Moaning softly, Jennifer Tamerlane skillfully explored the exquisite softness of her own cunt, as she lay alone inside her whirlpool, replaying the conversation she had with her red-haired nemesis over and over again in her head. It was two hours after Stacey’s party and less an entire week until their final show down. Her feelings towards the lovely redhead had changed dramatically after Alyson handed her the first defeat of her life. Her hatred and lust for the redhead had grown exponentially – along with her admiration for the foxy vixen. Jennifer had never admired another woman so much in her life.

As a mini orgasm ripped through her body, Jennifer shuddered and hissed. The brunette growled in frustration as her orgasm once again failed to satisfy her sexual appetite. In fact, nothing seemed to be able to satisfy the sex goddess anymore. Jennifer knew there was only one thing that could gratify her sexual hunger now – the duel to the finish with Alyson.

The sheer excitement from her anticipation of the battle was enough to get the gorgeous brunette completely wet again. Jennifer targeted her sensitive clit, stroking it sensually. Her precious sex pearl grew to epic proportions as her arousal grew. Water and sweat ran down the side of her lovely face as the brunette brought herself closer and closer to a massive orgasm. Jennifer slowly stood up, water dripping down her glistering body as she did, and observed her impressive sex horn. It has extended to its full length, protruding majestically from Jennifer’s pussy. It was a gift, indirectly given to her by her hated rival. Alyson had gotten Jennifer aroused enough in their last fight, and involuntarily enabled the brunette’s divine weapon to reach its full potential. Even at your maximum state, you were defeated; Jennifer reminded herself. The brunette could clearly remember how Alyson’s sex weapon ultimately defeated her own enhanced clit in their final duel. Vivid images of the final moments in their last battle flashed violently in Jennifer’s mind, painfully reminding the brunette of her rival’s awesome might. She had actually known Alyson ever since they were in high school. They were the two most popular girls, and were the centers of attention. Jennifer was already a senior when Alyson was only a freshman, and that was one of the few reasons why they hadn’t come into conflict back in those days. Their rivalry truly began when Alyson obtained a job at the lingerie store Jennifer worked part-time at. Catty remarks and dressing competitions lead to an explosive duel between the two hot women. It was Alyson’s first sexfight and she managed to defeat the dark-haired veteran. Jennifer wasn’t just any sexfighter though – she was the best of the best, the one girl who had never tasted defeat. Jennifer moaned as her clit-stroking tempo increased. Who would’ve thought the redhead contained such heavenly might?

Jennifer’s free hand stroked her flat, tanned belly as the brunette continued playing with herself, training her body for its next duel. The past will soon be forgotten once I crush that irritating redhead! Jennifer thought to herself as she savagely attacked her own clit.

“Alyson you fucking bitch!” the brunette howled in delight, as she fantasized herself pounding her steaming cunt into the redhead’s. She pictured Alyson’s perfect face – from her delicate nose, to her arching eyebrows, to her luscious lips. In her fantasy, the exquisite redhead’s divine blue eyes would be closed; her head would be tilted back, moaning into the air as they fucked. It would be Alyson, not her, whose moans would trail off into squeals of distress; it would be Alyson, not her, whose hands would be gripping the bed sheets helplessly; it would be Alyson, not her, whose clit would be crushed in one final stroke; it would be Alyson, not her, whose cunt would erupt uncontrollably. Suddenly, Jennifer’s exotic dark eyes opened as a second orgasm rocked her shapely body. This time, it was much stronger, and the brunette squirted. She forced herself to keep standing as she came. Jennifer finally sighed in brief satisfaction as her cunt jetted out hot liquid into her hand. Bringing it to her lips, Jennifer grinned in delight as she savored the taste of her own juices in the night.

To be continued