(By HGHunt)

Chelsea let her legs fall to the floor, and even though she hadn't been on the top using energy equal to Veronica, she also just lay prone, recovering from the exertion. Chelsea's huge mat of pubic hair glistened with the moisture. For a moment Dawn thought she even saw steam rising from the conjunction of Chelsea's legs. Her clit remained plump, full, and nearly three inches long, protruding from her curly haired mass before dropping down to merge with her very wet, juicy labia. Dawn looked over at Veronica to lust after her equally juicy clit, pointing out and up from her upper vulva at a dangerously pointed angle. Her clit gave the distinct appearance of a small mountain, rising from the forested floor of a valley, and guarding the doorway to a deep lush canyon, full of delight. Back and forth her eyes traveled, watching the two girls for signs of life. All she could see were heaving chests and closed eyes. They weren't asleep but were 'bushed'. A sly smile crept across Dawn's face.

Turning to Amanda she nodded toward the prone girls. Amanda nodded back and the two dropped to their hands and knees and took a dive. It was a shock to Veronica when she felt Dawn's mouth inhale her big clit. Amanda crouched between Chelsea's legs and her tongue began to dance around and around her massive love-nub.

The two fighters opened their eyes in surprise and discovered the other girl to be in the same 'predicament' as the she. Feeling a need to recover from her exertions, Veronica accepted the girl's face in her pussy without further thought. Dawn discovered the long thick mass of clitty flesh to be elegantly tasty, full of the heavenly musk from the secretion mix of Chelsea and Veronica. Dawn's lust, even after fingering herself to orgasm, just moment before, was overpowering. She devoured Veronica's big clit with her mouth, sucking it deeply into the back of her mouth, feeling it's length and firmness against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Using her teeth ever so gently, she pulled her mouth away, scraping the dimensions of Veronica's clit with her front teeth as she pulled slowly away. She felt a shiver of delight from Veronica and she voraciously began to gnaw away at every inch of Veronica's massive clit, pussy, and fuzzy border. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Dawn was in heaven. Veronica was in heaven. Lost in pleasure and ignoring the others Dawn performed her lezzie munch-fest with wild abandon.

Veronica looked down at the beautiful face sucking and munching on her hot box and responded with automatic gyrations of her hips. Around and around they went. Dawn had a hard time keeping her mouth glued to Veronica's slippery gash and had to bite on her clit or fuzzy labia lips to keep from being tossed aside. Veronica moaned and groaned and blasted off all over again. This orgasm followed the last by no more than three or four minutes and it rivaled it in intensity as well.

While Dawn had definitely taken advantage of the lull to satisfy her craving for 'big girl pussy', Amanda was being equally successful. Having felt the 'sting' of Chelsea's big clit rubbing across her own well-formed but much smaller clit, she ached for the chance to nibble her way through Chelsea's forested cunt, tasting and savoring every lush millimeter. "God," she thought, "this is so fucking good!" Her tongue lashed out at Chelsea's slippery hole and curled its way as deeply inside as she could, pushing far and deep. Rolling her tongue into a dart-like shape, she plunged in and out, in and out, in and out. Chelsea could no more forsake the tongue-fucking she was getting than Veronica had been able to do with Dawn's hungry mouth attached to her pussy. She felt her hips spasm involuntarily, and her nerves crawled with sensations of blissful joy. She rocked her hips with as much timing and control as she could muster to the beat of Amanda's tonguing. As the tempo picked up and the gyrations of her hips became less controlled, Amanda refocused her attention on Chelsea's incredible clitoris. Like Indians circling a pioneer wagon train, her tongue ran circles around the protruding dome, tasting every millimeter over and over again. Then when Chelsea lost total control and began bucking and shouting, Amanda sucked that big clit into her mouth as deeply as she could. Her liquid mouth sent such wonderful sensations surging through Chelsea that she blasted into orgasmic orbit. Amanda didn't stop and Chelsea rose to the occasion again just moments later, her body rocked by a second orgasm right on top of the first. Her uncontrollable moans and shouts combined with the equally obscene shouts from Veronica. Their orgasms had merged in time and their shouts filled the ears of the other girls, who continued their own pleasant endeavors with each other, changing partners and exploring each other with lusty appetites.

Dawn and Amanda, smiles as big as the Grand Canyon, finally backed away from the objects of their desire.

Veronica sat up on the floor, satiated. Chelsea was not far behind. As horny and lusty as they were, as fun as the interlude had been, neither was distracted completely from their intentions. Chelsea spoke first as Veronica slowly stood. "Well, my dear, I guess we had a nice little diversion there, but YOU, my little bitch better be ready for the fuck of your life."

"Oh, my sweet," Veronica mockingly replied, "You won't be fucking ME. You are the one about to get fucked, AGAIN."

Chelsea looked perturbed as she stood to face Veronica all over again. "What about your promise?"

"Fuck that and fuck you! You'll never fuck MY pussy. I got what I wanted from your cunt, and I'll get it again if I want."

Chelsea's anger steamed over, boiling to the surface, overpowering her other emotions and she lashed out. SLAP! Her long arm shot across the space between them and landed a solid slap on Veronica's left cheek.

That was all either of them needed. Their hate and fury took over and they launched into a no-holds-barred catfight. Punches and slaps, kicks and screams, these 'ladies' fought tooth and nail for the right to be Queen Bush. Their violence launched them around the room, causing the other girls to scatter. It hadn't been planned by either girl, but the parity they discovered in their pussies and tits and mouths made them realize that fighting within constraints would not solve their problem. So at it they went, each girl finally free to attack her foe with EVERYTHING she had.

As shocked and surprised by the slap as Veronica had been, she was glad to be able to hold nothing back in fighting Chelsea without quarter. It was apparent that Chelsea felt and was doing the same.

Veronica's countering slap didn't land firmly as Chelsea had moved closer to grab Veronica by the hair. With one hand in her hair and the other balled into a fist, she began a barrage of punches to any part of Veronica's face and body she could reach. Veronica took the first two punches to her ribs in order to get closer to Chelsea to grab her hair. Succeeding, she began pummeling Chelsea with fist blows of her own. They were swinging wildly and jerking each other around by their hair. Some of the punches landed solidly on faces, breasts, and torsos. Most of them were not powerfully effective. But the cumulative effect was present. They were screaming and cursing each other in a steady stream as they battled on.

Chelsea felt a particularly powerful blow hit her chin and she shook the cobwebs from her head just in time to avoid the next blow to her face. The other girls noted the blood beginning to streak down from Chelsea's lip. Veronica was doing a good job of avoiding the most powerful blows, but avoiding 90% of the blows still meant that lots of blows were meeting their mark. Her tits were aching from several solid blows she had received. Bruises and red marks were now evident. Her lip cracked open and spurted blood over her chin, arms, and chest, as well as sharing it with Chelsea. But she didn't care one single bit about how she looked. She was bent on destroying Chelsea, the witch. A second hard shot caught Chelsea in the cheek just below her eye. Another cut opened on the left side of Chelsea's face, below her eye.

Even though Veronica seemed to be able to cause more visible damage to Chelsea's face, Chelsea in no way was showing the effects. Her fury was unabated and her hair pulling and punching continued without letup. All this time the girls were struggling around the room on their feet. Staggering across the mats they were often on the verge of falling, but for at least three or four minutes they traded punches without falling. The hair pulling was not so much a tortuous pull as one of control, seeking to keep the other girls head within reach of the punches.

Of course, even for athletically gifted girls, the pace of the barrage couldn't continue. Balance became harder to maintain. Finally one of Veronica's punches, aimed for Chelsea's jaw, connected with a loud smack. It sent the 6 foot 1 inch Amazon reeling backwards, her fingers still firmly in Veronica's blonde mane. Tumbling to the floor, the style of their fight took a turn towards more intimate infighting. They rolled around on the floor, each seeking an advantage, and with Chelsea glad to be avoiding the stinging punches from Veronica's powerful right fist. Knees slammed into bellies, hands clamped more firmly into each other's formerly pretty hair, and faces contorted in rage and pain.

Chelsea managed to get Veronica's head torqued hard sideways and backwards, placing an awful strain on her neck. Veronica tried to claw her fingernails across Chelsea's chest, but the closely cropped nails did no damage. Her neck aching from the pain and strain she reached lower with her right hand and grabbed a thick handful of Chelsea's thick furry pubic hair. Pulling with all her might she heard Chelsea scream in pain. Veronica had managed to yank out several dark brown hairs. She grabbed again and pulled. Again she yanked out a patch of thatch, causing Chelsea to again loose a blood-curdling scream. Reaching in the third time she noted the lessened tension on her hair and in a moment she knew why. Chelsea had removed her left hand from behind Veronica's head and it dove directly for the thick brown hairs covering her own pussy. Veronica let out her own scream as she felt the powerful fingers pull disturbingly hard on the hairs just above her pussy. Her hair was most thickly distributed right there and Chelsea had a good grip on a lot of it. She pulled and pulled, but the amount of hair kept her from yanking it out. The pain was intense anyway. Now the two girls were screaming together as they attacked each other's bush simultaneously. "You'll be bald in no time!" "Not before you are naked as a baby down there!" "Get your hand out of my bush!" "Get YOUR hand out of my bush!"

The blood from Chelsea's face was now mingled with the sweat from their bodies as they continued to roll across the floor, one hand in each other's hair, top and bottom. Finally Chelsea managed to grasp a smaller parcel of Veronica's matted and mangled pubic thatch and yank a large shock of hair from her body, leaving a practically bare patch. Veronica's scream told Chelsea of her success. Just as that happened, another patch tore loose from her own skin. She now had a few bare patches where moments earlier a proud, but wet and matted, bush had grown. Her pussy ached from the wrenching pain. She knew that there was a limit to how much pain she could take, but dared not think about that, as she knew Veronica was as susceptible as she.

Sensing that her attack on the head hair of Veronica wasn't as effective with only one hand, she let go and began to attack Veronica's breasts with her fingers. Her claws weren't able to scratch any more than Veronica's had, but there was plenty of strength for squeezing. Lying on her side, facing Veronica, who reciprocated, she pinched and squeezed her left tit unmercifully. The ache in Veronica's tit was incredible, now with the torture of Chelsea's grip multiplying the effect left over from the solid punches it had received earlier. The snarls on the girl's faces were intense and viciously mean.

The other girls had now pretty much quit 'fooling around' and were watching the battle intently. It was hard to see any advantage. True, Chelsea was bleeding a bit from two cuts, while Veronica bled from only one, but for now at least she was still dishing out the punishment just as much as she was receiving it. All six of the other girls knew they were witnessing a real Battle Royal. Whoever won this fight was going to be one tough bitch! The loser too, for that matter.

Veronica grunted with the effort as she tore another batch of fuzzy covering off of Chelsea's pussy. The pain in her own bush flashed through her to the core as she felt a very large mass of hair being torn away in a solid clump. The pain did not cause her to cower but to attack with even more vengeance. Grabbing and pulling in rapid succession, she was able to remove great gobs of hair from Chelsea's mound. Only the immensity of hair she had grown so naturally and proudly, kept Veronica in business so long. So it was with Chelsea. There were patches of dark brown pubic hair strewn all over the mats surrounding the girls. Linda motioned to the littered floor and said to Liz, "Damn, for all the hair I see on the floor I wouldn't think they had any left, but look there's still a lot of hair on both of them."

Queen Bush would soon be No Bush, whichever one of them turned out to be the winner.

Chelsea continued her onslaught with one hand wrenching Veronica's tits. Back and forth she went. Pulling her nipples way out to where they looked like they might snap right off. Pinching them hard, rolling them tightly between her fingers, clawing across them with what nails she had, gripping them deeply, and trying to crush them to nothing. Her other hand grabbed and pulled and yanked on Veronica's remaining bush even as she felt Veronica's attacks on her own bush reap success in removing large amounts of her own precious pubes. Her head had been yanked around and around and even had some hair pulled out to mingle on the mats with the masses of pubic hair strewn around. Chelsea, even at this point was not thinking defensively. Her only thought continued to be "Attack. Attack. Attack." She accepted the pain and punishment as long as she could continue to dish out what she felt was more and harder punishment than she was receiving.

The funny thing about that situation was that Veronica's thoughts were exactly the same. In her mind she just 'knew' she was dishing out more than she was receiving. To the girls on the sidelines there was no distinction yet. It seemed to be a dead-even battle, and the girls watching were a bit flabbergasted at the intensity of the attacks, and with the fact that neither even seemed to be mounting any sort of defensive strategy. They just continued to go after each other with every ounce of energy. Their hair was in total disarray. Red blotches and swelling was visible in many spots all over both girl's bodies and faces. Their sweaty, teary, dirty, smelly, bloodied bodies basically looked like hell.

Veronica was noticing that it was becoming harder and harder to find a good grip in Chelsea's thinning bush. So much hair had been ripped out that fewer and fewer were left to grab. A few thicker mounds remained, but the majority of her pubic mound, reddened from the tearing, was now just scraggly hair. Even though she wanted to rip every single hair from her formerly glorious bush, she was having less and less success, so to keep up the intensity of her attack she let go of the hair at either end and went for her breasts. Now she was returning the pain in kind that her breasts had been feeling for the past ten minutes. With both hands she crushed, twisted, pulled, and pinched with wicked intent. Chelsea screamed through her tears. Veronica and Chelsea had both been crying from the pain for several minutes even though they were not covering up or trying to stop their opponent's attacks. Brutally onward they attacked. Chelsea was still intent on ripping out every single brown hair from Veronica's twat and her one-handed attack on her breasts continued.

When Chelsea managed to rip another large chunk of hair from the lower region of Veronica's mons, the pain roared through Veronica's groin and in retaliation she let go with her right hand and threw another punch at Chelsea's upturned face. SMACK! It connected with Chelsea's jaw, causing her teeth to rattle in her mouth. Stunned for a moment, her grip on Veronica's breast lessened. Her hair-ripping left hand paused. Veronica sensed the diminished capacity and rose up enough from the floor to attempt to straddle the prone Chelsea. As she quickly positioned herself above Chelsea, hoping to dominate her from above, she felt Chelsea's hand between her legs.

Veronica let out a blood-curdling scream as Chelsea's hand clamped on Veronica's impressively large clitoris. Pinching and pulling with all the muscle she could draw on, Chelsea sought to counter Veronica's positional advantage by causing incredible pain. Incredible pain is what Veronica felt. Screaming loudly she immediately pulled up and tried to get away from Chelsea's brutally effective attack. Fortunately the slippery skin didn't give a great grip and after being stretched out to incredible length it slipped out of the grasp of Chelsea. As Veronica rolled away, Chelsea managed to shake the cobwebs from her head (again) and began to rise up.

Knowing she couldn't afford to give Chelsea any time to focus her attack, Veronica, even through her crying pain, reached out and yanked Chelsea's ankle. As the unsuspecting Chelsea fell to the floor, Veronica swung her legs towards Chelsea's head and managed to lock her thighs around Chelsea's face. The tight squeeze forced Chelsea to try to pry Veronica's strong legs from her head but to no avail. Realizing her predicament was not good she tried to retaliate in kind. Swinging her free legs towards Veronica she kicked towards her head but Veronica had use of her arms and she grabbed Veronica's ankles to keep from being scissored herself. Chelsea was grimacing from the pain of Veronica's powerful legs squeezing her head. Realizing her arm strength wasn't enough to remove Veronica's legs from her head, she began flailing away with slaps and punches to whatever part of Veronica's body she could reach. Her punches didn't have the effect they had earlier in the fight, but they were causing pain.

Veronica now acted defensively. She let go of one of Chelsea's legs to try to stop the punching coming from both of Chelsea's fists. She could only reach her right arm and in doing so was able to stop the blows from raining on her front side. Chelsea's left arm didn't have as much room to strike, since her left shoulder was on the floor and Veronica's legs were around her head. So, Veronica's move had effectively stopped the blows. But. But. Chelsea now was not encumbered by anything on her right leg and she powered it over Veronica's head, and when Veronica maneuvered to try to slide away, too slowly I'm afraid, Chelsea's other leg broke free from the grasp of Veronica's left hand and in a flash she had situated Veronica's head between her own powerful legs, at the meatiest part of her thighs.

Chelsea could breathe, but the pain was intense, and she knew she must soon gain retaliatory action against Veronica or else it would be all over. While not exactly letting out a sigh of relief (her predicament wouldn't have allowed that), she nonetheless felt like she had new life. Squeezing with all her might she felt Veronica's thigh-grip on her head intensify even more.

Veronica squeezed with all her might, pressuring Chelsea's head with a vicious head scissors even as she now began to feel the painful retaliation. Her head felt like it was going to be crushed by the powerful vice-like thighs of Chelsea. With the appearance of an awful stalemate, and with the awe-struck sextet of teammates looking on in admiration at the two gladiatrixes fighting intensity, the fight wore on. Each tried in vain to extricate herself from the powerful vise-grip of her enemies legs, but their arms just weren't strong enough to relieve the pressure. Chelsea felt her head about to burst and her eyes were beginning to see blurry and foggy, but yet she continued to squeeze and squeeze with all her might.

Veronica couldn't cry, couldn't scream, couldn't call for help. All she could do was squeeze back hoping to smother Chelsea into unconsciousness. Veronica had managed to scoot her body lower, causing her grip on Chelsea's head to become more enveloping. Her meaty thighs were now partially covering Chelsea's mouth and nose, and Chelsea was having a hard time breathing. Veronica and Chelsea were now in a duel that could seemingly only end with one or the other unconscious or dead. Their arms were now ineffective and laying limp. All the energy either woman had went directly into their legs, intent on squeezing their opponent limp. Veronica felt her lungs screaming for air and she knew that Chelsea, having been between her legs for an even longer amount of time must be nearly ready to succumb.

The lights went out.