(By HGHunt)

The lights went out.

The lights went out for Veronica. Chelsea felt the limpness creep into the legs that had been brutally crushing her head. Within five seconds of noticing the diminished power of Veronica's legs, Chelsea had managed to wiggle her head enough to gasp in some much needed air. She had only been an instant from departing consciousness herself, and it took a monumental effort for her to maintain her thoughts enough to continue squeezing Veronica's head with everything she had left. Fifteen seconds later, Veronica's legs flopped limply apart, and Chelsea could breathe more freely. Her crushing legs continued for nearly another 30 seconds, until she felt that the effort alone, might cause her to pass out. Finally letting up and rolling away, she could barely make out the limp form of the girl beside her. Her vision was clouded and her head pounded from the pain.

With all the hatred and vitriol that had consumed her all this week and into and throughout her fight, right now the only thing on Chelsea's mind was her immediate needs for recovery. "Water," she faintly whispered. The girls had a hard time hearing her, but Liz quickly grabbed a bottle of water from her bag and handed it to Chelsea, who almost dropped it when she tried to grab it. Her arms were weak, and she could barely lift it to her lips. She squirted it on her face and let it drizzle in her mouth and she managed to swallow some of it. Her breathing took five full minutes to end its gasping. She hadn't even bothered to look over at Veronica. If by some miracle Veronica had managed to come back at her she would have had nothing left to fight with. But it was not to be. Veronica was breathing. The others had been quick to take notice, and fortunately Veronica was getting badly needed oxygen into her system. But she was out of it completely. La-la land, Tesha called it.

Slowly over the next three or four minutes Chelsea began to regain her wits. She now realized just how precarious her predicament had been and at the same time she now knew that she had won the fight. It MEANT something to her. She began to see more clearly and what she saw was bizarre. She looked at her own body and could see that terrific damage caused by her enemy. Noting welts the size of tennis balls, bruises deep and painful, she raised her hand to feel the drying blood on her face. Her scalp ached from the punishment of ripping hair. And of course, she now for the first time looked down at her once proudly coiffed pussy. It was a mess. It appeared that at least half of her fuzzy thicket was gone. She looked on the floor and could see the debris in little clumps scattered here and there around their arena. There was physical pain too, her mound burned from the beating it had taken, but what really burned her up inside was the thick heavenly bush that she had been so proud of, and what had caused this entire episode was so damn ugly. There was no symmetry left. Not a square inch had been spared completely. Not a thick bushy remnant remained. Only small patches and scraggly hairs in total disarray covered her mons.

Seeing and feeling her own distressful state, her anger began to return. She had no energy for fighting, but she didn't need it. Veronica was only beginning to stir, and had yet to open her eyes more than twelve minutes after she had passed out.

Taking larger and longer swigs of water, Chelsea began recollecting much of what had gone on, including her promise to fuck every one of the 'spectators' when all this was over. She didn't really feel a whole lot like fucking them right now, but the idea of claiming her spoils was very sweet to her mind. But first, there was something she had to do. And it was the claiming of some other spoils. It had irked her when Veronica went back on her word about the fucking she would allow Chelsea, and now she figured it would be perfect to force Veronica to accept her fate and humiliation.

As Veronica began to groggily come around, Liz gave her a little water. She looked around the room, but her eyes weren't functioning up to par just yet. It was apparent that she didn't quite know what had happened. Then just as she took her second swallow of water, she saw Chelsea looming over her in a haze. Her imminent danger from loss of breath was now passed and Chelsea knew it.

Chelsea straddled Veronica and knelt close to tell her a few things. With her knees resting on Veronica's arms, and her ass full weight sitting on her chest, Chelsea gave a little speech. "You fucking little dirtbag of a cunt, you thought you were quite something didn't you? You thought you were the Queen Bush. Shit! You're not the queen of anything. You just got your ass whupped and it was me, QUEEN BUSH CHELSEA, that did it. Now it's time for me to claim my reward."

She took a few deep breaths and looked around the room at the mystified girls. Their sensual play had left them long ago and they wondered what exactly Chelsea had in mind. She looked directly at every one of them, making solid eye contact. Licking her lips in her best seductive manner, she let them know wordlessly that she had not forgotten her promise. But first she turned her attention back to the prone and helpless Veronica. "You stinking bitch, you thought you wouldn't have to be fucked by my pussy. Ha! It's about time you ate your words. Actually it's about time you ate ME. Unless you do exactly as I tell you, you will never walk the streets a pretty girl again." To emphasize her predicament to her, Chelsea hauled back and sent a stinging slap across the right side of Veronica's face. A red mark appeared instantly from the blow, and Veronica couldn't stop the tears from rolling down her cheek. She had finally figured out what had happened and she ached from the realization that she had been beaten. Now it appeared that Chelsea was intent on rubbing it in and humiliating her even more. To top it off her teammates and friends were here to witness it all. Her brain was working again, but her body was spent. She had no resistance left and she knew it. She was angry and bitter even though she was resigned to the fact that, for now at least, she had better comply with Chelsea's domination or else. She had no reason to doubt her willingness to follow through with whatever threats she might make. But one thing she could not do.

When Chelsea continued, Veronica listened but did not respond. "Who is the QUEEN BUSH now, bitch!" Veronica just looked up with as much rage in her eyes as she could muster. "I asked you, 'who is Queen Bush now, bitch!'" Silence. This made Chelsea mad. Another slap punctuated the silence as Veronica stoically took the punishment.

"Fuck you anyway," Chelsea intoned. With that she proceeded to move her hips higher and higher until they hovered just over Veronica's face. Then, punishingly she let her weight fall totally down onto Veronica's face. Her gaping pussy and clit, mashed down with her full weight, covered Veronica's nose and mouth. "LICK!" Chelsea demanded. "Lick!" It took a few hard grinding wiggles downward, threatening another suffocating attack, before Chelsea felt the tip of Veronica's tongue slide into her still wet crack.

"OK baby, you can do better than that. Come on now. Give it to me good. I want the REAL THING. No counterfeit, half-hearted efforts. You're the loser and you OWE it to me!" She ground her hips down again before raising them up to allow some air for her pawn. The next time she lowered her hips she noted a more vigorous tongue gliding between her pussy lips. She felt it taste deeply inside her vagina and twirl and work its way around and around inside. "Yes baby. That's a good girl. Keep it up now and I won't hurt you." She paused her talking for a couple of minutes as she relished the tonguing that Veronica was administering. "That's a good girl. Ummmm Hmmmmm. Maybe I'll have some use for you after all?" Chelsea began to feel the hormones kick back into her system. Her initial motivation for fucking Veronica's face was purely for humiliation purposes, but now the inevitable consequence had reared its head. It felt good to have Veronica helplessly eating her pussy. Grinding her cunt hard down against the juicy tongue she rocked in growing blissful pleasure. Pausing often enough to let Veronica catch her breath, she continued her face-fucking for at least ten minutes before she began to feel the impending orgasmic release. Sliding backwards she forced her immense clit into Veronica's mouth. Afraid not to comply, Veronica took it inside her wet mouth and sucked it deeply. She felt the fullness of it's engorged state reach back into the top of her mouth and she let her tongue wander all around it, even as she sucked it deeply. That was all it took for Chelsea. Having her enemy so dramatically fulfilling her sexual need made Chelsea swoon with pleasure and heady pride. Knowing that this entire event was being forever etched in the minds of all present made her feel like... like... Hell, it made her feel like a QUEEN. Her orgasm sent her reeling into a trance-like state of pleasure that lasted for two or three minutes. Veronica's tongue continued to slither and slide all over Chelsea's liberally soaked cunt.

When Chelsea slowly pulled away, Veronica took a big deep breath, a sigh of relief that it was over.