By AngelDawn30

Second Tuesday

Angel and Michelle

Angel Unicorn in leather

Angel had not been waiting very long for Michelle when she arrived about ten minutes after six. As Michelle glanced around the bar she noticed Angel waving at her. She smiled and waved back as she strutted over to the table where Angel was seated.

“Hi again!” Michelle said with a smile on her face.

“Hi again to you too. How was your afternoon?” Angel asked as Michelle sat down in the chair to Angel's left.

“It was ok.. mostly boring shit. .. and yours?”

“It was very informative.. I enjoyed it.”

“Well, at least you had a good time.. I swear, there are some fucking idiots out there.”

“Yep. A few.”

“I knew more about the subject matter than the ones who were holding the meeting! … fucking stupid people.”

Angel was now convinced that Michelle was on the 'bitchy' side and she was not sure how to respond so she laughed .. “Yeah, been there, done that.... let me buy you a drink.”

“I need one.” She replied as she stared at Angel's massive chest.

'Hmmm.' Angel thought to herself, 'She could have at least said thank you.' A couple of minutes went by before their waitress approached the table. She was young and pretty.

“What can I get for you ladies?”

Michelle spoke first, which was rude.. anyone knows that if someone else is offering to buy you a drink you should let them order first, and then you should order something that is similar in price. But Michelle was a bitch .. “I'll have the Marriott premium grande margarita.” Angel did not know it yet, but it was a thirty-five dollar drink. Obviously that was not going to empty her bank account.. that's not the point. It was just rude as hell.

“A glass of white wine for me will be fine.” Angel smiled at the waitress as she spoke.

“Yes Ma'am .. I'll be right back with your drinks.”

“So you are a private eye?”

“Yes.” Angel answered.

“I bet you have to deal with a lot of sorry-assed losers, huh?”

“Oh, a few, but most of my clients are good people who just need help.”

“Well, I guess so.”

“Do you enjoy being a lawyer Michelle?”

She laughed as she spoke, “Oh yeah... nothing better than to stick it to someone.”

Angel wanted to change the subject.... “So you are into women?”

“Yes... I do as many as I can.... sport fucking... I use them until the next one comes along”

Angel asked her, “Am I the next one... I mean, am I the next one you are going to use?”

“Oh hell no.. you are very beautiful Angel. I might want to keep you around for a long time.” Again she laughed as the waitress returned with their drinks.

“Thank you.” Angel said as Michelle took a sip of her margarita.

“Is your drink ok?” the young waitress asked Michelle.

“I've had better.. but it's do-able.”

“I can have them make another one for you.”

“No, it's ok.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

Again Angel smiled at her and politely said “Thank you.”

Michelle looked at Angel … “Sooo have you been thinking about me all day?”

Angel smiled at Michelle ...“Kinda.”

“Kinda?” She asked before leaning toward Angel and whispering.. “You could not keep your eyes off my tits at lunch.”

“They are quite impressive Michelle.”

Michelle continued to whisper ..“And they are so firm and round.. you're gonna love them.” Angel just smiled as Michelle took another sip of her drink as she was standing up and said.. “My office is a few blocks from here.. let's go.”

Angel could tell that she was not going to like Michelle very much... but she was attractive... very attractive .. and she had the one thing that Angel had a weakness for... really big tits.... so Angel took a sip of her white wine and stood up.. “Let me go pay for our drinks. I'll be right back.” That is when she learned that Michelle's drink was thirty-five dollars.. and Michelle complained about it.. and only took a couple of sips. It kinda angered Angel just a little bit... but she still wanted to fuck the bitch, so she paid the bill. … leaving a nice tip of their waitress.

They walked out the front door together. “I'm in the black Mercedes … just follow me.” Angel nodded as she stepped into her white corvette and followed Michelle down the street two blocks and then two blocks to her right where she pulled into the parking garage of the tallest building in Dallas. They parked on the second floor and Angel followed her into the building. As they rode the elevator up to the 40th floor, Michelle checked her cell phone for emails and answered a text and was still texting as they exited the elevator and walked to her office. Angel's desire to have sex with this bitch was dwindling.... until Michelle locked the door behind them and reached behind her back and began to unzip her dress. Angel was still not one hundred percent sure that she was going to stay …. until Michelle's light pink dress fell to the floor and Angel stared at her huge tits that were barely contained by her matching light pink bra. Within seconds Michelle had unhooked her bra and those big tits sprang forward.. they were an incredible sight. Big … round …firm .. and capped with two very long hard nipples.. they were at least an inch long.. and looked to be about the same size as Jane's. As Michelle kicked off her heels she looked at Angel … “I bet you've never seen a pair of tits like these before, have you?”

Angel's mind was recalling all of the impressive pair of tits she had seen in the last week. Jane's immense pair of tits were the first ones she thought of.. They were incredible.. as big as her own and they were dense and solid.. as nice a pair of tits that she could ever remember.. then there was Ashley. Her tits were really nice too.. big and firm... then a vision of Joy's huge tits crossed her mind.. Joy had an exceptional pair of tits... really firm.. really big.. Then there was Lisa... Damn that girl had some fine tits.. and so did her roommate Amanda... and so did the bartender at Hooters.. Emily. Angel had not seen Emily's tits, but could tell that they were really big and they had to be firm as young as she was. She then remembered Amber. Again, she had not seen Amber's tits naked, but had seen enough of them to know she was really big...then there was Jennifer who worked at Joe's pub.. she had an awesome rack ... and of course, Michelle was now standing in front of her with her fucking huge tits on display .. 'Damn', Angel continued to think to herself, 'This must be 'Big Tit' week!' Angel grinned as she answered Michelle's question .. “There are very impressive Michelle.”

“Let's see what you got.” Michelle said kicked off her heels and slipped her hands inside the waistband of her panties and began to tug them down over her very nice ass. Angel smiled as she reached down and pulled her blue golf shirt up over her head, shaking her long blonde hair out. Michelle's eyes were glued to Angel's massive pair of tits as Angel reached behind her back and unhooked her black bra, letting it fall forward as she pulled the huge cups off her amazing tits. Michelle's eyes were wide open as she stared at Angel's unbelievable tits and her equally unbelievable nipples. “Damn, you have a nice rack.”

Angel just smiled as she slid her shoes off her feet and unbuttoned her black pants, tugging them down over her flawless ass … letting them fall to the floor and then stepping out of them. Next were the panties as Angel slowly pulled them down over her buttocks as she glanced at Michelle's naked pussy. It was neatly trimmed with an inch wide patch of short curly pubic hair extending up from her clit a couple of inches. As Angel stepped out of her panties, she noticed that Michelle was staring at her shaved naked pussy. As she took a couple of slow steps toward Michelle, Michelle extended her arms out in front of her... Angel thought that they were about to hug each other, but instead, Michelle placed her hands on Angel's shoulders and pushed her back. Angel was a little puzzled as Michelle walked over to the sofa in her office and sat down, spreading her legs apart and leaned back until the back of her head was resting against the back of the sofa. “I want you to eat my pussy until I cum, then you may worship my tits.”

Angel just stood there thinking to herself .. .. 'Is she giving me orders?'

“Well come on bitch...” Michelle commanded as she stroked her pussy with her fingers, “I don't have all night.”

“No foreplay?” Angel quietly asked.

“Just get your ass over here and make me cum.”

Now Angel had had 'quickies' before... sometimes circumstances don't allow anything else, but they were almost always with someone she knew... someone she had a 'history' with … “And I assume that afterwards you are going to eat my pussy?”

“Maybe ...It depends on how much time it takes... like I said, I do not have all night.”

Angel stepped back and reached for her panties.. “I think I am gonna go.. this is not turning out like what I thought it would be.” As she picked up her panties and started to slip them on, Michelle stood up and walked toward her …

“Where in the hell do you think you are going bitch?”

Angel dropped her panties to the floor as she stared into Michelle's eyes .. “Excuse me?”

“I brought you here so you could fuck me and make me cum.”

“I thought we were going to fuck each other Michelle.”

“God, you are a stupid bitch! I already told you twice that I do not have all night. Do you have a problem understanding English?”

Angel stepped toward Michelle until their huge tits were almost touching as she squinted her eyes and glared at Michelle. “On no you didn't just call me a bitch.”

Michelle glared back at Angel .. “Apparently you also have a hearing problem … BITCH!”

Angel took a step back... “I am going to leave.. I am no longer interested.”

Michelle reached out and grabbed Angel's arm as she raised her voice .. “Like hell you are.. you are going to leave when I tell you that you can leave!”

Angel grabbed Michelle's hand and pushed it away .. “I don't think so.”

“Fucking bitch!” Michelle yelled at Angel as she swung her left hand at Angel's face, but Angel was too quick for her as she jerked her head back out of the way and stepped back a couple of steps.

“You don't want to fuck with me.” Angel's voice was clear and firm.

Michelle yelled at Angel again ..“I'll fuck with you if I damn well want to fuck with you bitch!” She then lunged toward Angel, which was not a wise decision, as Angel quickly stepped to the side and grabbed Michelle's arm and quickly, in a split second, turned Michelle around and pinned her arm up behind her back.. forcing her arm up until Michelle screamed .. “Owwwwww.. you are hurting me!” Michelle started kicking at Angel's shins, but Angel quickly extended her left leg, tripping Michelle as they fell to the floor.. Michelle landing on her face and Angel falling on top of her, mashing her huge tits against Michelle's back. Michelle did manage to brace her fall a little with her free hand, but she still hit the floor with a 'thud'.. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

Angel's face was near Michelle's ear as she told her once again .. “Like I said, I am no longer interested.” She then released Michelle's arm and stood back up. A moment later Michelle was on her feet and she charged at Angel again... with the same result. Angel grabbed her arm again and twisted it up behind Michelle's back as she spun her around. Angel remembered a line from an old Paul Newman movie that her dad used to watch all the time .. “What we have here is a lack of communication.” She twisted Michelle's arm up a little higher as Michelle squirmed and squealed. .. then Angel let go of her arm and pushed her forward. You would think that Michelle would have had enough by now, but 'nooooooooo'. She turned around and swung at Angel again,, this time with a clenched fist, and again she missed. This made Angel mad. Rule number one ..'You do not ever want to fuck with Angel.' Before Michelle could blink, Angel had her pinned down on the floor and was straddling her chest. It was a classic school-girl pin. Michelle struggled for a few moments but Angel had her held down tight. “Rule number one .. Do not fuck with me!”

“Bitch! Let go of me.”

Angel's voice was again clear and firm and to the point. “I do not want to hurt you. It is enough for you to know that I can hurt you.. understand?” Michelle nodded as Angel continued. “I can really fuck you up... fuck you up bad... understand?” Michelle nodded again. “Now here is what is going to happen... I am going to sit on your face and you are going to eat my pussy... and if you do anything that you should not do, you are going to wake up tomorrow morning in the hospital... do you understand?” Angel could see the fear in Michelle's eyes as she nodded once again. “Good.” Angel whispered as she inched her ass up over Michelle's big tits and using her hands and knees, she kept Michelle pinned to the carpet as she lowered her pussy down toward Michelle's face. Angel had Michelle's arms stretched out up over her head as she dropped her pussy down to Michelle's mouth. “Now lick me like a good little girl.... I said LICK ME!”

Michelle extended her tongue and licked Angel's pussy... up and down as Angel began rocking her cunt on Michelle's face... sliding up and down.. making her face wet with her own sweet juices.. sliding.. rocking … riding Michelle's tongue. Michelle was feeling humiliated as she stroked up and down Angel's wet slit with her tongue. Then Angel scooted up a little more and covered Michelle's nose and mouth with her pussy... face sitting her... suffocating her... She kept her pussy glued to Michelle's face until Michelle began to squirm and kick, then Angel lifted her cunt up as Michelle took a couple of deep gulps of air.. then Angel did it again.. mashing her cunt down tightly on Michelle's face until one again she began to kick her legs and moan against Angel's pussy. Angel could see the fear and panic in Michelle's eyes. Again Angel lifted her cunt up and Michelle gulped for air... “Now lick my clit .. Bitch!”

Michelle began licking Angel's big clit.. stroking up and down with her tongue.. lapping and licking.. she was scared and she was doing exactly what Angel had told her to do.. licking... up and down Angel's throbbing clit.. Minute after minute Angel rocked her hips, sliding her pussy on Michelle's chin as Michelle licked Angel's sensitive clit. Lapping... licking... stroking Angel's clit with her tongue... “Now tongue fuck me Bitch!” Angel said as she began grinding on Michelle's mouth. Michelle was gasping for breath through her nose as Angel rode her mouth .. rocking.. sliding.. as Michelle pushed her tongue in and out of Angel's wet vagina.. tongue fucking her.. Angel rocked on her face for several more minutes before she scooted back just a tiny bit and gave Michelle another command .. “Now suck it.. Suck my clit you fucking bitch! SUCK IT!!” Michelle placed her lips over Angel's clit and began sucking .. “Suck it HARD!” Michelle's cheeks hollowed as she sucked on Angel's clit as hard as she could.. Angel began to moan.. she wanted to cum on this bitches face.. she wanted to humiliate her.. she wanted to use her.. she began to move slightly from side to side as Michelle sucked and sucked on her clit.. “That's right.” Angel toyed with her .. “Suck it like a good little bitch... .. My little bitch!”

Michelle sucked and licked at Angel's clit for several more minutes until Angel finally reached the end of her sexual journey... her clit began to twitch in Michelle's mouth and her nipples began to throb on her tits... Angel was gonna cum... and as soon as her vagina clenched, she lifted herself up and scooted forward an inch as her pussy gushed.. squirting her hot girl-cum into Michelle's mouth... “Unnnnnnnnnn!” Angel moaned with pleasure as her magical pussy squirted ... and Angel was squirting a lot.. several streams of her hot pussy juice spraying Michelle's mouth and face.. “Ahhhhhhhhhh. How do you like that bitch? …. Ohhhhhhhhhh … yessss Cumming. Cummmmmming on your face bitch!” … And Angel 'rubbed it in' .. grinding her wet cunt up and down and back and forth across Michelle's face.. even riding on Michelle's nose as she slid up and down and left and right.. smearing her hot pussy juice all over Michelle's face. Angel kept Michelle pinned to the carpet for a few more minutes as she caught her breath.. She then released one of Michelle's arms and began to speak to her .. “Just so we are perfectly clear...” Angel pointed to herself.. “Angel”.. then pointed to Michelle .. “Bitch.” Again she pointed at her chest . “Angel.” and then turned her hand around and pointed to Michelle's chest .. “Bitch!” She then lifted herself up off of Michelle .. “Stay there!” Angel picked up Michelle's panties and stood over her, .. placing her left foot on Michelle's tummy and assumed the 'victory pose' with her hands up in the air, waving Michelle's panties with her right hand. She then ground her foot into Michelle's abs …. “Who is the alpha bitch?”

“You are,” Michelle whimpered.

“Say it!” Angel demanded.

“You are the alpha bitch.”

“And you are a piece of filthy stinky whore shit.... say it!” Angel waited for a response as she pushed down with her heel again. “Say it!”

Michelle was almost in tears as she spoke .. “I am a piece of filthy stinky whore shit.”

Angel ground her foot into Michelle's abs one more time as she stepped off of her.

“Oooooooooh” Michelle moaned as Angel tossed Michelle's panties on the sofa, then picked up her own panties, slipped them on, then her pants, bra and top before slipping into her shoes as Michelle laid on the floor... embarrassed and humiliated. Angel walked over and picked up Michelle's panties and stuffed them in the pocket of her pants, then grabbed her phone and clutch purse and walked toward the door, then stopped and turned glaring at Michelle. “If you ever see me again... turn and walk away.. I do not want to ever see your shitty bitch-whore face again... got it?”

Michelle nodded as Angel opened the door and walked out... pulling on the door as hard as she could as she slammed it shut... whispering to herself .. “No one fucks with me.”
Yes, Angel had a dark side. This beautiful blonde private eye, who works so very hard to help people.. to be kind to people... to treat people with respect.. this lovely, gorgeous woman had a very dark side. What just happened to Michelle was just a glimpse of Angel's other persona. A persona that was filled with latex and black leather … and candles … and an assortment of restraints... and the most deviant sexual acts that you could ever imagine. ….. Ever.

Michelle laid there for a few minutes before she got up and walked over toward the sofa.. as she was walking she caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror in her office... her face was a mess.. her make up and eye shadow had run down her face and she looked awful. “Fucking bitch...I'll get even with her for this if it's the last thing I ever do!!” ….... Apparently she was having a problem remembering rule number one.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As Angel was driving home her cell phone rang ... it was Jane. “Hi Jane.... miss me?”

“Of course I miss you... I thought about you all day.”

“I've been thinking about you too ...We had a lovely weekend together... I loved every moment.”

“Me too Angel.... I have to tell you something.... the ring you are looking for …. I know where it is”


“The stolen ring.. you showed me a photo of it and I am pretty sure that it's the same ring that I just saw.”


“Just listen to me ...I met this woman... I accidentally got some of her mail in my mailbox.. her mail was supposed to go to the West tower but they delivered it....”

Angel interrupted Jane... “Who is she and where is the ring?”

“Her name is Olivia Marquez ...It's in an apartment... West tower at Park Place.”

“What's the apartment number?” Angel anxiously asked.

“Wait a minute Angel... I have it all worked out. I know how you can get the ring.”

“So do I.. just tell me the apartment number.”

“Angel … listen … please.”

'Ok Jane.. I'll be quiet and listen.” Angel was trying her best to be patient.

“Do you have a photo of the woman who took the ring?” Jane asked.

“Yes.... just a sec …....let me find it …. ok... sending it to you now.”

“Waiting....... ok... Yes! That is the woman I met... it's her Angel... definitely her... send me the pic of the ring”

“Sending... are you absolutely positive that is the woman you saw?”

“Positive” Jane looked at the picture of the ring..... “Yes!... that is the ring I saw.. I'm sure.”

“I need to go get it.”

“No Angel...... listen to me.... Park Place is too secure... you would never get in.”

“You can let me in and can take me to the apartment.... knock on the door, and then I can surprise her.”

“Angel... she is leaving in about 15 minutes.. you cannot get here that fast.”

“We'll just wait until she gets back to her apartment.”

“Angel... listen ….I have it all planned out... are you listening?”

Angel took a deep breath ...“Ok Jane.... I am listening.”

“I am going to bring her to you tomorrow night... I will convince her to wear the ring and you can take it from her.”

“How is that going to happen?”

“She is a call girl... she and I are going to come to your home and perform a two girl show for you as you watch.”

“She knows what I look like Jane...we have met.”

“Do something with your hair and wear a mask.”

“You know... that might just work Jane.”

“Of course it will.”

“I am impressed.... thank you Jane...I'm almost home, ...why don't you meet me at my home so I can show you my appreciation.”

“Oh Angel, I would love to do that... however.. I have to finish preparing a brief. It has to be presented tomorrow morning.. or else I would be with you in a heartbeat.”

“I understand Jane.”

“But Angel... we will have tomorrow night.... after you get the ring back we can celebrate.”

“Mmmmmmmm I love the sound of that.”

“I better go.”

“Ok Jane.”



“I really like you..... 'really' like you.”

“I feel the same way Jane.”

“Goodnite Angel.”

“Nite Jane.”

To be continued