"Mom? Mom? MOM, wake up! You'll be late for work again if you don't get up now!" Said my 17-year-old, Joshua. Jarred out of the last phase of REM sleep I wondered it yesterday's fiasco had not been just a part of the last series of my dream. I bolted straight up sitting in bed and squinting at the clock. Damn, I thought, only an hour before I start work and I still need to get the kids off to school with full tummies, lunches made and myself put together.

"I have coffee for you, Mom, but careful it's hot!" said Joshua.

"Thank you, honey. Do me a favor, make sure your brother is up and dressed before breakfast, please?" I asked.

"Already done, Mom. Jack is scarfing down cereal as we speak."

"You're the best, Kiddo. I don't know what I would do without you," I replied. After two weeks worth of double shifts I still felt like I could sleep for a week. But I needed the extra money. I was two months behind on rent, not to mention six months behind on my payments to the kids' Orthodontist. As a single mother of two, it was a struggle without any support from their father.

I leapt from bed and headed for the shower while slowly sipping my coffee. Glancing in the mirror I looked like death warmed over. My 39-year-old face had aged ten years in the past five. But my body was in excellent form. That was one of the few positive aspects of my job as a waitress. Being on my feet and on the run 12 to 16 hours a day kept me in shape. Stepping into the tepid stream of water was bringing me back to life. Tilting my head back, letting the water run through my thick curly locks of dark brown hair I thought of how rigid my life had become since Jim left me and the kids without a word.

All those years I thought our lives were perfect. We weren't rich, but far from poor. Finally one day he came home and told me he had had someone else for the last five years and he was ready to start a new life with her and their three-year-old son. He left me with most of the household furnishings and all the joint bills. I just felt life had dealt me a bad hand, but I needed to keep my spirits high and the money rolling in for my kids.

"MOM! It's getting late! Hurry! The school bus is here and Jack and I are leaving!" Joshua yelled. I pulled back the shower curtain blew him a kiss, and told to pass on the kiss and a wish for a good day to his brother. As I massaged my body with warm soap and water I couldn't help but think how long it had been since anyone else had touched me. For 39, I still looked damn good but time did not always warrant a social life. And when I did have the time, I didn't have the opportunity.

Exiting the shower I hurriedly towelled off knowing I had little time left to get to work on time. After yesterday, I dared not tempt fate again! I needed this job and, my boss, knew it. She and I were up for a management position last year. Prior to that we had been peers and fairly close friends. She had the upper hand on me now and did not hesitate to rub my nose in that fact.



Yesterday my car broke down, yet again, on my way to work. Unable to start it, I abandoned the car on the roadside and ran as fast as I could the last mile to try and get to work on time. I looked at my watch as I came through the door. Damn, 8:10, 10 minutes late!

Arianna was waiting just inside the door as I blew by her. "HEY, she said, you're 10 minutes late AGAIN!"

"I know, Arianna, I am really sorry, but my car has bitten the dust again." The rest of the employees stopped what they were doing to witness her latest triumph of humiliation. Thinking to myself, is that all she has to do? Timing employee's entrances? I suppose she can't lower herself to worker bee level anymore!

I worked extra fast that morning to catch up. I even cut corners when I could. She seemed to focus in on my assigned duties so I needed to make sure my short cuts weren't recognizable. Her pacing back and forth behind me was beginning to grate on my nerves. The louder her footsteps, the harder I chopped veggies for the salads.

"That cabbage needs to be chopped finer. Do it again!" she said.

"Ok, Arianna," I said with a smile, no problem."

She came up behind me and whispered, "This is what you get for coming in late. You will stay late without pay to make up for the time you have lost!" I was seething, but took 3 deep slow breaths to calm myself down.

I quickly finished the remaining of my morning tasks and stopped for a moment to sip a cup of coffee to perk me up for the lunch rush. Knowing Arianna would be hunting me down, I figured the last place she would look was the ladies room. Silently resting against the counter I savored every drop of coffee in my cup.

Suddenly Arianna burst through the door. "Slacking again, are you, Debbie?" She screamed, "How many times do I need to get on your ass to get you to work?"

Startled, the remaining cup of my coffee splattered on my uniform shirt. “SHIT!” I thought, “This is a fine way to greet the public!” I gritted my teeth before I tried to talk. This wasn't much of a job, but it was all I had. But one day, when least expected, I knew she would get hers. If not from me, from someone else.

Although she had become the worst bitch I had ever encountered, I still couldn't resist looking at her firm and well-kept body. Yes, she made my blood boil, but was it anger or sexual tension? Perhaps a combination of both. When we were co-workers we admitted to one another that we fancied the female gender after our respective spouses had methodically dumped us. We would often meet for drinks after work, slowly becoming closer and more intimate. Before we were able to consummate our "friendship" she was promoted above me and my fondness towards her turned to anger and yes, I'll admit it, jealousy.

She snatched the cup out of my hand and said, "Try and clean up that mess you made on your shirt and make yourself presentable before lunch starts!"

"Fine, Arianna, I'll be out in a moment!" I replied. I was tired, on edge and stressed and this bitch was just adding to my dilemma. Somehow I could make it through another day.

After checking for my assigned area for the lunch rush, I straightened up my section making sure everything was perfect. The customers began to file in, and as customary, people were seated one table for each section to be fair to all of the servers.

The hostess brought up my first customer, a striking and obviously wealthy woman I would judge to be around 45 that I had seen dining before and always alone. She sat perusing the menu and I approached her table shortly thereafter.

"Have you decided, Ma'am?" I asked.

Looking over the top of her half glasses and menu she responded, "Now if I had decided would I still be reading the menu? My God, you certainly don't know your job very well; no wonder you are waiting tables at your age!"

Oh great, this day just keeps getting better and better.

I gritted my teeth and said, "I'm sorry Ma'am, I'll give you a few more minutes." I walked away. I was no more that 30 feet away from her table and I heard fingers snapping.

"You, waitress, get back here!" she shouted.

I froze in my spot, seething, DAMNIT I HATE anyone snapping their fingers at me! I spun around on my toes animatedly just as a maiden slave would for a Queen.

"You may fetch me a vodka martini, straight up, and a Chef's salad," she snapped.

"I would be glad to Ma'am, and what kind of dressing would you like?" I asked.

Again, looking over the top of her glasses as she shoved the menu at me she said, "Ranch, of COURSE, do you have no class either?"

I heaved a deep sigh and replied, "Apparently NOT, Ma'am. I will get your order to the bar and kitchen promptly!"

As I walked away I knew I blew it but I wasn't about to let this bitch treat me like trash. After all, she was no better than I. She just had more money.

Five minutes later I delivered her cocktail while she was talking on her cell phone. Her sleek black silk suit hugged her upper torso eloquently and displayed just enough cleavage to make me pause for a moment to browse. I neatly placed the napkin on the table and precisely centered the martini glass in the center.

Walking away to greet new customers I heard, "YOU, waitress, I asked for a twist and NO olive! MY GOD, where did they find you, in some gutter?"

I politely excused myself from the table I had been addressing as both parties turned around to watch and listen to this bitch. She surely achieved what she started. To humiliate me! Walking back towards her table I had to restrain not only my tongue, but also my hands from grabbing the martini off her table and dumping it down her deep cleavage.

As sickeningly sweet as I could muster I replied, "I beg your pardon Ma'am, but you didn't REQUEST a twist and no olive!"

"You snotty bitch, YES I DID!" she yelled. At that point, Arianna heard the confrontation and rushed to the table.

"Ms. Cathcart is there a problem?" she asked.

"YES, you give me this poor excuse for a waitress and she then has the nerve to dispute what I asked for," she said.

Arianna turned with a vicious glare and responded to the customer. "Not to worry, Ma'am. I will make sure you receive the best of service and will assign a different server to your table. Of course your lunch will be on the house!"

I walked away totally humiliated. Not only had I let this bitch of a customer get to me, but my own manager and former friend chose to embarrass me in front of everyone, including the rest of the staff.

Arianna grabbed my arm as she whispered, "In the office, NOW!"

The bitch seemed satisfied as she re-adjusted her blouse and jacket allowing her lacy bra to show. As I sneered back at her, she slightly shook her breasts at me!

Arianna pushed me into the office and immediately laid into me. "Just what the HELL were you thinking? Do you know who that woman is? Only the richest bitch this side of the Mississippi! And you treat her like garbage!"

I couldn't utter a word as she got in my face. I was close to the wall, unable to avoid staring down her blouse noticing that she was not wearing a bra. Typical, I thought, sleazy bitch, sleazy (but sexy) dresser.

All of a sudden, she crossed the line with me. Jabbing me with her index finger and antagonizing me, she pushed me into the wall. I don't know what triggered my reaction, but I suddenly shoved back, watching her hit the office chair. It rolled back as she hit the other wall. I couldn't help but smile knowing I gave her a taste of her medicine. Her chest was heaving deeply as her face turned red with anger.

She flew up out of the chair and said, "Try that again, bitch and you'll be out the door!"

I kept laughing as I said, "Ya know, Arianna? That was worth every penny I would be losing!" Her short skirt rode up exposing the tops of her thigh highs and allowing a faint view of her creamy upper thighs. DAMN, why did this woman have to be such a bitch, I thought?

After a couple more cursory shoves to me, I finally grabbed her wrist and said, "Look, if you care to settle this dispute, I suggest we take this outside of this restaurant. I wouldn't want to wreck anything in here!"

She broke free of my grasp saying, "Fine, we'll settle this just you and me. My place, tomorrow night! Now get the hell out of here for today before I really lose my temper!" She grabbed my arm and shoved me out the door. I stood there wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into, not to mention the lost wages for the day.

As I made the final rinse of my hair under the cascading water, I knew I had to not only mentally prepare myself for the day and evening, but I also had to figure out how to protect myself from Arianna's attack!

As I quickly finished dressing in my uniform, applying my make-up and braiding my hair, I couldn't help but wonder what the day would bring, let alone the night at Arianna's apartment. I had arranged for the kids to spend the weekend with their friends so I wouldn't have to worry about their whereabouts. I completely trusted both sets of parents and knew they would both be safe and sound.

As I gazed in the mirror, I noticed the circles under my eyes were deepening. One of these days, I thought, one of these days my life will again be on track and I will be able to provide for my kids and not have to worry where the next meal will be coming from. I packed a small bag with extra clothes for the evening. I applied more make-up to cover the dark circles, grabbed my bag and purse and ran out the door to catch the bus. My car would have to sit by the side of the road until I had the money to have it towed. I'll have to try and turn on the charm today and make some extra tips. My car isn't the greatest, but it is all I can afford right now.

On my final trek from the bus stop to work my thoughts wandered to what would happen this evening. In the final days of summer, the air had just a tiny bite of crispness. The cool evening air may come in handy tonight to cool down the two of us. I slowed my pace a bit, knowing I had plenty of time. I wanted to enjoy my solitude while I could. As I reached the rear door of the restaurant I paused to take in one final breath of fresh air and felt full of confidence. I passed several of my co-workers all giving words of encouragement after what had happened the previous day.

"You showed more guts than I would have been able to, Debbie," said Yolanda, a pretty Hispanic lady.

"Don't let her get you down, Deb!" shouted Danny who was only the best chef in this town.

"Thank you all for your support, that means a lot!" I answered. I turned the corner with a smile on my face to enter the employee break area and locker room and there she stood, Arianna.

"Pretty confident, are you?" she said.

I dare not let her know the terror I was feeling or I'd be dead meat. With a wide smile and glistening eyes I answered, "But of course, I have NOTHING to fear," as I brushed past her and headed towards my locker.

She followed me closely all the while trying to intimidate me. I stood there opening my locker and she was in my ear, "Watch your step today, Lady; I'll be all over your ass if you fuck up just once. And that will only make it worse for you this evening! I'm going to run you ragged today so you will have no other alternative than to bail out and give up come 8 o'clock tonight!" she said as she gave me a gentle shove.

I tossed my bag and purse into my locker silently with a slight grin on my face, I slowly turned towards her and returned the gentle shove and replied, "I can take anything you care to dish out, Arianna. Just don't get too sure of yourself!" I couldn't help but glance down her white T-shirt that lay beneath her Navy Blue jacket. Her nipples were hardening with each breath. I thought of what fun I would have with her tonight. My body responded accordingly. I could feel the warmth and juices flowing between my legs. I so badly wanted to press my body against hers but I knew I had to keep my wits about me. The mental torture I was going to pile on her this coming day would all be worth it. My mind was working furiously contemplating how each move I make would affect the evening ahead of me.

With that I gave her a harder shove into the row of lockers and off I went to begin my day.

"BITCH!" she yelled.

I stopped cold, rolled my eyes towards everyone that heard her temper tantrum, and snickered as I turned my head over my shoulder and yelled back, "Thanks for the compliment!"

Retreating back with my nose in the air and applause from the staff I started off on my duties for the day. I could feel her icy stare and heard the wheels churning in her mind trying to figure out her next mode of verbal attack

I purposely kept a permanent smirk on my face and went out of my way throughout the morning to make eye contact with Arianna. My aim was to keep her thinking. Wondering what I had on my mind. On several eye contact occasions, I slightly ran my tongue over my lips. After I caught her blushing the first time, I knew I had her wondering. Exactly the way I wanted her to feel. Keep her wondering, I thought.

All the while she had plans of her own on her mind. Trying to silently seduce me every chance she got. The subtle leaning over in a position she knew that only I would be able to view. Walking behind me rubbing her breasts on my back uttering a sarcastic "OH, I'm sorry!" Again, all I kept doing was smiling and continuing my job. I found that a slight chuckle each time she attempted to intimidate me made her fume even more. Gaining mental control at this point was my best weapon. Luckily for me, my sarcasm, via my words or my eyes was a lucrative asset.


Just Working for a Living - Part Two

Arianna didn't let me very far out of her sight the entire morning. When the lunch rush began to trickle in, I went about my usual routine. About every five minutes, she would make her presence known to me. If we were any less than three feet from one another, the physical contact was a must. Hip to hip, ass-to-ass, tit-to-tit and most important, eye to eye. I was able to read her so well through her eyes that I could see her confidence was weakening. She was becoming scared, I thought, all I have to do is continue this emotional turmoil on her and I will have gained a significant advantage. I never let the Cheshire cat grin leave my lips when around her. I wanted her to try and figure out exactly what I had on my mind.

At the end of a hectic lunch rush I began to clean up my area. By the time I finished up the last dirty table I saw Arianna walking towards me with menus in hand and two people following her.

Oh goodie, I thought, now that I have everything perfect for the dinner crowd this dumb bitch brings more people up to my section! As they neared I recognized the woman behind Arianna as the rude bitch that had ruined my day yesterday. Okay, everyone, is this a conspiracy against Debbie? See how much crap she can put up with? Behind the bitch was another woman approximately the same age as her dining partner and dressed to kill! Blond and very well endowed! Oh my, I thought, this might not be so bad after all.

I finished cleaning trying not to make it too obvious that I was even paying attention for the moment. Arianna was playing her usual self. Laughing, talking to the customers and trying her best to charm them and sorely lacking. Their conversation dulled to a whisper and Arianna's expression dramatically changed.

She squatted next to the table and all three heads came together. The bitch from yesterday draped her arm around Arianna and moved closer. Her lunch companion ran her foot up and down Arianna's bent knee and smiled seductively. I was becoming more and more curious, but I didn't let on to that fact.

After a few minutes, Arianna rose and came towards me and grabbed my arm. "Ms. Cathcart wants to talk to both of us," she said.

Inquisitively I looked directly into her eyes; there was a hint of excitement and hopefulness there. Okay, I thought, what have I got to lose? As we made our way back towards their table, I quickly turned.

"Where are you going?" asked Arianna.

"To the ladies room, I shall return momentarily," I answered. My mind was swimming. I had all kinds of visions rushing through my head. I re-checked my make-up in the mirror took a deep breath and made my way back to the table.

"Did you need something, ladies?" I asked as Arianna stood back with an eager grin on her face.

The bitch from yesterday turned and smiled. I do believe that was the first of anything I had seen on her face besides a degrading smirk.

"You and you, lady," she said as she motioned for Arianna. "I've been watching you two for several months and I believe my friend here and I could make you both an offer you can't refuse. First of all, my name is Roxy and I would like to present my good friend and colleague, Janet Whitmore.

Janet extended her hand to Arianna first and then to me. She had perfectly manicured fingernails and skin as soft as a baby's bottom. She was wearing a gorgeous diamond bracelet on her wrist that would probably support my kids and me for a year. Arianna had a lustful expression on her face, very difficult to read, and I couldn't help but think she was going to offer us a chance of a lifetime.

"Yesterday was the clincher. You, waitress," as she pointed and squinted at my nametag. "Debbie is it?" as I nodded silently.

"And you, Ms. Manager, uh Arianna? Well I recognized sheer tension between you in front of me at lunch yesterday and I think that tension matched with my offer. It just may make you both very happy and it may be extremely profitable!" Arianna and I looked puzzled at each other but we were both too stunned to respond.

Roxy chortled and seductively wiggled in her chair and said, "I see you may need some time to think this over. But I have a very lucrative proposition for both of you. Care to listen?"

Again, Arianna and I glanced at each other. I could tell she was as baffled as I was. She knew Roxy was wealthy, but I don't believe she knew all the details of this so-called lucrative offer.

"Please sit down, Ladies and let me lay this proposition on the table" said Roxy.

Knowing I had many hours left on my shift, I hesitated at first. She responded, "Yes, Ms. Cathcart."

Roxy interrupted, "Please, my dear, call me Roxy."

"All right, Roxy, it would be our pleasure," Arianna said. Then looking directly at me she said "As for you taking this time, Debbie, count this as your break!"

Oh, great I thought, she'll starve me now so she can gain the upper hand on me tonight!

I sneered seductively. "FINE, Arianna. It's your restaurant today!"

Roxy smiled at her friend Janet and said, "See what I mean? I think they've got it!"

Janet nodded and replied, "You are certainly right there, Roxy. You haven't been wrong yet!"

Janet pulled out the chair next to her and patted it as she said to me, "Here, darling Debbie, make yourself comfortable. You look rather tired!"

"Thank you, Ma'am," I responded.

"Oh PLEASE, Debbie, please call me Janet. There is no need for such formality. The same for you, Arianna dear," Janet said.

Roxy repeated Janet's movements and offered the chair next to her for Arianna. I sat there nervously, but also curious as to what these two ladies had up their sleeves. I didn't dare let on to any of them that I was terrified. It had been difficult enough throughout the morning and thus far in the afternoon to keep my mind focused on my job and to keep Arianna off guard as to what was circulating through my mind. I glared at Arianna who was seated directly across from me hoping she could read my mind at the moment. “What have you sucked us into, you stupid idiot?” I thought.

As we all sat there in silence for a few minutes, Arianna crossed her legs under the table. WHACK, the toe of her shoe hit me directly in the shin. Without a blink of an eye I took the heel of my shoe and firmly planted it on the offending toe and ground it. I kept my eyes on Arianna waiting for a response. I must admit, she kept her cool for a while until her eyes started to bulge. I slowly let up the pressure as she squirmed free and I never let up on the satisfying grin on my face.

No doubt Roxy and Janet were perceptive enough to pick up on our antics. They both sat there enjoying the mini combative moment as they sipped their martinis. This made me even more curious. What had Roxy meant referring to the tension between Arianna and me? Was it the sexual tension? Was it that obvious? Almost to the point of embarrassment, I contemplated excusing myself again and continuing on with my chores. But the word "profitable" kept echoing through my mind.

Perhaps they wanted us to cater a fancy party at one of their homes? After all, our experience so far has been preparing and serving food. I spend enough time away from home as it is, but the extra money could help with the kids' back to school clothes and supplies. No, I thought, surely women of these means have a full staff to take care of all of their wants and needs and to pamper them accordingly.

It has to be the tension. The tension that Arianna and I display even though I am sure both of us have tried to hide. Good grief, I thought, if it was apparent to these women, how many others have noticed it? People that know both of us more so than in a waitress/customer capacity! The silence continued and I could feel the beads of sweat forming all over my body. Looking across the table at Arianna, she too was beginning to jitter and a glow was apparent on her face.

Finally Roxy broke that silence. "Well, I am sure you both didn't think we asked you to join us to waste time and Debbie's break! I ask that you both sit and just listen to what my dear friend Janet and I have to offer you. You will have one week to consider our proposition and I want you to think about it carefully both separately and together. Agreed?"

Arianna and I looked at each other and simultaneously nodded our heads without a word.

I watched Roxy and Janet. They were becoming more eager, like my kids used to look while waiting in line for Santa Claus at Christmas. Two very anxious women were feeling the need to spend some money on something more than just the simple pleasures of lying by the pool or relaxing in a Jacuzzi. Flying off to Paris on a whim had probably become too mundane and repetitive for them. They wanted to taste life on the edge. Perhaps create a fantasy world that only they would be able to control and enjoy.

"What Janet and I would like to offer you two sensual ladies is the opportunity to display that tension you both have towards each other."

Arianna interrupted saying "Roxy, what tension are you talking about? Debbie and I go way back, we're … we're more or less friends!"

Roxy brought her finger up to Arianna's lips and her other arm around her tightly digging her nails into Arianna's shoulder and said, "Shhh, Arianna. Remember what I said. I asked you to remain quiet during the offer on the table."

Again Arianna's eyes bulged; more from shock than pain I am sure. I crossed my arms in front of me with a snide smirk on my face. Childish I know, but I couldn't resist! But I did resist sticking my tongue out at her!

Roxy continued, "Now, where was I?"

Janet responded, "The tension, Roxy, that delicious tension!"

"Oh yes," Roxy said. "Obviously you two work very hard for your money here and we would like to make your lives a little easier for you. We have searched high and low for several years to find a pair like you. That is why I frequent this restaurant. I've been watching you."

Tossing her head back and laughing she said, "Certainly you didn't think I would come here for the food! Well, I do admit," she said as she raised her glass, "You do make a mean martini!"

I saw a reaction in Arianna. Her face was turning red which I knew wasn't a good sign! She may be a bitch, but she did take a lot of pride in her job and in the restaurant. I was sure such a comment was ready to burst her seams. Roxy repositioned herself in her chair, as did Janet, both pulling down their silk blouses allowing even more cleavage to be revealed. Both Arianna and I took that opportunity to relish the display of the two sets of mature bosoms. I'm not sure about Arianna, but my mouth began to water!

"Anyway," Roxy said, "We would like you two to basically entertain us. Several years ago in Europe, Janet and I came across a delightful little club for women only and we've become hooked ever since. At this establishment, the women indulged in various sexual activities with power and aggression. The ultimate winner would make her opponent succumb to an orgasm and then use her as her toy until she was satisfied. Oh sure, we have visited such places here in the states, but nothing that satisfied our indulgences and lust as the first place we encountered. We decided we wanted to have two ladies of our own, at any cost, hand picked by the two of us. We have decided that you two are the best candidates."

Arianna and I were dazed, had they actually been able to assess our thoughts and feelings so accurately?

Roxy went on, "For this task, for one meeting alone we will offer you each one million dollars. And the winner will receive a bonus of an additional one million dollars. The rules, attire and location will be decided upon by us of course."

Arianna and I sat passively. One million dollars, I thought, possibly two. In the depths of my mind I could not fathom that amount of money, nor would I be able to ever achieve that amount in my lifetime with or without my ex-husbands help.

"Well" Roxy said, "I can tell we have taken you both by surprise. Like I said, you will have one week to consider this offer. Think about it, discuss it, and even practice it if you choose."

At that comment, Arianna was taking a sip of water, which she promptly sprayed on the floor to her right.

Roxy giggled slightly. "Oh my dear, I see we really have caught you by surprise!"

Next to me, Janet was moving closer gently rubbing my thigh. I looked over at her. Her eyes read pleadingly right next to the dollar signs!

Arianna regained her composure and we both rose from our chairs at the same time and she replied, "Yes, Roxy. Debbie and I will seriously consider your offer. And we'll be in touch."

Again turning towards me Arianna said, "Come on, Debbie. We have work to do!"

Roxy gently grabbed Arianna's arm and said, "Here dear, here is my card with my private number and Janet's as well. When you reach this decision, call at any time day or night. If we don't hear from you within the week, we shall return exactly a week from today for lunch to hear your decision in person."

With that, Arianna and I retreated back to the kitchen, both silent in our own thoughts. As we reached the office she pulled me in and said, "Well, have you figured out what to do with a possible two mill, or are you just concentrating on the one mill?"

I was stunned and replied, "My GOD, Arianna, you've made your decision already?"

She snickered as she said, "You must not be too sure of yourself then. Perhaps tonight will be a preview of the main event?"

I held my breath for five seconds as I snarled in a deep, quiet tone, "Oh, I'm sure, bitch. I'm VERY sure I can kick your ass as seductively and passionately as anyone would want it yes, we shall see tonight, won't we? Remember, Arianna, seduction and power formulate in the mind, not in the body!"

I made my exit as quickly as possible not wanting to let her have the last word. Let her wonder, I thought. True, I made a mistake by being shocked that she had reached a conclusion. I had some ground to gain back now and only five hours to work on it.

As the afternoon progressed, my mind was everywhere but my job. I finally gave up trying to follow any sort of recipes and asked Yolanda to finish up the final prep for the dinner crowd.

"Sure, Debbie, I would be glad to. You don't seem like yourself this afternoon. Is everything OK?"

I vaguely heard her question. "Oh, yes, Yolanda. I am fine. I just have a few things on my mind. But thank you for asking!"

I busied myself in the dining room cleaning and restocking all the tables. The time seemed to drag. I hadn't seen Arianna in well over two hours. She had barricaded herself in the office. No doubt her mind was the same place mine was.

I was beginning to feel hungry since my break time had been otherwise occupied. Rules did not allow employees to eat any food without paying for it first, less a 30% discount. I carefully grabbed a few pieces of bread and slapped some turkey and lettuce in between and made my way towards the break room for a bit of nourishment. Squatting in the far corner, discretely hidden, I quickly devoured my sandwich.

As I was about to swallow the last bite, I heard footsteps rounding the corner. And there stood Arianna, arms crossed and foot tapping. "I told you, fuck up once today and you'll pay for it," she snapped.

At this point, I didn't give a damn. I rose to my feet, sauntered over to her with my eyes narrowed. I stood there face to face with my rival, our tits barely brushing as she was backed up against the wall as I answered, "Deduct this sandwich from my 2 mill!"

Her eyes were shooting daggers and I knew she was scared. I stood there glaring at her for several minutes as she was rendered speechless, then I grabbed her chin tilted her head, leaned in and kissed her deeply. As our breath quickened and our tongues probed each other's mouth I knew I had gained some of the mental control I had lost.

I broke away from the kiss, smiled seductively and said, "Well, for now, I have another job to do," and exited the room slowly, knowing she was watching my every move.

The dinner rush ran fairly smooth. No glitches and the money I made for the day in tips just might pay for the towing of my car! At 7 o'clock, Arianna (who hadn't spoken to me since our kiss) approached me and whispered, "I'm on my way out. See you at 8!"

Without waiting for an answer, she quickly turned and walked away. At the end of the aisle she stopped and turned back towards me with an evil grin on her face as she ran her tongue over her lips and ended with a quick flip. She's hot, I thought, I’ll have her juices flowing as fast as mine. I returned the gesture and nodded in response. I finally finished up my chores for my section as the dinner crowd dwindled. At 7:30 I clocked out and headed for the locker room.

Upon entering the employee area, I picked up the telephone and called my kids to make sure they had reached their respective destinations safely. After speaking with them and the parents in charge, I was able to relax and concentrate on the night's events.

I was tired, bone tired. But the thought, number one, of being with Arianna tonight and number two, the thought of possibly being able to give my kids all they want, brought me back to life.

I grabbed my purse and bag that I had packed and headed for the shower. I locked the door behind me and quickly jumped into the shower. The tepid water slowly woke me up even further. Reaching down to wash my pussy I felt the wetness already starting to form. I gently rubbed my clit until it was fully extended. Without even listening to my own voice I began to moan. Evidently the moaning was too loud!

I heard a banging on the door, "Debbie? Debbie, are you OK?" I heard Yolanda's voice yell.

OH GOD, I thought, remember where you are, stupid!

"Yes, Yolanda," I yelled back. "Uh, I am fine, just a few sore muscles from all the extra cleaning I did today!"

"Ok, as long as you're OK!" she replied. Whew, I thought, that would have been difficult to explain!

I finished my shower, towelled off, and began to reapply my make-up and let my long brown wavy hair fall free down my back. I slid into my tightest pair of jeans, a pale pink tank top and a white oversized blouse tied at the waist. My already aching feet slipped into a pair of high-heeled pumps. I took a second look in the mirror and noticed I needed a retouch on the cover up under my eyes. Finally I knew I was ready. My watch said 7:55 and Arianna's apartment was only a five-minute walk from the restaurant. Again, for the second time that day, I will be on time!

I unlocked the door and passed by several employees replenishing their energy before commencing the closing process.

"Good night all have a good evening!" I said.

Emilio, the dishwasher whistled, "MMMM, muy bonita, Senorita!"

Santiago, the fry cook said, "Debbie, mi amora, you come home with me tonight?" Laughter abounded as I gave them both fond hugs.

"Not tonight fellas, I have other plans! See you all later!" I said as I blew them kisses and headed out the door.

As I made my way through the parking lot, I heard a horn honk. As per my usual response, I ignored it. On the third honk, I glanced out of the corner of my eye and recognized the car as Arianna's.

She pulled up along side of me, opened the door and said, "Get in. I've been waiting for you." Without a word I climbed into the passenger's seat. I heard her inhale deeply. "Nice aroma. But I hope you don't think that will gain you any advantage!"

I just turned and smiled devilishly, yet to speak a word.

The drive to Arianna's apartment was very brief. As she pulled into her assigned parking place I finally said, "Afraid I wouldn't show?" as I flung open the car door.

"Just a little insurance," she replied.

I followed her up the stairs to her apartment. She was wearing a tight pair of short white shorts that displayed her ass cheeks with each step she climbed, and a bright fuchsia crop top. Her feet were donned in a pair of brown wedgie sandals that accented her muscular legs. As she reached the top of the stairs she raised her right arm to unlock the deadbolt allowing me a magnificent view of her unsupported tits. Although I couldn't see the nipples, they were very apparent poking into the material of her shirt. I could feel my own nipples beginning to harden and the moistness increasing between my legs.

Opening the door, she tossed her purse and keys on the coffee table, reached down to loosen the strap of her sandals and kicked them aside. Pulling her crop top slowly over her head, she flung it towards the corner, allowing her firm 36D tits to fall free.

I stood there in awe, but never for a moment let the expression of confidence fade from my face. Quietly I set down my purse and bag, untied my blouse, swung it above my head and let it fly, sensuously pulling my tank top out of the top of my jeans and letting my 36DD's bounce as they fell to rest.

Next it was time to relieve my feet from the tight pumps. I kicked them towards my purse and bag. Standing there a mere three feet apart, our eyes had not parted once. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. Hands on our hips, we were topless and needy.

I made the first move. One quick step forward, hands still on my hips, I plunged my tits directly at hers. She wasn't prepared and I heard and felt the air force out of her. Again, in silence as if reading each other's mind, we both unzipped our lower garments revealing neatly trimmed bushes. Now naked, the competition was on.

I could feel her nipples swelling against mine. I had to keep my wits about me. No way could I let her get the better of me. She wrapped her arms around me, pressing tighter, rotating her tits. Her head leaned backwards as she swiftly raised her knee up to my pussy. By then I was so wet the sound was apparent to both of us as well as the feel. A gentle sneer came to her lips.

I reached down finding her wet pussy and with one thrust, I inserted my index and middle fingers inside her. She mirrored my attack and inserted two of her fingers deep into my hungry hole. At that we both let out quiet moans. Holding that position for several minutes we each tried to gain the advantage. Her fingers slowly stabbed in and out of my hole as my own fingers plunged deeper and deeper into her slimy passage. Our breathing started to increase. Her juices began to collect on my fingers and by the sound of it I knew mine were flowing, too. Grunting, moaning and guttural threats to each be the victor of this event were the only noises in the room.

I finally was able to place my right foot behind her left and pull her towards me. She immediately collapsed pulling me to the floor without either of us losing our grip on the other. A loud THUD and groan bounced off the walls of the room as we hit the floor together our fingers still probing deep.

With her free hand she grabbed a handful of my hair in retaliation. "ARRGGGHHH, good move, bitch!" I shouted as I grabbed for her hair and pulled.

"Glad you noticed!" Arianna huffed. She continued yanking on my hair trying to take away my control and concentration. I yanked back in return and blocked out what pain she was inflicting on me by quietly whispering how badly I was going to take her down.

While doing so, she let her guard down slightly as I separated her legs, pulled her up by her hair.  Our fingers escaped and I met her wanting pussy with mine. Our legs entwined and we both knew what was about to happen. One of us would be the victress and the other would learn how to better her skills for the next event. Gazing upon her voluptuous tits as she leaned back on her elbows was a sight to behold. With her rock hard nipples surrounded by a dark areola, I shook myself back to the purpose at hand. Every time I felt myself weakening, I'd think of the rotten way she had treated me for months. I always told her that paybacks are hell. Also rummaging through my mind was the inevitable war to come with 2 million dollars at stake.

"Is that the hardest you can give, Debbie?" Arianna said through gritted teeth. I raised my hips off the floor and began thrusting with all my might against her pelvis. With each slam, her moans would get louder. She followed my pace quite impressively. Feeling her clit enlarging and the wetness becoming almost a hindrance, I kept up the duel.

After 15 minutes of grinding her pussy, I turned to my left and landed on my elbows and knees throwing her off balance and flipped her onto her side. I grabbed her ankle and held her tight so that she couldn’t escape. Now I was able to achieve more leverage. Three hard and vigorous shoves had her screaming in passion and excitement.

"Damn, you slut, you know how to use your body!"

Nearly out of breath I replied, "Underestimated me did you?" I made a quick roll away from her across the floor.

"Come and get me, Bitch!" I yelled.

The fire in her eyes ignited and she crawled like a wounded tigress in heat towards me. With a backward somersault I avoided her grasp. Again she came after me, chasing me on hands and knees. The teasing was delightful, and I wasn't about to give up a moment of it. As she inched towards me I squatted. Looking between her legs I could see her juices and some of mine no doubt were dripping from her pussy. She was now primed. Her heat was radiant, her mood was lustful, her desire to win was there and she was trying desperately to grab me.

When she got close enough I grabbed her hair and pulled her face to my pussy giving her no other alternative then to please me with her mouth. I could feel the pressure building and let her know by bouncing vigorously and calling out loudly, "Oh GOD, Arianna, yessssss!"

Close, but not close enough. I flattened her body pulling my pussy off of her mouth and dove for hers. Rapidly I spread her legs and buried my face in her wet snatch. Pulling her thighs apart as far as I could I found her clit. Taking it in between my teeth I nibbled lightly and tugged at her pussy lips while inserting two fingers from each hand inside her pussy. She began to move in unison with me as I rubbed my own drenched pussy on her neck and chin. My legs were draped over and holding down her arms, just the control I needed. We rolled across the room in three revolutions never allowing her to gain any advantage. As I felt her body twitching and pussy tightening on my fingers, I could barely keep the smile off my face.

"OH MY GOD" she hollered, "You've done it………" shaking violently, she came on my face and fingers.

When she finally stopped quaking I moved my pussy up to her mouth and said, "My turn, Lady!"

Her tongue was magical. With her own fingers she opened me up wide and sucked me harder than anyone ever had. I rocked back and forth on her mouth all the while still sucking her clit and finger fucking her. Just as I was ready to explode on her face, letting my female cum drip in her mouth, she bent her knees and wrapped them around my head and increased the speed of the humping. I pulled her open with my fingers and thrust my tongue deep into her hole. Almost at the exact moment we both gave in and experienced a nearly frightening orgasm. Bringing tears to my eyes I felt a violent release I hadn't felt in years. We collapsed and stayed in our acquired position for more than five minutes. I finally moved from her. Panting and staring at each other we both knew after tonight the million-dollar challenge would be on.

Just Working for a Living - Part Three

The next morning I awoke feeling a little stiff and sore. Not as bad as I thought I would. I've always stayed in shape but I did find some muscles that I hadn't used in a while. As I lay there stretching my legs and back, my mind wandered back to the night before. Arianna was indeed tough and now she knew my weaknesses. Not only did I need to ready my body and calculate different moves to throw her off guard, I also needed to keep my mind clear and recapture the mental control I had succeeded in doing the night before. The memory of our two naked bodies ensnared together brought a hot feeling over me. I reached down and started massaging my wet pussy and erect clit. It wasn't long until I had reached another powerful orgasm.

Laying there in my quiet room the phone brought me back to life. "Hello" I said.

On the other end of the phone I heard, "You were just lucky last night, Bitch. Don't plan on EVER winning again!"

Snidely I replied, "What's the matter, Arianna, can't take the thought of losing? Knowing somebody just might be better than you?"

There was a long pause and heavy breathing. A good minute passed as she started to moan. God, she was getting off just as I had done, I thought! When she regained her composure we discussed the proposition. We both readily admitted we were nervous about the whole thing, but the money was definitely too good to pass up. After a half-hour chat it was decided that after a few days had passed that Arianna would make the phone call and accept on both our behalves. We didn't want to sound anxious, after all Roxy had been a bitch to both of us; we decided to make her and Janet suffer a while. We also agreed that we would not "practice" again until the main event, thus letting the sexual tension rebuild itself.

The next few days passed quickly. Between work, my kids and trying to keep up on housework I had little time to focus on what would happen in the very near future. Arianna kept her distance from me at work, barely glancing at me or acknowledging me. Perhaps she was still afraid of me, afraid of the power and control I had assumed from our evening together. The other employees had noticed the change in her as well. It seemed to be the talk of the break room on more than one occasion. Some said she was actually a pleasure to be around since she hadn't been on their backs on a constant basis.

Another thought that occurred to me, what if this subdued version of Arianna was her way of plotting and building something against me? Trying to gain mental control over me with silence. I couldn't let myself be thrown off track if that was her tactic. I decided I would just maintain my usual self and not let her know that I was scared.

On Tuesday afternoon after the lunch crowd had cleared, Arianna came up to me and passively asked me to meet her in the office. I obliged right away and followed her.

Once the door was closed, she reached in her purse and pulled out the card Roxy had given her. "Well, shall I make the call now?" she asked.

I nodded in agreement and went to leave her alone. Just then she grabbed my arm and said, "NO, you stay, this needs to be done by the two of us."

I took the chair next to her and watched as she dialed the phone. After nearly a minute of waiting, Arianna was about to hang up when she said, "Roxy? Uh, Ms. Cathcart? This is Arianna. Debbie is right here with me and we've reached a decision, that is, if the offer still stands?"

What did she mean, if the offer still stands? Her brow wrinkled. Was she really that scared? I maintained my cool just watching her nervous twitches as she sat there twisting the telephone cord during a long silence.

Finally she said, "Yes, yes, this evening at 8 would be fine for us to meet you and Ms. Whitmore…oh, I mean Janet." She looked up at me with a question mark on her face and I nodded the time was fine with me. "We'll see you then," she said as she hung up the telephone with a huge sigh of relief.

Her demeanor changed radically. The passive and quiet Arianna had disappeared and the caustic nasty Arianna replaced her. "The deal is half way done so get off your ass and get back to work!" she said as she grabbed my arm pulling me out of the chair.

I tossed her a sarcastic smile as I yanked my arm out of her grasp. Deep inside, I was actually glad the old Arianna surfaced again. It fueled my fire and made me even more determined to gain the million-dollar bonus.

The rest of the day dragged. I tried to busy myself as best as I could. I had re-organized everything I could get my hands on; knowing full well that what I would love to re-organize was Arianna's body! The anxiety was building within me. Tonight we would know exactly what the plan would be.

Shortly after 6 PM, Arianna said her good-byes and started to leave. I followed her out the door yelling, "Where the HELL are you going?"

With a snotty sneer on her face she answered, "I'll be back in plenty of time. Just make sure you're here when I get back!"

Oh God, I thought, what was she planning now? Not wanting to let her know I was scared I replied, "Oh, I'll be here, you just make sure you show up!" With that, I spun around and stomped back inside.

Before I knew it, it was 7:45. I quickly finished up my chores and closed down my section. Since I was not prepared for this meeting tonight, all I had to wear was my uniform. I went to my locker and grabbed my purse and make-up and headed towards the bathroom. As I turned the corner I stopped abruptly.

There Arianna stood dressed to the nine's in a black mini skirt that looked as if it were spray painted on and a bright red V-necked tight shirt that accentuated her full tits and of course as per her usual, no bra. Black silk stockings donned her legs and on her feet she wore 5 inch black pumps.

With her jacket flung over her shoulder she smiled smugly and said, "Not quite dressed for the occasion, huh? Well, we'll just see who outshines whom tonight, bitch!"

I stared at her blankly, but felt stirrings within my groin and answered, "It doesn't matter what the wrapping is, Arianna, it's what's inside the package, wouldn't you agree?"

I brushed past her and entered the restroom; quickly touching up my make-up and unclipping my hair letting it fall free over my shoulders and back. There was nothing I could do about my clothing, but at least I wasn't covered with food and grime from a long day's work.

After a few minutes there was a knock on the door, "They're here waiting in the lounge. MOVE IT!" Arianna yelled.

"Keep what little shirt you have on, Arianna, I'll be out in a minute!" I shouted back. Taking a deep breath, I did one final check in the mirror. Well, I said to myself, here goes nothing. It's do or die, kid!

I made my way into the crowded lounge. Glen, the bartender, pointed to a secluded booth in the corner. As I passed him by he asked, "What's going on with you and Arianna and those two rich snobs?"

Oh my, I thought, what explanation do I give him? Oh not much, Glen, just a hot sexfight to entertain two bored rich bitches!

"Oh, Arianna and I discovered last week that these two ladies are well acquainted with both Arianna's and my family" I answered. Satisfied that he fell for it, I headed towards the booth as they all three watched with anticipation.

Roxy arose and pointed to the booth and I slid in next to Arianna. She had obviously doused herself with perfume and she reeked!

I leaned towards her and whispered, "You smell like a cheap whore from the riverside!"

"Better than smelling like tuna fish just pulled out of the river!" she sneered.

As I repositioned myself in the booth I inflicted a sharp blow to her right tit and ribs via my left elbow as I smiled and said, "Roxy, Janet…so good to see you this evening! I've been looking forward to this meeting all afternoon!"

"Debbie and I BOTH have!" Arianna added. I turned towards Arianna with a look and thinking, you pompous kiss ass; we'll see which one of us charms them!

Roxy and Janet sat back observing every motion, comment and glance Arianna and I made towards each other and obviously enjoying it immensely. As they sipped their martinis and silently communicated with eye contact I tried to remain staid and confident.

Finally, Roxy broke the silence. "Well, my two darlings, we are so very happy that you have agreed to accept our offer! As I stated previously, the time, date and location would be decided on by me and the lovely Janet!"

Both of the ladies simultaneously shifted towards us. Everything about the two of them was utterly perfect from head to toe. Perfect hair, make-up, manicured fingernails and expensive silk dresses. They oozed money and class, something Arianna and I never thought we would have.

Janet snickered and said, "Go on Roxy, dear. Let's give them the details!"

Roxy winked at Janet and answered, "Calm DOWN, Janet. Remember the all-important build up and anticipation is all part of the fun and excitement. We need not rush things with these two lowly bitches!"

I gave a side-glance to Arianna and saw her chest rising and falling quickly. I knew Roxy had struck a raw nerve with that comment. I sat calmly and complacently, not letting anyone know what I was thinking.

Arianna started to wiggle, so I dug my fingernails into her thigh to yank her back to the present. Don't blow it for us now, I thought! Roxy and Janet of course didn't miss a trick. These women were in charge and orchestrating this entire meeting, as would they laying the ground rules for the next meeting.

Roxy continued "Now, Janet and I have everything in order. So as to not interfere with your work and family schedules, we have made all the necessary arrangements with your employer and, (glancing at me) provided for your children for the evening, Debbie." Stunned by their thoroughness I couldn't help but secretly applaud these ladies for their intuitiveness in coving every base needed.

She continued, "The event will take place this coming Saturday evening at precisely 9pm. At 5pm two limousines will arrive near the main entrance of this establishment and will drop you off at your respective abodes. You will have approximately three hours to prepare for the encounter. How you choose to utilize this time is completely up to you." Arianna and I sat glued to Roxy and hanging on her every word. "At 8:30pm, the limousines will return to pick you up and drop you at the assigned destination."

Reaching beneath the table at the same time, Roxy and Janet produced two shopping bags and handed us each one as Roxy said, "Here, ladies. Here is the clothing we have chosen for you to wear on Saturday night. You will notice upon inspection that there are no panties or bras. Those are the two articles of clothes that hamper the quest for the ultimate goal. That goal being an extreme orgasm after all the clothing is finally removed. The sizes are correct, so there is no need for you to exchange them. You may find them a bit tight, but that is what Janet and I agreed upon." Neither of us attempted to look in the bags. We really had no choice in the matter since we had agreed to their terms.

Silence prevailed at our booth for a good two minutes. All that I heard was the laughter and chatting of the other patrons around us. Roxy again broke the ice reaching over to me at the same time Janet leaned towards Arianna and whispers were exchanged. "Any questions, dear? And remember we shall expect every pennies worth of our bounty!"

They finished up their drinks in one fell swoop, turned to us and said, "See you on Saturday, Ladies. Enjoy your evening!"

Arianna and I didn't move for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, I probed the shopping bag I had been given. I guess my reaction showed.

Soon Arianna said, "What's the matter? Will you finally get to wear something that didn't come from the Thrift Shop?"

"Check yours out before you pass judgment!" I snapped back. When she did I thought her eyes were going to bounce on the table. I mimicked back, "What's the matter, Arianna? Isn't it YOUR color?"

As Glen came towards us, we both quickly slid the shopping bags under the table. "Another drink, ladies?" he asked. We both looked at each other and knowing that we had a lot to prepare for in a few short days, we declined the drink and headed home for the evening.


Just Working for a Living - Part Four

The following days with what little free time I had, I spent strengthening my muscles with exercises and lifting weights. My kids were stunned by my sudden interest in physical fitness. Joshua stood leaning against the door one evening chatting about this and that and events at school.

Jack wandered in and asked, "Mom, my friends all say you are HOT, why do you need to do all this stuff?" Josh and I both broke out into laughter as I playfully snapped him with my towel and ended my routine for the night. I pacified them both with the fact that I was approaching that all-important 40 mark in my life and I wanted to get one step ahead on gravity.

The next few days passed too quickly. Work was rather mundane, but Arianna began her taunting again. Every move I made she scrutinized. She started going over my work with a fine-toothed comb. It seemed the less she could find wrong, the more irritated she became. I rather enjoyed this game. I knew it would eventually transfer from anger to passion come Saturday night.

Saturday morning was finally here. As per Roxy's promise, both Arianna's and my schedule for the day was light. I didn't have to be to work until noon and off by five. My kids took off early in the morning with packed bags for the weekend to be spent at a lovely resort outside of town along with their friends and their families. An anonymous donor, they said, was paying all expenses. As I kissed them good-bye I knew the next time that I saw them our financial worries would be over.

As I finished my walk to work from the bus stop, I tried to clear my head and center my thoughts on the day and evening. My best chance, again, was to gain the mental control over Arianna throughout the afternoon.

Entering the back door, I made my usual greetings to my fellow employees. Yolanda stopped me and said, "She's in the office and in a very foul mood! Watch it!" I smiled and thanked her for the warning and thought, Hmmm, foul mood, huh? This will be fun!

As I entered the break area, there she stood hands on her hips. "Good morning, Arianna," I said glancing at my watch. "Yes, it's still morning. Hey, I'm early, go figure! Can't nail my ass for that today!"

She strutted towards me and eventually said, "Don't cop an attitude with me today. Just remember that I'm going to kick your ass from one end to the other tonight. You'll only make it harder on yourself."

I just kept a slight devilish grin on my face and responded, "We shall see whose ass will end up splattered, Arianna!" With a gentle shove, I walked to my locker.

With my back towards her she grabbed my hair and said, "Look, don't fuck with me. Do you hear me?"

I didn't utter a gasp or groan, only grabbed her hand on my hair and dug my nails in as she released her grip and replied, "You're wasting your breath and time with this comedic moment. Excuse me; it is time for me to go to work!" This time, slamming her against the row of lockers, I began my shortened shift.

Lunch moved smoothly. The more I thought about how I had her scared, the better my mood became and the more money I made. It was a satisfying feeling knowing I had achieved the power of her mind. She steered clear of me all afternoon. When our paths did cross she tossed me an icy stare.

The five o'clock hour arrived. We clocked out, grabbed our belongings, and exited the restaurant. There they were, two black limousines, two drivers holding open the rear doors. Neither of us said a word as we walked towards the cars and stepped inside. I was in awe. Never in my life, nor did I ever expect to, had I seen anything so luxurious on wheels. I had seen them in movies, but now I could actually feel and smell the expensive leather. The driver dropped me at my door and I could see the neighbors peering from behind the curtains. I enjoyed the fact that I was providing entertainment and mystery for them as well.

I had three hours to ready myself. Feeling I had done all the physical conditioning I could, I chose to fix a light dinner and eat while relaxing in a long hot bubble bath. Lying back with my eyes shut I began to choreograph my moves with Arianna. She knew most of them, but over the past few days I came up with new ideas to gain the upper hand.

After finishing my bath and towelling off I went to the closet to retrieve the shopping bag I had been given with the evening attire. They had been purchased at a very exclusive boutique in the downtown core area. A place I couldn't even afford to browse in let alone purchase anything. I am sure this outfit was under the classification of "the less material, the more expensive the item."

I put on the purple garters and attached the black silk hose to them. As I pulled on the deep purple skirt, which resembled a tube top more than a skirt, I knew now what Roxy meant about it being tight! Turning around peeking in the mirror and slightly bending over I made a mental note to be careful when entering the limousine tonight. I held up the light purple blouse to the light and could easily make out the design on my lampshade. As I buttoned the only two buttons, it was clear that it was not created for a woman with my 36DD's, but for one evening and at least a million dollars, I could handle it.

Looking at the clock, I had fifteen minutes before my ride would arrive. I quickly slipped into the black heels that were in the bag. A final check of my make-up and brushing my hair I did a once over in the mirror. You look like a tramp, Debbie, I thought. Albeit an expensive tramp though!

On the drive to the final destination I sipped the champagne that was waiting for me. Hmmm, French champagne, nothing but the best. As we left the city limits it was nearly dark. Pity, the country is so beautiful this time of year. I felt the champagne beginning to work. A warm glow fell over me and I was surprisingly calm considering what the next few hours was going to bring. The wave of self-confidence was becoming stronger with each mile.

Tasting the last of the champagne I subconsciously began to hum "I Am Woman", a strong woman that was determined to win. In a way, I felt I owed a bit of credit to Jim, my ex-husband. Had it not been for him destroying our marriage, I may have never learned how strong a person I could actually be. With the last sip, I raised my glass, "This one's for you, Jim."

The car pulled off the main highway onto a secluded road. As we made the turn onto the road an identical limousine approached from the opposite direction. My heart started to race a bit knowing that Arianna was directly behind me. This could be an omen, I thought. I'm already ahead of her in the game. Wondering how she was feeling. Was she nervous? Frightened? Will she make a beeline back to the road when we reached our final destination? Or would she shine with utter confidence and intimidation? I couldn't let myself consider the latter. I had to stay focused on my plan of attack. Allowing her to take control either physically or mentally for even one moment could be the end for me.

After about three miles up a long and winding road I could see glowing lights ahead amongst the tall pine trees. The further we drove the brighter the lights became. I lowered the window slightly to get a better image of my surroundings. Although dusk was quickly turning into dark, the limousine's headlights behind us enabled me to focus in on nature. The aroma of pine filled the air. I took the time to use my senses and soaked up the atmosphere.

We came to a stop at an iron fence and gate that appeared to be 15 feet high. The driver lowered his window and punched in a code to activate the gate. Slowly the gate opened and the car inched forward. Only seeing lights still, I knew the destination was close. The long driveway narrowed as we got closer. There would be no way two cars could pass each other. Behind me I could see Arianna's car. Butterflies now felt like bats in my stomach. Now I wished I hadn't downed that champagne so quickly!

Finally we reached a circular drive marked in the center with a flowing fountain with purple and red lights. The water shot up about 50 feet at regular intervals as it danced off the light. There in the background stood a magnificent mansion, something I have only seen in movies. The outside was covered in brick, as far and high as the eye could see.

As I sat watching in awe, the car came to a stop just past the oversized double doors. Arianna's car stopped directly behind. The drivers exited their side and opened our doors. Remembering how extremely short my skirt was, I exercised as much dignity and lady-likeness that I could so as not to give the driver a show!

As Arianna and I stood facing the door, we both turned and glanced at each other in a mild state of shock. She was wearing the identical outfit as mine only in a very deep red. As we bounded the steps leading to the door I said, "We look like escapees from a fruit bowl!" We both stifled our laughter, but at least it broke the tension.

As I rang the bell, the sweat began to form on my forehead. Even the coolness of the night air did not help. Don't let on that you are the least bit nervous, Debbie, I thought to myself. Several deep cleansing breaths seemed to restore my confidence.

For what seemed like a lifetime, we stood there waiting for an answer. Finally the double doors opened and there stood the maid. She was a very tall woman who looked to be in her fifties.

"Ms. Debbie, Ms. Arianna, please enter. You are expected in the parlour," she said, motioning us to another set of double doors to the left of us. Arianna led the way opening the door and gasping. Elegant wasn't even a fit word for this room. Expensive artwork hung from everywhere. I had been to museums with fewer paintings on the walls! The furniture was gold in color with deep red trim. All the tables were glass tops held up by shiny brass pedestals. The two tables on either side of the window supported oversized vases in deep purple. Now I understood the choice of colors for our attire.

As we walked around the room, Arianna said, "For God's sake, don't touch anything, one broken vase and their goes your million!" I ignored her cheap remark. What did I look like, a kid running loose in a china shop?

After several minutes, the maid reappeared holding a tray of drinks. Sitting them down on the cocktail table she said, "Please, ladies, have a seat and enjoy a drink. Ms. Cathcart and Ms. Whitmore will be joining you shortly." With a slight bow, she turned and left.

"Well," Arianna said, "I might as well get used to expensive booze; two million will buy me a lot of it!"

As we sat on the sofa I responded, "Only get partially used to it, Arianna, one million will only buy half as much." I delicately crossed my long legs and in doing so caught her directly on the anklebone.

"LOOK, bitch, you want to start now? If you do, I'm more than ready!" she snapped.

"We agreed to play by the rules, remember? For once you're not calling the shots. Now sit down and shut up!" I replied.

As the clock struck nine o'clock another set of doors opened from behind us. The doors were not at all visible from our vantage point. They simply looked like part of the wall. In walked Roxy and Janet beaming from ear to ear and again dressed in fine silk dresses accentuating their mature fit bodies and ample breasts.

As we stood Roxy said, "Please, please my darlings stay seated!" As they took their places in the wing chairs opposite the sofa Roxy continued, "You both follow directions very well and simply look scrumptious!"

I couldn't help but notice both of the ladies crossing their legs and unable to sit completely still and not once did they make eye contact with us. Obviously their attention was directed to what little we were wearing and what was beneath.

"As soon as you have finished your cocktails, the contest will begin. As you know, Janet and I will define the rules. Basically, there is only one rule we insist upon. As with any sexfight, the winner is determined by giving the loser an orgasm. How you achieve that goal is up to the two of you. The loser will then accommodate the winner, by her choice, in reaching as many orgasms as she can or wants. We also reserve the right to make requests of you if we feel you are not giving at least 100% of your abilities. Remember that I have watched you for many months and know all too well your temperaments and how easily you antagonize each other. Any questions?" Roxy said.

Arianna piped up, "What if we don't like your requests, Roxy?"

She answered with an evil snicker, "Let me assure you, Arianna, that in the first place you have no choice but to accept our requests. This is our contest and you agreed to accept our terms. And secondly, the requests that we will make, if necessary, won't be anything that you haven't already done during your last contest."

Arianna and I looked at each other in disbelief. How did they know that we had even met, let alone know what our fight consisted of?

"How did you know?" Arianna meekly asked.

Tossing her head back and laughing loudly as Janet giggled quietly Roxy replied, "Oh my dear, dear Arianna. When I told you I had studied you two, I meant I have learned EVERYTHING about you! You have barely made a move in the last two months that I don't know about!"

I sat there stunned as Arianna began to breathe deeper. She was about to explode, but perhaps this was also in the game plan of Roxy and Janet's.

Roxy turned to me and asked, "Debbie, darling, do you have any questions or comments?"

"No ma'am, you've made it all perfectly clear" I answered. Arianna started to speak again, with that I applied another swift kick to her ankle and whispered to her, "Just SHUT UP before you blow this whole deal for us!" Roxy and Janet sat smiling contently as we both finished up the last of our cocktail.

Setting down our glasses Roxy stood and said, "Well ladies, follow me." Pressing a button behind the drape the double doors again opened and we entered a round room. Thickly padded carpeting lay beneath our feet. A deep red continuous sofa rounded the walls with an opening at the doorway. The ceiling was a good 25 feet high. The last 10 feet of the wall and ceiling were covered in mirrors making the room look even larger.

Roxy and Janet took their places on the sofa opposite the doorway. "OK ladies, assume your starting position in the middle of the room, fully clothed, shoes included" Roxy said. As we cautiously moved forward and faced each other, she said, "Ladies, let the contest commence!"

Arianna and I stood face-to-face a mere six inches apart staring into each other's eyes. It finally hit me; we were on a stage, so to speak. A frightening feeling knowing these two women were watching us, controlling us and they would make sure this performance met their expectations. I felt myself becoming inhibited. Oh God, Debbie, now you are on the brink of blowing this, I thought. I had the feeling Arianna may have been having the same feelings of terror.

I knew someone had to make the first move, so I refocused and began to think of what a bitch she had been to me all week. I finally started to loosen up. Her sarcastic words ran through my mind. Her put downs in front of employees and customers. My body was now feeling the adrenaline. With both hands I gave a mighty shove to her shoulders. She fell backward barely missing the sofa and hitting the floor, legs spread. Due to the direction, the only one that was able to view her pussy was me.

Never losing eye contact, she promptly flew up from the floor and attempted a slap to my face with her right hand. Grasping her arm with my left hand, I quickly twisted her arm behind her back turning her body as well. Wrapping my right arm around her neck, pressing my now hardened nipples into her back I whispered, "A little slow aren't you?"

"Bitch, you are already fighting unfairly!" she hissed. Her ass was against my pussy as I rose my knee with a quick thrust up and between her legs and she again flew to the floor. She sat there for a moment contemplating her next move. Slowly she rose as I stood there smirking.

Roxy interrupted, "Ladies, remember the clothing must come off during the course of the contest!"

Arianna responded with a snarl, "Keep your shorts on, bitch, you'll get your money's worth!"

As Arianna's attention was diverted, I made my move. Lunging forward, I popped her two buttons and shredded her deep red blouse in one fell swoop; her tits fully exposed. At the same time I lobbed my right knee hard into her pussy. As she fell to the floor I stood holding her blouse and proudly smiled cocking my head back and forth.

"Brilliant move, Debbie" Roxy retorted.

Without taking my eyes off Arianna, I responded, "Why thank you, Roxy, but you deserve some of the credit! Arianna, you really should keep your eyes on your business!"

Arianna flew at me like a lioness protecting her cubs. She ushered a swift kick with the toe of her shoe into my groin. Before she could lower her foot to the floor, I grabbed her foot and flipped her back onto the floor and positioned my foot squarely on her pubic bone. Glaring down at her I unbuttoned my own purple blouse and tossed it aside. Reaching down I lowered her skirt leaving her in garters, nylons and shoes. Being the fair-minded person I am, I also removed my own skirt.

Now straddling her pelvis, she grabbed my arms as I tried to pin her. With a valiant shove, she rocked to a seated position. Face to face, nipples to nipples she whispered, "I'm not going down to you again, slut!"

Pressing my tits into hers I said, "Don't get too sure of yourself, Arianna. Mind control is more important than physical and I've got you over a barrel!"

I flipped to my right, pulling her with me and wrapped my legs around her and began squeezing. She let out a shrill yelp but quickly recovered, flipping me over and obtaining control. Keep cool, Debbie, I mumbled to myself. I began to squirm as hard as I could. Her knee pressed hard into my pussy.

"Now I have you where I want you, bitch!" she said. I never broke eye contact with her, nor did the devilish smirk leave my lips. As I caught my breath I raised my knee, SLAM, a solid shot into her pussy. I could hear the air being forced out of her lungs. Grabbing her hair I yanked to the right as she fell off of me. I quickly regained my advantage by grabbing her ankle and pulled her open legs into mine.  I slipped my right leg over her left and we wound up in a perfect crotch-to-crotch scissor hold. "Don't speak so soon, Arianna!" I hissed.

Now pussy-to-pussy we began a clit duel. Both wet from sweat and excitement, the moaning at first was kept to a minimum. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Roxy and Janet satisfying each other. Their dresses were off and only their garters and nylons remained. They used their fingers on each other while they watched the battle taking place between our thighs. The more Arianna and I pressured each other the more excited they became.

My clit was growing stiff and my pussylips were swollen from the constant grinding. I could feel Arianna’s cuntlips pulling on my own as her clit stabbed into mine. I tried to angle my hips so that my clit scraped across her clit at the thickest part. Occasionally I would miss and pull her pussylips open exposing her cunt hole. We were both leaking fluids and each time we would engage the sound of cunt sucking cunt would escape from between our sticky thighs.

I had to admit that Arianna knew how to fuck another woman. She was matching me stroke for stroke. We were both so wet that a large stain was forming between us. I could feel it growing wetter beneath my ass. My head was beginning to swim from the constant grinding. Arianna’s clit was slicing across my own clit and I could feel her heartbeat as our clits struggled together. Our pussylips were red and swollen now spread wide and inviting. Our cunt holes opened hungrily for each other each time they ground together making juicy little fart sounds as the air between them was squeezed out under pressure.

Sweat was pouring down our foreheads as our moans and groans betrayed our frustration and painful pleasure. I looked at Arianna eye to eye. Her hair once neat and well groomed was now hanging sweaty, loose and dishevelled. I knew mine must look as bad. Our clits fought on. Our moans and groans turned to squeals as the pain grew more intense. I flipped us over onto our stomachs as we grabbed an ankle in each hand. I spread her legs apart as far out as I could reach. Arianna spread me open wide, too, and our sopping wet cunts searched for each other to continue the fight. To make the most intimate contact we raised our butts up in the air. We struggled and wiggled until our pussylips again parted allowing our clits to re-engage and our cunt holes to align. I could feel our juices slowly run down my thighs as we humped each other ass to ass.

I looked over at Roxy and Janet. They were now finger fucking each other as they watched us battle. The feeling of our cunt lips pulling and tugging each other was intoxicating. Several times I came close to orgasm but each time I concentrated on the money and it helped me refocus my attack on Arianna’s cunt. We slammed our pubic bones together with a grunt. Each time the slapping sound from our ass cheeks painfully echoed throughout the room. Arianna and I each have a firm plump ass and they must have been quite a sight and sound to behold as they squirmed and slammed together.

After 20 minutes of grinding and pounding Arianna could no longer take it. I sensed she was getting close to losing it because I could feel the increased heat from her pink open cunt. Her body started to quiver and shake. I began to slap her clit with my own as deeply as I could. Her clit was growing and suddenly her wetness increased. We were both splayed so wide open that I could gyrate my pelvis so that my clit found her hole. By now we both were dripping fluid hot and sticky and I wiggled my ass so that my clit rimmed her cunt hole. She started to shake and she held her breath straining to hold back the inevitable. I reached between our legs twisting and pulling her cunt lips. That's all it took. She exploded in a violent orgasm. "OOOOOHHHHHHH, DAMN, you MOTHERFUCKING BITCH!" she screamed.

“FUCK YOU, CUNT!” I answered as I turned over to watch her spasm over and over, her cunt lips quivered and pulsed and, for the first time, I saw the damage my cunt had inflicted. She was so swollen she looked like she could burst. What should normally be pink was an angry red. She looked beaten and helpless. I felt a sense of power and pride that I had out-fucked her so thoroughly and decisively.

Just then a strange mechanical sound filled the room. A vibrator, I thought? As Arianna was still shaking I looked around the room, I no longer had to be concerned with losing the additional one million, I had won. I could divert my attention. I glanced upward. The mirrors on the walls lowered. I poked Arianna in the ribs trying to catch my breath.

"Quit it, Bitch, you've won" she said as she started to whimper.

Finally I regained my breath and strength and said, "No, look up there" as I pointed up to the ceiling. There they sat, better than 20 women perched in a circular loft above the room watching the entire fight through two-way mirrors and cheering loudly.

Arianna and I were rendered speechless, but reading each other's mind, we struggled to our feet on shaky legs. Slowly we sauntered over to Roxy and Janet. We stood directly in front of them as they smiled smugly. Finally, I said "Our money, please?"

With that, they both handed us two brief cases. Mine containing two million in cash. Arianna's housed one million. Summoning the two chauffeurs, we watched as they deposited the brief cases into the respective limousines.

Walking back to the sofa standing directly in front of Roxy and Janet, still silent, Arianna and I slyly glanced at each other. As on cue, we both delivered a hard and loud slap to the face of each of the bitches. We quickly grabbed both of their arms, vaulting them off of the sofa.

They hit the floor trying to scramble for safety. Before they could move three feet we were on top of them. Gasps were heard from above along with a few cheers. Both ladies tried to wiggle free.

Arianna was the first to break the silence. "You fucked us over, you bitches! Now you'll pay the price! Just how much did you charge the gawking crowd above? Enough to pay the winnings?"

I added, "Don't think the three million was a pacifier! This wasn't part of the deal when you supposedly 'laid your cards on the table'!"

As Arianna and I rapidly reversed our positions, we lowered our pussies down on the rich bitches’ faces. "Taste what a now rich lady tastes like!" Arianna said as she ground her pussy onto Roxy's face.

I promptly pinned Janet with my hands holding down her legs and my legs holding down her arms. She resisted the best she could, but was unable to free herself.

Glancing over at Arianna, I could tell another orgasm was going to erupt. Massaging her own tits and bouncing on Roxy's face she soon exploded, letting her female cum douse Roxy's nose and mouth.

Knowing she was satisfied, I pressed my now over stimulated pussy onto Janet's face. "Make me cum, you whore!" I said.

Rocking back and forth on her face, her tongue soon made it deep inside my pussy. Pulling her legs up and pointing her cunt toward the ceiling I leaned over and devoured her wet pussy stabbing my own tongue as deeply into her hole as I could. Just as she was about to cum, I pulled up. "NO!" she cried, "Don't stop now!"

"Too late!" I screamed as I began to shudder with a powerful orgasm that had been building throughout the sexfight with Arianna. It felt like it shot from my toes to the top of my head and back down like a lightning bolt exploding from my cunt. Wave after wave of fluid escaped my shivering hole as my trembling cunt twitched and convulsed with sweet release. I planted my cunt hole firmly over Janet’s nose and mouth. Roughly I ground my cunt into her face as I continued to convulse into Janet’s mouth. Her tongue licking deep into my hole she was forced to swallow my thick cum until it trickled down her chin and cheeks.

The crowd above was empowered by the performance. Roxy and Janet lay there trapped under our cunts, humiliated, unable to move and still very frustrated. Arianna and I stood up, retrieved what little clothing that was left, took a generous bow to the ladies above and exited the round room.

As we reached the double doors, we turned to see Roxy and Janet still horizontal and frustrated, and needless to say, very embarrassed.

"You fucked with the wrong women. Next time you plan this game, make sure you choose someone with a lot less brains than Debbie and me." Arianna said.

After we dressed, Arianna offered her arm to me and said, "Shall we depart?"

"Gladly" I replied. As we exited the room I stopped and turned, watching Roxy and Janet lay there in utter shock, and said, "Oh, by the way, you won't see either of us at lunch anymore." Winking at Arianna I continued "We will be spending our time and money elsewhere!"

"WAIT" Roxy hollered, "You haven't finished! We are still waiting for our orgasms!"

Arianna glanced up to the loft and answered, "In the first place, YOUR orgasms weren't part of the deal and in the second place," looking up again she continued, "You have a whole upper floor of women to choose from. Let them take care of your needs. Appears to be ten to one, nice ratio!"

Arianna and I made our exit as Roxy tried to gain our attention. As we stood on the steps outdoors we issued a high five to each other. "Care to ride back together?" I asked.

Without a word she retrieved her briefcase from her limousine and ran back and jumped into the rear seat next to me. I was already fondling the beautiful cash on my lap. My mind reeled. I can buy anything I want now. First on the list were a new vehicle and a newer house. Something with more room for my kids and me.

As Arianna popped open her case I began to feel guilty. She was scammed as much as I was. I pulled out several bundles of cash and gingerly placed them in her open case. She shook her head emphatically NO.

I grasped her chin changing her shake to a nod and said, "Fair is fair, my friend. You were tricked the same way I was; it's only right that I split the second million with you."

With a long pause she looked up with tears in her eyes and said, "You truly are a friend, Debbie, would you like to stop at my place for a drink? AND a change of clothes?"

I smiled broadly, reached over with a hug and responded; "I'd love to, Arianna. But none of that cheap booze, OK? My tastes have suddenly changed!"

Returning the hug with an added caress she said, "Not a problem. I have my liquor cabinet already stocked. It took my whole last pay check, but I now have only the best! And you are free to choose whatever you'd like from my closet, just nothing from the Thrift Shop. I'd like to keep those garments as a reminder of where I came from!"

Snickering, I said, "No need to worry, as I said, my tastes have suddenly changed. First class all the way from now on!"

We laid our heads back on the seat, opened the moon roof and soaked up the air. Grasping each other's hand we knew we both won tonight. Never again would anyone ever be able to take control of us, and a failing friendship had been restored. We gently kissed letting our tongues dance together. Our mouths opened wider as we shared a deeper, more intimate tongue kiss. “You fuck better than any woman I’ve ever encountered.” Arianna confessed. “I’d like a lot more of you when you have the time.”

“I’ll make time to fuck you again,” I answered. “I’m horny for you right now.”

Smiling at each other in blissful relief I said, "Care to join me in the Virgin Islands next week?"

"I don't know," she replied, "I'll have to check my date book!"

Hugging each other firmly I said to the driver, "Sir, take the scenic route home, if you don't mind!"

We resumed our tongue kiss and cupped each other’s breasts and continued daydreaming as we entered the city limits, with no doubts about how our lives would continue from here.