by JB57

Over the next few weeks, Minerva and Darielle’s sexual war continued. But it was a shadow war, a frustrating conflict without resolution, fought furtively in the darkness of the captain’s cabin after a hard night of sex with Reynald. The women would struggle quietly, trying to dominate each other without waking Reynald. But neither woman could unleash her full power and skill, so no one emerged from these struggles truly victorious and these sexual skirmishes simply served to increase the growing frustration of the two beautiful rivals.

If Darielle had hoped that the psychological and sexual warfare would gradually erode Minerva’s confidence, she was mistaken. Instead, Minerva thrived on the competition. Rather than being shaken by Darielle’s constant efforts to undermine and intimidate her, Minerva found herself welcoming the conflict as an exciting distraction. Her natural power as an Alpha bitch emerged full force. The auburn-haired beauty began to find ways to strike back against her black-haired foe. As the senior woman on the ship, Minerva had the responsibility of seeing to Darielle’s training. Darielle was the Captain’s concubine, but she was still expected to know her way around a ship and contribute to the running of the vessel, when she was not satisfying Reynald’s desires. Life on board a battleship, even one as large and powerful as the Northstar, required that everyone pull his or her weight. Minerva assigned Darielle the hardest jobs. At the same time, she did what she could to keep Darielle away from her own responsibilities. To Minerva’s dismay, Darielle proved to be a quick and able student. If Minerva refused to be unnerved by Darielle’s sexual attacks, Darielle refused to surrender to Minerva’s efforts to break her.

When they were in front of the rest of the crew, the women gave every impression of getting along, indeed, of being fast friends. When they were alone, their mutual hatred came out like cats unsheathing their claws. The women sexually molested each other, thrusting eager fingers into wet pussies, squeezing and clawing at delicious tits, exchanging vicious slaps and hot, hungry, savage kisses. They were two Alpha bitches in heat, fighting over their mate, fighting over status, each determined to master the other, yet neither able to satisfy their need to fight. The constant pressure kept them both on the edge of sexual rage and desire.

Still, they kept their daytime anger in check. They both knew how easily they could end up rolling around on the deck in a hair-pulling fury, and that would reveal to everyone how they really felt about each other. The captain could not tolerate serious discord on his ship, particularly not in his own bed. The revelation of their true feelings for each other would require the captain to get rid of one of the women. While both women wanted the other gone, neither was so sure of her position that she could risk provoking a public confrontation. It hurt Minerva to come to the realization that, despite all that she did on the ship, she could not be sure that Reynald valued her enough to choose her over Darielle. And, despite her best efforts to keep Darielle away from her own tasks, Minerva knew that Darielle was capable of handling the many accounting and other financial responsibilities that she performed for the captain. Courtesans were given very good educations in every way and it was obvious that Darielle was an excellent student.

Minerva and Darielle bided their time, waiting for the chance to get together and ravage each other, to fuck and fuck until one of them was forced to submit to the stronger pussy. Their mutual anger, hate and unsatisfied lust continued to build. Their mutual abuse and subtle attacks on each other, in and out of Reynald’s bed, grew more numerous. But the resolution both women needed – the chance to meet in all out, uninterrupted sexual warfare –was denied to them. Even on a ship of this size, there were too many people around. They could not find a place that was private enough to guarantee them the time they would need to really decide their rivalry. Both women began to fear that they would not be able to keep their shared animosity from spilling over into outright physical combat much longer. Nearly four weeks after Darielle arrived, the tension between the beautiful women had reached a fever pitch.

The Northstar was on the high seas, traveling between the continental mainland and a distant island chain called the Marottes. The flagship was accompanied by three other ships, all of substantial size. Reynald planned to do a lot of trading with the Marottes, while he toured the coastal areas looking for pirates.

Minerva worked in captain’s office, contained in the massive, three-story sterncastle on the upper deck, which housed the ships’ officers and most of its luxury rooms. Reynald had taken his captain’s barge over to one of the other fleet ships that morning. It was unlikely that he would be back before the end of the day.

Minerva sat at the captain’s massive oak desk, pulled a key out of a secret compartment, unlocked the side drawer, and pulled out a massive ledger. She tried to focus on her task of updating the ship’s records. She went through the records, then made notes on a number of items that were supposed to be in the ship’s holds. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Minerva called. The first mate entered the cabin.

“Milady,” he said, bowing from his waist.

“Yes, Einar?” Minerva replied. She liked the man and she appreciated the respect that he showed to her.

“Captain Reynald has signaled from the Indomitable,” Einar explained, naming the ship that the Captain had gone to visit that morning. “He has indicated that he will be spending the night on board, discussing business matters with Captain Arella.”

Minerva smiled. Captain Arella was the woman who had rescued Minerva and who had first initiated the auburn-haired beauty into the pleasures of sex with a woman. Minerva had no doubt that Reynald’s “discussions” with Arella were of a very carnal nature. Minerva loved Arella, and she did not mind when Reynald occasionally enjoyed sexual relations with his fellow officer. But she expected that Darielle would be very angry.

Suddenly, Minerva realized what Reynald’s absence meant. For the first time since Darielle had arrived, Reynald would not spend the night with his two mistresses. Minerva felt a spike of quivering anticipation and lust fill her pussy and radiate up to her tits. Tonight, she realized, she could finally settle her war with the black-haired courtesan.

“Thank you, Einar,” Minerva replied with a dazzling smile.

That evening, when Darielle came to the dining hall for supper, she was surprised to find that Reynald was absent.

“The Captain decided to spend the night on the Indomitable,” Minerva informed her rival. “He and Captain Arella have… “business” to discuss.” Minerva’s green eyes glowed with heat.

A flash of anger crossed Darielle’s face as she understood the implications of Reynald’s overnight visit. But, a moment later, the larger implications of Reynald’s absence came to her. Minerva was gratified to see the other woman stifle a gasp of arousal as her body suddenly and intensely reacted to the realization that, this night, the Captain’s two mistresses would finally have the chance to meet in all-out sexual warfare.

Darielle locked eyes with Minerva. An erotic charge passed between the women. The moment that they had both been craving for more than a month was almost upon them. Their hearts pounded and their nipples tightened in anticipation. Their breasts swelled with blood and heat as the sexual glands flooded with arousal. Both women shifted their legs under the table, squeezing their thighs tightly as they sought to relieve the heat building in their pussies. The meal passed in silence, but neither woman could look away from the other.

Darielle finished first and, without a word to Minerva, left the table. Minerva took a bit longer, savouring her meal, enjoying the sexual sensations rippling through her body as it prepared itself for the combat to come. After the meal, she consulted with the ship’s first mate on a few minor ship-board matters, then retired to her cabin. She ordered that a hot bath be drawn for her in the main bathing room and she soon found herself immersed in hot water, letting her body relax, preparing her mind and her sex for the conflict to come.

She was not surprised when, just a few minutes after she had started bathing, the bathroom attendants began to fill the tub next to her with hot water and perfumes. A few minutes later, Darielle walked into the room, clad in a gossamer-thin robe. The two beautiful women locked eyes. Then Darielle slipped off her wisp of a robe, hanging the smooth silk beside the tub. She stood perfect and nude before Minerva, whose hungry eyes devoured every delectable curve and enticing bulge on the courtesan’s flawless body. Darielle climbed into the hot water of her tub and settled in. A few minutes later, Minerva rose from her hot bath. She stood in front of Darielle’s bath, her sleek body dripping with wet, and raised her hands over her head to squeeze out her long hair. Her magnificent tits rose and swelled, visions of incredible erotic beauty. Minerva toweled herself down, wrapped her hair in a towel, then pulled on her robe and left the bath without a backward glance. Inside, however, her heart pounded, her cunt burned, her breasts throbbed.

Minerva returned to her room and immediately discarded her robe after she pushed the door closed and bolted it. She stood in front of the full-length mirror in her room and ran her hands over her naked body. She cupped her round, heavy tits and squeezed the engorged nipples gently, smiling at the shiver of pleasure that arced through her. She ran her right hand down her smooth, flat belly, through her thick pubic fur, and shoved her fingers deep into the tight slit of her twat. At the same time, she squeezed her brown nipple even harder. Her inner eye filled with the images of Darielle’s voluptuous, perfect body. She remembered the sensations of Darielle’s flesh pressed and grinding against her own. Minerva moaned softly as a hot shot of lubrication suddenly saturated her throbbing cunt. She was ready to meet her black-haired rival in sexual warfare.

Minerva reached for her robe, slipped it back over her voluptuous beauty, and waited for the darkness, when it would be easier to go down the hall to Darielle’s room without being seen. She curled up in a chair and tried to read a book, but she was distracted by the heat in her pussy, the deep tension in her thick nipples and pulsing breasts. After an hour of trying to read, she heard a whispering sound. She looked for the source, then saw a sheet of paper lying on the floor just inside her door.

Minerva crossed the polished wooden deck and retrieved the paper. It was from Darielle.

“Meet me in the cabin at the end of the hall, across from my cabin, in one hour,” the note read. It then indicated the time. Minerva understood. Darielle wished to confront her in neutral territory, in a cabin that belonged to neither of them, so no one would have the advantage of more familiar surroundings.

The next hour passed with agonizing slowness. Minerva fought to stay calm and centered. At last, the time came. Clothed only in her robe, she opened her cabin door and looked out. Seeing no one, she padded down the hall on her bare feet to the appointed room. She opened the heavy door carefully. A light was glowing against the far wall. Otherwise, the room was dark. A large bed was anchored to the floor and a thick rug lay beside it. The room’s windows were uncovered, looking out on the sea. Only the glow of the moon could be seen, however; the darkened windows acted like a mirror of the room in the dim light.

Darielle was standing looking into the window, watching the cabin in its mirrored surface. She smiled as the door opened and Minerva stepped soundlessly into the room. The black-haired courtesan watched as her auburn-haired rival closed and locked the door. Then, Darielle turned around to face her enemy, her prey. Darielle smiled with anticipation as she felt her heavy tits sway on her chest as she turned. Her boobs were thick and swollen with lust; her nipples felt harder than steel. The heat in her cunt was raging. Every inch of skin on her voluptuous body was rippling with electricity. Darielle could not remember the last time she had felt so aroused and she was looking forward to directing all of her sexual power against Minerva. She had absolutely no doubt that she would soon dominate and crush the auburn-haired slut. Darielle had already reviewed the many ways in which she planned to humiliate Minerva and destroy her foe’s self-confidence once she had broken the bitch. She planned for this to be a very memorable night.

Darielle despised Minerva, but more because Minerva was an obstacle to her greater ambitions than for anything else. She admired Minerva’s magnificent body and she intended to enjoy her rival’s voluptuous flesh every chance she got once she had established herself as the dominant bitch. Darielle had even developed a grudging respect for the other woman’s strength of mind. But this would not prevent her from crushing her rival mercilessly. Once she had shattered Minerva’s confidence, she knew it would be an easy matter to gradually take control in Reynald’s bed and supplant Minerva in his affections.

Darielle and Minerva stared at each other from across the room, Minerva’s green eyes locked to Darielle’s blue. Both women appeared calm, but the erotic power and tension between them continued to build, a torrent of force raging just below the surface. At the same time, reading an unspoken signal, both women reached up and slowly, seductively, slid their thin robes off their beautiful shoulders. The garments landed in puddles of silk at their feet. Darielle and Minerva stood before each other, completely naked. No adornments distracted from their raw, awesome physical perfection. The flickering torchlight played across their luscious bodies, emphasizing the gentle ridges of their muscled bellies, the thin slits of their perfect navels, the graceful curves of their womanly hips. The light disappeared into the deep valley between their succulent thighs, protected by the thick pubic fur of both women, but the glint of wet cuntlips caught the light. Their round, heavy tits and sharp nipples and pebbled areola glowed in the fire. Their long, powerful legs swept down to the floor. Darielle and Minerva examined each other minutely, drinking in every inch of the other’s voluptuous flesh. Both women had to admit that the other woman was her physical equal in every way. But their battle would be decided not by beauty but by sexual power and skill.

“I hope you know that you don’t stand a chance, little girl,” Darielle murmured, her blue eyes glowing with heat. “You are beautiful, Minerva. Your body is nearly the equal of mine. But I have been trained by the greatest courtesans in Strontia. I have spent ten years mastering the power of my cunt, marshalling the strength of my tits. I have fucked more men and women than you can imagine. I have fought many of the most skilled whores in the kingdom with my pussy and my tits. You are nothing to me. I will destroy your sex and claim you for my own. And then I will take Reynald, as is my right.”

Minerva felt rage building inside of her, a raw hatred for her beautiful enemy. “You fucking bitch,” she snarled. “You arrogant cunt. I may not be a trained whore, like you are, but I have matched my pussy to other women. And I am not going to let you take what is mine.”

Darielle smiled viciously and began to walk across the cabin towards Minerva. Her hips swung gracefully, her heavy tits rocked gently. “What you have you gained by luck, girl,” Darielle whispered. “I have fought and trained to be what I am. I am made to give pleasure to powerful men and women. The gods have given me the beauty and body to gain the world. I will not let a stupid little slave girl keep me from my destiny.”

Minerva could not help herself. She was enraged beyond measure. With a snarl, she lunged forward to meet Darielle. She lashed out with her right hand, slapping Darielle viciously on her left cheek. The black-haired beauty gasped as her head whipped to the side and she jerked back, faltering before Minerva’s attack. Minerva drove her left fist deep into Darielle’s right tit. Darielle grunted in pain, tumbling back to the windowed wall of the cabin.

“You cunteating little bitch!” Minerva snarled. “You’re just as much a slave as I am! And you’re not going to find your destiny by destroying mine!”

Darielle growled with hate and threw herself at Minerva. The women locked hands and struggled hard in a test of strength. Gasping and panting, they staggered around the cabin, holding each other at arm’s length, their tits jiggling and their bodies straining. They freed their hands to slap and punch at each other, before locking up hand-to-hand again.

“Bitch! Fucking cunt!,” Darielle snarled at her foe, slapping Minerva viciously across her face.

“You dirty whore!” Minerva gasped, tearing at Darielle’s beautiful black hair.

Minerva and Darielle shoved each other away and stood a few feet apart, panting. They glared at each other hatefully, their massive tits heaving, their flawless bodies glistening with sweat. The pain and anger of their brief brawl fed their mutual hate. But it also fanned the fires of their growing lust. As the women glared at each other, their eyes feasted on the other’s beautiful form. Their hot cunts grew hotter and tighter, sweet juice dripped from their lubricated twats and leaked down their inner thighs. Their sex-engorged breasts swelled with erotic arousal.

“Enough of this,” Minerva growled, bringing herself under control. “We settle this tit to tit, cunt to cunt, clit to clit. Woman to woman.”

“Yes,” Darielle smiled viciously. “Every part of me against every part of you. We fuck until one of us can’t stand it anymore.”

“Good,” Minerva nodded. She smiled, her eyes burning with desire. She licked her dry lips.

Taking a deep breath, Darielle walked towards Minerva, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust forward, her powerful tits jiggling gently as she moved. Her nipples were engorged with power and as hard as fleshy nails. Minerva moved to meet her. Both women felt their hearts pounding, their pussies growing wet with lubrication. The battle they had both craved for so long was finally to be joined.

The women stopped when they were just inches apart. They examined the other’s beautiful tits, their sweaty melons shining in the orange light, their taut nipples covered in a liquid sheen of perspiration. Their tits were unspeakably beautiful. Darielle and Minerva locked eyes. They were breathing heavily as their excitement built. Then, slowly, carefully, the sexual rivals brought their thick nipples together, head to head. Erotic power flared irresistibly as their hot, aching nipples made contact, as they stabbed into the other woman’s pulsing, deliciously sensitive flesh. Their nipple holes sucked together briefly, sending a shock of exquisite pleasure racing through the gasping Amazons.

“Oh fuck, fuck, yes,” Darielle moaned, gritting her teeth as she struggled to stay in control, as the incredible sensations poured through her dense tits and into the raging heat between her legs. “Oh gods, so good, so, so goooooood…” she groaned, her tits throbbing with power.

“Ummmmmmmm,” Minerva groaned, unbearable pleasure rippling through her meaty tits, sinking into her abdomen, flowing into her thickening clit. She gasped with erotic joy, her body exploding with pleasure.

Slowly, carefully, their eyes locked and their breath coming in hard pants, Minerva and Darielle moved their wet, fleshy nipples around and around each other, constantly in contact, constantly titillating and enflaming each other. The unbearably sensitive knobs rubbed deliciously, occasionally hooking up and struggling to bend each other. Sweat dripped from the tips of their nipples and the lubrication added a delicious slickness to their fencing, their mutual caressing. The fleshy cylinders crushed and then slipped past each other, cutting directly into the other woman’s puffy areola, tracing the sensitive pebbled flesh, before locking and stabbing like swords once more.

Darielle and Minerva released shuddering sighs, cries of raw pleasure, as their nipple fencing continued, as the tantalizing pleasure built. They gasped, and each woman placed her hands on the other’s shoulders. They leaned forward, their foreheads touching, their hair mixing as they panted hard. The tips of their nipples pressed tight and crushed each other back, the erotic electricity flaring. Minerva wanted to push the other woman away, to give herself some relief from the terrible power and erotic sensations building in her core. Instead, she slipped her arms around Darielle’s wasp waist and pulled the other woman in closer. At the same time, Darielle wrapped her arms around Minerva’s shoulders and squeezed her in tight.

The women moaned and gasped in each other’s faces as they slowly began massaging their thick, round tits into each other. Rock-hard nipples grated against each other or slipped and stabbed at burning, dense titflesh. Erotic power flowed like electricity through every cell in their burning bodies. The women moved nose to nose and forehead to forehead, beautiful eyes half-closed in ecstasy, their gazes locked. They rotated their shoulders and back muscles and slowly, agonizingly, mashed their heavy tits into and through each other. Taut titmeat crushed and meshed, while resisting compression. Quivering breasts flattened and bulged and rippled as they pressed against each other.

Darielle squeezed harder and began dragging her tits from side to side, grinding her massive, dense titflesh into Minerva’s matching mammaries. Groaning with pain and pleasure, Minerva dragged her tits the other way, even as she thrust at her foe, trying to drive the hard spikes of her nipples deeper into Darielle’s burning boobs. The women wrapped their arms around each other, they rested cheek to cheek, and they crushed hard as they struggled to squash and conquer the other’s tits. Their smooth bellies slapped and slid together, their muscled thighs rubbed and rasped, and they felt their thick pubic bushes crunch and start to tangle.

“You fucking slut,” Minerva groaned into Darielle’s ear.

“You little bitch,” Darielle whispered. “You think you are any match for me, girl? I’ve been sexfighting since I was a child. I’m going to break every part of you.”

“Give me everything you have, whore,” Minerva groaned. “I can take it all!”

On and on, the women rotated and ground their tits together. Their massive boobs grew slick and slippery with sweat. Their racks mashed and meshed, their wet flesh sliding and slipping in and out and around. Their meaty breasts shoved and thrust. Their hard nipples stabbed into rough areola and taut titflesh, or tangled and fenced against each other. They rubbed them back and forth, up and down, around and around each other. They continued to squeeze each other, to crush tits harder, to thrust their burning boobs into one mass of meaty pleasure until neither woman could tell where her tits ended and the other woman’s began.

Minerva swung her hips and slid her slick belly and her thick cunt fur into Darielle’s matching body parts. Darielle thrust back. Slowly, gradually, almost unconsciously, the women began to thrust and rub at each other, crotch to crotch, cunt to cunt. They began to rotate and grind their hungry pussies, tangling and meshing their thick pubic hair. Moaning, Darielle and Minerva slid their cheeks apart and resumed resting nose to nose, forehead to forehead. They slipped their hands down to spread their eager fingers out on each other’s round, quivering asses. They compressed their tits between their biceps, pushing out their massive melons, keeping them crushed and wrestling, nipples and titmeat struggling, even as they leaned back, angled their pelvises forward, and began to slide and rub their slick twats together.

Panting hard, groaning and moaning like the bitches in heat that they were, the women worked their hips and asses harder, their hands spread on their flexing buttocks. They felt their swelling cuntlips gently touch, sizzling with heat and electricity. Gasps of pure pleasure broke from Darielle and Minerva as their twats caressed, as their pussy lips kissed and shared thick, slick lubrication. Minerva pushed harder, sinking her claws into Darielle’s clenching ass, leaning back and thrusting her hips, struggling to grind herself deep into her foe, struggling to spread Darielle’s labia and bring their throbbing clits together. Darielle thrust back, working her hips and ass just as hard. Slowly, deliciously, the women penetrated each other, spread each other’s labia, grinding into each other in a delicious stand-up fuck.

Their engorged clits swelled up from their cunts, growing like balloons, long and hard and thick. Their clits pulsed with erotic power. Minerva was almost delirious as she felt her clit push out from her pussy, seeking the heat of Darielle’s twat, seeking the ecstasy of Darielle’s clit. Darielle groaned as she felt Minerva’s thick sexhorn lick and slide along the lips of her hot, hungry fuckslit. She spread her legs slightly more, just enough to let her engorged clit pop free.

Glaring into each other’s beautiful eyes, watching each other intently, the Amazonian warriors swung their hips. Minerva and Darielle touched clits, head to head. They shuddered and screamed together at the ecstatic contact. “FUCK!!!,” the women shrieked in concert. Unbearable pleasure pulsated through their bodies. But they kept their clits pressed together, head to head, and began to gently rock and undulate their hips and asses, rubbing and corkscrewing and twisting their clits into knots. Tears of pleasure trickled down their beautiful faces, but they still kept their eyes locked, each desperate to see any signs of weakness and defeat in the other.

Minerva sobbed uncontrollably as the erotic force filled her body and threatened to overwhelm her senses. The pleasure was unbelievable. Darielle gasped and cried out, struggling to maintain her control. So far, she was confident that she was winning this erotic combat. But she was shocked at how aroused Minerva made her, at how deeply she wanted to fuck Minerva for the sheer pleasure of doing so, at how hard it was to maintain her control. She was also surprised at how, so far, Minerva had managed to hold her own.

Their bodies crushed tight, tit to throbbing tit, hard bellies slapped and sliding, thick clits stroking and rubbing and twisting, Minerva and Darielle fucked and fucked. Their gasps and moans of ecstasy became muffled as they locked their mouths together, their hot tongues sliding into each other, their thick pink probes lapping at each other, swallowing back each other’s spit, their hot breath coming in pants of joy.

Slow and hard, they fucked relentlessly, their beautiful flesh undulating, their asses and hips moving in a shared rhythm, their bodies grinding and sliding and rubbing, giving off so much heat that they seemed to melt into one incredible voluptuous flesh. Both women lost all track of time. Nothing mattered except their tongues and cunts, their pulsating tits and the electrical stroking of their swollen clits, radiating raw pleasure to every cell in their beautiful bodies.

After more than an hour of incredible pleasure, their flesh slicked and dripping with sweat, their tits sliding and pulsing, their nipples aching and burning, their clits knotted together in ecstasy, Minerva began to feel something overwhelming building in her core. Her powerful abdomen rippled against Darielle’s stomach. Their navels, sucked tight with sweat, popped apart. Gasping, Minerva suddenly jerked her head back, breaking their kissfight.

“Fuck, you fucking cunt!” Minerva gasped. She felt her legs, already aching from the strain of standing and fucking, grow weak as waves of pleasure began to wash over her, radiating out from her nova-hot twat.

“Yes, yes, you fucker!!,” Darielle moaned. The black-haired beauty pushed down on Minerva, forcing the other woman towards the floor. As her legs collapsed under her, Minerva fell back. Darielle rode the other woman’s shuddering body down. Sobbing, the women spread each other out on the rug, their interlocked cunts sinking deeper into each other, gripping harder.

“Now, you bitch, now…,” Darielle groaned. She pushed Minerva’s back to the rug and swung her right leg over Minerva’s left; at the same time, Minerva raised her left leg and placed it on Darielle’s shoulder. The women’s legs meshed together like scissors. Their thick fuckmeat slapped together and, with a hard thrust, Darielle drove her cunt deep, deep into Minerva’s yielding twat. Minerva bucked up hard to meet Darielle’s thrusts, to keep their ravenous pussies glued together.

“Oh, Fuck, yessss!!,” Minerva groaned. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you cunt!!,” The women began to pump, meeting each other’s thrusts. They started out slowly at first, but soon they were driving deep into each other, bisecting each other, struggling to grind as far into each other’s core as they could, trying to fuck each other in half.

“Yes, yes, yessss,” Darielle moaned, her head thrown back, her hair bouncing, her powerful ass and hips thrusting, her engorged clit buried deep in Minerva’s twat, locked and grinding furiously with the auburn-haired beauty’s enflamed sexhorn. Her massive tits jolted enticingly with each powerful thrust.

Minerva thrashed her head from side to side. She still had not come, but her body was aching, almost overflowing with erotic power. She was holding onto her control, her sanity, by a thread. She was being fucked out of her mind and she could not resist. Her massive tits bounced and rocked from side to side as she writhed on the thick rug. Darielle reached down to seize and squeeze Minerva’s massive tits. The black-haired courtesan kneaded the taut flesh desperately. Minerva screamed, the assault on her tits almost too much to bear. But she reached up and filled her hands with Darielle’s magnificent bouncing jugs and squeezed hard, her palms caressing Darielle’s swollen nipples.

Darielle’s ass ached as she powered herself into Minerva’s delicious cunt. She squeezed the auburn-haired woman’s twat with her own quim, determined to eat her rival’s cunt alive. But, even caught in the throes of sexual agony, Minerva’s cunt fought back, squeezing and locking with Darielle’s pussy, sucking in the courtesan’s labia and clit even as it was sucked. The women were melting together, the impossible heat from their joined, grinding clits too much to bear.

Minerva felt she was balancing on a wire, desperately holding back a flood of raw ecstasy. Her body was shuddering deep inside, but she could feel that Darielle was trembling with erotic power, too, and she knew that her enemy could not be that far from an orgasmic release. Minerva fought with all her strength and will to hold on.

“Come, you little fuck, come!!,” Darielle snarled at her enemy. She could not understand how Minerva could be fucked so hard, so deliciously, and still manage to keep from coming. Darielle was struggling with the incredible pleasure almost bursting in her own core and she did not know how much longer she could last. Her clit felt like it was a furnace of erotic power and she feared she was only a few hard thrusts and delirious strokes away from an uncontrollable orgasm.

“Oh, oh, oh……FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!,” Minerva suddenly howled. Her eyes shot wide and her fingers sank deep into Darielle’s massive tits as her body convulsed. She arched her back, lifting Darielle off the ground and driving her twat all the way up into Darielle’s eager cunt, mashing her throbbing clit with Darielle’s sexhorn and squeezing with all her power. An orgasm of incredible force exploded out of Minerva’s core. Copious amounts of hot cum jetted from her convulsing pussy up into Darielle’s hot sex. Minerva screamed and writhed as she came harder than she ever had before.

Feeling Minerva’s orgasm, feeling her throbbing clit bathed in the redhead’s steaming cum, Darielle could not last a moment longer. With a groan of pure joy, she let herself go. A delicious orgasm exploded through her body and she rammed herself down, squeezing Minerva’s tits just as hard as she had been squeezed, driving her hips and ass, penetrating her bucking, writhing foe as deeply as she could. Hot cum flowed between the women, shooting back and forth, coating their lower bodies, as they exchanged shuddering orgasms.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, YEESSSS!!,” Darielle cried out, even as she rode Minerva with all her strength.

The women moved together, thrusting and grinding, gasping and moaning, sweat flying and cum bubbling up from their meshed cunts and trickling down between their locked thighs, soaking the rug on which they struggled. Minerva clung to Darielle’s tits, squeezing mercilessly. Darielle arched her back and ran her hands through her thick black hair, moaning with pleasure as she threw back her head in ecstasy. She covered Minerva’s hands with her own, she grabbed Minerva’s right leg, still resting on her shoulder, and held the other woman in place, as she rode Minerva’s twat.

Finally, their multi-orgasmic climaxes rolled to an end. Momentarily spent, soaked with sweat and cum, Darielle leaned forward, pushing Minerva’s leg all the way down to her shoulder. Darielle crushed her tits to Minerva’s rack, she forced her tongue into her enemy’s mouth. Minerva wrapped her arms around Darielle’s back and pulled her nemesis down harder. The women kissed, slowly but hungrily. Minerva freed her leg and wrapped her thighs around Darielle’s hips.

Darielle broke the kiss and smiled down at her defeated enemy.

“You’re a good fuck, girl, but I’m better. You’re mine now.”

Minerva snarled in rage. “You’ve just won the opening skirmish, cunt. We still have a long way to go before this night is over.”

Darielle smiled wider, her smoky eyes burning with heat.

“Then let’s get started,” she purred. Her mouth descended on Minerva’s, her arms wrapped around the other woman’s back, and the battle began again.

To be continued