POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 4

The members meeting was over and the two divorcees short drive home took only a couple of minutes each, but it seemed like hours. Kathy, her face flushed, checked the car mirror and affirmed how her excitement at her impending encounter with Evelyn had already caused her cheeks to glow with excitement. Once home she flew to her room to quickly alter her appearance. Off came her semi-professional attire and on went a selection from her sexy wardrobe: black hose, black sheer panties in a thong cut, black garter belt, and a black sheer bra that wasn't designed to hold her mammaries much in check, but instead to reveal them in all their monstrous proportions. Quickly choosing a clingy black dress to immodestly cover the chosen undergarments, she slipped it over her pretty face and relished the silky feeling as she shook it into place. Chosen for its color coordination with her other attire and for its clingy cleavage revealing bust line and for hits short hem, at just about the same height as the tops of her hose. A quick brush through her curly brown hair, hanging just a few inches below her shoulders and she was ready to go.

Oh, except for one thing. Her excitement and arousal had come on her like a sledgehammer at the gathering. Only slightly more than an hour and a half had elapsed since her initial encounter with her new neighbor and she could barely comprehend how completely and quickly her enmity for that other woman and the accompanying sexual tension had overtaken her body and mind. Firmly in command of her own body and recognizing its needs she stared in the mirror for just a moment to absorb just how hot and sexy she was. “Yes,” she thought to herself, “I'm the sexier woman compared to that bitch Evelyn and I'll prove it to her tonight!” She inserted her right index finger into her mouth and then lifted the hem of her dress so she could glide that finger inside her panties and brush through her unshaven mound. Quickly finding the fur valley of her pussy she slide it three knuckles deep, gathering her well moistened southern wetness onto her finger. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Her mind raced through her erotic fantasies, associated with how she might humiliate Evelyn later. As her finger swirled quickly and deftly around her thick clit, it took only moments for an orgasm to swirl through her loins. She pulled her finger away, gave it a quick cleaning lick with her tongue and she was on her way.

Two blocks away Evelyn, experienced at feminine combat, both from a psychological and a physical perspective, followed a similar routine. But first, as the impending hostess for the event, she made a couple of quick swirls around her family room, situated at the back of her house, to rearrange the room for freedom of movement. Next she closed her curtains and set out and lit a couple of scented candles, along with a bottle of wine in a chilled cooler full of ice.

Her attire came next.

Finding bras for breasts as big as hers has not been easy, but with some diligent scouting, she had found a supplier that was quite accommodating of both her size and style preferences. Sporting large 42FF size tits and a body frame just big enough to support such monsters, she was a wrecking ball of sexuality and she knew it. Her drawers were full of selections that accentuated her curves and beauty. “Ah, but which one for tonight?” she muttered to herself under her breath. “I sure am glad my kids are with their dad this weekend.”

Yellow. Yellow and black. Something different. Like a bumble bee. Benign usually, just making honey. But when they sting! Wowza! What a feeling. Evelyn knew she had a real venomous stinger too!

She chose black hose and panties, yellow bra, and yellow garter belt. Topped with a bright yellow dress, that was sheer, almost gauze-like in its opaqueness. Her sheer dress and sheer bra did little to conceal her breasts. Her large aureola and thick nipples protruding like they so often did, were plainly visible through the two thin layers of fabric. Her dress formed itself snugly across her midriff, which, even though petite, was thin enough that her breasts took on an extra aura of enormity when compared to other women. It also clung nicely to her hips, accentuating her womanly curves all around. She turned to gaze at her smooth ass in the mirror, glistening with the soft metallic tint of her yellow dress fabric. It reminded one of a liquid nectar flowing over her behind.

Satisfied that she was superbly decked out, despite the time constraints caused by her abrupt invitation to Kathy, she posed in a few confrontational body positions: two hands on hips, one hand on hip, at an angle with one hip thrust forward, two hands under her boobs, pointing towards the mirror, snarling face, false sweetness face, and others. She had put most of those expressions and poses to good use in other encounters in the past, and she was sure they would be just as productive tonight. “Damn! I am one hot bitch. Kathy will pay the price tonight for being such a cunt!”