By AngelDawn30


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About fifteen minutes from Angel's office, in a very upscale neighborhood, a woman was just getting out of bed..... alone … She had got back in town last night from a week long trip to New York with a few of her 'high society' friends.... that's what she called them. Her name was Wendy Corleone. … Yes, Corleone … Yes, that family .. …. and she was quite possibly the most beautiful and perfectly built woman in the world.

She graduated from college with a degree in accounting and statistics Over the next few years she worked for several accounting firms as her career slowly advanced. But it was not advancing as fast as she wanted, so began to shop for the right guy. You know the type. A rich one. Wendy was a gold digger.

She went through a number of rich men, a few her age, but mostly more mature men. The ones with cash. The ones who would buy things for her. The kind of men who would lavish her with jewelry and clothes. Some were married and would pay for an apartment so they could have their little 'fuck toy' on the side. Over the years she had several proposals. Wendy even said 'yes' a couple of times, but she always backed out, and went on to the next man in line. She could just not go through with such a commitment...... She could not give up her lust for other women. No, she never had a desire to settle down with a woman..... Her heart's desire was to marry a rich man and live the life of luxury. But how would she ever reach that goal without having women as sexual partners? It was a real problem because Wendy loved fucking women...... She loved titfighting women...... She loved sexfighting women...... She was not looking for a short or long term relationship with another woman.... It was all about the sex.... It was all about the fucking …. And the competition. A couple of years ago she met an older gentlemen at a charity event who was almost 70 at the time. He was looking for a trophy wife and Wendy 'measured' up. His name was Carlo Corleone. He reported to more prominent family members in Chicago and New York. He was in the 'import / export' business. He lived at a private estate in the very exclusive Preston Hollow area in Dallas, so he could watch over some of the casino's that were in Oklahoma., and to help manage the family's holdings in the oil and gas business. His wife of twenty years had recently passed away and Carlo needed a new wife. Someone he could show off. ... Someone who would create jealousy in his associates and business partners. ... Someone who would make others say 'Wow, did you see Carlo's new wife?” This was important to him. She would be for show. .. and unfortunately for Carlo.. that is all she would be. Mr. Corleone had the worst kind of erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as e.d. … It had began with a 'hunting accident' about thirty years ago.. and the pills did not work. … His trophy wife would be for 'display' only. Wendy had found the rich man she had been searching for, and the fact that sex would be missing from their relationship was not a big concern … there would always be women. Three months later they were married. .. that was two years ago.

Today Wendy was pissed. When she arrived home last night, she found a note that Carlo had left for her .. 'Will be out of town for three weeks' …. Wendy never knew where he went “That old bastard” she mumbled as she made her way to the bathroom.

Wendy was a very young 28 year old blonde, and even though she preferred fucking women instead of men, she jumped at the opportunity to marry Carlo Corleone. Maybe she loved him at the time, maybe not... but he was rich. Very rich. So she put up with his shit. After all, a girl has to have a little spending cash.. right? … and Carlo gave her ten thousand dollars each month in cash for 'fun money' … Carlo had also given her a Lamborghini Aventador. It was red ...It was fast... It had “Rich Bitch” written all over it. …. But the late night crap and the out of town “business trips” were beginning to get old. She suspected he was seeing another woman. “But what could they do together?.. he can't get it up” .. but that was not the point. She had not been with another man and she expected the same from her husband ... Of course Wendy had been having many sexual affairs with other women, but that was different ….Wendy was a nymphomaniac. No doubt you have heard of PGAD...Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. You have read the stories about women who could have as many as one hundred orgasms every day.. This was not the case with Wendy... she did not have PGAD.. but she had something.. because she would have unexpected orgasms …. from exercising.. from seeing another beautiful woman with really nice tits... sometimes that would trigger an orgasm... sometimes she would have a nipple orgasm from the friction of her bra rubbing against her nipples.. she had even had orgasms from hugging another woman and pressing their tits together... even fully clothed. This did not happen every day... but typically, in any given week, Wendy would experience anywhere from four to six orgasms without touching herself. Needless to say this only added to her nymphomania. Wendy had to have an orgasm everyday. She was like an alcoholic, only her abusive drug was orgasms... and fucking.... fucking other women … “only” fucking other women. ... Carlo knew but allowed it anyway... the women were okay .. but he had made it very clear if she was ever caught with a man .. it would create a situation 'that would not end well' . Wendy understood. All Carlo wanted was a trophy wife, and as indicated before ...Wendy measured up. …. Literally.

Wendy walked back into the bedroom pausing to look in the floor length mirror. Her long blonde hair was mussed a little from her sleep, and she had no makeup on, but she still liked what she saw in the mirror. Standing 5'8” tall and with measurements of 40½-24-35... she was stunning. She turned to the side to look at her profile. Wendy was impressed. She had massive tits that required a 34E bra. Sometimes she wore a 34F bra.... again, it depended on the brand...and it depended on how her tits felt that day.. some days they were just a little bit fuller.. a tad bigger... those were the F cup days .. but most days a 34E bra would suffice to contain her enormous treasures. … Sure, other women had big tits, but not like hers. To say they were incredible would be an understatement. She turned and faced the mirror as she reached down and pulled her night shirt up and over her head, shaking out her long blonde hair as she tossed the shirt over on the bed. She turned around, glancing over her shoulder and checking out her tight ass in the mirror. She flexed her ass a couple of times. “Damn right I have a tight ass.... and it looks so good with black panties.” Wendy then turned around a looked with amazement at those wonderful incredible extraordinary tits. Wendy loved her tits. Anyone who saw her would love her tits. As she pressed her index finger into the dense firm tit-flesh just to the outside of her areola, feeling how firm and dense they were. She cupped both of her massive E/F cup tits and squeezed. She pushed them together, amazed at how deep the cleavage was. It was impressive. Very impressive. Yes, Wendy was in love with her tits. They were that incredible. Her tits were that dense. That firm. Not hard, . . . they were still pliable, but Lord have mercy her huge tits were firm. Really firm. She bounced on her tiptoes a few times watching as her massive tits barely wobbled. She then turned from side to side watching closely to see how much her big round tits would sway from side to side... it was just enough for those two incredible tits to gently slap against each other. She then practically jerked her upper torso from side to side as if she were doing part of her hard work-out. Back and forth... twisting from side to side. Watching.... as her tits smacked against each other.. it wasn't much.. just enough to make a lovely smacking sound. Wendy loved her tits.

Then there were her nipples. How could you describe her nipples? Big. Hard. Thick. I mean very Big. Very Hard. Very Thick. And long. Unusually long. Incredibly long. Wendy walked over to her dresser, pulling the top drawer open and searched for her measuring tape. “Where is it?... oh there you are.” She placed the measuring tape on top of the dresser and walked toward the kitchen, her massive rack barely swaying as she strutted to the fridge. She reached for a paper cup and placed it under the ice dispenser. A few clunks later she had several ice cubes in her cup and was walking back toward the bedroom wearing nothing but a black pair of crotch-less panties. Placing the cup of ice on her dresser she reached into the cup and pulled out one cube and slowly brought it to her left nipple. As much as she loved her tits, she equally loved her nipples. Perhaps it was because they were so unusually big. Maybe it was because they were extremely sensitive. Or women could not keep their hands off of them. Or keep from licking them. Or refrain from sucking them. And how could anyone resist? They were the biggest longest hardest nipples that any of her sexual partners had ever seen. Ever.

Yes, Wendy adored her extraordinary nipples. Wendy slowly rubbed the cube of ice around her nipple shaft. Around and around. Circle after circle. Around and around.

Wendy began to reminisce about her days at the university. She was crowned “Nipple queen” of her sorority all four years. At first she thought the competition was nothing more than playful amusement, but then she began to enjoy it. Sexually enjoy it. Each year they would all get drunk and have “nipple wars”. The competition was a simple concept. Each girl would line up her nipples side by side, shaft to shaft to her opponent. The one with the longest nipples was declared the winner. Wendy won every year. It was not even close. Well, there was one girl who would have won all four years if Wendy had not been there. She had nipples that were almost an inch long.

“Sara” Wendy thought. “Her name was Sara and she had really big tits and long nipples. If I remember correctly, they were almost an inch long. And that's long!” Most any girl would love to have nipples that were an inch long. But they fell short when she matched them with Wendy. Wendy was the winner every year. By about an eighth of an inch. It wasn't much. But it was enough.

Then there was the jousting competition. Each girl would stand facing each other while a third girl would squirt baby oil over their tits and nipples. A lot of baby oil, so that it was dripping off their nipples and running down their tummies Each girl would line up her nipples tip to tip with her competitor. Two girls were appointed judges and would stand on either side of the facing nipple fighters. For a winner to be declared, both judges had to be in agreement. If there was a disagreement between the judges then the match would continue. Wendy always thought that the judges would sometimes disagree so they could just stare at her magnificent nipples for a few more minutes. Then one of the judges would yell “Go” and they would push them together over and over and push them from side to side over and over, back and forth until one of the girl's nipples would go soft and began to bend. The girl with the stiffer harder nipples was declared the winner. Obviously, the jousting matches could last several minutes because their well oiled nipples would keep slipping and sliding. Just when you thought your opponents nipples were about to bend the nipples would slip and slide apart. This was fun for all who was watching but sometimes a little frustrating for the contestants. Often the competitors would mumble “Damn” or “Shit” or “Fuck” But, usually after five or ten minutes someone would be declared the winner. Wendy won every year, thus the title “Nipple Queen”

The jousting competition was what Wendy really enjoyed. Sure, it was harmless fun for most girls, but for Wendy it was more than that. It gave her pleasure. Sexual pleasure. She always thought that was kinda kinky.

She continued to move the melting ice cube around her nipple for a few more minutes, then placed the ice cube back into the cup, picked up the measuring tape and placed one end at the base of her long nipple. Then measuring its length, she smiled. One and one quarter inches. No wait. Wendy looked closer. It was one little mark longer.. but barely short of an inch and three-eights. She had to think for just a second.. One and 5/16 inches long. Wow!! ….. She smiled. She then measured across the tip of her right nipple. About the width of a dime. She was, without question......... without competition.......... without a doubt.......... THE nipple queen.

She reached up and placed her hands on her tits, gently squeezing. Feeling the firmness. Feeling the heaviness. Wendy had fondled a lot of tits in her life, but had never felt any pair that was as dense, or as heavy or as firm as hers. After several minutes of squeezing and playing with her tits, she moved her fingers to her magnificent nipples and began rolling them between her fingers. “God, that feels so fucking good” she whispered to her twin in the mirror. “You like what you see bitch?” Smiling, she continued to roll and pinch her thick hard nipples as she extended her tongue from between her full puffy lips and wagged it around, teasing her mirror image. “You like my tongue, you whore?” Wendy then turned the tip of her tongue up and touched the end of her nose before sliding it back into her wet mouth. “I bet you would like to feel my tongue in your hot cunt, wouldn't you bitch?” Once more she extended the tip of her tongue and touched the tip of her nose, and then she slowly slid the tip of her tongue another half inch up the bridge of her nose and swished it back and forth, licking the bridge of her nose before once again pulling her tongue back into her mouth, leaving a trail of wetness on her nose. Wendy had this thing... this fetish about her tongue and kissing. When she was involved in deep kissing with another woman, her mouth would salivate. A lot. A first she tried to be careful, swallowing her spit so the kissing would not get to messy, but she soon discovered that some of her partners really got into it with her. Not all of them. There was always some who thought it was a little too much. But some of her sexual partners loved it. Craved it. Wanted it. This led to many deep kisses with spit and saliva swishing back and forth between their mouths that would often create threads of spit stringing between their lips and tongues when they broke the kiss. Wendy loved it. She thought it was nasty. Vulgar. Whorish. Again she spoke to her twin in the mirror ..“Bet you never saw a tongue like that before... you dirty fucking nympho” Wendy closed her eyes and moaned as she began to think back on her college days. And then her eyes opened wide as Sara popped into her mind. Wendy had not seen Sara in eight years although they had always kept in touch through emails and phone calls over the years. A couple of times they made plans to meet again … but it never worked out. Sara had married and moved to Canada but the marriage had failed and she had moved back home a week ago. They were going to get together very soon.

“Sara, you black haired bitch.” Wendy talked to herself. Sara with those nice big tits that were somewhere between a D cup and a DD cup. And those nipples that were almost an inch long. “So Sara,” Wendy thought to herself, “Have those fabulous titties of yours matured? Hmmm? Have they grown-up? Hmmm? Mine have. I remember that I was just a wee bit bigger and fuller than you eight years ago. I think I was consistently wearing a DD bra at the time while you were kinda going back and forth between a D and a DD. Well Sara, are your tits bigger? Have you grown into a woman? I have. And how about your nipples Sara? Are they longer? Mine are. Mine were an inch long when I was Nipple Queen, and yours were almost an inch. Mine are noticeably longer now. Are yours? Hmmmmmm?”

“Sara, you nasty bitch....It was you, you bitch” she spoke to her image in the mirror as if she were speaking to Sara. “It was you who made me realize that I was a nymphomaniac. It was you who exposed me as the girl who could just never get enough fucking. It was you who introduced me to competitive fucking. …. Sport fucking. …. Sexfighting..... You nasty whore. You turned me into this insatiable tramp. This thirsty whore. This fucking machine that I am. . .. . It was you Sara that taught me how to titfight. ... How to kiss-fight ... It was you who showed me how to use my kegel muscles. ... How to squeeze and slurp and tug and pull when I was locked cunt to cunt with another woman.”

As Wendy continued to gently squeeze and pull on her throbbing nipples her mind drifted back to that night, when she was 22 and Sara came knocking on the door to her apartment. It was only a few days after the “Nipple wars” competition. She closed her eyes and began to feel the pleasure flowing through her nipples and into her massive tits. Pinching. ... Pulling. ... Rolling. … Twisting. “My God” she thought, “If only I could find another woman with nipples like mine, and I could squeeze them and pinch them and suck them and line them up with mine and we could nipple fuck for hours and hours until we started cumming. Nipple to Nipple. Cumming and cumming and cumming. And if I could only find another woman with tits like mine. Tits that were so fucking big and taut, so heavy and firm, that we could mash them together, feeling the power and the firmness of each others tits. Feeling them quiver together. . . . Feeling how solid they were as we pumped tits with each other. ... Pushing and flexing. .. Trying to find out if two equal pairs of massive tits could simultaneous devour each other.... Seeing if it was possible to stand face to face with such an endowed woman, pushing against each other, mashing those four huge firm tits together, and seeing if we could press them so tight, so close together, that our belly buttons would touch. To see if our navels could kiss without either of us leaning back and pushing our tummies out. “Mmmmmmm” she moaned.

Her mind once again went back to that night when Sara came calling. Wendy had not seen Sara in eight years, but suddenly, it was like it happened yesterday. It was like she had placed a DVD in her DVD player and pushed play. She began to remember every detail … watching it in her mind as if she were watching it on her television. ….. Wendy was drifting back … back … to eight years ago...... A flashback to that eventful night.

Wendy and Sara

(knock knock)

“Who is it?”


“Just a moment. Let me get dressed. I was about to take a shower”

“Its ok We need to talk”

Wendy quickly grabbed her pink robe and wrapped it around her naked body. As she walked to the door and opened it she saw Sara standing there wearing a red t-shirt and cutoff jeans. With her purse strapped over her left shoulder. Really short cutoff jeans. Wendy noticed the tents on Sara's t-shirt an guessed that she was not wearing a bra. Sara did look good. Five feet seven and a half inches tall, long thick jet black hair and brown eyes. Wendy guessed she was about 120lbs and measured 38-24-34. Sara had real nice full tits that measured between a D and DD cup, and those nipples that were almost an inch long “God” Wendy thought to herself, “Sara has really big tits”

“Hi Sara. Come in”

Sara walked past Wendy, her firm tits ever so gently bouncing as she tossed her purse on the sofa, then turned around to face her “Thank you. We need to talk”

“Ok. What about?” Wendy answered as she closed and locked the door.

“About the competition”

“Oh Sara, I am sorry you lost, but hey... second place is pretty good, right?”

“No, that's ok. You won fairly. I mean, you do have the finest set of knockers I have ever seen and your nipples... wow, there is no one in your class Wendy”

“Thank you Sara. That is so kind of you to say”

“About the competition...”


“Well. I don't know exactly how to say this...”

“Just say it Sara”

“”Well... when we were nipple jousting... well.... when we were pushing back and forth with our nipples, and flicking them together.... well... I... I just wanted to know...”

“Know what Sara?”

“Dammit. I will just say it. Did you really enjoy it?”

Wendy smiled, being somewhat relieved that there was not a serious problem. “Yes Sara. It was fun”

“No, that's not what I meant”

“What did you mean?”

“ I mean, did you like it.. like.. did it turn you on?”

Wendy gave Sara a wicked grin. “Yeah”

“Damn Wendy, that is so fucking cool”

“To get turned on by touching nipples with another woman?”

“Yeah Wendy.....Damn. That is so fucking cool”

“Yes Sara, you already said that. Doesn't it get you turned on Sara?

“Yeah, a little, but it lasts for such a short time, and then there is all the laughing and hollering and stuff.. just difficult to get intimate.”

“So you would rather be alone when doing this?”

“Hell yeah. So we could kiss and snuggle and touch and do all kinds of other stuff.”

Wendy smiled. “Hmmm. Well... ok”. She glanced down at Sara's chest. 'Damn,' Wendy thought. 'She really does have nice tits.'

“Are you busy Wendy?”

“Well, no.... as you can tell, I just got out of the shower, why?”

“I just wanted to know something”


“I just wanted to know.. if... you. Well, I was kinda wondering....”

“What Sara?”

“I was wondering if you wanted a rematch?”

“I guess so. When?”

“Now. Right now. You and me. All alone, just the two of us.”

“But Sara, we know that I will win”

“That's not the point Wendy.”

Wendy smiled as she looked down at Sara's huge tits and those nipples which were making quite a visible impression on the front of her shirt, “Actually that is the point. … to be precise... four points”

“Oh come on Wendy.”

About ten seconds of silence passed between them before Wendy finally spoke. “Well... all right.”

Sara's brown eyes lit up as she smiled, “Oh good. I brought some baby oil...... just in case you didn't have any”

As Sara walked over and pulled the bottle of Johnson & Johnson's baby oil out of her purse, Wendy replied with a grin, “I see you came prepared”

“Un huh. Are you ready? No, wait, perhaps we need to go potty first.”

Wendy nodded as she pointed, “Down the hall, second door on the left”

Two minutes later Sara walked back into the living room. Topless. Wendy felt a slight twinge in her nipples at the sight of Sara's overwhelming rack capped with those long spikes that were already hard. Wendy thought “She must have pinched the hell out of them when she was in the bathroom they look so suck-able” Sara was still wearing her cutoffs which fit her ass as if they were spray-painted on. Wendy's mind still checking her out.. “Very nice ass”

“Like what you see?”

“Yes I do”

“Thank you Wendy....Ok, your turn”

Wendy slowly walked toward Sara until she was standing very close. Sara's jutting nipples only inches from the front of Wendy's pink robe. “May I touch them?” Sara nodded her head up and down and Wendy reached out with her hands. “But not yet” Sara responded as she pointed down the hall. “Bathroom”

Wendy's voice was playful, “Oh come on Sara, just an itsy bitsy teenie weenie squeeze?”

“No.. once we start I don't want any interruptions”

“Sounds like you think this rematch is going to last awhile”

Sara's voice became just a little deeper and quieter, “I hope so”

“All right. You win. But when I get back, I am going to win.”

“We'll see. Now hurry.” Wendy walked past Sara giggling as she pretended to reach out and grab Sara's left tit while Sara laughed and jumped out of the way. “Now hurry”

Wendy closed the bathroom door behind her, picked up her hair brush and began brushing out her fabulously long blonde hair. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she wondered if Sara was trying to make a pass at her. There was no doubt that Wendy was attracted to Sara, but Sara had a boyfriend, and so she had never pressed the issue with her. She laid the brush down and walked out of the bathroom toward the bedroom, hollering down the hall to Sara. “Stepping into the bedroom, be right out”. Wendy slipped off her robe letting it fall to the floor and glanced over at the mirror on her dresser. She was pleased with what she saw. She went and pulled open her panty drawer. “If Sara is making a pass at me, why not add a little fuel to the fire?” Quickly searching through her panties, she pulled out a pair of black crotch-less panties. That might be too much. “Oh, this will work” as she picked up a sheer white thong. She held it up and looked. Yes, you could see her hand very clearly through the sheerness of the nylon material. “Sara is going to freak out.” A minute later she was opening her bedroom door and there was Sara right in front of the door. She had removed her cutoffs displaying the black thong that she was wearing and was holding the bottle of baby oil in her hand. She passed checking Wendy out and felt that first little lustful twinge in her pussy. She sighed as she spoke to Wendy, “It will be sexier in the bedroom Wendy”

Wendy was more than willing to play along as she backed up toward the bed, her eyes moving to Sara's hard nipples, “I am going to enjoy this Sara.”

Stopping just a few inches before their large tits touched, Sara whispered, “Me too”

Wendy reached out her hands towards Sara's tits. She really wanted to feel them.

“Not yet Wendy” Sara said as she flipped the lid on the bottle of baby oil.

“Wait Sara. There is something I must know. Just a sec, let me get a pencil.” Ten seconds later she was back. “Place this under your tit.”


“Right under your tit, where your tit meets your rib-cage, Here, I'll show you. It's like this” Wendy placed the pencil under her tit. “See? And then you let it go” The pencil immediately fell to the floor. Wendy bent down and picked it up and handed it to Sara.

“What is this for?”

“Damn Sara, please?”

Sara placed the pencil under her tit as Wendy had done and it fell to the floor just as soon as she let it go. Wendy smiled. She knew Sara could pass the pencil test. She just had to see it. She needed proof and now she had it. “With most girls the pencil stays in place. Only girls like us who are really really firm can pass the pencil test”

“Good, I got an A?”

“You got a perfect score Sara. Now lets get on with the rematch” Wendy smiled as Sara squeezed the baby oil on Wendy's large tits. The oil streamed from the bottle splashing on Wendy's smooth skin. “I love your big tits Wendy” as she moved the bottle back and forth hosing down Wendy's tits until the oil was dripping off her nipples and running down her tummy, pooling in her navel. She then handed the bottle to Wendy and watched as Wendy doused her own big tits. Squirt after squirt, until it was also running all they way down Sara's flat tummy. Then looking at Wendy she whispered “Let's feel them” That was all the invitation Wendy needed as she placed her fingers on Sara's tits. “Oh yeah, that feels good” Sara spoke softly as she moved her delicate fingers to Wendy's over-sized tits.

“Your fingers feel really nice Sara”

“Yours too”

Both women began squeezing each other. It was a gentle squeeze.

“Damn Wendy, they are so firm”

“Yours too Sara. Very firm”

“So fucking firm”

“Yes, so fucking firm”

For the next five minutes they squeezed and lifted each others tits. Sara and Wendy could easily tell that the firmness and density of their tits were practically the same. Each one wondering whose tits were the firmest. . . . The most dense. . . They were comparing. Wendy was comparing Sara's tits to hers. Sure, she had checked out others girls tits before. She had sure squeezed, licked and sucked on several pairs of tits before, but this was different. Wendy had this strange desire for her tits to be better than Sara's. It was important. She had to be better. ... Firmer. ... Denser... And although she did not know it yet, Sara was feeling and thinking the same.

Both girls were now breathing a little deeper and a little quicker as they were now concentrating their attention on each others hard nipples. Rolling. Pinching. Twisting. Pulling. Tugging. As a few more minutes went by they began to pull and tug and twist a little harder which emitted moans from both women.

Their eyes had been transfixed on each others tits and nipples until Wendy spoke. “It's time for the jousting”

“I don't want to joust. I want to play with your tits”

“God Sara. I want to play with yours”

For the next several minutes their hands and fingers were really feeling each other up as they begin to moan more and more. Almost always, in fact, one hundred percent of the time both Wendy and Sara knew that they had firmer tits than the one they were with. But not today. Neither could tell. Each of their hands and fingers were feeling up the most firm and dense tits that either have ever felt. They were getting very turned on. Finally Sara whispered with her heavy breathing, “There is another way we can feel up each others tits”

Wendy moaned her response. “Mmm ok, how?”

“Which is more sensitive? Your fingers or your nipples? Your hands or your tits?”

“Sara, Oh, you nasty bitch”

“Feel my big tits with yours Wendy as I feel up your big tits with mine” They both looked down as they placed their long nipple shafts close together then slowly moved forward. It was something that their competitive nature had to do, before moving on to anything else. Since Sara was a half inch shorter than Wendy she had to lift her heels of her feet just a little so their nipples would line up side by side. Then Sara watched in awe as Wendy's nipples touched her areolas, She was about an eighth of an inch short before pressing in until their areolas touched. “Oh God Wendy”. Both pair of eyes were locked on their nipples. Sara had such very long stiff nipples. Longer than any girls that she had been with. Usually a lot longer. But she was in awe of Wendy's stiff points which were absolutely incredibly long.

“Nnnnnnn Sara” Wendy gasped as they held their oily areolas together for a few seconds. She then pulled back so only their nipples were touching, her long stiff shafts laying next to Sara's lengthy hard cylinders. Then they both moved to their right and felt a little pressure on their nipples before the baby oil allowed them to slide apart. Then they moved to their left, again their long rods pressing together side by side for a couple of seconds before the slipper shafts slid around each other. “I love watching our nipples joust”

“Me too Wendy. Love it Love it Love it”

They both began moving back and forth, their nipples matching each other side by side, throbbing shaft to throbbing shaft and pressing together, only to slip past each other. This little jousting game went on for the next five minutes. Sliding. Slipping. Back and forth. Again and again. Over and over. Wendy felt a twinge in her cunt. She was getting turned on. Flicking. Sliding. Back and forth. Finally, as the oil began to be absorbed into their skin, the nipples locked up side by side pressing. As they watched, both girls wanted to see her nipples bend the others. Moving just a bit more and both pairs of hardened nipples began to bend at the point where they were connected to their areolas. The nipples stayed stiff. They remained absolutely straight, but they were bending where they connected to their tits. They moved more and more until each nipple was about a 45 degree angle, then they sprang apart. Wendy and Sara moaned together. Keeping their eyes on their private little nipple war, they both whispered together, “Again” . And once again they began moving for side to side, watching as their hard nipples would slip past each other, over and over until once again they held their place and began bending from their areolas. Further and further, Wendy and Sara feeling the pressure as if they each had fingers on each others nipples and were tugging them to the side. Again they moaned together when their ridged points finally flicked past each other and once again Wendy felt a twinge in her pussy. She was turned on, and, guessing from Sara's reaction, she knew that Sara was also beginning to get turned on.

For the next ten minutes they crossed their elongated stiff points against each other. Wendy's pussy was wet. Sara's pussy was wet. Their eyes never leaving the sexy pushing and bending that was going on before them. Then Wendy moved her nipples under Sara's until she felt the tips touching against the underside of Sara's areolas and then moved up watching as Sara's nipples began to bend upward. The almost one inch length of Sara's nipples remained stiff, bending only where it was connected to her tit-flesh Upward and upward until Wendy's rock hard nipple sprang past Sara's. Wendy moaned as she could feel the wetness building in her pussy. Then Wendy moved her nipples straight down and watched as her inch long nipples bent up as Sara's was bending down until they sprang apart. This up and down flicking of their nipples went on for several minutes until Sara lost her balance and her nipple pushed hard against Wendy's areola which caused Wendy's stiff points to press hard against Sara's nipple areola. Then, as they still had their eyes locked on their nipples, something strange happened. Something that neither had ever seen before. As they slowly pulled apart, the tips of Wendy's dime width nipples looked as if it were stuck to Sara's skin. They finally freed themselves with a quiet little “pop”. “What was that?” Sara gasped.

Wendy breathed heavily “I don't know”

“Do it again”

“I don't know what I just did”

Sara placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders and pulled them together so once again their nipples were pushing against each others areolas. She moved slightly into Wendy as she pulled Wendy closer until about half of their extended nipples were pushed back inside their own tits. Wendy was trembling. Sara was panting. Then Sara moved back and once again the tips of Wendy's nipples were stuck. They watched as Wendy's nipples began to pull themselves out from her tits, stretching, until they once again let go with a little “pop.” “God Wendy! I think your nipples are trying to suck. Lets line em up.” The baby oil was pretty much gone by now as Sara moved her dime wide nipple points to Wendy's and leaned forward, watching their wide tips flare out just a bit, then she pushed in, watching as the combined, almost two inch length of throbbing nipples began to disappear until only about an inch was visible. They just stood there, being ever so careful to keep their nipple points together. Sara felt it. It was not much. It was light. But she felt it. Wendy's nipple was sucking at hers. Sara had had her nipples licked and sucked dozens of times and although this was a very light suction, she could feel it. Wendy felt it to. Little moans were escaping their lips as their eyes were glued to the scene before them. They held their nipples together for almost a minute before Sara began to pull away. She and Wendy watched as the full length of their nipples slowly came into view. More and more. Until they began to pull out from their areolas. There was a gentle pulling. A slight tugging. Then the little “pop” “Fuck..... Wendy... God how do you do that?”

“I don't know........ but it is making me sooooo fucking hot.”

“Me too”

“I am wet Sara. My pussy is soooooo fucking wet. I can feel my juices soaking my panties”

“Mmmmm, Wendy you are so fucking hot”... Sara whispered “Will you do something for me?” Wendy just continued to moan. “Will you fuck my nipples with yours?” Wendy just moaned as Sara, her hands still on Wendy's shoulders, lined up their nipple points again and pushed them together. Deeper this time. Until only about a half inch of the entire length of their massive nipples were visible. Then Sara pulled back until most of their nipple length was visible. Then she pulled Wendy to her again, then pushed back, then pulled, then pushed as their own nipples pushed the others back inside each others areolas. Again and again. “Look Wendy. We're nipple fucking”

Wendy was delirious with pleasure and all she could do was moan as she placed her hands on Sara's shoulders and began to push and pull against her. With each thrust more of their nipples were being pushed back into their tits until their areolas were touching with each nipple thrust. On and on for the next few minutes they continued this lewd nipple fuck. Working in a perfect rhythm. Push. Push. Push. Finally their areolas were disappearing with each forward thrust. The entire rock hard length of their nipples were buried deeply in each others tits with each thrust. Their firm tits meeting just enough to hide their two inch wide areolas. Panting. Heaving. Moaning. Then Wendy felt it. A burning sensation in her nipples. She gasped, her nipples were on fire and her pussy began to contract. She threw her head back, her long blonde hair swaying in the air as her pussy spasmed again. Then again. Then she had a hot flash that began at the tips of her nipples, down the hard shafts, into her massive tits, and down to her swollen clit. She pulled Sara into her, their tits slightly mushrooming together as she began to tremble. Her huge tits quivered against Sara's huge tits. Then it happened. She felt her nipple expand. Her big tits tightened up against Sara's. Then that final deep spasm. She felt it from her nipples, flowing deeply into her dense tits, then down to her pussy. Wendy was going to cum. She practically yanked Sara, pulling her tight, feeling their incredibly dense tits straining together. “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!!!” It was a hard spasm. Their locked tits shook together. “I'm Cummmmmmming. I'm Cummming Sara!!!” It was Wendy's first nipple orgasm.

Sara held Wendy tight as she too could feel their unyielding massive tits mashed tightly together. Sara could feel the firmness. The density. Oh god, she wanted to cum with Wendy, but she was not quiet there. She desperately wanted to stroke her clit but couldn't. Sara had other plans for Wendy on this night. She just held on as Wendy had spasm after spasm which lasted for almost a minute. Wendy finally came down from her orgasm, breathing deeply as she pulled back from Sara, removing the pressure between their huge tits. “God that was soooooooooo good”

“You just came.... Damn Wendy... How did that happen?”

Wendy was still panting.. “God Sara. I don't know. It just happened”

“Have you done that before?” Sara was still breathing deeply, her pussy on fire.

“No......... never....... ever” Wendy gasped between words. They just stood there, pressing against each other just enough to make their areolas invisible. Their tits rising and falling with their heavy breathing. Finally Sara moved back, once again Wendy's nipples were secured to Sara's but with a slight stretch and a gentle “pop” they sprang apart.

“Wendy!! What the fuck is that?” Sara exclaimed as she looked down to their nipples. She thought that Wendy's nipples were slightly bigger than before. Did the orgasm do that to her? “What is it?” She was referring to a thin thread-like string connecting the tips of their nipples. It wasn't much but it was there. She could see it. And Wendy could see it to. “Did your nipples cum?....... is that possible?”

“I don't know Sara” Wendy was still mostly out of it. The warm afterglow of her orgasm washing through her body. Sara backed up more watching the tiny thin string stretch a little more until it was as thin as a spider-web before it snapped.

“God Wendy, that was fucking awesome! Just fucking awesome” They stared at each other for another minute, the front of their heavy tits almost touching. Finally Sara spoke again. “I think you won” They both let out a girly giggle.

“Yeah, I guess so”

“You know Wendy, there are other competitions that go on”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you obviously know about the Nipple Wars but there are other girl to girl competitions that go on.”

Their breathing was almost back to normal. “Like what”

“Well. It's called titfighting. But I guess you could call it... Tit Wars”

“What is that?”

“Well Wendy, it's kinda like nipple wars only with your tits.”

“Tell me more”

“You just push 'em together until someone wins”

“Sounds like fun Sara... but how does that work? How do you win?”

“It's mostly about size and firmness. You just mash 'em together until one pair of tits overwhelms the other pair, or until one of you can't take the pressure anymore. …. It's called 'busting' your opponent”

“You mash your tits together until it hurts?”

“Yeah. Of course if your tits are firmer and its obvious that you are overwhelming her tits, you know, like deforming their shape, ballooning them up. That kind of thing. Then sometimes, If both girls are pretty much equal, and you can't determine a winner by mashing and grinding them together, then the tit slapping begins.”

Wendy's eyes widened “You slap each others tits? That could hurt”

“No, its not like that. You just push and shove tit to tit, and then sometimes, like I said, if the tits are equal, you have to place your hands on each others shoulders or around each others waists and slap em together. Haven't you ever slapped tits with another girl? I mean, surely during sex you have slapped em together'”

“Maybe a few times, by accident. I call it 'bouncing' titties”

“Well, it's the same thing, only its intentional.” Sara grinned and continued, “And I am the Tit Queen”


“Un huh”

“That's because you have no competition.” Wendy reached down and placed her open hands on Sara's large rack and squeezed. “Your tits are amazing Sara. No wonder you are the Tit Queen” she smiled.

'”Wendy?” Sara purred

“Yes?” Wendy purred back

“I have always dreamed about matching my tits with an equal pair. Now I know your tits are a bit bigger.....”

Wendy interrupted her, “Barely”

“Yes, by half a cup size, as we know”

Wendy nodding as Sara continued, “But I know that my tits are deep and firm”

“So are mine” As Wendy began squeezing her own dense tits

“Yes they are. That is why I want to titfight you. Pressing and mashing and even slapping or as you said earlier, bouncing them together.”

“Sounds sexy. Even a little kinky. How do we begin?”

Sara put her arms around Wendy's waist, “Put your arms around my waist like this. And then we push together like this” Sara leaned into Wendy, pulling her closer until their tits began to swell up against each other. “God Wendy, you are so fucking firm”

“You are too” Wendy gasped at the tit to tit contact as she pulled Sara even closer. “God your tits are firm”. Luscious heavy tits bulged against equally heavy tits as they gasped together, their tummies and navels still about a foot apart as they began to push into each other.... big tits against big tits along the clearly visible line of erotic contact, their thick long nipples pushed tip to tip deep inside the vastness that was their merged tits.

Sara wanted to keep things simple with Wendy, knowing Wendy did not know all the titfight moves. Sara knew how to 'box' with her heavy tits... lefts and rights... rights and lefts …..She knew how to thrust up and how to thrust down. Sara was an experienced tit-fighter.. she pulled back from Wendy until the front of their nipples were barely touching ….... then pulled Wendy in, their tits expanding a little with the light compression..... then again... Push in.... pull back …... push in …. pull back ….They were pushing in a couple of inches each time... just enough to make their areolas disappear. In and out ….. Push …. Push … Hot skin to hot skin. For the next five minutes they pushed together and pulled back... each time they pushed together their areolas disappeared from view under their incredible tit-flesh.. and each time they pulled apart you could barely see the outer edges of those hot sticky areolas. Push … Push … Wendy was getting wet again. Her nipple / clit connection was lit up... Sara was also getting wet again.... And Wendy noticed.

“Does this turn you on Sara?..... mashing our big tits together?.... hmmmm?” Push …. push ….. push …. their rhythm was perfect.. it was as if their tits were locked in to the same metronome …. beating in their minds … push..... push ….. push....

“Oh God Wendy …. Fucking love your tits.... can you feel our hard nipples pushing together ?”

“Love your nipples Sara... sooooooooo big and hard …. I can feel them against mine …. fucking love your nipples.”

As the steady rhythmic pushing continued they looked down together to see those four amazing tits pushing together with each thrust..... and they began to moan together.... “I want to feel more of you Wendy”, Sara gasped as she pushed a little deeper into Wendy's huge tits with her own huge tits.

“Yessss.... more ….. I want my big fucking tits to touch more of your big fucking tits”

“Unnnnnn” Wendy moaned as she felt her tits pushing harder against Sara's tits.

“Ohhhh Wendy …..... Yesssssssssss ….. bounce them with mine”

They were still pulling back as far as they had before..... just enough to get a glimpse of the very outer edges of their burning sticky areolas …. but they were pushing deeper against each other,.... their rock hard lengthy nipples being forced back into their dense tit meat... again and again ….. over and over ….. push … push …. push.... For the next five minutes they mashed those heavy firm dense tits together …. again and again.... but in spite of their pushing and shoving … those four incredibly large firm toned tits held their shape. Yes, they were mushrooming a little at the top and a little at the sides .. but the firmness was holding. Wendy and Sara had unbelievable tits.

Sara was beginning to feel something in her nipples that she had never felt before. It was hot ….. burning …. It felt like the tips of her nipples.... at her milk holes ...were on fire. Wendy's nipples were burning too... the heat radiating from the tips of her massive nipples through her tits.... Hot ….. Steaming ….. Burning.

Each time their huge tits pushed together, Wendy and Sara would moan together. The sounds escaping their lips in sync with their pushing.... 'ahhhh' …. 'unnnn' …'ahhh' …. Wendy wanted more... She needed more …. her panties were soaked ….. she was withering with pleasure ….. Sara could feel her sweet hot pussy juices saturating her thong …... and she felt an orgasm building …. Wendy was feeling her orgasm building …. they wanted more.

“Ohh Fuck Wendy!”

“Yesssssss Sara.... Fuck me with your big fucking tits!!”

“Tit fuck me Wendy!!!”

They were so lost in the ecstasy of the moment that neither of them realized that they were pulling a little further apart with each thrust of their tits. Those amazing nipples were now showing each time they pulled back from each other. More and more of the incredible length of those hard shafts visible with each push and pull.... Until they separated. The two hot bitches were not even aware until they separation was enough to create a light slapping sound.

“Harder Sara!!! Fuck my tits harder!!!” Wendy's cunt was soaked … so full of wetness …. so full of sweet pussy nectar.

Sara moved her hands from Wendy's waist to her shoulders and grabbed the top of Wendy's shoulders tightly. Wendy followed Sara's lead as they pushed each other away.... panting..... their eyes locked …. “Let's do it Wendy …. Let's titfuck!!!” Sara was trembling as her cunt spasmed …. hard. … as her sweet pussy twitched .. hard.

“You want to titfuck you nasty bitch? …. I'll show you some titfucking!!!”

At the exact moment both hot sluts extended their arms.... moving each other as far back as they could... then Wendy and Sara hurled those big heavy firm tits at each other…. Smack …. Smack …. Smack.

“I'm gonna bust you Wendy, you fucking whore!!”

Smack ….Smack …. Smack ….Smack …. Smack

“You're the one who is gonna get busted, you filthy slut!!” ….Smack …. Smack …. Again and again … Smack …. Smack ….Smack …. Smack …. Sometimes their swollen nipples would hit tip to tip... sometimes those long lustful shafts would drill into each others areolas …. Smack …. Smack ….Smack …. Smack

Those four massive tits were bouncing off of each other... still thrusting straight out toward each other every time they pulled away... then crushing together... mushrooming as much as the firmness and density would allow... Smack …. Smack ….Smack …. Smack …. Those two juicy cunts twitching again and again .. one hard contraction after another.. each contraction lasting longer than the previous contraction.

'”Ahhhhhh Wendy … you fucking whore!!!!” Sara screamed as she jerked Wendy's tits into hers as hard as she could....... and then she kept them pressed tightly to Wendy's huge rack.

“God Sara'' … Wendy panted as they slowly separated. “Again”

They hurled those big tits together again... SMACK.... then kept them pressed together as tightly as they could for ten seconds... their nipples on fire... their clits so fucking swollen ... Then they did it again... SMACK …. Wendy was going to have another orgasm. She felt the wetness oozing from the tips of her nipples.... Sara felt it to.... wetness ….at the tips of her nipples … their cunts flowing with each deep contraction .. they pulled apart one last time.... throwing their heads back, their hair flying in the air... and yanked each other together one final time ….. hard ... SMACK .... They held themselves against each other as tight as they could. Four massive tits quivering... Nipples vibrating against each other …. Hands leaving each others shoulders as they wrapped their arms around each other and hugged as tight as they could …... keeping the pressure on each others tits …. keeping them mashed together ….. gasping for air. .. their pussys clinching and twitching … their vagina's opening and closing … as if they were trying to suck ...

“I am going to Cummm Sara!!!!”

“So am I Wendy!!!!”

They each inhaled one last deep gulp of air.... pushing their tits sooooooo deeply together.... mating them together … cementing those four huge tits and those four twitching nipples... and then Wendy and Sara held on as the earthquake began. Those four huge heavy tits shook together … their cunts spasmed .. twitched … and gushed … they locked their eyes together and screamed at each other …

“Cummmmmmming!!!!” Wendy cried out ….. “Cummmmming!!” Sara gasped and panted.....

“Oh God”

“Oh Fuck”

Their four huge tits quivered and spasmed against each other for another minute as they hugged each other tightly, moaning and gasping for air.... as they slowly backed away from each other their eyes drifted down to the unbelievable sight of their heavy tits slowly and methodically separating. Their hot sticky tits slowly peeled apart … inch by inch... as if those massive tits had been glued together.... the tight skin tugging and peeling ….. It was like tugging and pulling a strip of scotch tape away..... inch by inch. Those fabulously huge swollen round globes reforming their full natural shape … having never lost the fullness.... having never lost the firmness... Their puckered areolas slowly came into view … Wendy's dark pink …. Sara's coffee-brown …. the sticky skin peeling apart. .. their eyes witnessing this amazing separation … the tips of their nipples now visible ….still tip to tip … still twitching …. as if they were hungry … More and more of their nipples … those hardened spikes … those rigid cylinders .. more and more … and more … and more... until they knew that something had happened … Had their nipples grown? … Had those incredible points of pleasure swelled to even more mammoth proportions? .. With wide open eyes, Wendy and Sara were transfixed on what was happening between those four big tits. They continued to lean back …. ever so very slowly... ever so deliberately … their lengthy nipples extending more and more until both Wendy and Sara felt the pulling on the front of their tits.... It was the same feeling they had so often felt before … the feeling of fingers tugging and pulling on those nipples ….

Sara whispered first … “What is happening?” The base of her nipples was being pulled from her areolas … tugging her areolas out.

“Oh Sara,” Wendy whispered back … “I think we are stuck”


Neither girl had ever .. not ever .. seen this phenomenon before . They had no knowledge of this ever happening before .. More and more pulling … tugging … then there was this little 'pop' .. and the tips of their nipples 'popped' apart .. the front of their tits springing back to their natural shape … “Damn,” Wendy panted as she saw the two thin clear silk-like strands of wetness that began at the tips of Wendy's nipples and ended at the tips of Sara's nipples. They froze as they looked at the unusual sight before their eyes. ... This was the wetness they had felt when their big tits had been mushroomed together.

“Damn Wendy.” They leaned back a little more ….. the thin thread stretching more and more until their nipples were two inches apart. .. Then leaning back just a bit more, the thread broke .. leaving a tiny thin thread of wetness dangling in the air from all four nipples … Sara had to know what it was .. She bent her upper body forward and quickly moved her mouth to Wendy's right nipple, extending her long wet tongue and licked up the still dangling wet thread.

“Mmmmm Sara.”

The taste was sweet. Was it nipple cum? Was it something else? Sara's lips closed around Wendy's hard nipple and sucked it deep into her mouth... deeper and deeper .. pulling most of Wendy's areola into her mouth as she sucked the hard nipple deeper and deeper ….. It was like sucking a little dick … She pulled her head back slowly, keeping the tight suction on Wendy's hard nipple …... listening to the Wendy's soft moans of pleasure …. until the nipple popped out from between her lips. She raised back up, licking her lips and smiling. “I think I had my first nipple orgasm”

“I think so too” … she thought for a moment .. it was something she had read on the internet .. on one of those lesbian blogs .. now she remembered and began quoting it to Sara. … “If two women are touching at the nipples and/or touching together with their tits, with their nipples hidden from view but still touching, and if one or both have an orgasm, with neither of the two women touching or stimulating their pussys in any way or, if their nipples are being touched, stroked, kissed, licked or sucked with absolutely no touching or stimulation of their pussys, in any manner whatsoever, then the aforementioned orgasm is considered a nipple orgasm and is hereby and duly noted as an official and legal nipple orgasm”.... “So, Sara, I guess that means you just had an official and legal nipple orgasm”

Sara giggled.. “Where in the hell did that come from?”

“Something I read on the internet”

“Sounds like something a lawyer would write”

“I know” They both laughed. “Actually, as I remember, I think it was a law student who posted it”

“Do you remember who it was?”

Wendy shrugged, “No... been a year or so, I think it may have been a woman… seems like the name began with a 'J'.”

Sara had, indeed, 'officially' experienced her first nipple orgasm … Wendy, her second.

“Wendy?” Sara spoke softly with her playful voice.


“There are other competitions”

“More competitions? … like what?” ….Wendy was curious.

“Well, I guess.. well... you see... well... I guess you could call it... pussy wars”

Wendy's eyes blinked. “What?”

“It's not really called pussy wars. I was just trying to relate it to the nipple wars competition.”

“If it's not called 'pussy wars' then what's it called Sara”?

Sara whispered, “Sexfighting”

“Oh, I'm not too much on fighting. I had a couple of catfights in high school, but that's not my thing”

“No no Wendy, It's not really fighting”

“Then why is it called sexfighting?”

“Damn Wendy” (Wendy could tell that Sara was a little nervous about this) That's just what they call it. Ok?”

“ Yes, ok. ok. Take a deep breath. Relax. Ok, it's called sexfighting. Tell me more about it”

“How do I say this?”

“Dammit Sara, just spit it out”

“Ok Wendy.. ok. It is competitive...... competitive......”


“Fucking! Its competitive fucking!” Sara blurted out.

Wendy stepped a little closer to Sara so that they were almost touching. “Competitive fucking?”



“It's competitive fucking. That is what it is.”

“I don't understand the concept Sara”

“You fuck until someone cums first. The one who cums first loses the match”

“But Sara, cumming is a good thing. Isn't that the point of fucking? Pleasure?”

“Yes, of course”

“Then why would you be the loser if you cum? If I am fucking then I would think that cumming is a good thing. A wonderful thing.”

Sara leaned into Wendy so that her nipples was brushing against Wendy's. “It's competitive Wendy. If you make your opponent cum first, then you are proving that you are sexually superior. You are better at fucking than your opponent, cause you made her cum before you came.”

Wendy placed her hands on Sara's shoulders as she looked into her brown eyes. “Sooo, the objective is to out-fuck the one you are with, to prove that you are better at fucking”

“You got it. It's like... like.. you are proving that you can dominate and out fuck your partner.”

Wendy moved her hands around Sara's back and pulled her closer. She could feel Sara's big tits pressing against hers once again “And what are the rules?”

Sara licked her lips and whispered, “There are no rules. You just fuck”

“With kissing and touching and licking and sucking and everything?”

“Yes Wendy. We can kiss and lick and suck”

“And the one who cums first loses the match. Because her partner is better at fucking than she is?”

“Yes” Sara pulled Wendy into her tightly, feeling Wendy's big tits pressing against hers through the t-shirt and robe. “These competitions are usually decided by scissoring.”

“Mmmm ok”

“You do know what scissoring is, don't you Wendy”

Wendy leaned forward and pressed her lips gently against Sara's and whispered, her lips moving against Sara's as she spoke, “It's when we rub our pussies together”

Sara moaned, her lips still slightly touching Wendy's. “Do you want to rub your pussy against my pussy?”

“Yes I do Sara' I want to push my wet pussy into yours” Wendy's lips moving against Sara's as she whispered. “I want to fuck your wet cunt with my wet cunt”

“Mmmmmmm” Sara moaned as she licked Wendy's lips with her wet tongue. “Fuck me Wendy”

Wendy extended her tongue and swiped it across Sara's tongue and then their lips sealed into a long deep tongue kiss. Their mouths locked and closed on one another, their wet tongues dancing inside. Swirling together. …. Flicking. ... Swishing. .. The kiss must have lasted several minutes before they finally pulled their open mouths apart, their lips wet from the kiss. She then pushed Sara back on the bed. “ Sara, … I want to fuck you”

Sara sat up on the bed, on her knees, facing Wendy …. “Oh Wendy, …. I want to fuck you too ... you hot bitch”

Wendy licked her lips and she pulled her sheer thong down over her perfect hips and down her thighs, bending over to slide them past her knees, then standing back up she kicked them off , leaving her naked in front of Sara. Sara gasped as she took in Wendy's beauty. Her flawless face, the full pouty lips, her lovely long blonde hair, the biggest pair of tits she had ever seen, and those legendary nipples. Gawd !! Sara's eyes drifted down to Wendy's tight slim waist, and, “Oh my Wendy. Your pussy is shaved”

“Uh huh” Wendy moved her left hand up to her left tit and began gently squeezing it as she licked her right hand fingers and slowly moved her right hand down her tummy, leaving a tiny trail of wetness, her nails slowly dragging across her flawless skin, down past her navel, finally reaching her pussy. Wendy had such a lovely pussy. Nice tight inner lips and outer lips that were just right. Not big and floppy, but not small either. They were just right. Just enough to be suckable. Wendy began sliding her fingers around her pussy lips as she stared at Sara. Teasing her. Taunting her.

Sara laid back down on her back as she watched Wendy. “Damn Wendy, I want to fuck you sooooo bad”. She lifted her ass up, slid her thumbs inside her black thong and slid them over her tight buttocks, pushing them down her thighs to below her knees and reaching down with her right hand, grabbing the waistband and pulling them off. Sara's pussy was shaved around her lips with a perfectly small little triangle of pubic hair just above her clit. “I am going to make you cum so fucking hard you slutty whore.”

“Mmmmm” Wendy whispered, “I am a slutty whore”.

Sara pushed herself up on her knees, shaking out her thick raven black hair. Her big tits felt so swollen..... Her hard long nipples throbbing. …. “Ohhh yesss Wendy. You are such a slutty whore” Sara moved her fingers to her nipples, pinching them very hard as she watched Wendy slowly begin to slide her middle finger in and out of her pussy. “You are so fucking hot Wendy”

“I'm a fucking hot dirty filthy slutty whore”

Sara continued to pinch and twist and roll her hard thrusting nipples as she watched Wendy insert her middle finger into her wet cunt and begin wiggling her finger around in a small circle inside her vagina. Sara moved her right hand to her mouth and sucked her two middle fingers into her mouth coating them with her saliva then slowly pulling her fingers out of her mouth, a thin spider-web thread of her spit extending from her lower lip to her fingers. “Does it feel good finger fucking your pussy?”

“Ahhh yes. It feels very good”

Sara quickly placed her hand on her pussy, cupping it, squeezing it, before she inserted her two wet middle fingers inside her damp fuck hole. “Ooooooh”

They looked into each others eyes as they fingered their hot cunts. Fingers moving in and out, reaching as deep as their fingers would go with each thrust. Over and over. In and out. In and out. Minutes passed as they stared at each other, their eyes occasionally glancing down to each others thrusting fingers.

“I hear pussy music” Sara gasped

With their fingers constantly thrusting in and out of their wet cunts Wendy asked with a whisper, “What is pussy music?”

“Can't you hear it? Can't you hear those soft sweet little squishy voices coming from your pussy?”

Wendy listened as her fingers worked a little quicker, penetrating deep inside her steamy pussy with each thrust. “Un huh. I can hear the squishing. My pussy gets so fucking wet.”

“Un huh, pussy music.”

“Do you get really wet too Sara”? Wendy was now breathing a little deeper as she finger fucked her cunt.

“Very.. I get very wet. Especially when I come.”

Wendy gasped back at Sara. “Oh God Sara, me too. Sometimes I really gush when I cum”

Sara's tight pussy was now making it's own pussy music as her fingers worked in a quicker rhythm. In and out. In and out.

“Mmm you gush when you cum. Gawd I love that. Sometimes I gush a lot.”

Wendy was breathing a little faster now. “Like squirting?”

“Sometimes... I have had that happen sometimes.”

“Damn Sara... me too. Sometimes it's like a fucking fountain”

The two women breathed deeper and heavier as Sara gasped “I think the volume of our pussy music is going to get turned up.”

“Oh yeah, the squishing and slurping is going to be louder.”

Their fingers continued their deep drilling of their soaking pussies, Sara whispering between deep breaths. “Have you ever fucked someone who squirts?”

“ Un un.... no.... not yet... have you?”

“No, me either but I would love to feel your hot pussy squirting and contracting and twitching against mine. I really want to feel your cum squirting into my pussy, filling me up”

“Oh my god Sara, I have never felt that either. Ohhhhhh that would be so heavenly to feel your hot cum gushing and squirting and completely filling up my vagina as my cunt sucks it all in....... Oh Fuck Yesssssssss”



“I can finger fuck better than you can Wendy”

“No one finger fucks as good as I do Sara”

“ Prove it you dirty whore. Prove to me that you can finger fuck better than me”

With their eyes still locked they simultaneously pulled their wet fingers out of their juicy cunts. Wendy kept her two middle fingers together as she brought them to her lips, then slowly parted her fingers, a string of pussy juice stretching between them. She extended her tongue and licked the string, pulling it into her mouth. “Mmmmm, so very sweet”

Sara had already parted her fingers as brought them to her mouth and sucked her fingers inside, swirling her tongue around her fingers. Tasting her cunt juice. Wendy strutted around to the side of the bed placing one knee and then the other on the bed and scooting up close to Sara, their heavy tits inches apart. Without a word spoken between them they each moved their right hands to the others cunt, pressing the heel of their hands on each others clit, and then moving the heel of their hands sideways, back and forth. Left to right. Slowly. With just the right amount of pressure. Both women gasped as they pushed their two middle fingers all the way in, as far as they could reach at the same time.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Sara, you hot bitch”

“Mmmm Wendy”

Their tits were so close, their long hard nipples were only an inch apart. Their fingers continuing to create pussy music as they squished in and out of each others wet cunt holes. In and out,.... over and over ….. until Wendy reached as far as she could deep inside Sara's pussy then kept them there. Then she spread her fingers apart, their fingers swirling them around deep inside Sara's cunt. Around and around in little circles, pushing her fingers as far apart as she could. Swirling. Circles. Squishing.

“Wendy...... Unnn... Oh... you dirty slut... Unnnnnnn..

Sara was now doing the same thing with her fingers as Wendy was doing with her fingers. Keeping them buried deep inside Wendy's pussy. …. Turning. …. Twisting. Their cunts were really wet. The juices flowing out around their twisting turning fingers.
The heels of their hands rubbing back and forth on each others hard clits..... Left to right ….. back and forth ….. Pressing …. Rubbing.

Wendy was getting close to cumming...

Sara was pushing harder against Wendy's swollen clit with the heal of her hand. Rubbing. Pressing. Wendy was moving the heel of her hand up and down and around and around and back and forth against Sara's hot clit. Sara was getting close to cumming. Wendy was getting close to cumming. Too close. Sara also knew that she was approaching orgasm rather quickly. Too close.

As if they could read each others minds, Wendy and Sara, at the same time, slid their fingers out of each others cunts and began to rub each others clits, Up and down. Up and down. Rubbing. Pushing their fingers harder and harder against the swollen clits. Faster. Rubbing. Pressing. Up and down. Up and down. Wendy and Sara were gasping'

“You want to cum don't you Sara?”

“You slutty whore..... You are so fucking close to cumming, aren't you Wendy?”



Both their hands were a blur as they stroked each others clit, drifting toward orgasm. Gasping and moaning.....

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Sara.... FUCK”


Sara felt her body about to crest. She had to do something.... or she was going to cum. Wendy was wavering on the edge. She was about to cum. Something had to happen or someone was going to lose.

“Bitch!” Sara gasped as she reached down and grabbed Wendy's hand, pulling it away from her wet pussy as she removed her own fingers from Wendy's dripping cunt. “Bitch!” she gasped again.

“Whats the matter?”.... Wendy was also gasping … “Can't handle it?” Wendy and Sara stared at each other for a moment then Wendy reached out with her hands, placing them on Sara's shoulders and pushed her back, causing Sara to quickly spread her legs as she landed on her back.

“I can more than handle anything you got .. you dirty bitch!” Sara moaned as she looked up at Wendy.

“I bet you can't handle this, you slutty whore!” Wendy gasped as she quickly lowered herself down, her face moving between Sara's legs. When her mouth was a few inches away from Sara's soaked cunt, Wendy inhaled and then blew the hot air on Sara's pussy.

“Mmmmm” Sara moaned as she felt Wendy's lips on her pussy. Kissing. Soft little closed mouth kisses... and then she felt the wetness of Wendy's tongue .. licking .. from the bottom of her slit all the way up .. stopping just short of Sara's throbbing clit. Then back down .. her tongue reaching inside of Sara's pussy lips this time. Slowly licking. Inch by inch … all the way down .. then up again … her tongue getting a little deeper with each upward and downward stroke of that incredibly long tongue. Up and down .. slowly … her tongue penetrating deeper and deeper with each long slow stroke. Sara reached down with her hands, grabbing Wendy's hair and tugging her face closer, forcing Wendy's tongue deeper and deeper. “Ahhhhhh” Sara gasped. ... Up and down ....licking …. stroking …. slowly … tasting … up .. down .. up … down … “Nooooo!!” Sara whimpered as she tugged on Wendy's hair, pulling her face away. She kicked her legs up and rolled away. Panting … gasping .. then Sara got herself on all fours and crawled around Wendy, pushing her over on her back and then crawled on top of her, staring down at the most perfect .. wettest … juiciest pussy she had ever seen. With her knees on either side of Wendy she lowered herself down, her big tits touching Wendy's before sliding down to Wendy's tummy. Sara slid her hands under Wendy's perfect ass cheeks grabbing Wendy's buttocks tightly .. At the same time, Wendy had reached up with her hands, grabbing Sara's tight hard buttocks and pulled Sara's wet pink hole down toward her face, as Sara spread and stretched out her legs. Then the tongues touched each other. Wet tongue touching wet pussy … and the licking began. Up and down .. slowly … licking … their tongues furrowing between each others pussy lips... licking deeper and deeper .. up .. down .. up .. down ..

“Ohhhhhh God Sara! … You do that sooooooooooo fucking good !” Wendy moaned as she extended her long tongue and pushed it deep.... very deep... inside Sara's vagina. Reaching depths that no tongue had ever reached before inside Sara's wet hot pussy.

“Oh My God!!” Sara gasped, as she also pushed her tongue deeply into Wendy's sweet hot cunt. Their lips were tightly pressed against the opening of each others fuck holes as their tongues began moving in and out of each others cunts. They were tongue fucking. .. in and out … as their big tits mushroomed against each others tummies. Tongue fucking deeply … their tongues reaching … probing .... in .. out .. in .. out .. again and again … in .. out .. in .. out .. over and over... Their cunts were burning. It felt like their pussy juice was liquid fire as they stroked their tongues in and out .. in .. out .. in .. out .. Sara's body began to shake. Wendy was also beginning to tremble. As if they had planned it, at the exact time, the two hot bitches pulled their tongues out of each others dripping cunts. ... Moved their lips to each others hard clits … and sucked. … they sucked hard. .. their cheeks hollowing as they sucked as hard as they could on those one inch long clits. Sucking … slurping sounds … Gasping for air through their noses .. Wendy began to moan.... She was close to cumming .. Sara was gasping … she was close to cumming. … sucking … Hard sucking … Lips to clit … Deep sucking …

“Unnnnnnnnnn” Wendy moaned loudly, her lips still locked tightly to Sara's clit. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Wendy had reached the point of no return.. Her cunt spasmed hard. .. Very Hard ….. as her mouth came away from Sara's pussy ….. “Fuckkkkkkk!!!”

Shaking … trembling . Her pussy convulsed … hard … “Gonna Cummm!” Sara was still sucking hard .. pulling and tugging on Wendy's throbbing clit as Wendy reached her orgasm. “Cummmming.... Oh … Sara !! .. Cummming!” Sara sucked and sucked as Wendy's sweet cum gushed from her pussy... wetting Sara's lips and chin with her sweet nectar. Wendy was moaning with pleasure as she gasped for air, breathing quickly and deeply, her hot breath against Sara's pussy. “Ohhh Sara ...”

Sara rolled off Wendy onto her back.. her dense tits rising and falling on her chest... “And that … is how .. you sexfight ….. and .. I .. beat you.” Wendy continued to moan as she slowly began to come down from her orgasm, her big tits also rising and falling on her chest with each deep breath.

The two girls laid there for a few moments before Wendy finally spoke. “But... but you said the contest ended by scissoring.”

“I said that the competition 'usually' ends by scissoring.. It's the first one to cum who loses”

“Shit. Sooo. You won …”

Sara smiled, “Un huh”

“Let's have a do over”

Sara laughed .. “You can't have a do over. I out fucked you. ... I won”

Wendy re-positioned herself as she slid down the bed on her back...grabbing Sara's left calf and lifting her leg up as she scissored her own right leg under Sara's left leg. Wendy then moved her left leg over Sara's right leg and began to scoot on her ass … forward .. “Then lets do it again.... my pussy versus your pussy”

Sara began to scoot forward as she pushed her upper body up, her arms extended out to the side of her body. Wendy did the same. Their wet soaking cunts moving closer and closer together until their labia was only an inch apart. They could feel the heat from each other. Their hard clits already pulsing with desire. “Lets fuck Wendy”

“Yessssss ….. lets fuck Sara … lets fuck really good.” Wendy whispered as she moved forward, their wet lips touching... “Oooooooooh”

“Yessssssssss” Sara moaned as she pushed more … their outer lips spreading out, the hot wet flesh merging together... then they pushed all the way... until they could not get closer. … they lay there … loving the feeling of their most intimate parts pushed tightly together. And then the moving began. It was a gently rocking motion .. keeping their cunts locked tightly together.. they rocked .. they were grinding into each other .. sweet slurping sounds filled the room as their heated cunts squished together. .. rocking … slowly moving in a small tight circle against each other.. their pussy lips sliding together in their mixed wetness. Wendy and Sara were fucking. They were fucking real good.

“Oh Wendy.. your pussy is so fucking hot and wet”

“I can feel how wet you are too Sara”

The rocking began to speed up. A very slowly graduated increase in their rhythm. Rocking quicker … sliding those luscious lips together … then there were gasps. Loud gasps … as their hard swollen clits slid together... catching on each others length .. then sliding over each other... “God” …. “Ummmmmm”

Wendy and Sara began sliding those two wonderful hard clits back and forth across each other. Over and over … back and forth … sliding … squishing … pussy music filling the room.... Sara began a jerking motion with her hips … her hard clit rubbing up and down Wendy's hard clit.... faster … and faster … minute after minute … up and down .. clit fucking clit. Wendy fell to her back, grabbing Sara's left leg and pulling. Trying to get their cunts as tight as could be. Fucking … rocking harder and faster .. clit to clit. Sara dropped down to her back and grabbed Wendy's left leg pulling her. Wanting to pull Wendy's cunt inside hers... tighter... and tighter. Both of their hips were jerking as they rubbed hard throbbing clit against hard throbbing clit.. Then Sara began to quiver, her juices flooding out of her vagina. Wendy was also gushing her hot pussy juice as they felt their mixed fuck juices running down over their inner thighs.

Wendy's eyes rolled back … She could not contain her pleasure... Trembling. Quivering. Her big tits and nipples swollen to mammoth proportions … She began to moan... Sara was also on the verge of cumming. Her hard clit twitching with each and every breath she took. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooo!” Wendy screamed...

“Ahhhhhhhhh” Sara panted.

“Oh Fuck Yes” Wendy moaned deeply as her body convulsed. Hard deep contractions as her pussy gushed hard. “Cummmming Sara!” Wendy's body was out of control.. jerking … throbbing … convulsing. “Cummming!!”

Ten seconds later Sara joined her … “I'm Cummming Wendy!!!”

They shook together for the next twenty seconds as the wave of pleasure swept over ever inch of their bodies. ... It was wonderful. Sara whispered above their gasping, “And the score is … Sara two … Wendy nothing.”

“You bitch” … Wendy moaned... and then smiled... “Yeah... but what a way to lose” They both giggled and laughed.

The next night they had another sexfight. Sara won. The following night they fucked again. … and again Sara won .. This went on for ten nights in a row … but Wendy was learning more and more with each sexfight. By the fifth night, they had cum together, it was very late, so they called it a draw.... but over the next five nights .. Wendy won every time.. She was on her way to becoming the 'Mistress of Sexfighting'.

As the flashback slowly faded …. Wendy drifted back into the present.

Sara had just moved back home. They had chatted on the phone and through emails over the last week and Wendy was excited to see her friend again. She thought out-loud, “Damn Sara.. We had some wonderful times together eight years ago. Maybe we can pick up where we left off when we get together. I hope it's soon.”

Wendy once again looked at herself in the mirror “You are one hot dirty slutty fucking whore” she said to her mirror image as she stepped to the mirror, her hard nipple spikes touching their matching pair. “Why can't I find someone with nipples like yours?” she spoke to her mirror image as she pushed a little more into the mirror, her long nipples slowly disappearing from view. She leaned forward as her areolas also disappeared from view and her massive tits began to slowly mushroom … to a point. Her tits were just to fucking dense and firm to allow themselves to completely spread out against their mirror image. “Why can't I find someone with tits like you?”

Wendy reached down with her right hand and slowly began to finger her pussy that was wet from her flashback memory of Sara. Her left hand moved to her protruding clit as she began to stroke and pinch it's hardness. Her fingers moving faster and faster as she looked at the perfect woman in the mirror. “I want you. I want to fuck you. .. and I want you to fuck me … everyday … for the rest of my life” She dragged those huge tits back and forth and up and down against her twin in the mirror as she finger fucked her hot hole faster and deeper. Pinching and tugging and rubbing her hard clit she began to pant. “I will find you, you nasty slut.. I will find you someday ….” The waves of ecstasy rushed through her body as she began to cummm. Her vagina clutching and sucking at her fingers as her body trembled, her hot juices flowing down her inner thighs... and she felt the wetness in her nipples..

“God!” Wendy gasped. She kept herself plastered to the mirror for almost a minute before slowly moving back … first her areolas then her nipples coming into view, and as she leaned back just a little more, her nipples sucked their mirror images before popping loose .. leaving a wet spot on the mirror. Wendy touched the wet spot with the tips of her nipples and smeared it around the mirror as if she were painting with her nipples. “What a nice way to begin the day” she said to herself as she smiled at her twin in the mirror.

To be continued