By AngelDawn30

Second Tuesday

Jane and Olivia

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It was 6 PM and Jane was just now leaving her office. had been a long day... after a long weekend.. and she was ready to go home. After arriving at her apartment complex she checked her mailbox.. a credit card offer... a couple of bills... the newest sales flier from Macy's …. and three pieces of mail for someone named Olivia Marquez. Jane looked at the address... it was the same as hers... She started to write 'not at this address' on the envelopes.. but then changed her mind... walking over to the main front desk and speaking to the security officer that was on duty. “Hey Gilbert.”

“Miss Love... what can I do for you?” Gilbert was always eager to speak with Jane.. she was his favorite fantasy.

Jane showed her the envelopes... “You know her?”

“Oh yes.. she is in the West Tower.... would you like for me to take those to her?

Jane leaned closer to Gilbert.. “Tell me about her... what does she look like?”

“I should not say anything about another resident Miss Love.”

Jane leaned over the counter in front of him... letting him get a good look at her immense cleavage... “Please?”

“Well.... ok … but please don't tell anyone I said anything.... promise?”

Jane reached out and touched the top of Gilbert's hand... “Promise.”

Leaning over the other side of the counter so he could whisper.. and get a better view of Jane's huge tits, Gilbert spoke in a very low voice... “She's hot.. very hot.. well, not as hot as you.. Oh.. damn.. I should not have said that.”

Jane whispered back...”It's ok Gilbert.. I am flattered that you think I'm hot... tell me more.”

“She is about as tall as you.. dark hair... and she has really big.. well.. you know.”


“Yep.... Look at the address Miss Love... she lives on the same floor as you.. same apartment number... different tower... It should have had a W for West Tower instead of an N for North Tower. .. that is why you got her mail..... want me to take it to her?”

“You have been very helpful Gilbert... I think I will personally deliver these letters.... let's have lunch sometime... ok?”

“Oh yes Miss Love... I would love that.”

Jane winked at him as she walked back toward the elevators and within a couple of minutes she was in her penthouse apartment. If Gilbert was truthful, then she had to meet this Olivia. Jane had planned on going to the gym on the second floor for a little while... sooo... she thought she would change into her workout clothes... and pay Olivia a visit before going to the gym.

Fifteen minutes later Jane had changed clothes.. she was going to take the mail to Olivia and then go to the gym and work out for about an hour before she had to finish some paperwork for a client. She had put on a black sports bra that covered up most of her super-sized tits, but there was still visible cleavage. Jane always had cleavage showing unless she was wearing something that came up to her neck. She was wearing a tight pair of gray yoga pants.... Yoga pants are tight by design, but the pair that Jane was wearing looked as if they were a size too small .. they hugged her hips and thighs as if they had been painted on her body with latex... and since she had opted to not wear anything under them...there was nothing left to the imagination. She slipped on a pair of matching gray socks and some white athletic shoes, tied her long strawberry-blonde hair in a pony tail, grabbed her phone, and she was ready to hit the treadmill... but first she needed to take the letters that she had received by mistake to Olivia Marquez.

It took Jane several minutes to get from the top floor of the north tower to the top floor of the west tower. It was easy to find Olivia's penthouse apartment.. since all three towers shared the same floor plan. She exited the elevator, turned right and walked to the apartment at the end of the hallway.... she could faintly hear music coming from Olivia's penthouse as she rang the doorbell. Jane waited about a minute and rang the doorbell again... still no response .. a minute later she pushed the doorbell button a third time.. and as she was about to bend over and slip the letters under the door, the door opened a few inches until the security chain prevented any additional movement. All Jane could see was the face of a very beautiful woman peeking around the door.. “Can I help you?”

“Olivia Marquez?”


“Hi, I'm Jane. I received some of your mail in my mailbox by mistake and I was bringing it to you.”

The woman behind the door looked Jane over.. her eyes moving up and down Jane's body as she unhooked the security chain.. “Please come in.” Jane walked in.. the apartment was laid out just like hers, except everything was backwards.. the kitchen was on the right instead of the left.. the two penthouse apartments were mirror images of each other. Olivia was beautiful, wearing a black sports bra and a pair of gray shorts.. she was bare-footed. Her tits were huge... really huge. With long black hair that was tied in a pony tail and big brown eyes she looked hot... smokin' hot!

Jane handed Olivia the envelopes that had been delivered to her by mistake... “It was nice to meet you Olivia... I was on my way to the gym.. so I better be going.”

Olivia could not keep her eyes off of Jane's spectacular chest... “I was working out to a new video I just got.”

“That would explain the music I heard.” Jane replied.

Olivia reached out and grabbed Jane's hand in hers.. “Please stay.. you can work out with me and save the trip to the gym.”

“Oh.. I don't want to intrude.”

“Nonsense. It would be fun to have someone work out with me.. this new video is really up tempo... a very good cardiovascular workout.”

“Ok.. if you are sure you don't mind.” Jane did not want to seem eager... she thought Olivia was hotter than hell.. but was not sure if she was into women.. so she chose to play it safe.

“I don't mind at all.” Olivia said as she picked up the remote control to the TV and pushed play. “You have a great body.. you must work out a lot.”

“Thanks... you look great too.” Jane responded as she placed her cell phone down on the floor.

The music started as they stood a few feet apart watching the screen.. it was, as Olivia had said, fast and full of energy as they twisted and turned .. lifting knees and bending and reaching... running in place … for the next twenty minutes Jane made herself keep up with Olivia and the woman on the screen... working as hard as she could until they reached the end of the twenty minute workout. Jane was winded.. but she had managed to keep up. The final five minutes of the video was slower, letting them cool down before the video finished. “I am impressed Jane.” Olivia was breathing deeply, but she was not near as winded as Jane. “Most all of my clients could not have made it through that video.”

“Clients?” Jane gasped as her tits were rising and falling on her chest from her deep breathing.

“Yeah.. I am a personal fitness trainer.”

“Ahhh. So that is why you are not as tired as me.” Jane laughed.

“Would you like some water?”

“That would be great.” Jane's breathing was slowly returning to normal.

A minute later Olivia was handing Jane a bottle of water. “Thanks.” Jane smiled as she took the bottle from Olivia. “I hope you don't mind.. but you are a beautiful woman Olivia.”

Olivia smiled at Jane.. “Thank you.. and so are you... and.. you're.. you're really big!”

“You should talk... so are you !”

They laughed together.... “If you ever need a personal fitness trainer.. let me know.. I am kinda full right now, but I can always find a place for someone who looks as good as you do.”

“That is very nice of you.. I just might take you up on that offer sometime.”

“I hope so... I also do other things as well.” Olivia smiled as she drank her water.

Jane sipped her water as she asked.. “Like what?”

“Well... I sometimes entertain clients.”

“I am not sure I understand.” Jane replied.

“I also provide special entertainment for parties and sometimes for women.”

“You mean like an escort service?” Jane asked.

“I guess you could call it that... I do strip shows for bachelor parties.. sometimes with another girl.. and we put on a show for the guys.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“It is.. and the pay is muy bueno...very good.... I also do private shows, usually with another girl”

“I can only imagine how exciting it would be to see you with another girl.” Jane smiled.

Olivia smiled back at Jane.. “I also teach wrestling.”

Jane was pretty sure she knew where this conversation was heading but she did not want to push it... “Wrestling? … Oh... I don't think that is something I would like.”

“No.. no.. it's not what you think... it's erotic wrestling.”

“Ohhh... well... ok... I guess.” Jane responded... and then thought it was time to tell Olivia.. “I don't think I would want to wrestle a guy like that... I'm a lesbian.”

Olivia felt her pussy twinge...... Jane was a lesbian. ….. Perfect. “So am I.” She grinned as she replied. “It's erotic wrestling between two women.”

Jane gave Olivia a wicked grin.. “Now that sounds interesting.. but I would not want to get hurt.”

Olivia smiled again.. “It's nothing like you see on TV.. it's mostly rubbing together.. it can be very sexy.”

Jane dropped the question that Olivia wanted to hear.. “Can you show me?... maybe some kind of move that would be sexy?”

“I would love to... do you have time?”

“I can make time... yes.”

Olivia stepped up close to Jane.. the front of their sports bras almost touching.. “Do you know what a pussy pin is?”

“A pussy pin... does it hurt?”

Olivia giggled... “Not at all... want me to show you?”

“Sure.. what do I do?”

“Lay down on your back.. on the floor.”

Jane laid down on her back, placing her water bottle on the carpet beside her. Olivia grabbed a throw pillow off the sofa , reached down and brushed Jane's pony tail to the side before placing the pillow under Jane's head. She then knelt down between Jane's legs.. glancing down at Jane's pussy... the tight yoga pants showing every little detail of her vulva.

Jane looked up at Olivia... “I have a question.”

“Ok” Olivia replied.

“You said this is erotic wrestling, right?”

“Umm Hmmm.”

Jane continued, grinning at Olivia.. “I was thinking... shouldn't we be somewhere where it is a little more comfortable than the floor?”

“Like a bed?” Olivia purred.

“What a splendid idea.”

Olivia stood up, reached down and grabbed Jane's hand and pulled her up. “Come with me.” She led Jane to her bedroom.. the bed was still unmade from last night, but it only took a minute for Olivia and Jane to move the sheets and comforter around.

Jane stepped back from Olivia, “One more question about this erotic wrestling.” Jane spoke softly as she reached behind her back and unhooked her sports bra, leaned forward and slipped it off her shoulders, her huge 34E tits springing into view. “We should at least be topless, don't you think.?”

“Damn girl.” Olivia spoke softly as her jaw dropped and her pussy jerked as she looked at Jane's amazing tits and huge nipples, “Those are some big fucking tits!... and your nipples... Lord, have mercy!” As she stared at Jane's massive rack, she reached behind her back and slipped off her sports bra.. revealing her firm dense big 34DD tits capped with nipples that looked to be about an inch long.

“My goodness.” Jane smiled at Olivia as she laid down on the bed.. rolling over to her back.

Olivia crawled up on the bed and knelt between Jane's legs.. once again her eyes surveying Jane's vulva.. so tightly encased by her stretchy yoga pants. She leaned forward.. her arms extended... her huge tits quivering above Jane's as they looked into each others eyes.

“I'm ready.” Jane whispered.. “Teach me the pussy pin.... show me how.”

“Ok... first.. I reach out and grab your hands with mine like this.” Olivia intertwined her fingers with Jane's.. “Then I move your hands up over your head.. your arms stretched out above your head like this.” As they clasped their hands together, Olivia moved Jane's arms up over her head as Olivia slowly lowered herself down on Jane's body.. their nipples meeting then disappearing from view as their huge tits mushroomed together.

“Ohhhhh.” Jane gasped as she felt Olivia's firmness pushing against hers. “That's nice... you have really firm tits Olivia.”

Olivia was amazed at how little Jane's tits spread out under hers... she usually overwhelmed other women's tits with her own incredible pair.. “So do you.” She whispered to Jane. “Now, you place your knees inside of your opponent's knees like this... and then you push her legs apart with yours... like this.”

Jane did not resist as she allowed Olivia to spread her legs apart with her knees.

“Now, while keeping your knees between her knees.. you place your ankles on the outside of her ankles like this.” Olivia locked her ankles on the outside of Jane's ankles. “This keeps her from wrapping her legs around you and throwing you off. Then you lower your upper body completely down.. until all of your weight is resting on your opponent.” Olivia then stretched out on top of Jane.. holding hands with her as their arms were completely stretched out on the bed above their heads.. the full weight of Olivia's big dense tits pressing against Jane's immense globes.... their tits mushrooming out to the sides. Olivia moaned as their heavy tits were touching as much as they could possibly touch. Jane moaned with her. “Now, the final thing you do.. is lower your pussy down on top of hers... like this.” Olivia slowly lowered her hips, pressing her crotch against Jane's... then Olivia pushed down.. grinding into Jane. “This is a pussy pin.” Olivia whispered, breathing deeply. “Try to escape.”

Jane lifted her hips.. pressing her crotch more firmly against Olivia's as she tried to buck her off to no avail. She then twisted her upper body, trying to roll them over, again to no avail. Now it is possible that Jane could have escaped.. but she did not want to escape.. she was perfectly content to have their pussys grinding and their naked tits pressed together.. she was turned on. For the next minute she made a few vain attempts to escape the pussy pin until she purposely gave up. “I can't escape.. you have me pinned.”

Olivia rotated her hips a few times.. grinding into Jane.. “You do know what the purpose of the pussy pin is, don't you Jane?”

Of course Jane knew... but she wanted to extend her erotic wrestling lesson with Olivia. “To pin you opponent.”

“Yes, that is true.. but to also force an orgasm from your opponent.”

“You mean make your opponent cum?”

“Exactly. The pussy pin is one of the most effective moves in sexfighting.”

Jane gasped as Olivia continued to move her hips and grind against her.. “Sexfighting?”

“Yes.. when two women compete to see who can make the other one cum first.. it's competitive sex... competitive fucking.. the goal is to out-fuck your opponent and make them reach orgasm first. The pussy pin is an excellent move to accomplish the desired result.”

“Ohhhh.. ok.... sexfighting.. never heard of that term before.. but it sounds fun.” Jane replied as she lifted her hips grinding back against Olivia. Of course Jane knew what sexfighting was.. she had taught classes to her lesbian friends when she attended college .. and Jane considered herself one of the best sexfighters in the world. .. Jane pushed up a little more against Olivia's pussy... both women gasping. “Ok Olivia, I think I got it... can I try the pussy pin on you? … to make sure I know how to do it correctly?”

Olivia smiled... “Of course.” She rolled off of Jane and rolled onto her back.. her large tits spreading out on her chest just a little.

Jane rolled off the bed and walked around to the foot of the bed,, reached inside the waistband of her yoga pants and began to slide them down over her hips. Olivia's eyes opened wide as she looked at Jane... 'Shit, I think Jane wants to fuck.' she thought as Jane reached down and pulled her yoga pants down to her ankles and then stepped out of them. A minute later her socks and shoes were laying on the floor as Jane widened her stance... spreading her legs apart for Olivia as she reached down and ran her finger up and down her moist slit. Olivia loved the fact that Jane was completely shaved. She lifted her hips and tugged her shorts down over her hips down to her knees.. and then she pulled her panties down to her knees... Jane noticed the little diamond shaped tuff of pubic hair above Olivia's wet pussy lips. Olivia raised herself up to finish taking off her shorts and panties but Jane crawled up on the bed and pushed her back down on her back.. then she reached down and grabbed both the shorts and panties with her hands and pulled them down Olivia's legs and off her feet. “You have a beautiful pussy,” she whispered to Olivia. “Now lets see if I remember how to do this.” Jane smiled as she knelt between Olivia's legs, leaned forward.. their massive tits touching as she grasped Olivia's hands with hers and stretched their arms up over Olivia's head.

Placing her knees inside of Olivia's she spread Olivia's legs apart and locked her ankles around the outside of Olivia's ankles before lowering her body completely on top of Olivia's... Jane's huge tits smothering Olivia's as they mushroomed together. Olivia gasped as Jane lowered her pussy down toward Olivia's.. and just as their wet pussy lips were about to meet, Jane stopped.. squeezed her pussy hard.. and sprayed Olivia's pussy with a fine mist of her pussy juice. Olivia moaned as she felt the hot wetness of Jane's pussy juice on her own pussy lips.

“Mmmmm I see you know how to squeeze your pussy.” Olivia whispered.

Jane smiled as she lowered her pussy down on top of Olivia's.. both women gasping as their swollen pussy lips merged and stuck together. More and more of their throbbing wet lips spread out until Jane's pussy was completely pressed against Olivia's pussy. “Did I do it correctly?” Jane whispered as she rocked forward.. dragging their cunt lips together.

“Ummmmmmmmmm yessss... you get an A.”

“Mmmmm.” Jane moaned as she began to move up and down against Olivia's cunt with her own cunt... their heated wetness mixing together. Jane panted.. “And you said that the objective was to make your opponent cum first?”

“Umm Hmmm.” Olivia replied as she lifted her hips and began to grind back against Jane.

“I think we should sexfight.” Jane whispered as she began to rock more and more.. sliding her wet pussy all the way up Olivia's wet pussy.. dragging their hard clits together as she slid up.. and flicking their throbbing clits together again as she slid back down.. up and down.. grinding … pressing... fucking. Olivia began to rock her hips under Jane's.. pushing her soaking pussy up against Jane's as they smeared their wetness together with soft squishing sounds.

“First one to cum loses.” Olivia gasped as they fucked their steamy cunts together.. their big tits mashed tightly together.. nipples throbbing against each other, trapped inside of their massive tit-flesh.

“And what does the winner get for winning?” Jane purred as they fucked.

“The loser had to eat the winners pussy until the winner cums.” Olivia gasped.

“Mmmm I love to have my pussy sucked until I cum.... I bet you can suck pussy really good, can't you Olivia?”

“Yessss I can.. but you will be the one sucking my cunt.” Olivia whispered as they humped their wet cunts together.

Jane just smiled and then leaned her face forward, extending her long tongue and licking across Olivia's lips... “I don't think so.” Olivia parted her lips as Jane pushed her tongue deep into Olivia's waiting mouth. Both women began to moan as they twirled their tongues together.. licking and stroking the inside of each others mouths as they fucked their hot juicy cunts together. Ten minutes went by and they were still kissing and licking each others mouths.. sucking on each others lips and tongues.. their wet cunts sliding up and down and back and forth against each other as they fucked. Their clits meeting each time they slid up and down... causing little moans and gasps to escape their lips. Both women were loving their fucking.. and wanted it to go on and on... but they also wanted to make the other woman cum first... so their fucking became more urgent.. more attention directed to grinding their clits together... their wet pussy lips sticking and tugging at each other as they rubbed their clits together.. up and down.. rubbing their hard swollen clits length to length... pausing occasionally to move their hips from side to side, flicking their swollen clits back and forth before resuming the up and down rubbing. They were panting and moaning. It was a good fuck.... it was a very good fuck. Pussy juice was smeared over their inner thighs... as their cunts squished together.. their sensitive clits rubbing hard against each other.

Olivia thought she was losing control.. so she tried to buck Jane off of her.. and was surprised that she could not roll Jane over... she was much stronger than Olivia had realized. Jane kept up her torrid pace of their clit rubbing as Olivia tried several more times to roll them over.. but to no avail... Olivia did not know that Jane was a master of the pussy pin... she had perfected it years ago... had taught it to many of her lesbian friends.. and there was no way that Olivia could escape. They continued to fuck and fuck and fuck.. grinding and rubbing... sliding up and down.. sliding left and right.. their huge tits quivering together as they fucked. Olivia began to moan a little louder each time their lengthy clits would flick across each other. Jane knew Olivia was getting close to an orgasm... and Jane wanted to win.. but she also wanted to win fairly. She had an advantage when they began fucking... being on top was almost always an the next time Olivia tried to roll them over, Jane allowed it to happen. She resisted just enough to make Olivia work for it, but Jane allowed it.

“Now I've got you.” Olivia whispered as she began to grind down against Jane.. fucking Jane's pussy with her own wet cunt.

“Show me how good you can fuck Olivia.. Fuck me!” Jane moaned as they ground their soaked cunts together.. rubbing and grinding.. squishing and thrusting into each other... Olivia shifted her hips a little as she began fucking Jane clit to clit. Moaning and gasping, the two hot big-titted sluts fucked each other with all the skills they had learned over the years. .. using their vast experience to wage war on each others sensitive clits. Olivia was jerking her hips faster and faster.. rubbing their hard throbbing love buds against each other again and again and again. “Ohhhhhhh fuck me hard!!!” Jane gasped as she rocked her hips.. pushing her clit hard against Olivia's. They were working their cunts against each other as only two skilled sexfighters could do.. twisting their clits together.. rubbing and grinding... sliding and flicking... over and over and over.. the pleasure building deep inside their bodies. Jane knew she was getting close.. so she did two things... she slid her hips up a little more and she flipped the pleasure switch in her mind to the 'off' position.

As Olivia continued to grind against her, Jane slowly slid her body up more and more in small increments... hoping that Olivia would not notice until it was too late. When she finally felt Olivia's inch long clit pressing into her wet slit, Jane flexed her powerful pussy lips.. coiling her labia around Olivia's protruding clit... and then Jane squeezed. She squeezed hard with her amazing pussy lips... trapping Olivia's clit between them.. and sucking. Jane could not only suck with her vagina.. she could also squeeze and suck with her pussy lips.. and as those strong pussy lips wrapped tightly around Olivia's clit, Olivia began to squirm... the pleasure Jane was giving her was immense. She began to moan and whimper... her clit began to vibrate.. “Oh Jane se siente tan bien!” Olivia cried out as her whole body began to spasm. She felt her nipples twitching against Jane's hard nipples... her tits were on fire.. burning against Jane's huge tits.. and her pussy began to contract hard against Jane's wet cunt.

“Cum for me Olivia!” Jane gasped as she squeezed her pussy lips hard around Olivia's clit. “Cum for me now!”

“Nooooooooooo!!” Olivia moaned loudly.. as she slid her cunt up over Jane's.. once again their clits meeting head on and grinding hard against each other... every tiny little nerve ending in their clits were throbbing against each other as they pushed hard together... Olivia pressing down against Jane as hard as she could.. her tight buttocks straining to push her clit as hard as she could against Jane's... and then Olivia felt it... Jane felt it too... she could only turn off the pleasure in her mind for so long.. and the switch had flipped back on... they were panting... they were going to cum. Jane gave one final hard thrust upwards.. trying to force Olivia's clit back inside her body... the pleasure was intense.. and the moment was near.

Olivia's eyes rolled back in her head.. as her cunt began to convulse.. contracting hard.. and then her pussy had another hard deep contraction.. and then her clit exploded with pleasure... deep pleasure... “Fuckkkk !!!!” Olivia panted as she gasped for air. “Ah usted puta de mierda!!!!” Olivia screamed. “Cummmmming!!! .. Cummmming!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss!” Jane moaned deeply as she felt Olivia's pussy spasm hard against hers.

Olivia's vagina gushed against Jane's hot cunt as she tensed and spasmed... “ Oh mierda!! .. Cummmmmmmmming!!!” Olivia had not experienced such an overwhelming orgasm in a long time.. “Cumming tan de mierda con fuerza!”

Jane kept rocking and thrusting against Olivia as she was cumming.. her own pussy was about to explode with pleasure...It was only another minute before Jane could no longer hold her orgasm back as she screamed, her cunt twitching hard against Olivia's... “Cummmmmmming!” Jane's cunt twitched and spasmed... jerked and quivered.. her big tits shook violently against Olivia's as she bucked underneath her.. “Cumming!! .. Cummmming!”

Olivia was screaming again as she felt the hot gush of pussy cum from Jane's twitching cunt.. “Cummmmmmmmming!... oh fuck yessssss Cumming!”

“Cummmmmmmming with you Olivia!” Jane moaned as their cunts spasmed together.. their clits throbbing and jerking together. Their orgasm lasting more than a minute as they moaned and gasped.. their bodies jerking wildly together. Jane reached up and cupped Olivia's face and pulled her mouth toward her own... kissing her wildly.. their tongues slashing and twisting together as they moaned in each others arms. It was a hot fuck. “Mmmmmm.” Jane purred as they slowly drifted down from their orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Olivia whimpered as she slowly slid down Jane's body.. pausing to take Jane's big lengthy nipple deep into her mouth and sucking it hard... twirling her tongue around and around before popping her lips off of the hard long spike.. Olivia moved her mouth to Jane's other big nipple.. licking and sucking it for a long time before letting it pop free from her lips. Jane was squirming beneath her as Olivia moved her face lower and lower, licking down Jane's tummy... sucking at her navel... her lips and tongue moving lower and lower until the was stroking Jane's clit with her tongue.. licking and lapping.. sucking and tugging on Jane's swollen clit with her mouth... her fingers moving into Jane's wet vagina.. thrusting in and out of Jane's quivering fuck-hole as she sucked her clit hard.. sucking and sucking and sucking until Jane could no longer stand the pleasure as she reached down and grabbed Olivia's long black hair and pulled her mouth hard against her pussy... forcing Olivia to slide her mouth down as she tried to push her vagina inside Olivia's mouth.. Olivia sucked hard at Jane's vagina as Jane's cunt jerked hard.. sending a gush of hot wet sticky pussy cum gushing into Olivia's mouth.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane gasped as she was cumming against Olivia's mouth. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss you whore... Suck my cum you filthy slut!!!” Jane pumped her sweet pussy cum into Olivia's mouth as Olivia swallowed as fast as she could.. drinking Jane's sweet nectar “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Jane moaned.

Olivia kissed Jane's wet pussy for several more minutes until she rolled over on her back. “Mmmm tienes un coño tan dulce Jane.” They both laid there on their backs for a few more minutes until Jane rolled out of the bed and slipped on her yoga pants and sports bra. Olivia laid there and watched... still somewhat surprised that this beautiful woman had just out-fucked her in a sexfight. As Jane finished putting on her socks and shoes she picked up her phone, smiled at Olivia and spoke softly.. “You are an amazing woman Olivia... Maybe we can hook up again sometime.”

“I would like that very much Jane.” Olivia said as she rolled off the bed and slipped her panties on.

Olivia continued dressing as Jane glanced around her bedroom.. everything was very nice... and then she noticed the ring laying on top of the dresser. The diamond was fucking huge! It sure looked like the one in the picture that Angel had shown to her. She stepped closer to the dresser and pretended to look in the mirror, running her fingers through her long strawberry-blonde hair as she got a closer look at the ring. Jane was pretty sure it was the same ring. She messed with her hair for another moment before turning around... Olivia was slipping on her sports bra. “Olivia?” Jane asked with her sexy voice.

“Yes Jane?”

“You mentioned that you sometimes put on a show with another girl?”

“Um Hmmm.”

“I have a friend.. one of my girlfriends... tomorrow is her birthday.. and it would be so much fun to go to her house and have her entertained with two women making out as she watched.”

“Oh Jane. I am sorry, but tomorrow won't work.. the other girl I work with is out of town for a few days.”

“Awww.” Suddenly Jane's eyes lit up.. “I have an idea... what if I was the other girl?”

“You mean you and me would make out while your girlfriend watched?”


“I usually get paid for that Jane.”

“Of course.. You can charge your normal fee... and keep all the money for yourself.”

“It's one thousand dollars.”

“That's fine.”

“And Jane... just so you know.. it's more than just making out. We will fuck each other while she watches... is she pretty?”

“Mmmm Olivia, that would be such a turn on for me... and yes, she is very pretty.”

“Well... if she is attractive, I don't mind if she joins after we first entertain her.”

“Like a threesome?” Jane grinned.

Olivia smiled... “Yes.”

“Oh thank you Olivia.. this will be so much fun.”

“Ok Jane.. here is how it works... there needs to be a thousand dollars in cash placed in an envelope. The envelope must be placed in the bathroom. When we get there, I will ask if I can use the bathroom and I will check for the envelope and make sure the money is there... then we can have some fun... understand?”

“Yes, I understand.. only I want this to be a surprise.... sooooooooo, can I get the money to you before we go?”

“Hmmmmm... ok... that's fine.. but you will have to bring it in an envelope and place it in my bathroom. We can have no discussion about the envelope. Once I make sure it is correct, then we can leave and go to her home.”

“That's fine.” Jane answered as she stepped close to Olivia and hugged her.. pressing their sports bras together.

They hugged for a moment before Olivia stepped back... “What is her name?”

Jane immediately answered, “Dawn.” She had done some research on Angel and knew that her middle name was Dawn... she quickly continued.. “She is an executive where she works, so this needs to be kept quiet... I can tell her that she might want to wear a mask to conceal her identity... that will get her curiosity up. ... I will come over tomorrow evening, with the envelope, and will drive us to her location. Will that be ok?”

“Sure... what time?”

“I can be here about 7:30. What should I wear?”

“7:30 is fine... and I usually wear something sexy.. but not too sexy.... however, our bras and panties should be very sexy... and most everyone likes black.”

“Works for me!” Jane stepped toward Olivia again and hugged her tight, once again their massive tits pressing tightly together as she kissed Olivia. “Thank you.”

“Thank you Jane.”

“I need to go.”

“Me too, I need to shower and get dressed.. I have to strip at a bachelor party in about thirty minutes... going to have to hurry”

“You will knock them dead! .. I had a wonderful time Olivia... . oh... oh... do you mind if I get a selfie of the two of us before I go?” Jane did not really give Olivia a chance to respond as she stepped next to Olivia and placed her arm around Olivia's neck... holding out her phone she said “cheese” and clicked the picture. “Thanks..... see you here tomorrow night at 7:30.”

Olivia kissed Jane good-bye. “See you tomorrow.”

Olivia walked Jane to the door where they shared one more long kiss, then Jane left and walked to the elevator. She had to call Angel and tell her about the ring.

To be continued