By AngelDawn30

Second Wednesday

Earlier Wednesday morning Amanda was about to walk out the door of the apartment she shared with Lisa... It was 7:15 AM.. she was on her way to a summer class at the university that began at 8 o'clock …. She hugged Lisa as she was leaving.. “I have a lingerie appointment this evening with a group of ladies.. so I won't see you until about 9 or 10 tonight.”

“Have fun.”

Amanda laughed... “I'm not sure how much fun it will be... they are as old as my mom... I just hope they spend some money!”

“I am sure they will Amanda.”

“I hope so!”

“I'll see you this evening.”

“Ok.. bye Lisa.”

“Bye Amanda.”

As Amanda left, Lisa went back to the bedroom and began getting ready for work. She had decided that today was the day that she was going to make her move on Joy. She knew that Joy was interested in hooking up with her but the timing was just never quite right... but today, she was going to hold nothing back... she was going to make herself irresistible. She certainly could not dress too sexy... the bank would not allow that.. and she could get written up.. or possibly even terminated... so she had worked out a plan that was sure to seduce Joy. After showering and putting on her makeup, she slipped on a pair of crotch-less panties.... the pair that she had worn to Girlfriends last Saturday night... then she searched through Amanda's bras. She knew that Amanda had a French bra... the kind with the nipples cut out... within a few minutes she found it and slipped it on. The band fit fine but the cups were just a wee bit too small. She looked at herself in the mirror.... her huge E cup tits were slightly spilling out at the top and sides of Amanda's bra …. but what was really noticeable were her nipples ...Amanda's bra, with it's slightly smaller cups had squeezed Lisa's areolas and nipples through the opening in the front of the bra... her areolas were pushed out just a little more and this also caused her nipples to be pushed out a little more... Lisa swayed her upper body back and forth a few times... and determined that the bra was acceptable. She had a red dress that she wanted to wear, but the bank frowned on women wearing red... so she slipped on one of her 'old standbys'.. a light blue dress with a modest neckline... Oh, you could still see just the very upper swells of her big tits.. mostly because Amanda's smaller bra cups had pushed Lisa's tits up just a fraction of an inch.. You could also easily see her very prominent nipples stretching the fabric on the front of her dress, but her black blazer would hide them from view. The dress was not very short .. only a couple of inches above her knees and what Lisa really liked about this dress was the fact that it did not fit around her hips really tight like most of her clothes did. This would make it much easier to lift her dress up around her hips... exposing her crotch-less panties. She slipped on and a pair of matching light blue heels that completed her look, grabbed a cup of coffee, and was on her way to the bank.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy woke up thinking about Wendy and the Revenge Wishing Well. She was angry with Ashley and her anger had been building day by day since that night when Ashley interrupted her encounter with Mark. She hoped that today would be the day that she would hear back from Angel who was going to arrange a meeting between herself and Ashley... and she was determined to show that whore just who the top bitch was.

It was a little after 8 o'clock when she backed her car out of her garage and was headed to the bank. Joy was wearing one of her typical bank outfits... a navy dress with a modest neckline that was a few inches above her knees with matching navy heels. With thoughts of Ashley running through her mind, her hard nipples were showing just a bit, but her matching navy blazer would conceal them from view.

It was 8:25 when Joy walked into her office. … Lisa was already there, sorting through some papers on Joy's desk.. making sure Joy had all the documents that she had requested. Joy smiled as she walked toward Lisa. “Good Morning Lisa.”

“Good morning to you too Joy. How are you this morning?”

“Fine, thanks, and you?”

Lisa decided it was time to take the gamble … she wanted Joy to know her intentions... she had been wanting to fuck Joy since the day she began working for her, so she placed her hands on the lapels of her blazer and spread her blazer open. “You tell me, how do you think I am?” Ashley quickly vanished from Joy's thoughts as she stared at Lisa's big tits.. and her long hard nipples that were threatening to tear through the front of her dress. “Like what you see?”

Joy did not say a single word as she walked to the door to her office, closing and locking the door before turning around and walking back toward Lisa.. “Are you trying to seduce me Lisa?”

Lisa closed the short distance between them until their massive tits touched.. “Yes Ma'am, I am... I want to fuck you.”

Joy's eyes blinked a couple of times... did she hear Lisa correctly? “What … what did you just say?”

Lisa leaned forward a little more, applying a little pressure on their big tits.. and with a sultry sexy voice she spoke very softly .. “I want to fuck you Joy.”

Joy leaned forward and placed her lips near Lisa's left ear .. “We can't fuck here in the office Lisa.” Lisa turned her face toward Joy as if she was going to kiss her ..but Joy turned her face away .. “We can't kiss here either Lisa... can't get our lipstick smeared on each other... people will notice.” Lisa understood but frowned anyway... then Joy whispered .. “But if we are careful, we can touch tongues.”

“Ummmmmm.” Lisa replied as she extended her tongue toward Joy and a split second later her tongue was met my Joy's tongue as they touched tongues together for the first time.... it made Lisa's pussy twitch and cause Joy's nipples to twinge. They were very careful to not touch their lips together as they moved their tongues back and forth against each other for several minutes.. sliding them back and forth, tasting each others saliva as they quietly moaned together. Both hot bitches wanted to thrust their tongue deep inside the others mouth but they restrained themselves as they continued to lick their tongues together in the space between their parted lips. Lisa finally pulled her head back as she reached behind Joy and began to pull up her dress... higher and higher until it was bunched up above her hips, then she moved her right hand between Joy's legs and slipped her hand inside Joy's panties, sliding her middle finger inside Joy's already wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Joy moaned quietly as Lisa whispered in her ear …

“If we can't pussy fuck, we can finger fuck.”

“Ohhhhhh God yes we can.” Joy whispered back as she grabbed Lisa's dress from behind and tugged it up high around her waist and reached her hand between Lisa's thighs .. “Oh Lisa, you nasty slut, you are wearing crotch-less panties.” Joy purred as she slipped her finger up inside Lisa's wet vagina as they began finger fucking each other. Their heavy tits were pressed together as they laid their heads on each others shoulders, pumping their fingers in and out of each other... several minutes went by and they were fast approaching their orgasms when the fucking phone rang.

“Shit!” Lisa gasped as they pulled their fingers out of each others cunts and she turned around and answered the phone on Joy's desk … “Joy Antonelli's office, this is Lisa.... yes, Ms Antonelli is in.. one moment please.” She touched the hold button as she sighed... “It's George Barnett... about that business loan.”

Joy whispered to Lisa... “We will continue this later.”

“Yes Ma'am!” Lisa smiled as she unlocked the door and walked to her desk outside of Joy's office. It was nine o'clock and the bank was opening for the day.

For the next hour and a half several customers were in and out of Joy's office along with half a dozen phone calls... as the last customer left, Joy paged Lisa on the intercom.. “Lisa, I need to see you in my office.” A brief moment later Lisa walked through the door.. “Close and lock the door behind you.” Lisa did as Joy requested and as she finished locking the door and turned around Joy was walking toward her with her dress pulled up around her waist... in less than a minute they were once again standing tit to tit with their fingers pumping in and out of each others gooey cunts... finger fucking each other as they moaned as gasped very quietly... they knew they had to be very careful.. but it also created an aura of excitement... finger fucking in Joy's office.. it was risky.. but it was also dirty... and would be trouble for both of them if they got caught... however, it was obviously worth the risk as they jammed their fingers in and out of each others cunts... squishing their fingers rapidly in and out of each others pussys.. and as they were once again getting close to cumming... someone knocked on the door.

“Shit!” Lisa whispered as she and Joy quickly separated and smoothed out their dresses with their dry hand... “Be right there! Lisa said as they quickly grabbed a Kleenex and dried off their wet hand. Taking a few deep breaths Lisa walked to the door as Joy sat down behind her desk.. “Mr Banks.” Lisa smiled as she opened the door. She had seen him in the bank on several occasions and knew who he was but they had never met. “It is nice to see you... how may I help?” Cliff Banks was on the bank's board of directors.. Lisa thought it was cool that his last name was Banks.

“I just need to visit with Ms Antonelli about something.”

“Yes Sir.. Enjoy your day.”

“Thank you Missss..”

“Catt... Lisa Catt.”

“Thank you Lisa.”

Lisa walked out as Mr. Banks closed the door behind her. Another thirty minutes passed before he walked out... stopping at Lisa's desk .. “It was nice to meet you Lisa Catt.”

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Banks.” As he walked away Lisa stood up and walked back to Joy's office .. “Everything ok?”

“Oh yes.. just bank stuff.. he's a nice guy.”

“Good... can I get you anything?”

“Close the door and lock it.”

Lisa closed and locked the door and when she turned around Joy was walking toward her again with lust in her eyes.. thirty seconds later their dresses were once again bunched up around their hips and they were pumping each others wet cunts with their fingers again....thrusting their fingers in and out.. making those sweet squishy sounds.. and then the fucking phone rang again... this time is was Joy who said “Shit!”

Lisa answered the phone .. “Joy Antonelli's office, this is Lisa …... yes ….... yes, of course. … one moment please.” She looked at Joy … “It's Mrs. Miller.”

“Janice Miller?”

“Un huh.” Janice Miller was an old spinster … she was also one of the banks most valued customers.. with several million dollars in various accounts.

Joy answered the phone... “Hi Mrs. Miller. ….. no... oh, .. of course.. I would love to... about noon? Un huh, yes I know where that is... of course.. I'll see you then.” She looked at Lisa... “She and a couple of her friends want to have lunch with me.”

“Well, I guess that is a good thing, right?” Lisa asked.

“I guess so..”

“How old do you think she is?”

“Gotta be at least eighty.”

“Smile at lot.. maybe she will leave something for you in her will.” Lisa giggled.

“That would be sweet! … ok.. I better go... it's across town... I should hopefully be back about two.” Joy leaned toward Lisa and extended her tongue.. wiggling it back and forth... and Lisa moved her face toward Joy and for the next minute they wagged their tongues back and forth across each other as if they were jousting.. licking side to side, back and forth before Joy finally stepped away.. “We will continue this later.”

“Mmmmm I can't wait to get my fingers inside you again.”

“You are such a dirty slut Lisa.”

Lisa smiled as she replied ...“Thank you Ms Antonelli.”

Joy reached out and grabbed the front of Lisa's dress.. squeezing her huge tits as Lisa's squirmed …. “Later.” She then grabbed her purse and left her office. Lisa licked her lips as she walked back to her desk and answered the phone again .. “Joy Antonelli's office, this is Lisa”

“Hi Lisa, this is Angelica Johansen.. may I speak with Ms. Antonelli?”

“Oh, Hi Angel! How are you?”

“I'm fine Lisa... I'm sorry, do I know you?”

“I'm Amanda's friend... we met at Girlfriends.”

“Ohhhhhh.. of course.. I did not know you worked for Joy.”

“And I did not know you knew Joy.”

“I guess it really is a small world, huh?”

“I know!! by the way, I am still interested in working for you.”

“Well... I am going to have to do something soon... within the next few days... I need to leave a message for Joy”


“Just have her call me.. she has my number.”

“I will tell her.. she should be back about two this afternoon.”

“Ok, thank you Lisa... I'm looking forward to seeing you again sometime.”

“Me too Angel.”


“Bye Angel.”

As Angel finished her conversation with Lisa, her cell phone rang... it was Charles. “Angelica Johansen Investigations”

“May I speak with Angelica Johansen?”

“This is Angel... How are you Charles?”

“I am fine, thank you for asking Ms. Johansen. … My employer asked me to call you and get an update on your investigation concerning her missing ring.”

“I have a very good lead that I am working on.. hopefully there will be a break-though in the case very soon.”

“That is good news.. I will tell my employer... thank you Ms. Johansen.”

“Charles? … you know that it is ok to call me Angel.”

“That would not be proper Ms. Johansen.”

“Who is she Charles?”

“Whom are you referring to Ms. Johansen?”

“Your employer... who is she?”

“My employer wishes to remain anonymous.”

“Of course she does.... well... tell Ms. Anonymous that I will find her ring soon.”

“I will tell her. Thank you Ms. Johansen.”

“Oh Charles ….” He had disconnected their conversation before she finished speaking .. but she mumbled the words anyway as she placed her cell phone back in her purse ..“Have a nice day.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amber and Amanda

Amber Pin by Angel Parker on **Favorite Girls** | Pinterest | Christy Canyon, Sexy and Succulents
Amanda Waiting at the door | SLIM BEAUTIES/large breasts | Pinterest | Bikinis, Sexy and Latina Babes

Rewinding the clock to eleven fifteen Wednesday morning, Amber was walking into the movie theater.. She was wearing a pair of black shorts that were pretty damn short and a red scooped neck pull over top that was just a little more scooped than your average top.. in fact, it was quite a bit more scooped and it showed off Amber's abundant cleavage.. the deep line between her tits was incredible. She had chosen to wear a pair of black heels... there are few things in life that are sexier than a big-titted woman dressed in a revealing top with short shorts and heels... it has a whore look. And Amber loved it. She walked to the counter, the young man constantly staring at her big tits as she purchased a diet coke and bought her ticket... with her purse over her left shoulder she turned around and began walking to the main isle to enter the theater.. that is when she noticed the auburn haired young woman walking through the front doors ..'Holy shit'.

Amanda had on a black pull over top that was just as scooped and just as low cut as the one Amber was wearing... and being the girly-girl that she was, she was also wearing a pair of black heels... the noticeable difference between their two outfits was Amanda's skirt. It was a red pleated flirt a cheerleader might wear... except no respectable cheerleader would ever dare to wear one as short as the one Amanda had around her hips. It was about the shortest thing you could imagine .. barely.. just barely .. covering most of her buttocks. If you were standing right behind her, you could not really notice just how short her skirt was, but if you were about twenty feet away … 'Lord have mercy.' .. you could see the lower swells of her hard firm buttocks.. and God forbid if she were to bend forward. The string of her thong was hidden from view... trapped between those two powerful ass cheeks.... and all you could see, if she leaned forward enough, was a thin piece of black cloth that somehow managed to cover her pussy lips. Several exclamations come to mind ... “Damn!”.... “Holy Shit!” .. and “Fuck yeah!” .. just to name a few.

As Amanda entered the lobby she immediately noticed the auburn haired vixen holding a drink in her hand .... the long well defined legs, the tight ass that was stretching the material of her shorts.. and those fucking huge tits! She froze for just a brief moment as she tried not to gasp... almost dropping her clutch purse as their eyes locked. Amber slowly approached her as she moved her drink from one hand to the other, taking advantage of the opportunity to squeeze her elbows in,, pushing her huge tits together for the young woman's viewing pleasure, smiling at her as she walked past. Amanda did not want this incredible whorish woman to get away so she spoke as Amber walked past her .. “Hey.” Amber turned around and looked at Amanda.. their eyes were already filled with lust and both of them were very aware of that fact as they moved their eyes up and down each others bodies. “Hey, I was just wondering... are you here alone?”

“Yes I am.”

“Me too.... You know, it's so much more fun to watch a movie with someone than by yourself.”

Amber stepped toward her.. their massive exposed cleavage only a few inches apart .. “Are you asking me if I would like to sit with you? .. if so, the answer is yes.”

“I'm Amanda.”

“Amber, it's nice to meet you Amanda.”

Amanda smiled .. “I want to get something to drink... wait right here.. ok?”

“Of course.”

Amanda was back in a couple of minutes and they walked through the entry-way into the theater. Another young man took their tickets, fumbling with them as he tore off the stub and handed it back to the two hot women. “Enjoy the show.”

Their movie was in theater number seven and when they walked in they were pleased that they were the only two patrons that were there. “Where do you want to sit?” Amanda asked.

Amber wanted to make her intentions known, so she answered .“Let's sit on the back row... more privacy.”

“Purrrrrrrr-fect.” Amanda purred as they walked to the middle seats on the very last row, both of them noticing that they were the only two in the theater ….. as Amanda sat down, Amber noticed that Amanda's very short skirt did not cover her ass as she sat down on her practically naked buttocks with her skirt kinda bunched up around her lower back, showing off most all of her legs. Amber sat down on the right of Amanda and crossed her legs as they turned their faces toward each other and engaged in girl talk.. Amber told Amanda about herself... that she was an investment broker.. yada yada yada … and Amanda told Amber about herself.. college student.. hoping to get accepted into law school... yada yada yada … “By the way Amber, I sell custom made lingerie by appointment.”


“Yes, really sexy lingerie... I would love to come to your home sometime and show you.” Amanda then cupped her huge tits and continued .. “I am guessing that you, like me, sometimes find it frustrating to find a bra that fits perfectly... you know what I mean … a little too tight in the band.. or you spill out a little at the sides... or whatever.. most of them just do not fit perfectly.”

“It is difficult to find one that is just right.”

“I can solve that problem for you... let me show you.” Amber's eyes opened wide as Amanda reached down and pulled her top up, bunching it up under her arms, exposing her black lacy bra that was cupping her huge pair of incredible tits. “See how perfect it fits?” Amanda asked as she reached her fingers inside her left cup and tugged. “It's just right.. not too tight.. not too loose... and the band is comfortable.. it does not dig in.. and you can see that the cups are just the right size... no overflow.. and the material is very soft... not abrasive like some bras can be.” Amanda then reached out and grabbed Amber's left hand and placed it on the right cup of her bra... “Here, feel for yourself.”

Amber let her fingers softly slide around the huge cup of Amanda's bra.. it did feel very soft, yet seemed to have the right amount of support. “It feels nice Amanda.. very nice.” As Amber continued to gently move her fingers over the cup of Amanda's bra, Amanda began speaking... giving Amber her sales pitch.

The reason it is so hard to find a bra that fits just right is because the bra manufacturers only make band sizes in even numbers... thirty-four, thirty-six, thirty-eight.. what about the girl who measures thirty-four and three quarters, or thirty six and a half .. and the cup sizes are rarely perfect.” Amber nodded as she kept moving her fingers very lightly over Amanda's bra … “Let me give you an example... what size bra do you wear?”

“34E” Amber replied.

“Ok, a 34E bra has a cup volume of about 850 cc's .. and the size down from that... a 34DD is about 710 cc's... and the next size up, a 34F is about 1000 cc's … but it would be very rare for a woman.. let's just use yourself as an example.. it would be very rare for your breast to be exactly 850 cc's in volume... what if they were 870 cc's or 925 cc's or whatever... the fact is, most every woman's cup size is somewhere in between what is available..... and I can have custom made bras that will fit you exactly perfect.” When she finished she picked up her clutch purse, opened it, and handed Amber her card.. “Call me and I will come to your home and show you some really hot sexy lingerie that we can have custom made just for you.”

Amber removed her hand from Amanda's bra and took the card and dropped it in her purse. “I will check my schedule and call you for an appointment.”

“Good, so did you like the way by bra feels?”

“It's very soft.. but what about the inside of the cups?” Amber did want to feel how soft the inside of Amanda's bra cup was, but more importantly, she wanted to get her hands on Amanda's big tits.

“Feel for yourself.”

Amber moved her hand back to Amanda's bra and with the back of her hand against Amanda's skin, she pushed her fingers underneath the bra cup as she heard Amanda take a deep breath, She glided her fingertips around the inside of the bra cup, feeling how soft it felt against her fingers... and she was also feeling how firm and tight Amanda's tit skin was as the back of her hand slid up and down and around Amanda's huge tight tit. Amber could easily feel Amanda's very hard nipple dragging against the back of her hand and she wanted to continue doing this forever, but she reluctantly removed her hand from inside Amanda's bra... “It's very nice Amanda.”

“Thank you.” Amanda replied as she pulled her top down back over her bra. A few other people had entered the theater and the lights were still up a little bit, so she thought it best to cover herself back up.

“So what size bra do you wear Amanda?”

“It's a custom 34DD.. with just a little more room in the cups than a normal 34DD.”

“You have really nice tits .. er.... or .. perhaps I should have said breasts.”

Amanda giggled.. “Thank you... and 'tits' is fine... and your tits are amazing!”

“Thank you … and I love your hair Amanda.”

“Yours too... we are almost the same color!”

Amber was very attracted to Amanda as she continued … “I know! We redheads have to suck together.” …. As soon as the words escaped her lips, Amber realized what she had just said, and tried to quickly recover … “I meant we need to stick together.”

Amanda wanted to make sure that both of them were thinking the same thing as she smiled at Amber and leaned toward her.. whispering … “Suck together... stick together.. kinda the same thing.. don't you think?”

Amber reached down and placed her hand on the arm rest that was between them and pulled it up out of the way as she leaned closer to Amanda so that their shoulders were touching … still looking into Amanda's beautiful eyes, she replied in a whisper.. “I can think of a few things that involve a great deal of sucking and sticking.”

Amanda turned her body a little more toward Amber so that her big right tit was pressing against Amber's upper arm … “Sooo. … tell me Amber … what is your favorite part... the sucking or the sticking?”

Amber was not about to let this opportunity slip away as she turned her upper body more to her left so that the outside of her huge left tit was nuzzled up against the outside of Amanda's big right tit … “Both.” Amber smiled as she spoke.

The theater lights dimmed as the previews began and Amanda scooted over in her seat, applying just a little more pressure between the sides of their big tits and Amber uncrossed her legs and scooted just a little closer to Amanda.. again, applying just a little more pressure to the outer swells of their huge globes... the outside of their thighs were also now touching... smooth firm skin touching smooth firm skin.. and they both wiggled their asses a little to push their thighs a little more firmly against each other. As the last preview ended Amber turned her body just a little more and leaned her head to her left.. “I really want to see that one.”

Amanda replied .. “Me too.” She then turned her face to the right and was surprised that Amber's face was right in front of her... they looked into each others eyes for a few seconds, and then, without saying anything, they moved their faces toward each other until their lips were softly brushing together... then Amanda felt Amber's tongue on her lower lips... then the tips of their tongues were touching... then their mouths were pressed tightly together as they reached deeply into each others mouths... licking their wet tongues together for more than a minute as the movie began. About twenty minutes into the film the two female leads, a blonde and a brunette, shared their first kiss and it was hot... they sucked each others tongues as they licked at each other for more than a minute before the blonde pushed the brunette over on her back and slowly licked her tits and nipples for a moment before licking down her abs.. licking lower and lower until her face was between the brunettes thighs. All you could see was the back of her head with her long blonde hair draped around the brunette's abs and thighs, but it was obvious that she was licking her pussy. Amanda and Amber twisted more toward each other.. until their throbbing nipples were almost laying side to side as they watched the scene on the screen unfold before their eyes... They were wet and breathing deeply as they watched the brunette grab the back of the blonde's hair and moan... she was cumming. Amber wiggled a little more until their nipples were touching.. side to side.. through their tops.. and it was turning both of them on even more... It was Amanda who first turned her head toward Amber and licked at her ear and a moment later Amber turned her face toward Amanda and they began to kiss.... long deep kisses... exploring the deepest recesses of each others mouths with their tongues.. licking.. reaching.. sliding their tongues together and sharing each others breath as they quietly moaned into each others mouths.

Within a few minutes they were swapping spit... creating some very impressive spit bridges between their lips and tongues as they kissed and smeared their lipstick together.. devouring each others mouths with long deep tongue kisses.. then as they would separate to take a few deep breaths, their mixed saliva would string between them.. sometimes Amber would lick it off.. and sometimes Amber would reach out and suck it up with her lips.. then they would kiss again... minutes at a time.. their open mouths overflowing with saliva until it drooled down between them and onto their big tits... their tops getting wet from their combined spit.

Another scene between the blonde and brunette was on the screen.. and they paused to watch... this time the two actresses moved themselves into a 69... again, you could not see their tongues licking each others cunts.. but that is what was happening as the blonde moaned.. “Yes, lick my pussy and make me cum.”... and the brunette answered .. “Make me cum too with your tongue.” Amber and Amanda were squirming against each other,, the outsides of their thighs gently rubbing as Amber placed her hand the top of Amanda's thighs.... a few minutes later both hot girls had hiked up their skirts and Amanda had her hand inside Amber's panties and Amber had squeezed her hand inside Amanda's thong and they were fingering each others pussys... squishing their fingers in and out and around and around inside each other as they began their nasty spit swapping again. They kissed for another ten minutes as the saliva drooled down on their tops that had become soaked where their mixed spit was drooling from their mouths. They were panting as their fingering became quicker and harder.. Each of them really thrusting their fingers in and out of each others wet vaginas. Amanda was going to cum... Amber knew it... and she moved her lips from Amanda's mouth and toward her ear, whispering.. “Shhhh! We don't want to get caught.”

Amanda nodded as her body began to tremble.. she gripped Amber's thigh tightly with her free hand as she rocked her hips against Amber's fingers... a few rapid deep breaths and a quiet moan followed as Amanda began to cummm... whispering back to Amber.. “Ohhhhhh fuck Amber.. I'm cumming.” She gasped a few times as her voice never became louder than a whisper .. “Ohhhh fuck yess.. sooooooo good.”

A couple of minutes later, Amber began rocking her hips quicker against Amanda's fingers until she also reached her orgasm... gasping and panting as quietly as she could as she whispered to Amanda .. “Ohhh shit yessss,, cumming Amanda.”

“Yesss Amber.” Amanda whispered as she kept fucking Amber with her fingers.

“Cumming so fucking good.”

“Mmmmmm.” Amber moaned as she moved her mouth back to Amanda's and they shared another very long wet kiss.. slurping and sucking on each others mouth.. constantly remaining as silent as they could be. Fortunately, the closest theater patrons were about ten rows in front of them... and the sound from the film helped drown out what little noises they were making.

As they slowly regained their composure, Amber leaned over and picked up her purse which she had stowed away under her seat. She unzipped her purse and pulled out a Ziploc bag, unzipped it, and pulled out a cucumber. A big cucumber... easily eight or nine inches long and pretty big around,, with all those little bumps on it. Amanda's eyes opened wide as she looked at the big cucumber.. “What are you going to do with that?”

“I'm going to fuck you with it, Amanda.”

“Ouuuuuuuuuu.” Amanda squirmed as she watched Amber spit on one end of the cucumber... then Amanda lifted up her ass from the seat just enough for her to reach inside the waistband of her thong and tug it down over her ass and down her thighs... leaning forward she pulled her thong down to her heels and slipped it off over her heels one heel at a time. Her thong would not fit in her small clutch purse, so she shoved it up under her buttocks as she moved her ass to the edge of her seat so she could spread her thighs farther apart. Amber turned almost sideways toward Amanda so that Amber's big left tit was pushing directly into Amanda's big right tit... nipple to nipple. Holding one end of the cucumber tightly in her right hand, Amber pushed the other spit coated end of the cucumber between Amanda's wet pussy lips... then she eased it forward.. spreading Amanda's labia apart.. and pushing against the entrance to her vagina. Amber twisted the cucumber back and forth a few times.. then pushed it forward...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Amanda moaned quietly as the round end of the cucumber slid between her pussy lips and into her vagina. Amber twisted her hand a little more .. back and forth.. and then pushed more of the cucumber inside of Amanda .. “Unnnnnnn God!” She pulled the cucumber almost all the way out and pushed forward again.. this time pushing it about four inches inside Amanda's vagina.. stretching her tight pussy as Amanda squirmed and moaned... Again. Amber pulled the huge cucumber almost all the way out and then pushed it back in... gaining another inch.. then again.. then again... then again.. each time pushing the big green organic dildo-like cucumber a little deeper inside Amanda's stretched vagina... until it was in as far as she could push it, and still be able to hold it with her hand. Amanda closed her eyes as Amber began pumping.. pushing the cucumber in and out of her cunt.. thrusting a little faster with each push of her right hand... They could feel each others nipples through their wet tops and bras as they once again began to tongue kiss each other .. Amber kept sliding the cucumber in and out of Amanda's tight pussy... in and out.. squishing... pushing .. in and out.. Amanda began to whimper with pleasure as she moved her left hand down to her clit and began stroking her fingers up and down her hard clit. Faster and faster the big cucumber slid in and out of her pussy as she frigged her clit quicker and quicker.. her fingers rubbing up and down the length of her pulsing clit... it felt like the tip of the cucumber was pushing against her cervix each time Amber pushed it in as far as she could reach without letting it slip from her fingers.. in and out... pushing and thrusting... fucking Amanda's cunt with the cucumber... in and out.. squishing... moaning... Amanda's fingers rubbing her own clit very hard as she gasped, trying her best to sigh quietly... “Ohhh Amber.. gonna.... ohh.. shit! … I am … Ohhh.. God! … yesss.. Cummmmming!”

“Yesss Amanda... yessss!”

“Ohhhhhh FUCK!!” Amanda gasped as her cunt jerked.. and she gushed around the cucumber.. her pussy juice running out around the cucumber as Amber kept sliding it in and out of her jerking pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh sooooooooooooooo fucking hot!!!”

Amber slowly removed the cucumber from Amber's pussy and licked some of the cum off before she placed it back in the bag. Zipped it, and put it back in her purse.. As she was sliding her purse back under her seat, Amanda eased herself out of her chair and was down on her knees, sliding past Amber's left thigh before turning and looking up at Amber.... A minute later Amber had her panties off and Amanda had her mouth on Amber's pussy... her long auburn hair draped around Amber's thighs as she began tongue fucking her.. sliding her tongue in and out of Amber's hot wet hole as she stroked Amber's clit with her fingers... Amanda was a good cunt licker.. and Amber was gasping and moaning in just a few minutes as Amanda licked and sucked on her pussy as she fingered Amber's clit.... “Almost there Amanda.” Amber whispered as she placed her hands on the back of Amanda's head, pulling Amanda's face closer to her burning pussy. Amanda moved her mouth to Amber's clit and began sucking it as she pushed her fingers up inside of Amber's vagina and began twisting them around and around inside Amber's pussy... Amanda was making some sucking slurping sounds with her mouth, but at this point, neither one of them cared.... it only took about a minute more for Amber's body to spasm... her pussy contracted.. then gushed.. spraying Amanda's face and hand with her hot wet pussy-cum … “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!... Cummming!” Amber quietly moaned with pleasure.

“Yes Amber... cum for me.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmming!”

“Mmmmmm.” Amanda moaned as she licked and sucked up as much of Amber's juices as she could before swallowing... “Ummm Ummmmmmmm.”

She stayed between Amber's thighs a few more minutes... the movie was almost over.. and then they quickly slipped their panties back on and began to sip their soda's as if nothing ever happened as the credits began to roll on the screen.

“What a great movie!”

“The best I've been to in a long time.” Then they both giggled and laughed together as they grabbed their things and walked out of the theater. They chatted for a little while in the parking lot, exchanged phone numbers, and then they wrapped their arms around each other and hugged for a few seconds. “Next time I want to do some of this.” Amber said as she bumped tits with Amanda a few times.

“Mmmm.. just call me... I'll show you some fabulous lingerie and then we can much better acquainted”

“I will.”

“I had a great time Amber.”

“Me too Amanda... see ya.”

A couple of minutes later Amanda were pulling out of the parking lot and driving away in opposite directions.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ashley had been busy all day... she had already shown three homes to three different prospects and still had a couple of more appointments scheduled for this evening. As she was about to call one of her potential buyers, her cell phone rang.... it was Angel.

“Hi Angel.”

“Hi Ashley. I have good news. I have found Joy and want to arrange a meeting between the two of you.”

Angel could feel Ashley's anger as she responded.. “Good. I want to get even with that bitch!”

“I know you do... I have a question... you told me that you caught Joy having sex with your boyfriend.”


“I stand corrected … X-boyfriend... I wanted to ask you.. where did this take place?.. where did you catch them together?”

“At the Hotel Texas.”

“Ok, the Hotel Texas... I was thinking … what could be a better place to get your revenge than where this cheating act took place... I think you and Joy should settle this exactly where it began.”

“I like that idea.”

“What room number were they in?”

“I caught her cheating with my 'X-boyfriend in room 3025.”

“Ok.. 3025... got it. I'll make the arrangements and get back with you... is there any day that works best for you?”

Again, there was anger in Ashley's voice ...“I'll make time to get at that bitch!”

“All right... there is one more thing that I need to say... I do not want to set up this meeting so that you can physically hurt her... no one wants to hurt anyone. I kinda have the feeling that you, as well as Joy, want to settle your differences sexually. If that is not correct then I am not going to arrange this for you. I am not going to be a party to a fight.”

“I understand... All I want to do is grudge-fuck that whore into submission.”

“Good. I will contact Joy and then make arrangements for the two of you to meet in room 3025 at the Hotel Texas.. I will let you know the day and time as soon as I get it all worked out.”

“I can't wait.”

“Ok Ashley, I will contact you soon.”



“Thank you.”

“You are very welcome Ashley.. talk to you soon.”

“Ok.. Bye.”

Ashley put her cell phone down and spoke out loud to herself .. “Just me and you bitch!”

To be continued