Hello dear readers. Antoinette here, with a final few words about the events that took place last night.

As was made abundantly clear in the previous chapters, my lady Brenda and I got into a heated sexual romp with Brenda’s sexy Judo instructor Mariko, and her equally sexy lover, Ruby. It truly was a night that we’ll remember for the rest or our lives. Neither I nor Brenda had ever engaged in a four woman sex orgy before. And I get the feeling that last night’s events will precipitate many more nights of girls on girls slutty encounters with these two hot women who seem to enjoy pussy to pussy fucking as much as we do. At least, that is my hope for the future. Brenda, I’m certain, would also welcome future trysts with these two amazing women.

But, here’s the thing. This wasn’t jut four women locked in heated lesbian lust. It was much more than that. At a certain point in the proceedings, time seemed to stand still. Both Brenda and myself feel like we lost large chunks of time. We both felt that, for a certain amount of time, we were in between a state of existence and non existence. I know. That sounds bizarre. But I swear that it’s true. And it gets even more off the wall. Allow me to elucidate.

I believe that it all started when Ruby suggested that we try this “magical lotion” that she procured at a small shop on Oak Street. It was a concoction that was supposedly created by some enigmatic woman named Lady Bianca, and supposedly designed specifically for the business in which we were about to engage. Needless to say, there was a good amount of skepticism initially. But with a good bit of figurative arm twisting from Ruby, we all agreed to try this mysterious liquid.

Well, I mean to tell you, the stuff delivered on it’s promise. We were able to achieve cunt to cunt interface the likes of which I never would have thought was possible. This stuff was magical. It made the labia lockups a thousand times more intimate. And when clitorises came together, well, it was mind bending. This stuff seemed to make our clits fuller and stronger, which allowed for more profound contact and better friction from top to tip.

First Ruby and I locked in a deep cunt fuck that was excruciating in its fullness and intimacy. At the same time, Brenda and Mariko (two women who had craved cunt to cunt pleasure with each other for some time) finally came together. I could tell that they were as intimately locked up as Ruby and myself. Eventually, we switched partners because we all wanted the total experience. So it came down to Ruby and Brenda and Mariko and me. But despite the different anatomy, the result was the same. Equally compatible pussies fucked with unbelievable passion. With each lip-smacking stroke of Mariko’s cunt on mine, my body thrilled to the core. With each joust and parry between Mariko’s clitoris and mine, it felt like my head was going to explode. Brenda reports feeling the same thrilling sensations as her cunt stroked deeply with Ruby’s sweet meat.

But here’s the odd thing. At some point during the action, Brenda and I went somewhere. I talked this over with my lady, and she concurred. There is a chunk of time missing from our minds and memories that we cannot account for. I’m not certain where we went, but for a while, we were definitely not in that room and that bed with Ruby and Mariko. And to make this sound even more unbelievable, I have the uneasy feeling that we were somewhere between shadow and substance, between real and surreal, between existence and non existence.

To further illustrate my point, there was a moment near the end when, after a major orgasm, Mariko called out Bianca’s name. When she realized that it was me on top of her, she rolled me over on my back and told me how glad she was to have me in her arms, like I had returned from someplace. She quickly apologized for calling out Bianca’s name, then told me she got caught up in the moment because I was fucking her so good.

Ruby also had to apologize to Brenda. It seems that she was calling out June’s name just a split second before their body to body orgasm.

Finally, there’s this juicy morsel of believe it or not.

Once the apologies were accepted (really, what choice did Brenda and I have?) we all decided that a final scissor fuck was in order. Indeed, on this amazing night of woman to woman lotus eating, why not fuck it out to the finish?

Mariko suddenly decided to direct this final encounter. But it was almost like she was receiving directions from someone. She had us all clasp hands in what was meant to be a total bond of four women who were about to fuck to an excruciating final climax. As it turned out, this was exactly what happened.

A little ways into it, I felt a cunt to cunt bond with the sensei that was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Our hungry cunts were locked in such a voracious fuck that it felt like there was a third cunt in the mix. It felt like Mariko was fucking me with two cunts. When I pointed this out, while screaming and writhing in pure ecstasy, she said that (believe it or not) Lady Bianca had joined us. According to her, our cunts had become a searing, single entity with Bianca’s other worldly cunt. In hindsight, I can’t say for sure if that was true. But in the heat of the cunt meat lockup, who was I to argue? Not to mention that, according to Ruby, she and Brenda were cunt locked with Bianca’s lady, June.

My Brenda admitted that last night’s denouement was spectacular to the point of surreal. But, pragmatist that she is, she remains unconvinced that June had joined in and had ejaculated into her cunt. She also agreed that there was a missing stretch of time that she could not explain.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to smear that magical liquid, rich in natural oils and emollients, on my swollen, gaping cunt and challenge the enigmatic Lady Bianca to a private duel. I’m pretty sure that Mariko would be more than willing to join in the fun. And I have no doubt that Ruby wouldn’t mind hooking up with Brenda once again.
I know…I know. I’m a slut.