By AngelDawn30

Previously on the second Tuesday (Highlights)

Sara and Amanda met at the grocery store
Angel attended some meetings at the convention center where she met Michelle
Jane found some mail in her mailbox that was addressed to Olivia Marquez
Joy visited Wendy at Wendy's home

Second Wednesday

Michelle Richardson's alarm clock went off at seven Wednesday morning. She reached over and tapped the snooze button and laid back down for a few minutes before getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. Michelle was pissed. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she felt violated.... humiliated.. . She was angry... she was mad as hell. Walking back into her bedroom, she picked up her cell phone and sent a text to her secretary Abby... “I am not going to be in the office today.”

Abby: Are you not feeling well?

Michelle: I need a personal day. I'll be there tomorrow.

Abby: K

Michelle: I do not want to be disturbed today. Cancel all my appointments, or have someone else take care of the clients.

Abby: Yes of course

Michelle reached down and picked up a book that was laying on her nightstand and threw it across the room, hitting the door. “That goddamn bitch! How dare she!” She put her robe on and walked to the kitchen where she poured herself a cup of coffee. As she sat down at her kitchen table she began to think of how she was going to get even with Angelica Johansen. “I'll get even with you bitch. The next time I will be the one rubbing my pussy on your face!” The more she thought about it, the more angry she became until she stood up and threw her coffee cup across the kitchen, shattering it against her refrigerator as she screamed … “Fucking goddamn bitch!!!” As she fumed with anger, she made her way back toward her bedroom, her mind occupied with thoughts of how she could have her revenge with Angelica Johansen.. then a wicked evil grin formed on her face... 'Wendy Corleone.' Wendy resembled Angel in many ways.. tall, beautiful, long blonde hair,, big fucking tits... Michelle began to picture Wendy as a surrogate for Angel. “Wendy Corleone” she whispered to herself... “Wendy Corleone, the gold digger... Wendy Corleone the whore. I think it's time that I showed you what a real woman is... I think it's time that I put you in your place...once and for all.” Michelle's clit jerked with heated lust in anticipation of fucking that whore Wendy into submission.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy was awake at 8 AM. She was going to go shopping today... it was going to be one last fling with Carlo's credit cards and she intended to 'load them up.'.. but first, she had to go to the country club for a tennis lesson at 10 AM.... then she would go shopping. She smiled to herself as she thought about taking the quad cab pickup, thinking she could get a lot of stuff in there... then she laughed... 'Mrs. Corleone driving a pickup? … I don't think so.' She would arrange to have everything delivered, which she sometimes would do.

After eating a light breakfast, she slipped into one of her tennis outfits... white V neck top, white short shorts and white shoes and socks. It was a little after 9:30 as she was walking out the door...

“Enjoy your day Ms Corleone.”

“Thank you Charles … oh … and Charles? .. can you call that private eye and get an update on what is going on with my missing ring?”

“Yes I will Ms. Corleone.”

“Thank you Charles.. you can tell me what you found out when I see you later.”

“Yes, of course Ms Corleone.”

Wendy started to walk away then she turned around and looked into Charles eyes. “I have something to tell you Charles... I am going to be leaving soon.”

“Yes Ma'am... I will be glad to make all the arrangements for you.. you can give me the information and I will take care of it for you.”

Wendy sighed .. “No, I am not going on a trip …. I am leaving... and I will not be back.”

There was concern in Charles' deep voice … “I do not understand.”

“Carlo is divorcing me … and I have to leave .. I can only stay here for another ninety days.”

Wendy could see the disappointment in his eyes as he responded.. “I understand Ms. Corleone.”

There was a long moment of silence before Wendy spoke again .. “I want you to come with me and continue to be my butler.”

Wendy almost saw Charles smile, but he reached down and tugged down on his black suit coat and regained his composure as he replied .. “It would be a privilege to continue in your service Ms. Corleone.”

“Good.... and I will raise your salary twenty percent.”

“Thank you Ms. Corleone.”

Then Wendy did something she had never done before... she stepped toward Charles and hugged him. Charles was quite surprised as he stood there with his arms at his side. As Wendy stepped back she spoke softly as she gazed into his eyes .. “You are a good man. You do everything I ask.. and you are the keeper of secrets. I could never find anyone to replace you.”

“Thank you Ms. Corleone.”

Wendy continued to look into his eyes .. “When are you ever going to call me Wendy?”

“It would not be proper for me to call you by your first name Ms. Corleone.”

Wendy smiled.... “Thank you for all you do for me.”

“It is my pleasure Ms. Corleone.”

Wendy smiled again then turned and walked down the steps, getting into her Lamborghini and driving away. As she followed the winding road and disappeared behind the trees, Charles smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amber had been working a lot of hours the last few weeks and was going to take the day off …. It was mid-morning when Amber called her sister Ashley...

As Ashley's cell phone rang it showed a photo of Ashley as she thought to herself .. 'My sister really is a knock-out' … “Hey Amber.”

“Hi Ashley... want to catch a movie with me today?”

“Oh that sounds like a great idea, but I can't... I have several showings today and I am pretty sure that two clients may buy a home..... sorry.”

“It's ok .. I understand.”

“You said you wanted to talk to me about something.”

“Yes I did, but not on the phone... perhaps we can meet soon.. maybe tomorrow?”

“I can find time for you tomorrow.”

“Thanks, that would be great.”

“I gotta go.. phone is ringing... love ya.”

“You too.” …. Amber placed her cell phone back in her purse ..'Well', guess I will go to the movies by myself'. She reached for her cell phone again and searched the movie listings... “Ah, that looks interesting.. 'Three is not a Crowd.'” She read a few reviews ..”Looks like it might have some girl/girl scenes... works for me.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amanda did not have any appointments today. Lisa was working, so she thought she might go see a movie... she had heard that there was a new romantic/drama that was out that involved a story between two women and a man...'Three is not a Crowd” .. she heard that there was a girl/girl scene in the film that was borderline on being porno... with some tongue kissing and some breast licking... She thought it might be fun to watch.. so Amanda checked the movie schedule and thought she would go early... there was an eleven-thirty showing. Besides, she had a new flirt skirt that she wanted to wear.. and the theater would be the perfect place.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was almost ten o'clock and Michelle was still in a bad mood. She needed to get out of the house and do something … do anything …. and suddenly, it all clicked. 'Wendy Corleone' …. Michelle knew that Wendy had a weekly tennis lesson and that she also had a golf lesson each week... and it would be easy to find out when those lessons were... so she picked up her cell phone and called the country club.

“Dallas Country Club, may I help you?”

“Yes you may... this is Michelle Richardson.. I am trying to locate Wendy Corleone regarding an urgent matter.. and I believe she is having a golf lesson today? Or perhaps it is a tennis lesson... I can't remember, Can you find out?”

“Yes Ma'am .. one moment please.” Michelle knew that she had a forty percent chance that Wendy would be at the country club today.. although she did not know what time her lessons were... but she did not have to wait long to find out... “Ms. Richardson?”


“Mrs. Corleone is scheduled for a tennis lesson today from ten o'clock to eleven o'clock. I can connect you to the tennis center”

“That will not be necessary”

“Is there anything else I can help you with Ms. Richardson? ….. Hello? …. Ms. Richardson? …..” As the receptionist hung up the phone she spoke sarcastically.. “You're welcome.”

Michelle had to get to the country club.. she was suddenly obsessed with finding Wendy.. She had already taken a shower and put her makeup on.... all she needed to do was get dressed. Today she needed to look and feel very sexy … of course Michelle always looked sexy. She could put on a pair of overalls and look sexy... but today she had to look and feel extra sexy. She slipped on a white lacy demi-bra that only covered her big tits to about an inch above her areolas.. and a thin white blouse.. leaving half of the buttons undone which exposed an immense amount of her incredible cleavage. She picked out a pair of lacy panties and a very short tight red skirt... the hem of the skirt was halfway up her thighs when standing and would certainly ride much higher when she sat down. She could never wear such a short skirt to her office and even though it was probably too short for the country club she slipped it on anyway. Four inch red heels complemented the skirt. Before she left, she sat down at her makeup table again and applied some extra eye-shadow and eye liner. She wanted to look extra hot and sultry today. By 10:30 she was on her way to the country club.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy's tennis lesson was finished at eleven. She and her instructor had mostly worked on her serve today and it was a good lesson.. Wendy was certainly not the best tennis player by any means... but her serve was pretty good ...she could hit the ball very hard. She just never knew with any consistent certainty where it was going to go. ...but it was fun and good exercise. Her mind was still thinking about 'loading up Carlo's credit cards as she walked toward the sauna. .. . she had not been in a few weeks and it would be relaxing... her stress levels were still a little high because of the news about Carlo and the sauna seemed like a good idea. She undressed, wrapped a towel around herself, walked into the steam room and sat down on one of the wooden benches... It was hot and muggy with a cloud of mist hanging in the air. For the next thirty minutes Wendy relaxed with her eyes closed enjoying the soothing calming effects of the sauna before she slipped her tennis outfit back on and headed toward the Corleone suite where she would change clothes and go shopping. As she was walking down the hallway, two women that Wendy knew were walking toward her.. As they approached each other they all stopped and chatted for a couple of minutes with the usual 'Hi, it's nice to see you …. how are you … when is it going to rain ..and all of that.'.. then one of the women asked, “Have you seen Michelle Richardson today?”

Wendy politely answered, “No I have not.. why? Is something wrong?”

“I don't know, but you should see the way she is dressed.”

“Oh? Is she here at the country club?” Wendy asked, trying not to reveal her enthusiasm.. obviously the revenge wishing well was working it's magic.

“Yes she is here.. I saw her talking to some guys in the dining room a few minutes ago.”

Wendy nodded and then leaned forward wanting the women to continue their gossip, “So tell me,” Wendy whispered, “How is she dressed?”

The women replied, speaking one at a time ...“Like a street walker” … “She looks outrageous.” … “Obviously trying to draw attention to herself.”

“Oh?” Wendy's clit twitched and she wanted to hear more .. “Tell me more... what is she wearing?”

“You can see practically all of her breasts.” “And that short skirt she is wearing barely covers her behind when she sits down.” “And all of that makeup... like a know.. a ...a ….”

“A call girl?” Wendy asked as her clit throbbed again with desire to mate with Michelle.

“Yes.” “Exactly.” “I was going to say the W word.”

“Whore?” Wendy felt her clit twitch again as she asked with a whisper... then they all laughed before they went their separate ways. As Wendy walked into her suite she decided that she would go shopping tomorrow... she was going to find Michelle and was going to settle things with that bitch today! She walked into her closet ..“Now what should I wear today? .. I can't let that bitch look sexier than me.” Thirty minutes later she had dressed and applied more make up than was necessary and was walking out the door on her way to the bar. She needed a drink before she faced Michelle. It was almost 12:30

Wendy and Michelle

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Wendy turned a few heads as she strutted into the very darkly lit bar. It was noticeably darker than most bars... probably because the men wanted to 'hide' their 'whore-for-the-day'. The 'bar' itself was long and made of deeply stained mahogany and there were no bar stools.. you had to stand up. Wendy always thought that was rather odd.. but the story was that when you could no longer stand up, you could no longer order a drink. She thought it kinda made sense, but then again, it was kinda silly. As she waltzed to the bar, she was surprised by how few people were present, but then again, it was half past noon. There were perhaps five or six men and about twice that many women. There was a noticeable skewing in the ages... the average guy was somewhere on the wrong side of 50, while the average woman was closer to the right side of 30. … and there were a few girls who looked like they had been snagged from a sorority. Everyone had the right look, though. The men were obviously upper management, bankers, lawyers, with just the right level of paunch, and there was a consistent conservatism to their attire. Their female companions, who were mostly second wives with a few mistresses and new girlfriends thrown in, were all over the place, …. but again, in the expected way. Lots of open blouses ….. very short dresses ….. and whore heels and boots.

Wendy's long blonde hair was flowing around her face she approached the bar, her enormous tits slightly jiggling. She felt sexy as hell. She had put on some rather aggressive make-up, with heavy blush and eyeliner, which drew a few hostile looks from the female guests.... but most of the hostility probably came from her outfit. She was wearing some very nice black Jimmy Choo heels, which a few women checked out with quick glances and jealous smirks.... however, both the ladies and the guys directed most of their attention at Wendy's incredible body. She was wearing a tight black mini skirt with a hemline about half way up her firm smooth thighs ...with slits up the sides so that it sashayed with her firm athletic legs as she strutted up to the bar. Her thin white blouse was open halfway down, showing off an incredible amount of her massive cleavage and hinting strongly at everything else in there, as well.

Then she noticed someone else strutting into the bar. It was that bitch Michelle.. and Wendy's cunt sucked at her panties as the mixture of lust and hate flowed through her pussy. Michelle was wearing a red skirt that was every bit as short as the one Wendy had on...and her white blouse was also halfway undone and highlighted her very impressive rack. Michelle's long thick black hair was in loose curls that fell around her shoulders. Her face looked extremely sexy in the dim light and as the two hot bitches made eye contact, Michelle felt a hard spasm deep inside her pussy. She desperately needed to fuck Wendy. Wendy slowly looked up and down Michelle's hot body... fueling her mind with a combination of hate and lust .. Wendy desperately needed to fuck Michelle. As they stared at each other, Wendy also felt her pussy spasm.. and it became evident for both hot bitches.. their mutual hatred was part of what was now fueling their lust for each other. … Wendy and Michelle were sexually voracious and each of them wanted and desired the pleasure of the others sex. They wanted to sexually humiliate and destroy each other and as they stared into each others eyes their lust for one another began to intensify.

Michelle hated Wendy because she felt like Wendy did not belong in her class. Wendy married Carlo Corleone.. and Michelle thought that was the only reason she was a member of the country club elite. Wendy hated Michelle because she was born into a wealthy family.. had grown up in a nice home, had expensive clothes and had all the advantages that money affords. Yes, Michelle had earned her law degree, but Wendy knew that Michelle was where she was today because of the Richardson oil money.. and she resented it.... But the hate and animosity that was fueling their rivalry had never been about Wendy being a gold digger.. or about Michelle being born with a silver spoon in her mouth.. it was, and had always been, about sex and which one of them was the more powerful woman sexually.

As they stepped closer to each other, their eyes were already beginning to glaze over with lust and desire... Both Wendy and Michelle were angry... Michelle was still furious about what Angel had done to her.. and Wendy was very upset and mad about her upcoming divorce... they both understood that sexually breaking and humiliating the woman that was standing in front of her was a way for both Wendy and Michelle to address their anger at someone else... and as they stared into each others eyes they also knew and understood that the only way they could address this anger was to fuck. It was an overwhelming desire... but it was much more than desire or want.. it was need. It had to be done. Wendy and Michelle had to fuck each other.. and they both knew it.

Wendy gave her hips just a bit of sway and from the way Michelle's eyes narrowed, Wendy could tell that Michelle didn't care for it one bit. "Hey Wendy, … I see they are still allowing the riff-raff in.” Michelle said as she walked toward her in a voice that was deliberately disingenuous.

"Michelle, what an un-pleasant surprise.”

“So how is the country club whore today?” Michelle smirked.

“You know Michelle, I heard that you were almost likable at one time.. until that house fell from the sky and landed on your sister.”

“Fuck you.” Michelle replied in a catty voice..

“I think that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me... oh, by the way, do you know the four different types of orgasms?”

“I am afraid you are about to tell me.” Michelle replied as she looked up and down Wendy's incredible body. As much as Michelle hated her, she could not control her lust for the hot blonde bitch.

“Well... first... there is the positive orgasm … Oh yes!! Oh Yes!!! .. then there is the negative orgasm... Oh No!!! Oh No!!! .. then you have the religious orgasm … Oh God!! Ohhh God!!!... and finally... there is the fake orgasm .. “Oh Michelle!! Ohh Michelle!!!”

“Fuck you!” … Michelle then leaned a little closer to Wendy and whispered to her.. “How does it feel to not have the biggest pair of tits in the room?”

Wendy looked around the room before looking down at Michelle's huge tits .. “Now exactly how would I know that Michelle? … because I don't see anything that compares to what I see everyday in my mirror.”

“Fuck you Wendy.”

“I am sure you would love to fuck me Michelle.”

“And I am sure that I may be the only woman in Dallas who has not fucked you.”

“Awwwwww,” Wendy responded with a pouty voice... “I am sorry that you feel so left-out.”

“You are such a whore!... it's a shame that you are missing out on this.” Michelle said as she cupped the side of her big tits and squeezed them together ... her huge tits pointing straight out with her hard nipples erect and visible through her bra and blouse.

Wendy's clit twitched again as she surveyed Michelle's hot body with her eyes... she had to admit to herself that Michelle was fucking hot with a nice small waist... nice hips.. and those enormous tits.. and the tents on the front of her blouse looked extra hard and long today ... “Like I said earlier ...I don't see anything that compares to what I see everyday in my mirror.”

A very hot young tall bartender approached the two women and smiled. “What can I get for you ladies?”

Before Michelle could speak, Wendy looked at the bartender and smiled .. “Would you help us settle a difference of opinion? Although it's very obvious that my tits are bigger than hers, Michelle thinks her tits are bigger than mine. What do you think?” He looked back and forth between Wendy and Michelle and at first Wendy didn't think he would do it. But then Michelle shouldered her way into Wendy and turned to face him, with the same competitive fire in her eyes that was burning in Wendy's eyes. You could see his masculinity push his common sense off his face, and he nodded eagerly. Wendy and Michelle leaned forward, elbows pushing their huge tits together …. .displaying all of that massive cleavage. As the bartender glanced back and forth at their huge tits, Michelle subtly started pushing Wendy to the side which pissed Wendy off enough to make her shove back …. .hard enough to cause Michelle to stumble just a bit. The bartender's smile grew at the sight of this very feminine competition. And seeing him smile while staring at Wendy's rack made Michelle just want to slap her face.

"Oh, I think I'm not dumb enough to get in the middle of you two."

"Then fuck off," Michelle scoffed. Turning, she glanced at Wendy's huge tits as she tossed her long black silky hair back out of her face. “So, tell me whore, who are you fucking today?”

Wendy flipped her own long beautiful blonde hair with her right hand and glared into Michelle's eyes .. “I was considering fucking you, but now I am not sure … you are such a bitch.” She then turned away and started to walk off.

But Michelle grabbed her arm and tugged her back, saying, "You're not getting off that easy."

"Let go of me, bitch," Wendy responded in a catty voice as she pulled her arm away from Michelle's grip. She really wanted a piece of this bitch.

"Excuse me?" Michelle replied, stepping forward so that their huge massive tits were nearly touching as she whispered .. "Did the world famous whore just call me a bitch?"

Wendy did not want anyone to hear their conversation as she moved a little to her right, whispering toward Michelle's left ear ...“I think you heard exactly what I said ….. bitch.”

Michelle whispered back into Wendy's left ear ..“At least I got where I am today on my own two feet... instead of laying on my back like you did.”

“Oh come now Michelle … you were not always on your feet.. I am quite sure that you must have spent a great deal of time on your knees.”

“Fuck you whore.”

“Fuck you bitch.”

Michelle leaned back slightly and glared at Wendy.. “I am sure you want to... and I am more than ready.”

The two hot bitches glared at each other … their eyes revealing the hate and contempt that they had for each other as they stared into each others eyes … Wendy finally spoke .. “Why don't you walk your fat ass to my private suite... and we will see who fucks who.”

Michelle stepped close to Wendy, pushing her huge over-sized tits into Wendy's massive tits as she moved her face close to Wendy's left ear.. “There is nothing I want more that to prove to you that I am a better woman.”

Wendy pushed into Michelle, mashing their enormous tits even tighter as the naked skin of their deep cleavage touched.. hot burning skin to hot burning skin. “Lets settle this right now bitch … come with me.”

Michelle placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders and pushed her away as she once again glared at the stunningly beautiful blonde in front of her. “Let's do it whore.”

Wendy glared back for a few seconds, then turned and strutted toward the door with Michelle following right behind her. They walked side by side down the twenty foot wide hallway toward Wendy's private suite. Each woman swaying their hips a little more than was necessary as they strutted in their heels.. Michelle glanced over at Wendy, her eyes focusing on Wendy's enormous tits as she felt her pussy spasm. She hated Wendy with every fiber of her being, but the sight of Wendy's massive tits gently swaying as she strutted down the hallway was already soaking her panties with lust and desire. Wendy was also stealing fleeting glances at Michelle's huge tits.. the way they gently bounced hinted of their firmness and density.. and the way her nipples were straining at her tight white blouse was igniting the flames of lust that were building up inside her body. Wendy wanted to fuck Michelle... fuck her until she could no longer move.. She wanted to fuck Michelle into submission and she felt her pussy contract just thinking about it. It took a couple of minutes for them to arrive at Wendy's suite where Wendy stopped and turned toward Michelle, facing her. Her brown eyes were saturated with the combination of lust and hate as she stared into Michelle's dark eyes. Michelle returned her stare and Wendy could see the desire mixed with anger in Michelle's eyes. They slowly stepped toward each other, thrusting out their huge tits toward each other in defiance as they glared into each others eyes.

Michelle closed the final few inches between them until the front of their white blouses brushed against each other. In spite of all the hate and anger Wendy had for Michelle, she could not repress a soft moan as their hardened nipples touched tip to tip through their bras and blouses. “Ohhhhh.”

Wendy's soft moan was answered by an equally lustful moan that escaped from Michelle's lips … “Ahhhhh.” They had to mate. They had to join .. There was no other way... They had no other choice. Wendy and Michelle had to fuck.

Their breathing was becoming deeper and deeper as they stared into each others eyes for a few moments before Wendy stepped away, brushing her long blonde hair as she turned and unlocked the door to her private suite. She strutted inside, shaking her ass and waited for Michelle to enter before she closed the door and locked it. As she turned around to face Michelle, she was greeted by a hard slap to her face which spun her head around. “You fucking bitch!” Wendy yelled at her as she brought her hand up from her waist and slapped Michelle's face hard, spinning her all the way around up against the wall where she braced herself with her hands to keep from falling. As Michelle tried to push off Wendy grabbed her from behind, putting her arm around Michelle's neck and pushing down on her head. Wendy had Michelle's face against the wall as she wrapped Michelle's hair around her hand, but Michelle elbowed Wendy in the stomach, and Wendy bent over grunting hard, the air rushing out of her lungs. Wendy tried to hold on to Michelle's long hair, but she elbowed Wendy again and Wendy let go, stumbling backward holding her stomach. Michelle pushed herself away from the wall and quickly turned toward Wendy.. her eyes glaring with rage and lust as she charged at Wendy.

Wendy braced herself as their big heavy tits met head on with a smacking thud and they threw their arms around each other, grunting as the air rushed out of both of their sexy bodies. Michelle had the advantage of her momentum as she drove Wendy backward, her ass hitting a table as they tumbled over it and hit the floor. “Fucking whore!” Michelle screamed as they both grabbed onto each others hair., pulling and tugging as they rolled back and forth on the floor, their shapely hips and legs intertwined as they pressed their beautiful faces together cheek to cheek.

“You goddamn fucking slut! Wendy screamed as their huge tits squished and moved against each other. They grunted and groaned as they rolled around,.. long blonde hair tangling with long black hair. .. Michelle finally forced herself on top of Wendy and slapped her face back and forth, a few times before reaching down and ripping open the front of Wendy's blouse, exposing her huge bra-encased tits... but instead of covering up, Wendy reached up and sank her nails into Michelle's over-sized tits, squeezing through the material of Michelle's blouse. …. Michelle shrieked and smacked at Wendy's hands, and in Michelle's discomposure, Wendy bucked her off. .. They quickly rolled apart and stood, glaring as they faced each other.. their huge tits rising and falling as they panted. Their long hair was completely disarranged. Wendy's blouse was ruined and she shrugged it off, revealing her white lace demi-cup bra.

"Come on, you fucking bitch" Wendy taunted.

Michelle glared at her with a wicked crazed look in her eyes as she slipped her own blouse off, exposing her own lacy white demi-bra and her huge tits. Wendy snarled and leaped at Michelle with her hands in the air, but Michelle got her hands up in front of her face so Wendy threw an awkward punch into Michelle's side that left her bent over, holding herself. Wendy quickly grabbed her hair and yanked her face up and slapped her, leaving her stunned, but Michelle wasn't as hurt as I Wendy thought, and when she wound up to slap her again, Michelle spun out of Wendy's grip. Wendy grabbed for her but Michelle stepped to the side and smacked Wendy's face hard, her long blonde hair spinning around her head, and Michelle latched onto a handful of it, tugging Wendy hard to the side. Michelle was able to control Wendy by yanking on her hair, and as Wendy's head was jerked back, Michelle grabbed hold of her around the side and shoved and they fell to the floor again, with Michelle landing on top of Wendy.

Wendy bucked her hips up, but could not throw Michelle off of her. ... Michelle slapped Wendy's face with a forehand and a backhand, and at that point the room started to spin. Wendy put her hands up in front of her face and tried to roll free, but Michelle slapped her big tits through the lace bra. Wendy screamed as she tried to cover up her sensitive, well-developed tits but then Michelle slapped her across the face again. “Owwww! You fucking BITCH!” Wendy yelled as she reached up and dug her nails hard into the exposed skin of Michelle's big tits, causing Michelle to cry out in pain. Wendy then reached up and grabbed Michelle's black hair and jerked her hard to the right, rolling Michelle off of her.

Wendy quickly got to her feet with Michelle's hair still in her hand and yanked her up on her knees. “Owwwwwwwwww! Let go of my hair you fucking whore!!” Wendy jerked Michelle's head back as she pulled her other hand back.. and then with all the hate that was inside her she slapped the shit out of Michelle. “Owwwwwww!” Michelle cried out as Wendy yanked on Michelle's hair again, pulling her to her feet. Somehow Michelle managed to spin away from Wendy and the two warriors took a moment to catch their breath as they glared at each other. Taking deep breaths, and keeping their eyes locked, they each slipped off their heels... They were both feeling an overwhelming desire to sexually dominate the other.

“Fucking cunt!” Michelle hissed.

“Nasty whore!” Wendy gasped.

Michelle charged at Wendy again, placing her hands on Wendy's shoulders as she pushed Wendy back, pinning her against the wall.. .. . their two huge pairs of E cup tits spreading against each other as they felt the firmness and weight of each others tits with their own. Michelle trembled with an uncontrollable desire to fuck the big-titted blonde whore as she gasped.. “Ouuuuu.”. She then wrapped her arms around Wendy's waist and pulled their huge tits even closer together as their massive cleavage swelled up together.. spilling out of their white bras as hot skin seared against hot skin. As if they had planned it in advance, they moved their faces toward each other, mouths open and tongues out as they mashed their lips tightly together, their tongues fighting in their own prison as they swirled their long tongues around each other, licking and sucking and slurping at each others tongues.. it was a rough kiss.. they pushed their lips together hard as their tongues struggled in their own private war hidden from view. It was too much for Wendy as she felt her cunt clench hard.. once, twice.. then a third time as her big tits quivered against Michelle's and her hips rocked a couple of times. Wendy was going to cum... and there was not a fucking thing she could do to prevent it.

“Ah ahh ahhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Wendy gasped as she broke their kiss, a tiny slim shiny string of spit stringing between their mouths as she placed her arms around Michelle and pulled the hot black haired bitch even tighter against herself. “Ohhhhhh fuck!”

Michelle felt her own clit throb and spasm as Wendy's orgasm flowed through her body. It was about the sexiest thing she had ever seen, and although it was very rare for her to have an orgasm without any pussy/clit stimulation, she found herself being overwhelmed with lust and desire as her pussy jerked hard.. spraying her panties with her hot wetness as she bucked her hips against Wendy's and gasped .. “Unnnnnnnnnn.. Ohhh you fucking whore!” Michelle was cumming... her pussy clenching rapidly as she soaked her panties with her hot girl-cum.

They glared into each others eyes with uncontrollable lust for each other as they pushed their bodies hard against each other.. mushrooming their heavy dense tits together as much as they could … breathing deeply .. sighing . .and squishing their huge tits together as the tightened their grip around each others waist... They were going to cum again!!! Their eyes began to flutter as they stared at each other... Wendy felt her huge tits tighten up and expand... and Michelle felt her own over-sized tits began to swell with sexual energy as they began to shake against each other... then it happened at the same time... they both parted their lips and moaned... they were cumming together...

“Ohhhhhhh fucking bitch... Cummming!” Wendy quietly gasped as she squeezed Michelle tight.

“Cummming... Oh God, you dirty fucking whore!” Michelle moaned as they shared their orgasm with their open eyes locked together. “Ohhhhhhhh.”... They gasped and trembled in each others arms for a few minutes before Wendy pushed Michelle away and reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. A few seconds later her bra was lying on the floor as Michelle gasped at the sight of Wendy's enormous swollen tits with those incredibly long hard stiff nipples. Michelle's own big nipples began to twitch as they pushed against the front of her bra,.. wanting freedom.. wanting to be released .. wanting to mate with Wendy's big nipples. She took another step back as she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra and within seconds they were facing each other topless... Two beautiful sexy women … blonde hair and black hair... with two of the biggest racks that you could imagine.. huge full round swollen globes of firm dense tit-meat capped with four of the longest, most ridged intimidating nipples that you could ever dream of. Wendy began to drool from the corner of her mouth as she gazed at Michelle's magnificent tits and Michelle's heart began to beat quicker as she took in the fullness of Wendy's formidable tits. They teased each other for a couple of minutes as they swayed their upper bodies back and forth for each others mutual viewing pleasure. Their huge tits wobbling back and forth on their chests.. then they reached down and began to play with their own nipples... rolling their hardened spikes around between their fingers.. tugging and pulling on them... pinching them.. making them bigger .. and longer .. and harder.

Wendy glared at Michelle... Wendy was frustrated because of her impending divorce and she was upset and angry and mad as hell and she was going to take it out on the bitch she hated the most. She had to sexually dominate the black haired vixen standing in front of her ... “I am going to fuck you until you can't move, you filthy slut!”

Michelle was also very frustrated. Angel had embarrassed and humiliated her and she was also upset and angry and mad as hell and she was going to take it out on the whore she hated the most. She had to sexually dominate her blonde rival who was standing in front of her ... “I am going to make you cum so many times that you won't be able to walk for a month, you dirty whore!”

Michelle continued to stare at Wendy's massive naked tits. She never expected those tits to be as big and round as they were... or stick out from her chest with such firmness.. and those nipples.... they were huge! ... she never expected them to be so fucking big. “No way in hell that you will flatten these babies.. no fucking way. ” She said with a catty voice as she cupped her huge firm tits and squeezed them.

As Wendy stared at Michelle's enormous tits she began to wonder if her own huge tits were up to the challenge. Michelle's massive rack was a big as any she had ever seen.. and they looked firm and dense.. sticking straight out.. capped with those big round hard nipples. The two over-sexed vixens continued to stare at each others hot bodies as they began unzipping their skirts .. the lust and desire evident in their eyes. As they tossed their skirts off they could see each others panties.. wet panties.. panties that were already soaked with pussy juice. Keeping their eyes on each other, they slowly pulled their wet panties down over their hips, and down their thighs.. leaving a little trail of wetness as they tugged their panties down and kicked them off. Michelle gulped at the sight of Wendy's naked shaved pussy... her pussy lips were swollen and glistening with moisture and her big clit was already protruding.. already throbbing with a slight up and down motion. Wendy's eyes were locked on Michelle's shaved cunt... her pussy lips also swollen and extended.. and she quietly gasped as she noticed Michelle's equally big clit bobbing up and down as it twitched.

They slowly moved around in a circle facing each other. As much as they both wanted to claw and scratch the other, their desire to fuck was much more intense. Their lustful hate was overwhelming as two of the most stunningly beautiful women on the planet stepped toward each other at the same time..their huge nipples moving closer and closer until they touched tip to tip.. naked skin touching naked skin.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle tossed her head back as she felt a hot burning fire on the tips of her nipples.. a fire that was spreading... burning down the length of her hard nipple shaft and spreading into her areolas. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Unnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned with her as the fire engulfed the tips of her powerful nipples and quickly spread through her areolas and burned deeply into her huge tits. Neither hot bitch could stand it and they quickly stepped back, panting and gasping. Then Wendy challenged Michelle .. “Mine are longer than yours.”

“Bullshit... no fucking way.” Michelle answered as she moved slightly to her left and leaned forward so that their long nipples were resting side by side.

Again Wendy issued the challenge. “Let's find out.” she said as she slowly began to move forward, their long nipples rubbing against each other shaft to shaft.. both women watching as they tips of their big nipples moved closer and closer to each others areolas... As they slid closer and closer to the opposing areolas, Wendy and Michelle realized that it was going to be close... Wendy had perhaps the longest nipples on earth, but Michelle's nipples were huge.. and as they slowly moved their nipples toward each others areolas, shaft to shaft, they both looked down.. neither one of them absolutely sure who had the longer nipples... the tips of their nipples moved closer and closer in this agonizingly slow-motion contest.. and at the very last moment.. Michelle felt the tip of Wendy's nipples touch her areolas … Wendy's nipples were longer.. not by much.. but it was enough .. and it infuriated Michelle as she placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders and pushed her away..

“Fuck you! That does not prove a goddamn thing.”

Again Wendy challenged her ..“Then I guess you are not opposed to a little nipple fucking.”

Michelle was angry that Wendy had longer nipples, but she knew how hard her big nipples were... and there was no way in hell that Wendy's nipples could possibly be as hard as her own rock hard nipples .. “I'll fuck my nipples all the way inside your tits, you two-bit whore!”

They lined up their heated nipples tip to tip and pushed forward … both over-sexed bitches moaning as they felt their combined sexual energy flow between their joined nipples. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” They began pumping their nipples together... nipple fucking their huge hard nipples together... being careful not to push their areolas together.. at least not yet. This was just between their nipples.. it was a test to see which woman had the most hate in their rock hard nipples.. and as they fucked each other nipple to nipple they could feel each others hate flowing into each other from their mated nipples... hate and disgust for each other flowed through their massive tits and through their bodies filling their very souls with anger and hatred for one another ...Several minutes went by and they were now almost touching their areolas together each time they leaned forward into each other.. their massive nipples pushing back against each other time and time again.. until their areolas touched and their nipples disappeared from view... then Wendy stopped moving... and so did Michelle... and then something amazing happened... fueled by her hate and her intense lust, Wendy's huge nipples began moving by themselves.. her intense sexual energy coupled with her disgust for Michelle was manifesting itself through her powerful nipples …. Michelle's eyes revealed her own lustful hate as her own huge intimidating nipples also began to move on their own. Michelle had never experienced this before and she felt her cunt clench as their heated burning nipples began to push back and forth against each other without them moving at all. It was an unbelievable moment.. Two hot bitches... with huge tits … with exceptionally long hard nipples were standing toe to toe.. they had stopped rocking into each other, yet their nipples were fighting.. pushing and thrusting at each other all by themselves. It was magical... and both women gasped and moaned with intense pleasure. Wendy's nipples would push Michelle's nipples all the way back inside her dense tits and then Michelle's strong nipples would push Wendy's hard spikes all the way back inside Wendy's tits.. Their nipples were fucking.. and an incredible deep burning pleasure flowed from their fucking nipples, through their heavy tits and all the way to their throbbing clits. .. they began to gasp together as they looked down at their nipples fighting against each other as if they had a mind of their own.. as if they head a purpose.. as if they knew what must happen.. those hard long concrete-like nipples were determined to destroy the enemy.

Wendy inched closer and so did Michelle until their aroused pebbly areolas touched and stuck together. It was now more apparent than before that their nipples had declared war on each other.. They gasped with a deep pleasure as they watched the their areolas being pushed from the inside. Wendy's areola rippled slightly. But her upper body had not moved at all. Michelle's areola began to ripple. It was evident that their hard long nipples were pushing and thrusting against each other inside their joined tits. Then the tight skin of Wendy's big tit, right where it merged with her areola pushed out, as if there was a pencil inside her that was being pushed from the inside.. trying to poke a hole in the skin of her big tit. “Ohhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned with pleasure. As they looked down Michelle could also see the front of her tit being pushed out... first to the left, then up, then left again... then right.. just like Wendy's tit.. their nipples were thrusting in and out of each others tits.. pushing... as if they were trying to puncture a hole in their tit skin and escape. Quick deep intakes of breath came from both hot bitches as their hardened lengthy nipples battled each other.. sending electric charges of pleasure racing through every inch of their bodies.



Just as suddenly as this extraordinary nipple fight had began, it ended as their swollen nipples locked on to each other at the tips... and Wendy and Michelle moaned again with deep pleasure as they felt the milk holes on the tip of their nipples suck together.. Wendy had experienced this phenomenon many times but it was a rare event for Michelle. She closed her eyes as she felt their hard nipples fuse together, burning with erotic pleasure from their combined suction. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Unnnnnnnn.” Wendy gasped as they slowly pulled away from each other,, their sucking nipples tugging and pulling at each other until their areolas were being pulled out where the base of their nipples were attached. If Michelle's nipples were not darker than Wendy's, it would have looked like their huge tits were sharing one long thick nipple that was more than two inches long. Once again they began nipple fucking.. pushing together then pulling back... thrusting their glued nipples together again and again with neither pair bending or yielding to the other pair... as their areolas would touch with each forward thrust, Wendy and Michelle could feel the entire length and thickness of their swollen hardened nipples being pushed back inside their own firm dense tit-flesh. it was driving them crazy with lust... and they wanted more.

“Ohhhhhhh... you nasty slut!” Michelle gasped as she felt Wendy's hard nipples pushing against hers and then she gasped again as they leaned closer. .. slightly mushrooming their huge tits together. “Ahhhhhh.”

“Mmmmm.” Wendy quietly moaned as she took in the sexiness of Michelle's big tits mating with her own massive pair. As much as they despised each other .. as much as they hated each other ... Wendy and Michelle had a mutual weakness for big tits and both of their cunts twitched at the same time as their tits moved against each other with their heavy breathing. They wrapped their arms around each other as they once again crushed their massive heavy tits together. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Wendy trembled as she moaned.

“Ahhhhhhhh.. God!” Michelle gasped as their unyielding enormously dense tits mushroomed against each other. They moved their faces toward each other as if they were going to kiss, but instead they touched their noses together, glaring into each others eyes as they raised their voices and began hissing and growling at each other as they pumped their weighty tits together.

“You fucking bitch!” Wendy gasped as she pushed her big tits into Michelle's.

“God, I fucking hate you Wendy!” Michelle whispered as she grunted, pushing her huge tits back into Wendy's.

Wendy drove her massive rack hard into Michelle's as she spit her words out ..“I hate you more you piece of shit!”

“You're the fucking piece of shit!” Michelle angrily answered with another powerful thrust of her big tits into Wendy's.

They tilted their faces forward until their foreheads touched then narrowed their eyes as they continued their hard tit to tit pumping and began cursing each other at the same time, their words a garbled mess with spit flying from their lips,..

“You dirty filthy whore!”

“I fucking hate you bitch!”

“I hate you more than I have ever hated anything.”

“Goddamn fucking whore!”

“Nasty dirty filthy trashy piece of shitty garbage!”

“Stinky white trash!”

“I am going to fuck you until you beg me to stop!”

“Gonna fuck you until you pass out!”

“You Bitch!”



“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

As they were still nose to nose with their arms around each others waist, their extended swollen nipples sucked tightly together and their big tits plastered against each other, Michelle opened her mouth and spit on Wendy's mouth.

“Aughhhh! You goddamn bitch!” Wendy screamed as she spit on Michelle's mouth.

“Euuuuuu!” Michelle yelled back as their spit mixed on their lips and chins. As she was yelling, Wendy pushed her tongue into Michelle's mouth, forcing Michelle's tongue up to the roof of her mouth, but Michelle fought back as they engaged in a tongue war... stabbing and thrusting their tongues in and out of each others mouths as they ground their heavy tits together with their arms around each others waists.. They licked and lapped at the inside of each others mouths and when they could wrap their lips tightly around the opposing tongue, they would suck as hard as they could, trying to pull each others tongues out of each others mouths. It was the most intense tongue fight that either of them had ever been in... slurping and sucking and licking. Minute after wet minute passed as their mixed saliva began to dribble and string from their chins down onto their mushroomed tits, pooling in their shared deep cleavage. The tongue fight had passed the fifteen minute mark and they were still sucking and slurping and pressing their wet tongues together as hard as they could. Sometimes their front teeth would click together as they waged their tongue war. When it appeared to both of them that no one was going to win this tongue fight, they pulled their mouths apart... ropy strings of spit looped between their lips and chin as they glared at each other eye to eye and the verbal cursing began again.

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

Moving their hands to each others shoulders they pushed themselves apart.. or at least that was their intention. As they moved away from each other their nipples once again pulled out from their big tits.. still sucked tightly together.. They jerked back trying to un-stick their sucking nipples but they only pulled on the front of their tits more.. which enraged the two hot bitches as they slammed their tits together and yanked back hard.. pushing on each others shoulders as their joined nipples pulled out from their tits and finally 'popped' apart... Breathing deeply and consumed with lust, they lunged into each other, slamming their enormous tits together hard with a loud 'SLAP!' as their mixed spit sprayed off of their big tits. Again they slammed their huge tits together with another loud 'SLAP!'

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle gasped. She had never slapped tits with anyone who had tits like Wendy's. It was like slamming into a brick wall.

They lunged together for the third time with another resounding 'SMACK!'

“Ouuuuuuuuuu.” Wendy moaned. She too, had never slammed her tits into anyone who was a firm and dense and hard as Michelle was. Her tits were unbelievably solid. This was going to take a long time.

Once again, they yanked on each others shoulders and lunged into each other, their huge over-sized tits meeting head on with a loud stinging 'SMACK!' and it felt like they were going to explode from the heavy impact as they cried out together .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” “Ohhhhhhh.” They wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed their massive tits together with all their strength.. mashing those huge dense globes tightly against each other.. pressing and grinding.. trying to discover a weakness in each others enormous tits. … and both hot bitches were concerned.... you could always tell within a few smacks if your tits were better.. women have a sixth sense about such things... and when you press them together you can almost always feel the firmness and density of the opposing pair of tits. If they are not as firm as yours, you can feel it. If the opposing tits are not as heavy and dense as yours, you can feel it... It's something about the way they move against each other... about they way they spread out against each other. You can always tell... you can always feel it … but it was different this time. Wendy and Michelle felt like they were pressing against a pair of bowling balls. Wendy thought that Michelle's huge tits must be made of steel. .. and Michelle thought that Wendy's tits felt like they were molded with iron... and they were concerned and unfortunately for both of them.. there was no way out. One pair of big tits was going to yield to the other pair of big tits... it was just going to be a matter of time.

They held their tight bear-hug for a very long time... slowly moving across the carpeted living area toward the bedroom... squeezing and mashing their huge tits together … trying to overwhelm the others big tits.. to push them out of shape... to distort their appearance... but as long minute after grueling long minute passed, their heavy tits continued to hold their jutting shape... flattening out against each other just a few inches where they touched. Their breathing was ragged as they squeezed their tits together hard, making it difficult to breath but neither one of them was going to give in... there was way too much hate in their eyes as they constantly glared and snarled at each other with the occasional “Fuck you” As time slowly went by, it became increasingly difficult for them to maintain their tight bear-hug. their arms were growing tired and weary and it became obvious to both women that they could not generate enough compression to damage the others big tits. … and their anger and frustration and their sexual urges grew. It was Michelle who gave in to her frustration first.. she was not eager to start slamming and slapping their weighty tits together again...,but she wanted to prove that her tits were better than Wendy's as she stared into Wendy's eyes.. “Let's pump our tits together again whore.”

“I'll pump tits with you all day you skanky slut.” Wendy answered with anger in her voice as they grabbed the back of each others shoulders and leaned back and then pushed forward.. pumping those four huge tits together.... again and again... they would squish against each other.. slightly mushrooming before they leaned back and pushed together again.... sometimes the upper swells of their huge tits would make a slapping or smacking sound.. sometimes just a light thud sound as they pumped their big tits together... pumping … thrusting … pushing … over and over... pumping … moaning .. time continued to roll on... minute after minute.. their minds filled with frustration and hate as their bodies were filled with passion and lust for each other. They had been sharing their sexual energy for a long time already along with their anger and hatred for one another... but the constant friction between their huge tits and sensitive nipples was creating such an intense desire for each other that their anger and hatred would have to wait. Right now the only thing that mattered was to sexually dominate each other. Oh, they certainly hated each other... but the wetness dripping from their cunts as they began to twitch and spasm had created a physical reaction that neither woman could prevent. Think about it … two stunningly beautiful women with big fucking tits.... who are both sexually attracted to stunningly beautiful women with big fucking tits.... the fire had already ignited and was burning, but now it was about to burn out of control.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as her cunt clenched hard...

Michelle gasped a few seconds later as her pussy spasmed and twitched .. “Unnnnnnnnnn.”

Another ten minutes elapsed as they kept up the pace .. pushing and pumping their over-sized tits together.... their nipples were now beginning to twitch as the sexual energy was flowing between them … and by now their wet pussy juice was running down their inner thighs. Wendy wanted to slide tits with Michelle as she stopped pumping her tits into Michelle and slid her hands down to Michelle's ass, cupping her hard tight buttocks and squeezing. Michelle's hands has also moved down Wendy's back until she was clutching Wendy's tight ass cheeks and was also squeezing. Wendy began swaying her upper body back and forth.. dragging their huge tits across each other.. right, then left, back and forth.... when their over-sized tits would meet they would slightly compress into each other as they tried to flatten each others big tits with their own large tits … and even though they would mushroom together as they slid against each other, their heavy tits were so firm and solid that it would force their upper bodies back a few inches from each other... then as one of their big tits would get trapped between the others big globes, they were able to lean closer against each other before, once again, being forced apart because of the massive amount of tit-flesh that was pushing together. It was a spectacular sight to behold from the side... As Wendy's big right tit would slide over and free itself from Michelle's huge left tit, Wendy's firm tit would instantly regain it's shape and firmness, and then as she moved to her left, dragging her right tit past Michelle's left tit, then it was Michelle's huge tit that would reshape into it's full jutting form. Their big tits were amazingly holding up to each other as they swayed back and forth, grinding those four huge solid tits against each other.. . squeezing each others firm buttocks ...and then there was the nipple battle that was taking place, as each time their huge tits would slide past each other their ultra-hard lengthy nipples would catch and bend against each other before springing apart, causing both hot bitches to gasp and moan with pleasure.

“I fucking hate you Michelle...and I hate your fucking tits!”

“I hate you and your fucking tits Wendy!!”

“Come on Michelle... titfuck me.”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I'm gonna titfuck you until you cum!”

Wendy moaned loudly … her clit was twitching ...“Yesssssssssssssss tit fuck me you bitch!”. .. once again they began pumping their heavy tits together.. head on into each other.

Michelle's clit was also twitching as she gasped .. “I am gonna make your big tits cum you fucking whore!!”

“Ohhhhhhh God yesssssss Cum with me bitch!!! Come with this whore!!”

They were pumping their tits harder.. really pushing them together hard with each forward thrust... they were close to cumming... and when Wendy felt her orgasm begin, she grabbed Michelle tightly.. keeping their huge tits plastered together. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!” Wendy moaned deeply as the current of sexual energy rushed from her pulsing clit, up into her big tits.. terminating in her over sensitive nipples.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” Michelle moaned with her as she also felt her orgasm begin... her clit began to twitch and all of her sexual energy began to flow like a river from her clit, through her body and into her huge tits before her wanton lust reached her throbbing nipples …. it was just going to be a few more seconds for both of them as they held each other tight.. their enormous tits spilling out against each other at their sides as they threw their heads back... blonde and black hair whipping around their faces as they screamed together... “Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhh you fucking whore!... Cummmmming!” Michelle screamed as her hot cum squirted from her swollen nipples.

“Ah ah ah ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy screamed as she felt her nipples cumming... gushing cum between their huge mushroomed tits.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck you!!!!!!” Michelle gasped as their combined nipple cum oozed out from between their compressed tits ... which triggered another orgasm... “Ohhhh Shit! Cummmmmming!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnn you fucking slut!!! GOD! Cummmmmming!”



They held each other for several minutes as the aftershocks flowed through their over-sexed bodies... trembling and shaking against each other. Michelle slowly eased back from Wendy, and they both looked down, seeing the clear sticky substance smeared all over their tits.. As Michelle continued to pull her tits away from Wendy's their nipples became visible. and as they pulled the tips of their nipples apart, their oozing nipple cum stretched in a long thick bubbly string between their nipples.. looking as if they were tied together with a silk rope.... and that is when both hot bitches knew with certainty that their nipples had ejaculated. “Shit! … our nipples came.”

Wendy gave Michelle a catty smile … “Un huh... that is what whores do... and I am nothing but a nasty filthy fucking nympho whore slut.”

Michelle smirked with her own catty smile as she replied .. “Then it's time for me to fuck this nasty filthy fucking nympho whore slut.”

“Mmmmmmmmm lets fuck Michelle.. fuck until one of us can't fuck anymore.. until one of us gives up.. until one of us quits ….”

“Until one of us surrenders and admits that the other is the better woman.”

Wendy began walking toward the bedroom.. “Cum with me bitch.. we are going to fuck it out if takes all night.”

“My cunt is going to suck yours dry.”

“We'll see about that ….. bitch!”

Wendy entered the bedroom and walked to the bed where she laid down on her side.. “Cum and get you some.”

“With pleasure.” Michelle answered as she slid on the bed next to Wendy, on her side facing her.

They rolled into each other, their powerful legs sliding together as they fought for the top position... rolling back and forth several times on the bed with their arms around each other... their big tits, covered with a shiny sheen of their sweat were sliding and moving against each other as they struggled. They were digging their fingers into each others powerful glutes as they rolled back and forth …. long thick black hair mingling and intertwining with long silky blonde hair... their hard abs sliding back and forth against each other as their strong athletic legs fought for dominance. The two hot bitches were cheek to cheek, panting and gasping into each others ears as they rolled around on the bed... squeezing each others buttocks...

Michelle gasping into Wendy's ear ..“I'm going to make you cum until you can't cum anymore!”

“Fuck you.. you will be the one who will be begging me to stop!”

They groaned with pain and pleasure as they dug their nails hard into each others tight buttocks... their wet mounds slipping and sliding against each other in the mixture of pussy juice and sweat. Their tangled long hair was wet with their perspiration as they fought body to body, bucking and humping for the top position. It was Michelle who finally forced Wendy down underneath her as she pushed her wet cunt down against Wendy's soaked pussy. Wendy slapped Michelle's ass before her hands once again clamped down on Michelle's amazingly hard buttocks.. fondling and squeezing Michelle's ass cheeks. Their wet pussy lips easily slid against each other as they mashed their cunts together and began fucking. Michelle moving her hips and Wendy matching her thrust for thrust. Their hard nipples were fighting their own little personal war buried between their huge mushroomed tits as their wet cunts began to grind together.. sliding up and down each other.. sticky pussy lips tugging and pulling against each other, and throbbing clits meeting and flicking at the end of each long deliberate stroke of cunt sliding against cunt. The hatred they had for each other was once again coming to the surface as all that mattered to each of them was to out-fuck her adversary.... to defeat her .. to beat her .. to prove once and for all who the top bitch was... and who was the better woman. Their cunts were squishing and slurping together as they slid up and down each others soaked cunt with their own wet pussy. It was a cunt to cunt fight... it was pussy vs. pussy.. it was a sexfight to the finish. Five minutes ticked off the clock.. then ten,, then twenty.. and their fucking continued... grinding and dragging their hard clits together as they fucked each other with all the sexual skills they had acquired over the years. Michelle reached underneath Wendy's buttocks with her hands and began to dig her fingers hard into Wendy's powerful firm glutes as they squeezed each others buttocks with determination. Cheek to cheek, they began to gasp and moan as they grew closer and closer to their impending sexual release. Michelle began moving faster... working her powerful hips with authority and Wendy matched her rhythm as they worked their cunts together... sliding up and down.. but they wanted more.. it was time to rub clit head to clit head... Their clits had been flicking together for almost thirty minutes.. meeting and touching and catching and flicking apart at the end of each stroke of their sliding cunts.. but it was now time to grind their clits into each other... They both pulled hard on each others buttocks... they needed to force as much pressure on their clits as they could.. and they tugged and pulled with their hands full of each others firm ass cheeks,, grinding their burning clits together in a fiery burning fusion as they welded their aching throbbing clits together... Michelle's movement shortened.... she was now moving up and down only about an inch... their clits rubbing against each other constantly... the pressure building.. the pleasure almost unbearable.. and neither one of them wanted to be the first to cum. Yes, they had already agreed to fuck until one surrendered, but it would most certainly be a moral victory to make the other girl cum first. This was going to be easier for Michelle to achieve.... not that she was more sexually skilled than Wendy... it was simply because Wendy was a confessed nympho whore.. and sometimes she couldn't help it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as Michelle dragged her clit up and down Wendy's clit.. rubbing.. sliding.. feeling them throb and pulse together... Her body began to tremble..... but Michelle's body was twitching and trembling too. Their clits were burning with a passionate fire that had to be quenched... but which cunt was going to be the first to spray?

“Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Michelle moaned loudly as her clit began jerking against Wendy's throbbing clit.

“Yesssssss you fucking nasty bitch!!! Cummm for me!” Wendy panted.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Michelle screamed... her orgasm was upon her as Wendy began bucking violently with her powerful hips and raised her left hand and smacked Michelle's ass. 'Slap.' “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

Wendy was going to cum.... and Michelle was going to cum... and then it happened at the same time..... each of them screaming as the pleasure overwhelmed them....

“Cummmmmmmming! …. Cummmmming!” Both of them screaming at each other as their cunts gushed... spraying each other with their hot sweetness.

“Fucking Whore!... Cummmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhh Cummmming You dirty bitch!!!”

“Ohhhhhh God I hate you!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Unnnnnnn Ohhh Fuck you!”


“Unnnnnnnnnn Cummmmmmmming!”

As their bodies were still trembling and gasping for air, Wendy grabbed Michelle and rolled both of them over so that now Wendy was on top... and the fucking commenced again. Wendy began sliding her wet pussy up and down against Michelle's wet pussy.. again their sticky pussy lips would catch and pull and tug against each other as they slid their open cunts up and down each other... and, as before, at the end of each upward thrust from Wendy's hips, their clits would meet and rub across each other which sent an erotic shock wave through their bodies. Ten minutes passed.. then fifteen .. by the time they reached the twenty minute mark they were gasping from their labored breathing... their cunts were soooo fucking wet.. as were their thighs... their mixed pussy juices was smearing their hot skin and their huge tits were pushed tightly together.. mushrooming out to their sides.... Wendy and Michelle hated each other... but the pleasure of fucking each other was incredible. Several more minutes elapsed as they began to move their hips quicker... and the movements became shorter as they concentrated their efforts on grinding and rubbing their clits together. You already know that the missionary position enables the maximum contact between two women's clits. .. and they were really grinding and rubbing their exposed clits into each other... and as they were getting close to an orgasm, Wendy locked her eyes with Michelle and gasped.. “I am going to cum first.”

As Michelle looked into Wendy's eyes she panted her response as she grabbed Wendy's buttocks,, pulling and tugging on her ass cheeks.. pulling her wide open cunt hard against her own openly exposed cunt. “Of course you are... cause my pussy is better than yours.”

“No,” Wendy moaned as they ground their sensitive clits together... “It has nothing to do with that …. I want to cum first so I can see the look in your eyes as I pump my hot pussy-cum into your nasty cunt!” Wendy forced her hands underneath Michelle's buttocks and squeezed,, pulling hard with her arms... trying to pull Michelle's burning pussy inside her own flaming cunt.

“Ohhhhhh.” Michelle moaned as she raised her left hand and slapped Wendy's firm ass cheek with a loud clapping sound . .. “Fuck you!”

“Ouuuuu, you bitch,” Wendy moaned … “I want you to tell me how it feels to have me squirt my cum inside your filthy dirty pussy.”

“Fuck you!” Michelle answered, her dark eyes filled with desperate lust as she slapped Wendy's buttocks again.. “You fucking whore!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy began moaning louder as she rocked her clit up and down against Michelle's clit... faster and faster... their hard bodies squished tightly together .. “Ohhhh you fucking slut!! Get ready bitch . . I am going to cum inside your nasty stinky cunt!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle gasped as she could see the need in Wendy's eyes.. the need to fuck.. the need to cum .. ..”Ohhhhhhh I HATE you!!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned.. and then her body tensed as she looked into Michelle's eyes, seeing the mutual desire.. the mutual pleasure.. seeing the uncontrollable urgency and need to fuck and cum and fuck and cum as she continued grinding her throbbing clit as hard as she could against Michelle's pulsing clit … “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,, Ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy's eyes were filled with lust and pleasure as her cunt contracted hard.. and squirted... ejaculating her hot pussy cum on Michelle's pussy …. “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!!” Another hard contraction was followed by another squirt of cum .. “Cummmmmmmmming!!!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn … “ Michelle gasped as her orgasm rushed through her body .. “Cummmmmmmmming!” Her eyes revealed the deep pleasure that was rushing through her body as her cunt clenched hard as she sprayed Wendy's pussy with her hot girl cum. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss!”

With their eyes still open and staring at each other, they shared a moment of incredible lust and intimacy … each one knowing how much pleasure they were giving to each other as they gasped and moaned ... their eyes sharing their deep sexual need for each other as they whispered to each other with their heavy breathing …

“Ohhhhhhhhh you nasty dirty whore!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.. you are such a filthy slut!”

They continued to grind their clits together and a few minutes later they were cumming again... their wet cunts spraying each other with their pussy juices. …. and ten minutes later they were cumming again... jerking against each other as they screamed and yelled and cursed each other with every dirty vile nasty word that you could think of. They were close to the point of exhaustion as Wendy rolled off of Michelle onto her side.. their long tangled wet hair tugging and pulling apart .. For several minutes they laid there,, breathing deeply,, their bodies glistening with a sheen of their mixed perspiration as their enormous tits jiggled slightly with their labored breathing. Wendy finally got to her knees and crawled to the other end of the bed and then turned around and sat down on her ass, her hands down on the bed supporting her upper body, with her legs out in front of her.. spread open.. she was still panting .. her enormous tits jiggling up and down with her deep breathing as she stared at Michelle. Michelle began sliding toward Wendy on her hands and ass with her legs spread open.. her huge tits wobbling from side to side .. her cunt still oozing as Wendy spread her legs so they could scissor their legs together. They stared at each others glistening pussys... their swollen pussy lips were extended and wet with their shared fuck juices. As Wendy stared at Michelle's cunt she knew she had to destroy Michelle's pussy. She had to totally, unequivocally dominate Michelle's pussy with her own pussy. Michelle felt her intense combination of hate and lustful desire for Wendy as she gazed into Wendy's gaping pussy... her lips swollen with desire... her clit throbbing... her wet vagina still oozing their mixed sticky juices. Michelle had to prove that she had the better pussy.. that she was the better woman.. that she could out-fuck the blonde whore in front of her. They slowly advanced their wide open cunts toward each other... arms and hands bracing their upper bodies as they moved closer and closer …. Wendy was already drooling as she licked her lower lip... Michelle's nipples began to twitch wildly... They had been fucking for a long time... but now it was time to mate. It was time to become one.

Their swollen labia touched first.. both bitch-whores gasped with a deep intake of air as Michelle gasped.. “Ohhhhhhhhh God.”

“Ummmmmm.” Wendy moaned as she squirmed a little closer.. their pussy lips spreading against each other.... Wendy leaned back on her hands.. slightly lifting her ass.. and reached forward with her pussy.... “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

Michelle moaned deeply as she inched her pussy forward, their spread labia squishing together.... she wiggled her buttocks slightly.. and then gasped with a another deep intake of air as their swollen clits touched .. “Unnnnnnn Fuck!”

Wendy began to writhe.. her huge tits trembling on her chest as she slid her ass the final distance... and their open cunts kissed deeply together.

Within a few seconds their wet cunts were smeared together and the grinding began.. pushing and shoving together …. grinding the most intimate part of their body against the most intimate part of their hated rival's body. They began to moan together as they began tribbing. … rocking and grinding … sliding and pushing … flicking their clits back and forth as they fucked each other.. it was intense fucking.. hard fucking .. filled with hate and anger as they tried to grind their own cunt inside of the others cunt... they wanted to destroy their hated rivals cunt... to humiliate each other.. to make each other cum until they could no longer continue. Minute after grueling minute they pushed and shoved with their powerful glutes.. using their athletic legs to push against each other as hard as they could.. mashing their cunts together in their lust-hate-fight. Ten minutes of constant deep grinding came and went and they were still pressing and straining together.. rubbing their open cunts fiercely together as they gasped and moaned and cursed each other.

“Fucking piece of shit!”

“Unnnnnnn I fucking hate you!”

Wendy lowered herself down, so that she was now flat on her back,.. Michelle also moved her arms from behind her hips and laid down on her back.. they continued to grind into each other for a few more minutes until both hot bitches reached out, grabbing the others thigh... clutching it for leverage as they pushed their open cunts very hard against each other ….their huge tits wobbling as they jerked their asses.. applying as much pressure on their cunts as they could … As they fucked, both Wendy and Michelle had been holding back their most cherished gift... the ability to suck with their cunts... oh, there had been a few little slurps and sucks now and then as they were fucking, but nothing like what they were both capable of. Michelle decided that now was the time... she was going to scare the shit out of Wendy with her powerful pussy... if she had only known ….

Michelle twisted her hips slightly and then pushed hard against Wendy.. their heated pussy lips completely flattening out against each other.. she wiggled her hips just a little more until she was sure that her cunt was locked tightly to Wendy's cunt, then Michelle flexed her pussy.... squeezing and sucking at Wendy's pussy... “Uhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as she felt the suction on her pussy. Michelle flexed again with the same result as Wendy moaned again .. “Ouuuuu.”

“You like that whore?” Michelle taunted her.. “I bet you never felt a pussy like mine before, have you whore?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy gasped.

“What's it like to feel a real pussy?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh you fucking bitch!” Wendy moaned as Michelle squeezed her cunt... It did feel good... in fact, it felt very good. Wendy grabbed the sheets with her hands.. pulling and tugging …. Michelle had a talented pussy and knew how to use it. It was an easy seven or eight on a scale of one to ten.. maybe even a nine ... and Wendy was loving it.. Of course she was loving it.... Nymphomaniacs love to fuck... they love to have their pussy sucked by another pussy... and it was driving Wendy wild with pleasure as she continued to gasp and moan .. “Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy was going to cum again... and it was just like she had said .. 'nympho whores love to fuck and cum. .. that is what they do.' Her clit began to tremble with pleasure and her entire body began to spasm.... 'Ahhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... FUCK!” Wendy moaned as her clit vibrated against Michelle's... and her vagina clenched hard.. then opened up and squirted all over Michelle's cunt … “Cummmmmmmmmming! … Ohhhhh Fuck You Michelle... I'm Cummmmmmming!!” Her hips were bucking and her buttocks jerking as her pussy gushed it's sweetness all over Michelle's cunt.

Michelle thought that she had just proved that she was the better woman.. it was only going to be a matter of time before Wendy would be worn out and exhausted and surrender to her superior pussy. … but that was about to change.

Wendy gasped as she slowly raised herself up on her elbows, continuing to grind her wet soaking cunt against Michelle's heated cunt .. “Unnnnnnn you do have a good pussy.”

Michelle how now raised herself up on her elbows as she answered between deep breaths … “Good? Ha! You have never felt a pussy like mine before, you fucking whore!”

Their eyes stared at each others massive tits jiggling on their chests as they kept pushing and grinding their cunts together, then, as their eyes locked together, Michelle saw the expression on Wendy's face change.... what was glaring hate slowly turned into an evil wicked grin.. and then Michelle suddenly, without warning, felt her pussy being turned inside out as Wendy flexed her magical pussy.. sucking deeply at Michelle's cunt.. and Michelle felt her extended pussy lips being sucked up inside Wendy's cunt. 'Oh my God!' Wendy thought .. 'Is this the magic spell working?' She pulled herself back from Michelle, her pussy 'popping' free... what had just happened was a foreshadow of what was to come. Again Wendy mashed her cunt tightly to Michelle's,, vagina to vagina and flexed again.... Michelle's eyes opened wide with lust and amazement as she gasped deeply.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy grinned as she flexed her cunt again.. and Michelle could literally hear the rush of air being sucked up inside Wendy's cunt as her pussy lips were being pulled and tugged up inside Wendy's amazing pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GAWD!!!”

But Michelle had not yet released the full force of her own incredible ability to suck with her cunt ..and as Wendy paused between her powerful sucks, Michelle pushed hard against her.. so hard that it would be impossible for their burning pussys to be closer together than there were at this moment... and then she unleashed hell on Wendy's pussy,, sucking Wendy's labia up inside her powerful cunt...

“Ohhhhh my God!!”, Wendy moaned loudly... she had never felt such a strong powerful cunt before... It felt like Michelle was turning her pussy inside out.. and Wendy's body began to tremble.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” she moaned with lust for this hot bitch that was sucking her cunt with her amazing pussy. As Michelle's cunt relaxed, Wendy moved her hips up and clamped her pussy lips around Michelle's clit... and with their eyes still locked, Wendy narrowed her eyes as she glared at Michelle .. “You dirty fucking bitch! Did you really think that your pussy could compare to mine?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle moaned as Wendy flexed her powerful kegels again.. her incredible vagina squeezing and sucking on Michelle's trapped clit... sucking it hard... harder than Michelle ever believed could be possible.. “Noooooooooooooooo... FUCK!!!” Michelle screamed as she began to cum … “Cummmmming!” Michelle's pussy clenched … her clit jerked hard inside Wendy's sucking cunt as her pussy cum gushed .. squirting Wendy's pussy with her fuck juices... “Cummmmmming! .. Oh My God! …. Cummmmmmmming!!” As Michelle bucked her hips wildly against Wendy, she managed to move her spraying vagina up over Wendy's hard throbbing clit, catching Wendy off-guard as her eyes squinted and she flexed her own powerful kegels.. and sucked Wendy's burning clit up between her own magical pussy lips as she squeezed Wendy's clit hard with her pussy.

Wendy tried to hold back... but Michelle's sucking pussy was locked tightly on her clit.. and within seconds, Wendy was cumming again.. screaming with deep pleasure.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Yet again, her cunt spewed hot juices on their mashed cunts as she ground her cunt hard against Michelle's. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shit!!!”

The feel of Wendy's cunt contracting against hers was enough to send Michelle over the edge again as she began to cum …. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... yessssssss!”

Michelle was cumming hard... her body shaking.. her clit felt like it was going to explode with pleasure ... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Wendy screamed as her vagina squirted again on Michelle's pussy …. splashing cum all over their cunts and thighs.

Michelle was cumming again.... her cunt exploding as she felt Wendy's hot cum spraying their grinding cunts .. “Cummmmming soooooo hard!!!”

They lay there for a minute.. bodies writhing. ….gasping and moaning with their cunts mashed together.. their lower abs and thighs wet and sticky with all of their pussy cum … Wendy slid her cunt down a couple of inches and tilted her hips, locking her vagina tightly to Michelle's vagina and she flexed again... sucking Michelle's cum deep inside her amazing vagina... sucking hard as Michelle began having multiple orgasms.. one after the other as Wendy was literally sucking the sexual energy from Michelle's body. “Cummmmmming ! Michelle screamed over and over and over .. “Cummmmming! ….. Cummmmmmmming!! … “Cummmmmming!!” She could not control it.. She could not stop it … one orgasm after the other rocked her body.. “Cummmming!! ...Cummmmmmmmmming!!” Wendy thought she was on the verge of sexually dominating Michelle when suddenly she felt Michelle's equally talented pussy suck hard at hers.

“Unnnnnnnnnn fuckkkkkkk!” Wendy shrieked as Michelle began sucking all their mixed cum back inside her own miraculous vagina.... Wendy was lost somewhere between her hate and lust for this hot bitch as she began cumming again, screaming and moaning … “Cummmmmmmmmming!!! Oh yessssssss Cumming!” Her pussy contracted hard against Michelle's... their twitching cunts vibrating together as Wendy's pussy began to suck Michelle's sucking pussy. It was a suck fight like the world had never witnessed before since the beginning of time. Sucking cunt vs. Sucking cunt. They immediately created a vacuum between their sucking cunts as both over-sexed sluts could feel each others suction.. pulling at each others vagina's.. their mixed fuck juices squishing back and forth between them as they sucked with all their strength. …. If only you could have been there.. listening to the squishing and slurping sounds their cunts were making... sucking sounds as their thirsty pussys tried to drink up their shared hot juices. Their hungry cunts were trying to drain each other... to siphon every drop of hot sticky moisture from each others vagina. Their shared vacuum pulled and tugged at each other with sexual energy that was beyond belief.

No doubt you understand that neither hot girl could constantly maintain such physical endurance constantly, and as Michelle would pause and relax her vagina, Wendy would suck all of their wetness deep inside her sucking vagina.... likewise, when Wendy would have to relax her strong kegel muscles, she could feel all of their juices being sucked from her vagina into Michelle's sucking cunt. .. it became a sexual war of attrition... first Michelle would suck the sweetness into her cunt, then Wendy would vacuum their mixed wetness back into her own cunt.. back and forth they traded pussy sucks with each other... their very souls overflowing with sexual energy and lust like they had never experienced.. Wendy had never wanted to fuck anyone as much as she wanted to fuck Michelle at this very moment.. and Michelle could not remember ever wanting to fuck anyone as bad as she wanted to fuck Wendy. Minute after sucking minute they slurped and sucked their juices back and forth between their warring cunts... wanting to destroy.. wanting to dominate... then the orgasms began again .. more intense that their memory could recall. Wendy was the first to cum.... her vagina losing it's suction as her orgasm caused her whole body to tremble.. she lost the ability to squeeze with her kegels as all of her muscles began to spasm uncontrollably. Wendy cried out as she began to squirt her pussy cum deep inside Michelle's sucking vagina... “Cummmming! .. Squirting so fucking hard!!! Cummmmming.”

As Wendy's cum squirted deep inside Michelle's hungry cunt, Michelle lost control of her body... her powerful cunt momentarily losing it's suction as her vagina clenched and spewed her own hot girl cum mixed with Wendy's hot fuck juices back into Wendy's wet pussy which had now recovered it's suction. Michelle lustfully yelled at Wendy as she felt their abundant juices being sucked out of her cunt into Wendy's cunt .. “FUCK!!! Cummmmmmmmming!! .. Squirting!!! Cummmmmmmming !”

Wendy and Michelle continued to cum and cum and cum.. sharing multiple orgasms with each other for another ten minutes until they were on the verge of passing out from the continuous physical and emotional energy that was being shared between them. They were covered with sweat... their joined pussys sticky with each their mixed cum. They laid there... resting.... quietly moaning … their souls overflowing with desire and lust for each other... fifteen minutes passed as they slowly regained their strength.. neither hot bitch was willing to surrender.. neither one of them was about to quit. Wendy and Michelle had to settle this here and now.. today. They were determined to fuck and fuck and fuck until one of them would surrender and admit that the other one was the better woman. Michelle was the first to begin moving from her deep exhaustion as she rolled away and got on her knees and squirmed up on top of Wendy, lowering her incredible hot and sexy body down on Wendy's perfectly built body. Michelle spread Wendy's thighs apart with hers and lowered her huge swollen tits down on top of Wendy's equally huge and swollen tits.. their long hard nipples meeting again tip to tip and disappearing from view as their heavy tits spread out against each other. Wendy once again moved her hands down to Michelle's hard buttocks and began squeezing and kneading her dense ass she looked up into Michelle's eyes, they shared a lustful stare with each other as Michelle lowered her face toward Wendy. Their mouths opened and their tongues reached for each other... and as the tips of their tongues touched, their clits also touched … and the deep kissing and deep grinding began again. It was much slower than before.. they were physically exhausted as they shifted their hips back and forth against each other.. their fiery clits burning together as they explored the depths of each others mouths with their wet tongues. Wendy and Michelle were in lust with each other.

They fucked for another hour... Michelle grinding on top of Wendy, then Wendy on top of Michelle... grinding their clits together.. up and down.. grinding.. rubbing.. stroking their clits together continuously … then Michelle would assume the top position as they kept fucking.. rocking .. grinding .. panting … fucking .. gasping... moaning …. then it was Wendy's turn to be on top as she rolled their joined bodies over and mounted Michelle.. and the fucking continued.. minute after minute.. rubbing and pushing into each other.. their big weighty tits mashed tightly together.. nipples pulsing and jerking together... tongues licking together inside their joined mouths.. saliva drooling from the corners of their mouths as they kissed and fucked and fucked and kissed and mashed their enormous tits together. Another thirty minutes elapsed... their pussy lips sticking and pulling against each other as they rocked their throbbing clits together.. up and down.. back and forth.. rubbing and grinding... Wendy and Michelle were fucking toward the most intense orgasm that either could ever imagine was possible. With their bodies filled with insane lust for each other and screaming for sexual release they somehow reached deeply inside their souls and found enough energy and desire to quicken their pace. They began to grind harder.. rubbing harder... moving a little quicker... with their clits on fire and their nipples burning deeply inside each others dense tit-flesh and with their tongues licking and sucking at each others lips and tongues they became one. Two clits merged … four hard nipples sucked together … they began to tremble … the fire spread from deep within their bodies.. burning and searing their mated clits together with a fiery weld … their nipples were about to explode into each other as they broke their kiss, their eyes locking as their bodies began to tremble with unbridled lust. They looked into each others eyes as they shared this overwhelming intimate violation of each others bodies.. They could read the lust and desire in each others eyes... they could see the need to violate and destroy each other... and they could see their shared and unified need to consume each others sexual and emotional energy.

Their whispered voices became one as they moaned together .. their clits jerked hard together.. their nipples expanded and sucked hard together... and the most lustful, wanton, whorish flood of burning desire gushed through every inch of their bodies at the same time.



“Ohhhhhhhhh you fucking whore!” Michelle gasped.

“Fucking slutty bitch!” Wendy moaned.

“IIIIIEEEEE … FUCK!! Cummmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their cunts squirted together... becoming one gushing fountain of squirting cum as they released all of their sexual lust and desire inside each others sucking cunts.. their cum gushing and splashing on their abs and thighs … drenching and soaking the bed with a rainstorm of pussy cum.

“Oh GAWD!!! ...Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“FUCKKKKK!!! ….Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Four long hard nipples jerked together and ejaculated their hot nipple cum into each other massive tits... burning their huge globes with a fiery baptism of lust and pleasure. Their mutual orgasm was intoxicating... breathtaking … sexually, physically and emotionally draining each other as their pussys belched hot air and pussy cum into one another.. spewing and gushing ... lustfully sharing this most intimate moment with each other.... sharing their lust.. sharing their sexual desire.. sharing their intimate violation of each others bodies as they continued to cum together.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fucking bitch!!! Cummmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmming... Ahhhhhhhhhhh you whore... fucking whore!!”

Their bodies trembled ...their huge tits shook ... they squeezed each others asses as their glutes contracted... their burning clits jerked against each other... Their shared orgasm was more intense than either of the two hot bitches could have ever imagined... leaving them gasping and panting and writhing with their hands tightly clasping each others hard buttocks.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy faintly whispered.

Michelle quietly gasped … “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

A few intense aftershocks rocked their bodies as they moved their hands and arms around each others neck... covering each others faces with their tangled black and blonde hair ...gasping cheek to cheek as they breathed deeply. They held each other tightly for several more minutes.. their clits pulsing together with the beating of their hearts until their minds became blurry … they were drunk with lust and desire .. they were intoxicated with pleasure … and their bodies could no longer sustain their consciousness. … Wendy's eyes closed as she sprawled out on top of Michelle... her mind drifting for several seconds until she passed out . ... a second later Michelle lost consciousness as she joined Wendy, falling into a deep sleep. … long blonde and black hair tangled together as they laid there .... their pussy lips spread out and stuck together .. clit to clit …and tit to tit .. with their nipples sucked tightly together.

To be continued