real. Sue is doing me so good I could just come. Woops, can't let that happen. Got to do something."

With both women eating their opponent's cunt with lust and enthusiasm, both feeling the early signs of orgasm. Jenny, still with her wits though, quickly reversed position with Sue. She rolled their locked bodies 180 degrees to place herself on top. She continued her tongue assault on the big clit under her mouth. Risking much she also began wiggling her hips vigorously, rubbing her pussy all over Sue's face. Jenny knew she couldn't last a lot longer but with Sue now just trying to match Jenny's hip movements with matching tongue movement, Jenny was controlling the sensations in her pussy. Jenny was also in control of Sue's pussy, specifically her clit. Increasing the tempo of her tonguing and enjoying the lively response of Sue's clit she abruptly quit tonguing and sucked it hard into her mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked and Sue cringed in anguish and exploded into orgasm at the same time. Jenny's hands pulling upward on Sue's ass put so much pressure on her clit being absorbed into Jenny's mouth that she totally lost control. Juice squirted out of her pussy onto Jenny's forehead. Jenny just kept sucking and sucking until Sue began whimpering for her to quit. Even then Jenny didn't leave her alone, she buried her face in Sue's thick rich bush and bit on her hair and pulled up hard even as she continued her grinding assault with her pussy backwards onto Sue's face. "Lick girl, lick!" Jenny swooned as Sue stuck out her tongue in partial compliance. That was enough. Jenny pushed back onto that tongue and found her own shuddering climax. It was as if a flood of orgiastic fluids had replaced the blood in her veins. Her whole body tingled as she, once again whipped Sue in a sex-duel. She had won! Sue had been moments from victory in all three of her matches with Jenny, but was yet to win.