The afternoon light filtered through the drapes very softly, revealing two ladies facing each other across a thick stack of quilts and comforters. These two neighbors were about to do the thing they had been flirting with for weeks, since Dot discovered the video tapes of women wrestling and fighting that her husband had put away. First she was shocked, then angry, then strangely aroused. She wondered what it would be like to meet her friend and neighbor Jane in a woman to woman duel?

These tapes had hairpulling, tit twisting, and wrestling holds but also showed the two ladies finally meeting woman to woman to decide who was best. Dot was a late-thirty-something woman with dark short hair, standing about 5'4" to 5'5" with 40DD-29-41 measurements and a very hairy pussy. She desperately wanted to match her body against Jane's. Jane was the same age but with red hair and an equally well endowed body as Dot. Jane, however, was much more open minded than Dot.

Earlier that morning, Dot asked Jane if she had ever heard of apartment house wrestling. Jane laughed and said, " Honey, I've not only heard of it but I wouldn't mind trying it. Why?"

Dot replied, "Well, my husband has a few video tapes that I found and I was shocked at what those women did to each other! I mean, no real woman would do that, would they?"

"Not only would they, I'm sure they have. But, I think you would like to try as well, wouldn't you? Hmm!!??"

Dot said, "Well, the thought did cross my mind, but I would have no idea how to start or what to wear, or anything else. Do you?"

Jane smiled and let her mouth speak what her mind and twat were telling her. "Dot, is there going to be anyone home besides you this afternoon?

Dot replied, "No, I've got no plans and nobody coming over. Jack is going to a lodge meeting and won't be home until very late. Why do you ask?"

"Then I challenge you to a woman to woman wrasslin' match right here this afternoon. You and me. We can follow some simple rules, like no biting, scratching or kicking. No closed fist hitting, but, we can pull hair anywhere it grows, squeeze tits, use any wrestling hold you can get me into. Also, our twats are not off limits so if you can get me off you had better because I sure will try to get you off! Are you woman enough to fight with me or do you just want to fantasize?"

Dot was flabbergasted and tried to think. Here it was, what she had secretly wanted to have occur was within her grasp. But she hesitated, "What would we wear for this wrasslin' match? I mean, I don't want to lose a bathing suit as I assume we would have to tear our suits off?"

Jane had the answer even before she finished the question. "Well, I figured I'd wear a bra and underpants, garterbelt and reinforced heel and toe Cuban-style stockings. We could take off the bra and panties. Well, what do you say? You wanna wrassle, bitch?"

Dot heard herself answer, "Yes, Yes lets wrassle!!"

Both women were wearing long lounging robes and slippers which completely concealed what lay underneath. They had met at 1:00pm and changed into their robes and then laid out the mat area using the quilts and bedspreads they both had. They now faced each other on opposite sides of their "ring" until finally Jane said, "Allright, lets fight!" then kicked off her slippers and removed her robe revealing a full figured woman wearing a black bra and panties, white heavy garterbelt, black back-seamed reinforced Cuban heel and toe stockings. Her 42DD tits strained against their confines while her panties and garterbelt tried in vain to conceal her 40 inch hips and womanly ass, not to mention the thick red pussy hair visible around the edge of her underpants. Dot slowly removed her robe then stepped out of her slippers. She, too, had worn a bra and pantie set with a white strong garterbelt and brown, seamed, full foot stockings.

Jane licked her suddenly dry lips and said, "Since no one's around and it's just you and me, let's make this a bare tit wrasslin' match if you're woman enough to put your tits against mine?"

Dot shakily replied, "I will if you will!"

Jane then reached back and unhooked her bra saying, " Take off your bra and let's see your tits!"

Four heavy, thick nippled tits swung free, each nipple getting harder and more pointed than either could ever remember. Jane then said, "Let's make this a real woman to woman wrasslin' match - fuck fight! Take your panties off and fight me twat to twat, if you dare!!"

Dot quickly replied, much to her own surprise, "Take your panties off, bitch, and I'll out wrassle and out fuck you!"

Both ladies removed their panties revealing their hairy twats. Clad only in their garterbelts and stockings they began to circle. First Jane then Dot grabbed a big right tit and began to squeeze very hard. Their left hands grabbed each other by the hair of the head and began to pull. With speed they ended up on the mat, both still twisting tits but now locking their nylon clad legs together, trying to flip the other over on her back. They rolled over and over several times until Dot was able to lock one leg around Jane's waist. Releasing her hair hold, she put a scissors grip on Jane. The tit grips gone, Dot began to squeeze. She could feel the sweat on Jane's body on her thighs, exciting her.

Jane, meanwhile, grabbed a handful of Dot's twat hair and slowly began to pull saying, "Let go or I'll yank it out, Cunt!! Let GO!"

Dot was forced to release the scissors but not before Jane grabbed Dot's thigh and spread her twat open running her hand over her open gash. Jane then grabbed her other leg, jumped to her feet and placed her nylon covered foot in Dot's crotch. She began to rub her. Dot grabbed Jane's foot and pushed causing Jane to suddenly sit down but allowing Dot to get her foot into Jane's twat and rub at the same time. Both women quickly realized how hot they both were becoming and suddenly rolled apart.

After resting for a few moments in their corners, Jane stood and walked to the middle of the mat and spread her legs, crouching slightly, and lifted her large right tit. Her left hand was curled outward, resting on her thigh, next to her hairy twat. "I challenge you to a woman to woman battle! TITS and TWATS to a finish! WE fight until one of us can't take it anymore or can't cum anymore!"

Dot slowly rose and walked to where Jane stood. She slowly crouched, opening her legs and pushing her pelvis open, revealing her hairy twat and wet gash. She lifted her heavy right tit and slowly moved forward. Both women placed their right hands on their opponent's tit and slowly ran their left hand down their opponent's body to their twat hairs, getting a good hand full and feeling the heavy wetness of the twat they held. Both could smell the musky odor of a woman in heat and the sweat of combat. Both slowly began to look into the eyes of her opponent and saw the desire to fight and the desire to fuck mirrored in their own. Slowly they began to squeeze and pull, raising each other up on tip toes, then back flatfooted onto the mat. Their hips moved in rhythm to the pulls of their opponent. Each slowly sank to one knee, leaving open their wet twats.

Leaning their heads on each other's shoulders, Dot said, "I must feel you pussy to pussy, lets' finish this twat to twat until one of us can't cum anymore!!"

The heat in her eyes intense, Janet replied, "YES, twat to twat. NOW!!"

Both released each other and quickly moved onto their backs, with their legs spread, one leg over the other, they began to grind and thrust their sticky-wet twats together. Each felt the other begin to cum and rammed harder! Each tried to engulf the twat before her. Their orgasms continued until, finally, Jane screamed, "I can't take any more! I quit! I give up! I...give...up!"

Dot slowly unwound their legs and let the raw sex between her legs begin to spasm. She smiled. SHE HAD WON!!!