NYLON WARS: The Meeting

(by A. FAN)

Jennifer Clark was a 25 year old marketing prodigy. In her short 3 years in the company she had risen to head of the department. Some say she had slept her way to the top, not a surprising theory considering her knockout body. She was flawless. At 5’9" 130 pounds she wasn’t a small woman, but there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. She had shoulder length blonde hair that she kept perfect at all times. Her 36c breasts were in perfect proportion to her body. Her most attractive feature were her legs. They were toned to perfection and always tanned. She almost always wore skirts or suits that would show them off. Her ensemble was usually topped off with her signature sheer nylons and 4" heels. Firm and smooth thighs, strong calves that flowed down to perfect size 7 1&Mac218;2 feet.

The fact of the matter was that she hadn’t slept with anyone to get where she was. Jennifer was a very intelligent woman, that’s how she got where she was. She had married rather young and the marriage failed as they sometimes do when youth is involved. But she had moved on and was dating regular again, nothing too serious. She put most of her time and effort in her career. She had a way of putting people at ease when she spoke to them that threw them off a bit because of her intimidating looks. Some people would automatically think she was a bitch.

Jennifer grew up as sort of a tom-boy. She had 4 older brothers who were good at making her suffer with wrestling matches and football games. In high school she played volleyball and ran on the track team, her natural athletic ability drew her to sports rather than cheerleading.

There was a series of meetings scheduled for a major client that was negotiating a contract. These meetings would last all day usually then all of the members would go out for drinks and socializing afterwards. Jennifer found these meetings rather boring, they were just formalities since most of the work was already done.

Jennifer entered the conference room and sat down, crossing her lovely legs. As the client's people filed in, a woman caught Jennifer’s eye. She was incredible. Jennifer was immediately captivated by her. Jennifer started to have feelings of aggressiveness and excitement she hadn’t ever had before. In a way she had venially thought no woman could compare with her. She felt challenged and inadequate at the sight of this woman. Calming herself a bit she thought it was mean of her to not give this woman a chance, many people thought the same of her when they first met. When all members of the meeting were in the large conference room the introductions were made. Jennifer rose out of her chair and started shaking everyone's hands.

Stephanie West was new to this business. Since graduating from college, she had busted her butt in dead-end companies. Now her hard work was paying off. Unlike Jennifer, she used her sexuality to her advantage whenever she could. Stephanie was the exact same height and weight as Jennifer, a mirror image. The exception was her brown hair that was down past her shoulders. Like Jennifer, her legs were her most attractive asset. They were chiseled granite, rock hard. They flowed perfectly from her strong ass to her also perfect size 7 1&Mac218;2 feet. Stephanie was a cheerleader in high school, which she considered more of a sport than any other. She always thought she could have made a great gymnast if she hadn’t hit that growing spurt in the 9th grade.

When Stephanie entered the conference room, she noticed the blonde woman right away, especially her beautiful legs. Stephanie sometimes would mentally compare her own legs with other women’s to convince herself that she had the best. This quick comparison was too close to call, that had never happened before.

"Jennifer Clark, this is Stephanie West. You two will be working together for these meetings. We need you two to go over these numbers for us." The two women turned to face each other and extended their hands to shake. "Hello Jennifer." "Nice to meet you Stephanie." The two women exchanged the greetings in their sweetest tones. When they shook hands, both squeezed a little harder than normal. Each could feel the power in the other’s hand. They both noticed that they were exactly the same height. This was odd for both women because when they wore heels they were both over six foot tall, neither had met many women that were that size. The two women picked a spot near the end of the long oak table and sat down to start their work. They both crossed their gorgeous legs when they sat, Jennifer right over left and Stephanie left over right. This put their perfect size 7 1&Mac218;2 feet in very close proximity. Neither woman noticed this until Jennifer reached for a pen. This made her accidentally bump her foot into Stephanie’s.

"Oh, I’m sorry Stephanie." Jennifer apologized.

"That’s ok, we’re sitting kind of close." Stephanie retorted.

It was a sweet exchange but there was a hidden challenge there. Whether it was subconscious or not they would never know, but both women wanted to feel the other’s body. Neither had seen another woman so much like herself.

As the rest of the day went on, the two would continue to touch each other whenever they could. It almost turned into a game to see who would come up with another excuse to make contact. They would laugh and grab each other’s arm or pat each other's thigh. They thought the other had no idea that the contact was on purpose. Being kind of an informal day, as well as July, neither woman was wearing nylons. Their bare, tanned legs had a smooth shiny look to them. As they looked down they had both noticed that they had the same color of tan to their legs, which fueled the fire of competition. When they had to look at the same document they would turn their chairs toward each other with their legs still crossed and they would make contact. The feel of the others smooth, firm leg against her own was like a drug. Not wanting anyone to notice they didn’t hold the position long ,but longer than was necessary.

At the end of the day, they all went out for dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant. The two women could not keep away from each other. There was something drawing them together, a magnetism. When the two went to sleep that night, each had the thought of the other on her mind. What was happening to them? Neither could figure it out. Each was becoming obsessed with the other. Not really sexual, neither were lesbians, more just physical. Neither had any idea on how to proceed, but each knew the next day, somehow, it would escalate.

The next day, both had dressed to kill. Jennifer was wearing a tight fitting, short white skirt with a black blouse. Stephanie was wearing an equally tight, short yellow skirt with a white blouse. Both were also wearing sheer nylons and black 4 inch heels. Both had their hair up in a bun and each was wearing her glasses.

Again, the two had to work together on another set of figures and sat down next to each other. Today was different from yesterday. Curiosity had waned, now both women were becoming aggressive. They were trying to find ways to satisfy themselves that, as good as the other was, there was going to be something that one was better than the other at. As they crunched the numbers they found that both had the same intelligence. Little polite disagreements would erupt but they would just as quickly die down. They would talk of their past achievements and they found that the other’s was just as impressive. On and on it went each matching the other stride for stride. Finally frustration started in. Neither could see that it was heading to the physical phase.

Starting to feel exasperated, Jennifer sat back in her chair and stretched. She had her legs crossed right over left, and extended her lovely nylon encased right leg in front of her slowly. As it went forward she kept her toes pointed forward. After her leg was extended, she pointed her toes up. When she did this, the heel of her black pump slipped off. The cooler air hitting her heel felt so good that when she lowered her leg back down to the natural position she just let her shoe dangle off the end of her toes. A few minutes later Stephanie, who still had her legs crossed left over right, quickly turned to show Jennifer something she had noticed in the numbers. In doing so her left foot crashed into Jennifer’s right foot, knocking off her shoe that was balanced precariously on the end of her foot. Normally, Jennifer’s first instinct would be to draw her foot back to avoid contact. That was not the case today, it was now going beyond politeness. After the initial contact Jennifer’s foot, minus her shoe, snapped back into place. The inside arch of Jennifer’s size 7 1&Mac218;2 nylon clad right foot was resting on the top of Stephanie’s nylon clad left ankle. The contact sent goose bumps all over their bodies. At first Stephanie thought Jennifer would draw back and apologize like the last time, in fact she started to draw away. Then she realized Jennifer wasn’t moving her foot away. Frustration in the competition had degenerated into the most fundamental competition...physical. Jennifer held her perfect nylon clad foot in place and leaned to look at the paper Stephanie was showing her. Stephanie, after a split second of shock, started explaining herself. From anyone looking at them, no one could tell from the way they were working what was going on under the table.

While they discussed above, the foot play escalated below. Jennifer was relishing the contact with Stephanie. As she was making her point she would move her foot. The feel of her own nylon clad foot against Stephanie’s nylon clad ankle was smooth as silk. First she would move forward, pushing her foot over the top of Stephanie’s until her toes would hook around the back of her ankle. Barely audible, the sound of nylon rubbing against nylon could be heard. As blatant as Jennifer’s actions were, there was still an out for her if she was confronted by Stephanie, she could just brush it away like incidental contact. It was the first time since their meeting that one had an advantage over the other.

Seething, Stephanie’s mind worked to try to figure out a way to retaliate. She stopped explaining her point for a moment and said "I’m sorry Jennifer, did I knock your shoe off ?" She was calling Jennifer’s bluff. Not willing to relinquish her advantage Jennifer said " That’s ok, those heels make my feet hurt. It really feels good. Go on with what you were saying." Stephanie leaned back a little and brought her left leg back toward her right hand. Jennifer looked down to see Stephanie’s beautiful crossed legs in front of her. The way she had her left leg brought back to her right hand made her calf muscle bulge with power. Stephanie reached down and slipped off her black pump and swung back around to her former position. "You're right, it does feel better." Now they were on an equal playing field.

There the two women sat, looking at each other for a moment. Both still sat with her legs crossed toward each other. Their two perfect size 7 1&Mac218;2 nylon clad feet suspended only centimeters apart. Stephanie was almost daring Jennifer to start again. The two women looked beautiful sitting there, sitting straight up, heads turned looking at each other through their wire framed glasses. Their two sets of silky, rock hard, nylon clad legs crossed in front of them. There was no doubt now about what was going on, the only question now was who was going to back down first. For the first time both women were aware of the other’s knowledge of the situation. They had silently agreed that a challenge had been offered and accepted by the other. Neither knew how far it would go but each was sure that they weren’t going to back down.

Almost on cue, the two leaned forward to look at the paper in front of them and continued discussing business. Slowly Stephanie sought out Jennifer’s lovely foot with her own. At the same time, Jennifer was doing the same thing. The two identical nylon clad feet finally made contact. Jennifer slid her foot under Stephanie’s and snaked it up, toes first, around her instep. Simultaneously, Stephanie pointed her toes out around the outside of Jennifer’s foot. Again, a little louder this time, the sound of nylon sliding against nylon could be heard. Now both women experienced the intoxicating sensation of the other’s nylon-clad limb against her own. Stephanie then slid her left foot back over the top of Jennifer’s right foot and around the back of her calf. Jennifer’s foot continued on around the inside of Stephanie’s foot and then she hooked the top of it around the back of her calf. Their feet slid smooth and easy over their counterparts. They sat like that for a moment, locked together, with the tops of their feet hooked around the others calf. Jennifer flexed her lovely calf to let Stephanie feel the power she possessed. Likewise, Stephanie applied pressure with her own to even the score. After the show of strength, the two unlocked and let their feet and legs slide against each other back down to their normal position. Then the two sought the other out again, this time they made contact at their toes. More and more force was applied until both sets of perfect toes bent up and the balls of their feet were touching. Each was trying to bend the other’s toes backwards but they were of equal strength. Both were wondering at what point does an intelligent, career minded woman regress to having a footsie war under the table of a meeting with another woman. But that is where they were now, and neither was going to back down.

The two women continued the footsie war for the rest of the day with neither winning. Each gave as good as she got, and nothing was solved. Cramped from the exertion, the two finally uncrossed their legs and slipped their shoes back on and left for dinner.

They wondered what would happen next, was that it? No way, this was somehow going to be resolved. At dinner Stephanie asked Jennifer to come to her room after they ate so they could finish the figures they needed for tomorrow’s final meeting. Jennifer accepted. At least whatever happened they would not be under the prying eyes of their employers. After Stephanie finished dinner, she rose from her seat and proceeded out of the hotel’s dining room where they had all decided to eat. "Good night everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow." They all pleaded with her to go out on the town with them but she declined saying she and Jennifer had one more detail to settle before tomorrow. She then glided out of the room. Jennifer finished her dinner and excused herself in the same manner, and she made her way to Stephanie’s room.

Stephanie heard the knock at the door and rose from the couch in her room. This was it, she was here finally. She opened the door to see the beautiful blonde standing there looking eye to eye with her. "Hi, Jennifer, come in." she said in her sweetest voice. "Wow, what a great room, Stephanie. It’s so big!" she cooed back. After the day’s events both were acting as if nothing had happened. Basically, Stephanie was inviting Jennifer to a place to settle this if she wanted to. If she didn’t accept, Stephanie had won. But there she was, in all her glory. Jennifer took the invitation as it was meant, however, she still wasn’t sure where this was going to lead. She was ready for what ever the gorgeous brunette was willing to do. "Come here and sit down, there are just a couple of questions I had on these numbers." The two made their way across the spacious living room of the suite and sat on the sofa. After the bullshit questions were answered the two looked at each other not knowing what to do next. "Well, ...if that’s it..., I guess I’ll see you in the morning." Stephanie watched Jennifer rise off the couch and proceed to the front door. Stephanie was dumbfounded. It caught her off guard, she didn’t know what would happen when Jennifer got here but she was sure something would. Then it dawned on her that Jennifer was going to win this little contest if she didn’t do anything. She had accepted the challenge by showing up, if she didn’t do anything, she wins. She looked down and saw Jennifer’s purse sitting on the table. Stephanie, in a quick move, was off the couch in a flash with the purse in her hand. Just as Jennifer was opening the door, Stephanie slammed it shut by extending her arm over the shoulder of Jennifer. Stephanie was directly behind Jennifer. Their bodies matched up perfectly, She was staring directly at the back of Jennifer’s blonde head. Leaning forward, Stephanie let her 36c breasts press into her back. She then leaned forward more putting her head on Jennifer’s right shoulder and almost let her lips touch her ear when she whispered "You forgot your purse."

Stephanie could feel the power in Jennifer’s body as she pressed against it from behind. It was satisfying to be in such a dominating position with this woman. Stephanie, having the advantage, upped the ante. All of the frustration and the odd emotions Stephanie had felt the past two days came out. She couldn’t help herself, she had to dominate this woman in something. The only way left was physically. Stephanie leaned forward with her upper body and extended her beautiful nylon clad leg out behind her and ground herself into the back of Jennifer forcing her up against the door. From this position, Stephanie’s 36c breasts were plastered against Jennifer’s back. Stephanie’s right thigh was between Jennifer’s butt cheeks, bringing her mound against Jennifer’s left butt cheek. When Stephanie had extended her left leg out behind her, her tight skirt had ridden up on her rock hard thighs exposing the lacy tops of her sheer nylons and garter belt straps.

Jennifer, caught off guard, started to recover. Stephanie had her pinned against the door with her body. Jennifer’s elbows were close to her side with the palms of her hands pressing against the door. Her head was turned to the right with her left cheek also pressed against the door. It was a vulnerable position, and it pissed Jennifer off. Jennifer had to get some leverage. Slowly, Jennifer pushed her beautiful, strong ass back into Stephanie’s perfect hips and mound. Not wanting to relinquish her advantage, Stephanie pushed back increasing the pressure between them. Stephanie was in a position to exert a lot of pressure against Jennifer so it was hard, as equal as they were in strength, for Jennifer to push her hips away from the door. The two grunted and groaned as they strained against each other. Jennifer had to do something. Slowly, Jennifer started to spread her legs apart. It allowed her to regain some balance and it raised her tight skirt above her thighs so she could move her legs better. Suddenly a move dawned on Jennifer that could turn the tables. In a flash, Jennifer twisted her hips to the left, putting Stephanie’s mound on the side of her left hip. She then brought her own beautiful nylon clad leg around and behind Stephanie’s right leg. She then drew her left arm and shoulder down and behind Stephanie’s back. Lowering her head and using her arm and hand, Jennifer slid behind Stephanie sending her against the door with a thud. A complete reversal. Now it was Stephanie against the door with Jennifer plastering her 36c breasts into her back. Jennifer had her mound pressed into Stephanie’s right ass cheek and was pressing her into the door. She could feel the power in Stephanie’s back and butt, it was awesome. But Jennifer had the advantage now, and she was going to control this woman. Feeling her strain underneath her, Jennifer raised on her tip toes making her gorgeous nylon encased calf muscles bulge with power. She then leaned forward putting her lips within millimeters of Stephanie’s right ear and whispered "Thanks for bringing my purse to me." Both women now knew this was the opening salvo in a long war.

Both women’s skirts had ridden up on their hips revealing more of their beautiful nylon encased legs and garter belts. Stephanie was livid that she had allowed this to happen to herself. She had Jennifer where she could control her, and it felt great. Now she was being controlled, like some mousy little girl. She had to do something, the only thing she thought of was doing the same thing Jennifer did to her. Stephanie started to twist her hips to the left and bring her right leg around behind Jennifer again. When she did this Jennifer brought her left leg around the outside of Stephanie’s left leg that was still extended behind her. Jennifer entwined and twisted her gorgeous nylon clad left leg around Stephanie’s equally beautiful nylon clad left leg. The two rock hard, high heeled legs strained and flexed against each other. Locking her leg up with Stephanie’s prevented her from twisting out from underneath. The two powerful nyloned women struggled on for a few more seconds. Then Stephanie, whose left leg was immobilized by Jennifer’s left leg, brought her right leg back and around the outside of Jennifer’s right leg. At the same time she bridged herself up by pushing with her hands against the door. The whisper of nylon against nylon filled the room. Stephanie could feel the strength and firmness in the blonde’s leg as she slid and snaked her leg and high heeled foot back and around it. Starting to feel Stephanie push away from the door, Jennifer removed her hands from it and brought them under Stephanie’s arms and clutched her around the chest. Jennifer’s hand came to rest on Stephanie’s breasts. Letting out a muffled groan of pain Stephanie pushed as hard as she could against the door. Neither woman was willing to release her leg hold on the other so as they went back they lost their balance. They hit the carpeted floor with a thud. Jennifer still had hold of Stephanie’s blouse and breasts, but hitting the floor caused her arms to come apart ripping Stephanie’s flimsy blouse and white bra apart setting free her voluptuous breasts.

"Damn it !" Stephanie bemoaned through clinched teeth. Jennifer released the material and, with a hard slap, re-grabbed Stephanie’s two perfect fleshy mounds. This time Stephanie let out a more audible yelp. Jennifer, in trying to keep Stephanie’s left leg under control, increased the pressure around Stephanie’s left nylon encased leg. When she did this, the heel of her 4 inch black pump, caught on the heel of Stephanie’s identical shoe peeling it right off. Knowing her foot was in danger of being stabbed by the spike of her adversary's heel, Jennifer extended her leg down the length of Stephanie’s and dug her toes into the brunette’s shoe and pushed it off. Their two nylon encased, shoeless legs slithered and flexed against each other. Stephanie tried in vein to loosen the blonde’s leg hold by bending and flexing her rock hard, flawless leg, but Jennifer’s equally lovely and strong leg wouldn’t allow it. Jennifer had her leg around the outside of the brunette’s crossing over it at the knee and bending back so that the top of her perfect size 7 1/2 foot was plastered into the arch of Stephanie’s equally lovely nylon clad size 7 1/2 foot.

Enraged, Stephanie reached over her head and behind her to firmly entrench her hands in Jennifer’s silky blonde hair and pulled it as hard as she could. Jennifer let out a blood curdling howl. The pain was horrible, this made Jennifer dig her fingers into Stephanie’s breasts, kneading and squeezing as hard as her hands could. Stephanie now let out a scream that was equal to her adversary’s.

The two beautiful women inflicted more pain on each other for a couple seconds, then Stephanie released her grip in Jennifer’s hair and moved them past her neck to grab her blouse. Stephanie pulled and jerked as hard as her powerful arms could and managed to pull Jennifer’s blouse up and over their heads, ripping it off. Then squirming around, she reached back until she found her bra and did the same thing. Jennifer, not to be outdone, released Stephanie’s 36c breasts and finished removing what was left of the brunette’s blouse. She pulled it out from between them so her beautiful breasts were now plastered against Stephanie’s strong, muscular back with nothing between them. Jennifer’s nipples erupted in hardness when they finally came in contact with Stephanie’s smooth, cool skin. Now topless, the two continued to struggle and strain against each other. Jennifer was starting to feel something else also, a tingling between her legs. She knew she wasn’t a lesbian but the feeling was undeniably sexual. She could feel the power and raw beauty of the creature she had herself tangled around. The left cheek of Stephanie’s gorgeous, strong ass had been sliding and flexing against Jennifer’s blonde mound for a few minutes now. With Jennifer’s beautiful nylon clad left leg locked and straining against Stephanie’s equally lovely identical limb, the pressure on her cunt was enormous. She was praying that the brunette wouldn’t feel the wetness that was starting to build between her legs. Jennifer, in an effort to keep Stephanie’s hands out of her hair, grabbed the brunette’s strong arms and tried to pin them down.
Stephanie had had enough, she was tired of being controlled by this woman. She started to roll over to her left. Jennifer hung on to her like she was welded there, not even releasing her leg lock on the brunette. Unable to hold on to Stephanie’s powerful arms, Jennifer reattached them around the brunette’s chest, locking her hands around her forearms she squeezed with all of her might. The air escaping Stephanie’s lungs was like a moan. Despite the lack of air, Stephanie managed to roll them both on their sides. Reaching back with her right arm, Stephanie was grabbing for anything and wound up taking hold of Jennifer’s skirt that was all but completely gone from her legs. With a huge handful, that also managed to include the blonde’s underwear, Stephanie gave a mighty yank. Panties and skirt were now flying across the room being pulled from between them. Jennifer was enraged, from behind a grinning Stephanie, she grabbed the brunette’s skirt and panties and returned the favor.

Now completely naked except for their right shoes and their nylons, Stephanie continued to roll over to her left. Jennifer was now on top of Stephanie from behind, her left leg was still locked around the brunette’s left leg, the blonde’s arm’s were locked around the brunette’s chest but now pinned beneath her. Never, so far, had Jennifer felt so in control of this woman. It was a very dominant position to be on top of the brunette from behind. Jennifer now wanted to control the brunette completely. Stephanie had been bending her right nylon encased leg at the knee in an effort to kick Jennifer. So flexible was the beautiful brunette that she had made contact with the blonde’s perfect ass once or twice. Jennifer pushed her firm nylon encased thigh against the brunette’s to spread her legs. Then, releasing her hold around Stephanie’s chest, Jennifer reached back and caught the brunette’s right size 7 1/2 foot with her hand. Now Jennifer pulled Stephanie’s right leg back and twisted her hips rolling both of them to the left. This put an unbelievable amount of pressure on Stephanie’s abdomen. Stephanie new she was in danger, in correcting the situation she simply extended her right leg, the brunette’s nylon clad leg was just too strong for Jennifer to hold with one hand. In doing so, Stephanie lost her right shoe. With her right leg back in control, Stephanie now rolled back to the position of face down on the floor with Jennifer on top. With her right leg shoeless, Stephanie knew her foot was now in danger of being stabbed by the last remaining heel in the combat. Stephanie moved her soft, firm nylon encased leg back and found Jennifer’s lovely right leg. Stephanie’s right leg now crossed over the back of Jennifer’s right leg and pinned it down. Then with her perfect size 7 1/2 foot, found the heel of the blonde’s black pump and pushed it off with her toe. Then, to keep Jennifer’s strong right leg pinned down, she snaked her foot around the blonde’s entwining their right legs together. Now two sets of strong, smooth, nylon encased legs and feet flexed and strained against each other. Plastered together, they struggled on.

Then, Stephanie twisted her torso and flung her arm up and around Jennifer. With her body twisted around like that Stephanie’s firm 36c left breast made contact with Jennifer’s equally perfect 36c right breast. The sensation sent an electric shock through both of the women’s bodies. Jennifer noticed the rock hard nipple of her adversary. The blonde wanted to dominate the brunette from the top, face to face. Jennifer loosened her left leg hold on Stephanie and allowed her to turn her powerful hips and legs underneath her.

Now the two gorgeous women faced each other for the first time in the contest. Each was captivated with the other’s lovely face. What was happening to them? they both wondered. Jennifer had Stephanie’s arms over her head, their lovely finger’s entwined. Stephanie had her left thigh implanted in Jennifer’s crotch, as she was struggling she would rub it up and down against it. Feeling herself being aroused, as hard as she tried not to, Jennifer moved her thigh up until it was implanted in Stephanie’s crotch. The two 5’9" women stretched out on one another. In a flash Jennifer snaked her beautiful left leg around the brunette’s equally lovely right leg and hooked her foot over the top of her opponent’s foot. Stephanie then raised her powerful, perfect nylon clad left leg and draped it along the length of Jennifer’s smooth, rock hard right leg. Both women squeezed and flexed her powerful nylon clad legs against each other trying to gain an advantage. The women felt like the other’s cunt was on fire against her flexing thigh. The contest had moved to another phase. Since neither had ever been in a fight before, neither knew exactly what to do next. The pressure on their cunts was unbelievable, it was all each could do not to cum already. Just being locked up with the other woman was much more than they imagined. Their strong, supple and toned bodies strained and grappled together with neither really coming out on top. It was obvious their strong, smooth nylon encased legs were of equal strength as they slithered and snaked around each other. It was still a stalemate. As they both re-adjusted their leg hold on the other Jennifer slid to the right and Stephanie slid to the right. When this happened their sopping wet cunts made contact. It was beyond wrestling now. It was a simple fact that the only way to settle this was who could sexually dominate the other. Physically they were the same, mentally they were the same, sexually was going to be the deciding factor.

Jennifer gazed down at Stephanie and slid her hips, smoothly back and forth. Stephanie reached up and grabbed the blonde’s perfect ass with both hands and pulled her into herself. The two sets of perfect 36c breasts were mashed together forcing them to mushroom out to the side of their torso’s. Stephanie let out a hoarse groan as Jennifer slowly eased her lips closer to the brunette’s. This was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to either of them. Both knew they weren’t lesbians, however neither could they deny the sexual feelings they had for the other. Suddenly both sets of pussy lips parted and their silky wetness came in full contact. Both sets of eyes popped open in a look of surprise. Immediately Jennifer bent down and planted her lips on top of Stephanie’s. Jennifer had to have the feeling of pumping her juices into this woman and having her accept them. That was dominating her, that is how she would win. Stephanie thought the same thing, she wanted to shoot her cum into this bitch and make her sorry she ever tangled with her. Neither having been with another woman had any idea how to please herself with another woman. Both reverted back to the way they made love to a man. Soft, wet tongues invaded and wrestled each other. The harsh, powerful leg holds loosened a little. Stephanie kneaded and mashed Jennifer’s perfect ass while their cunt’s sucked and slid against each other. Soft moans of pleasure replaced those of pain and exertion as the two kissed and smeared their lips together.

Jennifer had her left nylon encased leg wrapped and snaked around Stephanie’s beautiful right. The brunette, with her soft firm nylon encased left leg draped along the length of the blonde’s equally beautiful nylon clad right leg, bent her leg at the knee and placed her perfect, size 7 1/2 nyloned foot on the back of Jennifer’s perfect ankle. Then Stephanie bent her leg more and pulled her foot up the length of Jennifer’s flexing calf. Back and forth, slowly and softly the brunette’s perfect nylon covered foot would caress and slide across the blonde’s perfect calf. The sound of nylon against nylon was ringing in both women’s ears. Stephanie would take her foot all the way up to the back of Jennifer’s knee and slide down the length of her perfect calf and trace the dip of her ankle and heel, conforming her perfect foot to the contours of every inch. Then Jennifer would bend her knee slightly and let the brunette’s foot continue on until the sole of her foot rubbed against the sole of Stephanie’s. The feel of their nylon clad legs and feet rubbing and caressing each other sent their eyeballs back in their heads. Jennifer’s clit elongated enough to invade the beautiful brunette’s womanhood. The two beautiful women started to buck and moan as Jennifer invaded Stephanie. Suddenly Stephanie’s clit, also engorged, came in contact with Jennifer’s. Faster and faster the two humped and rocked each other. Their cunts plastered together and dripped juices down their legs. Slobber and lipstick smeared and ran over their faces. It was the most intense sexual experience either woman had ever had. Both women were building for a huge climax.

As their clits probed and smashed together their perfect, nylon encased legs and feet strained and caressed each other. Finally, with a scream of victory, Jennifer shot her love juices into the waiting cunt of Stephanie. Seconds later Stephanie returned Jennifer’s juices as well as her own into Jennifer’s sopping cunt. Both went limp and gasped for breath.

"What in the hell is going on with us?" Stephanie whispered in Jennifer’s ear. Breathing hard Jennifer replied " I have no idea, but that was incredible!" The two women gave each other one last long kiss and fell asleep in each others arms.