(By HGHunt)

Round 4-1

Wednesday morning arrived and after breakfast they each decided to spend the morning in different ways. Jenny wanted to go to the mall for shopping. Rose went to a museum. Lynn found an art gallery that she liked. Sue also went shopping but because her choice of stores was different than Jenny's she took a cab. Jenny was the only one to drive. The others each took cabs. As Jenny did a little exploring in her car she happened to notice a small adult novelty and bookstore. She drove right by it before she had an idea. After some shopping at the department store that had been her destination originally she took a side trip back to that little shop. She had never visited such a store before, but with the impending festivities back at the hotel she thought "what could it hurt?" and she went in. Browsing that little shop was a real eye-opener for Jenny. While she wouldn't have been called a prude by anybody, the range of sex items for sale flabbergasted her. She spent long minutes examining many of the wares, even going so far as to ask the counter girl how exactly some of that stuff was used. The counter girl was probably just 21, but she was very helpful. Jenny left without buying anything, but surely her mind had entered a new phase of thinking. She drove down to the beach and just sat in one of the lounge chairs and watched kids playing and the boats zipping by. Farther out there were at least a dozen sailboats with their colorful sails rounding the point of a nearby peninsula. Overall it was just the kind of peaceful place for Jenny to relax and think about her vacation. She thought long about what had already happened between her and her friends, but mostly she was thinking about what was yet to transpire.

Rose wandered through the museum looking at the artifacts and displays. It was a very quiet place and she was able to absorb herself in thought as she moved from exhibit to exhibit. Like Jenny, she too had been contemplating the events of this 'golf-week' up north. "Ha!" she thought, "some golf vacation this has turned out to be!" Her mind too was focusing more and more on the choices she and Jenny would have to make to stage their next two rounds of competition.

Sue found at least a dozen outfits she wanted at the fashionable shop downtown, but only purchased 4 of them. She was real proud of the restraint she showed in purchasing. She wasn't known for frugality. She found a nice little corner pub near the mall to have a quiet lunch. She ate lightly, knowing she shouldn't be too full for the afternoon events.

Lynn spent only a short time at the art gallery, not buying anything. She then took a cab over to the theater and went in to watch an old movie. Even though she was in the theater, she spent more time thinking about the more exciting events of the last three days. Knowing that she was in third place, but only two wins behind Jenny, gave her plenty of confidence. Whatever Jenny and Rose could devise, she knew she would be ready. She actually became more determined than ever to win at all costs. She admitted to herself that she was never a very good loser and this was no time to start. She desperately wanted to prove herself superior to her friends. After all, she was younger than the other women and she didn't want to suffer any more losses.

The women began arriving back at the hotel at 2:00 and by 2:30 all were there. Each told little stories about their morning and their lunch. Lynn launched the motivation for the afternoon by speaking up as soon as the pleasantries had been concluded. She wanted to convey her own intentions of winning by using body language and posturing before the fun started. "Well girls, play time is over now. We've got two rounds to go, six matches for each one of us. I don't really care what little games Jenny and Rose come up with, I intend to have fun and to win. Sue why don't you pull the card to see if Jenny or Rose gets to choose the next contest."

Sue, herself anxious to get started, reached over and pulled the card upon which was written Jenny's name. She said her name and showed the others the card. "Curses!" Jenny thought, hiding her thought behind her smile. She had really wanted to go last. In her conniving way she was hoping to save what she thought was her strongest feminine quality for use in the final round. So now she was forced into hoping that Rose would somehow accommodate her by choosing a sex contest that was to her advantage in the last round. So Jenny chose a path fraught with risk for her, she thought, since it was a more limited engagement, one in which bending or breaking the rules wouldn't be quite so easy. She took a deep breath and told the girls what the next contest would be. "Today we will focus on the real feminine center. We will fight with our pussies only. Well, almost only! The goal is the same as before, make the other girl orgasm against her will. Since this is supposed to be for sexual excitement we may use other parts of our bodies in holding on, rubbing, kissing, etc. There is a time limit of 15 minutes on what you might call foreplay, which can include removal of clothing, after which it must be pussy against pussy. Do whatever you want to try to excite the other girl, but do not touch her pussy with anything other than your own pussy. One hour rest between bouts involving the same woman."

Lynn, wanting to make sure she understood Jenny's 'game' asked "Does that mean that if you get to cunt-to-cunt contact before the 15 minutes are up that you can stop and go back to 'foreplay'?"

Jenny hadn't really thought about that possibility but responded with a simple "yes, I guess so. Oh, and the girls not competing are responsible for keeping time, ok?"

Rose interjected, "Well girls I may have the last choice for a contest, but I sure am glad Jenny wants to pussy fight with me. I can't wait to pussy fight all of you. I expect to be three for three after this event. Thank you Jenny!" The others were a little surprised at Rose's gusto, but passed it off as meaningless. Each woman had already come to 'know' the other's bodies quite well and each was sure she knew enough about the others that they could out-sex them into orgasm. And so it was determined. Round five would be pussy fighting. Next up was a roll of the die to determine the order of matches. Sue reached for and rolled the die out onto the table. Up came six. Sue announced the order of the matches based on that roll: 1) Jenny v Sue, 2) Sue v Lynn, 3) Jenny v Rose, 4) Lynn v Jenny, 5) Sue v Rose, 6) Rose v Lynn. Sue then made it obvious she fully intended to win by saying, "Well Jenny, you against me bitch. My pussy will overpower your puny thing. I'll have you jerking clear to heaven, probably even before the 15 minutes are up. Get ready girl, cause now its womanhood against womanhood and nobody is better down there than me!"

Jenny stood up, facing the determined Sue, a scowl on her own face, "All talk, all talk, and there is no way you can back that up. When you see my pussy you'll be so dazzled and excited that you might just cum from the beauty of it." With that Jenny lingeringly began to unbutton her blouse. Sue, poker faced and watching Jenny intently, began to remove her own clothes. Jenny finished her blouse and pulled her arms through the sleeves and then stepped toward Sue and tossed her blouse around the back of Sue's neck, grabbing both sleeves, and then pulled Sue toward her with a gentle tug of her blouse. Knowing the sexual psychology Jenny was using, Sue went along and while still Jenny's blouse was still wrapped around her neck, she wrapped her own around Jenny's neck and pulled her head forward as well. Lynn informed everyone that she was starting the clock. Both women said, "good." Low whispered seductive talk sprang from their lips as each began the verbal battle. Each tried to say the most passion inducing words. After only a minute or so of that they tossed blouses aside, stepped back from each other and took off their pants, tossing them aside too. Seconds ticked by and bras came off next. "Here, Sue, come feel my boobs. I know you've been aching to get your hands on them. I sure want to grab your tits too." She stepped within reach of Sue and four hands reached for breasts. Sue's hands found Jenny's breasts and quickly began gentle fondling. She had one hand on each breast and lifted them as if weighing them in her hands, "My what nice big boobs you have Jenny, soft, supple, heavy, firm, and look at those nipples. I see them growing and I haven't even touched them yet. You must be getting pretty horny, huh?"

Jenny was so involved with her own manipulation of Sue's boobs that she didn't even answer. She just gave Sue's equally large tits a thorough and deep stimulation. She kneaded them like bread dough, not hard, but just enough to make sure every nerve cell was addressed. Then she began her nipple caresses. First just little rubs across the nipple with a finger and then squeezing between thumb and finger she rolled Sue's nipples back and forth, clockwise and counter-clockwise. The direct stimulation had Sue's nipples sticking out in dramatic erection. Jenny's own nipples were now receiving similar stimulation from Sue's deft fingers. Two pairs of nipples were now pulled and twisted and began to feel the pleasure that was intended. Sue took the lead in shifting away from the breast and nipple play to lean close to Jenny, whisper in her ear, "Your nipples are so hot I almost burned my fingers." She wrapped her arms around Jenny and nuzzled her face in Jenny's neck near her shoulder. She pulled her closer and began a little dance, just swaying to some music in her head. Jenny reciprocated and they continued this slow lissome dance around the room, caressing each other gently as they danced. Hot breath found their necks. Their naked breasts were in sweet intimate contact as their nipples matched up nicely and were squeezed together by the soft compression of their bodies. Lynn, being ever the diligent timekeeper, told them that ten minutes were gone, five minutes to go. They kept up the erotic dance, ever so close. Sue, anxious to avenge her three previous losses to Jenny, began her first tentative pussy bumps. Lining up her panty-covered mound with Jenny's as they danced, she began slow soft bumps up against Jenny's hard mound. The thick fur inside Sue's panties cushioned the blows, sending the opening salvo of erotic sparks from their pussies into their brains. Sue was not worried about that. She knew that lust would develop within her loins and she accepted it.

Lazily reaching down with her hands, Jenny began to slowly remove Sue's panties. Their bodies separated enough for Jenny to successfully remove the last bit of fabric that covered Sue's body. She didn't touch but she leaned real close to Sue's thickly furred pussy and let out a little moan of "Ooooohhh, how pretty." As she blew little bursts of wind onto Sue, ruffling her pubic hair and sending a slight shiver through Sue as she felt the soft breath close to her labia lips. Jenny stood back and in a way that cleared the way for Sue to take the next step. Knowing the time was near for ending the foreplay, she quickly approached Jenny, wrapped her arms around her in one big hug and gave her a kiss directly on the lips. Jenny opened her mouth to let Sue explore her tongue with her own. Without the antagonistic shoving of their kiss fight they played with each other's tongues inside their mouths for a full minute. Then slowly Sue pushed Jenny's panties down and threw then away. She found herself staring at a freshly shaved pussy. "What the hell?" exclaimed Sue? She turned Jenny around for Lynn and Rose to see and they saw for the first time Jenny's sweet pussy in its glory without any hair whatsoever. That thick brown curly mass had been partially destroyed by Lynn yesterday and Jenny had decided to enhance the looks of her pussy by shaving all the hair. Gone! It looked just like a little girls pussy. And then for a further surprise Jenny said "Get ready to go honey Sue, I'm going to lay down here right now and we are going to fuck each other's pussy." With that she sat down on the floor and spread her legs wide for all three to see. In unison the other three women gasped.

"What the hell is that?" yelled Sue. "No fair!" chimed in Lynn. "You've gone too far now bitch!" cried Rose. All this because they were looking at the biggest prettiest clit ring they had ever seen. "Gee girls," Jenny intoned in her mock sweet voice, "I thought you would like my pretty jewelry. We are always trying to make ourselves sexy and this is just my way. Besides, what's the problem anyway?"

"I'll tell you what the problem is you cunt," said Sue, "That big gold ring makes you a cheater. This pussy-to-pussy contest that you invented is totally unfair when you have that big thing dangling between your legs. It's almost like you have a man's equipment down there."

"So what?" retorted Jenny, "The woman that I met this morning, who has one almost just like mine, told me that it is the best thing to ever happen to her because it makes her more sensitive and gives her more pleasure than she ever had without it. So I'm the one really at the disadvantage here, not you girls. What do you want me to do, pull it out?"

"I don't believe you," said Rose, "but I guess it's really up to Sue. What do you think Sue?"

"You know what Jenny? I'll call your bluff. I think you expected us to throw up a big stink and demand we change the game or something. I know you. You are always trying to play with people's minds and I see right through it this time. You proposed a pussy fight, and that is what you are going to get. My pussy is better than your pussy any day or any night, clit ring or none. You'll regret you ever stooped so low. You stay right there bitch with your legs wide open and we'll see whose cunt is queen!" With that firm acknowledgement that the pussy fight would go on, Lynn and Rose could only acquiesce and watch and hope for the best. In this case both of them were rooting for Sue, since she had the fewest wins of all four women and Jenny had the most. A win by Jenny would surely make a final victory for either of them more remotely likely. "Fuck her good, Sue," shouted Lynn. "Don't let her get away with it," encouraged Rose. Jenny just listened and smiled. The others learned never to read anything into her smiles though and they just ignored her casual smile.

Sue plopped down on the floor opposite Jenny and began to slide across towards her. Jenny slid equally until their pussies were about a foot apart. What had been a building level of sexual excitement just moments before had now been transformed into a completely different atmosphere, augmented by the claims of cheating and the anger it had generated in three of the women. Only Jenny's true feelings hadn't been made perfectly clear, but one thing hadn't changed and they all knew it. She would do her best to whip Sue's pussy with her own.

Staring directly into each other's eyes they slid closer together. Their earlier foreplay had been effective in getting some vaginal lubricants to flow in both women. The last five minutes had slowed it down, but there was still enough moisture left on the lips of each pussy that there was a nice little slurping sound when they finally touched and started to rub. That first contact came amid loud gasps of pleasure from both women. The intensity of feeling was incredible as pussy met pussy. Then all hell broke loose. Sue pulled her hips back away from Jenny and thrust firmly up against Jenny's pussy with a loud smack! Jenny grunted at the impact. She just glared at Sue. Sue pulled back again and wham! She hit her again with her pussy. Jenny was totally caught off guard by Sue's violent whacks. She held her ground, give her credit for that, but she grimaced in the instant before impact when Sue pulled back and smacked Jenny's pussy for the third time.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" cried Jenny.

"Pussy fighting! Can't you take it girl?" spat Sue right back at Jenny, as she prepared for her fourth assault?

Wham! She hit her straight and hard for the fourth time and Jenny began to wonder what in hell Sue was trying to do. She knew that the pain she felt, while not debilitating or ruinous, not yet anyway, must be causing Sue a lot of pain as well. Fortunately for both women the force of the blows was lower on their pussies than their clit area, thereby avoiding the impact of the new clit ring Jenny was sporting. But still Jenny wondered what Sue could possibly be thinking. Sue for her part was definitely thinking. Maybe she wasn't thinking as clearly as she should have in the anger she was feeling for Jenny (again!). But her motive was simple. Show dominance over Jenny. Even if it meant suffering through some pain, she felt that making Jenny wonder what was going on and causing her to second guess herself was worth a lot in the psychological battle that was being waged alongside the physical one. Sue, deep inside, was gleeful at Jenny's response. "Strike one," she thought. She knew Jenny was thinking she was crazy, but so what. When Jenny saw Sue preparing for her fifth pussy attack she had recovered enough to think that she shouldn't let Sue have this much momentum, no matter what, so she reared herself back a few inches and shot her hips forward to meet Sue's pussy head on. Smack! The loudest sound yet. This time both women grimaced and grunted at impact. But they immediately got into a rhythm. Pulling back about ten or twelve inches each and then forcefully jerking their bodies forward to impact. Six times, seven times, eight times, nine times, smacking, grunting, and suffering through the pain. On it went. Sue was actually relishing the violence. Yes, it was very painful, but she knew that Jenny was suffering too and she wanted to show as much feminine dominance as she could and she was waiting for some slight sign from Jenny that it was working. But Jenny was a very determined fighter as well, and in spite of the pain she kept up the banging just as vigorously as Sue until on about three or four minutes into the battle she chose a change in tactics. "Hurray!" thought Sue silently when Jenny followed up their loud pussy smack with a chase. Instead of backing up to ram into Sue from a distance she scooted her ass forward literally chasing Sue's pussy for a foot across the rug. "Pussy can't take a beating from a real woman's pussy can it?" shouted Sue in a triumphant tone.

She let Jenny have her way for a few moments, allowing herself to catch a breather. Jenny had now sat a little more upright, holding herself up with her arms so she could angle that clit ring she was wearing more directly at Sue's pussy. Jenny wiggled forward and down to let her clit and the attached ring to slide inside Sue's juicy lips. Of course Sue's large clit was now poking up defiantly from the upper regions of her pussy. Jenny would watch as she maneuvered that clit ring to slide into the upper folds of Sue's pussy, almost disappearing, and then she would rise up and watch it practically grab Sue's large fleshy clit and pull it up and away, before slipping off and back to its normal position. Jenny was enjoying this very much. First, it felt really good to her. As that ring was rubbing itself deeply into Sue and gliding across those wet pussy lips, every little vibration shot right back through that ring into Jenny's clit. "Delicious," she thought. But Sue had now begun to respond with passion. Instead of that awful banging she was starting to wiggle and slide as Jenny was in the groove of her fucking motion. In fact if you hadn't been close enough to see what was actually going on you might have thought Jenny had a dick as her hip movements were a perfect copy of masculine fucking motions.

Sue was enjoying this too: for half the same reasons Jenny was. Yup, it sure felt good, but even more importantly, she knew also that Jenny was using up a lot of energy right now, while she was just laying there enjoying herself. But she had a plan, and she was sure Jenny wouldn't be ready for it. It was only a matter of timing. The next few minutes saw Sue sit up on her elbows to get a little more leverage and Jenny also dropped back down as far as her elbows and now the two women seemed to really be getting into the trib action. Vaginal secretions were seeping out all over by now. The pain was mostly subsided from the earlier impacts, and they were really into a grinding dance. Left, right, up, down, wet labia rubbed wet labia. Both women let occasional gasps of pleasure escape their mouths. Sue eventually raised up on her arms and then to a sitting position and putting her hands down to her own pussy lips, pulled them wide, very wide, apart and said to Jenny, "My pussy is going to swallow your pussy, want to watch?" As Jenny slowly rose to a sitting position she looked at that gaping pussy across from her own. She could see those lips parted awfully wide by Sue's fingers and she could see deep into the inner folds and crevices of Sue's juicy pussy. Sue sat waiting for Jenny to act. Never one to shy from any kind of dare or competition, Jenny just smiled sweetly and whispered, "We'll see whose pussy swallows whose!"

With that comment, Jenny licked her fingers one at a time as she stared lustily at Sue, and then she pulled her own pussy lips motor home wide apart. Only her gynecologist had ever seen this much! Sue, with a gaping hole of her own, lined up with Jenny and slid forward as Jenny did the same. Squishy wet holes meshed together. There was so much pussy flesh rubbing and sliding against other pussy flesh that the slopping sound seemed deafeningly loud in the quiet room. Sue exclaimed, "See I told you my pussy would swallow your pussy. You should have known better than to match up your puny girl pussy with mine." In fact it did appear that Sue's pussy lips were spread a little farther and could actually engulf Jenny's outer lips just inside her own. Jenny fumed back at her, "Bitch, your pussy has nothing on mine. I can tell you love the way my pussy feels. I know you're feeling like one lucky bitch."

The talk quit and the two women continued to sit with hands holding their cunt lips wide apart and they flowed into a real rocking motion where the most intimate parts of their bodies were intermixing with each other. The flowing juices were now at peak level as was the intoxicating aroma in the room. Lynn and Rose were even affected by it from several feet away. Grunts and groans began to escape from their lips and the pace of squishy pussy mixing quickened. Sue now played what she hoped would be her last card in this intense game. Sitting fully up she reached under Jenny's legs and lifted them up off the floor as she herself rose to a standing position above Jenny. In only an instant she threw her right leg over Jenny's left and while holding Jenny's legs wide apart she squatted back down to regain the lost contact between their pussies. Sue had been gambling that Jenny would have enough energy to hump and fuck with her but not enough to wrestle for a dominant position. She was right. At first Jenny was surprised by the move and not prepared to make any sort of counter, and when Sue just repositioned her pussy directly down onto Jenny's she thought "why not?" She let Sue control the motions from her superior position. While their hands weren't pulling lips apart anymore, their pussies, of their own accord now, were very wide open and the delicious slippery friction was driving them closer and closer to orgasm. Jenny wiggled back at Sue's every move, desperately seeking mind control over her pussy. She did not want to orgasm first. She knew she was in the home stretch and Sue was so vigorously grinding and humping and groaning that she thought her chances were excellent. Two or three more minutes went by and the pace quickened twice in that period. Now it appeared to Jenny that Sue was having a hard time stabilizing herself upright, but with the lovely friction continuing she didn't even care. Then as Jenny was reaching the edge (Sue too, it must be known) Sue adjusted her body enough so that her thick wet pubic hair was now in the prime position to grind down into Jenny's pussy. And grind she did. Harder and harder she ground, pushing her mound deeply into Jenny's pussy and the surprise and newness of the texture and the closeness of the orgasm all blended into Jenny's unwanted explosion. Boom! It was like a sonic boom going off inside her as Sue continued to hump her thick furry pussy mound down, down into Jenny's cunt. Jenny screamed and screamed, "You bitch, you bitch, oh God, you bitch! I'm coming, coming, coming!!!"

In her practically upside down position she shuddered and shook, clearly marking her orgasm as first. But of course Sue wasn't done. Without missing a beat she shifted her pussy right back and with her clit aiming the way she took full advantage or that artificial appendage on Jenny's clit and humped it back and forth over and over again, groaning all the while. Jenny, having come down from her orgasm began to feel overly sensitive in her pussy and began to beg Sue to stop. "Not a chance you little cunt, not until I get mine!" shouted Sue. Fortunately for Jenny it wasn't too long in coming. Sue's accurate humping on Jenny's clit and clit ring launched her own orgasm just a couple of minutes after Jenny's subsided. Whimpering to herself in ecstasy Sue was immensely pleased. Not only had she just had a powerful orgasm at Jenny's expense, but also she had finally beaten Jenny in one of their matches. The monkey was off her back. Her legs were weak, but she stood up proud and gleaming, the mixture of female juices running down her legs and sweat dripping off her face and tits she walked a couple of circles around Jenny, preening all the way. "I told you before we started that my pussy would overpower your puny thing and that is exactly what it did. Face it Jenny I just have a better pussy than you, clit ring or not!"

With that the first pussy fight was over. Whew!