By AngelDawn30

Second Monday

Wendy and Amber

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Earlier in the evening Amber was arriving at home. She had been in a couple of meetings with clients all afternoon and it was already six o'clock. She had to be at Wendy's in an hour so there was no time to waste as she stripped her clothes off and looked for something to wear. She had wanted to hook up with Wendy since the first day they met, but it seemed that the opportunity never presented itself. Now the door of opportunity was open, and Amber was going to take advantage of the situation. She quickly searched for the right outfit... she did not want to look like a whore,, but she did want to look sexy so she choose a black dress.. one of her shorter dresses … the hem was about halfway up her thighs and the dress was low cut at the top... not 'your tits are about to fall out' low, but low enough to show an ample amount of her 'babies'. A pair of four inch black heels finished off the look. Amber looked stunning.. all that lovely auburn-red hair flowing down over the black dress was very provocative. After spending several minutes in front of the mirror, she was satisfied that she looked great. Picking up her purse and briefcase, Amber walked into her garage, stepped into the car and a few moments later she was driving to the Corleone estate.

Wendy was having the same thoughts as Amber. They had met several times but had never been alone with each other. … not really alone... not in the sense that they would not be interrupted... but tonight they would be alone … with no interruptions. Just the two of them. Wendy had been thinking about it... how she would seduce Amber.. and then the perfect idea came to her. Picking up her cell phone, she called Charles.

“Yes Ms Corleone?”

“Charles, there will be a lady visiting tonight... Her name is Amber Walker. She will call you when she arrives at the second gate and you will let her in... when she arrives, you will show her to the pool, and then you may retire for the evening.... oh, and one more thing... place a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice with two wine glasses on one of the tables near the pool.”

“Yes Ms Corleone. I will take care of it.”

“Thank you Charles.”

“My pleasure Ms. Corleone.”

Wendy glanced at the time... It was 6:30. She had just enough time to get ready. Looking through her swim suits, she found the one that would certainly get Amber's attention... which was actually kinda funny … Wendy was beautiful beyond words and anything she would wear would draw attention to her amazingly stunning appearance. She slipped on a purple string micro bikini. The tiny triangles on the top were just barely big enough to cover her areolas.. and the bottoms were nothing more than an inch wide piece of cloth that covered most of her pussy. A tiny bit of her pussy lips had spilled out from under the cloth on each side and Wendy had to reach down and 'put everything' back in place. Nothing more than a string went up the crack of her ass, so all of her amazing buttocks were naked. She turned around a few times as she looked at herself in the mirror... her huge tits were sticking straight out.. practically naked.. and her gigantic nipples were easily visible.. already making an inch long tent on those tiny triangles. A string extended upward from each triangle where they tied together behind her neck and the bottoms were tied on each side of her hipbones. Wendy might as well have been naked. She took a few minutes to brush out her long blonde hair, applied a little more eye shadow and eye liner and she was ready.. she was hot. She was fucking hot!

She made her way downstairs and out the back door toward the pool wearing a white cotton cover-up. As she walked toward the large pool she noticed that Charles had already placed the champagne on one of the tables. As always, Charles had already removed the cork and had carefully placed it back, so all Wendy would have to do is gently twist the cork. There were several tables around the pool.. all of them had an umbrella which extended up on a pole from the center of each table. The tables were white, made of iron, and had glass tops. The chairs were also white and made of iron with nice comfortable white leather padding.. The pool was shaped like a heart and was a fairly large pool... measuring about forty feet across with the diving board at the top of the heart. It was a warm sunny day and Wendy knew that the water would be warm as she removed her cover-up and poured herself a glass of champagne and stepped down the into the water at the shallow end of the pool. She walked around the left edge of the heart shaped pool until the water was about even with her bust line. Wendy did not want to get her hair wet so she stopped and placed her glass of champagne up on the edge of the pool where she planned to wait for Amber who would be walking toward her at any moment.

Several minutes earlier, Amber had driven through the first gate, entering the code, and then calling the number that Wendy had given to her when she reached the second gate.

“Corleone residence. This is Charles.”

“Oh, ah .. Hi Charles.. I was expecting Mrs. Corleone.”

“May I please have your name?”

“Amber Walker.”

“Yes Ms. Walker. I will open the gate for you and will meet you at the front door.”

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure Ms. Walker.”

It was about a minute drive from the second gate to the house where Amber parked in the circular drive near the front door. As she walked up the steps, the front door opened and a very tall handsome man greeted her. “Welcome Ms. Walker. I am Charles. This way please.” He turned and walked through the foyer and through the great room toward the double glass doors at the end of the room. Amber was amazed at the home.. it was huge! When they arrived at the glass doors, Charles opened them then turned and faced Amber. “Ms Corleone is waiting for you at the pool.... enjoy your evening.”

“Thank you Charles.”

“My pleasure Ms. Walker.” Charles then turned and walked away as Amber walked toward the pool with her purse and briefcase.

Wendy was still in the pool when she saw Amber walking toward her.. “Amber!” Wendy waved to her.. “Over here.” Amber continued walking until she was at the edge of the pool. “Sorry, I guess I forgot about the time,” Wendy smiled as she pulled herself up out of the pool, water dripping from her body.

“Oh that's ok.” Amber replied as her eyes took in Wendy's flawless beauty and those two huge globes on her chest that were barely contained by her bikini top.

“Let me dry myself off.” Wendy said as she walked over to one of the umbrella tables and picked up a large hot pink beach towel and began to dry herself off. “Can you dry my back?”

“Yes, of course.” Amber was trying not to sound too excited as she laid her briefcase and purse down on the round table and took the towel from Wendy. She stepped around behind her and began to move the towel up and down Wendy's back.

“Can you get the back of my legs too?”

“Sure.” Amber knelt down and began drying off the back of Wendy's legs. 'Damn' Amber thought to herself as she stared at Wendy's perfect ass. 'Wendy has some really nice legs.. and those quads... Damn'. Amber moved the towel up and down the back of Wendy's legs and then she began to dry off Wendy's buttocks.. letting her hands briefly touch Wendy's skin as she moved the towel up and down and around Wendy's hard tight ass cheeks. Wendy moved her right leg, widening her stance as Amber moved the towel around on her inner thighs. As Wendy leaned forward, Amber was staring right at Wendy's pussy.. 'Goddamn'.. Amber thought as she looked at the tiny thin piece of cloth that barely covered Wendy's slit. Amber kept moving the towel... even dragging it up and down the cloth that was hiding Wendy's cunt a few times... she thought she heard Wendy gasp as she stroked Wendy's pussy with the towel .After a couple of minutes, Wendy reached around and took the towel from Amber and let it fall to the concrete.

Amber stood back up as Wendy turned around to face her.. “You look …. wow!”

“So do you Wendy... I feel like I am kinda over-dressed.” Amber then laughed..”I never thought I would feel that way in this little black dress.”

Wendy smiled, then she said.. “Would you like to do something crazy?”

'What in the world is she talking about?' Amber thought, then replied.. “Sure, why not?”

“Let's go play in the pool.”

“I … ah …. I did not bring a swimsuit with me...”

“It's ok Amber... we'll go skinny dipping!” Wendy laughed as she reached behind her neck and tugged her top loose, letting it fall off her body.

“Oh Wendy... damn.”

“What?” Wendy asked as she untied her bottoms and was now naked in front of Amber.

“Your … I mean.... I ..”

“I have really big tits... is that what you are trying to say Amber?”


“Turn around and let me help you undress.”

Amber turned around as Wendy unzipped the back of her dress. She was pleased that Amber was not wearing a bra as she reached around inside Amber's black dress and cupped her big tits... squeezing them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Wendy.” Amber gasped as Wendy kneaded her big tits.. pushing them up and down and together with the palms of her hands. “Ummmm that feels soooo good.” Wendy played with Amber's huge E cup tits for a couple of minutes.. flicking her huge nipples with her fingers as she squeezed and fondled those two big round globes. She finally moved her hands away and leaned over.... grabbing the bottom of Amber's dress and pulling it up over her head before laying it down on the table.

Wendy placed her hands on Amber's shoulders and turned her around.. “Damn Amber, you're tits are amazing! Soooooooo big and round!” Amber had now placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders as they stood there facing each other.. their hands on each others shoulders. Wendy began to feel it... it was another one of her uncontrollable orgasms that was about to happen.. and there was not a damn thing she could do to delay the pleasure that was about to flow through her body. She closed her eyes as she began to tremble. Amber saw Wendy's nipples began to twitch as Wendy moaned... “Ohhhhhhh shit! …. Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy's body jerked as her orgasm flowed through her body... “Ah ah ahhh ahhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss.”

“God Wendy! Are you cumming?”

“Oh fuck yessssssssssss I'm cumming!” Wendy gasped.

Amber stepped toward Wendy and wrapped her arms around her, holding her tight. ... mushrooming their heavy tits together as Wendy's body trembled in her arms. Amber could feel Wendy's jutting nipples pushing against her own hard nipples as they held each other close. Amber had a nice pair of nipples... really nice … but they were not at all comparable to Wendy's. Amber pumped her tits a few times into Wendy's.. feeling those long hard nipples drill into her own hard nipples... It was only a couple of moments before Wendy had placed her hands on Amber's shoulders and they were nipple fucking.. stabbing those hard cylinders together... pushing the wide tips of their large nipples together... watching them push head on against each other again and again until they disappeared from view.. covered up by their areolas... but Amber could still feel those monster nipples of Wendy... drilling.. pushing... pushing her own nipples back into her tits.. and then Wendy began to shake.. her body trembling once again as she moaned... “Ohhhhhhhhh Amber! I'm gonna cum again... Ohhhhhhh fuck!”

“Yes Wendy... Cum for me.... cum for me Wendy!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming !”

“Yesssssssss Wendy!” Amber gasped with amazement that Wendy had already reached her second orgasm without any pussy stimulation.

“Mmmmmmm Amber.”

Amber reached down and placed her right hand on Wendy's pussy... she was soaking wet as Amber pushed two fingers up inside Wendy's vagina and began stroking her fingers in and out as Wendy moaned again... “Ohhhhh fuck me Amber!!!” Amber pushed the heel of her hand hard against Wendy's twitching clit and jabbed her fingers as deep as she could reach... deep inside Wendy's cunt and began to twist her fingers around and around as Wendy screamed... “Ahhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy's hot gush of cum splashed against Amber's hand as she pushed she pushed hard against Wendy's throbbing clit... grinding the heel of her hand hard against Wendy's clit. “Yessss... yes yes yessssssssssss Cummmmmmming!”

“Yes Wendy!! Yessssssss!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God Amber.”

As Wendy's orgasm began to fade, Amber knelt down on her knees in front of Wendy and cupped her hard tight buttocks. …. pulling Wendy's soaked cunt to her face as she covered Wendy's pussy with her mouth and began sucking. Wendy reached down and grabbed Amber's long auburn hair in her hands and tugged as she began humping Amber's mouth with her pussy.. Amber's tongue was swirling around inside Wendy's vagina as she mouth fucked the hot blonde with her tongue. Licking and lapping.. pushing her tongue in and out and around and around inside Wendy's burning pussy. Wendy rocked her hips hard against Amber's face... it was all Amber could do to keep her mouth plastered tightly against Wendy's cunt. She kept licking and Wendy kept humping. She was eating that cunt on her face.. munching and sucking... pushing her tongue in and out... licking … lapping .. sucking … Wendy was gonna cum again... she could not help it... she was a nymphomaniac.. and that is what nympho's do... they cum.. they cum again and again because they can never get enough.. because they cannot control it... because they cannot keep the orgasms from happening. Wendy cried out again as her vagina squeezed tightly around Amber's tongue.. “FUCK!!!” … Oh fuck! … Cummmmmmmming!”

Wendy's cunt gushed again on Amber's face... spraying her hot sticky sweet cum into Amber's mouth and all over her face as Amber licked and sucked.

“Goddamn Wendy!” Amber gasped as Wendy kept pumping her hips and screaming …

”Cummmmmming! Cummmmming!”

“Oh My God.” Amber moaned as she licked and sucked Wendy's sweetness into her mouth... swallowing her hot cum. She continued to lick up and down Wendy's wet vulva with her tongue until Wendy tugged on her hair enough to make Amber stand up. “Shit Wendy... you are one hot woman.”

Wendy's eyes were glazed over as she whimpered... “I'm a whore... I'm a bitch that was born to fuck and fuck and fuck and cum and cum and cum .. I'm a nasty dirty filthy slut! . .. and I need to fuck.... I need to fuck Amber.... fuck me.” Wendy grabbed Amber's hand and pulled her toward a beach lounge chair... releasing Amber's hand she quickly folded it back until it was laying flat. She then climbed onto the chair and turned over on her back looking up at Amber .. “Fuck me.”

Amber quickly removed her heels and slipped her panties off then stepped to the chair, placing both hands on the edge of the lounge chair and lowered her body down on top of Wendy's. Their big tits met first... nipple to nipple before mushrooming... Wendy spread her thighs apart so Amber could squeeze her thighs between Wendy's as she slowly lowered her cunt down on top of Wendy's.. pushing down.. mashing her own wet pussy into Wendy's wet cunt.. their pussy lips spreading apart until the velvet smooth inner parts of their vulva's were squishing together.. they moaned in unison as Amber shifted herself slightly and their hard clits met head to head.



“Fuck me Amber. Fuck me til we can't move.”

Amber began sliding up and down.. grinding her clit hard against Wendy's... up and down... they could feel each others clit pushing against their own clit.. up and down grinding... mashing .. pushing... Wendy was pushing up with her hips as Amber was pushing down... they wanted the maximum amount of pressure.. they wanted to grind hard together.. as hard as they could... clit head to clit head... pushing and grinding.. they had only been fucking for a few minutes before Wendy was cumming again... gushing against Amber's pussy...

“Ohhhhhhh fuck Amber!!! I'm Cummmmming!!!”

Wendy's orgasm triggered Amber's orgasm as she cried out with Wendy.. “Cummmmmming!

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming Amber!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmming Wendy!”

They gasped and moaned together as they continued to fuck... sliding their wet cunts together... mashing their huge tits together... kissing deeply with their lips mashed hard together. It was the most intense fucking that you could possibly imagine.. It was a hard fuck. Wendy legs were wrapped tightly around Amber as they ground their hungry wet cunts together.. rubbing their clits together as hard as they could.. rubbing and sliding their erotic buds of pleasure together again and again.. up and down.. grinding... rubbing... squishing their clits tightly together... moaning and groaning.. they fucked for another thirty minutes until they were cumming together again... screaming at the top of their lungs... practically yelling at each other as they reached the zenith together.


“Cummmmmmmmmming !”

“Fuck me Amber!!! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmming with you Wendy!”

Wendy was insatiable... she wanted more and more and more.. she squeezed her legs even tighter around Amber as she continued to thrust her hips.. grinding her cunt into Amber's. Wendy was a wild animal.... she was a whore... a slut … and she wanted more so they kept fucking and fucking and fucking. Another thirty minutes went by and they were still grinding.. Amber was still rocking her cunt up and down on Wendy's... she could not remember the last time, if ever, that she had fucked someone for such a long time. They had been grinding their soaked cunts together for almost ninety minutes.. moaning and gasping.. panting and whimpering.. rubbing their sensitive clits together again and again until they were burning from the constant friction. Amber pushed her clit hard against Wendy's, but this time she began wiggling from side to side.. instead of rubbing up and down she was now flicking her hard throbbing clit back and forth across Wendy's clit... flick flick flick... those two hard clits would press together.. mashing against each other with as much force as they could create.. then their clits would spring apart.. flicking across each other... “Unnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy would moan each time they flicked past each other..

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Amber would moan with her. Faster and faster she wiggled her hips from side to side as Wendy began to slap Amber's right ass. 'Smack! … slap! .. slap! Smack!' “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah Wendy!”

As their clits began flicking against each other faster and faster Wendy once again lost control as she began to cum again... “Cummmmmming!”

“Yessssss Wendy!”

“Cummmmmmming.” Wendy gasped as she struggled for air... breathing deeply and quickly. “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Their bodies were soaked with sweat as they slid together.. rubbing and grinding.. Amber was getting tired.... she was wearing out... but Wendy wanted more... and Amber found the strength to continue grinding for another twenty minutes.. grinding and rubbing their soaked cunts together... the lounge chair was saturated with their sweat and cum... Their hair was tangled together.. a mixture of blonde and auburn. Amber was finally so exhausted that she could barely find the strength to move.. so she moved her clit exactly on top of Wendy's clit and just pushed down.. her hips had no movement left.. she pushed hard... grinding hard.. clit head to clit head.... a few more minutes elapsed before Wendy was cumming again... she had already lost count of her orgasms as she shrieked loudly... her body convulsing as she bucked hard underneath Amber .. “Cummmmmmming! Oh FUCK YESSSSSSSSS Cummming!!”

Amber continued to grind their clits together as Wendy came hard... her eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped and moaned...

“Cummmmmmmming! Cummmmming!”

Amber moaned with her as she rolled off of Wendy, turning her as she moved so that they were laying face to face on their sides in the lounge chair. Several minutes passed as they cuddled.... Amber finally asking.. “Are you all right?”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm yes.” Wendy purred. They kissed a few more times before Wendy rolled off the lounge chair and got to her feet. Amber quickly followed, also standing to her feet. “That was great! We must do that again sometime!”

Amber smiled... “Anytime.”

Wendy walked over toward the pool, reached down and picked up her glass of champagne and walked back to the table. “Want some champagne?”

“I would love some champagne Wendy.”

Wendy poured Amber a glass of champagne and they sat down sipping their champagne “I have some papers to sign?”

“Yes... let me get them.” She opened her briefcase, removed the papers, handed Wendy a pen and pointed .. “Right here... on all three copies.”

Wendy laughed as she signed the papers.. “I've never signed anything like this before... I mean... naked.”

Amber laughed... “Neither have I.” She signed the papers under Wendy's signature and placed them back in her briefcase. “I'll mail you copies.”

“Thank you Amber.” They talked a little more... Wendy told her about case she ever wanted some very sexy lingerie. “I'll text you her number... oh, and she is hot!”

Amber laughed … “Ok! Thanks.”

A few minutes later, Amber had put her clothes back on, and Wendy had pulled her cover-up around her body and they were walking to the front door. “Thanks for cumming by tonight Amber.”

She smiled as she replied.. “You're very welcome.. I am very happy to have you as a client Wendy.”

Wendy nodded and then they hugged and then Amber left, Wendy closing the door behind her. She walked back up the stairs to her bedroom and stepped in front of her full length mirror... looking at her reflected image .. “So.. I understand that you are going to find me? ….. I'm waiting.”

To be continued