POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 1

The neighborhood potluck was an annual event sponsored by the homeowners association in Evelyn's new neighborhood. Each fall, around Labor Day they would meet to go over issues within the area, conduct business, elect officers, and share a good meal. Introductions were made in the hopes that all new members would become acclimated to their new homes and neighbors. It was a fine place to raise a family, a semi-secluded suburban neighborhood near a mid-sized city, where there was a lot of social interaction at various events, parties, and unscheduled gatherings as well.

It was a typical mix of homeowners for a well-appointed neighborhood. Not all of the families were two parent households, there were some single moms and even a single dad or two, some were empty-nesters and grandparents as well, including some handsome widowers and sexy widows too. Evelyn was a divorcee with three kids whose custody she shared with her ex. She worked in the executive offices of a large corporation in a neighboring suburb. She was happy to have recently found this home nearby to her work and was, so far, quite pleased with her new home.

Evelyn had moved into the Fir Valley subdivision just recently and had only become acquainted with a couple of her immediate neighbors. Today was the first time to meet a larger collection of the association members. Evelyn had brought a luscious dessert, an apple pie, and as she set it down on the long serving table, her gaze was drawn to another woman opening her basket to also set out a yummy looking apple pie.

Shock followed by these cascading emotions. Irked! Flushed! Confused! Baffled! All of these emotions and more washed over her in a flood.

Evelyn immediately felt the hackles on the back of her neck prickle up as she wrestled with the recognition associated with recognizing a rival. A rival that had often consumed her thoughts for a while now. Of course there was the immediate threat caused by this woman serving a pie much like hers. That carried with it a friction that all women recognize when similar dishes are prepared, displayed, served, and eaten among a crowd. Whose would look better? Whose would taste better? Whose would be liked the most? But there was far more going on here than just the pie challenge. Far more!

Her breathing became shallow, her heart raced, and her face took on a stern countenance. Evelyn was not one to hide her feelings behind a stoic facade. The other woman appeared to be about her age, early forties, probably. Their eyes met. Recognition flashed in the other woman's eyes as well, a flash that spewed fiery anger. The hatred she felt towards the other woman came bouncing back at light speed. Here was another woman who didn't like to be second best. Her eyes revealed all in an instant to Evelyn. The pie was one thing, the wicked look belied a much deeper loathing.

Kathy twinged at the realization that this new woman had set out a challenge for her. The last three years, Kathy had brought her famous pie to this potluck and had always had accepted rave reviews and compliments from the other guests and she had fully expected this year to be no different. Both men and women as well as kids seemed eager taste and devour her delicious recipe. She had shared it with a few of the neighbors who had asked. Kathy had resided in Fir Valley for the past four years, but she had been divorced two years ago.

Damn! Kathy could not help herself becoming perturbed, despite the congenial atmosphere of the gathering and all the friendly folks nearby. She stared daggers of evil intent right through Evelyn's deep blue eyes. It was no surprise at all when newcomer bitch Evelyn's gaze glared right back at her. Their ravenous rivalry blossomed anew over the display of their perfectly formed, big round apple pies. But what their eyes took in beyond that initial notice, made them both feel as though kerosene had been tossed onto a campfire.

Whooosh! Sparks (metaphorically) jumped in antagonistic fury between them. Why? Their pies weren't the only things the two women had in common tonight. Both ladies were well endowed up top. Evelyn sported very large breasts that were usually dressed down to de-emphasize their prodigious mass, but this evening was not one of them. Her knit fabric pale blue top was not alarmingly revealing, but it was form hugging and it dipped low enough to reveal a strong hint, with a few inches of cleavage, of her breasts immensity. She wore black slacks that were quite flattering to her legs and behind. Not skin tight mind you, but the sort that men (and women too) notice the underlying architecture when their eyes fall upon them.

Kathy, for her part, was wearing a nearly identical top, but in a slightly darker shade of blue. The snug fabric followed each three-dimensional curve of her voluptuous chest, vibrating with electric energy at this moment, and also revealing the cleft of cleavage of which she was so proud. Her dark brown slacks might have been even a touch tighter than Evelyn's and it was not the least bit bothersome to any aficionado of the female form to gaze longingly at the result. Evelyn noticed all that in a few milliseconds, as Kathy noticed the same thing from her counterpart.

The rivalry that might have developed on account of the pie was definitely WAY more than being solely just about pies!

Potluck Pies: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 1a: A year prior

Kathy was giddy the day she received confirmation of the appointment she had been seeking at a big firm that her company wanted to do business with. Kathy was an account manager with large account sales responsibilities. Her company had wanted to get in the door at one of the cities biggest businesses and now she would get to meet the vice president who had the authority to make it all happen. The vice president of the company was named Veronica Curtis, a power broker among the business community and a stunning lady to boot. She had never met the woman, but was well aware of her reputation in both the business and social world of the metropolitan area where she lived.

When she finally got to the offices where she would shortly meet Veronica she was ushered into the suite on the 69th floor, Kathy was impressed, but not scared. She had met many other top executives and been successful in wooing many to her company as a supplier. She was hopeful and reasonably confident that she would do the same with Veronica. The office manager sitting behind a large desk was a short-haired woman that conveyed a sense of confidence and control, with maybe a hint of arrogance too.

When Kathy introduced herself and the reason for her visit, Evelyn instructed her to have a seat and that Miss Curtis would be with her shortly. This gave Kathy a few moments to take in her surroundings, absorb the atmosphere for clues that she might find meaningful in discussions with Miss Curtis. While her eyes scanned the room quickly they were soon drawn towards the woman behind the desk. She had a nameplate that identified her as Evelyn and Kathy had referred to her by name at her introduction. Evelyn was dressed professionally, not at all provocatively at all. But nonetheless Evelyn's bountiful breasts were impossible to miss. They pressed her blouse forward an exciting distance, and since Kathy possessed a very large pair of breasts herself, she could not help but compare.

When Veronica came to call Kathy in to her office Kathy recognized the women from photographs she'd seen previously, but was taken a bit aback by how much prettier she was than even the photos she'd looked at. Veronica introduced herself and gave Kathy a very warm courteous handshake before inviting her in to her inner office.

Kathy produced her best posture as she strode towards the door. Following behind Veronica she caught the delicious scent of her perfume and felt a waft of lusty thoughts burst into he consciousness. Veronica was an incredibly sexy lady! Out of the corner of her eye, just before passing through the door, she caught a vicious glare from Evelyn. Obviously Evelyn didn't like something about the situation, and apparently she wasn't worried about hiding it from Kathy!

Potluck Pies: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 1b

Evelyn was good at her job, but quite protective of her boss. Besides that, as a lusty brunette and a bisexual, she had a crush on Veronica that had yet to be acted upon. When she saw Kathy walk in she felt a vibe that stirred jealous emotions right off the bat. When Kathy came out of the office and not only was there a handshake, the two actually gave a brief half-hug sort of embrace, she knew that it was time to up her game.

So as Kathy, flush with the excitement of a meeting gone well, emerged from the inner office and stepped to Evelyn's desk to make arrangements for future meetings with a couple of Veronica's underlings to work out details of the proposals she had in mind, she was met with an icy glare from Evelyn. “What is this bitch's problem?” she thought. Evelyn knew she had to be professional and not disappoint her boss. But the feminine instinct that told her this woman was a rival had taken over in her mind. She accommodated the business necessities without a hitch, but she used her body language and her saccharin-tinged voice to send a not terribly subtle message, at least to any other woman who was tuned in, that animosity lurked just below the surface.

“Good,” she thought to herself as Kathy glanced back behind her to catch the look on Evelyn's face just before she stepped out of the office. That look confirmed what she had suspected. A big smirk had spread across her face as she quickly grabbed a nearby nail file and proceeded to begin processing her middle finger, which was raised just a half-inch above her other fingers as the file slide slowly across the nail. Good that I wasn't wrong. Good that the bitch behind that desk has spirit. “I like putting women in their place who think they are all that!”

Evelyn kept that smirk on her face for several minutes as she was sure she had sent the message she intended towards that interloper. But with the knowledge that Veronica had shown a level of interest, even if quite subtly, towards Kathy that was slightly beyond that of pure business interest, she resolved to raise her game and be a bit more aggressive in trying to lure Veronica's attention in her direction. It should be easy she thought, what with having 8-9 hours per day to interact with her. She did have a twinge of regret that she hadn't spurred herself into action sooner. “But what is done is done and I aim to get into Veronica's embrace and keep her there before Kathy has a chance. She won't know what hit her,” she thought to herself.

The next day at work, and for several days afterward Evelyn altered her wardrobe, at first in mild fashion, but as the days wore on, she worked very hard to slither her voluptuous body into sexier and sexier outfits, all while making sure to never cross any boundaries associated with professional attire. Veronica noticed. Veronica even complimented her on a clingy peach dress she wore on Friday, telling her that it flattered her quite nicely. What Evelyn was unsure of however was whether or not Veronica had any real attraction to other women. Even though she had worked for her for several months, the pattern of Veronica's behavior and personal demeanor never gave away her inclinations. She suspected as much, but it was just the most fleeting of judgments. “What if I'm wrong,” she thought to herself, “and I screw it up with my boss by coming on too strong?” She mulled that though over as she was making her clothing, hair, makeup, and perfume choices each day before work. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” she was sure she should pursue Veronica and let the chips fall where they may. The reward would be superb if she was right!

Kathy wouldn't be back in Veronica's office for almost three weeks, but she had spent a few days at her own office preparing for the upcoming meeting where she was expected to present a layer of more detailed plans and specifications for the collaboration she was proposing. That gave her plenty of time to mull over how she might best persuade Veronica to sign a contract in the near future for her company to add an exciting new business partner. While this was purposeful in a business sense, it also allowed her to let her mind fancy the more personal interaction she had had with Veronica on that very first meeting. Veronica's eyes had met, and kept, her gaze. Kathy remembered her heart skip a couple of beats as the desire to keep her eyes locked into Veronica's baby blues was overpowering and she sensed that Veronica could have maintained their laser-locked pupils for longer as well. Eventually professional decorum forced her to look away and begin her presentation, but that brief, five second pause had a powerful effect on Kathy's womanly charms. Every time since that afternoon, whenever she worked on the proposal, her aureola would shrink, her nipples would lurch forward against her bra, and even her panties would seem to force a fabric itch in her crotch that really needed to be scratched.

So when the day finally came for the next meeting Evelyn bumped her sexiness quotient up another notch, knowing full well that Kathy would be in the office that day and that it was important for her to upstage her in front of her boss. Kathy, who felt almost giddy with anticipation, both from a hormonal level as well as a business one, was thinking along the same lines. She too chose attire that would promote her legs, her waistline, and her bust-line. While most of her thoughts in preparation were focused on Veronica, she knew that meeting Evelyn, and dealing with her, were going to be almost as important as what she did with Veronica. She knew full well the power that office managers frequently had over their bosses and that she would need all her skills to make sure she could navigate past that bitch and still get what she wanted from Veronica.

It was set up to be an eventful day.

Potluck Pies: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 1c

Veronica was blissfully unaware, at first, of the budding tension between the two ladies. Evelyn had surely been flattering in her attire lately, but it had not actually struck her as strange in any way. Veronica liked women of course, but as a high profile executive she was always careful to “toe the line” when it came to matters of the heart (and desire). Her business instincts were impeccable, and she did all she could to maintain that emotional distance between her private and business lives. Her brief episode when Kathy had visited previously had been out of character. But it shouldn't have been surprising to her that Evelyn witnessed her brief but obvious hug that was duly noticed as a departure from her usual farewell handshake, whenever a business client was leaving.

So when Kathy arrived for her appointment with Veronika, she was ready, in a business sense for what was to come. But she was also in tune with the notion that Evelyn might be a hurdle she'd have to deal with. She was greeted curtly by Evelyn the moment she stepped through the door. The battle between the women had begun. Responding in kind, she introduced herself to Evelyn as though it was the first time they'd met, making it sound as though Evelyn must be one stupid woman to not remember her. Kathy watched Evelyn wince just a little, but her decorum was not broken. “You…………….,” she paused just enough to let that condescending tone in her voice sink in, “can sit right over there.” Evelyn pointed to a chair a few feet away near a window.

Kathy of course obliged by walking to the chair, but she embellished her walk just enough to hint at a strutting arrogance, making sure her hips swayed just a sliver more widely than they might have without her encouragement. Her dress, clingy and low cut as it was, also was a few inches shorter than most of her business attire. “This could be useful today,” Kathy thought to herself as she deliberately sat down, placing her attache to the side. She immediately crossed her legs, right over left, and swiveled to her left, exposing a long stretch of nylon-covered thigh. It was accompanied by a directional gaze. One that pointed directly at Evelyn. Two seconds. That was all it took for Evelyn to respond. Her rolling office chair wheeled back a few inches so that the corner of her desk wouldn't impede the view from Kathy's position. She followed suit, left over right went her lovely nylon-clad leg. If anything her dress was even shorter than Kathy's and with the deliberative nature of her movements it was not at all lost on Kathy that Evelyn was accepting a challenge. Instead of smoothing her lower dress out over her legs, she actually tugged the hem on her left flank a couple of inches higher, exposing the darker band of nylon fabric that hinted at the fact that she was wearing hose.

Evelyn and Kathy were communicating in a language they both understood, even if words were omitted. Evelyn fiddled with her nail file once again, pulling it out and, while trying to look nonchalant, slowly used the file on the fingers of her left hand. Not to be perceived as on the defensive Kathy pulled out her mirror from her purse and checked her lipstick with slow motion deliberateness. Smiling coyly over her mirror she popped her lips and then made a kissing pucker over the top of the case, assuring herself that Evelyn could see.

Back and forth it went for the next ten minutes. Neither woman made any attempt to avoid the others looks. Neither woman backed down from the body language challenge that the other presented. Each felt a lovely trickle of that euphoric sense of dominance that oozed into her consciousness when presented with a rival, worthy or otherwise. Kathy shifted in her chair several times, offering glimpses for Evelyn to see that she too was wearing hose and garters. The view of Kathy's silky white upper leg from Evelyn's chair solidified to her that Kathy was a determined woman and not shy about using her feminine wiles to get what she wants. Thoughts of Veronica in her office, preparing to see Kathy, offended Evelyn's desires. If she had her way, Kathy would be escorted out of the building by security never to be seen again. But that was just a pipe dream. She knew she was going to have to deal with Kathy herself. What that opportunity would be she wasn't sure, but in the meantime she was damn sure going to use her charms and wiles to lure Veronica into her clutches and also keep Kathy at bay.

By the time Veronica came out to usher Kathy into her office, the two women had used their provocative poses and steely glares to make totally clear the enmity that had erupted between them. Even as Veronica was leading Kathy into her inner office, Kathy couldn't help but to stick her chest out with an obvious forward thrust, as she glanced over her shoulder at Evelyn, seated just five feet away.

Potluck Pies: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 1d

Inside the office Kathy and Veronica conducted business. Veronica was explicitly excited by the propositions Kathy was presenting and she made it clear that her company was hoping to move forward with their budding business relationship.

Undertones. Yes, there were undertones in that meeting too. Kathy felt them. Veronica felt them. Tiny gestures. Covert glances. Body shifting. Minute squirms in their chairs. Tiny innuendos sprinkled into otherwise innocuous conversation. The meeting was full of hints that both women were keen to deploy and so eagerly accepted when noticed. Veronica relished her business role, but she was not above carnal instincts invading her fore brain. Today was one of those days. Kathy exemplified much that Veronica was drawn too in a woman. Her subtly sexy personality, topped by a lush body, and accented today with wardrobe choices that accentuated her every womanly curve rocked Veronica to her core.

When the buzzer on her phone startled her Veronica lost her momentary reverie and came back to reality. Daydreaming no longer she took the phone and as Evelyn passed along the message that was for Kathy, Veronica was startled to recognize that the feelings she was now flushed full of regarding Kathy, she had oh so recently realized that similar feelings presented themselves whenever she was near Evelyn. Strange, she thought that these two women would both be asserting themselves into her libido starved life at the same time!

“Kathy,” Veronica relayed to her, “Your office called to let you know your afternoon appointment has cancelled and so you should return to the office as soon as you are done here.” Strange again, she thought that Evelyn would choose to interrupt the meeting with that kind of message. Surely it could have waited for Kathy to leave the office before passing it on to her. Ahah! It hit her! Evelyn was interrupting the meeting because of jealousy. She was trying to sabotage Kathy! “Mmmmm..,” she thought, “this could be interesting.” The realization that these two women might BOTH be accommodating to her carnal needs presented interesting possibilities to say the least.