TWO FOR ONE - By Anonymous

Thursday – 6:15am

‘Today is going to be a good day’ I thought as I rolled over and was greeted by the sun peeking through the window. Birds were happily chirping nearby as a slight breeze toyed with the lace curtains. I stretched my arms above my head and arched my back taking stock of my body with one final yawn. I could hear my automatic coffee pot grinding the beans and waited for the smell of fresh ground coffee. It would be a few minutes so I closed my eyes and instinctively moved my hand down to my puss, gently weaving through the light-brown curls until I was touching my clit nestled safely between my full pussylips. I let out a soft moan as I stroked my finger back and forth across my slit. I’m almost always horny in the morning and today was no different. I love to start each day with an orgasm and a cup of fresh coffee. What could be better?

The only downside was waking up alone. So much had happened to me in the 40 years of my life that I seemed to always be in a spiral. Thoughts in my mind of a past love often aroused me in the morning and drew me back to a time when everything in my life was more stable and had real meaning. It was a time when My Man was in my life. My thoughts wandered to memories of how My Man turned me on like no other man had ever done. I smiled and stretched again. ‘Today’ I thought, ‘will be a good day.’

As I slid my hands up and down my body caressing my breasts and cupping my puss all I could do was think of him. It had been twelve years since I left him. We had lived and loved together for almost 10 years. It came to an end when my oldest boy took up with a bad crowd and that was an enormous problem for My Man. He is a man of strong principles and when my son got caught stealing from us that was the final straw. He changed the locks on the house and threw my son out. My Man didn't want me to leave but he never tried to stop me. He understood how strong willed and headstrong I was. He never tried to dominate or control me like so many other men have tried to do. I loved him for that. He let me be me, always.

When we first met I told him I had always been a “bad girl” getting into fights after school with boys and girls, mostly girls. I grew up on a farm and it was what farm girls did. It excited him when I told him about my fights. The role I played in his life was always an exciting challenge, a sexual challenge I was always up for and ready to fulfill. We were very sexual together and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He was always so caring and nurturing. He was never selfish. In bed he always made sure I was satisfied first before he let me satisfy him. He is a rare and wonderful man who happens to be attracted to powerful, confident women. Like me!

The smell of coffee yanked me from my memories and I got out of bed, found my slippers and headed for the kitchen in my panties and nightshirt. As I walked I felt the cool air weave its way through my thighs and tickle my panty crotch where a little wetness had collected. It was kind of sexy and I reveled in it as I poured my first cup. I made my way out to the back porch and sat on the porch swing near the tree where the bird continued to sing. I searched for the little soprano and spotted a beautiful yellow, red and grey bird. I didn’t know what kind it was so I made a mental note to check online later.

Soon I was lost again in my thoughts as I blew on the cup and waited for my coffee to cool. I thought back to a time when I would often compete sexually with other women. It is My Man’s greatest fantasy and I was the woman who brought it to life for him. I still do. Remembering it like it was yesterday a smile turned up my lips as I pictured how excited My Man would get. He was like a kid in a candy store feeding on my sexual energy. My ability to seduce him while defeating my female opponents was always a talent he admired in me. My Man made me feel more like a woman than any man ever had. He gently led me into a world I had never heard of but now dreamed of so often. It is a world that showed me that if I was good enough I could take the sexual power from another woman. It had an element of danger in that there was always the risk that if I wasn’t good enough she would take mine. That risk excites me. I’m getting very wet as I type this.

Competing sexually was different than the after school fights I had more than 20 years ago. Back then another girl who had pissed me off, for whatever reason, and I would square off in a field a couple of blocks from school. It was a large clearing in the woods away from the road and out of sight from everyone except our friends and those students who had heard about our scheduled fight through the school grapevine. We would punch, kick, bite, scratch and pull hair until one of us had enough, almost always the other girl. I rarely lost. I was a “bad ass” then and now. Watching the girl I had just beaten slowly limp away crying with the help of her friends made me feel powerful but never in a sexual way.

Grinding hard into another woman’s pussy, face-to-face and clit-to-clit was not just powerful and exciting, it was sexy, dirty and electric! Looking into her eyes and listening to her labored breathing as she desperately tries to hold in her orgasm knowing that it is just moments away, I confidently grind my clit even harder and deeper into her crotch until I can see the frustrated look of fear and defeat in her eyes. She knows she has lost but her body won’t let her quit because I control her body now and it feels too good. She is just trying to hang on as long as she can in a feeble attempt to delay her humiliation. She looks into my eyes and she knows that I own her. We are both so wet. Our juices are free flowing and mixing together. I'm punishing her hard clit with mine, hardly moving, forcefully scraping the full length of my clit across the full length of hers, left and right and around in a circle. I love that her clit is as large as mine. I hate clitfighting a woman with a tiny clit. This bitch is equally well endowed and was sure she could hang with me. How wrong she was as I thump my clit back and forth against hers. I smile at her as I punish her clit with my mine. Then, suddenly, her head falls back and I hear her plaintive moan as her body finally betrays her. I feel her clit throb against mine as her juices explode into my crotch and inner thighs all hot and sticky. Her look of fear turns to a look of shame and humiliation. I push her backwards and quickly move to sit on her face. As I lower my pussy and cover her nose and mouth she looks up into my eyes and sees clearly the woman who forced her to orgasm against her will, whose clit was tougher than hers, who is more of a woman than she and who will haunt her memories each time she has sex. She will always think of me and my clit. That feeling of sexual power is like a sweet narcotic after a sexfight. It is like nothing I’ve ever felt and I crave it more and more the older I get. Now I'm really turned on. I wish I had a woman to match my clit against.

I take a couple of sips of coffee. The songbird has flown away. Listening to the breeze I slip my hand into my panties, past the soft curls to finger my own clit. I start thinking back fourteen years to the night at the Marina Resort, back on his sailboat, when My Man and I made love like we never had before. It was after a very long day where I was able to defeat each of my female opponents one after the other. I have never felt more powerful or more sexual. Our bond was complete.

My Man had arranged a practice match for me on that morning before the real match scheduled in the late afternoon. At the practice I was facing a woman named Tammy, a shorter blonde, around 29 or 30 back then I would guess, a cheerleader in college and still athletic and fit with large pendulous breasts. Not grotesquely large but true handfuls. We were both dressed in sweatpants, white socks and loose fitting sleeveless tops. Underneath we wore ultra thin bras and sheer thong panties you could easily see through. Like me, Tammy had never been in a sexfight but she was totally attracted to women and made her bi-sexuality apparent to me. As we stretched together I could see her sizing me up and down with a hungry look in her eyes.

The late afternoon match was against an Italian woman, very tough, an erotic dancer, a stripper really, with a powerful body, a fiery temper and the nicest tits and ass. I had watched her dance the same evening I challenged her and saw that she had a solid body with feminine muscles and that delicious ass. Her hair was jet black, thick and long past her shoulders. She was extremely confident and very sexual and that turned me on. As she gave me a lap dance I tried to imagine what she would do to me sexually. She was to be my first actual sexfight and because I was nervous My Man thought a light practice would take the edge off and give me confidence later that day. He was right.

Tammy was at least three inches shorter than me so My Man had us both start on our knees facing each other. He told us to take our time, get relaxed and slide our hands all over each other’s body just to get acquainted, feel each other out and get more comfortable. We looked into each other’s eyes and reached for one another. She smelled great. I wanted to kiss her right away. I could tell that Tammy had a tight athletic body. Her butt was very firm and nicely shaped. I squeezed it as I felt her squeeze mine. I'm proud of my ass. Its one of my best features. Her thighs felt toned as did her arms. Her hands moved around my body and I relished the feeling when she grabbed my ass and squeezed and then reached under my top and cupped my breasts holding them in her hands. My breasts were a present from My Man but I didn’t go too large. A full C-cup was plenty big enough to display my large nipples. When you have children and nurse them your nipples grow larger and mine were big and thick. Tammy seemed to like them considering the amount of time she spent lifting my breasts and flicking my nipples with her thumbs. I loved squeezing Tammy's breasts. They were heavy for her size and her nipples grew instantly when I worked them with my thumbs. We played with each other's breasts a long time and I wondered if she was as wet as I was getting.

Tammy reached between my legs and palmed my pussy through my sweatpants. I mimicked her, squeezing her pussy with my hand. Tammy squeezed back. We kept this up until we both began to breathe a little harder. We slid our open hands from our pubic bones and reached deeply between each other’s thighs, rubbing from back to front, each time ending with a another tight squeeze. We each spread our legs a little wider and repeated this over and over, our noses and lips were just inches apart. I really wanted to kiss her. It didn’t take us long to begin exploring each other under our sweats. I slid my right hand into and down the front of Tammy’s sweatpants and she willingly spread her legs apart giving me better access to her crotch. When I felt her hand sliding into my sweats I did the same. It was only fair and I hoped she would.

With our sheer thong panties and thin cotton bras it was so easy to feel each other’s labia and the slit in between. With our right hands we traced the soft folds of our pussies from front to back making sure to touch each other deeply and thoroughly. Our left hands slid under each other’s top again and we each cupped a breast. I felt Tammy gently squeeze my right breast as I squeezed hers. I loved when she lifted my breast and felt its weight. I cupped her breast in return with my free hand and relished how full and firm it was. I felt her finger locate my clit at about the same time and my hips gave an involuntary jerk. She was quickly turning me to jelly and I had to fight the urge to keep from ripping her clothes off.

My Man must have noticed my hips shaking as he told us to use both hands on each other’s breasts. I wanted Tammy to keep fingering my puss and was disappointed when she removed her hand. I complied and slid my right hand under Tammy’s top. I gently cupped her breasts in my hands. We squeezed each other’s breasts with both hands. Tammy’s breasts were as large as mine and quite hefty. I could feel the weight. We both giggled nervously when My Man told us to play with each other’s nipples. As I said I have very large nipples and they were growing stiffer at Tammy’s touch. Her nipples were hard and stiff and felt fantastic. I was instantly envious of her. My nipples were larger and thicker but they were not yet as hard as Tammy’s. Her breasts were delicious! Tammy seemed most interested in the size of my nipples. She tweaked them and pulled them between her fingers making them swell to the size of my thumb. Tammy had finally made them as hard as hers. Tammy’s nipples were the size of my index fingertip and I worked them thoroughly until they were as stiff and swollen as mine. We played with each other under our tops for a very long time, cupping and squeezing them in our hands, pinching and pulling the nipples. It was wonderful and so sexy. I completely understand why men love playing with a woman’s breasts. I didn’t want it to stop.

All this time My Man remained quiet sitting in his chair. We kept handling each other’s breasts and it felt so sexy to feel her squeeze my breasts while I squeezed hers knowing that My Man was watching just a few feet away. It was so bad. I love the feeling of being bad. I had to fight to keep from kissing Tammy. I knew it would turn My Man on if I did. She smelled so wonderful and her nipple play and breast squeezing had me so turned on. She smelled so fresh and her touch was firm yet so very tender. Tammy must have been feeling my vibes because we both looked up at the same time. Our eyes met and I could see a growing hunger in her that made my pussy twinge. We instantly kissed, lightly at first and then gradually deeper letting our full lips meld into complete contact. Our tongues gently danced and twirled together and my heart started pounding. I believe Tammy’s did, too. Her lips were as soft and full as mine.

I love to kiss more than anything in the world. Just ask My Man. He’s the best kisser I’ve ever met. He takes his time and is never in a rush to receive pleasure. He gets me so excited that I become the impatient aggressor. I was doing the same thing to Tammy just taking my time and trying to make each kiss last as long as possible. We were enjoying each kiss and our moans were the proof. Our tongues danced together and we took turns sucking each other’s tongue.

Suddenly, I felt Tammy grab my ass and pull me tighter into her. My kissing technique had worked! I did the same and grabbed Tammy’s ass with both hands, pulling her pubic bone hard into mine. We slowly slid our breasts back and forth into each other never breaking our kiss. It was so sexy! Back and forth and back and forth we felt our breasts rolling together, over and over again, never releasing our grips on each other’s ass.

We were both getting more excited and all I could think of was grinding pussies with her like I had seen in the movies My Man had shown me. I took a bold step and slid my right hand back into Tammy’s sweatpants down in between her thighs. I cupped her puss and squeezed feeling her pussylips part under the wetness of her panties. She was soaked and I knew I was, too.

Tammy moaned into my mouth and then quickly did the same to me causing me to moan in response. She squeezed and pinched my pussylips with her fingers. It felt so good and so bad, to be grabbing each other in this way. Squeezing her puss, feeling her lips part and pinching them between my fingers as I felt Tammy squeezing and tugging on mine. I knew I was dripping wet, as wet as Tammy! We each used the palm of our hand to massage each other between our legs. We broke off our kiss and rested our heads on each other’s shoulder and concentrated on rubbing pussy.

I felt Tammy’s fingers working my pussylips through my panties moving in a circular motion from my pubic bone down to my pussyhole. It was hypnotic and I felt my wetness spread. I desperately wanted her to find my clit and rub it, too, but she was careful to work around it. ‘Was she doing this on purpose?’ I thought. ‘That clever bitch!’

Our tempo sped up as we both spread our knees apart even further to open and expose more of our pussies to each other. I was strumming my fingers in the hot wetness between Tammy’s pussylips trying to find her clit. It was difficult because of our damp panties and the constraint of our sweatpants so we had to press harder and deeper with our fingers to compensate. After a few seconds of this I found her hard nub and heard her groan. Our left arms were around each other’s head for support as our right arms continued their work. My eyes were closed but I could still smell Tammy’s hair against my face and feel her breasts pressing firmly into mine. Her fingers had my pussy in complete control and my hips again began to twitch.

We would occasionally grip each other and squeeze hard and it was then that I could really feel the heat between her thighs. Her panty crotch was more than damp. I’m sure Tammy could feel the fluid collecting on mine. She was getting me so wet! It felt heavenly to me and I wanted more. I wanted much more. We soon were rubbing faster and harder, forehead resting against forehead, each time we would stop rubbing and squeeze pussies we’d let out an audible moan. We’d open our eyes and look at each other wanting the squeeze to last forever. “You are getting me so wet, Tammy, I can hardly stand it!” I said.

“So are you! I am soaking through my panties right now and I want more of you!” answered Tammy.

I looked over at My Man for the first time in over twenty minutes and said, “Can we fuck each other?”

“Yeah, good idea, can we?” asked Tammy excitedly.

“Not yet!” said My Man with a smile. “Continue what you are doing and see which of you can force the other to cum first! Then you can fuck each other all you want!”

‘No problem’ I thought, ‘the way she is squirming this won’t take long.’

We turned away from My Man and looked at each other with hunger in our eyes. "I'm going to fuck you so hard!" I said.

"Not as hard as I'm going to fuck you!" she replied.

Urgently we again concentrated on working each other. With my right hand underneath her sweatpants I rubbed and squeezed Tammy’s wet puss. I felt her hand slip into my sweatpants then felt her fingertips at the waistband of my panties! She was sliding them inside my panties! I quickly brought my hand up to the waistband of her panties just as I felt her fingers invade my wet pussy! I moaned loudly and my body swooned it felt so good!

My fingers slid against her bare skin and down inside her panties until I reached her wet naked puss. I couldn’t believe how soaking wet she was! I felt in between her slippery pussylips. Her fluid was thick and warm as it soaked my fingertips. Tammy gasped at my intrusion and I suddenly felt her fingers slipping between my pussylips so I tried to act fast. Her clit was much easier to find, it was long and stiff and poking out proudly from inside her lips. Tammy jerked suddenly and found my clit just as fast and now my pelvis jerked in response. I tried to pinch her clit between my fingertips but it was too slippery.

By now Tammy’s fingers were working my puss up and down, side to side and around. She was having as much trouble grasping my clit as I was having grasping hers so I moved my fingers down to her hole. I ran the tips of my fingers around her opening and listened to her moan before I slowly plunged my middle finger deeply up and in feeling her puss tighten around it. Just that quickly it pushed Tammy nearer the edge.

Tammy moved her finger closer to my hole and I waited for her to push it in. I didn’t have to wait long. Just as I was working my own finger in and out of her dripping hole she began finger-banging mine. An intense wave of pleasure washed over me and my knees started to buckle as I felt my puss clenching her finger. I pushed my finger deeper into her hole and she moaned again and clenched, too. We were both feeling the effects of our deep-fingering as we each pushed deeper and deeper. I needed to think of something fast or I was going to spill my cum all over her hand!

I quickly worked a second finger up into her tight hole and placed my thumb on her clit. I felt her clench my fingers and shake. Her butt quivered as her puss reacted to my two probing fingers, growling noises sounded low in her throat fading into painful moans. I knew it wouldn’t take long.

Suddenly I felt another finger push into my hole as I clenched and shook. We were both moaning painfully, our bodies shaking. I was gritting my teeth trying to hold in the orgasm I could feel collecting deep inside me.

"I can't cum first!" I thought to myself, "Not in front of My Man!"

Tammy let out an awesome GROAN! Her puss tightened its slippery grip even harder around my fingers. Her hips undulated slowly in a fucking motion. Tammy's fingers stabbed deeper into my hole. I GROANED as the spark of orgasm grew deep inside! I couldn't control my hips as I desperately fucked her fingers. Her head jerked back as she fucked faster over my fingers! The moment she spasmed her puss began to squeeze and release, again and again.

"OH FUCK!" screamed Tammy.

Hearing Tammy pushed me over the edge as all I could do was fuck her fingers uncontrollably! Her fingers felt huge as I involuntarily clenched them again and again. My head was spinning! I felt wave after wave of cum spill from deep inside my hole! Tammy was shaking! My hand was drenched in her cream. It was thick and plentiful, so sexy! I was shaking, too, my spasms gripped and released, again and again.

At that moment I couldn’t believe the feeling of power that washed over my body. We had gradually dissolved from a playful competition into the two of us frantically trying to be the first to force an orgasm from the other. I felt her sex and she felt mine! The instant we slid our fingers into each other it felt sexy and dirty. I had forced this beautiful sexy woman to orgasm, violently, around my fingers, before she forced me! I had WON!

I looked over at My Man and saw the pride in his face and I felt ten feet tall and so much a woman! It was an enormous feeling of accomplishment! I was amazed at how powerful I felt knowing that I had forced this orgasm from her before she had forced me. It was so close but a win is a win.

I felt her hand lift out of my panties and sweats. She knew I had won, just barely. My fingers were still gripping deep inside her soaking wet puss. She was really dripping now. She was coating my hand with her hot sticky juice from the tips of my fingers running up my wrist. I pulled my fingers out of her puss and slipped my sweatpants off and stepped out of my panties. I tossed my panties over to My Man. He smiled broadly as he lifted them to his nose.

This was the hottest thing I had ever done with another woman and it felt so dirty yet so powerful and an incredible turn-on. I wanted more! Looking back now I know that this very moment is when I became addicted to sexfighting!

“Lets keep fucking each other with our fingers. I want to cum again. How about you?” I whispered in Tammy's ear. “This time talk to me, call me dirty names!”

Tammy smiled and removed her sweatpants and panties. She tossed her panties to My Man, too.

We stepped closer together, both naked from the waist down. I felt her two fingers return to my puss and slowly move up into my hole. I mirrored her, slipping two fingers inside her. She was so wet it was easy. I was sure I was just as wet as Tammy. We spread our legs apart in anticipation of what was to come. Tammy didn’t disappoint. She slipped a third finger deep into my hole and it was like she had touched the trigger to my own orgasm!

“How does that feel, you filthy slut?” she whispered into my ear. “Fuck my finger with your dirty cunt like I fucked yours!”

I moaned at the ceiling hearing her dirty talk. I was scared yet excited at what was happening to me. I had never had a woman talk to me like this or do anything like this.

“You made me cum first and now it’s my turn, bitch.” she whispered. “I’m going to make you spill your juice like you made me, you filthy cunt!”

I undulated my pelvis on her fingers, squeezing them as tightly as I could considering how wet and slick I was! My head tingled with sexual excitement as I fucked Tammy's fingers back and forth!

"Can you feel my three fingers, bitch?" she continued, "Deep inside your filthy cunt? I'm gonna' force you to cum first like you did to me, you dirty whore!"

"You can't make me cum first, slut! How about a third finger in you?" I said sliding it into her puss. That did it!

"You filthy cunt! Feel me pushing my three fingers deeper into your dirty cunt hole?" whispered Tammy.

Instantly I felt my own pussy grip and re-grip her fingers and I began convulsing involuntarily! I felt out of control! My ears began to ring and all I could think of at that moment was that I wanted to make her squirm. We were both dripping fluid and I knew I was making her palm as wet as she made mine! I began to groan somewhere deep inside and it moved up my throat and up toward the ceiling! My orgasm continued to build and felt so strong I thought it was going to squirt out the top of my head! I started to squeal as I held it in as long as I could but it was hopeless! My head flew back and my eyelids fluttered uncontrollably! I groaned again and then held my breath as I felt my orgasm start to move from the deepest part of my pussy! I could hear my own heartbeat pounding in my head! In a flash of light I felt it release and I groaned balefully throughout my release feeling wave after wave of fluid squirt over Tammy’s hand. My spasms continued as my heart raced. I felt like falling to the floor but Tammy held me tight. I was sweating and my hair was probably a mess but, at that moment, all I could think of was that Tammy had made me cum first! I was suddenly filled with the desire to overpower Tammy and force her to cum again!

We held onto each other tightly so as not to fall over, our fingers still deep inside the other. I was flushed and sweating, my heart still pounding and my throat was dry. We carefully removed our fingers and brought them to our lips. I licked Tammy’s cum off my fingers as I watched Tammy lick my juices off hers. We spread cum onto our lips and shared a deep passionate kiss. I was ready to go again when I heard My Man speak.

"That looked like fun!” he said with a grin.

“You have no idea!” I said. “Now can we fuck?”

Tammy nodded her head wanting a quick answer to my question.

My Man laughed to himself and looking right at me and said, “Sure, you two can fuck if you want to, but just remember this; the woman you are scheduled to sexfight later today is going to want to hurt you. She loves pain. Probably she will hurt you - a lot - both physically and sexually. I know you can handle her physically. What I worry about is whether you can handle her sexually. I would suggest that you two get rougher with each other and test your willpower by holding in your orgasms as long as possible. You do as you like. If you want to fuck then go ahead. I’ll leave it up to you.”

‘He was absolutely right’ I thought to myself. My Man and I had met Carmela and her husband at dinner when we scheduled this fight and I could tell she was one rough, tough Italian bitch. She was a biker-chick. If I was going to gain anything from this practice session with Tammy it should be learning to take it as well as dish it out and, above all, to hold in my orgasms.

“Tammy, I can’t believe I’m saying this because I want to fuck you so much right now, but…”

“I really want to fuck you, too,” she interrupted, “you have no idea how much!”

“But…” I continued, “But you would help me greatly if you would just rough me up and hurt me sexually and try your best to make me orgasm!” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. I’ll bet no woman had ever said them before in the history of the world. “I’ll pleasure you to as many orgasms as you want but I need to practice holding mine in. I don’t want you to be upset with me for trying to ignore your advances.”

Tammy looked at me like I’d just stomped on her birthday cake.

“Oh!???” she answered. I could see the wheels turning in her head. “We can fuck but… you’re not going to cum?”

“I’m going to TRY not to cum. You don’t have to hold back YOUR orgasms, Tammy, unless you want to, just do all you can to force ME to cum!” I said. “I want to practice holding in my orgasm so this bitch later on today will have a hard time making me cum.” She seemed to understand. “Oh, and please try and hurt me as much as possible.” I added.

“Can I still fuck you AFTER I hurt you?” she said dead serious.

Now I was laughing, “Only if I can fuck you back!”

Tammy smiled at me and then a puzzled look appeared on her face. She looked over at My Man and asked, “How should I hurt her? What should I do to her?” My Man sat up in his chair and said calmly, “Let’s first determine a SAFE WORD that you both understand. If either of you say the safe word it will mean that whatever you are doing is too hard and too painful and you should back off a little. Your couch cushions are purple so let’s use PURPLE as our safe word. As a precaution, if either of you want the other to go a little easier or even stop completely, just say, “PURPLE!” and you’ll understand what it means, okay?”

We both nodded our heads in agreement.

“Now to answer your question, Tammy,” My Man continued, “I’d like you to pinch, pull and twist her nipples. Pinch, pull and twist her clit and her pussylips. Slap her breasts, spank her ass and her pussy. Stick your fingers deep into her hole if you like. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, if that is what she wants!” said Tammy looking over at me.

“Yes, dear,” I answered, “If you go crazy and really hurt me I’ll say, purple!”

We spent the better part of an hour wrestling around Tammy’s apartment. I didn’t hurt her much at all. I squeezed her tits and pussy but mostly I taunted her into hurting me more. “Come on, bitch, is that all you’ve got?” I would say to her and she would add more pressure and more pain. I tried to lead her into techniques that would usually make me cum like deep-fingering. I would say things like, “Come on, bitch, you can’t make me cum again with your fingers in my hole! You just got lucky last time!”

Whatever taunt I would say Tammy would oblige me. I would stop working on Tammy and concentrate on holding in my orgasm as long as I could. I got pretty good at it and I could tell by looking over at My Man that he thought I was doing a good job.

The last thing we did was strip naked and scissor our legs together so that we were crotch to crotch.  My Man told us to search each other's pussy with our clits.  He told Tammy to push her clit into my hole.  I spread my legs wide as I felt Tammy's clit sliding in between my pussylips. Her clit brushed against mine as it moved closer to my hole. I tilted my pelvis up until I felt her clit slide across my opening.

Then it happened!  Her clit stabbed into my hole! My head jerked back uncontrollably as I sucked in my breath before letting out a deep low moan...! It felt so DIRTY! All I could think of was forcing my clit deep into Tammy's hole!

"Tammy, explore her hole, feel the rim. Is she wet?" asked My Man.

I felt Tammy's clit move around the interior of my hole! Her clit was stiff, hard and forceful!

"She's very wet!" replied Tammy, "and its getting me wet, too!"

"Can you find her clit?" My Man asked.

I could feel myself growing wetter! The more she explored between my pussylips the more I wanted to fuck her! I felt her clit scrape against mine!  My clit instantly grew hard! We both moaned in unison!

"We found each other!" exclaimed Tammy.

Now my focus was on keeping my clit against Tammy's clit.  'Was her clit harder than Mine?' I thought.  We reached out, grabbed wrists and pulled each other closer, our pussies tight together, pussylips spreading open allowing full pink-on-pink friction. We were both so wet and sticky we could grind clits with the slightest of movement. The sound of our combined wetness filled the room. 'This feels amazing!' I thought.

"Fight with your clits!" instructed My Man, "Don't break contact!"

We fucked each other to a mutual orgasm. I could feel her heartbeat through our clits. Our clits were so hard! I saw my chance to fuck Tammy's hole with my clit and I took it! Her hole was hot with cum! I pulled her in tight, forcing my hard clit deeper into her hole! Tammy moaned with pleasure!

"Fucking Cunt!" exclaimed Tammy.

Tammy sliced her clit hard against mine! We began to clitfight our stiff clits against each other, moving just inches up, down and around, feeling her hard clit grind across mine! My clit was as hard as Tammy's and she was actually fighting me! We both were nearing orgasm! I didn’t even try to hold it in because I knew how much Tammy wanted to beat me, and she had been such a help to me. I exploded hard into her cunt! Seconds later Tammy came so hard, our inner thighs were soaked with our cum, we practically had to scrape her off the mat and carry her to bed. She was smiling and so was I.

My Man had rocked my world! Before I met him I never would have imagined myself naked grinding clits with another naked woman. I felt powerful, womanly, sexually dominant! I needed a shower, some food and some rest. I had a big evening planned. There was an Italian bitch with a great ass waiting to try and fuck me into submission. This practice sexfight with Tammy, for a brief moment, morphed into an actual sexfight.  Remembering that day plays often in my mind.


Chapter 2

Thursday – 7:15am

The sound of my neighbor mowing his lawn stirred me out of my daydreams for the moment and back into the present. I made the bed, visited the bathroom and searched the refrigerator for some fresh fruit. Strawberries! There you are! I grabbed the berries and poured more coffee into my favorite mug. I love the smell of fresh black coffee. No sugar or cream needed for me. Coffee and berries in hand I stepped back out onto the porch and sunk back into the porch swing. It was a cool morning in South Florida and the birds were again singing while the squirrels barked and chattered away. As I waited for my coffee to cool I sucked on a red ripe strawberry and began remembering how I had felt during my sexfight with Carmela. I started getting damp again imagining those same sensations I had during our fight. I slipped further into my thoughts until I was back to that night.

In my mind I was now on top of Carmela, body to body. We had been fighting for nearly an hour and we were both turned on and hurting. She had ripped my pantyhose and torn my blouse off. My ass was beet red from her slaps. I was in pain and was near exhaustion. She had fought so dirty that I now hated Carmela and she hated me. Her first slap to my face an hour earlier had made my blood boil and I slapped her back just as hard. We had mostly wrestled for control but she was determined to hurt me as often as she could. Punches to my ribs and knees to my crotch made for some dirty infighting. I traded her punch for punch and knee for knee. I've traded pain in fights with women my entire life. We squeezed each other’s breasts and slapped pussies and thighs but it eventually got even dirtier than that.

Carmela ripped the crotch out of my pantyhose and went for my cunt spanking it hard and then mashing her knuckles and thumb back and forth across my clit and down around my hole. It hurt like hell but made me wet at the same time. The more she hurt me the hornier it made me. I pinched her pussylips and clit between my thumb and forefinger in retaliation. Feeling her squirm and twitch assured me that my payback was having an effect. Her moans were music to my ears even while she continued to thumb between my swollen lips deep into my pussyhole. This went on for a long time and she was really getting to me but I was determined not to lose to this Italian bitch! We finally broke apart and hooked up crotch to crotch, bumping pussies hard.

We were both turned on and breathing heavily when Carmela suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled me off her and over onto my back latching on to my nipple with her one hand and clutching my pussy hard with her other. She squeezed hard with both hands and my moaning from the pain was instant. I quickly grabbed her crotch and squeezed with all my might. We worked our fingers on each other’s clit and nipples. I was gassed and Carmela was getting the better of me. We had been fighting for over an hour and I didn’t have much left. I knew I had to end this quickly or be humiliated in front of My Man. I could never let that happen. I had a plan.

To My Man I appeared to be defeated. Exhausted from my morning victory, I turned my head toward him with that mischievous smile I have. My Man looked over his camera worried about my pain but intrigued by my smile; I gave him a little wink and shoved my knee hard deep into Carmela’s pussy until she grunted from the pain. Knocking her off of me I rolled and then mounted her. I glared into her eyes and she spit at me! My fingers searched beneath the crotch of her panties and followed her wetness until they found her swollen pussy. I spread her lips apart and stabbed my long middle finger as deeply into her hole as I could and began pumping it in and out of her tight little cunt. Her face was right next to mine so I heard her every gasp and moan as I pushed a second finger deep into this Italian bitch and continued to explore the depth of her hole with my fingers. I could feel her cunt muscles repeatedly grip my fingers and tighten as if she was trying to push me out of her hole. I knew she was inching closer to orgasm as her puss began to quiver and generate real heat.

I moved my mouth closer to her ear and whispered, “I’m so deep in your cunt! I know you can feel it! You can feel me deep inside you, can’t you?” My soft words and hot breath had an instant effect and she pinched my pussylips hard with her fingers but she had too little too late and her eventual explosion of hot cum soaked my fingers and palm as she clenched and groaned, clenched again, twitched and spasmed. Her moans were sweet music to my ears. Her hips bucked up off the mat and jerked violently as she inadvertently fucked herself even deeper onto my fingers. Her massive orgasm was violent and complete.

Again I was overwhelmed with power! I had defeated her soundly and now my only thought was her total humiliation as I moved up and over her spent body aiming my dripping wet crotch toward her nose and mouth. I wanted to smother this Italian bitch for all the pain she had inflicted on my sore and swollen puss. As I pinned her arms down I pulled my hose to one side, spread my pussylips open with my fingers and dangled my swollen naked pussy over her face. I felt her hot quick breath invade my hole as our eyes finally met. She knew what I was about to do and she struggled hard to break free but I had sapped her energy, she had no choice but to give up struggling as tears formed in her eyes. I looked down at her and thought to myself, ‘tough luck, cunt, you shouldn’t have slapped me!’ After a moment I planted my slippery wet cunt firmly over her nose and mouth grabbing and pulling her hair, jamming her face even deeper into my crotch. I held her tightly by her long thick black hair as I began to gyrate my hips forward and back over her nose and mouth. I spread my knees further apart and sunk my puss even harder onto her face. Her eyes became wet with tears as I deliberately fucked her from her chin to her nose. She was in my total control and could only watch and endure her humiliation as I smiled down at her from above.

I felt power I had never felt before! I had sexually conquered this woman in not just a fight but in a fight where we had intentionally hurt each other sexually. My first real sexfight! Closing my eyes I continued to face-fuck her and thought of all the pain Carmela had inflicted on me; the face slaps, the spanking, the hard punches to my stomach and ribs that still hurt and had taken my breath away, the hair pulling, the breast squeezing and nipple pinching, and most damaging of all, the attacks to my crotch! I felt myself getting even wetter remembering all of the pain and thinking about how she repeatedly kneed me between my legs and spanked my ass, thighs and crotch, pinched and pulled my nipples, clit and pussylips, twisting them until I wanted to scream out loud from the pain! The pain! Remembering the pain had really turned me on to the point that I was just seconds away from orgasm. I felt my wetness growing and Carmela was having difficulty breathing. She struggled to catch her breath as I painted her nose and mouth with my fluid. Breathing faster and harder I opened my eyes and looked down again into Carmela’s. Her eyes were closed tight and her forehead was flushed red. Her humiliation was nearly complete. As I felt my orgasm building deep within my puss I thought about how many times I had wanted to scream but held it in because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of knowing how savagely she was hurting me. That thought shoved me over the edge and I gripped her hair even tighter, pulling her nose deeper into my hole! The spasms were taking over control of my pelvis, cum traveling from my cunt to my brain and back again, finally spurting out of my body and into her nose and mouth! My thoughts at that instant were, ‘This bitch attacked my sex and hurt me in anger and now I happily feel her choking into my puss! She’ll think twice before messing with me again!’

As my cream oozed out of my hole into her nose and mouth my hips were out of my control. I pushed my puss up onto her forehead and into her jet black hair and then slid down over her eyes, nose and mouth coming to a rest on her chin as I felt my final spasms subside. Carmela looked a mess, like she’s been in a fight! I smiled down at her but she refused to make eye contact. With great effort I lifted my puss off Carmela’s face. My juices glistened and dripped slowly down her cheeks and into her hair. I felt more powerful at that moment than any other time in my life! I was hooked! The feeling of sexually dominating a bitch like Carmela made me want more!

‘Victory again!’ I thought as I looked up at My Man just in time to see that boyish smile on his face. Satisfied that Carmela was well and thoroughly humiliated I stood on shaky legs and stumbled off the mats and then quickly fell back down. My body ached from the fight and my legs were like rubber from my own orgasm. I turned and looked over at Carmela calling her a tramp and a slut and a filthy whore. I said, “If you ever want to go again you know where to find me!”

She didn’t answer me.

“Cunt!” I said to her.

Back from my daydream I continued to finger myself; thinking of My Man turned me on. I began to masturbate with a passion as I remembered back to that night making love with My Man after the fight. I was still so wet that when I came with My Man it was just as hard as it had been after humiliating Carmela earlier that evening. He made me so hot. I thought it would last forever.

My morning pleasure now over I finished my coffee and began getting ready for work. I checked my makeup in the mirror and took one last look at my outfit for the day; crème colored blouse, a dark green skirt that showcased my long legs and, of course, matching green stiletto heels. ‘I look so good I would fuck myself!’ I thought.

I was ready to face another day. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was about to happen.


Thursday – 9:45am

As I sat at work daydreaming of My Man a voice disrupted me. Looking up I saw a familiar face from the past. How ironic that Kay would appear here today. ‘Daydreaming of your lover and here you are. Too funny’ I thought.

As I was about to speak, Kay started in. “We need to talk,” she said. “I will meet you downstairs at the Coffee Shop next door.” Then she turned and walked away. I sat quietly for a few moments wondering, ‘Why now? What could she possibly want with me?’ Being the high spirited gal I’ve always been I let my curiosity get the best of me. I grabbed my purse, made a quick trip to the bathroom to check my hair and make-up and headed downstairs to the door.


Thursday – 9:55am

It was still early in the day and the Coffee Shop was nearly empty. I looked around trying to adjust my eyes from the bright sun outside to the dimly lit interior. I saw Kay sitting at the table furthest away from the door. As I approached I noticed she had a stack of pictures in front of her. I pulled out the chair right next to her instead of sitting across from her. I hated that My Man was now living with her so I was purposely trying to provoke and intimidate her.

I began to speak in my usual pleasant voice just like I was talking to my best friend when before I could even utter a word Kay became confrontational acting like she was ready to jump on top of me. She started ranting and raving about how I screwed up her life. She shoved the pictures she was holding in front of me. They were pictures My Man had taken of me over ten years ago when we were still together. I looked through them and smiled remembering when I had posed for My Man just the way he had asked me to; in tight short skirts, garters, stockings and tall high heels; on his sailboat spreading my legs apart so that he could see the crotch of my panties; bent over our bed wearing just a thong displaying my long legs and ample ass; getting out of my car with my legs spread open wide and my high heels firmly on the ground. We made passionate love after each photo shoot because I had made him so very horny. I smiled to myself.

“This is all I get day after day,” she said interrupting my reverie, “Debbie this! Debbie that! My Man sits and looks at your pictures all the time! Dreaming of you! I am sick of it! I want you out of our lives once and for all!” Kay announced as she grabbed the pictures out of my hands and began to rip each picture in half one by one. When she finished ripping the pictures she grabbed my right thigh with her left hand and squeezed it hard.

Startled, I looked at Kay. She was standing her ground. I could see the pain in her eyes. I was impressed with her actions. I knew she loved My Man and I understood why. I love him, too. Just then Kay looked up at me and exclaimed, “I know the only way to rid you from our lives is for me to defeat you once and for all!”

“And how do you propose to accomplish a challenge of this magnitude?” I calmly asked.

“A sexfight!” said Kay.

First I smiled and then I began to laugh. “You really think you’re up to it?” I asked. I could see the flames in Kay’s eyes as she glared at me.

“I have lived in your shadow far too long! I’ll give you the ultimate challenge! Show me what you’re made of, Debbie!” Kay exclaimed.

“As inviting as this all seems,” I said calmly, “I couldn’t sexfight you. You’re not as experienced as me. You don’t have what it takes, and as sorry as I feel for your current situation I really feel you wouldn’t stand a chance. You wouldn’t even know where to start with me.”

At that instant Kay leaned over closer and slid her hand from my thigh and up my skirt grabbing the lips of my pussy through my panties, pulling and pinching with all her strength. It was so unexpected that I just about came out of my chair. The pain was so intense; it quickly brought tears to my eyes.

“I’m much more experienced than you think, Debbie!” she exclaimed.

For an instant I was overcome with emotion. I was pissed! Kay released her grip and I finally regained my composure, wiped the tears from my eyes and forced myself to smile that mischievous smile I had when I was pissed and in full form. “Okay, okay” I said. “You’re sure you really want to do this?”

Kay replied, “More than you’ll ever know. I know I’m better than you and now I want to prove it to My Man.”

She had really pissed me off and I wanted to put her in her place so I told Kay to meet me at this same time tomorrow right here in the Coffee Shop and we would make our arrangements. Kay agreed, shot me a hateful look, got up and left.

It was a long night for both of us as we prepared for our next meeting. I later learned from My Man that when Kay arrived home, she planned and prepared a special dinner for him, all his favorites. After dinner she went upstairs to their bedroom and placed one of My Man’s favorite sexfight DVDs in the player. When My Man entered the bedroom he was a bit confused as to his wife’s choice of entertainment. She had long told him that she didn’t like watching any sexfights with me in them. But the DVD she had placed in the player was a sexfight of mine that I had with Joslyn, one of my fiercest rivals. We had fought twice for the cameras, each winning once. This DVD she had picked to watch was the one sexfight where I had lost to her. In my entire sexfight career I had lost only twice and this loss was the most humiliating of the two.

Not to make excuses but days before I had fallen walking down some concrete stairs and landed on my tailbone. I was in a lot of pain and had lost some flexibility in my lower back and hips. My legs would go numb and I was physically weaker than usual. Never the less I decided to go through with the sexfight and it was a mistake on my part. I thought I could still take her even though I wasn’t 100 percent. I was wrong. I had been subjected to some savage deep-fingering by Joslyn, two fingers deep, more than I had endured up until then and it was so dirty, erotic and painfully devastating. It was not my finest moment. Deep-fingering has always been a weakness of mine and I was sure that Kay would exploit it.

Confused, My Man began to question her at which time Kay lost it and told him that she was sick and tired of this fantasy life he was living and that if this DVD illustrated what he wanted in a woman then she needed to be that fantasy girl in his life. He was confused as to where this conversation was heading.

At that point she began telling him about our meeting earlier in the day. This began to excite him which made her even angrier. She demanded to know what I had that she didn’t. She reminded My Man that she had private sexfights with other women for him alone with no cameras present and had won as many as she had lost. Why wasn’t she good enough to replace me in his daydreams?

My Man was very reluctant to answer, he did love Kay, but in a much different way than he loved me. I was a proven sexfighter who fought other experienced sexfighters for money and she was not. I was a professional. Kay fought wives and girlfriends, women who did not fight for money and rankings like I had. He tried to explain the differences but Kay was not accepting any of it. Her ego was so bruised at this point that she became even angrier and started crying.

Frustrated and at an impasse My Man left and went for a drive to let her cool down. But she didn’t, instead she sat there staring at the TV, watching me sexfight and going over each and every move of mine and Joslyn’s throughout the fight to try and learn how I was defeated. She was determined to beat me and be my successor. My weakness to deep-fingering was glaringly obvious.


Thursday – 8:30pm

While all of this drama was happening at Kay’s house I had gone home and fixed a light dinner and then soaked in a relaxing bubble bath. My pussy was still slightly sore from the hard pinch I
had gotten from Kay earlier in the day. I was excited at the thought of a possible sexfight with Kay and the opportunity to pay her back with the most vicious cunt pinch she would ever be forced to endure. 'Payback is a bitch, Kay!' I thought to myself.

It had been a few years since my last serious fight. I had continued to grind pussies with a couple of my girlfriends but nothing vicious or truly competitive. Feeling better I dried myself off with a soft towel, applied my lotions and headed off to get some sleep. As I snuggled into bed I began planning the upcoming event with Kay.


Friday – 6:15am

The light of the day brought on a whole different meaning. I was very excited about our meeting today. As I began to dress my mind drifted to memories of My Man’s sailboat where I had stayed on so many weekends. That was our escape from the world. We would leave the dock and sail out the Pass and then sail north to Sanibel, Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa Island where we’d drop anchor, open a bottle of dry white wine, play some Jimmy Buffet on the CD player and grill our dinner while watching the sunset.

Remembering his long soft kisses made me hot and my hand around his cock set the stage for romance with not a care in the world. The bed in the Aft Stateroom was cozy and we always managed to be very comfortable there. It was very intimate and making love together with the waves gently rocking us made it even more pleasurable. We would make passionate love for hours.

‘How good we were together.’ I thought.

As I prepared for the day I began thinking of Kay. I remembered the desperation in her eyes and I began to feel sorry for her. Kay and I were very much alike on the physical side of it but so much different in personalities and attitudes. I am a very high spirited lady, fearless and always ready to jump right in to any adventure or challenge. I’ve always been up to anything life had to offer, and my ability to fit into any social group was amazing. I’ve been told that I’m witty and charming and that I carry myself very well.

On the other hand, Kay was a very successful business lady, very professional, extremely well educated and organized to a fault. She had a great sense of humor and could be everyone’s best friend but she lacked my sexual and physical self confidence. She was a very traditional person, often afraid to take a chance.

I thought all morning long about her challenge. I knew I had to first somehow mentor Kay without her knowing. Yes, she had playful sexfights with some other women but not with a serious professional sexfighter like me. I understood that she was a very proud woman and would not take help from me. I loved to win but I always want an equal competitor. If she is not a challenge
then I’m not interested and I didn’t figure Kay would be much of a challenge.


Friday – 10:15am

Kay arrived at the coffee shop a little early. She seemed anxious to face this challenge with me. The day was a little gloomy from the storms that had passed during the night. I carefully stepped over puddles so as not to stain my high heels. I arrived right on time and was a little surprised to see her already there. As I approached the table where Kay was sitting I couldn’t help but smile at her. I wanted to get into her head a little. I was so excited she had shown up that I could feel my pussy becoming damp. I had told Kay that we should both wear dresses to our meeting and Kay had chosen a short red skirt cut several inches above her knees and a white blouse. I wore my favorite black skirt cut a few inches higher than Kay’s and a cream colored blouse unbuttoned down to my cleavage. Even though I felt a little sorry for her I wanted to intimidate Kay as much as possible. I could tell it had the desired effect.

We both ordered coffee and I noticed how similar our legs and thighs were. We were both Mid-West farm girls and we had the bodies to prove it with muscular arms, athletic thighs and long shapely legs. I was pleased to see that Kay enjoyed spiked heels as much as I did.

As we sat there sipping our coffee we both were very focused on each other. Kay jumped right into the conversation. She obviously wanted this meeting over quickly. She told me we should meet at a nearby hotel, have a private sexfight and end this once and for all.

I said I had a different plan. I told Kay that I proposed a “best two out of three” sexual competition preceded by a warm up session just to get familiar with each other.

Kay was very reluctant to agree. She was not into the sexual competition like I was. She wanted a one time, 'Winner Take My Man' sexfight. She admitted that she enjoyed watching My Man film the sexfights and was turned on by the actions of the women involved, and she also enjoyed the very friendly sexfights My Man had arranged for her, but she was not interested in pursuing that next level of serious competitions. In her mind she wanted this sexfight between us to be a one time thing where she could defeat me and I would just go away.

Little did she know that even if I did lose, which I was confident I would not, I wasn’t going anywhere. My Man and I were great friends and I would never stop loving him for all that he had done for me and all that we had shared. My proposal frustrated Kay. She did not like the two-out-of-three arrangement at all. In her business life she could outwit anyone and she nearly always won. Now her ego had taken over her better judgment; all she could think of was winning at her terms. I needed to convince her that my plan was better. I explained to Kay that if she really wanted to settle things between us sexually and give me “The Ultimate Challenge” then we would have to have more than just one sexual contest. I reasoned that I could get lucky and beat her and then what!? Would she leave and never return? I said that if she really wanted me out of their life then she needed to beat me decisively twice. That would prove to her, My Man and me that she was the superior woman sexually and I would then know for sure that I didn’t deserve My Man.

I sat there sipping my coffee letting my proposal sink in. I could see the wheels turning in her head. She was taking her time thinking about my solution which I took as a good sign. I quickly added that if she agreed to this then I would contact her later with all of the details. After more consideration Kay finally agreed.

Smiling at her answer I informed Kay that I needed to use the ladies room and wanted her help. I stood up and headed toward the restroom. The high heels and skirt I had chosen accentuated my butt so I was sure that Kay was checking me out as I wiggled my ass on the way toward the hallway and through the restroom door.

Once Kay had entered I locked the rest room door. At the sound of the lock clicking Kay turned and gave me a worried look and nervously told me she didn’t have all day and needed to head out. I slowly moved toward Kay shoving her back against the wall catching her totally off guard. She shoved me back and tried to get around me. I said, “I told you there would be three matches and a warm up. Well, this is the warm up. You need to prove to me that you are worthy of my time.”

Even though we were nearly the same height Kay was very uncomfortable standing next to me. I think that being in a public place and not knowing what was going to happen frightened her. I guess My Man hadn’t told her that sex in public places and the fear of getting caught really turned me on. Besides, I needed to see if she was going to back down or not. She started to turn away so I grabbed her from behind, pinning her face first against the wall and grabbing her ample breasts with my hands squeezing them very tight. They were real and full and firm. I continued kneading them through my fingers. Kay was so dazed that she just stood there unsure what to do or what was going to happen next. I then kicked Kay’s feet wider apart and from behind I lifted up Kay’s skirt, reached around her waist and slid my right hand down into her panties. She was damp and completely shaved, her lips felt soft and her clit was not yet stiff. I immediately pinched her pussylips between my fingers and then felt in between her lips reaching down with my middle finger to poke it into her pussy. Kay stood frozen.

At first she tried to squirm away but I pressed harder against her holding her against the wall. Kay grabbed my wrist and managed to pull my hand out of her panties, then she turned around to face me. She unbuttoned my blouse and grabbed both of my breasts, squeezing them as hard as I had squeezed hers.

“Is that all you’ve got?” I said as I unbuttoned her blouse and squeezed her breasts in return.

We stood there in the ladies room face to face squeezing and kneading each others’ breasts with both hands. A smile crept over my face. This made Kay very angry. She reached down and slid her hand up under my skirt and down into my panties and took hold of one of the lips of my pussy, holding it very tightly; with her free hand she grabbed my hair in the back and pulled using her two hand holds to walk me back and bending me over until my ass was pressed against the sink.

I continued working over her breasts while spreading my legs open wider just to make it easier for Kay to fight back. She was hurting me but nothing like Carmela or even Tammy had. I was just glad she was choosing to fight back.

Kay removed her hand from my panties and grabbed my ass. She straddled my right leg and began grinding her crotch up and down on my thigh.

I pulled her hand out of my hair and lowered my crotch onto her thigh. She started to grind harder so I grabbed her ass pulling her in tighter and matched her rhythm stroke for stroke and suddenly we were humping into each other in a public restroom. I was getting more and more excited by her sudden aggressiveness so I squeezed her ass tighter with both hands and lifted her left leg up and placed it on the sink behind me. Then I lifted my left leg up and rested it on her right shoulder so that I could slide over until our pantied pussies came into direct contact and melted together. At first contact we moaned in unison. We grabbed each other’s hips and began grinding our pussies into each other harder. Kay ground her pussy harder into mine. I ground harder into her. I could feel her dampness and that excited me. She was already very wet and I was fast catching up. I could feel my panties collecting between my pussylips. This was a whole new experience for her.

Pussy to pussy we continued to grind up and down, side to side and in circles pushing deeper into each other. We were both getting so wet that I could feel it through our panties and I knew Kay could feel it, too. Our breathing was becoming faster and more audible. I was beginning to feel flush and not wanting to stop. I knew her mind had to be going in circles. She was breathing much harder than I and was obviously losing control. I could feel the beginning of an orgasm building deep inside me and I couldn’t let that happen. Not yet!

‘If I let her know she has me close to an orgasm,’ I thought, ‘that will give her more confidence to fight me even harder.’ I started to moan for effect and Kay began to bump her puss harder into mine in response. About then I groaned and pushed Kay back against the wall and stepped into her, my body against Kay’s, lifting her bra and exposing her breasts. I bent down and put my mouth over her left nipple and sucked it hard. I felt her nipple harden and grow stiff in my mouth.

Now Kay began to moan. I lifted my head to her neck and began to lick and nibble letting my hot breath cover her neck from her throat to her ear. I whispered, “This was the warm up. You
got me close but not close enough. Now we let the challenges begin. I will contact you soon.”

Then I backed away, buttoned my blouse, straightened myself up and walked out of the restroom leaving Kay with a flood of emotions. I paused near the street exit and waited to see Kay leave the rest room but there was no sign of her for what seemed like forever. I imagined that her aroused feelings were probably getting the best of her as she regained her composure. Finally, she opened the restroom door. As she walked through the coffee shop I could tell she felt like everyone was staring at her. I later learned that as the night wore on Kay sat outside under a willow tree reliving the events from earlier in the day. All her emotions were pouring out of her and as My Man approached her she began to speak of our encounter. My Man sat next to her, holding on to her every word. How he wished he could have been there he told her. As Kay described the events in detail My Man became very aroused and Kay again became very angry with him. She could never understand what his fascination with me and sexfighting was all about. Her old fashioned attitude restricted her from seeing My Man for who he really was.

Later that evening I imagined Kay lying in her bed. I wondered if she was thinking about how it felt when I grabbed her from behind and thrust my hand into her panties, running my finger in between her pussylips and then deep up into her pussy. I’ll bet she started to get wet and began touching herself. You can be sure that I was wet and touching myself. I crave a good sexfight thanks to My Man. He showed me his world and I revel in it!


Friday – 9:45pm

I phoned Kay and told her to be ready tomorrow for a day at the beach and to make sure My Man came with her, but he was not to know we were meeting. My plan was for the three of us to meet “by accident” at the Tiki Bar next to the Marina where My Man docked his sailboat. “Be ready for anything!” I cautioned and hung up.

That night was very long for both of us. This encounter could possibly change everything for me. Kay was determined to defeat me and I understood that. I kept thinking about the old saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” Kay definitely felt like I had scorned her and I was truly impressed with her eventual willingness to hurt me during our brief encounter in the ladies room. I knew that she wasn’t going to back down now and that it had become an obsession for her. If I were to lose to her then what effect would that have toward my relationship with My Man? A sound sleep eluded me.


Saturday – 5:30am

I awoke early for a Saturday. I didn’t sleep well. I had trouble falling asleep because I kept thinking about my plans for our encounters the next day and I worried that I would lose in front of My Man. From past experience it wasn’t a good feeling to lose even though My Man never appeared disappointed in me. He knew that it took a special woman to risk humiliation in front of the man she loved and I was always willing to take that risk. I tossed and turned throughout the night.

As I sipped my morning coffee I started to prepare myself mentally for the upcoming event. If all went to plan Kay and I would sexfight three times today. I kept running different scenarios over in my mind. I felt I could handle myself in each scenario unless Kay somehow got lucky. ‘Not much I can do about that,’ I thought.

I took a quick shower and packed a few things for later and decided to get dressed. I opened my dresser drawer and searched through my swimwear. I found the suit I was looking for and slipped into my tiniest thong bikini. It was black and sexy and tied on both sides. It was my favorite because it was cut high and highlighted my ass, breasts and legs. I checked myself in the full length mirror hanging on my bedroom door. ‘Damn!’ I thought smiling, ‘I’d do me!’

My beach bag was already packed with suntan oil, sunglasses and water bottle. I stuck an envelope I had prepared earlier into the bag pocket and grabbed my thin wrap-around, car keys and floppy straw hat and then slid into my sandals and headed out the door.


Saturday – 8:00am

It was a cloudless day as I arrived at the beach and the sun was already baking the hot sand. The crowd of sunbathers and shell collectors were gathering. Before long the beach would be full. I entered the Tiki Bar and found a seat in the back of the open air area and waited. I had instructed Kay to find a table near the door and sit facing out looking at the water. The breeze felt cool against my cheek. I spread my legs open to let the wind blow up my wrap-around skirt. It felt cool on my puss. I wondered what havoc Kay would inflict on my puss later.

When they arrived, they took a seat up front. Kay was wearing a tiny red thong bikini almost identical to mine. Her breasts were as large as mine and her top pushed them up on display. The other men in the bar and some of the women, too, checked her out as she walked by. She looked back at me and shot me a threatening glance and then sat down as My Man helped her push in her chair. I watched as Kay leaned over and gave My Man a prolonged kiss. As My Man reached for a menu she looked back at me again and glared.

Before the waitress could arrive I stood and approached them. Reaching down and taking Kay by the arm I pulled her up from her chair. I could tell that My Man was pleased to see me. As Kay stood our breasts made contact and I made a point to press into Kay’s making both pair balloon out. I smiled at Kay, grabbed her hand and turned toward the entrance. Kay pulled her hand away and left the table with me. I could see My Man’s face turn to confusion.

We stepped off of the wooden walkway and onto the warm sand toward the water. My Man followed a few yards behind. As we walked I told Kay that our first competition would begin in the water. Kay backed away in utter fear. She said she wasn’t about to expose herself in such a public place. I told her not to worry that no one would see what we were about to do. Earlier I had placed a beach chair close to the water so I tossed my bag by the chair, stripped off my wrap-around, turned and instructed My Man to take a front row seat. Then I shoved Kay hard and walked away; she fell down onto the sand and by the time she stood up, ready to defend herself, I was already half way into the water.

Kay removed her wrap-around and hurried toward me. She had forgotten about the crowded beach and was now totally focused on getting to me. As she entered into the water she tried to grab me but lost her footing. Down she went, face first into the chest high water. I turned just in time to see her go down. I quickly jumped on top of Kay. She didn’t have a chance. She struggled to get herself in a stable position but was caught by a wave. I grabbed hold of her and pulled her deeper out into the water. As Kay was about to stand up, I grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her against me. As our bodies were pressed against one another, Kay reached down into my bikini bottom and grabbed my puss. I retaliated by grabbing Kay’s.

From the beach My Man could see that something was happening but he could only imagine what.

The waves were strong so it was hard for us to keep our footing, but we both hung onto the other for stability. We engaged each other by pinching nipples or pulling hair with our left hands, and fingering pussies with our right. We each inserted first one and then two fingers of our right hands into each other. We had to spread our legs wide in order to remain standing and that allowed for deeper and more effective fingering. I was thrusting into Kay’s hole as deeply as I could with two fingers and Kay was really working two of her fingers deeply into mine. She obviously had learned my weakness from watching the DVD where Joslyn defeated my with her savage finger-fucking.

We were both starting to moan and I couldn’t help but clench her fingers with my puss. It was an involuntary reaction. I could not feel Kay clenching my fingers so I snuck a third finger inside her cunt and thrust all three as deeply as I could. That did the trick as I heard Kay moan and felt her clench my fingers again and again. I thought I had her beaten until I felt a third finger invade my puss and plunge deeper into my hole. We stood there violating each other in the dirtiest way possible spitting curses at each other in between moans. She was really working her fingers into my cunt and we were both getting turned on and near exhaustion from fighting to stay stable in the strong waves.

The hair pulling didn’t hurt me as much as her nipple pinching did and I was concerned that Kay was getting the better of me with her deep fingering technique so I decided a quick strategic withdrawal was in order. I managed to get away from Kay’s fingers but not before I had pulled Kay’s top off completely. I swam toward the beach and headed up the sand toward My Man.

Picking up my bag I handed My Man Kay’s bikini top and the small envelope I had tucked into my bag, then I walked away. As I continued walking, wondering how Kay had out fingered me, I looked back over my shoulder to see that My Man had taken Kay her top and they had begun to read my note. My note told them to go to a nearby house down the beach that I had rented for a few days in order to finish our competition. It had a private pool and a tall security fence on three sides. The side facing the beach was hidden by thick, lush landscaping. It was expensive to rent but the privacy and seclusion would be worth it.

As they arrived at the house, Kay looked worried. I was waiting to meet them at the pool area. I asked Kay if she was up for a swim to finish what we had started. Kay turned quickly and shoved me into the water. I was excited at her aggressiveness. Kay then jumped in almost landing right on top of me. It was the shallow end of the pool so we were able to maneuver fairly easily.

My Man was so excited. He was glued to his seat as we began to aggressively kiss and fondle one another.

We fought with our tongues and our mouths became our battleground. I was pressed back against the side of the pool with Kay right in against me; she had my top pulled half off and began to squeeze my breasts roughly and pinch my nipples with both hands. Still locked in our tongue-fight I untied Kay’s top leaving her fully exposed. I cupped her breasts in my hands and squeezed as hard as I could and moved my fingers to her nipples and pinched them both between my thumbs and forefingers. Now the fight was on!

Pinching each other’s nipples we broke off our kissing duel and both looked down and surveyed the damage being inflicted upon our nipples, our foreheads touching as we watched each other pinch and pull and twist. Our shrieks and groans punctuated the torment we were feeling. I was still sore from earlier plus my nipples were three times larger than hers, thicker and longer, thus easier to grab, twist and pinch. Kay was really hurting me and I knew from experience that I needed to change the direction this fight was taking.

Reaching down I quickly untied Kay’s red thong and wedged it up hard and deep into the crack between her pussylips. Kay howled in sudden pain and released her grips on my nipples and grabbed the front and back of my thong. She sawed it upward deep in between my pussylips hurting my most tender area. We tugged each other’s thong like this for many minutes, howling and shrieking in pain! Finally we had had enough and we managed to strip each other naked.

Without a word we both spread our legs daring each other to make the first grab. I reached down with my right hand and grabbed Kay’s crotch and squeezed it really hard. I felt her grab my puss but her grip wasn’t as effective as mine. She groaned as I poured on the pressure. I was hurting her pretty good and I smiled at my payback.

Kay managed to squirm free of me and quickly headed toward the steps. “I need a break!” she said. I followed Kay at caught her at the steps; grabbed her from behind and pulled her back into the pool spinning her around to face me.

“Not so fast, honey!” I replied and pushed her down onto the steps. I lay down on top of her and she instinctively wrapped her legs around me. I began to slide my lower body up and down searching for her pubic bone. Kay wrapped her right leg around my left and spread her legs further open. We each grabbed the chrome railing for upper body support and let our lower bodies search each other out. Kay wrapped her left leg around my right to pull herself even closer. That did the trick.

When our pubic bones finally met we both groaned in unison. We repositioned so that our legs were more spread open. We could both brace against the steps and hold onto the railing so as to get a more stable position and continue to grind our pussies together. We began slowly grinding into one another. The water sloshed between us as we moved. I closed my eyes and felt the meat of her pussy slide against the meat of mine. Kay was my equal in size below the waist. By this I mean to say we both had prominent butts, thick thighs and long legs. We were definitely not skinny. I guess the term for our body type is “thick.”

I glanced over to the wicker couch and saw that the sounds of the water slapping between our naked bodies was almost too much for My Man to bear. He had that look in his eyes I had seen a hundred times. I was excited to know that he was hard and horny and that made my clit begin to harden and swell. We weren’t in any hurry and our grind remained steady and probing. The longer we moved into each other the more I felt like my clit would burst. I wondered if Kay was feeling the same. I was filled with the desire to touch my clit with Kay’s so I lifted her left leg up and placed it on my right shoulder tilting her pelvis upward toward mine.

In an instant our clits touched sending an electric shock from my puss to my brain. Kay’s clit was stiff and hard and in direct contact with mine. We both gasped in unison and slapped our clits hard together and our pace suddenly quickened. I felt a sense of urgency as our clits continued their brutal contact. Our weapons were so hard and stiff but only an inch or two in length. Our movements were very slight but they didn’t need to be big, just an inch each way. What we were doing was effective. We pressed harder into each other, clit against clit, and then backed off a little and ground vertically, up and down the length of our hooded clits.

When we began to grind horizontally I thought I would lose it for sure. The full length of our rock hard clits slashed against each other from side-to-side, left, right, left, right, on and on and on until I felt our pussylips swell and spread from the constant slapping. Bumping and grinding together felt delicious and I was inching closer and closer to orgasm. Kay’s pussylips were now spreading open, too, and as we began to grind in a tiny circular motion, around and around, our combined wetness became more apparent. Clockwise and counter clockwise our clits circled and danced together. Our movements remained slight, not wanting to risk disconnect. I am fairly certain we only mashed clits for about fifteen minutes but it felt like it went on for an hour.

Kay was going at it like a pro with no sign of letting up. We stared into each other’s eyes and I could tell we both desperately wanted to cum. Kay must have seen it in my eyes because we both shook our heads, “Yes” at the same time. Kay grabbed hold of my thigh tightly as I grabbed hold of hers and we slapped our clits together harder. We both began to squeal as we each tried to hold our orgasm the longest, each willing the other to explode first but neither of us could outlast the other. With both exploded and emptied our juices into each other at the exact same time!

You wouldn’t think it possible to sweat while in a pool of cool water but I was drenched. I was weak in my knees and spent from that orgasm, my first of the day. Kay took full advantage of my condition and easily slid out from under me and pulled me over onto the shelf next to the steps of the pool. I didn’t have the strength to resist. She began to finger me with a fierce passion rubbing my now limp but swollen clit up and down and side to side. I tried to free myself but couldn’t grab on to anything so I must have looked like a turtle stuck on its back.

She plunged two fingers deep into my pussy. I tried to recover by grabbing hold of Kay’s ass and squeezing hard. Kay screamed in response but it just made her so angry that she inserted a third finger and began to pound into me that much harder. Once I orgasm the first time it gets easier and easier for me to orgasm again and I knew I was done.

Kay was punishing me with her fingers and as I felt them plunge in and out of my puss I knew another orgasm was not far off! I could feel my clit begin to swell and harden again! The more she finger-fucked me the stiffer my clit became! As hard as I tried to fight it I could not and my plaintive groan announced my defeat as Kay continued to fuck me with her fingers! I tried to pull myself up but fell back into the water as Kay lifted my left leg onto her shoulder and stabbed her fingers into me like a steam piston! My third orgasm of the day was a welcome sound to Kay as she looked over and saw the excitement on My Man’s face.

Kay dropped my leg and shoved me off the shelf into the water and then left in triumph. She had easily and completely defeated me! She was so proud of herself. I was humiliated and all I could do was fight to hold back my tears as I watched My Man embrace her.

I felt my heartbeat between my legs as my pussy continued to convulse which only amplified my humiliation. It was a bittersweet moment as my heartbreak over losing to Kay mixed with the pleasure of the orgasm continuing between my legs. The sound of her laughter poisoned my ears. She was giddy with her triumph over me.

I struggled up the pool steps on shaky legs holding tightly to the railing so I wouldn’t fall. I watched My Man kiss her over and over, telling her how proud he was that she had won her first sexfight. I felt sick.

Kay turned and gleefully asked, “When is the next competition? I’m ready to humiliate you again, bitch!”

I could hardly look her in the eyes. With as much energy as I could muster I said, “There are four bedrooms in this house. Find one and settle in. Then, after sunset, we’ll go for match number two.”

She smiled, blew me a sarcastic kiss and almost pranced into the house. I looked over at My Man as his eyes followed Kay into the house.

Once Kay was out of his sight he turned and looked at me. His face filled with distress. He had rarely seen me like this. His obvious concern for me filled my heart with affection. Win or lose, happy or sad, he always had let me be me and loved me for who I was. I felt instantly better that I was still in his life and he in mine.

“My Man,” I said, “you should go and get your cameras for the next fight. I promise it will be a match that you will want to remember.”

I saw My Man’s face light up. He knew that nothing could keep me down for long. He gave me a wink, walked over to me and kissed me deeply. My heart swelled at the softness of his kiss. Our love for each other was confirmed. I was suddenly filled with desire to totally destroy Kay sexually as I watched him race down to the beach to find his car. 'Her prancing days were over!' I thought to myself.

I just wanted to soak in a hot bath, drink some wine and recoup. Three powerful orgasms in twenty minutes had drained me and I needed to relax. I opened the door to one of the two bathrooms and started to run water into the tub.

“Kay!” I called out. “Tonight we will wear lingerie, okay?”

She stepped into the doorway of the bathroom still naked, she giggled and looked at me, nodding her agreement. She was still smiling that victorious smile as she reached for her cell phone and slowly walked away. I watched her firm tits and ass bounce as she started to prance. I couldn’t help but feel a little horny again. I could hear her tell My Man the clothing items she wanted him to bring back. Her voice was so excited. She had soundly defeated me. I watched her as she strutted around the living room with her head held high.


Friday – 8:30pm

As the moon rose in the night sky I began preparing for our second match. ‘This time,’ I thought, ‘Kay will have more than she can handle!’

We gathered on the back patio deck. The house was at least a hundred yards off the beach and tall dense bushes and vines guaranteed our total privacy from any prying eyes that might be strolling along the water. The deck was staged for what looked like a lover’s romantic evening. White sheer curtains surrounding the patio deck swayed in the light breeze from the Gulf. From the locked gate at the end of the twisting path you could see the full moon reflecting on top of the water. It twisted and undulated with each incoming wave gently lapping onto the waiting sand. Dozens of large candles flickered in the warm evening breeze to the sounds of the surf, and the candles twinkling lights circled the thick feathered down mattress which covered a large portion of the patio deck. A bottle of French champagne sat chilling in ice near the entrance area.

My Man had already set up his tripods and cameras. I carefully surveyed his camera placement as I waited just inside the door for Kay to exit from her bathroom. My Man had placed a camera at each end of the mattress and held a third camera in his lap. Lanterns placed at each corner of the patio deck, along with the brightness provided by the full moon, gave ample light mixing with the glowing candles surrounding the mattress. It wasn’t perfect lighting for shooting video but I knew tonight’s footage would not be shared with anyone else. Tonight’s video would be for My Man’s eyes only. I was pretty sure he would share it with both Kay and me.

Finally the door opened and Kay walked toward me, her high heels clicking on the patio deck. We both entered the deck area and paraded seductively around the mattress for My Man’s inspection and pretending to scope out the arena where we would do sexual battle.

I wore a flowing sheer white negligee that was about an inch short of covering my ass; it was cut up the front and the neckline opened up all way down to my navel. The soft fabric framed my breasts and clung to my much larger nipples. I stood tall and imposing on white stiletto heels which made my butt stick out and the muscles in my legs and calves flex as I walked. I noticed My Man’s stare and his knees quiver as I slowly and deliberately walked by. ‘I hope he never changes.’ I thought with a flattered smile.

Kay wore a short red teddy fully open in the front exposing her ample breasts with just a thin silk ribbon to hold it together. Her teddy was so short that her firm butt cheeks peeked out at the bottom. She wore her own red stiletto heels and My Man couldn’t take his eyes off her either as she slowly walked around the mattress. I watched her legs as she moved and they appeared to be very strong. My legs are longer than hers and just as strong and my breasts are just as full and imposing as Kay’s. Where I have her beat is in nipple size and thickness. I’ve yet to meet a woman who can match me nipple against nipple. Still, both of us were equally hot and in great shape.

Neither of us wore panties and our pussylips already looked swollen and puffy, our clits were evident and hard with the anticipation of our fight. They protruded menacingly. I figured Kay took so long in the bathroom because she was teasing her clit to make it hard. ‘I didn’t need to tease my clit to get it hard,’ I thought. Seriously, I couldn’t wait to grind my clit against hers and flatten it!

The three of us sat together on the wicker couch. I sat on My Man’s left and Kay sat to his right. Kay and I sipped champagne and glared at each other. I asked My Man if he remembered my first sexfight with Joslyn. “I really enjoyed forcing her to cum especially with you watching!” I said.

My Man replied, “Oh yeah, that is still one of my favorite sexfights. You were amazing that day! It was so close I didn’t know which of you would cum first!”

“She had me very close to be honest! Our panties were so wet, and even through the cloth I could feel her clit scraping against mine! She was giving me a great fuck but my clit was fucking her better!”

I wanted to keep My Man thinking about me and not Kay so I continued. “When she exploded I felt her juices soak through her panties and into mine! It was startling how much I made her cum! If we hadn’t been wearing panties I’m sure she would have shot her cum juice right up into my hole!”

My Man shivered!

Kay glared past him at me! I smiled at her and then at My Man. Then he got up and started to fiddle with his cameras. I smiled and looked over at Kay again and saw that she was fuming. She stood up and walked over and stood next to My Man and asked him if he needed any help. He didn’t.

I loved that I had upset her so easily. I knew how to talk to My Man to get him excited and even to cum. It was one of the things My Man had told me about that Kay had trouble providing him. She could not make him cum just by talking about her sexfights like I so easily could.

I sat there and listened to Kay trying to change the subject by explaining how she always helped My Man prepare for his shoots. She described how they had to move furniture, place the carpeting, lights and power cords, blah, blah, blah. I tried to appear interested but my focus was glued on her body. After my defeat earlier I wanted to hurt that body. I needed to see her eyes as she tried to deal with the pain. The champagne relaxed me as Kay emptied her glass and began to giggle nervously.

My Man walked over and sat back down next to me. I reached for the champagne making sure that my leg rubbed against My Man’s and my stiletto heel pressed against his leg. I knew it would grab his attention. I poured more champagne, first filling My Man’s glass and then Kay’s. I made a point to squeeze My Man’s arm as I poured. Kay was getting visibly upset so I began to set the rules for our next match.

“How do you feel about no rules to a sexual submission?” I asked.

“I’d like that very much, Debbie!” she answered.

We sat there staring eye to eye each looking for weakness in the other. I purposely placed my right hand on My Man’s left leg and slowly moved it up his thigh and over his hardening cock. Kay noticed my aggressive behavior as I gave his cock a firm squeeze. I’m sure My Man could feel the tension growing between us. He moaned as I squeezed his cock a second time and ran my thumb around the tip. Kay was fuming! I believe we would have sat there glaring at each other for an hour if My Man hadn’t cleared his throat.

“Okay girls,” My Man said finally. “I’m all set with the cameras so whenever you two are ready we can begin.”

We sat awhile longer looking into each other’s eyes. I knew I was going to have to give up more orgasms to her but the thought of cumming in front of My Man excited me. It made me determined to show him that I could control his wife at will and leave her drained and helpless. I made up my mind I would orgasm one last time over her nose and mouth with My Man watching after I defeated her just like I had done to Carmela so many years ago.

We each drained our glass and stood tall on our heels ready to trade orgasms. I watched Kay as she collected the glasses and placed them on the table out of harm’s way. As she walked away from me I couldn’t help but notice how radiant she looked. She was so sexy in her high heels and lingerie. Her ass was definitely her best feature, round and ripe and firm. I felt a twinge of jealousy. I wanted to run my tongue up her ass crack and I felt myself getting damp just watching her. She turned and headed toward me. I took a few steps toward her. Our eyes locked and I felt my lust building inside. We met standing just in front of My Man and kissed, softly at first.

My lips are very full, much fuller than Kay’s lips. My Man once told me that he had never kissed lips as full as mine and I used every bit of them to mix my lipstick with hers. Her mouth opened and I felt her tongue search for mine. Our breasts pressed together and her arms surrounded me as our tongues began to swirl. I traced my hands down her back and cupped and rubbed her ass. I felt more dampness form between my pussylips as Kay’s tongue searched deeper into my mouth. I responded by plunging my tongue deeper into her mouth. We both started to breathe faster as her hands squeezed my ass and pulled me in closer. My excitement rose as our tongue duel continued. Our breasts swelled against each other and our nipples grew harder. I could feel her nipples press into me and I knew she could feel mine. We broke our tongue kiss and gasped for air looking eye to eye for a moment and then as quickly as we had stopped we began again, deeply tongue kissing, now feverishly moaning into each other and bending our knees slightly as our legs intertwined.

I squeezed her ass hard and pulled her tighter into me. I could feel wet heat from her puss radiate against my thigh. She was getting very wet but so was I. We smeared our pussy juices up and down each other’s thigh as our tongues continued to probe and dance with lusty hunger. I lifted my left leg a little until I could feel her pussylips part and the wetness of her open pussy. She moaned and lowered herself further onto my leg and began to grind. I felt her thigh press up against my puss and we moaned in unison as I ground my own pussylips against her muscled thigh until they, too, were stretched open. I shared my wetness with hers.

“I want your pussy, Debbie,” she whispered.

“I want yours, too, Kay,” was my answer.

We stood precariously on our stiletto heels, white versus red, and moved higher and higher on each other’s thigh. Our pussies were getting so close to touching that we began to stagger from our effort. We backed over to the wicker couch where My Man sat. Once we got close enough I lifted my right leg up and placed my high heel on the couch where My Man could look between my legs.

At the same time I grabbed Kay’s right leg and lifted it up leaving her red high heel dangling dangerously in the air. The effect tilted our pelvises up and toward each other opening our pussies and aligning them perfectly! We each stood on one leg, our wide open pussies just an inch or two apart. I couldn’t have planned this more perfectly. I knew my puss was the only one visible to My Man as Kay’s back was toward the wicker couch. My Man had the perfect view of my swollen clit as it closed in on Kay’s. Once we made direct contact the sound of our wetness caught My Man’s attention and I saw him lean forward for a better look at my wide open puss. It made me so excited knowing that he could witness my clit scraping against his wife’s swollen nub.

“My Man, can you hear how wet your wife’s cunt is?” I asked knowing how much my description would turn him on. “She’s dripping down my thigh!” I added.

It was true. I could feel Kay’s juices running down my left thigh. I’m sure mine were running down hers, too, but it was the wrong angle for My Man to see. Kay instantly got pissed and slammed her puss into mine! I fought back and for the next few minutes we bashed our swollen cunt meat into each other over and over. With each contact the pain seemed to intensify and I gritted my teeth as I absorbed Kay’s onslaught. We were grunting and groaning as we pounded into each other, flattening our swollen pussylips together, our clits hard as rocks!

My Man had his camera down low aiming up in between our thighs. I heard him say, “Your pussylips are spreading apart and I can look right into your holes!”

I groaned loudly at his words! Knowing what he was seeing and realizing how wide open and vulnerable I was almost sent me over the edge right there! I was worried that I would orgasm at any moment and give the advantage to Kay!

“Fuck this! Let’s get down to the mattress where I can really pound into you!” I said.

We quickly separated and positioned ourselves on the soft down mattress. We sat facing each other with our legs spread wide and inviting.

“I’ll make you cum first, bitch! You are so ready, aren’t you?” asked Kay.

“My puss is going to empty your cunt first, slut!” I answered. ‘Then I’m going to hurt you!’ I thought to myself.

Kay looked at me with lustful hunger in her eyes. She lifted her ass up off the mattress, legs wide apart, balanced on her hands and high heels she aimed her puss right at mine. I could see her wetness and her fat swollen pussylips. They looked angry, red and puffy. Her clit was stiff and pointed right at mine. I slowly crawled toward Kay on my hands and knees. I took hold of her ankles and pulled her toward me to center her on the mattress and then I sat back on my ass and spread my own legs wide. I had the perfect view of Kay’s pussy and she had the perfect view of mine. Without a word spoken I lowered my fingers and spread my pussylips wide apart never breaking eye contact with Kay. She spread her own pussylips further apart. I could look right down into her hole. I spread my puss open even more granting her a better view into my hole and watched her eyes focus on it. She licked her lips and then looked back up at me. I made a point to look down into her hole licking my own lips before renewing our eye contact. My hope was to let her know I planned to sixty-nine.

“You’re just as wet as I am, aren’t you, bitch?” she asked.

“I believe I am a little wetter than you!” I replied.

“But you can fix that, can’t you, bitch?” said Kay.

“Let’s find out!” I said as I scooted closer to my rival.

Kay scooted toward me, our legs scissoring, until our pussies were mere inches apart. We lifted our butts off the mat and mashed our pussies together with a loud “SPLAT!” We both groaned in unison and our heads snapped back at the delicious feeling of two dripping wet pussies pressed together in heat. We held this pussykiss for what seemed like an eternity before we began to slowly grind into each other and after three excruciatingly careful strokes we suddenly started to frantically fuck into each other, grabbing each other, our arms clinging to each other’s thigh until we exploded into each other’s pussy and felt each other’s heart beating faster than either of us thought possible.

'Could I hear Kay’s heartbeat or maybe it was just my own!?!' I wondered. “That didn’t take long!” I said.

“Neither will the next one, I’ll bet!” answered Kay.

I gathered my energy and began to climb on top of Kay. She quickly drew her leg up between my legs attempting to throw me off. I moved around her leg and spread my body down on top of Kay’s. Immediately I ripped off her teddy and began to suck her nipple holding her arms out wide. Kay struggled to push me off her but with no success. I had locked my legs around her legs and wasn’t about to let her up until I was ready.

“Every time you try to get free I’ll bite your nipple, bitch!” I warned.

She was at my mercy from the very beginning. I continued to suck hard on Kay’s nipples, first one and then the other, until they became plump, red and stiff. Kay could feel herself getting closer to orgasm again. I could feel her squirming under me. I allowed her to work an arm free and she grabbed my nipple squeezing it hard. I was shocked by the sudden pain. I grabbed her nipple with my free hand and squeezed back hard in return making her squeal in pain!

This is what I wanted more than anything! I wanted her to know how easily I could hurt her if I wanted. Suddenly I felt her left heel scrape against my right leg! It caused me to lose my body on body advantage. She rolled me off to my left and we lay there facing on our sides. I reached down with my right hand and grabbed Kay’s crotch! It was swollen and slippery but I managed to work my finger in between her labia and plunge my finger deep into her wet hole. She reached between my legs with her left hand and returned the favor. I felt her fingers pinching my labia and then slide deep into my own hole! We both began pumping our fingers in and out and we glared eye to eye! Collecting her juices with my fingers I began to rub Kay’s clit roughly. She tried to force my hand off her but was unsuccessful. Kay was getting very wet very quickly. I was pretty sure I was hurting her and that was what was getting her so wet because she closed her legs together tightly trapping my hand. With both her arms free Kay ripped off my negligee and was able to get a hold of both of my breasts, squeezing them between her fingers and pinching my nipples hard.

I rose up to try and free myself from Kay’s grip but it gave Kay the opportunity to slide away from me. I quickly crawled back on top of her and searched her puss with my fingers. She reached between my legs again with her right hand and attacked my crotch plunging her finger deeply into my exposed puss. Here we were, Kay laying on her back and me on my hands and knees, both of us finger fucking the other with our right hands and working over each other’s breasts and nipples with our left.

I suddenly felt her stab a second finger into my puss so I squeezed three of mine deep into hers. We both began to moan in tandem as I felt her third finger invade my hole! I winced in pain! We were finally hurting each other! I wondered what My Man thought of this!? I concentrated on pinching her right nipple with my left hand and sucking on her left nipple with my mouth. Kay was not having an easy time as she was having difficulty reaching my left nipple with her mouth. I was able to move it just out of her reach and it hurt her neck to have to lift her head up and hold it for very long.

“Am I hurting you, bitch?” I whispered into her ear.

I was inflicting the most damage with my fingers and I could hear the frustration building in her moans and groans. I began to fuck her harder with my fingers, plunging them deeper and faster. Her hips began to twitch until she finally exploded her cum all over my hand!

“That felt good, didn’t it, slut?” I exclaimed. She didn’t answer.

She was still finger fucking me and hurting me good and I knew I would eventually cum, too. I decided to get it over with and alleviate the pain. I began gyrating my pelvis down onto her three fingers. It felt so good, three fingers thick. In less than a minute I orgasmed, as well, letting my cream drip down her hand all the way to her wrist.

We were now tied but this fight was going to be to a sexual submission and I was convinced I could make her orgasm more than she could make me. We disconnected and rose up onto our knees. We began bumping breasts and rubbing our nipples back and forth. I reared back with my right arm and slapped Kay’s left breast as hard as I could. She squealed in pain. I loved hearing her in pain. When I slapped her breast it jiggled but held firm. I was surprised as I thought it would give more. My slap left a bright red mark on the side of her breast. We broke apart and stood facing each other in only our heels. I quickly grabbed Kay’s bottom with both hands and squeezed hard. Kay followed squeezing my bottom with both of her hands. She was able to get her right hand into my crotch and begin pinching at my slippery clit. I pulled Kay up against me. She removed her hand and I started rubbing my pussy against hers still holding her ass. We spread our legs and began to bump our naked pussies together. Harder and harder we thrust meat against meat into each other.

I was determined not to be the first to quit. Joslyn and I had bumped our pussies together years ago and I had quit first from the pain. When My Man and I had watched the video afterwards he seemed disappointed that Joslyn had made me give up. I wasn’t about to let that happen in front of My Man this time.

We stood there pounding our pubic bones into each other. Harder and harder we thrust holding onto each other’s ass with both hands. We were grunting with each thrust and it was getting more and more painful. I looked over at My Man and saw he was sitting on the edge of his seat. It gave me strength and I did my best to ignore the pain between my legs. I tilted my head back, gritted my teeth and really poured it on.

Kay began to fade and soon lost her balance and fell onto her back giving me another chance to get back on top. But this time I climbed on top of Kay backwards putting my pussy right in her face. For some reason Kay was hesitant to go any further. She turned her face to one side not wanting to attack. I figured that she had never sucked another woman’s pussy before so I took advantage of this by spreading Kay’s legs apart exposing her puss, and then spreading her pussylips apart with my fingers and fully exposing her clit. Kay groaned as I plunged two fingers deep into her wet pussy and began sucking on her clit. I knew I now had the advantage, thinking Kay would never go that far. Kay was so wet and I could feel her puss clenching my fingers. She moaned again even louder and finally attacked pinching and smacking my pussy trying to get me to stop. The harder she pinched the more I fingered and sucked her. Kay was done and she gave way to another powerful orgasm. She was furious with herself for climaxing. She wanted badly to force me to cum again.

Kay grabbed hold of my ass finally forcing my pussy down to her mouth. ‘Let’s see how well she sucks pussy her first time.’ I thought.

Kay started stroking my clit with her tongue. I was already fully engorged from her finger fucking earlier. My clit was red and swollen, ready to go. Kay was determined to make me cum. I was still finger fucking Kay with a vengeance when she suddenly plunged her tongue deep into my pussy!

“Cum bitch!” she said and stuck her tongue back in.

I was ready to cum at any time but I held it in. I wanted Kay to work harder for it.

“Fuck you, cunt! Eat my pussy, bitch!” I said taunting her.

She stuck her fingers deeper into my pussy as she continued to suck on my clit. She wasn’t that good at sucking pussy but I couldn’t resist the thought of her having to suddenly deal with another woman’s cunt juice flooding into her mouth! I continued my assault and started jerking my pelvis acting like I couldn’t take her fingering any longer. I gave way and joyfully emptied my cream into her mouth as she choked and gagged and fought for breathe. I laughed to myself and we were again tied. Kay frantically managed to work herself free and she climbed on my back pushing me face down. She was able to wrap her legs around my waist and squeeze. Her legs were strong and I squirmed from the pain as I tried to pry her legs apart with both hands. This allowed her to move into position to get at me from behind so she spread open my butt cheeks and plunged her thumb into my asshole and her fingers deep into my puss, smacking my ass at the same time until my left cheek was beet red. I was a bit worried that I may be in for it. I never expected this from her.

Up to this point I had been toying with Kay. Now I found myself in some real trouble. To tell you the truth I was happy it was getting rougher. I wanted to hurt her much more. Finally I was able to pry her legs apart and get free of Kay’s holds but I struggled hard to get back on top. We rolled over and back with first me on top and then Kay in the dominate position. I finally rolled Kay over and broke free again and we landed on our butts facing each other so I quickly opened my legs as a challenge to Kay. She opened her legs too so I moved into her so that we wound up pussy to pussy. Kay was still fighting me hard as she slapped my left breast. I squealed from the sharp pain.

It pissed me off! I slapped her left breast again on the same spot as I had before. She squealed and slapped my breast again. We traded breast slaps back and forth and it really hurt. I’d never been in a slap fight like this one and tears were starting to well up in my eyes. Kay was already crying. We continued slapping breasts until we both had tears rolling down our cheeks. I was enjoying hurting her in this way even though she was hurting me. I wasn’t about to back down and after 4 or 5 minutes of trading painful slaps Kay stopped and reached for me wrapping her arm around my neck. We clinched and pressed our aching breasts together still pussy to pussy. As our wet pussies became as one we reached down and spread our pussylips apart so that both our pussies were fully open and we could grind deeper into each other.

It didn’t take long before I felt myself getting close to orgasm and by the sounds Kay was making I knew she was close, too. When our clits met and sliced across each other I lost it completely as I spasmed my cream all over Kay’s pink slit. A moment later and I felt Kay’s fluids spurt and drench my inner thighs. We were still tied and both nearing exhaustion. We laid back and tried to gather our strength.

I tried to think how I was going to subdue this bitch but a shadow of doubt entered my mind for the first time. ‘What if I lost to her in front of My Man?’ I thought. ‘He had kept those pictures of me in order to look at them and remember that I was his Champion!’

My terrible thoughts were interrupted when I felt Kay grab my left leg and lift it over her shoulder as she squatted onto my pussy and began to grind into it. Before I could regain my senses Kay’s stiff hard clit invaded my pussy spreading my lips apart to get at my wet, pink hole. I tried to grind back but she was working my clit with her own slapping it from side to side. My clit had shrunk from my last orgasm and for the moment it was no match for Kay’s stiffer weapon. I started to panic when I felt her hard clit move from my limp clit down to my hole. I could feel her rock hard clit move around my rim and into the center where my wetness collected. She lubricated her own clit with my cream and then slid it back up to resume battering my poor defenseless clit. I couldn’t believe I was losing! My orgasm began to build again and Kay must have seen the panic in my eyes because a wicked smile crept onto her face.

“Ready to cum again, slut?” she asked. “Are you going to paint my pussy with your slimy juices again?”

“Fuck you, cunt!” was all I could say.

I had no other answer at the moment as I found myself losing to this sexfight newcomer. I’d battled and out-fucked many women throughout my sexfighting career and here I lay getting another orgasm forced from me by this newbie! What was happening? I needed to regain control! But it was too late! I felt myself spurt cum until I could feel it drip down my ass crack! I felt so humiliated! I couldn’t look over at My Man I was so angry with myself and ashamed!

I gathered all of my remaining strength and flipped the bitch off me! I quickly positioned myself on top of Kay grabbing her left leg and lifting it over my shoulder like she had done to me. I started grinding down hard. Her clit was still harder than mine but the sound of our fat, swollen cunt meat slapping together turned me on! I could feel my clit beginning to stiffen! We both were sloppy wet by this time and our pussies were bright red and swollen. It was somewhat painful as we continued to grind hard into each other but I didn’t care. The sound of our pussies slurping together was so erotic. Kay was moaning louder than she had since we started fighting and I knew I had her close. Her eyes were shut and her plaintive moans only made my clit harder and it felt equal to hers. I was still pissed about cumming and it made me grind her roughly, pounding my puss hard into her cunt!

Her eyes opened wide and she looked up at me. I could see her look of panic. I gritted my teeth and fucked her clit to clit. Our clits meeting felt like two hard rocks clacking together and the friction of our clits fighting was intoxicating! She suddenly got very tense and started to shake. Her pelvis began to vibrate and jerk uncontrollably! She groaned loudly and in an instant she exploded spurting her cum up into my open hole and soaking my puss with her juices! She tried to sit up but I squeezed her left breast and roughly shoved her back down.

I grabbed Kay’s hair in the back, pulling, forcing her head back hard; I lay on top of Kay sliding my body up and down on hers. I grabbed her right leg just above the knee and lifted her leg up to my shoulder exposing more of her crotch and then took my right knee and planted it firmly into Kay’s pussy. I had this done to me in sexfights before so I knew how much it hurt. I moved my knee all around her pussy from her pubic bone over her labia and down to her hole as she squirmed frantically to get away from this painful torture but I refused to let her escape. I held her leg as tightly as I could and continued to grind even harder as Kay groaned in pain.

With all the strength she could muster Kay grunted and pushed me over reversing our positions. She surprised me and dropped her full weight onto me knocking all of the air out of my lungs and pinning me under her. I couldn’t breathe! Kay was sitting on top of me, crushing my breasts, her knees pinning my arms and her breasts draped over my face. I lifted my head up and began biting and sucking on her left nipple. The harder I sucked the more vigorously Kay rubbed her pussy and ass on my breasts.

I managed to free my left arm and grab hold of Kay’s ass pulling her close enough that her pussy was right in my face forcing her cunt up to my mouth. I began to nibble and tongue-lash her clit. Kay knew if this continued she would be forced to cum again. She threw herself off me, gasping. I quickly rolled over grabbing hold of Kay. With our arms wrapped firmly around each other we rolled back and forth on the mattress smashing our pussies into each other, bumping our breasts and really trying to hurt each other. As time went on Kay was beginning to tire.

Seeing Kay wear down I thought it would be a great time to step it up. I grabbed Kay by the back of the hair again wrenching her head back and began kissing her deeply.

“I’m going to fuck you until you scream for me to stop, bitch!” I said as I quickly changed positions. I climbed in front, facing Kay, and spread my legs open. Kay spread her legs open too and we moved into each other and began to scissor trib, grinding pussy against pussy. I was determined to find her clit and grind mine into Kay’s. Kay was just as determined she was going to get mine. It was very painful. She sat up toward me, scooting herself even tighter against me, our pussies now spread wide open and mashed together. Bumping and grinding, faster and harder our clits grew blood swollen and red hot. We were both so close to orgasm but neither one of us was willing to surrender.

Pulling away I began smacking Kay’s pussy with my hand, hard like I had slapped her breast. Kay did the same to me. We were really hurting each other now and after a dozen slaps each we switched tactics. My puss felt like it was on fire! I reached between Kay’s legs and grabbed for her puss just as I felt her grab for mine. We both yanked pussylips stretching them and pinching as hard as we could, then we began deep-fingering each other. It was getting pretty savage as we were pounding our fingers deep into each other's hole with one hand and pinching each others’ pussylips with the other. I could feel my juices collect on my thighs as we masturbated each other. We continued this back and forth until we were both near exhaustion.

With great pain we began grinding into each other. Slowly and painfully we fought on clit to clit. Our moans and groans were killing My Man as he stood pierced at the action. We lay back on our sides clutching one another’s ankles to keep the close contact, pumping hard against each other. You could hear our wet pussies smacking one another. Now our fight was to see who would last the longest. I was thinking about quitting, the pain between my thighs like fire. I had to do something now!

All the sudden I stopped pounding against Kay and lifted myself up and slowly planted my puss onto Kay’s pussy lifting her left leg to tilt her pelvis up. Her high heel pointing dangerously skyward next to my ear. I looked down between my legs and saw her swollen pussy opening up. I lowered myself down further connecting our clits and began to slowly grind in a circular motion. Every rotation was like no pain I had ever felt during a sexfight. Kay brought her hands up and covered her face. I took this as a sign she was concentrating how to endure the pain. With each circle my clit slashed slowly across her clit. It felt like rolling over a tiny speed bump, the sensation was so pronounced. Around and around I slowly circled her puss with mine. The slurping sound of wet suction shattered the night as our wide open holes momentarily found each other on each rotation. I was covered in sweat and the gentle breeze from the Gulf felt cool on my skin. I tried to concentrate on the sound of the palm branches swaying, their leaves scraping together. I closed my eyes and imagined my clit was a palm leaf scraping another leaf. I heard the breeze begin to gust so I rotated along with it increasing in speed and pressure. This was too much for Kay as she gave way to one of the biggest orgasms she had ever experienced, groaning in pain and pleasure, filling her hole with her juice. Her orgasm was total as her pelvis twitched and spasmed leaving her completely lifeless.

I looked over at My Man and saw the bulge in his pants. He was not looking down at his wife he was looking at me. I felt so powerful! His eyes met mine and I was filled with a flood of emotion. I had won! He couldn’t take his eyes off me! I felt so feminine, so desirable, and so womanly! I had seen that look in his eyes many times and what had followed in the past was a night of lovemaking! I wanted to fuck his brains out right there next to Kay! I could see his desire for me in his eyes. He wanted to take me right there and then and I desperately wanted him to but My Man was conflicted. I could sense the pain he was feeling. He was married to the woman I had just sexually destroyed and as she lay there still caught up in the fading waves of orgasm he was suddenly trapped between our past and his current reality. I felt badly for his situation and wished there was a way we could be together again.

I inhaled deeply and struggled to my feet. My legs were not functioning at all like I needed them to and it took some time to stand. With great effort I finally made it up and stood tall and victorious on my high heels. I looked down at Kay and she just lay there motionless, flushed and breathing slowly. I knew how she felt, ashamed, defeated and wanting to hide from the world. I had felt that way several times and I felt bad for her. We were now tied at one victory each and our final sexfight would have to settle things once and for all.

As I looked down at her I felt My Man’s arm encircle me. I turned to him and hugged him tightly. “I fought for you!” I whispered in his ear.

“I know you did,” he said, “and I’m proud of you… as always.”

I kissed him gently on the neck. “I will forever fight for you!” I said and walked away picking up my lingerie and heading for the door. I didn’t look back.

I needed a soak in a tub of hot water. I was slowly becoming aware again of the pain between my thighs. I lit a few candles and turned out the bathroom light. I filled the tub with hot water and gingerly slipped myself in. It had an immediate soothing effect and I laid back and watched the candlelight flickering on the ceiling. My puss was still wet and swollen so I decided to finish what I had wanted earlier.

Thinking of My Man I began to gently rub myself. Plunging my finger deep into my pussy I closed my eyes and imagined it was My Man with his cock deep inside me. It didn’t take long before I began to cum. ‘The near perfect ending to a perfect night,’ I thought, ‘one more to go.’


Saturday - 8:05am

I woke up late. I hadn’t set my travel clock alarm figuring I needed to let my body heal. The fight had drained me and I was still sore between my legs. I laid there and listened to the waves gently breaking on the shore, the breeze blowing the curtains next to the bed. In my head I lay there trying to calculate how many years it had been since my last tough sexfight. My second sexfight with Joslyn was the only sexfight I could relate to where we had purposely tried to hurt each other. That was twelve years ago!

I stood up slowly and stretched. I grabbed my robe and slipped my feet into my slippers and walked out into the common area. It was empty. I checked all around the house and found no sign of My Man or Kay. The champagne glasses were resting in the sink strainer and the empty bottles were in the recycle bin.

I walked outside to the patio area and saw that the white sheer curtains and candles were still there as well as the mattress. The first thing I noticed in the bright sunlight was the massive stain in the middle of the mattress. ‘How much of that stain was mine?’ I thought with a smile.

I got dressed after starting the coffee pot and packed up all of my things and carried them out to my car. I pulled down the curtains and threw what was left of the candles into a box and loaded them up, too. I had to fold up the mattress and cram it into the trunk and by then the coffee was done. I poured myself a cup into my travel mug and walked down the twisting path to the gate and stared out onto the beach.

I watched the tourists collecting shells and thought, ‘If these people only knew what took place here last night,’ and I smiled to myself.


Saturday – 9:30am

As I drove toward home I was already eagerly planning our final competition. I wanted this to leave no doubt as to which of us was sexually the better woman. I called My Man to let him know that I wanted the final competition to be on his boat. He answered the phone and the sound of his voice filled my heart with warmth and caused a slight twinge between my thighs.

“How is Kay this fine morning?” I asked.

“She’s still asleep.” He answered. “Umm,” There was a long pause while I waited for him to continue. “Umm, I just wanted to tell you that…” he said slowly, “…that I was so proud of you last night. I still am and I just, I just…” I could tell he was still conflicted. He continued, “I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. How much you’ve always meant to me. We made a lot of mistakes and I wish we hadn’t. Had I done things differently, handled things differently between us.....”

“I do, too.” I said honestly.

"As I drove home last night I was filled with a flood of emotions, feelings I had not felt in too many years.” He continued, “I’ve never stopped loving you. You must know that. Last night I sat there and saw what made me fall in love with you when we met!”

“But I look nothing like I did back then!” I answered. “I’ve gained weight and…”

“I don’t care about that,” he interrupted, “I’ve never cared about that! I fell in love with YOU! Your spirit! Do you know how rare you are? How special you are? How unlike any other woman I’ve ever met you are?”

“What about Kay?” I asked. “She fought hard for you.”

My Man said, “She had to force herself to do what comes so naturally to you! That is what makes you so special. You make up your mind in an instant and spring into action. It took Kay years to gather up the courage to challenge you and I love and admire her for that but…” He paused.

I wondered what he would say next.

“But,” My Man continued, “your spirit is decisive, fearless, pure and so completely desirable, you are enticing, alluring, beautiful and sexually enthralling. From the moment I met you I’ve been drawn to you like a moth to a flame! Last night it took all of my willpower not to take you in my arms and totally ravage you!”

I felt my heart pounding and a lump in my throat. I didn’t know what to say.

“I wish there was a way,” My Man continued, “that we could be together again.”

Hearing those words brought emotions to the surface I thought I had suppressed long ago.

“I’ll call you later, okay?” I said and hung up. I don’t even remember driving the rest of the way home. Somehow I wound up sitting in my car in my driveway. My mind and heart were racing. I went over My Man’s words in my head trying to make sense of my feelings. I knew what I wanted from My Man and his honest declarations about his feelings toward me had given me everything I needed from him but one. I had a plan.


Saturday – 9:00pm

I sat in my living room with a glass of wine. I had spent the day considering what My Man had said to me earlier. I felt his love and knowing him as well as I do I knew it was true. I felt a little guilty that I forgot his strong feelings for me probably because I had left him for reasons I now regretted. It didn’t do me any good to dwell on the negatives of the past. What I felt now was I wanted to change the future. Our future. Mine and My Man’s.

I picked up the phone and called My Man’s number. I felt disappointed when Kay answered the phone.

“What do you want?” she said.

There was no triumph in her voice like she had before I defeated her the day before.

“I wanted to go over the rules for our final deciding match,” I said calmly. “Do you feel like talking?”

“Go ahead.” She answered.

“I feel we should settle this on My Man’s boat. Not tomorrow but next weekend. You beat me up pretty good and I want time to heal.” I said offering her a little bone to make her feel better.

Her voice perked up and she said, “That’s fine with me. What rules do you suggest?”

“I’m not sure,” I answered, “I think we should decide them on the spot. If we sail to someplace quiet and secluded then we’ll have most of the day to figure them out. Whatever they are we must both be in agreement, don’t you think?”

“Okay. I’ll go along with that.” She answered.

“Let’s all meet at My Man’s boat next Saturday at dawn.” I suggested.

“Fine,” said Kay. “We’ll be there!” and she hung up.


7 days later - sunrise

I was the first to arrive at My Man’s boat. I had ordered an arrangement of fruits and cheeses which I set up on the upper deck along with some wine and tequila. I also filled the fridge below deck with picnic foods for later.

As I sat on the upper deck looking out toward the Marina I spotted Kay and My Man getting out of their car. My Man had prepared the lounge below deck with mats for our final competition.

Once they had climbed aboard we released the dock lines and pushed off. The vessel silently slipped out to the channel ready for the day’s adventure. As My Man steered the boat through the channel, Kay and I sat across from each other sipping wine and munching on the array of food. We were chatting as if we were best friends.

I slid closer toward Kay and picked up a fresh strawberry dipping it in chocolate. I held it up to Kay’s lips. Kay took a bite and licked her lips smiling back at me. I then took the unfinished piece, put it up to my mouth, tracing my lips until they became coated with the chocolate and then leaned over and pressed my lips against Kay’s. She engaged my lips licking off the chocolate and I stuck out my own tongue to meet hers. We continued to taunt one another back and forth in this manner for quite some time. We were both becoming aroused and neither of us cared at all about the attention we were drawing from onlookers in the passing boats. We both had our bikinis on and it was a beautiful morning. There were only a few clouds in the sky and the forecast suggested it would be a wonderful day.

From time to time throughout the day we would take turns feeding My Man snacks. Kay didn’t seem to mind me flirting with My Man as she sat next to him. We each made a point to dangle our breasts in front of him and bend over within his view as often as we could. He knew what we were trying to do and My Man had become turned on by all our attention. We both noticed his hard cock straining to get out of his swimsuit.

As I went to sit back down I leaned over Kay brushing my breasts in her face. Kay started to cup my breasts just as a large vessel came cruising by causing a large wake to rock the sailboat. I lost my balance and fell into Kay’s lap. Kay took advantage of my position and slid my bikini top up and began sucking my nipple. I exposed Kay’s breasts and, licking my lips, I stroked Kay’s nipples with my tongue, sucking first one and then the other into my mouth.

We lay on the cushions facing opposite directions sucking each other’s breasts. It drove My Man crazy!

Kay noticed the effect our actions were having on her husband and she pushed me away and covered her breasts. She scooted over to My Man and reached her hand down the front of his swim trunks releasing his hard cock.

“Poor baby,” she cooed. “You look like you’re in pain. Let me fix that.”

Kay took My Man’s cock in her mouth. I sat there with my naked breasts exposed and watched her head bob up and down. My instinct was to grab her by her hair and pull her off his cock so that I could finish him off but I kept my cool and decided to see what I could do to alter the situation.

Kay was working My Man’s cock with her back toward me so I first made eye contact with My Man. Kay’s head continued to bob up and down. I gave My Man my best ‘bad girl’ smile and slowly lowered my hand over my breasts and down in between my thighs. I slowly pulled the crotch of my swimsuit to the side exposing my puss. I saw My Man’s eyes focus on my fingers as I began to massage my clit up and down and side to side. I dipped my finger into my hole and gathered some juice then brought it up to my lips spreading it like lip gloss.

My Man let out a soft moan. Kay probably thought she was the cause.

My hand returned to my clit and I massaged it until it started to swell. I gyrated my pelvis to show My Man that I was turning myself on and brought my other hand down to completely pull my hole open for his viewing pleasure.

I could feel that there was plenty of juice gathered in and around my hole and holding it so open must have looked pretty inviting. My Man moaned even louder and looked up at me. I smiled my evil smile and nodded my head up and down mouthing the word, ‘Yes’ which caused My Man to groan and explode into Kay’s mouth. I had to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Kay exclaimed. “You can’t make him cum like I just did!”

“Puh-leeeze!” I answered. “You have no idea how hard I’ve made My Man cum in our past together! I know his wants and desires much better than you ever will!”

She didn’t like hearing that. I saw her bristle when I used the phrase, ‘our past together’ and I knew it stung.

The truth is that My Man and I had more years together than she had. They had only been married 5 years and we were together much longer. In fact, the only reason My Man married her was because I had not been in contact with him at the time. It was only after he met her that we reestablished communication and when we would speak he would tell me great things about her and her accomplishments as if he was trying to convince me that she was better than me but I knew he was just trying to convince himself. He wanted me but didn’t know how to go about it and that was the truth! I saw my opening.

“I have an idea for our final competition if you’d like to hear it?” I proffered.

Kay’s anger at my laughter was still evident. “What is your great idea?” she said sarcastically.

“Well, if you are so proficient at making My Man cum then maybe you’d like to prove it to me?” I said.

I saw her expression change from annoyance to confusion. “How would I do that?” She asked slowly.

“One of two ways,” I said, “Either we take turns pleasuring My Man to find out which of us he responds to quicker or…”

“Or what?” she replied. Her growing annoyance was evident.

“Or you and I pleasure each other and find out which of us can drain the other until one of us has no more orgasms left.” I said and then sat back against the cockpit seat placing my arms up on the back of the cushion in a ‘wait and see’ posture.

Kay began to blink. Her mind was trying to digest and come to grips with my challenge. “You mean we wouldn’t fight?” she asked.

More annoyance in her voice convinced me she wanted to hurt me.

“No. Not exactly a fight but much more of a sexfight than we have had so far. This would be a true sensual competition,” I said. “We pleasure each other to find out which of us has the better technique.” I could see that Kay was not thrilled with the idea of being so personal with her enemy. All she wanted to do was slap me.

“I don’t know…” she said slowly.

“Let’s ask My Man what he thinks.” I replied.

I was pretty sure what his answer would be. Anger flooded her face as Kay spun around and faced My Man. I had to smile at the look of panic on his face because Kay must have been glaring at him for the ‘right’ answer.

Always the diplomat My Man said, “Well, it would be interesting to find out which of you is better. You are both really sexy.”

I thought Kay was going to blow a gasket but she was smart enough to know that if she got mad at My Man in front of me then she would have shown a lack of confidence in her lovemaking.

She turned to me and swallowed hard. “Fine!” she said, “I’ll drain you dry and then fuck My Man right in front of you!”

‘At last!’ I thought. I saw my opportunity. “If you drain me then I certainly deserve to watch you fuck My Man and I would hate being humiliated by you like that, but…”

“But what!?” she shot back.

“But if I drain you then it is only fair that you should watch ME fuck My Man, don’t you think?” I said turning to look at My Man with that smile he knew so well. ‘Checkmate!’ I thought to myself.

“Uhh-Umm-Uhh-Well…” was all he could say.

Kay began to flush, her face turning red, her fists clenched as she realized I had backed her into a corner she had no way of getting out of except to accept my challenge or admit she was a coward.

“You think you are so much smarter than me, don’t you” she asked slowly.

“I never said that,” I answered, “I am saying that I’m more sexual than you and much better at sex than you are and I’m willing to prove it… if you’re not afraid!”

Kay started blinking again as she searched for her words.

My Man was not at all sure what was going to happen and as we approached our shallow anchorage he suddenly realized he needed to concentrate on navigating the boat so as not to get us stuck on a sandbar. My Man and I had visited this barrier island many times together so I knew instinctively what needed to be done. I jumped up and made my way to the bow of the boat and grabbed the anchor waiting for My Man to tell me when to throw it. We were the only boat around except for a few sailboats anchored a dozen football fields away. For what I had planned I knew no one would hear us.

“Okay!” My Man yelled, “This is where we want to be!”

I heaved the anchor out as far as I could and wrapped the anchor chain around the boat cleat. My Man waited for the wind to turn the boat and set the anchor. Once the first anchor was set I made my way back to the cockpit thinking, ‘Yes, My Man, this is where we want to be!’

Kay had been waiting for me back in the cockpit and said, “How are we going to determine this?”

“Easily, the winner will be the woman who can force the other to cum until she gives up. Agreed?”

“I agree!” she said. “Let’s empty this bottle of wine and then get ready.”

“You know what would be better than wine?” I asked.

Kay looked at me annoyed. “What?”

“A few shots of this tequila will put us both in the mood.” I said. ‘Liquid courage’ I thought to myself.

“Fine!” answered Kay. She didn’t care what we drank she just wanted to dispose of me as quickly as she could.

I poured out 3 shots and handed one to Kay and another to My Man. He, more than anyone else, knew how tequila affected me. Some of our wildest sex had occurred after a few shots of tequila. Not only did tequila make me horny but My Man transformed into a sex hungry animal who fucked me like crazy! I knew he would be ready for one of us when we were done. I poured a total of 3 shots apiece and it didn’t take long before Kay was feeling the effects of the tequila. The sun had dehydrated us all and we probably should have been drinking water instead.

I must admit that I had little to eat and was feeling light headed. The tequila was affecting me, too, and I smiled at the thought of draining the orgasms out of her. It had been a week since I’d gotten the chance to force Kay to cum in front of her husband. I laughed to myself at the thought of My Man watching me do it again and again.

I looked over at My Man. He had a lustful look in his eyes.

“I’m going to tongue fuck your wife SO hard!” I told him. I raised my glass toward Kay in a mock toast.

“And I’m going to tongue fuck your ex even harder!” answered Kay clearly feeling the effect of the tequila and raising her own glass toward me.

“As long as you tongue fuck each other…” My Man said, “… and I get regular fucked after!” He laughed and then downed his third shot.

I noticed the growing bulge in his pants and smiled. ‘How I miss his laughter and his cock!’ I thought to myself. “Let’s go below and get started,” I said to Kay as I climbed down the ladder. I opened the blue cushioned mats and unfolded them arranging them so that My Man could sit at the top of the ladder and look down at us. I knew that this was one of My Man’s fantasies. Often, when we made love, My Man would ask me to describe how I would sexfight another woman in front of him. He would sometimes pick my fantasy opponent and other times I would select her. Sexfighting on the boat while he watched from above was one of his favorite scenarios and today I aimed to fulfill his fantasy.

“Let’s get naked except for our stilettos,” I said. Sexfighting in stiletto heels is another of My Man’s fantasies. My long strong legs were made for stiletto heels and I loved driving him crazy in that way. We both knelt facing each other on the mats.

“Spread your legs and let’s get each other wet,” I said to Kay as I spread my own knees apart and reached my right hand in between her thighs. Just as quickly I felt Kay’s hand on my puss. We were nose to nose and eye to eye and we slowly explored each other’s puss. The tequila had done its job well because all I could think of was how much I wanted to cum all over Kay’s face.

We found each other’s clit with no problem and strummed our fingers back and forth until our hips began to twitch and slowly gyrate feeling the effects of our mutual intrusions.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” I asked.

“I’m ready to fuck YOU!” answered Kay.

I sat back on my butt and spread my legs open inviting Kay to do the same. Facing each other, our pussies aimed directly at each other our upper bodies rested back on our hands and our stilettos pointed threateningly at each other. I lifted my ass off the mat and began to slowly crab walk towards Kay.

“Let’s share our first orgasm together. What do your say?” I inquired.

“Fine with me,” answered Kay, “I’m in no hurry to drain you dry!”

Both of us were balanced on our hands and heels, our pussies just inches apart. We made eye contact as we closed the gap slowly like stepping into hot bath water. I felt our pussylips press firmly together the wetness warm and sticky. I began to rotate my pelvis and I could feel our pussylips spread and open up to each other, the inner pink flesh was much hotter and stickier as I began to search for her clit.

Just then I felt it and it was like an electric shock! Clit met clit firmly and completely, hot and sticky and menacing. Once we realized our clits had made contact we locked eyes and began to grind into each other, up and down and side to side we strummed our clits in unison. It felt incredible and it didn’t take long for the blue flame of an impending explosion to begin deep within my puss. We both began to breathe harder and faster and our gyrations picked up speed until we were, at last, fuckfighting, stabbing and slashing our clits together. We both began to moan and grind into each other harder. I could feel the sweat collecting on my forehead and chest.

Kay looked desperate as her cunt juices began to flow. I could feel her getting wetter by the moment. It excited me and I felt myself getting wetter as we continued to slap clits. Our fluids mixed and I felt it drip from my hole down to my ass. We pulled away an inch or two and then slammed our cunts together with a sexy “SPLAT!!” Hearing that sound there was no way I could hold back the orgasm building deep within me! Determined to make her cum first I tilted my head back and concentrated on slamming my cunt into hers! With each thrust our cunts slammed together and the wetness that escaped was quickly replaced by more of the same. Again and again we mashed our cunts together violently until I could no longer control the orgasm building within me and I started to groan deep in my throat! It was coming!! I couldn’t stop it!! I heard Kay groaning, too. I knew she was on the edge of her own orgasm when she began to squeal! As we slammed into each other one final time I felt my orgasm explode!! Kay exploded, too, and we both quivered into each other as our cunts convulsed and ground into each other in a dirty, sexy kiss! My eyes rolled back into my head and my legs and arms gave out! I collapsed down onto my butt as wave after wave of sticky cum poured out of my puss and mixed with Kay’s hot cream! I could feel my puss twitch and convulse as our mix of warm sticky liquid ran down into my ass crack and coated my inner thighs! Our clits were still in contact and I could feel Kay’s heartbeat! I’m sure she could feel mine! The sounds of our moans, groans and screams had resonated inside the cramped quarters of My Man’s boat but I knew we were too secluded to be heard by any of the other boats at anchor.

I opened my eyes and looked up at My Man. He smiled at me. I knew I looked a fright with my hair all sweaty and sticking to my forehead but I didn’t worry. My Man loved seeing me sexfight and he knew I would risk it all for his love and approval. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around Kay’s leg pulling us closer together until we lay there jamming our cunts together and smearing each other’s puss with our juices. Our pussylips were red and swollen. It felt so sexy, so forbidden and so very dirty. It made me even hornier and I wanted more of Kay’s puss.

I finally gathered my strength and mounted Kay in the 69 position pulling the lips of her pussy apart. She was covered in a mixture of our combined cum, her inner thighs wet and sticky. I began licking around her puss waiting for the touch of her tongue to find mine. I spread my knees further apart and lowered my puss closer to Kay’s lips. I knew that my ass and thighs were just as wet as hers and that My Man had the perfect view. I knew he was inspecting the results of our first battle in what could be a long sexual war.

I started moving my tongue up and down over Kay’s swollen clit. Kay knew she had to start working on my pussy if she had any chance to win so she wrapped her arms around my ass and pulled my pussy down to her mouth spreading my legs apart even further. She began sucking on my clit which was still sensitive from my orgasm. I couldn’t keep my hips from twitching in response so I sucked her clit into my mouth and scraped my teeth around it making her hips jerk and quiver. We licked and sucked each other for a long time. Both our hips betrayed the pleasure we inflicted on each other’s cunt. Our moans traveled deep down each other’s hole and the sound vibration caused our clits to harden and swell! Neither one of us could control our quivering hips. Each wet slurp and suck caused us both to jerk uncontrollably!

I sucked Kay’s clit hard into my mouth and then blew hot spit down her hole! In response she then inserted two of her fingers into me and pumped them into my hole as she sucked my clit harder! I inserted two of my fingers deep into Kay’s pussy and she instantly began moaning! I felt her suck my clit into her mouth like a baby on a nipple! It was unexpected and I let out a long baleful moan, my hips shook and quivered! I lowered my head and began to suck her clit like she was sucking mine! Kay moaned loudly in response!

Here we were, two mature women sucking each other’s clit like little babies! It was so sexy and dirty and wrong! Our moans grew louder and louder until I felt her pussy squeeze around my probing fingers! I knew her orgasm was not far off but neither was mine! Just then Kay inserted two fingers from her other hand into my hole pulling me apart! She thrust her tongue deep into my pussy as she began to tonguefuck me! I instinctively threw my head back and groaned!

I knew My Man had no idea what had just happened to me so I said, “She’s fucking me with her tongue!”

She stopped momentarily to suck and bite at my clit again and then she stabbed her tongue even deeper into my hole! I was moaning loudly and feeling my own pussy twitch! I realized I was in danger of cumming again so I pulled her pussy wide apart with two fingers from each hand and retaliated, thrusting my tongue down into her cunt as deeply as I could! Her groan loudly signaled that my response was effective! I felt proud of myself that I had answered her attack with one of my own.

‘My Man must be going crazy!’ I thought as the two women who loved him most were violating each other so desperately and thoroughly in the dirtiest way possible.

We stayed locked in the sixty-nine position but eventually rolled onto our sides with our legs still spread wide and our heads locked resting on each other’s thigh. I’ve never felt anyone, man or woman, force open and expose my pussy the way Kay had me! She had her tongue deep inside my hole and I was mimicking her invasion with my own! We stabbed and prodded into each other with our tongues and moaned in unison in this dirtiest of sexfights! We both continued to quiver; our pelvises shaking involuntarily! It was frustrating as I instinctively wanted to fuck myself on her tongue and fingers but I knew if I let myself give in to my natural urges I would orgasm within an instant! It took every ounce of my willpower not to let myself go! I knew we were both just seconds away from a second powerful orgasm!

Her cunt hole was growing hotter and hotter; I figured mine was, too! We both held our breath as our orgasms collected inside of us! It was maddening and delicious at the same time! We both moaned and grunted and squeezed our pussies trying to hold back the inevitable while at the same time using out tongues to tickle and torment each other’s cunt as deeply as we could! I could feel the pressure building in my head to the point where my ears were ringing! I couldn’t give Kay the satisfaction of making me orgasm before she did!

I thought of My Man watching from above and how proud he would be of me if I could just hold out longer!

Finally, we squealed and both exploded! The top of my head felt like it was on fire! My hips were shaking and I felt my cum drip down my ass cheek there was just so much! Kay’s mutual orgasm soaked my face with her fluid! It dripped down her ass cheeks and collected in my hair! It was hot and sticky and equal to my own cum which I’m positive was coating Kay’s face at the same time! We were both breathing hard and sweating heavily! We each must have looked a fright! We relaxed our grips on each other’s pussy and began to lick the juices off each other like two cats cleaning each other with our tongues.

Eventually, we sat up and inspected each other. I could see drops of my own cum stuck in her hair. It was good that there was no mirror close the way we looked. I had never had another woman’s juices in my hair and I worried how it looked to My Man. Little did I know at the time that he thought it looked sexy as hell!

Still I needed to finish this fight so I rolled back over to Kay saying, “Spread your legs, bitch!”

I don’t think Kay was ready to rejoin but she did as she was told and soon we were between each other’s thighs tonguing for all we were worth! I didn’t care that my hair was a mess or that my
face and chest were covered in sweat and Kay’s pussy juice! I just wanted to put this woman in her place! I suddenly knew what I had to do but I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I had never been in a situation like this with so much at stake.

Our clits were still hard and swollen. We each started with long slow licks from the clit base to the hood. We moaned together our clits each incredibly sensitive to the touch. I licked in between Kay’s pussylips and clit digging the tip of my tongue deep into her crease. She was really wet and her juices mixed with the saliva dripping from my mouth. I kissed and sucked her clit making loud slurping sounds as I licked one side and then the other feeling her still hard clit next to my tongue each time.

Kay moaned loudly and rolled me off her until we were lying on our sides. She never stopped licking me and once we settled I heard her spit into my hole. I returned the favor and spit loudly into her cunt and then swirled my tongue deep into her hole. I pulled her lips further apart with my fingers and flicked her clit hard from side to side eventually rubbing the underside of my tongue on the tip of her clit as it poked out from the safety of its hood. Kay shivered her hips each time I touched the tip of her clit with my tongue. Her tongue was licking my clit much faster, her hot breath into my hole was distracting and my own hips were shivering in response. I felt like I wanted to fuck her face hard and cum into her mouth, but I knew my best chance of winning was to concentrate and take it slow and steady on Kay’s clit for the moment.

I moved my head deeper in between her thighs and kept up my pattern licking fully down into her crease between her pussylips and back and forth across her clit from side to side making sure to touch the tip of her clit when it passed over her hood. I added a slight detour to my pattern by sliding my tongue down to her hole just after touching the tip of her clit. I traced my tongue around the rim of her hole and then slowly slid it back to the tip of her clit and resumed my pattern. The second time I tried this pattern her moan turned into a throaty groan.

‘Deep into the crease, touch the tip, slide toward the hole, around the hole, back to touch the tip and slide deep into the crease’ I thought to myself as I continued my pattern.

It was having an effect as each time I neared her hole with my tongue she involuntarily jerked her hips as if to coax my tongue deeper into her hole. Knowing that she wanted it there steeled my resolve not to give it to her – yet. I couldn’t stop my pelvis from shaking. The feelings were getting more intense by the moment. Kay was trying everything she could to force me to cum, sucking my clit, spitting and then letting the wetness seep deep down into my hole and then hungrily sucking it out, but even though I was concentrating so hard on my own plan it was difficult to ignore her attacks.

I was still confident that my teasing her hole would work because it was exactly what My Man used to do to me whenever we made love. He would tease me with his cock by only placing the tip inside of me and then he would only let me have an inch or two at the most. He would stroke and stroke with just the tip of his cock, looking down at me and smiling lovingly. Then, just when I was used to his gentle teasing, he would thrust his full length deep into my hole making me hold my breath and moan with pleasure. Then he would go back to teasing me with just the tip again. It felt wonderful and frustrating and wonderful again. Never has any man been so thoughtful, so attentive and so loving to my wants and needs. He would do this pattern for what seemed like forever until I couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to pull him deeper within me.

I knew it was just a matter of time before Kay would respond like I had with My Man. I just needed to wait for Kay to get closer to her pleasure edge when her lust for release would take over. I felt Kay suck my labia into her mouth. It instantly made me squirm! There was nothing I could do to stop my pelvis from shaking! No matter how hard I tried to concentrate Kay’s tongue was distracting me! She sucked hard on my swollen clit and I threw my head back and moaned loudly up toward My Man. My hips involuntarily quivered and it emboldened Kay! She rammed her tongue deeper into my hole! I moaned again toward the ceiling! I could feel my juices oozing, my pussy clenched and, for a moment, I felt like letting go!

I opened my eyes and saw My Man looking down at me! I knew I had a look on my face that troubled him as I could read it in his face!

Desperately I lowered my head back down between her thighs and spread her labia open and spit down her hole! I snaked my tongue as deeply as I could! Kay moaned loudly in response and her pelvis shook more violently! I could feel her getting closer, her pelvis continued to gyrate and her thighs were starting to quiver and shake! I felt her groan up into my puss and she started to hold her breath which was a sure sign she was losing her concentration on pleasuring me! I added an extra swirl around her hole with my tongue and she responded by making a fucking motion with her pelvis toward my mouth!

I knew it was time! Grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands I continued thrusting my tongue deep into her hole swirling it in a circle as I explored her warm depth! Her juices were welling up and coating my tongue! She closed her legs and trapped my head between her thighs to the point where breathing became difficult! I continued to tongue-fuck her hole as deeply as I could, in and out! She responded with a massive groan, her hips shook and she moaned and screamed loudly toward the ceiling as I relentlessly fucked her with my tongue!

She began begging me to stop! Just as quickly she couldn’t get enough as she grabbed my hair with both hands and forced my face deeper between her thighs! I could feel her pussy clench and release again and again! I was eating her out like I was starving for nourishment just as Kay let out a big scream and fed me with her cum as wave after wave flooded and seeped out of her hole! She was done, bathed in her own sweat and juices, her whole body shook! I had defeated her!

My own puss quivered for release! Now I wanted to humiliate her for thinking her sex was equal to mine! I forcefully lowered my puss until I was sitting over her face! I covered her nose and mouth with my cunt and forced Kay to suck my pussy! I rode her face up and down, wiggling my ass from side to side, twirling my hole firmly over her nose and mouth painting her with our combined juices until I finally released and drained my cum all over Kay’s face from her chin to her forehead! The spasms continued as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as I ground my pussy over her nose and mouth! I felt my pussy clench each time another spasm of juice exited my body! I even made sure to let my juices drip into her hair!

When I finally released her she looked a total mess! It was a sweet victory for me.

Still perched atop her face I looked up at My Man hovering above us and saw his face. His love for me was evident by the look in his eyes. He was so proud of me! He knew I was eventually going to win and now he had her permission to ravage me like he’s wanted to since the day I left him. We had such a special relationship. My Man trusted me with his darkest secrets and I had enhanced and completed them all. This was a great sexfight in more ways than one. I felt so much more womanly in My Man’s eyes. He daydreamed of my curves and lusted for my puss and the exhausting climax it delivered with our love. Feeling My Man cum inside me and then mixing my own cum with his as his cock slides in and out is a memory I enjoy when I’m alone and horny. Now he was mine… again, at least until Kay’s next challenge.

As I stood up I placed my hands on My Man’s knees and slowly let my hands glide up to his crotch. He was hard as a rock! I yanked down his shorts and pulled him down to the mat. I turned away from him and got down on my hands and knees. I positioned myself with my puss directly over Kay’s face! I wanted her to watch her husband fuck me from behind. I wanted our mixed mutual cum to drip down onto her face!

My Man got behind me and I felt the tip of his cock touch my back just above my ass crack. He slowly leaned back and let his cock slide down my crack! It felt so sexy and familiar that I just wanted to slam myself back into him when his tip touched my hole! He did it again, gliding the tip of his cock through my crack and stopping at my hole!

I moaned and thought to myself, ‘You fucker!’

Then he did it once more pressing into me, letting me feel the shaft of his cock tucked in between my ass cheeks! I pressed back against it moaning to myself in the knowledge that I was about to feel what I had missed for 10 years! My Man slowly leaned back and his cock slid down and rested once more at the opening of my hole! His cock rubbed gently against my lips testing the moisture collected there! The heat from the tip of his cock traced the rim of my hole, only an inch deep and rimming me, gently stirring the sexual flame building in my puss! I felt dizzy with anticipation! Slowly My Man pushed his cock deeper, just another inch, and then slowly pulled himself back leaving the tip at my rim! I started to gyrate my hips teasing him with my ass! I knew he wanted to pound his cock into me and I was determined to hurry him along!

I spread my knees further apart and really tried to push myself deeper onto his cock but he wouldn’t let me! His hands gripped my ass cheeks and maintained the distance and depth! He can be so maddening! He knows I love to be teased! I dropped my head down as I felt My Man tease my hole with the tip of his cock again! I felt like a child itching to open presents on xmas! After a half dozen gentle thrusts My Man plunged his cock in full and held it there! I gasped and moaned with lust and threw my head back toward the ceiling! My Man’s hands gripped my hips and thrust again pulling me even deeper! Again my head flew back and I howled with lust and want! I felt the electricity building deep between my thighs! My pussy began to clench and twitch around his cock! I gripped and released his shaft repeatedly trying to hold him like that, so deeply and complete!

“I’ve missed you so much!” he said.

His hands moved up my back and down along my sides until he thrust again pulling my hips and forcing his shaft deeper inside of me! My head dropped as I moaned again! This time I opened my eyes only to see Kay’s face lifting a few inches toward my puss and My Man’s balls! My Man was unaware of what was happening below him! He was plunging his cock into me again, just a few inches and then back to the tip! Still watching I saw Kay stick out her tongue and begin licking the base of My Man’s shaft!

My Man stopped thrusting! He realized something felt… different!

Kay was licking and sucking the base of his cock! The tip still resting an inch inside my puss! The bitch was preventing My Man from thrusting deeper inside me!

I started wiggling my hips again teasing him with my ass and he finally resumed his thrusts! I closed my eyes and relished the feeling of his shaft filling my hole with his love! I wanted us to cum together and share his love for me with my love for him! I looked down between my legs again and saw Kay gently sucking My Man’s balls. She was being very gentle and my anger toward her began to vanish. My Man moaned and began thrusting with more urgency! I felt his cock even deeper than before and my own urgency started to build! We were both trying to cram every inch of his cock inside of me!

I spread my legs even further apart to open my puss as wide as possible! My pussy was now just an inch above Kay’s tongue! I was dizzy with lust! My juices were beginning to flow around the rim of my puss! My Man’s cock felt like it was growing even bigger! With every thrust I tried to swallow more of My Man’s shaft with my puss! Our pubic bones would ram together sending pleasure vibrations from my clit to the bottom of my hole! I couldn’t hold my orgasm much longer!

Just then I felt Kay’s lips on my clit! She spread my pussylips open with her tongue and slurped my clit forcefully into her mouth sucking hard and trapping it there with her teeth! She sucked on my clit like a baby milking her mother’s nipple! I LOST IT!!! I couldn’t control myself! My legs trembled and my ass shook as my cum painted My Man’s cock! The leftover dripped down onto Kay’s face! My Man exploded like a cannon shooting his cum deep into my puss! I rotated my hips in a circle mixing his cum with mine! Kay lapped it up, cleaning our combined juices off his shaft with her tongue. I made sure she was getting a fresh helping of my juice in her hair!

I loved that she looked a mess! I felt My Man’s chest fall onto my back as our spasms continued to roll! Kay continued to torment me in a good way prolonging wave after wave of my own orgasm! With each wave I would clench his cock with my pussy and I would hear him moan in pleasure! As my spasms continued I turned my head back to share a tender kiss with My Man. Our tongues danced and our lips melted together!

“I’ve never stopped loving you…and I never will!” he said and returned to our kiss! He was so filled with love! I could feel it in his kiss! He is a great kisser! I didn’t want it to end!

I eventually lowered my head and found Kay’s clit with my tongue! I sucked her clit into my mouth and nursed her puss like she was nursing mine! We came together with My Man’s cock growing again inside me and my soaking wet pussy still clenching him tightly! We shared orgasms over and over until we were all too exhausted to continue! It was an experience I’ll never forget!

Afterwards, Kay didn’t seem to be too upset. As we cleaned up and prepared to eat we continued to go back and forth insulting each another.

Would this be the end or is it just the beginning?