NYLON WARS: Stephanie's Saga

(by A. FAN)

Stephanie had been back in Boston for a few days and her life was returning to normal. After her encounter with Jennifer, she realized that a hidden part of herself had come to the surface. There was no doubt in her mind that she wasn’t a lesbian, but she couldn’t deny that the feel of a firm powerful and smooth woman’s body mashed and locked against her own was something she wanted to feel again. Stephanie kept her eyes open and waited for her chance.

Surprisingly, there was a possibility that was very close. Meg Taylor lived right next door. She and her husband were a younger couple that had moved in a couple years ago. While the neighborhood was upper class, Meg’s husband made a lot of money for his age. Unfortunately his job kept him out of town most of the time leaving Meg alone in a new town with few friends. Thank goodness for Stephanie, she was a good friend, someone to talk to.

Stephanie had welcomed Meg to the neighborhood and had taken her under her wing. Although she never really noticed before, Stephanie began to see Meg in a new light after her encounter with Jennifer. Meg was younger than Stephanie, 23 years old. She had shoulder length brown hair that was always immaculate. She was 5’ 8" and weighed 123 pounds with a very voluptuous 38-25-36 body. Meg’s legs were every bit as well defined as Stephanie’s, as well as long and luxurious. Meg had the true party personality, always ready to have fun and try anything once. Stephanie was drawn to her because of that, Meg had a way of bringing her out of her shell in many ways.

Since her marriage, Meg’s life had slowed down. While she loved her husband and enjoyed being married she somehow thought it would be more exciting. She didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her husband and when they were together he didn’t want to do much. They had the rare night out for dinner but they were few and far between. Meg was from the Mid West and didn’t know many people besides her husband’s co-workers and a few of the neighbors. When she met Stephanie she was a little relieved. She was just three years older and they got along well. They would go shopping together and they had a standing date to walk in the mornings for exercise. Meg enjoyed Stephanie’s drop in visits just to shoot the breeze or to watch a movie on television when her husband was away. She thought of Stephanie as a role model, she was smart and had a great career and she was beautiful. She needed to loosen up though. Meg knew Stephanie could be adventurous and a little crazy if she wanted to, it just took a little coaxing to bring it out. Meg hadn’t figured out exactly which buttons to push yet.

Stephanie wheeled her Lexus into her driveway and sat back in her seat for a second. It had been a long and arduous day. It was good to finally be home for the weekend and just relax. Stephanie got out of her car and walked around the side of her house to the back.

"Hey Steph, tough day at the office?" a voice floated in a teasing manner. Stephanie followed the sound to the next yard over to see Meg sprawled out on a lounge chair nursing a daiquiri. Stephanie took in the sight of the tan, glistening figure by the pool. Meg’s long, shapely legs stretched out in front of her with the right leg bent at the knee resting her foot on the cushion next to her left calf. Her skimpy swimming suit top was straining to contain her buxom chest.

"Well not as tough as yours was I guess. Got any more of what ever that is your drinking?" Stephanie answered.

"Sure, get out of those clothes and come on over." Meg replied.

Stephanie made her way into her house and changed into her swim suit. She regarded herself in the full length mirror. "Not bad" she thought to herself. As she looked at herself in the mirror she tried to imagine her body locked up with the gorgeous brunette next door. Stephanie closed her eyes and gently traced the outline of her stiffening nipples as she thought of Meg’s legs sliding and flexing against her own as she had her pinned down mashing their pussies together.

Bringing herself back to reality, Stephanie made her way back over to Meg’s house. The two beautiful brunettes sat side by side in lounge chairs taking in the last of the afternoon sun. Their glistening bodies were almost identical as they lay back in a slight recline. The sweet smell of coconut oil and chlorine filled the air.

"So, John is out of town again. How long this time?" Stephanie said as she rubbed oil on her arms and legs.

"He gets back next Friday" Meg answered in a somber tone.

"Do you two ever get together for longer than a few hours at a time?"

"I don’t think of it in terms of hours, its more like minutes. You know, sometimes I don’t know if this is going to work out. It’s hard to stay together if we’re always apart."

"Well, you two are just starting out. John has to put up with the separation too."

"Yeah that’s true, but at least he has something to keep his mind occupied and he gets a change of scenery. I have to sit here and try to keep myself busy… I need a hobby."

Stephanie thought about that for a second. She felt sorry for Meg, while many working women would love to be in her position, it would be horrible to be cooped up in this house all day with no one to talk to.

"Hey, how was your trip to New York? You haven’t told me about it yet." Meg asked in a more cheerful voice.

Stephanie stiffened slightly. She wasn’t sure if she could ever tell anyone about her episode with Jennifer. Not at this moment anyway.

"Oh, it was ok, the meetings were long and I didn’t really get to see much except my hotel room." Stephanie replied avoiding Megs stare.

"You got laid, didn’t you." Meg grinned.

The look on Stephanie’s face was that of a child that just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"Yeah, ok, miss gutter brain, the fleet was in and there was a steady stream of sex starved sailors in my room the whole time." Stephanie laughed trying to steer Meg away from the subject.

"Ok, good job Steph, you’ve needed to get laid for quite some time." Meg responded. "Come on what was his name?" Meg continued.

"I’ll tell you about it sometime. Speaking of getting laid, how long has it been for you?" Stephanie asked.

"Longer than I care to admit." Meg said resting back and closing her eyes. Stephanie could tell she had wounded Meg with that remark. She didn’t mean to do that, she could understand how hard things were for her.

"My God girl, you’ve got a great tan." Stephanie said in a cheerful voice. "But it’s not as good as mine and I’m not in the sun every day like you are."

Lifting up and looking over at Stephanie, Meg giggled "What are you talking about Casper, you're as white as a ghost." With that, Meg extended her gorgeous left leg out challenging Stephanie to do the same to compare tans. "Come on Snow Flake, put it over here and we’ll see who is darker."

Stephanie got up off of her lounge chair and moved over to Meg’s chair and sat next to her. Stephanie had her right ass cheek and gorgeous right leg on the lounge chair so her leg was lined up perfectly along the length of Meg’s perfect left leg. The two legs were like mirror images. They were exactly the same length and girth, even their exquisite feet were the same size. Both beautiful brunettes noticed the close comparison, even their tans were too close to call. Stephanie relished the feeling of Meg’s soft, firm and oily left leg pressed against her indistinguishable right leg.

"See, my tan is much darker than yours" Meg said jokingly.

"Oh, you are just impossible" Stephanie retorted with a smirk. As she rose from the lounge chair, Stephanie playfully twisted her right foot and rubbed her soft sole over the top of Meg’s lovely warm left foot and toes. In response to which, Meg bent her foot and pressed the top of it into the arch of Stephanie’s right foot.

Stephanie froze for a second. The close proximity of the other gorgeous brunette’s body to her own was very erotic. She tried to fight off the urge to completely lock up with Meg right then, but it was very strong. Stephanie couldn’t pass up the chance to push the contact a little further. Quickly she flipped so she was facing Meg, placing her left leg between the other brunette’s legs. Stephanie’s left leg was bent underneath her left butt cheek and her right leg was off the lounge chair so she was sitting on
Meg’s firm right thigh. Stephanie clasped Meg’s arms at the wrists pinning her to the chair.

Laughing out loud, Meg said "Get off me you cow." She started to rise up but Stephanie held her in place.

"Not ‘till you admit that I have a better tan… and body" Stephanie said laughingly.

"Oh you have got to be kidding, that’s so laughable it doesn’t even deserve to be commented on!" Meg replied…only half joking. In the ensuing struggle, Meg raised her right leg slightly and implanted it firmly against Stephanie’s quickly moistening mound. Stephanie almost let out a moan of pleasure as she accepted the oily muscular thigh between her legs. Stephanie fought to hold Megs arms in place by leaning forward and pressing her upper body into Meg’s. Stephanie’s firm 36c breasts flattened against Meg’s larger 38c breasts mushrooming them up in front of them. While she wanted to escalate the contact, Stephanie didn’t want to let Meg know what she was going for. She really liked the other gorgeous brunette and she didn’t want to lose their friendship over this if she didn’t have to. Stephanie lessened the force she was using against the other powerful brunette and withdrew her chest a little from Meg’s.

The two brunettes regarded each other for a moment. While she had never been with another woman, Meg was starting to get a little excited. She could tell Stephanie was getting that way too. Meg still couldn’t tell if this was still joking around or if this was going to go further. While she loved her husband and having sex with him, it had been a long time and she was enjoying the physical contact with Stephanie. With their ample breasts touching at the nipples, the two brunettes gazed at each other. Meg couldn’t resist the desire for the contact to continue. Slowly she raked her nipples across Stephanie’s. Back and forth with increasing pressure, Meg raked her nipples, now protruding through her swim suit top, across those of Stephanie’s. Still somewhat grinding her mound against the other gorgeous brunette’s rock hard thigh, Stephanie could feel her breast’s erupt in flames. With her breath quickening she said "I hope you don’t think those flabby tits could match up against mine."

"Oh, I think they can hon." Meg whispered. "Care to find out?"

"What do you suggest sweetie?" Stephanie said breathlessly.

"I suggest we go inside out of this sun and settle this in private." Meg replied with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Stephanie gazed back at Meg and wanted to maul her right there and then. She could tell Meg wanted this. The poor thing was so horny she would hump on anything available, "might as well be me" Stephanie thought to herself. Still trying to keep it light Stephanie said "I’m going to push those tits into you’re spine, you know that don’t you?"

"Big talk for an old lady" Meg said smiling.

Stephanie slowly rose off Meg and allowed her to rise off the lounge chair. The sun was just starting to sink behind the line of trees at the end of the backyard as the two gorgeous brunettes padded off into Meg’s living room. Once inside, the two assumed positions facing each other on the carpeted floor on their knees. Both were still in their bikinis and their skin was still glimmering with oil as they inched their way closer together. They joined hands with their arms extended down to mid-thigh. The two didn’t blink as their tits started to make contact through their swimsuit tops. Harder and harder the two women pressed into each other, soon their firm breasts were flattened out against each other. Both could feel the other’s rock hard nipples poking into and sliding against her breasts. The two started gripping each other’s hands with more and more force as they mashed and rubbed their buxom chests into each other.

"I’m winning bitch." Meg said with an evil grin.

"I don’t think so cunt." Stephanie said almost serious.

"You ain’t got the guts to face me bare do you?" Meg challenged. Stephanie was almost dizzy with lust. She couldn’t believe this woman was going for this, but she was not losing this chance.

"You just bare ‘em babe and we’ll see." Stephanie retorted.

Meg released her grip on Stephanie’s hands and reached behind herself to undo her top. Almost on cue, Stephanie did the same. The two then inched their bare breasts closer together. Both women had quick intakes of breath as their heaving breasts made contact at the nipples. In a quick but vicious duel, their aching nipples tangled and twisted around each other. The two slowly joined hands again and increased the force between them. Neither willing to give an inch, the two beautiful brunette’s bare tits mashed together as they continued their duel. Smooth and firm breasts mashed and rubbed against each other as they fought for supremacy. Meg feinted to the left and looped her nipples underneath Stephanie’s and thrust upwards causing the other gorgeous brunette to moan in frustration and arousal. Quickly, Stephanie dragged the bottom of her flaming hot 36c tits over the top of Meg’s smooth and firm 38c tits causing her to grunt in anger having lost the advantage.

Stephanie let her tits circle around the outside of Megs until finally jabbing her rock hard nipples up and into the bottom of Meg's tits. Twisting around Meg was able to slide her tits down and around until both brunette’s tits were again mashed together nipple to nipple.

Starting to feel frustrated, Meg released her grip on the other beautiful brunette’s hands and wrapped her arms tightly around Stephanie’s chest in a crushing bear hug. Momentarily surprised, Stephanie let out a puff as the air was forced out of her lungs. Stephanie then returned the favor by slipping her arms around Meg and constricting them. The pressure between them was immense as the two powerful women strained in the crushing bear hug. With the force the two gorgeous women were exerting, they had drawn together so their steaming hot and greasy bellies flexed and slid freely against each other. Their soft mounds were bumping and rubbing together in combat. Their firm, muscular and oily thighs were plastered together sliding and slipping deliciously against each other.

The two beautiful brunettes were cheek to cheek as they breathlessly battled on. Stephanie could smell the sweet mixture of perfume and coconut oil and sweat in the air. Meg was starting to become extremely aroused and competitive as she squeezed her voluptuous opponent. Wanting to satisfy the need for more contact to her moist mound, Meg released her grip around Stephanie and let her hands gently slide down the length of Stephanie’s slick well defined back until they came to rest on her beautiful ass.

The soft feel of Meg’s hands moving down her back sent shock waves of pleasure over Stephanie’s oily smooth skin. Meg then pulled Stephanie’s moistening pussy hard against her own damp mound, grinding and smashing them together. Spreading their legs slightly, the two women simultaneously slid their luxurious firm and oily thighs between the other's legs. With the inside of their strong and firm right thighs welded together the two beautiful brunettes pressed and slid the tops of their strong right thighs against the other’s volcanic pussy.

Meg couldn’t stand it anymore. With a lustful surge of strength, she lifted Stephanie up and slammed her down to the floor. Completely dazed, Stephanie could only grunt in pain as her back and head banged on the floor. Meg was on top of her in an instant. The younger brunette grabbed Stephanie’s oily muscular right thigh and pulled it to the left, spreading the older brunette’s legs wide apart. Meg then pinned Stephanie’s arms down and slid her bikini covered snatch across the older brunette’s left thigh until it made contact with Stephanie’s.

Stephanie started to regain her senses a little and immediately entwined her beautiful oily right leg with Meg’s gorgeous slick left leg. Meg had snaked her strong and glistening right leg around Stephanie’s identical left leg. The two brunette’s oily and well-defined legs slid easily and smoothly against each other as they ground their burning pussies together. Stephanie could tell Meg was taking this to the next level. She decided to slow her down a little.

"Alright bitch, you want to go cunt to cunt with me? Lets up the ante a little" Stephanie whispered in Meg’s ear.

"Ha, I can tell you're just about ready to cum right now. What makes you think you can up the ante at all whore?" Meg responded.

"I’m not as close as you think, bitch. It’s your home court… I pick the uniforms" Stephanie grunted. "I say we have a nylon crotch fight in your bed…unless you're too scared, of course? I don’t blame you though, as soon as you feel my legs against yours in nylons you’ll lose it in two seconds." With that said, Stephanie slid her right leg against Meg’s left leg and drew her beautiful foot up the length of the younger brunette’s flexing and smooth calf. The older brunette’s foot slid easily over Meg’s silky smooth and oily calf, mushrooming it out as she went. Then she pushed it back down along the length of the younger brunette’s calf until she could feel the delicate wrinkles on Meg’s left heel. Stephanie then straddled Meg’s Achilles tendon with her big and middle toes causing Meg to shiver with delight.

"You're on cunt… I think I have just the items we need."

After they untangled themselves from each other, the two gorgeous brunettes retired to shower and to prepare for the upcoming match. Meg had laid out two pair of the most luxurious nylons and garter belts Stephanie had ever seen.

"The rule is first to cum… loses." Stephanie said as she slipped the soft nylon stocking over her perfect right leg. "I’m betting you don’t last 15 minutes, bitch."

As she connected her garter strap to her gorgeous left nylon clad leg Meg replied "You sound very confident hag. I don’t think you know what your getting yourself into."

After preparing themselves the two gorgeous brunettes went to opposite sides of the king-sized bed that was soon going to become their battle ground.

"How do we get this started bitch?" Meg asked in a raspy voice.

"We’ll start on equal ground…side by side…facing each other." Stephanie replied crawling into the huge bed.

The bed spread and blankets had been turned back leaving just the fitted sheet on the mattress. The cotton sheets felt cool and slick as Stephanie seductively laid down on her right side waiting for the other beautiful brunette to join her. Stephanie was laying on her right side, upper body propped up with her right elbow. Her left firm nylon clad leg laying on top of her right slightly bent at the knee.

Meg was at the other side of the bed observing her opponent. Her gorgeous right nylon encased leg on the bed bent at the knee and her powerful left nyloned leg extended to the floor. When she saw that Stephanie had settled in place, Meg climbed into the bed and laid on her left side head to toe facing her opponent.

Wordlessly Stephanie lifted her soft firm right nylon encased leg out from under herself and slowly offered it out so Meg could slide her powerful left nylon clad leg underneath it. Meg, in a sexy fluid motion, moved her left nyloned leg forward passing over the cool sheets of the bed and under the other gorgeous brunette’s right nylon clad leg. Like a bull rider setting his hand in a rodeo, Meg snaked her powerful left nylon encased leg around Stephanie’s mirror image right nyloned leg passing around the outside of Stephanie’s thigh and crossing back around her calf. As their two muscular legs entwined the two gorgeous brunette’s shifted their weight around so they both felt like they had a good grip around the other’s rock hard leg. Their nylon clad legs flexed and contracted around each other with awesome power and silky smooth softness.

The two brunettes inched their mounds closer together. Stephanie drew her elegant left leg up, bending at the knee, allowing Meg to extend her powerful right leg forward. When the sexy younger brunette’s gorgeous right nylon encased leg was close enough, Stephanie slid her gorgeous left nylon clad leg smoothly over Meg’s silky nyloned right leg. She then wrapped it around the other brunette’s with the power of a boa constrictor. Their dripping cunts were only millimeters apart, each could feel the coarse pubic hairs of her opponent's cunt tangle and pull against her own. The two combatants shifted and adjusted themselves to get the very best hold on each other’s legs that they could. Satisfied, the two slipped their arms around each other and grabbed hold of their opponents rock hard and flexing ass.

Laying on their sides, legs hopelessly entwined and hands pulling them together their burning and moist cunts made a slow and sloppy initial contact. Gently, at first, Stephanie started to grind her flaming cunt into Meg’s equally hot snatch. With their eyes closed and soft moans the two gorgeous brunettes added more and more force. A quick intake of breath from both women signaled the separation of pussy lips and the hot, wet and sloppy contact of clit on clit. Stephanie’s clit, engorged to an inch and a half, entered Meg’s awaiting oozing snatch and slid under and around Meg’s growing clit.

Meg bucked and moaned uncontrollably as she fought off the attack. Her mind reeled, teetering between ecstasy and hatred for the powerful woman that was fucking her. Meg loosened her left leg hold a little to try to pull herself away from the onslaught from Stephanie but the gorgeous older brunette pulled the younger brunette’s ass closer with her hands and drove her clit even further into Meg’s burning and dripping snatch. A loud squeal escaped Meg as she twisted her powerful body around, contorting and bucking at the vicious and arousing intrusion on her womanhood.

Stephanie increased the pressure between them by contracting and squeezing her vice-like legs around Meg’s powerful set. Stephanie was losing herself in the sheer power she had over the gorgeous brunette. She forced the younger brunette onto her back and continued to drive her clit into her. The two beautiful brunettes' powerful and silky legs slithered and flexed against each other giving the erotic sound of hosiery on hosiery as the battle continued.

Stephanie pressed on her attack. Lying down and mashing her 36c breasts into Meg’s 38c breasts, the older brunette planted her mouth over the younger brunette’s and forced her tongue into Meg’s dry mouth. Meg’s hands had released Stephanie’s clammy ass and had moved up her back. Angry red nail marks appeared on the older brunette’s shoulders and neck as Meg tried in vain to lessen the assault. The two brunettes' lipstick and makeup mixed and smeared together as their two beautiful young faces bit and slid across each other in their own private war.

Meg twisted her head away just long enough to utter a breathless "NO!" before Stephanie’s mouth found hers again. A river of gooey fluid streamed from between the entangled women’s legs lubricating their well defined stomachs so they slid effortlessly against each other. Their cunts made a wet, sucking sound as they sopped and vacuumed together.

Meg couldn’t hold on any longer. She drew her gorgeous left nylon clad leg up the back of Stephanie’s identical stockinged left leg, letting the sole of her beautiful size 7 1/2 nylon clad foot stay in contact filling the two brunette’s ears with the whisper of nylon on nylon. The younger brunette then brought her powerful nyloned left leg up and hooked it over Stephanie’s strong and thrusting ass thus mooring the two beautiful brunettes together. Meg started pulling Stephanie into herself more with her left leg. Stephanie could feel the power in the other brunette’s leg as the force on her ass increased.

The younger brunette came in a body jolting and vocal orgasm. Meg filled Stephanie’s cunt with her fluids as she twisted her face away from the older brunette’s to let out a scream of pleasure. Meg went limp from complete exhaustion and let her numb nylon clad left leg drift back down the length of Stephanie’s rock hard and smooth nylon encased right leg. Her arms fell away from the older brunette’s back with a flop onto the stained bed.

Stephanie wasn’t finished though. Increasing her leg hold on Meg, she continued to invade the younger brunette’s sopping cunt with her clit, grinding and rubbing until a tear appeared in Meg’s makeup stained eye.

"OH…YOU…F.U.C.K.I.N.G…BITCH!!!!!" Meg breathlessly cried as her head started to bump against the oak head board.

Meg reached up and grabbed two handfuls of the older brunette’s hair and pulled back causing Stephanie to shriek in pain and pleasure. She then snaked her elegant nylon clad left leg back around Stephanie’s cramping and powerful nylon clad right leg to try to hold herself in place. Again the whisper of nylon on nylon filled the air along with screams and groans of lust.

Meg started to feel the next orgasm rising within her as Stephanie’s engorged clit twisted and bent against her also growing clit. Harder and more aggressive the two gorgeous brunettes pumped and bucked against each other moving them both closer and closer to ecstasy. Stephanie bent her powerful nylon clad right leg against the strength in Meg’s identical nylon clad left leg and pointed her toes toward the ceiling causing the other beautiful brunette’s left leg to give and bend at the knee.

Both beautiful brunette’s came at the same time screaming and gushing in a volcanic orgasm. Meg held on tight as Stephanie bucked and convulsed in crying pleasure. As the last of the mutual body convulsions subsided, Stephanie laid her head back down on the bed next to a sobbing Meg’s ear and whispered, Now…let…me…tell…you…about…my…trip…to…New…York."