(By HGHunt)

That devilish smile expanded to cover all of Dawn's pretty face. She practically shouted, "Threeway!"

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhh. I LIKE YOU!" Chelsea's grin gave away her excitement at the prospect of a three-way sexual encounter.

Stepping together the three girls bodies, dripping with sweat, and giving off sweet and wicked fumes from their exertions, secretions, and musky woman juices, they drew their faces close. Licking her lips Chelsea went for Linda's mouth with her own as Dawn met the intersection of their tongues with her own. Three faces, three mouths, three tongues, they jousted with each other in haphazard but lovely contortions. The slobbery wet junction of their tongues left dripping saliva all over their chests. It was an elegant dance, depriving no one of the lovely, lusty kissing flurry.

Dawn's fingers were carefully exploring the chests of both girls. She felt the full-breasted chest Linda was so proud of. She discovered the small hard nipples that fronted Chelsea's damaged boobs. Rejoicing in the erotic possibilities she cherished each small touch and every tiny response from one of her partners. She felt fingers clawing at her tits. First Chelsea and then Linda began teasing and toying with Dawn's lovely breasts. Six hands worked over six breasts, each girl with a hand on each of the others. Only a couple of minutes had elapsed since Chelsea's departure from the lush confines of Liz's pussy and now she was already panting and heaving her chest in response to the titillation.

Dawn took charge and suggested they get on the floor. She arranged them on their sides in a triangle head to toe. Tightening the triangle they each parted their legs and propped them open. Dawn was close to Chelsea's crotch while Chelsea was looking at Linda's hot box, and Linda quivered at the lovely sight of Dawn's plump-lipped pussy.

Dawn felt soft fingers gliding through her black straight-haired bush. Her straight long pubic hairs were probably some remnant of her intriguing ethnicity. Her combination heritage gave her a dazzlingly gorgeous face and the somewhat unique distinction of having no curly hairs sprouting from her crotch. Linda's fingers glided through her fuzz with ease, parting a path lower and lower. Inching towards her pussy, Dawn languished in the pleasure of both the current and expected exploration. Even with as much sexual stimulation already generated it was still a novelty reaction when Linda's gentle finger grazed across Dawn's pussy for the first time. It caused Dawn to jerk with a start. Dawn's own fingers were deftly examining the overworked pussy and clit of Queen Bush Chelsea. What a delicious two-pronged amalgam of sensations. Amazed by the length and breadth and stiffness of Chelsea's clit and hornily ravaging it with her fingers all while she opened her own pussy for Linda's wholly erotic manipulation.

Chelsea had wasted no time, she planted her wet mouth firmly over Linda's pussy and greedily began to lick, suck, and bite (gently). "Mmmmmmmmmmm, she tastes good," Chelsea was thinking. Right now her whole being had turned into a sexual organ. Every part of her wanted sex. Every part of her wanted these girls. The emotions, adrenalin, aromas, and overall intoxicating power of her victory, had caused her to lose all track of time and peripheral issues. Sex, sex, and more sex was all she wanted. What great fortune that there were six eager hot babes willing to indulge her. "YES!"

Within moments all three girls were hungrily chowing down on the hot wet cunt under their face. Fingers helped out occasionally by pulling thick labia aside to pave the way for a deep tongue. They also probed each other's nipples and asses, continuously seeking ways to generate higher arousal. Hips began to wiggle. Clits were sucked deeply into mouths. Positions were reversed and their deep probing, licking, and sucking didn't lose a beat. Riding their wave higher and higher at a mutually shared pace it seemed as if they might hit an orgasmic peak real soon, but after several more minutes they were just below the explosion.

Chelsea pulled away and said, "I want a pussy to fuck and one to suck." Even though she was the one supposedly fulfilling the desires of the other two, it was a well-received request. Linda immediately scissored her legs across Chelsea's and plunged her crotch up against Chelsea's over-endowed clit. Dawn swung up to sit directly on Chelsea's face and Chelsea relished the glorious feel of two cunts waging their horny quest for release on her body.

Linda maneuvered carefully and was able to rub her clit up against its monster counterpart. Her clit was really sensitive and the erotic potential of the massive monument jutting out from Chelsea's still hairy lips was excruciatingly erotic. She pushed at it and tried to wiggle it into her pussy. She got about half of it inside her pussy and she gyrated her hips, aching for more and more. When nearly all of it was buried inside her lush cunt she began a straight-ahead pounding. It felt so much like a real cock fucking her she went crazy with lust, shouting and groaning. Her noisy response lifted Dawn and Chelsea to another level also and within moments they were worming into each other causing three-way orgasmic bliss.

They came down from their joyous explosion and were greeted by four girls clapping their approval. Tesha looked quickly at the other girls and before you know it she had launched into a suggestion that no one could dismiss. "How about a thank you finale for Chelsea now?" The other girls nodded and Tesha stepped over to the disjoining mass of girl flesh and choreographed a grand finale multi-girl coupling that would be sure to give Chelsea more pussy at one time than she had probably ever dreamed of before. Being the greedy type, and since it was her idea, she took Linda's spot between Chelsea's legs, inching her pussy up against Chelsea's still throbbing pussy. She put Liz and Linda on either side of Chelsea's torso, seated with legs splayed apart and their crotches within easy reach of Chelsea's hands. Rashelle was positioned on the throne of Chelsea's face facing the other girls. Finally Chelsea's vacant toes received their gift of pussy. Dawn and Amanda knelt on the floor and squatted their damp crotches slowly down onto Chelsea's toes. Chelsea had gasped at the thought of what Tesha was offering her. Six lovely girls were each providing intimate access to their fragrant well-lubricated cunts.

"Go!" shouted Tesha.

Chelsea was splayed out on the floor with every part of her sexy body inundated by pussy. Her hands went to work plying the folds and crevices of Liz and Linda's pussies, her feet wiggled their way into erotic penetration of Amanda and Dawn with her big toes. Her mouth and pussy, the core of her sex, were equally busy fucking Rashelle and Tesha.

The other girls had plenty of nearby skin with which to amuse their hands and mouths. Groping at anything they could reach, uncountable combinations of sexual touches occurred in the next minutes. Their sighs were melting into one. Their bodies were melting into one. It was as if some sort of chemical reaction had been catalyzed in slow motion. Amazingly Chelsea managed to keep all six of her involved parts busy and active. How she did it none of them knew, but each was sure that Chelsea was focusing on her cunt above the rest. Liz shivered in delight with the way Chelsea played with her pussy. Amanda had never enjoyed a girl's foot so much as now. Wow! Dawn ground her cunt forcefully against Chelsea's toe, only to feel it respond and plunge in her with a wonderful wiggly penetration. Linda groaned with pleasure when she felt Chelsea's fingers tweak her clit in an especially appealing way. Rashelle couldn't believe her good luck as Chelsea's talented tongue maintained a remarkable rhythm of lush eating. And then there was Tesha who felt like she was engaged in the most delicious cunt-bumping yet. The seven were a groping, licking, probing, tweaking, kissing, humping, fucking, mass of hormonal pleasure. Their timing merged and melted into perfectly harmonious rocking sexual joy. Before the events of the last week none of them could have ever imagined such orgiastic synchronization. But yet, there they were climbing towards their umpteenth orgasm and rising together.

Chelsea blissfully moved her hands, feet, tongue, and pussy to an inner timing and heat that was unquenchable it seemed. She ached for the wonderful sensations to just suspend themselves in time. She dreamt she could enjoy this glory forever and ever until the end of time.

Alas, it was only a dream. Alas, she was human after all. The other girls were human as well and their physiology demanded what it had been demanding all day.


It took nearly half an hour, but eventually their sweaty gorgeous bodies hit the perfect rhythm of pleasure and they blasted off in an orgiastic explosion of cosmic proportions. Their writhing bodies tried to capture each other in hedonistic wicked pleasure. Some screamed, some groaned, some just sighed, but one thing was shared by all. It was the most intensely erotic moment of their lives.

Especially Chelsea. The combination of lust and power and reward she felt by being able to pleasure 6 wet pussies all at once was pure heaven.

Finally the hormonal surges drained away. Their bodies became aware of the sore muscles, tired joints, overworked genitalia, and just generally run-down bodies. They remorsefully but necessarily pulled their bodies apart, separating ever so slowly. Few words were spoken as they took deep breaths to begin reclaiming some of the immense amounts of oxygen they had burned.

Amazingly, when they looked over in the corner, Veronica was still sound asleep (at least it appeared). So much had transpired and their focus was so intent on their sex that they lost all track of time. Surprise overtook them when they looked at the clock and saw that it was past 9:30 at night. They had been fornicating and fighting and all other manner of orgiastic sex for nine and a half hours. When that sunk in it was even more amazing: Chelsea had kept going strong throughout all of it. The warm-up sex, the multi-hour fight with a girl her physical equal (within a sliver of a cunt hair, anyway), and the back-to-back-to-back sex with its multi-orgasmic immensity. WOW!

"Queen Bush. It has a nice ring to it don't you think?" Chelsea's comment reminded the other six that this had been a fight over the right to use the nickname. As enamored as they were by Chelsea ever since her stunning victory, her comment was a sober reminder that it had all been at the expense of a girl they admired and looked up to for their entire volleyball careers up to this point.

Feeling just a small pang of guilt, Tesha pushed it back into the depths of her mind and offered, "Well, I guess you can be called Queen Bush from now on. Thanks for letting us participate in your war with Veronica. You are certainly a deserving champion. What should we do with her?" She motioned over at the huddled girl in the corner. Each girl knew that only Chelsea could answer that question.

"I am sure the bitch will know her place now. I'm not worried at all about her. Just let her sleep. But just to rub it in a little bit more I think I'll take her clothes. I deserve a reminder of the whipping I gave her." Dawn retrieved the necklace from its box that had been laid aside. She put it around Chelsea's neck. Chelsea beamed with pride and thanked the girls for their thoughtfulness. Chelsea and the others dressed and then Chelsea picked up Veronica's clothes and they all left, turning out the lights before departing the room.