By AngelDawn30

Wendy and Sara


Four hours earlier … a few minutes before 8 o'clock … Sara had arrived at the first gate..... Earlier in the evening, Wendy had texted Sara with todays security code to enter the first gate and now she was texting Wendy to let her know that she was at the second gate. “Hi Wendy, I am at the second gate.”

A moment later the second gate opened as Wendy texted Sara back .. “Charles will show you in.”

“Who is Charles?”

“He is my butler and the keeper of secrets.”

“K. Be there soon.”

A few minutes later Sara was walking up the steps to perhaps the largest home she had ever seen. She was wearing her 'little black dress'. It was short and had a low cut scooped neckline which displayed her lovely legs and her ample cleavage. When she reached the massive front doors, she took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell …. thirty seconds later the door opened and she was standing in front of a giant of a man.. dressed in a black suit and a white shirt with a black bow tie. Their eyes met as he spoke with a deep voice … “You must be Ms Jones … I am Charles... Ms Corleone is expecting you ... Please come in” Charles held the door open for Sara as she stepped inside. “Do you have any luggage or any items that I may bring in for you?”

“No …. no .. I am fine …. thank you.” Sara was aware that his eyes never left her eyes. Most men would have not been able to resist the opportunity to check her out.... especially the way she was dressed... Sara looked unbelievably sexy in her little black dress, but Charles was a 'gentlemen' in the truest sense of the word.

“My pleasure Ms Jones. … please follow me.” Charles led her up the circular staircase to the second floor then turned left, down the hall toward the large double doors. “Ms Corleone is waiting for you... She has asked that the two of you not be disturbed.”

“Thank you Charles.”

“My pleasure Ms Jones. .. the door is unlocked.” Charles turned and walked down the hallway and down the stairs as Sara stood there... It was like she was visiting the Queen at her castle. She looked down at her dress.. one last look to make sure it was perfect.. then placed her hand on the brass doorknob and opened the door that led into the sitting room. Sara looked around for a moment, amazed at how big the room was.. the wood floor appeared to be made of pecan... similar to oak, but with the slightest hint of an orange/red tint. There was a sofa, a loveseat and a couple of chairs facing a fireplace. Then Sara noticed a small desk/stand in the center of the room. It looked like it was made of grenadilla wood... almost black. ... It was standing on the center of a dark red area rug. The stand had three legs and was about four feet high with a wooden triangle about halfway up that provided bracing for the stand. The top was about eighteen inches across, was round, and the wooden top was covered with a piece of polished black onyx. There was a bottle of baby oil and a note that had been placed on top of the table. As she walked toward the desk she noticed the two large double doors that she presumed led into the bedroom. “Damn,” Sara whispered to herself.. “Wendy must be a trillionaire.” She reached down and picked up the piece of paper and read the note.. “I am in the bedroom... Take off your clothes and come in... and bring the baby oil with you.” Sara placed her clutch purse down on the table and then lifted her feet up one at a time as she removed her black double strapped heels and placed them on the desk. Reaching behind her back, she unzipped her little black dress, then reached down, grabbing the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her head... folded the dress... and placed it on the table. She was wearing a front clasp black bra which she removed and placed on top of her dress, then stepped out of her black panties and also placed them on the desk. Sara was now naked as she picked up the bottle of baby oil and walked toward the massive double doors. She took a couple of deep breaths as she placed her hands on the brass doorknob of the right door and slowly, with deliberate patience ... opened the door.

Wendy's bedroom was about the same size as Sara's entire apartment. The wood floor was a perfect match to the floor in the sitting room with a large deep red area rug that covered most of the floor. To her right was a massive fireplace that was made of large rough granite rocks.. on the left side of the room was a large burgundy leather sofa with a matching burgundy chair. Wendy's bed was made of Brazilian rosewood and was slightly oversized.. what you would refer to as a California King size bed with four large round posts extending more than five feet at each corner of the bed. The posts were easily a foot in diamater. The wooden bed frame was also massive... The carved headboard was easily six feet high. At the foot of the bed was a table that was as wide and tall as the bed with a polished black onyx top that was two feet deep. The table was pushed up next to the bed so that there was not a gap between the end of the bed and the table. Sara slowly walked around the room, her tits gently shifting back and forth on her chest as she surveyed her surroundings. She noticed several original paintings on the wall and as she walked toward one of them she heard Wendy's voice. “Hi Sara... I have been waiting for you.”

Sara turned around and saw Wendy as she was walking out of the Master bathroom. Wendy was completely naked as she strutted toward Sara, her mammoth tits moving slightly as she walked … finally stopping on the rug in the center of the bedroom. Sara slowly swayed toward Wendy, her huge tits gently quivering on her chest as she approached Wendy carrying the baby oil in her left hand... She stopped about three feet in front of Wendy and placed the bottle of baby oil on the table at the foot of the bed as the two hot women stared at each other for almost a minute.. Their eyes had not seen each other in years and those beautiful eyes began moving up and down each others flawless bodies... staring at each others massive tits... the small waists … the flared hips and athletic thighs... before their eyes moved back up each others bodies until they were staring into each others eyes.. their breathing had already quickened at the sight of each other ….. their pussys were already getting damp with anticipation.... and their nipples were already getting erect and hard as they slowly moved up and down on the front of their big tits from their deep breathing.

Sara's big tits were bigger than the last time she had seen Wendy, and she was hoping that her tits would now be as big as Wendy's... but it appeared that Wendy's tits were also larger than before... as were her enormous nipples. Sara spoke first... in a quiet voice … “It's been a long time Wendy.”

“Too long.” Wendy whispered as she felt her pussy began to twitch at the sight of Sara's huge tits and long hard nipples.

Sara stepped a few inches closer as she whispered back to Wendy... “I assume that the baby oil is for us to renew our 'nipple war'.”

Wendy felt another twinge in her cunt as she nodded.. “Um hmmm.”

Sara grinned … “And I presume that you want to re-initiate our contest right now?”

“Yesssssssssssss.” Wendy continued to whisper as she felt another surge of pleasure rush through her pussy.

Sara picked up the bottle of baby oil and flipped open the cap.... then she pointed the bottle at Wendy's huge rack and squeezed the bottle with both hands.. squirting a stream of the slippery oil over Wendy's enormous tits … the oil splashing on her big tits and running down between them and down her tummy. Sara then turned the bottle toward her own over-sized tits and squeezed... again squirting a stream of baby oil over her big tits until the oil was running down her tummy.. all the way down to her pussy. Being satisfied that they were both prepared for battle, she placed the bottle back on the table and slowly moved toward Wendy until their nipples were only a couple of inches apart. “My nipples are bigger than before.”

“So are mine Sara.”

“And they are longer.”

“So are mine Sara.”

“And thicker and harder.”

“As are mine Sara.” Wendy was breathing quicker and deeper. She was beginning to think that she was going to have one of her uncontrollable orgasms... and she was correct.... As Sara closed the distance between their nipples, Wendy felt it building... and she knew that she had already reached the point of no return. As the tips of Sara's hard lengthy nipples met her own long solid nipples, Wendy gasped.... and her hips bucked.. her chest expanded with a deep breath of air and she moaned … “Ohhhhhhhh God Sara …. Fuck!!!!!!!!! I am cummmmmming!”

Sara pushed into Wendy... burying their hard nipples inside their dense tits as she felt Wendy's nipples twitching against hers …. “Yesssssssss Wendy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!!! Cummmmmming!” Wendy gasped as her massive tits jerked and quivered against Sara's big E cup tits.

“Mmmmmmmmmm … Wendy.” Sara moaned as they held each other tight.. their heavy tits quivering together as Wendy slowly drifted out of her orgasm. “Damn... does this mean that I have already won?”

Wendy softly laughed... “Ohhhhhhhhh no... that was just a little warm-up... you know, like stretching before you exercise.”

“Mmmmm … well... now that you are warmed up..... shall we?”

“Um Hmmm” Wendy whispered as she stepped back from Sara... They each looked down as they slowly moved toward one another, lining up their nipples. Wendy was barely taller than Sara so she had to ever so slightly make an adjustment for their difference in height as they carefully aimed the tips of their nipples toward each other. When they were in college together, Wendy always had longer nipples, but Sara's nipples had matured... they had grown until they were barely over an inch long... longer than Wendy's nipples were... but as Sara looked down at Wendy's rigid spikes she could tell that Wendy's erect throbbing nipples had also matured... they were longer than she remembered them being... it was going to be close.... and Sara really wanted to prove that her nipples were longer. The two hot women gasped as the tips of their big round nipples touched ….. It felt like an electric current was flowing through their nipples and into their big tits as they stood there... keeping the tips of their nipples touching... the pleasure was intense.... they closed their eyes and relished the deep warm sensations that were flowing up and down the length of their four hard nipples.... Wendy and Sara moaned in unison as the warm heat began to consume them. “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

“Mmmmmmm Wendy. Your nipples feel sooooooooooo fucking hot against mine.”

“Mmmmm Hmmmm.” Wendy moaned as she opened her eyes and looked down at the four massive nipples on their huge tits.... “Let's find out.” She shifted her upper body to her left and leaned forward... the sides of their nipples touching each other as Sara slowly moved forward... her eyes locked on their lengthy extended nipples as they slowly made their erotic journey toward each others areolas.... to see whose nipples were indeed, longer. Wendy watched as they slowly slid against each other.. the tips of their nipples getting closer and closer to each others areolas.... at the last moment it became obvious to both of them... the tip of Wendy's nipple was going to touch first... Sara gazed at the sight with awe.... her nipples were outstanding... hard and long... very long... extraordinarily long... but the tip of Wendy's nipple touched her areola first... Her lips parted and she quietly moaned as she felt the tip of Wendy's nipple pushing against her sensitive areola... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy still had the longest nipples she had ever seen. Wendy was still the 'Nipple Queen'.

Wendy smiled as she spoke..... “Let's continue.”

“I'm ready.” Sara grinned as she moved to her right as Wendy moved to her left... those four steel-like nipples catching together briefly before springing apart which caused both women to gasp. Again they placed their nipples side to side, but the baby oil had not completely soaked into their skin and again they slipped apart.. “Damn” Sara whispered as Wendy giggled. Several more attempts were made before they locked together side by side... as they moved, their nipples remained stiff,, only bending at the base where they protruded from their areolas... they pushed their hard points against each other until they finally sprang apart... followed by “Ouuu's” and “Ahhh's”. This went on for several more minutes.. their nipples catching and bending equally together... the entire length of their big round nipples remained rigid and straight... only bending where they were attached to their areolas. There was not going to be a winner... their nipples were equally hard..... and it was time to move on to the next competition … Nipple fucking.

Without saying a word, they carefully placed their nipples tip to now, most all of the baby oil had been absorbed into their skin and when they slowly began to push their tits toward each other... the four hard nipples remained connected... slowly and slowly they pushed until about half of their nipples were pushed back into their own tits... moving back they pushed again... then they moved back and pushed together again.. over and over as they began to nipple fuck each other... Four of the biggest nipples in the world were pushing together tip to tip and being forced back into four of the biggest tits in the world. If there had only been a camera to record it all ….

They pumped their heavy tits together.. thrusting their steel-like nipples head on against each other over and over.. pushing all that hard nipple length deeper and deeper into each others tits... each of them wondering if they would be able to force each others nipples back into their tits... and each of them wondering if it was going to be possible to not only push each others nipples all the way back inside their tits, but to also penetrate each others tits with their own nipples... it was such an immense amount of nipple length.. but they were determined to nipple fuck each other until one pair of nipples would actually enter the others tit.... pinning the others nipples inside their tits and pushing their own nipples inside the others tits.... again and again they pumped their tits together until their long hard nipples were completely disappearing with each thrust.. their areolas were now touching with each forward thrust of their huge tits... they could feel their own nipples being pushed back into their firm dense titflesh.. there was discomfort.... imagine what it felt like if someone pushed a roll of dimes into your tit... pushing that stiff hard roll of dimes an inch inside your firm tit-meat.... Then imagine what it must feel like to not only have your own inch plus nipple pushed back into your tit... but to also have an additional inch plus nipple pushed inside your tit. .. think about it … a little more than two inches of that big round hard roll of dimes pushed inside your tit. … that is exactly what Wendy and Sara were trying to do to each other.... to completely dominate each others nipples... to not only push each others nipples all the way back inside their tits but to also thrust the entire length of their own 'hard as concrete' nipples into each others tits. Almost always this would be an impossible task. Almost always the four nipples would push together equally as they were squished tightly together with each thrust of their big tits.... However, if you possessed very strong, very hard, very long nipples like Sara had, then sometimes you could penetrate your adversaries tits with your formidable nipples... Wendy had also achieved this near impossible feat on many occasions.... drilling her unrelenting nipples deep inside her opponent's tits.... but when both women have such huge nipples... when both pair of nipples are as big around as a roll of dimes... when each set of fighting nipples are as hard as a piece of iron... it is practically impossible ….. unless you are Wendy Corleone.

The two hot bitches pumped their tits deeper and deeper into each other... again and again... sometimes there would be a little smacking sound as their huge tits would meet and mushroom together.... dense hot skin slapping against firm hot skin. Suddenly Sara felt it.... a tugging on her nipple... she felt it each time they would pull themselves back from each other... each time they almost separated, she would look down and see that the tips of their nipples head welded together... they were fused tip to tip... Wendy's amazing nipples had flared a little at the tips and had clasped themselves to the tips of her own hard nipples.... her nipples were being sucked by Wendy's nipples.... and she could not only see it... she felt it... that tugging... that pulling... again and again.. the suction seemed to increase each time they forced their nipples together.. pushing … thrusting... and now the suction .. It gave Sara pleasure... it felt like a little mouth sucking on the tip of her monster nipples.... she began to moan.... “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Wendy... Shit! .. This feels so fucking good!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Wendy moaned as she continued the torrid pace of thrusting her hard unyielding nipples against Sara's..... over and over and over... their areolas were now briefly sticking together as they peeled apart with each thrust. Then Wendy felt something happen.... she was not sure how... or why … but she could tell... she could feel it... her own nipples were swelling... getting bigger... thicker... and even harder!! Sara felt it to... and as they looked down... more and more of Wendy's nipples were visible each time they pulled apart... and less and less of Sara's nipples were showing... Then it began..... Sara could feel more and more of their rock hard nipples being pushed inside her tit.... She knew that a little bit of Wendy's nipples were fucking inside her tit.. and with each hard thrust.. she could feel more and more and more.. As impossible as it seemed, Wendy was penetrating inside Sara's tit with her nipples!!! She was titfucking Sara with her amazingly hard nipples! The combination of discomfort and pleasure was steadily driving Sara out of her mind as her body began to yield to the inevitable coming orgasm that was building up inside her body. Their heavy dense tits were pushing together hard as Wendy's powerful nipples were drilling deep inside Sara's amazing tits. It was as if Wendy's nipples were two little dicks with hard-ons and Sara's areoleas were two little cunts.... Wendy's nipples were thrusting in and out of Sara's tits... fucking her... and Sara was about to give in to the pleasure.... “Ohhhhhhhh Fuck me Wendy!!!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” Wendy moaned as she felt her nipples began to jerk... twitching …. vibrating..... and with one last deep push... she felt all of her hard swollen nipples pushing deeply inside of Sara's tits... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!!!”

“Yesssssssssss Wendy!! Yes yes yes!!!”



“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmming!!!” Wendy cried out as her incredible nipples spasamed and jerked inside Sara's massive tits... “Ohhhhhhhhh yesssss!!!” Her cunt began to contract and gush as she pushed and held her huge tits against Sara's.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me tooooo!!!! Cummmmmmmming!!” Sara screamed as her cunt twitched and gushed. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Wendy... we need to fuck... we need to fuck right now!!!!” Sara was delirious with pleasure as she grabbed Wendy's arm and pulled her toward the side of the bed and then pushed her down on the bed.. on her back... She quickly crawled onto the bed, remaining on her knees as she straddled Wendy's cunt with her own cunt... slowly lowering herself down until those two heavenly sweet pussys squished together. Sara reached out and grabbed Wendy's left leg and pulled it out as she leaned back and began to grind her hot cunt against Wendy's.... rocking and pushing... and fucking.... their wet cunts began to slurp together as their wet swollen labia spread apart and opened up their vagina's to each other..... Wendy pushed up... feeling the warm sensation of their vagina's meeting.. fuck-hole to fuck-hole... and then she felt suction on her pussy... Sara was squeezing her cunt with her own amazing cunt..

Wendy panted as she felt Sara's cunt sucking on hers ...“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sara … that feels sooooooooooo fucking good.”

“You love it, don't you bitch?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss I do!! I love it.”

Sara squeezed more... her pussy squeezing and sucking on Wendy's as they rocked their hungry cunts against each other,,, squishing and slurping together... mashing together... their pussy lips sticking and pulling together.... the sweet sounds of pussy music filling the bedroom as they fucked their open vaginas together.. pushing and thrusting … smearing their wetness into each other... over and over... again and again... Wendy was loving it and was thrilled that Sara had trained her pussy, and Sara was pleased that she was pleasuring Wendy with her pussy. … but what Sara did not know was that Wendy could also suck with her amazing cunt. Wendy had devoted a great deal of time over the years to develop her cunt and to strengthen her powerful kegel muscles... she exercised those amazing muscles in her cunt everyday.... every single day it was part of her routine... and over the years her dedicated work had created a pussy that was powerful... a pussy that could quite possibly suck-start a Harley. ... a pussy that could suck as good as any pussy on the planet.... maybe even better than any pussy on the planet. They continued to grind together... fucking each other … squishing and mashing their wet cunts hard together.... and although Sara was flexing and doing everything she could to suck and slurp at Wendy's pussy, Wendy had only been toying with her …. and now it was time..... time to release her talent … time to devour Sara's pussy with her own.... it was time to unleash her amazing skills on Sara's pussy.

As they contined tribbing, Wendy gently flexed her pussy against Sara... and Sara felt it... .. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”... Again Wendy flexed her strong kegels... and once again Sara moaned … “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She knew she was now locked in a pussy duel with Wendy as she closed her eyes and squeezed as hard as she could with her pussy causing a moan to escape from Wendy's lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Yes Sara.”

“Show me what you got bitch!” Sara taunted her. “Show me how strong your pussy is.” And Wendy did just that.... she unleashed hell on Sara's cunt... flexing hard for the first time..... as her pussy sucked at Sara's... as if it were trying to turn Sara's vagina inside out. Her eyes closed.. and she squeezed.... flexing and sucking …. and Sara's eyes opened wide with shock and amazement. Sara moaned ...“Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!” Wendy squeezed again …. “Ohhhhhhhhhh My God!!!” And she squeezed and sucked a third time … “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara was losing control … her body began to tremble as Wendy inched her open pussy up a couple of inches.. her powerful sticky extended pussy lips wrapping around Sara's hard throbbing clit... and when Wendy was certain that she had Sara's clit trapped between her lethal pussy lips,... Wendy squeezed.... she squeezed hard... and sucked!! That was all it took to send Sara over the edge into orgasmic bliss. … “Wendy!!!!! Cummmmmmming!!” Wendy squeezed and sucked a second time.. tugging and pulling on Sara's clit with her pussy lips …. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming sooooo fucking hard …. Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Sara's body was thrashing wildly as she bucked her exploding clit against Wendy's sucking pussy... “Cummmmming!!” Wendy felt Sara's hot gush of girl-cum spraying from her hot cunt... and it was enough for Wendy to reach her orgasm...

“Cummmmmming!!” Wendy moaned deeply as she rocked hard against Sara's cunt.. “Ohhhhhh Sara!!! Yesssssssss!” The two stunningly beautiful women continued to rock against each other for another couple of minutes before Sara slid herself off Wendy and rolled over on the bed... resting on her back... her huge tits rising and falling on her chest as she breathed deeply. Wendy was also breathing deeply as she laid next to Sara.. both of them staring at the ceiling. “Mmmmmmmm Sara.. that was soooooooooo good.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes it was Wendy.... Your pussy is amazing.” Wendy smiled as Sara continued speaking... “It's actually incredible.... You know, I have been with quite a few women over the years.... and many of them had a talented pussy... but yours is amazing... almost beyond belief.” Wendy smiled again and was about to speak, but Sara kept talking … “What is really amazing, is that I met a woman yesterday who also had an amazing pussy.... it was incredible!.... and then you tonight.... I have never had my pussy sucked like that before... and to experience that for two days in a row... damn.. that is truly amazing.”

Wendy felt her pussy twitch as she rolled over on her side and looked at Sara .. Wendy was curious... “Who is she?”

Sara sensed that Wendy really wanted to know who she was as she giggled.. “Wouldn't you like to know.” Sara's mind suddenly had a vision of Jane's cunt and Wendy's cunt.. locked tightly together in a suck-fuck and the thought made her gasp. 'Holy shit!' Sara thought to herself.. 'That might be the greatest and wildest pussy to pussy fuck of all time!'

Now Wendy was a very thoughtful and caring woman.... she and Sara had just fucked themselves to an orgasm.. and the last thing she wanted to do was to give Sara the impression that she was interested in meeting and perhaps fucking someone else. She got up on her elbows and rolled a little more toward Sara and looked down into Sara's eyes.... “It does not matter... what matters is that I am with you right now.”

“Oh Wendy.. you are so sweet.”

Wendy laughed... “Sweet? I am a lesbian whore... I am a slutty nasty nympho who wants to fuck all the time.”

Sara pushed herself up and rolled Wendy over on her back as she crawled up on top of Wendy and lowered her body down... their huge tits mushrooming as Sara's wet pussy squished down against Wendy's wet cunt. “In that case, I guess we need to fuck some more.”

Wendy reached up and grabbed Sara's face between her hands .. pulling her down until their lips met as they began to french kiss...swirling their tongues together as Sara began to rock her pussy against Wendy's. Their clits were still swollen and it only took a few seconds for those throbbing clits to find each other... “Ummmmmmm Sara!”

They began rocking their clits together.. dragging them up and down against each other... they were clit fucking.. and it felt sooooooooo fucking good for both of them. Once again their ears were filled with sweet pussy music as they fucked.. their swollen sticky pussy lips clinging and tugging together as their clits moved up and down against each other.... their rhythm was perfect... as if they had rehearsed for hours and hours. Up and down... sliding their clits together.... up .. down … up … down.. sliding... rubbing... clit to clit. Their tongues were raging war inside each others mouths as they fucked their hard clits together... Those four huge tits were pressed tightly together.. their hard nipples once again buried deeply inside their massive titflesh as they fucked their hard clits together .. up .. down … up … down.. sliding... rubbing.. up … down... stroking .. pressing … rubbing … up and down … the pleasure was as intense as either could ever remember.... minute after minute went by as they slid their sensitive clits together.. rubbing up and down... stroking the entire length of their clits together.... feeling each others clit twitch and throb against their own throbbing clit. If those two burning clits were actually made of steel... sparks would be flying from their deep grinding .. It was too much …. they were going to cum soon.... but they wanted to make it last as long as possible. Sara stopped moving... and Wendy also stopped moving.. they moved their hips forward.. mashing their erect clits together.... forcing them tightly together... clit head to clit head.

“Ohhhhhhhh Sara... can you feel my clit twitching against yours?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss..... can you feel my clit vibrating against yours Wendy?”

“Oh fuck yes! …. Sara?”


Wendy was breathing deeply ...“Do you think we can cum without moving?”

Sara was panting as she answered.. “I think we can.... Shit!! This is soooo fucking hot!”

They wrapped their arms around each other... Sara reaching underneath Wendy and holding her tight as Wendy wrapped her legs around Sara's... which caused their clits to jiggle a little against each other... “Ohhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned between deep breaths. She reached down and cupped Sara's tight hard buttocks in her hands and pulled... forcing their trembling clits together even tighter.. They wanted to push each others clits back inside each others bodies as they pressed tightly together.. squeezing with their arms and legs.... throbbing clit head forced against throbbing clit head.

Wendy's clit twitched... “Ohhhhhhh did you feel that Sara?”

(Panting and heavy breathing)

“Mmmmmmmm yes.”

(More panting and gasping)

“I can feel your clit against mine Sara... can you feel my clit with yours?”

(Gasping and moaning)

“Oh Fuck yes.... you love my clit against yours, don't you Wendy?”

They moaned for almost another minute before Wendy answered.. “Fuck yes!! I love our clits mashed together... I can feel them pulsing together.”

(More gasping and whimpering as another minute passed.)

“Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu... it feels like they are pounding together with our heartbeats.”

“Un huh.”

“You want to cum don't you Wendy?”

Wendy was soooooo fucking close to an orgasm as she delighted in the throbbing of their joined clits... “Not (gasp)... not until ..(deep breath)... Unnnnnnnnnn … (more gasping)... until you cum first.”

“I know you want (gasp) to cum on my clit.”

(More heavy breathing as they gasped for air)

“I want you to cum on my clit.”

“Cum for me Wendy.”

“You cum for me Sara!”

“Oh my God”

“Fuckkkkk !!!”

“Can you make your clit twitch Wendy?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy was sooooo fucking close to cumming as she tried to make her clit twitch for Sara.... but she did not know how.... then suddenly she felt her hard clit spasm... twitching... “Ohhhhhhhhhh yes I can!!” Now she probably did not make her clit twitch... clits just do their thing... but Sara did not know that...

“Ohhhhhhhh FUCK Wendy!!! (Gasp) .. “How did you do that?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Sara.... my clit is on fire!!” Wendy panted deeply as her clit twitched again.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

“Cum Wendy!!!”

“Cummmmmm Sara!!!”

Wendy felt Sara's clit jerk hard against hers.... and her clit jerked back against Sara's in response.... They moaned and groaned together as both of their throbbing hot clits began to jerk and twitch against each other... all by themselves... jerking and throbbing... as if they were trying to fuck each other... as if those hard sensitive clits were trying to force an orgasm form each other... as if their throbbing clits had a mind of their own, and each one was hellbent on making the opposing clit cum first... It was a clit war that neither of them had ever experienced before... their clits were fucking each other.. moving... jerking... throbbing … pulsing.... straining against each other... clit head to clit head.

Sara's eyes rolled back into her head...... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Wendy was struggling to keep her orgasm from rushing through her body .. “Unnnnnnn....... Cum Sara!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!” Sara screamed as her clit jerked hard against Wendy's..... and she felt Wendy's hot clit jerking hard against hers.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shit!!!” Wendy screamed loudly.

“Fuckkkk !!!!” Sara screamed with her.

Wendy pushed her hips up... driving her hard clit head on against Sara's as Sara pushed down against Wendy's clit with all of her strength.... The two jerking clits felt like they were going to explode.. they felt like they were going to burst into flames... their clits jerked together... then fused... becoming one massive clit... throbbing in unison... pulsing together... and both hot women felt the rush begin from their fused clits.... it was a wild rush... it hit them both at the same moment in time... like a tornado …. like liquid fire had been poured over their fused clits.... and Wendy and Sara screamed together.... as they felt like the inside of their bodies were boiling.... steaming... and the pressure had to be released..... and it had to happen right now.



“Cummmmmmmmmmming Wendy!”

“I'm Cummmmmmming Sara!”

Their pussys gushed together.

“Cummmmmmmmming and cummmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!”

Their clits burned together as if they had melted from the intense heat.

“Cummmmmmmmming!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!!!”

“Yessssssssssssssss Cummmmmmmmmming!”

They held each other tight... their nipples burning against each other.. their dense heavy tits pressed tightly together as they jerked and spasamed together... within a minute they were cumming again.... and then a few minutes later they were cumming again... and it went on and on for the next several minutes as one orgasm after another flooded their bodies with the deepest pleasure.. They moaned and panted.. they gasped for air together as they rode out the string of multiple orgasms together. It was an incredible fuck that had left both hot bitches exhausted.... but Wendy wanted more. Nympho whores always need more... Nympho sluts always crave more .. more and more …. she could never get enough... and she rolled Sara over on her back... got to her knees and straddled Sara's chest... lowering her dripping cunt down on Sara's chest as she reached down with her hands and directed Sara's huge left tit toward her gaping cunt. She squeezed Sara's tit.. forcing the hard nipple straight out and lowered her pussy down on Sara's tit... and began rocking... feeling Sara's hard rigid nipple penetrating into her vagina... She was fucking Sara's tit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes Wendy! Fuck my tit with your pussy!”

Then Wendy did something that Sara had never experienced before..... she watched in awe as Wendy flexed her dominating pussy and sucked Sara's nipple up inside her vagina. Sara gasped as she felt her nipple being sucked by Wendy's impressive cunt. She felt the tugging and pulling... it was like a mouth sucking on her nipple. Sara closed her eyes as Wendy's cunt sucked more and more of Sara's big tit into her sucking vagina. She began to squirm.... opening her eyes again as she watched her areola disappear inside Wendy's pussy. “Oh my God!” Sara panted as Wendy began rocking.. moving her hips forward and backward... pulling and tugging on Sara's tit... stretching it... moving it.. Sara's eyes were now wide open as she watched her huge tit being pulled up and down on her chest... each time Wendy would rock back, she would pull Sara's tit down a couple of inches.. and then as she rocked forward, her sucking cunt would pull and tug Sara's big tit up on her chest... it was an incredible sight... it was if a mouth had attached itself to Sara's tit and was moving up and down and back and forth.. tugging and pulling .. sucking … moving Sara's tit around on her chest with her strong pussy. Sara began to moan as she tried to reach around Wendy so she could finger her own pussy.. but she could not reach that far... so she moved her hand toward her right tit... but Wendy's thigh was pressed against her tit... Wendy sensed what Sara was wanting to do as she lifted herself slightly... letting Sara slide her hand under her thigh before lowering her thigh back down on Sara's right tit... which Sara was now cupping and squeezing. Wendy was moaning as her awesome pussy continued to suck on Sara's big left tit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Wendy.... oh fuck.. that feels soooooooo wonderful!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes it does.” Wendy moaned as she reached down with her right hand and began to stroke her swollen clit.

“My God!”

“You love my pussy sucking your tit?”


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” Wendy moaned as she continued to flex her incredible pussy... her extended swollen pussy lips were wrapped tightly around Sara's tit as her pussy sucked on Sara's tit... the nipple and areola were up insdie her vagina as she milked Sara's tit... sucking and pulling.... tugging with her unbelievable pussy... rocking... moaning … fucking Sara's tit. Sometimes Sara could have a nipple orgasm... and this was going to be one of those times. She could feel it beginning... it was like a tidal wave... slowly building... the wave getting higher and higher... until it began to crest... washing over Sara's body … the clouds of pleasure were about to release a downpour of rapturous exaltation …. Sara's body stiffened … The pleasure began in her nipples.... smoldering... then catching on fire … burning … flowing through her abundant tits.... She began to moan deeply as the fire spread throughout her body... reaching her vibrating clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Sara cried out as she felt her clit ignite … burning with a deep intense fire.... “Cummmmmmmmmming!” Her body shook. She gulped for air as Wendy's pussy clamped down hard on her burning tit... squeezing and sucking her tit hard. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming!”

Wendy was only a few seconds behind her as she threw her head back... her long blonde hair waving in the air as she pinched her clit hard and screamed.... “Sara!! Ohhhhhh Sara … Cummmmmmmming!!”

“Yesssssssssssssssssss Wendy... Cum on my tit!”

Wendy's pussy gushed... her hot sweet pussy cum squirting out around Sara's tit which was still inside her pussy.... “Ohhhhhhhhh God Yessssss!” Her hips rocked a few more times... her cum running down over Sara's immense tit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Wendy ….. ohhhhhhhh my God.” Sara was whimpering.. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm yes.” Wendy whispered as she slid herself off of Sara... and laying down beside her.. rolling to her side facing as she began kissing Sara's cheek.

“You are sooo fucking amazing... and beautiful …... and ...”

“And rich!” Wendy giggled.

“Yeah.. that too.” Sara replied as she turned her face toward Wendy and they kissed.. It was a long tender deep kiss... their tongues slowly moving around each other as their lips sealed tightly together. They snuggled in their afterglow...kissing and hugging and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

To be continued