“FUCKKKKK!!!! Oh fuck!!!!” screamed Mariko, as Bianca’s womanhood repeatedly and rhythmically plowed into her cunt.

“Oh son of a fucking bitch!!!!” Ruby cried out as June’s thick labia and throbbing clit forced agonizing bliss deep into Ruby’s womanly sex.

Mariko bucked upward with her hips, challenging Bianca to fuck her even harder.

Ruby grabbed June’s tight ass cheeks as squeezed hard, while thrusting up into June.

Four lubricated cunts squished and sucked together deeply. Four women grunted and screamed and cursed at each other as pounding orgasms surged from deep within their loins. Juices pulsed from deep inside squashed together cunts and mingled. Bodies stiffened against each other, breasts mashed and mushroomed, bellies slipped and slapped, and then four nearly insatiable women collapsed in each others arms, their naked bodies fraught with a combination of exhilaration and exhaustion. All four squeezed each other tight and hard, wanting the orgasm aftermath to last forever. However, neither Mariko or Ruby could keep from dozing off for a few dream like minutes.

Ruby woke up and turned to her left to see Mariko looking at her and smiling warmly. She sent her a whisper.
“I mean no offense Mariko, but nobody has ever fucked me like that before.”
She received a nod and a whisper from her roommate.
“I truly understand, Ruby. I’ve also never been fucked like this before. No reflection on you.” The voice from above her responded.

“Well I appreciate the compliment, but my name isn’t Bianca. It’s Antoinette.”
Mariko’s head turned back quickly and her eyes grew wide. She wrapped her arms even tighter around Toni, rolled her on her back and kissed her passionately, genuinely happy in the knowledge that Antoinette was safe and in her arms. She reveled in the incredible lushness of Toni’s tits as the two women breathed heavily into each other, as if Toni had just returned after being away for a long time. Mariko broke off the kiss and looked at her warmly.
“I’m so glad you’re here, Toni. So glad.”
Toni felt warm tingles all over her body.
“I’m delighted to be here too, Mariko. But you’re acting like I went somewhere.”
“Perhaps you did, perhaps you didn’t. I got a little crazy. You were fucking me sooo good!”
“And, the ‘Bianca’ thing? What was that all about?”
“That magical potion intensified our pussy connection. I guess I just got carried away.”
“No worries, hon.” Toni said, then renewed her kiss with the sensei. But Toni wasn’t convinced. Something felt a little off.

As for Ruby, well, she found herself having to explain why she screamed out June’s name.
“What Mariko just said…same goes for me. That lotion got to me too. Not to mention the hot bitch laying on top of me right now. Brenda, you just fucked me like I’ve never been fucked. That was mind boggling! Thank you, you sexy slut!”
“Who you calling a slut? You slut!” Brenda countered.
Ruby giggled, thought for a second, and then continued.
“You know, I think I might just have to go back to the shop on Oak street and personally thank that hot blond bitch, Jill.”
“When you do, remember, only one drop per pussy.” Brenda wisecracked.
“Fuck you, bitch!” Ruby said, just before a hearty laugh. She rolled Brenda onto her back then stretched out luxuriously on top of her, rolling her creamy tits into Brenda’s and feeling stirrings of desire for her slowly building in her loins once again.
“That was one amazing fuck!”
“Indeed it was.” Brenda agreed. But in the back of her mind, Brenda knew that something was amiss. It wasn’t anything bad, just odd. And she couldn’t put her finger on the problem. But then, there she was, on her back with the incredible and seemingly insatiable Ruby challenging her once again. She had no choice. Not the way this night had been going. The die had been cast early in the evening when the four overheated women matched naked bodies at the dojo. There was no “should we fuck” mentality ~ only who’s going to fuck who and how many times and how many orgasms can we achieve? That was the mind set from the very beginning.

“Would you like to scissor, Brenda.”
Brenda shook her head in utter disbelief. But in a matter of hot seconds, both women split up, repositioned themselves, opened their legs and thighs to each other and the gap between their cunts vanished with a firm thrust and an audible squish.
“Cunt to cunt once again. God, Ruby! You’re such a fucking slut!”
“Oh really, Brenda? Well, I didn’t notice any hesitation on your part.”
“Oh shut up and fuck my cunt you tainted jezebel.”
Ruby laughed from her belly and then seriously laid into Brenda. As the two women pulled on each other’s legs. Working their scrumptious cunt meat deeply into each other, they screamed in bellicose ecstasy. This got Antoinette’s attention.

“My god! Will you look at those two bitches? They’re fucking insane!”
“Or, they’re just insanely fucking. Depends on how you look at it.”
“Hummm…Toni contemplated. “Well,, maybe we should scissor up too. I don’t want to be outdone by them.”
“Me neither. Who do they think they are? Come on. ANTOINETTE, let’s lock up our pussies!” Mariko made sure to emphasize the name. Toni laughed and then, in seconds, she and Mariko had spread their legs and brought their lush pussies together once again. Toni closed her eyes and privately thrilled in the moment ~ the moment of first contact. It seemed to her that no matter how many times she matched cunts with any one of these three women, the sensation was so overwhelming. Was it possible or even practical to feel such lust for three women? Would this become a regular thing with Ruby and Mariko. Was Brenda willing to indulge in this behavior? Of course she was.
“Oh damn! Mariko! I wish that this incredible night would never end!”

Then, Bianca quickly flashed through Antoinette’s body, smiled, and in a millisecond was gone.
“I believe you just might get your wish, Toni.” Mariko said. She now sensed that June and the Lady were not quite done with them - that they had one final statement to make. She had a feeling that Bianca was nearby and guiding her. Mariko turned to Ruby and clasped her hand tightly. They spoke in thought, as they had learned from her other worldly lover.
“Are they still in the room, Mariko?”
“Yes Ruby. They are.”
“Are they up to something?”
“Yes. And whatever it is…well, let’s just wait and see.”
Then Mariko received a thought/instruction from Bianca.
“Toni…” there was no response. Toni’s thoughts were focused on sheer sexual delight of her cunt to cunt connection with Mariko.
“Antoinette!!!” Mariko spoke out loudly.
“Take Brenda’s hand and clasp it tightly. Interlock your fingers.”
“What the hell?”
“Just DO IT, Toni.”
Antoinette complied, taking Brenda’s hand and holding it. Brenda responded lovingly, interlocking her fingers with Toni’s as Ruby and Mariko did the same.

Mariko sensed that something powerful was coming. She allowed herself to be guided by Bianca’s thoughtful direction. It seemed that her job was to guide the others.

“Everyone close your eyes and focus on the point of our connection.” Mariko ordered.
“I’m not sure just why, but this is important. Everyone concentrate on the coupling of our cunts.” Mariko requested.

She didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but it was now obvious where it was going to happen. And then she felt it! Oh my god!!! How were they doing this? No longer caring about Toni’s feelings, but in a strange way, knowing it was OK, she once again screamed Bianca’s name out loud. Then, only mildly surprised, she heard Toni call out to Bianca.

Antoinette and Brenda gasped simultaneously, then both women screamed in unison. Next to them, equally stunned Ruby and Mariko reacted in a similar fashion. Ruby called out June’s name and so did Brenda. There was no longer any doubt in Brenda’s mind that something very unusual, unreal and even surreal was taking place. A bizarre and quite thrilling event was unfolding at the point of cunt lock between all four women. Mariko now understood what Bianca was doing. At first, she couldn’t quite believe it or grasp it. Eventually she understood that Bianca had somehow managed to fuse her thick pussy into the connection between her and Toni. Three hungry cunts had been merged into a succulent labial lock. She could feel her cunt slowly grinding in a fuck fusion with both Toni’s and Bianca’s cunt. Three luscious cunts were locked together!!! Was Antoinette aware of this miraculous event? Could she feel the sensations of two cunts against hers?

“Oh my god, Mariko!!! How in the fuck is this happening?” Toni cried out in unabashed, writhing ecstasy. Question asked and answered.
“I’m not doing it Toni. We have company. It seems that the enigmatic goddess from another plane of existence has joined us.”
“Is it…Lady Bianca?” Toni asked.
“Yes, Toni. Bianca is with us.” Mariko responded calmly.
“This can’t possibly be real! I must be hallucinating!”
“Maybe you are Toni. Maybe we both are.”
“Fuck!!! This is unbelievable! ” Toni responded as she rotated her sweltering cunt into four thick, juiced labia. Then she wondered.
“Why can’t we see her?”
“I don’t know, Toni. But I know that it’s her. Do you object to this arrangement?”
“Oh hell no! In fact, tell that bitch to lay that sweet pussy of hers into mine.”
Bianca silently obliged, and Toni screamed in delight.

Mariko just smiled and matched her clit to Bianca’s clit and Toni’s clit. The fuck continued, as two corporeal women and one extracorporeal woman locked their labia in a three way cunt to cunt to cunt sex wrestle. It was juicy. It was lascivious and dirty and wet and unspeakably hot as both Antoinette and Mariko’s lush and lubricated cunts shared the full measure of each other and the full measure of Bianca’s amazing cunt simultaneously. Mariko thought that if nirvana existed, this was it.

Next to Mariko and Toni, Ruby and Brenda could also feel something that was slowly working its way into their cunt connection. With Bianca’s guidance, June was slowly working her pussy into the fuck that was taking place between Ruby and Brenda.

“I don’t think you two are the only ones being graced with company.” Ruby piped in.
“My word Ruby! How are you doing that?” A totally overwhelmed Brenda asked.
“I’m not doing it, Brenda. I believe that June is here with us. I can feel her hot cunt against mine. Can you feel her, Brenda?”
“Oh my god yes! It feels like fucking and being fucked by two amazing cunts at the same time! Holy shit! This is other worldly!”
“Nice of you to join us, June.” Ruby said as she mashed her gaping cunt into Brenda and June simultaneously.
June smiled and allowed Ruby to see her for a couple fleeting seconds. Despite her intense fondness for Ruby, it was apparent to her that Brenda’s cunt was absolutely succulent and that she was good at woman to woman fucking. She gave both women the full measure of her thick cunt meat, while taking even more pleasure in return. It occurred to her that Bianca had never mentioned that this was possible. Not that it really mattered. Still, June’s mind began to ruminate over the possibilities. She reached out in thought to Bianca.

“You know, Bianca, it comes to mind that there are a number of hot women in Penman’s stories ~ each of them blessed with large beautiful breasts and endowed with fulsome, clean shaven pussies ~ that I would love to meet and fuck.”
“June. You’re a true nymphomaniac.”
“Yes, I am. But you love it.”
Bianca shook her head at June’s promiscuousness, despite the fact that the idea held a certain prurient appeal.
“Let’s just finish this first.”
June smiled inwardly.

Six cunts, locked in a sexual conflagration. Six women, three by three were sealed together in labia locked pleasure. Lust and hedonism were being redefined in two separate three way cunt to cunt to cunt amalgamations.
“Let’s just finish up here first. OK?”
“Got it. Let’s take this home.” June said, excitedly.

June then seriously laid into the two pussies that she was fucking, riding them in a hard, tight mashup. Three clitorises merged into a sex knot, sliding into each other, provoking each other in a slithering, galvanizing snake wrestle. Brenda was about to explode. June worked her clit against Ruby’s tool in order to bring her up to speed. The tactic worked as she felt Ruby approaching a climax. All it took was a few more skillful, measured strokes. Then, both Ruby and Brenda shot a full load of cum into each other, howling in the throes of orgasm. June took what she could of the warm fluids into her, then let go with her own load of cum, feeling it mix and mingle with the juices of the other two women. Then, she vanished into thin air.

Bianca then took Toni and Mariko to an alternate plane. She fucked both cunts fiercely, taking both women to the precipice. But none of them could hold off any longer. The orgasm came in regular, pulsating waves. Womanly juices spewed from all three cunts in a symphony of lust. Toni could not stop ejaculating. Mariko was totally out of control. Alternately shouting out Bianca’s name and Toni’s name, she pounded her free hand into the mattress repeatedly with each surge of ejaculate that shot from her inflamed cunt, timing each mattress punch with each stroke of Toni’s clitoris on hers, and every penetration of Bianca’s clitoris into her cunt. But she soon realized that it was now just her and Antoinette. Bianca left a load of her womanly cum for the two locked women to share between their still grinding pudenda. Then she vanished, too. Mariko felt a twinge of sadness at the loss, but she knew that Antoinette was more than satisfactory. Toni was a wonderful fuck. Indeed, she was truly amazing. Bianca’s assessment of Toni’s cunt to cunt skill was dead on.

A thrilled Mariko knew then, that there would be many more nights of sex with Brenda and Toni. And she relished the idea. She knew in her mind and her heart and her cunt that Ruby felt the same.