As things turned out, the rivalry between the two women did not end with their initial sexfight. Instead, it deepened and grew more intense as certain events raised the sexual, personal, and professional stakes of becoming top cunt in the alliance.

The precipitating event was a decision by both Trading Houses to establish a Branch Office in Hong Kong. In a spirit of guarded collaboration, the firms decided that the office should be set up and opened by the top Alliance managers from each firm. Who else, but Ginny and Suzy.

Of course, the assignment was a great compliment for each woman. It looked to be of about 2 or 3 months duration and would come with a car, driver, and a leased three-bedroom villa in central Hong Kong, on the mountain, and hidden from view by a thick hedge. The villa was luxury to the limit and came with a private pool and outdoor Jacuzzi.

As well, both women were given substantial living and clothing allowances and promised a very considerable bonus, to be paid on the successful start-up of the new Branch Office. Neither woman was thrilled at the prospect of spending even so much as an hour together, so the mere thought of spending upwards of two months in enforced association was a dreadful prospect. Both were determined to preserve their standing in the on-going rivalry between them, so it promised to be a steamy time for the two she-cats. The first order of business was to determine who was to be in charge.

In fact, things got off to a pretty bad start when the women were called together to be briefed by the joint management committee on strategy and expectations for the new Branch Office. The meeting was held in Ginny's boardroom and was a fairly standard affair until the end, when Ginny 'accidentally' knocked a glass of water onto Suzy's white silk blouse, thereby confirming to most onlookers that, despite her intense embarrassment, Suzy had fine nipples and that these nipples were standing straight, stiff and tall.

As the meeting broke up, Suzy retired to the lady's room to try and repair the damage. Ginny returned to her office to assemble some files. As she worked, with the open door behind her, she felt a wind and then the office door closed. Turning and half rising from her desk, she faced a Suzy bent on revenge.

"Look what you did, you fucking cunt," said Suzy, "you've ruined my best blouse and embarrassed me in front of all those men."

"What's the matter, sweetie, can't take showing off a little boob for the boys?" said Ginny, edging around until she faced Suzy with the desk behind her and her pert ass resting against the edge.

"You need a little lesson in manners, bitch... you fucking cunt!" and with that, Suzy slapped her rival and then grabbed Ginny's dress and pulled hard. The dress immediately popped open down the front and Ginny's personal choice in lingerie was now open for inspection and comment by her rival.

"Not bad?" thought Suzy, "...little white lace bra, white lace panties and dark sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose."

Ginny reciprocated by grabbing Suzy's still-wet blouse, pulling it apart. Mother of pearl buttons sprayed across the room as Suzy's fine breasts were revealed in all their glory, the little white lace body suit doing little to support them and the nipples plainly visible through the nylon.

Suzy advanced on Ginny, cursing and swearing in a low menacing tone. She pushed her back across the desk so that Ginny lay sprawled on it...and then quickly climbed up on top of her, ignoring a dark skirt that rode up and demonstrated her understanding of the tactics of speed and surprise, in the process revealing her own choice in dark sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose.

The two women wrestled briefly on Ginny's desk, until Suzy managed to claw her way up and sit on Ginny's face. No dove-fucking this time, as they did in their earlier sexfight. This was strictly pay-back time, as Suzy hunched down and ground the crotch of her pantyhose and bodysuit over Ginny's mouth and nose, while banging her head against the desk. Ginny flailed around with her legs, trying unsuccessfully to get a grip.

Stunned by the ferocious assault, she slipped to the floor and had the misfortune of receiving the full weight of an enraged Suzy landing on top of her. Then she had to suffer the added indignity of having Suzy run her hand underneath her pantyhose and down her panties to assault her pussy.

After pulling up hard on Ginny's thick bush, the wild Malay then managed to get three fingers in and rapidly finger-fucked Ginny.

Climbing swiftly off Ginny, Suzy leaned down on her rival, now sprawled in stunned surprise on the floor, slapped her once again across the face for good measure, and said, "Remember, this is what a top cunt does to a second-class cunt whenever the second class cunt gets out of hand!"

With that, Suzy wrapped the remains of her blouse around her, tucked it into her skirt, and stalked triumphantly out of the office, leaving a ravaged and frustrated Ginny squirming with rage and embarrassment at being temporarily bested by her hated rival.

Fortunately, an opportunity for revenge was not long in coming.

The two women traveled to Hong Kong separately, not trusting the possibility of a chance encounter in an airport lounge or business class. That had happened once to another sex rival of Ginny's and they had dealt with matters in the cramped washroom of the 747. After a brief struggle involving nipples, nails and hair...Ginny had prevailed and forced the other woman to bend over the vanity with her head nearly in the sink. Ginny then hiked the bitch's dress up to her waist and finger fucked her from behind 'till she came and collapsed in defeat. While she enjoyed the victory sashay back to her seat, and the look of shame and humiliation on the other woman as she staggered back to her seat, after the encounter with Suzy in her office she was not about to run the risk of defeat herself.

So while they traveled to the villa by separate routes, it happened that they arrived within minutes of each other. With each glaring at the other, they unloaded luggage and repaired to their separate rooms to plot and strategize about how to best the other and yet make the alliance start-up a success.

Having to do some laundry, Suzy quickly stripped to her underwear, threw on one of the ultra-thick terry robes that came with the villa, and headed for the spacious basement laundry. The large room was dimly lit and thickly carpeted over the entire large floor area. Suzy loaded her laundry in the washer, set the controls, and had just pushed "start" when she felt her robe ripped open and a pair of claws reach 'round and attach themselves to her breasts.

Ginny had similar laundry requirements and had removed her bra and stripped to her panties, taken her own robe, and proceeded to the basement. Seeing her rival loading the washing machine, she quickly developed a plan of attack.

Moving quickly on bare feet across the carpeted floor, she was able to get within range of Suzy and then struck, ripping open her robe, trapping her arms, and then filling her hands with the Malay's breasts and squeezing as hard as she could.

Suzy screamed in pain and lashed back with her elbows and feet, but to no avail; Ginny was glued to her from behind and was making quick work of Suzy's bra. The skimpy garment was front-closing and now popped open, revealing Suzy's twin glories and hardening nipples. Ginny immediately seized them and began to extract some measure of revenge for the earlier defeat. Playing them like musical instruments, she scratched, pulled, twisted and squeezed her rival's breasts.

"Augghhhh....aieeeeeee.....nooooooo...my nipples!!!" screamed Suzy as the assault continued. With the robe trapping her own arms and her ruined bra further impeding progress, she was almost powerless to stop the attack. Nature and momentum lent a bit of a hand, though, because in their struggle Ginny's own robe had opened and her naked breasts were rubbing and scraping against the robe still on Suzy's back. Her nipples stiffened under the movement.

Now, Ginny's plan had another stage to it...having pretty much thoroughly savaged Suzy's breasts, she now concentrated on her rival's crotch, ignoring the sensation in her own breasts as they were flattened against Suzy's struggling back. Holding her rival tight with one arm clamped around her, she reached down under Suzy's pantyhose and into her pussy, and she began to masturbate the Malay, first with one finger, then two and then three with a thumb on her rapidly stiffening clit.

Suzy's motion altered slightly and she began to thrust back against Ginny.

Seeing that the washing machine had been operating while the women fought, Ginny had an idea. She began to force Suzy forward, toward the machine. As the washer entered the spin cycle, it began to shake violently, just in time for Ginny to jam Suzy's pussy against the rapidly vibrating corner. With her pussy now jammed against the machine, Suzy felt her clit being rubbed and shaken very quickly by the washer. Sensations ran through her and she began to pant and shake. In a very short period of time the motion of the washer had reduced her to a drooling wreck, glued to the corner as it spun her into orgasm after orgasm.

Ginny held her rival in position as the machine worked its magic. Suzy bucked and heaved and eventually Ginny's own rob opened so that her naked breasts rubbed against Suzy's back, and her pussy was jammed up against Suzy's rear. The motion of the washer reached through Suzy to Ginny and she also felt herself on the verge of coming.

Finally the washer came to a stop. Suzy collapsed on the floor, drained and completely depleted. Ginny stood over her in triumph and gloated at the sight. Her rival defeated, legs sprawled wide open and pussy drooling juices...completely out fucked by a washing machine.

"Never underestimate me, Suzy," said Ginny as she squatted over her, drawing her rival's face into her own crotch and forcing her to lick and suck her to orgasm. This was payback for the scene in her office and she made the most of it!"