POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 3

The innuendo was not lost on Kathy. Kathy had discovered her bisexual nature a dozen years ago, and while it was not the reason her marriage had failed, the divorce had given her more emotional free reign to accept it and to occasionally partake in encounters with other women. In fact, within the past year, she had at least six lusty encounters with other women, three of which had been prompted by a feminine challenge, not unlike the one happening tonight. All three of those other ladies were big-busted women who readily accepted Kathy's proud breasts and body into their non-harmonious coupling. All three were competitive tussles that wore the combatants out, but not before issues were settled regarding whose boobs were better, and who was the sexually dominant woman. Two had fallen to Kathy's charms and prowess, but one had bested Kathy in the end, and Kathy wanted revenge. But now that would have to wait. She would be taking her revenge out on Evelyn!

Evelyn was no stranger to feminine conflict either. Her physical charms often caused other girls and women to confront and challenge her. Initially, while in high school, the confrontations were tame, but tinged with overtones of arousal. But as she matured so did her challengers. Not content with that tameness as she got through college and into her career, she became highly charged whenever another woman dared to challenge her, whether it be tits, claws, wrestling, or naked writhing sex marathons. Fortunately for her, her husband shared this lust for feminine combat, and between the two of them, Evelyn had fought in one form or another 16 women in the past dozen years. Often it had been another wife, while the husbands watched, but sometimes it was a single woman who fought Evelyn for the right to fuck her husband Randall. So even after the divorce, Evelyn had contacts that allowed her to keep in shape with her sexual and physical competitions. Her latest encounter had ended superbly. Sophie, her voluptuous enemy, had succumbed to Evelyn's overwhelming tit attack and after being walloped over and over again with those massive boobs she was forced to endure an entire night of sexual deprivation at the hands (and more) of Evelyn.

So it was with a swarming of lusty enmity between these two bakers that something had to give.

“My place. Thirty minutes. You know it?” Evelyn's voice, full of expectation, lowly growled in Kathy's direction.

“Oh, I sure do. Been there many times in the past when the former owners, the Johnson’s lived there. Fucking you over will make my day!”

“Just BE THERE! And we'll see about THAT!”