By AngelDawn30

Previously On the Second Monday (highlights)

Amber visited Jane at Jane's office
Wendy had a surprise visit from the Corleone family
Wendy called Amber to close out some investment accounts
Wendy called Jane and set up an appointment for Friday
Wendy visited Joy at the bank
Amber called her sister Ashley. Amber wanted to meet her within the next few days and discuss something with her
Angel attended a Rangers baseball game with some guys from Dallas PD
Emily texted Jennifer
Angel stopped at Joe's pub on the way home where she met Jennifer and Joy
Amber visited Wendy at the Corleone estate

Second Tuesday

Sara and Jennifer

Sara Pin by J Mijail Cubillos on Cleavage | Pinterest | Daphne Rosen, Window Glass and Crochet Tattoo
Jennifer Unicorn in leather | Big tops! | Pinterest | Locks, Hot Sexy Babes and Bikinis

Sara never went anywhere without looking her best... and that included a trip to the grocery store. Even though she was only going to be out for about an hour, she carefully applied her makeup and made sure her eyes looked perfect with eye shadow and eye liner. She wiggled her luscious ass into a pair of black shorts that were much too short and much too tight. Slipping into a red bra and pulling a scooped neck red t-shirt over her head, she was almost ready to go. All she had to do was find her favorite athletic shoes. As you know, Sara had been very busy unpacking and getting her new apartment ready. Everything was unpacked and most everything was in place except for her shoes.. which were in a big pile in one of her closets. She mumbled to herself as she dug through the pile of shoes.. most of them in boxes... “Dammit.” After working herself into frustration, she grabbed a pair of black heels and slipped them on. After all, there aren't too many things more sexy than a hot woman wearing shorts and heels. She spent another couple of minutes brushing her long coal black hair... picked up her keys, grabbed her purse, and headed out the door of her apartment. It was a little after 9 in the morning when she walked into the grocery store.. looking at her cell phone where she had stored her shopping list .... and of course... every red blooded male that was there had to take a second look at her fine tight ass, wrapped in those too tight shorts and those big round tits that gently moved on her chest as she pushed her shopping cart and paraded up and down the aisles.

Jennifer strolled into the same grocery store a few minutes after Sara had arrived. She also needed to pick of a few items... Wearing a pair of painted on jeans and a white Cowboy's t-shirt she grabbed one of the metal shopping carts and began to make her way through the store, picking up things on her list. Her big tits, unrestrained because of the absence of a bra, playfully bounced up and down a tiny bit on her chest as she strutted up and down the aisles. And yes, every guy in the store, along with a few women, had to turn their head and check out that hard ass as her hips swayed back and forth... and when they caught a glimpse of those huge tits... well … you can imagine the reaction. Two incredibly huge bra-less tits softly wobbling under her tight white t-shirt.... Oh boy!

Jennifer's list was not as lengthy as Sara's.. and it only took a few minutes for Jennifer to catch up... as she turned down the aisle... she saw this incredible sexy ass... swaying from side to side.. the black shorts barely covering her buttocks... and those buttocks were perfect... nicely rounded.. and they looked hard... really firm and hard... When the black haired woman in front of her turned to go to the next aisle, Jennifer caught a fleeting glance of her profile... “Wow” She whispered to herself as she noticed the huge tits that were straining at the front of the woman's red top. .. “She has some fine tits.” She picked up a couple of more items as she made her way to the end of the aisle.. then she skipped a couple of aisles....placed her cell phone in her shopping cart and waited near the end of the aisle... like a hungry lion stalking her prey... focused.... patient …. until she heard the sounds of the woman's heels clicking on the tiled floor... she was about to come around the corner.. and Jennifer was going to pounce on her... She backed up her shopping cart a couple of steps.. and as soon as the woman turned around the corner and headed down Jennifer's aisle, Jennifer lowered her head as if she were looking at her cell phone.... and pushed her shopping cart forward.... “Clang!” She had steered her shopping cart right into Sara's shopping cart.

“Oh.. I am sooooo sorry.”

Sara quickly checked out the dark haired vixen standing in front of her... separated by their two shopping carts. It took less than two seconds for Sara's eyes to lock onto Jennifer's big tits with those two hard nipples thrusting at the front of her white Cowboys t-shirt. “It's ok. I was not really paying attention either.” She looked up and noticed that the girl's eyes were staring at her chest... so she took a deep breath and slightly arched her back.. thrusting her tits out even more.

Jennifer gasped.. “Wow.”


“I mean... wow.. you... you look great.”

“Thank you...... .”



Jennifer had stepped back from her cart... and Sara approached her... looking at the shelf.. and squeezing between Jennifer and Jennifer's shopping cart as she dragged her huge tits across Jennifer's before leaning over and picking up a can of green beans... No, the green beans were not on Sara's list... but it did give her a reason to squeeze past Jennifer. As Sara stood back up, Jennifer leaned forward.. pushing her big heavy tits firmly against Sara's as she also reached for a can of green beans... when she stood back up she held the can out as if she were reading the label... keeping her huge tits pushed against Sara's. This is when their little game began.... Still holding the can that she had picked up, Sara extended her arm.. so that she was holding the can over and a little behind Jennifer's right shoulder. She took a very small step closer to Jennifer.... pretending to read the label …. those four enormous tits mushrooming as Jennifer reached over Sara's left shoulder with her can as she continued to pretend that she was reading the label. It was a very hot erotic sight.. two hot girls.. each holding a can of green beans in their hand.. with their big tits mashed together... and looking over each others shoulder at the can in their hand. They began to slightly sway.. the front of their t-shirts brushing back and forth against each other. A moment later Jennifer moved away... barely... the front of their t-shirts still barely touching.. then she pushed forward... then she leaned away... it only took a few seconds for Sara to 'catch on' to what Jennifer was doing as Sara began to move forward and back... matching Jennifer's rhythm...still holding up those damn cans of green beans …. the two bitches were pumping their tits together! Right in the middle of the fucking grocery store!!!

After pushing together at least a dozen times, another shopping cart turned the corner.. it was an older man... perhaps he was looking for a cheap thrill... or maybe he was just a dirty old man.... he stopped.. looked at them..and grinned .. “Don't let me bother you.”.. he then pushed his cart about twenty feet down the aisle and turned around.. watching.
Sara turned her face toward Jennifer's ear... “I think it's time to checkout... meet me in the parking lot.”


They made their way to the checkouts... Sara checked out first and pushed her cart to her car and unloaded her items.. when she had finished she saw Jennifer a couple of rows over.... Sara waved and Jennifer waved back as Sara got into her car and drove around to where Jennifer was parked. Rolling down her window she spoke .. “Follow me.”


It was less than a mile to the Park Place Towers where Sara lived... she drove into the parking garage with Jennifer right behind her. Although Sara had a private parking space she parked in one of the visitors parking spaces so Jennifer could park next to her and as they stepped out of their cars Sara spoke again.. “Do you have anything that needs to be refrigerated?”

“No.. I'm good.”

They were about thirty feet apart as Sara began walking toward Jennifer... and Jennifer began walking toward Sara... after the first couple of steps it became very clear to each of them that they wanted to ram head on into each other... a couple of more steps... both of them taking a deep breath.... then …. “Thud!” It was a head on collision that caused both of them gasp as they bounced back about a half step... and as soon as they regained their balance.. they lunged together again.. “Whop!”

“Unnnnnn.” Jennifer moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhh.” Sara gasped.

“You want to grind tits right here?” Jennifer asked as they glared at each other.

Sara laughed... “Are you kidding? There are cameras everywhere... follow me.” Sara took a few steps back to her car, popped open the trunk.. picked up two bags, and handed the third bag to Jennifer.. “Here, help me.”

“Sure.” Jennifer answered as Sara closed the trunk and they made their way up to Sara's apartment... when they walked in Jennifer looked around... “Wow, this is nice.”

“Thanks” Sara answered as Jennifer followed her to the kitchen table where they placed the three bags from the grocery store. Sara turned around and looked at Jennifer.. “How old are you?”

“Everybody asks me the same fucking question.”


“I'm eighteen.”

“All right... now, where were we?”

Jennifer stepped up to Sara, once again pushing her huge dense tits into Sara's enormous pair of tits .. “Unnnnnnnnnn”


Jennifer stepped back, reached down and grabbed the bottom of her Cowboys t-shirt and pulled it over her head.. exposing her big round firm tits.. with two of the biggest nipples that Sara had ever seen... not quite as huge as Wendy's... but they were fucking huge!! Sixty seconds later Sara had slipped off her t-shirt, unhooked her bra.. slipped it off.. as Jennifer gawked at Sara's huge nipples that were just as big and thick and long as her own …. the two big-titted bitches were standing facing each other... topless. Jennifer spoke as her eyes took in Sara's magnificent pair of tits.. “Soo. Wanna titfight?”

“I think I would rather fuck you …. with my tits.”

“You wanna tit-fuck each other?”

“Un huh... until I make you cum.”

“What if I make you cum first?” Jennifer playfully asked.

“Not gonna happen.” Sara replied.

“Then lets find out... you slut.”

“Bring it Bitch!”

The two hot bitches lunged toward each other,, their huge heavy tits meeting head on with a loud 'Smack!”, knocking both of them back a couple of feet. “Ohhhh.” Sara gasped.

Jennifer taunted her, “What's the matter bitch? Can't take it?”

Sara squinted her eyes as they lunged at each other again, Sara using her powerful legs to literally leap the last couple of feet, slamming her huge dense E cup tits straight into Jennifer's awesome rack.. 'Slap!' This time it was Jennifer who moaned.. “Uhhhhhh.”

Yes, it hurt just a little bit... anytime you slap part of your body against someone else there is always a little discomfort... but there was also a wicked pleasure... the pleasure that only comes from slamming your tits into another pair of tits.. and as they glared at each other, they knew that had to do it again.. Jennifer took another step back, and so did Sara.. they were now almost ten feet apart... they stared at each other with contempt as they both pushed with their powerful legs, taking two quick steps toward each other and again their enormous tits slapped together with a loud 'Smack!' knocking both of them backwards.



Jennifer was not so sure she wanted to continue ramming tits with Sara like this, so she swayed her ass as she stepped toward Sara until her tits were inches from Sara's. “I want some close contact.”

Sara smiled as she stepped forward, mashing their huge tits together.. “So do I.”

“Show me some compression bitch!”

Sara wrapped her arms around Jennifer as Jennifer placed her arms around Sara, They grabbed their wrists and pulled themselves tightly together, as the front of their massive tits spilled out against each other. As they tightened their grip on each other they forced their tits harder together, mushrooming them, but there was plenty of dense firm tit-meat that did not mushroom. Only a few inches on the front of their tits were touching. Sara and Jennifer's tits were just too fucking solid to completely spread out against each other, and they both knew it.. they knew they were matching their tits against an equally extraordinary pair of tits. They squeezed together as their inch long nipples pushed back into their own dense tits equally.

“Bitch!” Jennifer hissed.

“Cunt!” Sara growled.

“I'm gonna flatten your flabby tits bitch!”

“In your dreams, cunt!”

They pushed and shoved their immense tits together for more than ten minutes until it because obvious to both girls that neither one of them was going to crush the others tits. Hissing at each other they finally pushed apart, their eyes glaring daggers at each other. Sara once again stepped toward Jennifer and began to sway from side to side, dragging her huge tits across Jennifer's big rack... sliding back and forth. With each pass of their tits against each other, their long stiff nipples would catch and bend against each other equally before springing apart. For several minutes they swayed together,, both of the hot bitches becoming more and more frustrated as neither one of them could conquer the opposing nipples with their own … they kept bending equally, at the base of their nipples where they were attached to their areolas. The entire inch long length of all four hardened nipples remained straight and stiff and unyielding, bending only where they were attached to their tits.

Jennifer was upset that her nipples were not beating Sara's nipples .. “Fucking bitch!”

Sara was also frustrated that her strong powerful nipples could not bend Jennifer's.. “You think your nipples are so fucking hard?”

“Harder than your weak little nipples!” Jennifer answered as she placed her hands on her hips.

Sara challenged her, “I dare you to go nipple to nipple with me.”

“Line 'em up whore... and I'll show you what real nipples can do!”

Sara taunted Jennifer, “Oh I'll show you all right... Your little girl nipples don't stand a chance against a real woman's nipples!” As soon as she finished speaking, she leaned back and placed her hands on her hips then looked down as she inched toward Jennifer. Being an inch taller, Sara had to lean into Jennifer a little bit to line up the tips of their nipples … and then she slowly leaned a little more until the fat tips of their big nipples touched. …. and it burned... it burned with lustful heat... the kind of heat that women experience when they touch their nipples together.

They didn't push ... they didn't lean the weight of their bodies into each other ... they simply stood there ... right in front of each other ... and held their tips of their nipples together.

Sara and Jennifer moaned together as they looked down... the tips of their nipples were tip to tip... with just enough pressure to keep their burning nipples firmly together ..You see, women don't have to push to fight with their nipples ... all they have to do ... is touch them together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jennifer moaned as the heat spread through her nipple and into her big tits.

Sara was also moaning as she also felt the burning sensation flow from the tip of her nipples, down the hard shafts, and into her massive tits. “Ahhhhhhhhhh. They continued to look down at their big hard their nipples ... twitching violently against each other ... as their shapely bodies began to tremble. It was the sexiest thing that you could imagine ... two absolutely gorgeous women ... both with big firm dense tits ... standing face to face with their nipples glued at the tips ... moaning and writhing together ... it was if their nipples were already fucking each other. When a woman touches her pussy against another woman's pussy, they are fucking. They don't have to move their hips to fuck .. they do not have to grind their pussys together to fuck.. it is not necessary for them to slide their cunts together to fuck… or flick their clits against each other to fuck. All two hot women have to do is touch their cunts together. The same is true for their nipples. They don't have to flick them back and forth against each other, nor do they have to push them in and out against each other... . .. the only prerequisite for fucking with your nipples is simply to touch them together.

You could see the desire in their eyes.. you could witness the lust on their beautiful faces as their eyes lifted up and they made contact with each other... and those gorgeous eyes spoke to each other .. challenging each other .. speaking to each other in silence that their nipples were harder and sexier and stronger. “Can you feel my nipples fucking yours?” Sara moaned.

“Ummmmmmm yessssss.. and can you feel my nipples fucking yours?” Jennifer panted.

“My nipples are going to make your nipples cum Jennifer.”

“You think so bitch? Cause my nipples are gonna make your nipples cum!”

Standing face to face, with their hands on their hips ... Sara and Jennifer slowly leaned into each other,, increasing the pressure on their nipples .. as they pushed a little more they could see that a little of their own nipples was being pushed back into their own areolas.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jennifer gasped as they pushed a little more into each other... more a more of their nipples disappearing from view.

“Ohh God!” Sara moaned as she felt her big tits began to tremble with the pleasure that was flowing from her nipples. Jennifer's over-sized tits began to tremble at the same time as the hot heat flowed from their joined nipples into her big tits. It was about the sexiest feeling that she had ever felt. As they continued to gently push into each other, more and more of the combined two inches of hard steel-like nipple flesh disappeared from view until one final tiny movement from both of them pushed their areolas together and hid their nipples from view. “Oh Fuck!” Sara gasped as she felt their nipples twitching against each other,, tip to tip, inside their big tits.

Jennifer felt their nipples twitching together too, as if they were fighting each other inside their own little private room that was locked from view. “Oh Shit!!!”

Sara was breathing deeply ..“Unnnnnnnnn.. your nipples want to cum, don't they bitch?”

“Not as bad as your nipples want to cum, you fucking whore!” Jennifer gasped in a whisper.

“Nipple fuck me bitch!”

“Fuck my nipples with your you cunt!” Jennifer moaned as the nipple fucking began.. they pulled back from each other until about half of their nipples were visible, then they pushed together until they disappeared from view … then again … and again... and again... pushing the front of their tits together, hiding their nipples, then pulling back from one another, exposing their nipples to each other, only to push their huge tits together again... over and over... nipple fucking each other. As the minutes passed they began to perspire …. a thin sheen of their mixed perspiration serving as lubrication as they pushed their large tits together over and over and over. The pleasure was intense, and the discomfort of having their hard lengthy nipples pushed all the way back inside their tits was pleasurable as well .. in it's own way.

Faster and faster they pumped their tits together … pushing a little harder against each other as the minutes rolled by.. Their four heavy tits were mushrooming now.. trapping their hard nipples deep inside of their tits, and the pressure from the mushrooming only added to the erotic mixed pleasure of their nipple fucking and the discomfort that they were feeling. As they pumped their enormous tits deeper and deeper into each other, they were also pulling back more and more,, pulling back far enough to notice that something was different about their heated nipples... they were tugging on each other right at the tips... if was if the milk holes on the tips of their nipples had opened up and sucked together, because when they pulled apart they could feel the pulling and tugging on their nipples, and they could actually see it.. they could see the base of their nipples pulling their areolas out from the front of their big tits. 'Holy Shit!' .. they thought at the same time … 'Our nipples have sucked together.' The very thought of their nipples sucked together caused their clits to twitch... the very sight of their nipples stuck together brought a wicked dirty pleasure … two of the most private parts of a woman.. their nipples … had mated. They had become as one … twitching together in unison. The only thing left to do was to drill their own nipples deep inside of the other's big tits... and that is exactly what Sara and Jennifer were trying to do... trying to overpower each others nipples... wanting to destroy each others nipples... they wanted to humiliate their adversaries nipples …. so they kept fucking.. they kept pushing them together.. they kept mashing their weighty tits together.. again and again.

Jennifer felt her clit twinge again... and felt her wet juices began to soak into her panties. Sara's panties were wet too... her pussy was drenched.. and her clit was vibrating. Then end was near for both of them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh You Whore!!!” Jennifer screamed as she realized that her orgasm was beginning, and there was not a fucking thing she could do to prevent it from happening.

“That's it you little bitch!! Cum for me!!! Cum NOW!”

Jennifer pushed hard... moving her hands from her hips and wrapping her arms tightly around Sara... jamming their huge tits together hard... their nipples twitching together deep inside their mushroomed tits. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh GOD!”

“That's it Jennifer .. let it go!!” Sara moaned as she moved her arms around Jennifer and pulled her big tits into her own huge tits.

Jennifer tossed her head back.. her long black hair whipping through the air as she shook her head … “Shit!! …. I'm Cummmmmmmming!”

“Yessssssssssssss yes cum for me!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming! Jennifer moaned loudly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God Yes!!” Sara screamed as she felt her nipple push inside Jennifer's dense tit …. Sara had penetrated her. She had violated Jennifer's tits with her powerful nipples! “Yessssssssss!”

“Cummmmmmmming!” Jennifer screamed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmming!” Sara screamed with her. Their massive tits shook together for more than a minute, their nipples welded together in their nasty suck-fight, as they shared their mutual pleasure together.

By now, Jennifer was aware that Sara had driven her hard nipples inside her own firm tits. “Damn” She gasped as they held each other tight for another minute before releasing their hold on each other and slowly pulling back from one another.. their stuck nipples pulling at each other as they stretched their areolas out.. more and more, until they 'popped' apart... “Unnnnnnnnn.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” Sara whispered as she moved her face toward Jennifer and pressed her lips against Jennifer's lips.. it was a gentle kiss... a 'thank you' kiss … but it quickly turned into a 'fuck you' kiss as they began to grind their mouths together hard.. spreading their lips against each other until their teeth were scraping against each other.. their tongues licking and sucking and twisting together as they moaned into each others wet mouth. Jennifer finally pushed Sara away... breathing hard.

Sara stared at her for a moment before speaking .. “You look like you could use a beer.”

“Yeah a beer would be nice.”

Sara teased her .. “Don't tell mommy I gave you a beer.”

“Fuck you.”

“I intend to do just that... after you get us a beer... they're in the fridge.” Sara said as she sat down on the sofa and began slipping off her heels.

“Fine!” Jennifer was a little pissed... but being eighteen she could not have a beer anytime she wanted … the legal drinking age in Texas was twenty-one, so she waltzed into the kitchen, opened up the fridge and exclaimed .. “What the fuck?”


“What the fuck is that black thing in your refrigerator?”

Sara laughed... “Just bring me a beer and I'll tell you.”

A few seconds later Jennifer was strutting back into the living room as Sara watched her big tits wobble a little from side to side. “Here ya go.” Jennifer said as she handed the can of beer to Sara. The can made a 'schwick' sound as Sara popped it open. Jennifer sat down beside her and popped open her can of beer as they each took a sip. “Now tell me about that double headed snake looking thingy in your fridge. It looks like a big black dick with heads on each end.”

“Well Jennifer, it's called a double dildo.”

“Oh yeah, I've heard of those.” She answered as she took another drink.

“Apparently you have never used one, have you?”

A wicked grin formed on Jennifer's mouth as she answered, “No, this will be my first time.”

“Do you know how to use it?” Sara asked.

“I guess you fuck each other with it... right?”

“Kinda... actually, we can fuck each other at the same time.”

“You mean to tell me that both of us are gonna... y'know...”

“Yes!” Sara answered as she took a long drink from her beer and placed it down on the coffee table in front of the sofa. She then stood up and slipped her black shorts off her ass, letting them fall to the floor and kicking them away.. then her panties came off and she kicked them away as she posed for Jennifer. “Like what you see?”

“Wow! You are so fucking sexy!” Sara moved her right hand to her pussy and began to run her fingers up and down her wet slit as Jennifer took one last long drink of her beer and placed the can on the coffee table. Jennifer was really hot for Sara as she stood up and unbuttoned her jeans, She fumbled with the zipper for a couple of seconds as she watched Sara push two fingers up inside her wet cunt. She worked her jeans off over her ass and slid them down her legs then had to sit down to tug them off her legs. A moment later her shoes were off and she stood back up facing Sara as she moved her right hand and began fingering her pussy as lusted for Sara.. They were both hot and naked and wanted to fuck. Sara stepped closer to Jennifer until their heavy tits mashed together.. “Ummmm I love your big tits Sara.”

“I love the feel of your big tits too Jennifer.” Sara moaned as she began to twist her upper body back and forth.. rubbing her huge tits back and forth across Jennifer's massive tits. Left and right... back and forth.. rubbing.. mashing them together when they met head on, and watching them spring back as they squished past each other. Jennifer stepped a little closer so that the back of their right hands were touching and rubbing as each of them fingered their own wet cunts. Pumping their fingers in and out of their soaked vaginas as they squished their huge tits back and forth across each other. It did not take very long for both of them to be on the verge of another orgasm and Sara did not want to cum yet, so she pulled her dripping fingers out of her tight pussy and placed her hands on Jennifer's shoulders and pushed her backward.. as Jennifer fell back onto the sofa. “I'll be right back.” She whispered to Sara as she walked to the kitchen and returned in less than a minute, holding the big black double headed dildo. “Get down on your hands and knees on the floor.” Jennifer did as Sara asked, getting on all fours on the thick carpet. “Now spread your legs.” Again, Jennifer complied with Sara's request, moving her knees farther apart. “Now get down on your elbows and place your hands out in front of you.” Jennifer was getting excited and she quickly dropped her upper body down, turning her face to the side as she rested her head on the carpet and felt her big tits pushing against the soft carpet. With the huge dildo still in her left hand, Sara knelt down behind Jennifer and placed her right hand on Jennifer's pussy and began sliding her fingers up and down Jennifer's wet slit.. rubbing and stroking .. up and down ..

“Oh my God Sara.” Jennifer moaned, “That feels soooooo fucking good!”

“It's about to feel much better.” Sara whispered as she slipped her wet fingers out of Jennifer's pussy and moved one end of the huge dildo to her mouth as she drooled a thick string of saliva over the big black head. It was still cold as Sara placed the wet head of the dildo against Jennifer's wet cunt and slowly pushed.

“Unnnnn Sara!'s cold! .. and it's too fucking big!”

“It will be fine Jennifer.” Sara whispered as she twisted the big bulbous head of the dildo around and around.. slowly letting it stretch Jennifer's vagina.. until it 'popped' inside her pussy.”

“GOD!!” Jennifer whimpered into the carpet as Sara slowly pushed it deeper and deeper, constantly twisting it back and forth as she inched it inside Jennifer's pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck!!! It's sooooooooo fucking big!!”

It took Sara a couple of minutes to get about five inches of the rubberized silicone cock inside her tight pussy. She then spit on the other end of the monster cock and turned around.. pushing her firm ass cheeks up against Jennifer's hard buttocks and then carefully inserted the other end of the thick eighteen inch long dildo into her own pussy. “Ouuuuuuuuuu” Sara moaned as she forced more and more of her end of the double dildo up inside her pussy. With her hand holding the dildo in the middle, she began to slide it back and forth.. pushing a little more length into each of their cunts with each thrust... back and forth.. slowly inching more and more of the double headed black cock into their wet cunts until she was satisfied that they each had enough inside them that she could move her hand out of the way. She rocked forward, then back... then again... then back... it took about a minute of rocking before their asses were softly smacking together... By now, Jennifer was matching Sara's rhythm as they rocked together.. the coldness of the dildo slowly fading as it moved in and out of their hot cunts. In another couple of minutes they were really into it.. fucking each other hard.. their asses slamming and slapping together each time they rocked back against each other.. 'Slap' .. 'Smack' … 'Smack' ..'Slap' … again and again as they moaned and gasped together. “Come on Jennifer! Fuck me!”

“Unnnnnnnn.” Jennifer gasped as she slapped her ass against Sara's time and time again ..'Slap' .. 'Smack' … 'Smack' ..'Slap' … “Oh god!”

Of course, in this position, it was not possible to get all eighteen inches inside their pussys... each time they slapped their hard buttocks together, there was still a few inches of black cock between them... 'Slap' .. 'Smack' … 'Smack' ..'Slap' … “Ohhhhhhh fuck!” Sara moaned into the carpet as she moved her right hand to her clit and began rubbing. Jennifer was also rubbing her sensitive clit as the thick black dildo fucked in and out of their tight pussys... making squishing sounds as they fucked .. 'Slap' .. 'Smack' … 'Smack' ..'Slap' … their firm asses were really slapping together as they pushed hard against each other with each backward thrust... slamming their hard glutes together again and again... 'Slap' .. 'Smack' … 'Smack' ..'Slap' … Jennifer was rubbing her clit wildly … and so was Sara.. jerking her fingers up and down her clit as the big black rubber cock fucked her wet cunt... “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!!” Sara moaned loudly as they kept slapping their buttocks together.

“Oh Sara! I am gonna cummmm!” Jennifer screamed.

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Sara panted.

“GOD!” Jennifer yelled loudly... “Cummmming!”

“Oh fuck yesssssssssss!” Sara moaned loudly as she pushed her hot ass hard against Jennifer's hard ass.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!!! Cummmmmmmmming!” Jennifer's body jerked as she came hard.. gushing out her sweet pussy cum around the thick dildo.

A couple of seconds later Sara was cumming as she shrieked.. “Cummmming!”

“Oh Sara! Oh Fuck! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Ouuuuuuuuuu yessssssssss Jennifer!”

The two hot bitches kept their hard asses together for a couple of minutes before Jennifer slowly leaned forward, letting the huge black dildo slip out of her pussy, followed by her sweet pussy cum as it drooled out of her hot vagina. A moment later Sara inched forward and reached between her legs and pulled the massive dildo out of her own cunt... as her pussy leaked her hot wet cum onto the carpet. Jennifer fell forward on her tummy, gasping for air and moaning as Sara got to her knees and crawled around toward her, rolling her over, and then covering her mouth with hers.. kissing Jennifer deeply as Jennifer sucked on her tongue. They kissed for several minutes before Sara rolled away. “Damn girl, you are a hot fuck!”

“So are you Sara!... Wow! ... Grocery shopping will never be the same again!” She giggled and Sara laughed with her. Twenty minutes later, after they had drank another beer, they got dressed and told each other how much they had enjoyed their time together. A few minutes later Jennifer was gone and Sara began putting up her groceries.

To be continued