(By HGHunt)


The teasing was over.

Liz's heart raced clear up into her throat as she felt the powerful plunge from Chelsea's crotch. Her aching pussy practically Hoovered Chelsea's clit into her vagina. She wanted Chelsea so badly that she was dreaming of having her entire body sucked deep into her womb. Obviously that wasn't going to happen, but the depth of Liz's desire was beyond rational thought. It was pure animal lust and she WANTED EVERYTHING of Chelsea to be inside her aching pussy. When she felt the meaty clit worm its way downward into her sizzling cunt, she let out a scream that sounded like a wildcat in the night. Her desire had been put on hold for so long that she lost vocal control. It scared the other girls with its wild animal sound.

Chelsea smiled and began a slow grinding wiggle. She felt the sizzling heat of Liz's vagina cushioning her proud clit. Lush juicy friction between Liz's vagina lining and Chelsea's extraordinary plump clit sent them down the highway. Chelsea wiggled until she had squashed as much of her rubbery clit inside Liz's hole as she could get. Copulating like wicked weasels they heatedly fucked each other with steely intensity. Their eyes kept up their melting stares. Their hips hit a motion of lovely friction as Chelsea's clit slid out and in repeatedly. Liz's aching hole greedily accepted every plunge. Joyously rocking up to meet every downward thrust she bit her lip to keep from screaming again.

"Wonderful, wonderful. I never knew sex could be THIS good," Liz thought to herself as she smiled and moaned from the heavenly lush friction in her pussy.

Amanda watched from the sidelines in even more awe of Chelsea than before. She was on her feet, legs wide apart, knees bent, lining up her clit with Liz's hole and giving it a perfect fucking without missing a beat. Her leg muscles had been in this awkward position for a long, long time. On top of that she had been vigorously active for hours and yet she was still going strong. If it had been herself, she knew she would have collapsed from fatigue long before now. Amazing, truly amazing.

Every tenth or twelfth plunge into Liz's cunt, Chelsea would pull out and rub Liz's hard little clitty with her own cunt-juicy clitoris. These clit rubbing diversions kept the heat building and building. Their loins began to burn like a blast furnace. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Rub, rub, rub. Finally the blast furnace took its last load of fuel and the bursting inferno enveloped the two horny cunts. Jerking and spasming in uncontrollable tempo, they worked their organs together in glorious harmony. It was with bittersweet pleasure that Chelsea felt the waves of orgasm subside. She kept her firm clit as deeply imbedded inside Liz's cunt as she could for the duration of her declining orgasm. Finally and with a wink of her good eye, she pulled out, leaving Liz's cum-soaked pussy behind.

Liz blissfully closed her eyes, let her legs fall back to the mat and she sighed while a contented smile spread across her face. She had felt shivers flood through her body when Chelsea winked at her. "God that was good." It was all she could say and it was all that was necessary.

Tossing her hair aside with a flirtatious swing of her head she cooed once again, "Who's next?" Chelsea was ready to go immediately.

Only Linda and Dawn were yet to couple with Chelsea since her brutal victory over Veronica. As Rashelle had just looked over and noticed that Veronica had fallen asleep. She was curled up in a fetal position and sound asleep in the corner. She made a motion in her direction and the others took a look. "Oh, what the fuck, let the bitch sleep," Chelsea graciously offered.

Dawn and Linda looked at each other and then back at Chelsea, who was standing tall and proud, despite her blemished appearance.

Linda took a deep breath and her C-cup tits jutted forward. Dawn glanced at Chelsea and then at Linda. A devilish smile crossed her lips. She reached over and took Linda's hand in her own and they turned and walked together towards Chelsea. They noticed a smile creep across her face and they caught a gleam in her eye as they approached. "Are you girls thinking what I hope you are thinking?"