“Give me another chance… and I’ll beat you…” the exotic brunette whispered hotly into her rival’s ear, as a warm breeze of hot summer air swept by. Brilliant stars lighted the summer night sky.

“That’s what you said before… and then I fucked your brains out,” the lovely redhead giggled mockingly. “I don’t know…”

“Hmph… so what will it be? I’m getting impatient,” the brunette growled, frustrated.

“One week.”

“One week? Why? I want you now…”

“We’ll fight one week from now… I want you to prepare yourself for me. I want to fight someone worth fighting…” the redhead whispered hotly.

“Believe me, love… There isn’t anyone better than me… just you wait…” her whispering trailed off as the brunette lowered her head onto the flame haired beauty’s neck, softly kissing it.

“I know…” the redhead smiled knowingly and licked her lips in anticipation.

To be continued