By AngelDawn30

Amanda was back at the apartment she shared with Lisa around 7. Lisa was still working on her term paper for a summer class she was taking.

“Still working on your term paper?”

“I am almost finished!”

“Oh good... I am sure you will get an A, like you always do.”

“I hope so... I think I will finish it tomorrow... I need a break.”

“Still want to go to Girlfriends?”

Lisa stood up and walked toward Amanda.. “Of course.”

“Good, because I bought a membership today.”

“A membership?”

“Yes Lisa.. Girlfriends is a private club.. can't get in without being a member.”

“What about me?”

“I can bring one guest when I go.. which is you!”

“Yea!! we are going to have such a good time Amanda....You know what would be kinda fun?”


“What if we had a little competition between us tonight?”

“Sounds exciting Lisa.. what did you have in mind?”

Lisa grinned.. “How about this... we both love to sexfight.. right?”

“Yes we do... but we can't sexfight at a bar.”

“Well... not exactly.”

“What is that little kinky mind of yours thinking, Lisa?”

“How about this.. the first one of us to make someone else cum is the winner.”

“You mean someone other than each other?”

“Yeah... someone other than each other.. it does not matter who, or it does not matter how you make them cum... the first one of us to induce an orgasm from another girl wins.... and the orgasm has to happen at Girlfriends.. in the bar.”

“How about in the restroom?”

“No... in the bar.. at a table or in one of the booths or on the dance floor.. what do you think?”

Amanda laughed... “I think that is the craziest thing I have ever heard... and I love it.. lets do it.”


“And what does the winner get Lisa?”

“Hmmmm... what do you think Amanda?”

“How about this.. the winner gets anything they want when we get home.... I mean any kind of sex they want.... winner gets to choose.”

“Mmmmmmmm I like that... It's a deal Amanda.”

“Lisa, you are such a whore … This is going to be so much fun... lets get something to eat and then get dressed.. I am thinking of a sexy sexy sexy look tonight!”

Lisa and Amanda went to a local pizza restaurant where they met a few of their friends. They stayed there until about eight before they left and went back to their apartment where they began to get ready for an evening of sexual competition.

As Lisa was stepping out of the shower, Amanda was waiting for her.. holding up two pair of panties.. “I wanted to wait to show you what I bought today... what do you think?”

Lisa took one of the pair of panties from Amanda and gasped.. “They are crotch-less!”

Amanda lowered her voice and tried to impersonate the big bad wolf.. “The better to fuck you with my dear.”

Lisa burst out laughing and Amanda laughed with her. “I love it Amanda... and once we have made someone else cum.. we can fuck each other in the bar.”

“That's exactly what I had in mind.”

“Mmmmmmm Amanda.”

It was almost ten o'clock when they had finished dressing and applying their make-up. Lisa was wearing a very short red skirt with a halter top that had thin straps that went over her shoulders and tied in the front. It showed off most of her amazing tits... Amanda was wearing an equally short hot pink skirt and she was also wearing a halter top that also tied in the front showing an amazing amount of cleavage. “Damn Lisa... you look so fucking hot!” Amanda whispered as she walked up to Lisa and placed her hands on the front of Lisa's halter top.. and with one quick motion, she grabbed one of the strings and pulled... and Lisa's halter top fell wide open, exposing her massive tits. “That was easy.” Amanda whispered.

“Oh Amanda!” Lisa said as she retied her top.

“God, I have an idea.” Amanda turned and went back to her closet and came back in a couple of minutes wearing a different halter top... it was black and it also tied in the front like Lisa's. “Come here Lisa.. I want to see if this will work.”

Lisa walked over toward Amanda as Amanda reached out and untied Lisa's top again, exposing her big tits... “What do you have in mind?” she whispered to Amanda.

Amanda untied her top, then took the left end of her halter top and tied it to the right end of Lisa's halter top. Lisa picked up on the idea as she tied her left tie to Amanda's right tie.. pulling their heavy tits together. “What do you think?”

'I think we can slow dance with our naked tits touching... think we can get away with it?”

“Let's find out.”

“But what if we get thrown out?”

“Then we go to plan B.”

Lisa whispered... “Come home and fuck each other all night?”

“Exactly.” Amanda purred.

“I love it.” They untied themselves and retied their halter tops and grabbing their clutch purses they left their apartment and were on their way to Girlfriends.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel and Jane arrived back at Angel's home about eight carrying several shopping bags full of shoes and lingerie. They placed all their bags down on the sofa in the living room as they began to talk about going to Girlfriends.

“What do you want to wear tonight Jane?”

“Well.. you know that I am kinda an exhibitionist. right?”

“Un huh.”

“I would love to go naked.. but that wont work.” Jane laughed as she spoke.

Angel laughed with Jane ...“No.. we would get arrested before we got inside.”

Jane batted her eyes at Angel.. “Soooooooo, how daring can we be and get away with it?”

“You're the lawyer... you tell me.”

“Remember what I said earlier about what I wanted to do on the dance floor?”

“Um hmm... you want us to fuck and cum on the dance floor.”

Jane whispered, “Mmmmmmmm I just think that would be sooooo fucking hot, don't you?”

“Oh god yes.. but exactly how are we going to get away with that?”

Jane grinned... “I have an idea... we can hump each other as we dance.”

“Lets not wear any panties!” Angel exclaimed.

“Ok.. but if that is what we are going to do, we must have a way to conceal the fact that we don't have any panties on..... Now.... let me think... we could wear dresses.. but they can't be too short.. don't want to expose ourselves.”

“That's true.”

“Soooooooooo Angel, lets wear halter tops and try to find two skirts that are.. maybe a few inches above our knees.. like... two or three inches.. then we could lift up the front of our skirts a little and hump each other with our thighs.. and our asses would still be covered.”

Angel grabbed Jane's hand as they walked up the stairs to her wardrobe room .. “I love it.. lets go see what I have that would work.”

“It can't be a tight skirt.. has to be something flowing.”

“Like a flirt skirt?”

“Yeah, but those are usually too short for what we need.”

“It's going to be a problem Jane.”

“I know!!.... Do you have any crotch-less panties Angel?”

Angel gave Jane a wicked grin.. “Jane, I am a lesbian slut... of course I have crotch-less panties.”

As Jane searched through Angel's clothes she found a semi-sheer white short camisole. “How about this Angel?”

“It's a camisole Jane.. and you can almost see through it.”

“I know... let me slip it on.” A few minutes later Jane had taken off her clothes and was modeling the camisole for Angel. It was low cut with a scoop neckline and two very thin shoulder straps holding it in place. The camisole was also short.. stopping just a few inches below where her tits were attached to her rib-cage “It's not that sheer.” Jane raised both of her arms up over her head as she looked into the mirror.. “Damn, you can see the lower swell of my tits when I raise my arms.”

“Yes you can and you can see your areolas.” Angel smiled.

“Well, I suppose, if you really look hard you can make out the circles... but the club is pretty dark... I will be fine.”

“Are you going to wear a bra?”

“Angel … you know that I am an exhibitionist”

“Yes you are... and I love it.” Angel replied as she finished undressing and walked over to Jane, placing her fingers on Jane's nipples.. “It's very thin Jane. if you have a nipple orgasm it's gonna really show..... but I think you look sexy as hell in it... I love it.” Angel pinched her nipple through the camisole which brought a gasp from Jane's lips.

'Mmm Angel you are soooo fucking sexy... Look, I found something for you to wear.” Jane remarked as she held up a white stretchy tube top that was about as thin as a t-shirt”

Angel laughed.. “I can't wear that to a bar... my nipples will show like crazy.”

“It's a lesbian private club Angel.”

“I can't wear that to a private club.”

“It's dark inside Angel.... I think it would look very hot, besides it makes me hot seeing your nipples trying to poke a hole through it.”

Angel slipped the tube top on “You can see the circles of my areolas Jane.”

Jane looked at Angel's huge tits.. “A little... but like I said....”

“I know... it's dark inside.”

Jane smiled... “It looks like something a whore would wear... I love it.”

They both slipped on a pair of crotch-less panties.. then put on their skirts... Angel had chosen a very short purple skirt and Jane had picked out a very short red skirt, and, of course, they were wearing matching heels. Thirty minutes later they had finished with putting on their makeup and had made sure their long blonde hair was perfect. Angel and Jane looked amazingly hot! A few minutes later they were out the door jumping into Angel's corvette and were on their way to Girlfriends..

As they drove Jane began to talk about Girlfriends. “You know that Girlfriends is a private club.. right?”

“No, I did not know that.”

“Its membership only.. that's why you can fuck on the dance floor”

Angel answered.. “Did you say you can fuck on the dance floor?”

“Yes I did... you can fuck on the dance floor... well.. kinda fuck... I mean, you can dance and hump each other.... and with our crotch-less panties..... well.. you get the idea. ...and I have a membership.. and you are my guest.”

“Oh my God Jane.. this is going to be one hell of a night.”


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The bar was already crowded when Angel and Jane arrived. The interior was indeed dark and the music was just a little bit on the loud side.. but not too loud. Angel noticed two big guys by the front door as they walked in.. “Who are those guys?”

“They are the peacekeepers... the bouncers... sometimes there is a catfight.” Jane answered.

“Ah, gotcha.”

Almost everyone there stopped and stared at the two big-titted women as they strutted to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. There were all kind of women there... short, tall, big, little, and all ages ...most were in their early twenties, but there were a few who looked to be in their forties... and every age in between. Jane spotted one woman with short black hair who had an amazing rack. Angel leaned over and whispered to Jane.. “Kinda young, don't you think?”

“You have to be twenty-one to get in ....she's legal.”

Angel laughed as she leaned over and kissed Jane.. “So am I.”

“Are you jealous Angel?”

“I don't care what happens for the next few hours Jane.. as long as I am the one that you go home with.”

“Oh Angel... of course I am yours for the night... and tomorrow... there is no one like you.” Jane replied as she kissed Angel. “Look, that couple is leaving.. lets get their booth.” They quickly made their way toward the booth and sat down... there were about a dozen beer bottles on the table. Angel picked up the table card that read 'Available' and turned it over to the 'Occupied' side. A few minutes later an attractive young girl came over and picked up the bottles and wiped the table off. They ordered another drink and sat and watched the couples dancing on the dance floor. There were a couple of girls dancing very close together.. one of them had pulled her red top up over her tits.

“Can she do that?” Angel asked as she pointed out the girl with the red top.

“It's a private club Angel.. You can get away with a lot as long as no one complains.”

“Well I sure as hell am not going to complain.” Angel laughed.

Jane leaned over and whispered in Angel's ear “Wanna dance?”

“I would love to dance with you Jane.” Angel replied as she slid out of the booth and took Jane's hand, leading her to the dance floor. It was a rock'n'roll song and they danced to the beat.. swaying and turning in the middle of the dance floor. As the song ended, a slow ballad began to play.. and Angel and Jane put their arms around each other as they began to slowly move around in a circle with Angel leading. It was only a few seconds before they were snuggled together tit to tit with their heads on each others shoulders as they slowly stepped back and forth and moved around in a tight circle.. “Angel.. what if someone asks me to dance?”

“That's ok Jane.. I don't own you... let's just have some fun... I mean.. there are some really hot girls here”

“Maybe we can take one home with us Angel.”

Angel smiled... “Maybe.. but she would have to be really attractive.”

Jane added.. “And have really big tits.”

Angel giggled... “Of course. … big tits is a prerequisite.”

“Mmmmm you have such good taste in women Angel.. that's why I like you so much.”

Angel began to kiss Jane's right ear as they danced... Jane was already getting turned on from pressing her massive tits against Angel's enormous pair and the tongue in her ear only intensified her sexual desires. “Mmmm Angel, you are soooo fucking hot.” Before Angel could respond the song ended and another loud rock tune began to play... Jane grabbed Angel's hand and they began to walk toward their booth when the young girl they had noticed earlier came strutting up to them.. she did, in fact, have huge tits and was obviously bra-less as Angel and Jane could see the tents on the front of her red t-shirt.

She looked at Jane and asked.. “Wanna dance?”

Jane looked at Angel and Angel winked and whispered in her ear.. “Show her what a real pair of tits feels like Jane.” Jane smiled and walked back out on the dance floor with the young girl.

As they began to dance and spin and shake Jane asked.. “How old are you?”

“twenty-four... I'm Abby.... and you are?”

“Jane. ,, and the girl I am with is Angel.”

“She's hot.”

“No shit.” Jane smiled as they danced to the fast tune.. when the music stopped Jane turned and started to walk away but as another slow ballad began to play Abby grabbed her arm and turned Jane around.. pressing her huge tits against Jane's.

“Holy Shit, you have really firm tits Jane.”

“Your's aren't too bad either.” Jane replied as she wrapped her arms around Abby and pulled her tight.. their huge tits mushrooming against each other as they slow danced. “So tell me Abby, what do you do?'

“I titfight... and I am very good at it.”

Jane smiled... “I am sure you are, but I meant.. are you a student.. or what?”

“I'm a legal secretary at a law firm... a very 'prominent' law firm.” When she spoke the word 'prominent' she pushed her tits into Jane's a little more.

“Really?” Jane replied as she pushed more into Abby, their huge tits mushrooming... “Which law firm?”

“I am Michelle Richardson's secretary.”

“Ah... I have met Michelle.”

They continued to slow dance and push their big tits into each other.. “Have you had a titfight with her?”

“No... we just recently met... briefly.”

“She is the best titfighter I have ever known.. I am constantly recruiting women that will titfight her.... You have a very nice rack Jane... you interested?”

“Maybe.” Jane smiled.

“Michelle has the biggest nipples in the world.. they are fucking huge... mine don't stick out very far.. but hers are like... way out there.”

“Way out there?”.. Jane asked as she took Abby's hand and placed her fingers on the front of her camisole.. “Like these?”

Abby wrapped her fingers around Jane's nipple.. “Holy shit.. you have some big nipples on you girl. … I would love to go tit to tit with you.. if you're into that sort of thing.” Abby whispered in Jane's ear.

“We are tit to tit now.”

“I meant a titfight.. you and me.. I do it all the time here... and I always win... you would be a good challenge for me... most of the girls who come here are not as big as I am.”

“Titfight?... right here on the dance floor?”

Abby smiled.. “Yep.. as long as it is not too violent, no one cares... just no slapping or scratching or punching.. that will get you thrown out.”

“Hmmmm, I see ...Sooo.. it's just tits vs tits... no hands … right?”

“”Yep ...Want to?”

“I'll need to talk to Angel and I will get back with you... ok?”

“Sooo... you have to get her permission?”

“No.... I just want her to know what is going on.”

“You're not afraid are you?”

“No Abby.... no I am not afraid.” Jane smiled as the song ended.. “Thanks for the dance Abby.” Jane whispered to her as she made her way back to the booth and sat down next to Angel. “She challenged me to a titfight.”

Angel laughed.. “Seriously?”

“I think so.. yes... said they do it all the time right on the dance floor.”

“You're kidding.”

“That's what she said Angel.”

“Sooo.. did you accept her challenge?”

“I would rather be with you Angel.” Jane replied as she leaned over and gave Angel a long hot wet kiss.. their tongues rolling together.

“Mmmmmm Jane, you are such a hot kisser.. I love the way you kiss.”

“Oh my... look Angel.” Jane pointed to the two young women who just walked in.. “That's Amanda and Lisa.. I met them the other night at the Fine Arts Gala. Lisa is the one that I gave your phone number to.”

Angel looked at the two hot young women as they walked around looking for a table.. “Which one is Lisa?”

“She's the one with the big tits.” Jane replied.

Angel took another look at the two girls then turned her head back to Jane.. “Both of them have big tits.”

Jane giggled..”Yes they do... Lisa is the one with blonde hair... Amanda is the one with the kinda reddish-brown hair. They're fucking hot, don't you think?”

“Oh Yeah... fucking hot.. and look at those tits... Damn.”

“Lisa has amazing tits Angel.. really firm.”

Angel toyed with Jane as she asked.. “And how would you know that Jane?” Jane just smiled as Angel continued.. “You whore.. you have fucked her, haven't you?”

“Un huh.”

“Mmmm, Jane.. you nasty slut! . I love it!”

“You don't mind?”

“Of course not... Look.. I love our time together... you are an amazing woman.. and I really like you a lot... but I want you to have fun.. and if you want to fuck other women, then that's fine. I don't own you Jane. Really, it's cool.”

Jane kissed Angel again.. “You.... You.. are the most wonderful and amazing woman I have ever met Angel.” Jane tried to catch Amanda and Lisa's attention by waving at them.. but they were already dancing with each other. .. She turned to Angel.. “Come on, I'll introduce you to them.”

“All right.” Angel replied as she stood up. Jane slid out of the booth behind Angel as Angel watched with wide open eyes, staring at Jane's huge tits wobbling under the sheer camisole.

“Holy shit.” Angel whispered.

Jane grabbed Angel's hand as she led her to the dance floor.. the music stopped as they stepped on the wood floor... then began again.. another slow rock ballad as they made their way toward Amanda and Lisa who had their arms around each others waist and were slow dancing.... their big tits spilling out around their halter tops as they pressed their huge tits together.

As Angel and Jane approached them, Jane walked up behind Lisa and tapped her on the shoulder.. as she turned around her eyes lit up.. “Jane!” ….A split second later she gasped as she looked down and could see Jane's huge tits through her camisole. “Oh My God!”

“May I have this dance?” Jane asked but did not wait for a response as she pulled Lisa toward her.. their over-sized tits pressing together.

Angel and Amanda stared at each other for a moment.. Amanda's eyes transfixed on Angel's massive rack... “Want to dance?” Angel asked.

“My God!” Amanda gasped as she noticed the two huge tents on the front of Angel's tube top. “Your nipples are fucking huge!”

“I'll take that as a yes.” Angel said as they placed their arms around each other and began to sway to the music. “You must be Amanda.”


“I'm Angel.”

“You certainly look like an Angel.”

Angel smiled as she pushed her tits into Amanda's, All four women held each other tight as they danced until the song ended.. then they went back to the booth where they sat down.. Angel next to Jane and Amanda next to Lisa. They ordered another round of drinks and then Angel looked at Lisa... “So, you want to work for me?”

“I would love to work for you Angel.” Lisa responded as she could not take her eyes off of Angel's huge tits.

Angel noticed Lisa staring at her tits as she stood up and changed places with Amanda, sitting back down next to Lisa. As she sat down she looked over and saw Jane and Amanda already locked together in a long deep tongue kiss. Angel turned toward Lisa and whispered.. “You want to touch them?”

“Oh fuck yesssss!” Lisa whispered as she turned toward Angel and reached out with both hands, placing them on Angel's massive tits. “My God, you are fucking huge!” Lisa gasped as she groped and palmed Angel's tits. “I love them.”

Angel smiled as she closed her eyes and enjoyed Lisa's attention. A few moments later she felt something wet on her tits and as she opened her eyes she saw Lisa bent over and sucking on her nipple through her tube top .... running her tongue around her nipple before pulling her thick hard nipple into her mouth and sucking … “Mmmmm, that feels so good.” Angel moaned. As Lisa worshiped Angel's tits with her mouth, Amanda had leaned over and raised Jane's camisole up and was kissing and licking on Jane's enormous tits.. stroking every inch of Jane's incredible rack with her tongue.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by Abby “Anyone up for a titfight?” All four pair of eyes looked up to see Abby... her huge tits gently swaying beneath her tight t-shirt.. “Anyone?”

Lisa thought this would be a good opportunity to make a favorable impression with Angel as she responded... “I'll titfight you.”

Abby smirked. “I must warn you... I have never lost a titfight here at Girlfriends.”

“There's a first time for everything.” Lisa smirked as she squirmed past Angel and walked out onto the dance floor with Abby. “What are the rules?”

“Tits only.. no hands.”

“Fine... let's do it bitch.”

Abby pulled her t-shirt up over her tits, bunching it up under her arms as Lisa reached down and pulled her halter top up above her tits so it was dangling around her neck.

They grabbed each others arms with their hands placed between each others elbows and shoulders as the rock beat began to play. Angel, Jane and Amanda left the table and walked out on the dance floor so they could witness the battle that was about to begin.

Lisa and Abby glared at each other as they lunged forward slapping their heavy tits together. Abby was almost the same size as Lisa and when their big tits met it created a loud 'smack'. They began slamming their huge tits into each other with the beat of the rock music... 'slap' ...'smack' ….'slap' … 'slap. ...'smack' … ramming their dense tits straight into each other as hard as they could .. 'slap' ...'smack' ….'slap' ..'slap. ...'smack' again and again..'slap' ...'smack' ….'slap' … 'slap. ...'smack'. They kept glaring at each other as their eyes remained locked together as the second rock song began to play.. there was a crowd circled around them as they slapped their weighty tits together in rhythm to the music … 'slap' ...'smack' ….'slap' … 'slap. ...'smack' … both hot bitches began to grunt with each forward thrust as they drove their huge tits together.. forcing them to meet head on, mushrooming and rippling together before reshaping as they pulled back... only to drive them head on into each other again … and again 'slap' .. 'slap' ...'smack' ….'slap' … 'slap. ...'smack' .. the second song finished and another rock song began.. this one had a little faster beat so they picked up the pace.. slamming together with the thud of the bass drum echoing through the speakers. You could hear them grunt as they slapped their huge tits together … “Unn” .. “Ohh.” … “Nnnn” … Ouu.” Lisa and Abby had been pounding their tits together for almost ten minutes and were perspiring.. sweat spraying from their big tits each time they slapped them together .. 'slap' ...'smack' ….'slap' … 'slap. ...'smack'.. As their breathing quickened, the third rock song ended and a slow song began. As if they each knew what to do.. they pulled each other into a tight bear hug and locking their arms behind each other, they squeezed as hard as they could.. jamming all of their massive tit-flesh tightly together until some of their tits spilled out to their sides and up between them.. they were trying to squeeze the air out of each other as they hugged tightly.. their huge chests mashed hotly together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Abby moaned.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Lisa gasped.

They were locked too tightly together to notice, but the crowd noticed... Lisa's tits were a little bigger than the tits that belonged to Abby... and Lisa's bigger tits were wearing Abby's down. They ground together hard.. mashing their pride and joy together.. trying to flatten each other. “Fucking Bitch!” Abby gasped.

“Fuck you, you dirty fucking Whore!” Lisa spit the words out.. spraying Abby's face.

Abby parted her lips and spit on Lisa's face... most of the spittle landing on Lisa's lips.
“Fuck you!”

Lisa spit back... the glob of her spit landing on Abby's mouth and lips.. “Fuck you!”

They both parted their lips and spit at the same time.. their mixed spit flying on their faces as Lisa leaned forward and pushed her tongue into Abby's mouth.. licking her front teeth before Abby could turn her head out of the way. She sucked Lisa's tongue deep into her mouth as they pushed and strained at each other.. both of them standing on their toes and leaning into each other.. using their legs to push.. trying to overpower each others tits with their own. Lisa pulled her tongue free as another fast upbeat rock song began to play and they once again began to slam their hot tits into each other.. they were really popping them together.. the slapping sounds getting louder and louder as they thrust as hard as they could into each other... 'slap' ...'smack' .'slap' ..'slap'. ..'smack' Lisa was getting the better of the fight... you could see it in Abby's face. She was in pain... her tits were hurting.. 'slap' ...'smack' ….'slap' … 'slap. ...'smack' .. finally, after one very vicious 'smack', Abby stepped back... you could see the disappointment in her eyes... “Enough.” She gasped … “No more.” She reached down with her hands and cupped her tits as she winced. Lisa had won. She turned around as Angel, Jane and Amanda gathered around her and hugged her as they chanted “Lisa Lisa Lisa.” Jane nudged Angel and whispered in her ear .. “You should hire her.”

Angel replied.. “I will... if she passes the fuck test.” Jane laughed. As they walked back to their booth, Lisa reached over and untied Amanda's halter top so that she and Amanda were both exposing their tits. Angel peeked over at Lisa's huge tits.. they were a little red, but showed no signs of sagging or damage.. Lisa certainly did have an impressive pair of tits.

As they sat down Lisa spoke first.. “Ok Angel, show us your tits.” They all watched as Angel pulled her tube top up over the huge swells of her tits... “My God Angel... your nipples are as big as Jane's.. they're huge.”

Angel and Jane spoke at the same time .. .”Bigger” .. and then they both laughed together.. Jane reached down and pulled her camisole up under her arms.. so now all four girls had their big tits exposed to each other ..“Well,” Jane said... “I guess bigger .. Angel's nipples are longer than mine., but I think they are about the same size around.”

“I've never seen nipples as long as yours Angel... have you Amanda?”

Amanda squirmed a little before she answered.. “They sure are huge, that's for sure... much bigger than mine.”

“Oh come on Amanda.” Lisa prodded her, “You've never seen any nipples like that.”

“Well... I am not sure.. maybe... I don't know.”

Jane and Lisa both responded at the same time .. “Who?”

“It does not matter” Amanda answered as she looked at Angel.. “You have amazing nipples Angel.. absolutely amazing.”

Angel replied ..“Thank you Amanda, but we are all curious.. I might want to challenge her to a nipple fuck.”

Amanda did not want to reveal any information about Wendy.... it was her strict policy not to discuss her clients with anyone... and although Wendy had not said anything about keeping their appointment a secret... it was something that Amanda did not want to talk about she replied ..“I was with this woman recently.. and.. and she made me promise not to mention it to anyone and I gave her my word... so I can't tell you who... but her nipples were as big as yours Angel... maybe... I would have to see the two of you compare them to really know. All I know is that she had extraordinary nipples.”

Angel lifted her glass to Amanda... “To keeping promises.” They all clinked their glasses together .. “To keeping promises.”.. “It's ok Amanda.. I respect you for that.”

“Thank you Angel.”

“Guess what?” Jane whispered...

“What?” they all replied.

“I am wearing crotch-less panties!”

Amanda and Lisa burst out laughing... and Angel joined in, laughing with them.

“What's so damn funny?” Jane asked.

Lisa and Amanda answered together.. “So are we!” Again they all laughed.. Jane laughing with them. “Guess what else?” Lisa asked... but she did not wait for an answer as she continued speaking.. “Amanda and I made a bet.. to see which one of us could induce an orgasm first from someone on the dance floor.”

Jane stood up... “So what are we waiting for? .. lets go to the dance floor and fuck and have some orgasms! … Amanda... come dance with me... or should I say.. let's fuck?”

“I would love to fuck you Jane.” Amanda replied as she and Jane headed to the dance floor.

“Shall we join them?” Angel asked Lisa.

“I have been wanting to fuck you since the moment I saw you Angel.” Lisa replied as she and Angel walked toward the dance floor.

Angel grabbed Jane by the arm before they started dancing and whispered in her ear.. “I'll make Lisa cum before you can make Amanda cum.”

“You're on.” Jane smiled at Angel.

As the four topless women began dancing together they each raised up their skirts to allow each of them to lift their thigh against each others pussys. All four girls were already wet as they felt the wetness on their thighs. With the music roaring, they began to thrust their thighs against each others crotch-less panties... thigh skin to naked pussy.. as they began fucking. The second song began playing as they continued to grind into each others wet cunts.. then the third song.. then the fourth song... Jane and Amanda had managed to turn around so that Jane's ass was close to Angel's ass. She reached behind them.. and lifted her skirt up and pressed her ass against the back of Angel's skirt.. It only took Angel a few seconds to know what was happening as she reached behind and lifted up her skirt.. so that she and Jane were grinding ass to ass... most of the hard tight skin on their buttocks was touching... only a little center piece of their crotch-less panties that covered their cracks kept their asses from being completely naked. As Amanda slid her thigh up and down against Jane's wet cunt, Jane began thrusting against Amanda's thigh.. pushing her cunt against the smooth skin of Amanda's thigh and as she began to thrust in and out, her ass cheeks would slap against Angel's.. they worked into a steady rhythm, their hard tight buttocks slapping together as they fucked Lisa and Amanda.. riding on their thighs as they pushed their thighs hard against their wet cunts. 'slap' .. 'slap'.. 'slap' .. their asses popped together.. It was a different sound than when they slapped their tits together.. Angel and Jane had incredible tits.. firm .. heavy .. and dense... but tits don't have the hard developed muscles that an ass cheek has.. their asses were hard... very hard.. and they slapped together with a stinging sensation. Angel and Jane began to moan... Lisa and Amanda thought it was from their thighs fucking Angel and Jane's cunts, but they were moaning because of the dirty little ass fucking that they were doing with each other.

As a slow song began they leaned into each other, pressing their huge tits together.. nipples meeting and burning against each other as they kept lifting and sliding their thighs against the wet pussys. Jane stepped back and pressed her hard ass cheeks against Angels as they began to sway their asses back and forth against each other... dragging their firm hard buttocks back and forth across each other. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned as the combination of Amanda's thigh on her pussy and Angel's ass grinding against hers was really turning her on.

Angel leaned her head back and turned her face toward Jane.. “My girl is going to win.”

Jane leaned her face back a little more so she was could respond.. “Your girl?”

“Yeah, Lisa.. I am going to cum before you do.. so Lisa will win their competition.”

“Oh yeah?.. well my girl is going to win.. cause I'm going to cum before you do.” Jane replied as she began to grind harder against Amanda's firm thigh.. rubbing her clit harder and harder against Amanda as she leaned forward and told Amanda.. “I want you to beat Lisa... I want to cum for you Amanda!”

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes Jane!!... I want you to cum for me.” Amanda moaned as she pushed her thigh harder and tighter against Jane's swollen pussy.. rubbing her clit harder and harder.

Lisa's tits were incredible as Angel placed both hands on Lisa's huge tits and began squeeze them... “God Lisa, you have really firm tits... I love them.” Angel squeezed and kneading Lisa's huge E cup tits as they fucked.. “I want to cum for you Lisa.. I want you to win your bet with Amanda... Squeeze my tits Lisa.. squeeze them as hard as you can!”

Lisa dug her fingers into Angel's tits and squeezed as hard as she could causing Angel to moan with pleasure. “Fuck yesssss Angel.. I want you to cum on my thigh... God, I want to feel your hot sweet cum running down my thigh... cum for me Angel..... I want to beat Amanda.” Lisa began rocking faster against Angel... faster and faster... much faster than the beat of the music as she fucked the incredible blonde with a vengeance, .. pumping .. thrusting .. grinding.. she could feel Angel's swollen clit against her thigh.. “Cum for me Angel!”

Amanda was approaching her own orgasm as she raised her voice... “Ohhhhh Jane!! Hurry.... Hurry... cum for me!”

Angel and Jane were still smacking their hard buttocks together as the four girls fucked on the dance floor.. a few couples had stopped dancing and had gathered around them watching them fuck. It was a real turn on for Angel and Jane... especially Jane who loved being the slutty exhibitionist … Jane began to moan.... Angel began to gasp .. Amanda was close to cumming... it was a fuck-race between Amanda, Jane and Angel … Lisa was still somewhat in control of her nearing orgasm but Amanda began to lose it as her body began to tense... “Oh god Jane.. I'm gonna cum... please cum with me... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Almost there Amanda.... almost... Squeeze my tits Amanda... squeeze them hard... Now!! Jane gasped as she felt her orgasm about to begin...

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn SHIT!” Amanda moaned... “I can't help it..... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … Gonna cummmmm YESSSSSSSSSS!” Amanda's body shook with pleasure as she gushed on Jane's thigh.. “Cummmming! ...oh Fuck yessssss!”

Jane was very close as she humped Amanda's thigh like an animal in heat.. grinding her hard clit against Amanda's firm thigh.. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Amanda!” Jane cried out and just as she was about to cum she heard Angel's voice cry out.

“Cummmmmmming!! I'm Cummmmmming Lisa!”.... Angel moaned as she trembled.. her cunt gushing against Lisa's thigh... “Ohhhhhhh soooooooooo fucking good... Cummming!”

A couple of seconds later Jane's orgasm flowed through her body.. like fire … “Amanda! Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK Amanda! …. “Cummmmmmming! …...... Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Within no more than ten seconds Amanda had came, followed by Angel and then Jane.. Lisa was now on the verge of her orgasm and it only took another ten seconds for Angel's thigh to work Lisa's clit into an intense orgasm as she began to whimper.. her hands full of Angel's massive tits.... “Angel!! Ohhhhhhh Sweet Angel!! Cummmmmmming!!... Ohhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yesssssssssssssss Cummmmming!!” Pussy cum was running down their thighs.. Hot sweet girl cum soaking each others thighs as they each couple wrapped their arms around each other... all four sets of big tits compressing and mushrooming.. Angel and Lisa mushrooming their huge massive tits together as Jane and Amanda mashed their huge globes together... Angel and Lisa tongue kissing.. Jane and Amanda's tongue licking each others mouths as they moaned together.. they kissed each other through the next song, finally pulling apart when the new song began playing. Angel reached for Amanda and Jane pulled Lisa toward her as they began kissing again... Angel and Amanda twisting their tongues wildly together as Jane and Lisa locked their mouths tightly.. forming a girl-cave for their tongues. They kissed until the song ended, and when the next song began they switched partners again.. Lisa and Amanda hugging each other tight and deep kissing as Angel and Jane pressed and locked their hungry mouths tightly together,, gasping air through their noses as their tongues fought each other inside their wide open mouths.. Their kissing lasted through the end of the song before they broke their kiss... Lisa and Amanda licking each others tongues as they pulled their mouths apart... Angel and Jane moving their mouths from each other with a bubbly string of their mixed spit between their lips... looping and finally breaking and falling on their huge tits. Angel took Jane by the hand and Lisa grabbed Amanda's hand as they went back and sat down at their booth... pulling and retying their tops down over their huge tits. Angel sitting with Lisa and Amanda sitting with Jane.

“God, that was exciting!” Amanda exclaimed.

“I think Lisa won her bet with you Amanda.”

“Cause you cheated Angel!” Jane smiled at Angel.

“I did not cheat!” Angel replied.. “Lisa made me cum before Amanda made you cum.. fair and square.”

“And Jane made me cum before anyone else.” Amanda said as she smiled at Jane.

“I was just teasing you Angel... I think we all agree that Lisa won her bet with Amanda.” Jane held up her glass … “To Lisa.. sexfight champion” They all clinked their glasses.. “To Lisa.”

Lisa raised her glass... “To Jane... who made Amanda cum before anyone else.. Jane.. sexfight champion.” Again they clinked their glasses.. “To Jane.”

They ordered another round as they continued drinking and laughing and having a great time... suddenly, Jane raised her glass for another toast.. “Here's to crotch-less panties!”

“Crotch-less panties!” they all yelled as they clinked their glasses together.

“You know,” Amanda said, “If it weren't for the three of you, I would have the biggest tits here.”... Then Amanda lifted the bottom of her halter top up over her tits and shook them... “See?”

They looked at her for a moment then Angel yelled out.. “To big tits!” Again they clinked their glasses together as they laughed.

“Well what about my E cup puppies?” Lisa said as she raised her halter top up over her magnificent tits.

Amanda spoke first.. “To Lisa's E cup puppies!” then Angel and Jane joined in ..”Lisa's E cup puppies”… and once again they clinked glasses and drank.

Now it was Jane's turn as she lifted up her camisole above her tits.... “Here here.. to big fucking titties!” They all laughed and drank some more as they all chimed in.. “To big fucking titties!” Jane turned to Angel... “Well?”

“Well Hell!... why not?” Angel pulled her tube top down over her tits.. “How 'bout these babies?”

They all clinked their glasses as they yelled out .. “Angel's babies!” More laughter followed with more drinking.

Lisa began to talk ..“Damn Jane.. you and Angel have to have the biggest tits I have ever seen.” Lisa reached over and cupped Angel's huge naked tits.. “God Angel, they are so fucking dense... almost hard.”

Amanda had cupped Jane's tits too as she spoke.. “So are Jane's tits.. firm and dense.. incredible.... I would love to see Jane and Angel titfight.”

“No shit.” Lisa said... “It would be like two bowling balls slamming into each other.”

They all laughed as Amanda spoke again.. “I would pay to see that!”

“If you paid to see that Amanda,” Jane replied, “That would make us whores.”

Angel yelled out as she raised her glass.. “To Whores!”

Again they all laughed as they clinked their glasses together and yelled “To Whores!”

As the four girls continued laughing and drinking, one of the bouncers walked over to their table.. “You girls are gonna have to put your tops back on.”

Jane looked at him and batted her beautiful blue eyes.. “Do we have to?”

He smiled as he answered.. “Yep... afraid so.... we kinda look the other way when you're on the dance floor.. but you just can't show em all the time ... cover 'em up ladies.”

They all reluctantly placed their tops back in place... . then they all looked at each other and began to laugh.. and none of them knew why.

“If you two girls will excuse Jane and I... we have a promise to keep to each other.”

“Oh?... what promise would that be?” Lisa inquired.

Jane licked her lips as she answered... “We are going to fuck each other to orgasm on the dance floor.”

“Like we did earlier?” Amanda asked.

“Nope.” Angel answered.. “We're going to rub out pussys together until we cum.”

Jane licked her lips again … “Clit to clit.”

“Oh God.. this I gotta see,” Lisa gasped as Jane held up her glass and shouted out.. “To crotch-less panties!” They all yelled with her as they clinked their glasses together.. “Crotch-less panties!”

Angel stood up and reached out her hand, helping Jane to her feet. Lisa and Amanda were right behind them.. they also had something that they wanted to do.. the four girls made their way to the dance floor and began to dance with each other.. twisting and shaking.. waving their hands in the air as they rocked to the beat of the loud music... when the song finished, a slow song began and Lisa stepped up close to Amanda and whispered in her ear.. “Remember what we said about tying our halter tops together?” Amanda shook her head 'yes' as they untied each others tops then retied them.. Amanda' right tie with Lisa's left and Lisa's right with Amanda's left..just before they tightened the ties they both looked down and lined up their hard nipples.. pressing them together tip to tip.. then they pulled the ties very tight.. their tits mushrooming up and out as they finished tying themselves together. Their naked tits were compressed tightly together and they could feel their nipples pushing in against other. “Let's see if we can have a nipple orgasm Amanda.”

“Mmmmmmm would love to have my nipples cum with yours Lisa.”

Angel and Jane were pressing the front of their chests together as they swayed to the music... back and forth.. dragging their heavy E cup tits back and forth across each other as they began to kiss... it was dirty kissing.. with their tongues licking in mid air between their parted lips... anyone could see their tongues twirling and licking at each other... which is what Jane wanted.. she wanted to be watched.. it really turned her on to put on a show... as they danced, Jane reached down and lifted up the front of her skirt... a moment later Angel lifted up the front of her skirt as they leaned back from each other just a little bit.. and pushed their mounds together.... each of them feeling the others wetness as their crotch-less panties met.. their hot wet sticky pussy lips began to rub against each other as they began to fuck... right there on the dance floor... “I want us to cum together Angel.”

“Mmmmmmm me too Jane... maybe we can keep one of those promises we made and squirt together at the same time.”

“Ohhhhhhh Angel, that would be so fucking hot.. to squirt together.. and have our cum all over the dance floor.”

“Ouuuuu Jane... you are such a nasty slut.”

They slowly began to grind together on the dance floor.. rubbing their naked cunts up and down against each other... Angel would slowly slide up.. letting the length of her vulva slide against Jane's.. then she would slide down as Jane would slide up.. their wet cunt lips spreading out against each other as they continued to lean back from the waist up... so they could keep their cunts together. Jane looked around and there were other couples that were also fucking on the dance floor... thighs pressing against thighs... women humping each other.. and then she noticed Lisa and Amanda.. it was obvious what they had done with their halter tops... she thought it was sexy as hell.. the two of them dancing .. naked tit to naked tit as they kissed deeply.. their hands in each others hair.. moaning together.... as the song ended and another fast paced rock song began playing, Angel and Jane started to slide faster and faster against each other... they could now feel each others clits as they ground their crotch-less panties together... moaning and panting... even thought they had leaned back from each other so it would be easier to press their cunts together, their tits were still touching... yeah, their E cup tits were that big. Amanda and Lisa were now humping each others cunts with their thighs.. their wet naked cunts sliding up and down each other through the slit in their crotch-less panties as they humped each others hard muscular thighs.. All four girls were fucking... and all four girls intended to cum.

Angel and Jane had started slapping their cunts together with the rhythm.. pulling away a couple of inches then ramming their open cunts together.. they could feel the pussy juice spraying on their thighs each time they slapped their wet pussys together... it was making a sweet smacking sound... but you could not hear it because of the loud music... Lisa and Amanda had stopped fucking each others cunts with their thighs as they reached down and began to squeeze each others asses... pumping their tits together as best they could.. their halter tops were cinched tightly together so there was limited movement.. but it was enough for them to do some dirty nipple fucking.. their hard rods pushing together inside their locked tits... they were getting close to having a nipple orgasm... and when Amanda felt Lisa's one inch plus nipple force it's way inside her tit she began to whimper.. “Holy Shit Lisa.. you have such wonderful nipples” She gasped as they kissed and nipple fucked.

Angel and Jane were now pressing their hard throbbing clits together.. head to head.. grinding.. pushing … shoving... trying to push each others clit back inside their body. Angel whispered to Jane... “I am getting close... I want you to cum with me.”

“Oh Angel, so am I... it won't be long... I am sooooooooo fucking close.”

“Fuck me Jane.”

“Oh God … fuck me Angel!”

“Fuck me Lisa... fuck my tits hard!”

“Amanda!!... Can you feel my nipple fucking your tit?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God Yesssssssssss Lisa!”

“Angel!! Hurry!!”

“Jane!! just a few more seconds.......... ok … ok.... Now Jane!!”

“Now Angel!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cumming Jane!!”

“Cummmmmmmming with you Angel!!”

“I am gonna cum Lisa!!!!!!!!!”

“Ohhhhhhhh yes Amanda.. cumming,,,, cummmmming... FUCK I am cummming!!”

“Cummming with you Lisa!!!”

The four hot beautiful lesbian fuck whores were all cumming together... at the same time. Angel's cunt gushed against Jane's gushing cunt... but neither of them felt like they were squirting... Lisa's nipples vibrated deep inside Amanda's tits as their nipples spasmed together... Angel and Jane's clits twitching as they gushed their sweet cum all over each others crotch-less panties. Cum was running down their thighs as they hugged and kissed... their tongues licking... saliva and spit drooling off their chins as they licked wildly at each other... it was beyond hot... it was hellfire. The kissing lasted a few minutes as they slowly danced with each other... Angel finally whispering to Jane.. “We will have to try again to keep that promise.”

“I know... maybe a thousand more times Angel.”

“Mmmmmmmm I love the sound of that Jane.”

When the song ended they all went back to their table and found another round already on the table with a note written on the napkin.. “Thanks for the show. This round is on me.” The note was signed “Abby”

Lisa spoke first ...“Aww that was nice of her.”

The four stunning women chatted and laughed for while before Angel noticed the time.. it was almost midnight.. “Jane.. I think it's about time to go home.”

“Yes, it's getting kinda late.”

Lisa frowned.. “Awww it's still early.. y'all aren't pooping out on us are you?”

Angel and Jane both smiled as Jane spoke.. “We are gonna go play some more.”

“I wish I could go play with you.” Amanda said.

Jane looked at Angel and Angel nodded.. “That is really a good idea Amanda.. Why don't you and Lisa come with Angel and me?”

Lisa purred.. “I would love to cummmm with you.”

They all laughed again.. as Angel asked.. “Lets all cummmm to my house.”

“All right!” Amanda smiled.

Angel waved at their waitress... a few minutes later they got their bill, Angel paying for everyone's drinks and leaving a generous tip. Moments later they were out in the parking lot. “Jane and I are in the white corvette.. just follow.”

To be continued