By AngelDawn30

All the characters and their names in the following story are fictional. I hope you enjoy reading “The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye.”

Characters appearing in The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
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Angelica Johansen Unicorn in leather | GODeSS | Pinterest | Unicorns, Ems and Leather
Owns her own Private Investigation firm.

Jane Love Unicorn in leather | Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Jordan Carver, Jordan's and Hot Blonde Attorney. She works at the Lincoln Law Firm. She lives at Park Place Towers

Wendy Corleone Pin by Chris Kara on Variety | Pinterest | Big Top, Gifs and Follow Me
Very Wealthy. Married to Carlo Corleone

Amanda Davis Waiting at the door | Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Bikinis, Sexy and The Doors She shares an apartment with Lisa Catt. She is about to enter law school. She works part time at a department store and part time selling lingerie by appointment. She is looking for a job as a part time legal assistant or as a part time real estate agent.

Sara Jones Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Daphne Rosen, Dubai and Indian Went to college with Wendy. She is looking for a job in real estate. She lives at Park Place Towers

Ashley Williams Owns her own real estate company. She is Amber's sister and Jennifer's aunt.

Olivia Marquez Personal fitness trainer. She lives at Park Place Towers. She has a twin sister named Sophia

Amber Walker Stock broker. Owns her own investment company. She is Ashley's sister and Jennifer's Mom.

Jennifer Jackson About to enter college. She works part time as a bartender at Joe's Pub. She is Amber's daughter and Ashley's niece. Her mom, Amber remarried after Jennifer was born which explains the difference in their last names.

Joy Antonelli She is a vice president and loan officer at a bank

Lisa Catt College student. Shares apartment with Amanda She works part time as secretary for Joy Antonelli at the bank. She is Emily Catt's older sister.

Emily Catt. About to enter college. She works as a bartender at Hooters. She is Lisa Catt's younger sister.

Michelle Richardson Well known and successful attorney

Sophia Marquez Yes, the picture is the same as Olivia's. They are identical twin sisters

The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye.

Chapter 1



It was 9 AM and it was going to be another hot day in Dallas, Texas as Angel stepped out of her car, grabbed her Michael Kors purse and walked toward her office. The letters on the right side of the double glass doors read 'Angelica Johansen Private Investigations'. (Johansen is pronounced yo-HAN-sin) She reached out with the key she was holding in her right hand, her left hand holding a cup of coffee and unlocked the door, walked inside, turned around, closed and locked the door behind her. She opened at 10 AM, but was there early to catch up on some cases she was working on. Her assistant, Carol, would be in before ten. Carol was in her mid-fifties and had been with Angel since she started her own P.I. business a few years ago. Carol was an old friend of the family … a few weeks ago she had given her thirty day notice. She was retiring. This was her last week. Angel was sad to see her go, . . . she worked hard, was dependable and reliable and knew what she was doing.. However Angel was also happy for her. Carol was moving to California to be near her sister. Angel had to replace her, but had been putting it off.

She strutted toward her desk, her high heels clicking on the wood floor as she walked past the reception area and down the hallway, pausing and opening the door to her dressing room. Some girls have walk-in closets. Angel had a walk in room. It was twenty feet by twenty feet .. where she kept a large assortment of clothes and shoes. There were times when she never knew if she was going to a party, or have a late meeting with a client, or was going to have to go on a stake-out, or change into a different outfit so she could fit in with the crowd. .. and often there was not enough time to get home and change... so she had her own wardrobe at the office. Angel had an extensive amount of clothes in her closet... everything she needed to disguise herself as a nurse, a secretary, a mom, or whatever the situation called for. She could be a nurse, a tax collector, a maid, a fitness instructor, and a host of other various outfits that would fit the requirements of her investigations. She even had a couple of stripper outfits. Angel loved shoes and must have had at least a hundred pair in her dressing room. There was a wide assortment of dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, jeans and just about anything a girl could want. She also had a huge selection of lingerie .. bras, panties, thongs, teddies, camisoles and even some leather things... when she wanted that bitchy look. She smiled as she looked at her collection of shoes … heels, thigh high boots .. flats ..all kinds of athletic footwear.. she even had some cowboy boots and a couple of cowboy hats.. after all .. this was Texas. Angel closed the door and walked the few steps to her office .. paused at the door, unlocked it, and walked in to her spacious office. It was very nice with several chairs, a sofa and a love-seat. .. all made of the finest burgundy leather. The plush carpet silenced her heels as she walked to her desk, placed her purse on the desk and sat down. It was a large mahogany desk .. large enough to have sex on it... although Angel had yet to use it for that purpose. The leather sofa and plush carpet worked fine for such occasions. She opened the right drawer, picked up her 9mm Glock, making sure it was loaded and that the safety was on and then closed the drawer. She had a license to carry. Most of the time she was unarmed, but there were a few times when she felt that there could be danger... in those cases, Angel was packing. Fortunately, she had never had to shoot anyone and had only used the Glock a couple of times to fire warning shots.... but she was prepared.. and she knew how to shoot. Yes, Angel was a private detective. ... A private eye.... A private dick. ….. And she was good at what she did. Very good. ….. One of the best. … She was also the most expensive private investigator in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex.

She had graduated college with a degree in criminal justice, then spent the next four years as an officer in the Navy. Criminal investigation. The Navy afforded her the opportunity to travel the world, which allowed her to meet women from Europe and Asia. She loved the Asian women. She loved them because many of them had prominent nipples which she adored, although none of them 'measured' up to hers. She also loved the way some of them kissed.. ... .With their tongues licking at each others tongues in the air without their lips touching. .. That was erotic. .. And she learned how to deep kiss. Locking your open mouths together for minutes at a time, ….. tongues twisting . .. licking …. and swirling together in their own private arena. Gasping air through your nose as you kept your open mouths locked tightly together as you swished your shared saliva around and around and back and forth in your mouths. …... With lots of spit. ….. Messy. …. Stringy. ... Angel thought it was nasty and kinky.

When she left the Navy she began her own private investigation company. A company with one employee. Herself. As the demand for her services grew, she hired Carol to handle the office chores... She also created a very good network of informants who would help her chase down people, run errands, and get information off the streets. These informants were paid 'under the table' with cash. The better the info, the more money, so when she needed someone followed, whoever she called was 'on it'.

Angel's grandfather had left her a considerable amount of money in a trust fund that provided her with a six figure income....enough capital to start her business, .. and to have a nice home in one of the 'ritzy' areas of the city... the exclusive Highland Park neighborhood. Angel did not need her job to provide her with income. She was a private eye because she loved it. She drove a sports car. It was a white 2015 corvette. A corvette with one modification. The tail lights. She thought that corvette tail lights were supposed to be round. …. But they changed them. ... Angel did not like that.... Those tail lights had to be round and big... Two on each side. …. As if those large round tail lights were two pairs of big round tits. …. Angel liked that look.

As I am sure you have already guessed, Angelica Johansen was Swedish. Her grandparents had come to America from Sweden years ago... Her dad was in the navy and married a lovely girl from Sweden … so Angel was as Swedish as anyone living in Sweden. And her looks made it obvious. Tall … blonde … deep blue eyes with just a tint of green... She was five feet eight inches tall, six feet tall in her heels, and she was very attractive. OK, she was more than attractive. … she was quite possibly the most beautiful and perfectly built woman in the world.

Angel had the perfect tan .. not one of those dark tans .. it was just right. Her face was flawless. Angel was beautiful .. beautiful beyond words... With long shimmering blonde hair halfway down her back, deep blue-green eyes, full pouty lips … the kind of lips that men love … the kind of lips that make women jealous. … kissing lips …. clit sucking lips. … at age 28 and weighing about 128 pounds, Angel was drop dead gorgeous. Measuring 40½-24-35 with heavy dense E cup tits, a slim tight waist and just enough flair in her hips that she always got the second look from men and women... not that kind of 'wow' look.. she got that 'stop dead in your tracks. 'Oh My God' look… However, it was her massive tits that caught most of the attention. Big. Round. Firm. Solid. Heavy. And they just stuck straight out, defying all the physics of gravity. She could still, at age 28, pass the pencil test. Now about those huge tits. . Angel wore a 34E bra ..sometimes she could wear a 34F bra,... ..but most of the time a 34E . Sometimes it depended on the brand. Usually an E cup fit nice and snug... cupping those huge mounds of pleasure just right. ..but when she became sexually aroused, her tits would swell.... getting bigger … fuller... and harder. Not hard like breast implants can sometimes become... her tits would feel more like her tight buttocks... that kind of hard... perfect for titfighting.. and when Angel's tits would enlarge because she was sexually aroused.. those huge E cups could not contain her massive tits....those were the F cup days.

Angel loved to flaunt her tits. Especially toward other women. Angel loved women. She had not been with a man for the last five years. It was T&A that she was interested in. Angel loved to fuck and was constantly on the prowl, searching for women to mate with. She was, however, very particular about hooking up. And she could afford to be picky. She was the stunning big titted blonde that everyone fantasized about. The one everyone wanted to fuck. Yes, Angel thought of herself as a pussy warrior. She was always on the lookout for a hot bitch that thought her tits were better. She was always searching for some dirty slut who thought she could out-fuck her. You see, Angel loved competition and she had become an expert in titfighting and sexfighting. She had never lost a titfight and only on rare occasions had she lost a sexfight. But even those women who made her cum first had already been beaten pussy to pussy with Angel, or they would later fall to her sexual skills in a rematch. Perhaps some of that competitive desire came from her experience with the Navy. Always trying to out-do someone else for the next promotion. ... for the next assignment.

And one other thing, or perhaps I should say two things. Nipples. Long. Over an inch. Way longer than an inch . . . . In fact, her hard nipples measured an inch and a quarter, and when they were stimulated, perhaps a tiny bit more, and those long hard shafts were as big around as a roll of dimes. Every once in a while Angel would meet another woman who could match her in tit size, but never in firmness. Yes, she had hooked up with several DD girls, and a few E cup women, but no one had tits that were as heavy, as tight, as dense as hers. No one. Ever. Angel had also never met anyone who could match her nipples. No one. Ever.

She often fantasized about going tit to tit with a hot bitch with dense heavy tits the same size as hers and nipples as long and hard as hers. What would it feel like to have her l and 1/4 inch long nipples fencing with an equal pair of hardened thick nipples. Would it be possible for the combined two and a half inches of stiff nipples to be completely pressed back into two pairs of such dense firm tits? Mmmm, she could get wet so quickly with the thought of such a nipple war. And what if the two pair of incredibly long nipples were pressed together so firmly, so deeply, and for such a long time they would actually get stuck to each other. Tip to Tip? Not the light little sucking that can happen when two burning tips of nipple flesh merge so tightly. No, she wondered if they could really get stuck as if they were cemented together, making it very difficult to pop those hot wet sticky nipple tips apart. Was that possible?

You see, Angel had this thing for nipples. It was her kinky fetish. She loved them. Touching them. Rolling them between her fingers. Kissing, licking and sucking them. She also loved it when her partner paid extra attention to her thick hard erect nipples. Sometimes, when she was really turned on, a clear liquid would seep out of her milk ducts. A sticky clear substance. When this would begin, she knew that she was getting very close to having an orgasm. She loved the fact that her stiff nipples were so sensitive. In fact, Angel had, on several occasions, worked herself to an orgasm by having her nipples stimulated. Oh yes, Angel could have nipple orgasms. ..her nipples were that sensitive. If only she could one day meet another woman with tits as big and round and firm and dense as hers and nipples as long and thick and hard as hers. And, of course, this incredibly hot bitch would have to be the same height as she was. It would be a prerequisite for this dream girl to be exactly as tall as Angel was. Their ridged lengthy nipples would have to match up exactly tip to tip as they were standing and facing each other. It would have to be a perfect match. This dream girl would also have to have nipples as sensitive as hers. What would it feel like to share an exploding orgasm with such a hot bitch? How intense would it be to experience a nipple to nipple orgasm with this perfect woman? To hold each other close, her big firm nipples pressing against a pair of equally long firm nipples until they came together in a heart pounding, gasping, shuddering nipple orgasm? No touching of their pussies. No fingers rubbing their clits. No fingers thrusting in and out of their vaginas. Just nipple to nipple stimulation until the dams of pleasure broke and they could share a mind bending nipple orgasm together? Their thick nipples spasming together. Throbbing together. Perhaps even fusing together. This was Angel's deepest fantasy. Her deepest desire.... Unfortunately, Angel had yet to meet such an exceptionally well endowed woman. Her dream girl. Her perfect match.

Today she was dressed in business attire. A short black skirt, about five inches above her knees as she was standing, a light blue blouse, and a black jacket. And, of course her heels. Angel always wore heels. It was sexy. It made her feel a little bitchy.

Angel placed her coffee cup on her desk and sat down. She took a deep breath and picked up the file that was at the top of the nearest stack of papers. Perhaps something exciting would happen today. She glanced at her I-phone, picked it up and looked at her 'to do' list. “Damn” she spoke out loud. “Attorney. Gotta find a new attorney”. She had, more or less, been fired as a client from the last law firm. They called it a 'mutual separation'. ... Fucking lawyers. Yes, Angel knew she was a pain in the ass. She was always bending the rules, stretching what the law would allow. Fortunately, she had become friends with a police detective named Kathy. She would often turn the other way to make Angel's job a little easier and quicker. But there were complaints. Angel was tough. Persistent. Always prodding. Always pushing. You just had to squeeze a few grapes to make wine. Her former lawyers finally had enough. Although she paid them several thousand dollars a year for the retainer, they decided she was just not worth the headaches.

“Fucking lawyers” she whispered to herself. Then she remembered. There was this lawyer, she thought to herself, who had a partner who was embezzling money from the law firm. No one could prove it but Angel found a way. The same way that beautiful women often find out what they want to know from a horny bastard. She teased him, got the information she needed, called her friend Kathy and they put that son of a bitch behind bars. What was the name of that firm.... thinking..... She googled attorneys in the city and went through several pages before she found it. 'Lincoln Law Firm' That was it. Angel wrote down the phone number on her 'to do' list as she sipped her coffee.


Not very far away a lovely young lady was just stepping out of her new black BMW 750i x-drive. Her name was Jane Love. She was dressed in typical 'lawyer' attire. A black skirt with the hemline above four inches above her knees, a white blouse, a black jacket and her four inch Italian leather heels. Five minutes later she was stepping out of the elevator on the 35th floor and walking down the hallway with her leather briefcase to her office at the very prestigious Lincoln Law Firm. She checked the clock on the wall. 9 AM. She was exactly on time. Jane's super sized tits lightly bouncing as she quickly made her way to her office. Maybe it was those huge tits that got her the job, but Jane wanted to believe that it was the fact that she graduated third in her class from Harvard Law School. Jane was smart and worked very hard to get that degree. She secured student loans for her books and tuition, but had to work for enough money to pay for her living expenses. At first she worked as a server at one of Boston's better restaurants and even though she made good tips, it just wasn't enough.

One day, when looking for employment, she read an add about a nightclub that was looking for dancers. She certainly had the body for it. The next day she interviewed and was instantly hired. The interview was nothing more than dancing. No paperwork. No forms to fill out. And no pay. You danced for free. Your income was earned in the usual way a stripper earns money. Tips. Jane was an excellent dancer and she knew how to impress the men. No one could perform a lap dance like Jane. And then there were the private dances in the back room. As the months went by she perfected her skills and took home lots and lots of cash. Hundreds of dollars every night. Jane earned her way through law school and she was proud of that.

Jane got hit on dozens of times everyday. At the club, at school, at the grocery store... and although she was amused and flattered, there was never any interest, except for those rare occasions when a woman would hit on her. Even though she danced for men, and teased them every night, she had no interest in men because Jane was a lesbian.

She was very involved in the Lesbian community at Harvard. The one night of the week, Sunday, when she was not working, she held little private get-togethers at her apartment for those who were interested. She shared information and gave instructions on everything from sexy wrestling, including how to perform the perfect 'pussy pin' to scissoring. Jane was the professor of scissoring. With pictures and charts she taught them to become proficient at tribadism. She gave lengthy discussions on the various positions that allowed two women to 'lock-up'. She taught her small group of friends how to control their orgasms. How to make it last. How to extend the time before the raw pleasure washed over them. 'If you are going to fuck, why not fuck for three hours instead of thirty minutes?” she always said. She taught them kegel exercises. Quite often she would do live demonstrations with another girl in front of her 'class'. She taught the girls how to give your partner nipple orgasms with the right amount of foreplay and deep kissing and sucking techniques. Yes, she had more than once sucked a nipple to orgasm. Over time, Jane could induce her own nipple orgasms without all the kissing and licking and sucking. All she had to do was get tip to tip with another nice set of hard nipple rods and with some nice nipple to nipple fucking, she could cum really hard. She had never had her lover cum this way and she often dreamed of having her nipples pressed hard against another set of nipples, their throbbing nipples cumming together, their stiff nipples vibrating together as their tits shook tightly together. She sometimes had wet dreams about such an erotic experience.

She nodded as she picked up the cup of coffee that was waiting for her on her secretary's desk then strutted toward her office. Jane stopped at the door.......”Jane Love Attorney at Law' “Nice” she whispered to herself as she walked inside and closed the door behind her She placed her briefcase on her large desk and walked over to the mirror and began talking to the image she saw. “You've done ok girl. Nice Penthouse apartment on the top floor of the North Tower at Park Place …. Nice clothes. .. Nice car. … Very nice signing bonus. ... Very very nice salary....... Not bad....Not bad at all”.

She began to check herself out in the mirror. Jane was 'a real looker'. Hell, Jane was absolutely astonishingly beautiful.. a perfect 10. She was quite possibly the most beautiful and perfectly built woman in the world. She surveyed her flawless image in the mirror. “Nice... very nice”. Jane was 28, 5' 8” tall, weighed 127 pounds and measured 40½-24-35. She had about the deepest green eyes you could ever imagine, beautiful silky strawberry-blonde hair down to middle of her back, nice pouty lips and a body you could die for. She had that perky athletic look. Nice toned legs, a hard flat tummy, buttocks that looked like they had been molded from steel. But her best assets were her incredible tits. Jane had big ones. Really big ones. Really really really really big ones. How about 34E big? Like Angel, Jane was a tweener.... Her massive tits were somewhere between a 34E and a 34F... Most all of the time a 34E bra would suffice... but like some women, there were days when her tits felt just a tad bit heavier. Just slightly bigger. As if they were swollen just a little bit. On such days, Jane kept a nice assortment of 34F bras on hand, cause sometimes the cups of her 34E bras were simply not big enough to contain those heavy mountains of dense flesh and when she or her partner played with those huge tits they would get firmer... they would get even more dense.. and, like Angel, Jane's tits would get hard... firm tight ass-cheek hard. Jane loved to show off her tits. While at work she dressed conservatively... but even so, there was always massive amounts of cleavage that would show when she leaned forward or bent over. It was not intentional. Her tits were just so fucking big. .. However, when Jane was 'off the clock', it was a different story. She would always wear tops and dresses that emphasized her incredible rack. The more skin that showed, the better she liked it. You see, Jane was an exhibitionist. She loved to flaunt those huge melons that always sat high on her chest. She wanted men to stare and she wanted to make the women jealous. In fact, you could refer to Jane as an Ultra-exhibitionist. cleavage was the name of the game.. and no one played it better than Jane.

Jane loved her tits. Nice and full and round, but even as big as they were, they stuck straight out. It was amazing. If there was any sag, you would not be able to see it. They stood high and firm on her chest, defying the laws of gravity. How could such massive amounts of tit-flesh stick straight out? How could such incredibly big tits point right at you? Because they were incredibly firm and dense. Very dense. Although she had been with other women who could match her bust size, she had never mated with another pair of tits that was as firm and dense as hers. No one. Ever.

Jane moved her slim fingers to the front of her blouse. She always had a tent where her nipples were. Sometimes the tent was more obvious because of the bra, blouse or dress she was wearing. Why? Because Jane had extraordinary nipples. They were about the width of a dime and when fully erect they were one and one eighth inches long. You could do some serious damage with nipples that long.... Her fingers knew exactly where her nipples were. As she closed her eyes, she lightly pinched them which created a quite moan. If only she could meet someone who could match her. Someone who was her equal...... but she had yet to discover such a woman. No one could match her in the nipple department. No one. Ever.

As already mentioned, Jane was a lesbian. An aggressive lesbian. A pussy hunter. Well, actually, Jane was more of a pussy warrior. Constantly searching for a titfight challenger. Always looking for a sexfight partner. Always looking. Always searching. A true Lesbian Pussy Warrior.

She pulled the expensive Italian leather chair out from her desk and sat down. “Perhaps today will be the day” she quietly whispered to herself as she turned on her computer and begin looking at today's schedule.

Angel and Jane

Angel Unicorn in leather : Photo | Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Lucy Pinder, Barbie and Trophy Wife

An hour had passed and Angel had taken care of everything on her to-do list except the lawyer. “Shit.” Angel mumbled to herself. “I don't like lawyers.” But she needed one on retainer. Taking a deep breath, dreading this, she picked up her cell phone and dialed the number.

“Hi,” a sweet female voice answered, “Lincoln Law Firm”

“Paul Lincoln please” responded as she waited for the next inevitable question..

“May I ask who's calling?” Angel mouthed the words with the voice on the phone.

“Angelica Johansen”

“One moment please”

The deep voice of the elderly Mr. Lincoln had such an authority as he spoke, “Hello my dear Angelica. How is my Angel today?” They exchanged pleasantries before Angel explained her situation. She needed an attorney to handle all the little hassles that she sometimes would create.

“I am so glad you called, because a few months ago I hired a new attorney. Fresh out of Harvard law school. Sharp. Knowledgeable. And she's a real looker.”

“A woman?”

“Yep.” Mr. Lincoln knew that Angel only dated women. “When I first saw her I was mesmerized by her assets. I believe she may have some things in common with you.... well, actually a pair of things......I think the two of you might end up being bosom buddies....... if you get my drift.” Mr. Lincoln chuckled and continued “She likes big cantaloupes Angel … really big ones. You like big cantaloupes Angel?” ... Once again he chuckled a little with his deep voice as if someone had just told him a good joke.

“Of course Mr. Lincoln”, Angel answered playfully, “I love cantaloupes... the bigger the better.”

“Then the two of you will get along just fine...Have to see for yourself Angel.... very impressive.”

“Hmmmmm... dear sweet Paul” Angel toyed with him.... “Tell me this.... Whatever are you talking about?”

“Cantaloupes Angel! .. Big ones” The old man laughed as he spoke, “But hell Angelica, you're a damn good private eye.... Figure it out for yourself..... Or you can just ask her. ....I'll put you on hold. You can talk to her right now. Her name is Jane. Nice talking to you Angel. Would love to do some business together. I'm gonna put you on hold.”

“Nice talking to you too. Thank you” The conversation between Mr. Lincoln and Jane was one that Angel did not hear, but it went like this. He told her about Angel. She was a private eye. She sometimes needed attorney work and probably would want the firm to be on a retainer with her. Although he did not say anything about how Angel looked, he did mention that Angel and her might have some things in common and ended his conversation with Jane by saying “Oh yeah, Angel loves cantaloupes,,,, big ones”

Angel was on hold for a minute before she heard about the sweetest voice she had ever heard....“Hi Angelica. This is Jane Love. Nice to meet you.”

“Thank you, Nice to meet you too .. and you may call me Angel”

“All right Angel. Mr. Lincoln tells me you are shopping for an attorney.”

“Yes I am.”

“Perhaps I can schedule something with you for next week. Oh, and he said we had some things in common..... I am not sure what he was referring to, but perhaps we can explore the possibilities when we meet.” Jane was still thinking about Mr. Lincoln's comment about Angel liking cantaloupes.

Angel was in a flirty kinda mood and thought she would have some fun, “I hope we can.... He said we might become bosom buddies.... now tell me about your assets. Mr. Lincoln said he was mesmerized with your assets”

“Oh did he now?”

“Yes he did, and he also said we had a pair of things in common. I am not sure what he was referring to... do you know?” Angel did not wait for an answer as she continued talking, toying with Jane “And he told me that you like really big cantaloupes” … What was Mr. Lincoln talking about Jane?”

Jane gulped, “I'm not sure... I mean … Well.... er...I.... am not exactly sure what he may have been referring to.”

Angel could tell that Jane was flustered as she giggled quietly to herself. “Come on Jane.... talk to me”

Jane did not know what to say.... “He's just an old man who likes to have fun”

Angel was trying not to laugh into the phone as she went on... “Cantaloupes are nice. I love cantaloupes. .. Really love the big ones.. You love big cantaloupes Jane?”

Jane's voice was not much more than a whisper as she squirmed in her chair, “Yes Angel, I love cantaloupes.... especially the kind that are really 'big'” She bit her lower lips hoping that she had not said the wrong thing.

Angel was now in full 'Pussy Warrior' mode.. “You know what happens in the grocery store when you are shopping for cantaloupes, and someone else picks up one the same time you do and they accidentally bump their cantaloupes together?” Angel did not wait for an answer, she was enjoying this and kept talking... “I'll tell you what happens Jane.... sometimes they bounce off each other and sometimes one of the cantaloupes gets squashed.... Ever had your cantaloupes get squashed, Jane?” Angel was trying very hard to conceal her laughter.

Jane's hormones were raging. It was time that she turned on her “Pussy Warrior” instincts. With a very quite but very firm voice she answered. “No Angel. I have never had my cantaloupes squashed.”

That was all Angel needed to hear. She and Jane were talking about tits and she knew it. And she knew that Jane knew it. “I have an idea. Why don't you send me a pic of yourself....”

'Was Angel making a pass at her? ' Jane asked herself. 'Well.. two can play this game' “Ok, I can do that, but only if you send me a pic of yourself?”

“All right. I will send you a pic of me.”

“Let me give you my cell phone number...”

“Ok. I am ready”

As they exchanged phone numbers, Jane began to think ..She did not want to fuck up the possibility of the firm acquiring a new client, so she looked through the pics on her phone and picked out a rather modest pic. It was the same one that was on the firm's website. In business attire, white blouse, black skirt and black jacket.. very similar to what she was wearing today .. then she thought for a sec and decided to send something that was a little sexier.. then she found it.. a pic of her in a red party dress. The dress had thin red straps over her shoulder and was just low cut enough that it showed off some of her bountiful cleavage. The dress fit nice and tight around her tits and around her ass and emphasized her small waist. It was certainly not a vulgar picture by any means. “Sent”

“Great. Ok, mine is on the way” Angel did not want to send anything that was inappropriate either, so she found one that was taken of her at the ballpark. Angel continued, “So tell me Jane, what's it like working for Mr. Lincoln?”

“He's great. Very kind. But... shhhhh.... He is a horny old man.” They both laughed. “Harmless.. but horny. Besides he knows that I am not interested in... “ Jane paused, not wanting to say the wrong thing... “old men”

Angel laughed.

Jane went on, “He keeps telling me, He says 'Jane, you have to sell the firm. Talk it up. Add value to our name, and then you have to sell yourself. You have to be honest with your clients. You need to put your best assets forward. Just stick em right out there in plain sight. Right out in the open so they can see what you have. Don't hide anything. Transparency... Sorry, I am just going on and on... Got the pic yet Angel?”

“Yes” There was a few seconds of silence as Angel looked at the picture Jane had sent to her phone. Angel was impressed. Jane was indeed very attractive and she certainly had a nice rack. A very nice rack. Damn, it was a huge rack! Was she seeing a couple of tents on the front of that dress? It sure looked like it. “You are very pretty Jane. Very nice dress. I bet you had a good time that night”

“Thank you Angel...” she replied, “I had a good time?”

“It just looks like something I would wear when I want to have a good time.... or... make an good impression”

“Ah, gotcha.”

Angel continued to flirt, “And the dress does make a good impression”

Jane flirted back “Thank you, and yes, I suppose the dress does make an impression, but when I really want to be noticed, I have a few other things that I can wear?”

Angel was now getting very curious,, “Such as?”

“Well, I have this one dress, when I am feeling really sexy...and I am seriously looking for someone to......” Jane paused before finishing her sentence, then continued...” Oh wait. Just got your picture”. Jane opened the pic that Angel had sent. “Nice pic.” The pic showed Angel facing the camera, from about the waist up, wearing a jersey with the number 42 across the chest in large numbers. The jersey looked as if it was stretched as tight as could be without unraveling. Did the number 42 have any significance? “God”, she thought, 'What if that was the measurement around her tits? It was kinda hard to tell from the pic. You really needed a profile pic or one of those cool 360 degree images. However, it looked like there could be some formidable nipples thrusting against the tight material. As she looked closer she could see them. Yes there were points alright But how long were they? How far were they sticking out? It was hard to tell when looking at them from the front' Jane was getting excited. As you know, Jane, like Angel, had this thing for tits and nipples. It was her thing. Her drug. Her Fix. She was addicted. She could never get enough. Jane's voice was somewhat broken as she spoke. “Wow! You are very attractive.”

“Thank you.”

“What's with the number 42? Any special significance?” Jane thought to herself, 'Like the measurement around your tits?”' But there was no way she could say ask such a forward question out loud. And especially to someone who wanted to hire her. 'Don't fuck this up"' She thought to herself.

“Got it at the ballpark last year. Some kind of celebration about a former ballplayer”

“Oh yeah.... what's his name”

“Yeah, that's the one” Angel laughed

“We lawyers are paid to know all kinds of stuff” They laughed together.

“I guess so... anyway, they were selling these jerseys and my guy friends I was with bought me one. A little too small. Damn men.” Angel snickered.

“Yeah, it looks kinda tight”

“So tight I could barely breath!” They both laughed.

Angel thought she would press the conversation with Jane. “Yes, it's like Mr. Lincoln told you, You gotta put your assets forward. Just stick em right out there in plain sight.” She laughed as she spoke, hoping Jane would get the drift. “Soooooo Jane... back to the questions.... Bosom buddies?

Jane's voice dropped to a almost a whisper, “I would love to be your bosom buddy.”

Angel responded with her very soft sexiest voice, “It's ok for us to talk about anything Jane. I have already made up my mind to hire you......We both know that he was referring to our boobs.”

“Yes he was”

“He told me that you were a lesbian....And he knows...” Angel continued on, “I am into women”

Jane smiled. That last statement was the missing link. She was kinda guessing but now knew for sure that Angel was also into girls. She replied with her sexiest voice. “Then we will have much to talk about when we meet.”

“I have no doubt about that... hang on... I am going to send you another pic.”

“Wait!”... Jane was very interested... “Would you think that I was a little forward if I asked that you send something that was.... well... you know....that shows.. well... maybe a little more .. you know what I mean?”

“I would love to Jane, and I assume you might have a similar pic?”

“Yes I do.. I am sending it now. And Angel?”

“Yes Jane?”

“Look at the picture before you send another one to me.. I would like to see you as you are about to see me. Ok?

“I would love to..... Ok, I will wait and look at yours before sending mine.”


“Ok Jane”..............Angel found herself feeling a little impatient, but within a few seconds her phone beeped. “Got it. Looking at it now” Angel was trying not to gasp into the phone as she looked at the picture Jane had just sent to her. Jane was wearing a white bikini and this one was indeed little and it looked like it was painted on. It was very tight... everywhere... the way it hugged her hips, and the way it contained.. as best it could.. a pair of the most massive tits Angel had seen in a long time. Huge globes of tit-flesh that were practically spilling out of the top. 'Damn' Angel thought to herself. We are most definitely bosom buddies. Jane's tits were magnificent. Large and round. Perfectly shaped.. 'Damn' Angel's mind was reeling.. 'Her tits were just plain fucking big.' Angel needed a few more seconds to pause and take a deep breath before speaking. “I.... I don't know what to say... are absolutely stunning Jane”

Jane smiled, knowing that she had hit the mark with the picture she had just sent to Angel. “Thank you Angel... now it's your turn.”

“It may take a moment for me to find a pic that can compete with that!”

“I don't mind waiting Angel..... and … I don't mind competing. Sometimes a little competition can be fun”

Angel's brain was in overdrive as she thought to herself.. “competition? Was that a challenge?'....“Looking.......... ok... no... sorry.... still looking.... I am pretty sure I have it here... ok.. found it.. Sending.”

Five seconds later Jane gasped into the phone, “Oh my God.” Jane was looking at Angel, wearing one of her bikinis. It appeared to be almost exactly the same as the one Jane was wearing in the pic she had just sent to Angel. The yellow top was showing an ample amount of bare smooth flesh. Tit-flesh. No, Jane reasoned in her mind, ample is not the right word. Massive. Fucking huge. Jane was looking at a pair of the biggest tits she had ever seen. Maybe even the biggest. Ever. And the bottoms just barely covered what needed to be covered. Jane then paused, as Angel had done, and took a deep breath before speaking, “Oh my God... Oh my God...... Wow...... I am impressed”

“I am glad my lawyer approves,” Angel whispered into the phone.

“Damn” Jane whispered back.

Angel felt a little twinge in her cunt. At the same time Jane felt that first little twitch in her cunt. Both women could hear each other breathing deeply into their phones. After a few seconds Angel whispered. “Amazing”

“You too” Jane whispered back.

“They are fucking amazing.” Angel continued to whisper as her eyes stared at those two massive round globes on Jane's chest.

“They certainly are fucking amazing” Jane replied as her eyes surveyed Angel's massive tits.

They both realized that they were referring to each others tits.... and each of them felt another little spasm deep inside their pussies. As you know by now, Angel and Jane had this thing for big tits. Actually, this 'thing' was a fetish. They dreamed about big tits, they fantasized about big tits... and here they were, looking at picture of each other in bikinis and their bodies were going wild with lust.

“So very big” Angel whispered.

“So incredibly fucking big” Jane whispered back. “Absolutely huge”

“Unbelievably huge”



“Give me just a moment. I need to lock the door to my office”

“All right” Angel was still whispering. The door to her office was already locked.

Jane stepped out of her office and told her secretary to hold all her calls, she then locked her door, walked to the window, closed the blinds, and then she lifted her skirt up around her waist, placed her thumbs inside her panties, and pulled them down past her knees. She then pulled her skirt back down, sat down in her chair, reached down and slid her panties down her calves and off her feet. What she did not know was that Angel had also slipped off her panties and had just sat back down in her chair. Jane picked up the phone. “Angel?”

“I am here” Thirty seconds of silence followed as both women moved their fingers to their pussys.

Jane spoke. “They are so incredibly fucking big” Her fingers were rubbing up and down her wet slit.

Angel had put her two middle fingers together and was rubbing them up and down against her clit. “As big as yours?”

Jane had now inserted two fingers into her cunt, slowly moving them in and out. Her breathing was getting heavier and deeper... “I can't tell..... what do you think?”

“I can't tell either.” she was almost gasping into the phone as her fingers pushed harder against her swollen clit.. up and down,, up and down. Angel was getting very wet.

“So how are we going to find out?” Jane's fingers were moving faster and faster as she closed her eyes and hoped that she would hear the right words.

It took Angel another ten seconds to answer as her fingers were now pushing deeply into her soaking pussy. The heel of her hand pressing against her one inch clit. Her voice still barely more than a whisper .. “We need to put them side by side”

“God”...... That was all Angel could say. Her fingers were really stroking in and out of her pussy . The heel of her hand sliding back and forth on her inch long clit. “God” she moaned again. “We must push them together”

“Yes!” Jane gasped into the phone. Her fingers stroking so very fast now, in and out making those squishing sounds.... “It's the only way to know”

Their voices were barely above whispers... “Are you touching yourself Jane?”

“Ummmm. Un huh...... are you?”

“Oh yessss …...... I am so fucking wet”

“Me too Jane..... so very fucking wet”

“I have two fingers in my pussy...... and it feels soooooooooo fucking good”

“You fucking slut......... dirty nasty slut” … Jane moaned.

“You filthy nasty whore.” Angel moaned back. Their conversation had slowed to a snail's pace. There was about ten seconds between each response as they fucked their wet cunts with the fingers. “Jane?”


“You know what I want to do when we first meet?”

“Hmmmmmmm?......... tell me”

“I want to extend my tongue out... as far as I can.. so it is down on my chin... and I want you to do the same”

“Ummmm.. ok . . . my tongue out as far as I can reach it … then what?”

“Then I want to push our tongues flat against each other... and just hold them together for as long as we can.”

“Ohhhhhh Angel .. I would love to do that with you”

“Ohhhhhh God Angel” Jane gasped... “And do you know what I want to do?”

“Mmmm . . . what do you want to do Jane?”

“I want us to fuck. Grinding together.”

“Oh God Yes Jane.... pussy to pussy … fucking each other”

“Yes Angel ...Just fuck........ and fuck …......and fuck...........and fuck” Jane's fingers were squishing in and out of her hot juicy pussy ….. making squishing sounds.

“Yessssssssss.... just fucking....... and fucking....... and fucking.” Angel moaned as her fingers slid in and out of her dripping fuck hole. Angel was in heaven.... so she issued the challenge... “I can out fuck you Jane”

“I don't believe you can out fuck me Angel... because I know I can out-fuck you” Jane answered the challenge.

“I know I can Jane.”

“That is hearsay ... It wont hold up in a court of law. You need evidence”

“I need to prove that I can out fuck you?”

“Yes Angel … there is only one way to provide evidence and prove that you can out fuck me.... we need to fuck each other... it is the only way to know.”

“ Mmm Jane... yes we have to fuck each other... just fuck and fuck and fuck.”

Jane repeated one of her favorite words... “ And fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck”

For the next few minutes, the only word that was gasped into the phone by the two hot sluts was “fuck” First Angel would say “Fuck”, .. then in about ten seconds Jane would say “Fuck.” This one word conversation was all they could do...back and forth.... 'fuck'.......... 'fuck'.........'fuck' …..'fuck' ….. As they finger fucked their cunts as hard as they could with their long fingers. Jane's one inch clit was throbbing. Angel's one inch clit was on fire.

At what appeared to be the same moment in time... They both went over the edge. Together. Both cunts jerking. Contracting. Gushing. So fucking wet.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God Angel, you dirty whore!”

“You filthy fucking Slut” Angel gasped., “Jane... Oh, Jane.... I am cumming Jane!”

“Cummmming with you Angel!”

“Unnnnnnnnn”........ “Ohhhhhhhhh”......... “ahhhhhhhhhh” They moaned into the phone as they both rode the waves of pleasure that was washing through their bodies.

For the next couple of minutes... nothing but little moans.. 'unnnn'.....'ohhhh'... 'mmmm'
…. 'ahhhhhh'

Angel finally spoke.. “You mentioned... (Still breathing deeply).. that I could get an appointment with you next week?”

“I am so sorry Angel” (Jane was also breathing deeply).... I have nothing open.... However,.... what if I meet you tonight for a drink?”

“ I have some legal work that must be finished tomorrow.. I may have to work late.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Oh Angel, I am so sorry.. I have to finish an estate settlement Tuesday and it may take all day and into the evening.... How about Wednesday night?”

“Are you worth waiting for until Wednesday night?”

“What do you think Angel?”

“I would say, Yes you are.”

“How about 'The Red Rooster'... Its a nice quiet little bar a few blocks from my office”

“I know where it is... What time works for you Jane?”

Jane would leave work about 6, have to go to her apartment, shower, make sure her makeup is flawless, change clothes.... “How about 8? Does that work for you Angel?”

“Yesssssss” I will see you Wednesday at 8... oh, and Jane?”


“You were saying you had a very special little black dress?”

“Un huh”

“Wear it for me?”

“ I would love to... and will you wear the shortest, sexiest, dress that you own?”

“I have a dress that screams.. “I want to fuck”.... want me to wear that one?”

“Mmmmmmmmm..... yessssssssss”

“See you at the Red Rooster tomorrow at 8”

“I will be there with my 'I need to be fucked dress'.. Bye Angel”

“Bye Jane”

'Oh my fucking God' Jane and Angel thought as they said bye to each other. 'Oh my fucking God!'

Angel sat in her chair for a few more minutes...... her mind replaying the conversation with Jane. 'Damn' As you know, when a woman is sexually aroused, her tits can expand. They can swell. Usually it's not very noticeable, but sometimes her tits can swell an entire cup size. Angel felt the pressure of her tits pushing against her bra. It was tight. She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse. “Damn” Angel's massive tits were trying to spill out of the cups. It wasn't much, but enough to be distracting. No woman likes that look. You can see it under her blouse. She thought it was unattractive. She reached behind her back and unhooked her 34E bra and slipped it off. 'ahhhh, much better.' Angel had an extensive amount of clothes in her closet... everything she needed to disguise herself as a nurse, a secretary, a mom, or whatever the situation called for. She even had a couple of stripper outfits. And then there was the lingerie. Lots of bras and panties to accommodate virtually any situation.

Slipping off her blouse, she walked over to and opened up one of the many drawers where her bras and panties were stored. She had labeled them to make it quick and easy for her to find just what she needed. She opened the door that was labeled 'F' and looked through the bras. There must have been about a dozen to choose from. She quickly picked out one of her favorite black bras, checked the label as she leaned forward. '34F' and slipped the straps over her shoulders. Reaching behind her back, she fastened her bra. Her massive tits completely filled up the huge F cups on her 34F bra without the tiniest room to spare. It fit nice and snug. She thought it might even be just a hair too snug ….. but she could live with that. “Much better.” Today was one of those F cup days. .... Definitely an F cup day. … a fucking huge F cup day.” Angel slipped her blouse back on and headed back to her desk. “Now what other mischief can I get into today?”

Jane was also feeling some discomfort from her bra. Her orgasm had left her tits swollen. She knew that they would return to their normal size in about an hour, but she was not going to squirm and fidget for the next hour. She had to change her bra. Like Angel, Jane also had a private closet in her office. She had party dresses for those occasions when something would come up at the last minute, work-out attire, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, all kinds of shoes, some extra lingerie, practically anything she needed for the evening when there was not enough time to get to her apartment and to her appointment,... but she did not have that 'please fuck me' little black dress at work. She would have to go to her apartment for that. Jane traded out her 34E for a 34F, slipped it on and smiled as her big tits completely filled up every bit of available space in the massive cups of her 34F bra. . “Definitely an F cup day. A fucking huge F cup day” ........... “Cantaloupes” She mumbled as she smiled.

To be continued